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Full text of "Diary, Reminiscences, and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson ..."


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Cantbiiirgc ; Sl)c fiioereibe preas, 






tUHl \2. 193A 

"A Mo h* >f*iH tf cbHrfUl jtumlij* 
And confidBnf lo-momm ; wnh ■ ftict 
Hot Kiorldlir'Fajaded, for it btut (m much 
or Nilurt'a iinpftH. -> e^T^tr "vd hnllh. 
Freedom ud hopcj bul keen wiEhil. Mad ahrtird. 
Hia ftfttuTs Dole, — ud badi I tiu (m«A ti nicv 
An lU Tinciwt u his miciAad l««kL*' 





VOL. I. 


■ \ 



THE nst^ruU plaoed in the liviiib of tl]« KiHI't, 
t>^'fn whkcli lo Mi&be adootioia for Uic JoUowid^ 
m < 1, fimf jwinud* rvo^lui^ u T^r u 1810. 

tow J ^ A KfrukrAod full boioo Diai}\ 1>q;;uii in 

tciU. Li^^j Lvatuii«eil liil wilLin Uve day^ of Mr lU^Ua- 
IM« dooth, tofnung Uiiny-ftvo c)(w<4y vrriuva voIuiaeA; 

I Ahanl Uuitr vukui^ of JounolA oi tonn; 4. UoQi- 
iMCVDOt. nsrlung ilown l4> iImi jcttr 18411, incliuivo; 
L MkocIUawma fM|«ri : 6l A lai^ auml^r or totters 

II w Mr BvUtiAOtt't iiilt-niioai u> v^ ukutt-rullj r«- 
rfMi Iho wivber " ■ ■•-— and to kAvo oiiljrthoM which 
■m vatufeliliL . : lie ri<)pijt]al aa a clii(?r wi^rk 
t£ hm later y«iJii, u:id Uj u4« loud of quoUuf; raopMlmg 
it Um nyiii^ of 1^1 Aikiii itliua Mnick 1'jr panlym: 
*1 aart tiKk« Ui« laciC of the »ftlva^ of life.* Ifiil td> 
ttowb tw iimtro>^a vB«t nombor of lettvrs, Uie wurk 
iC AtHoa ami umn^aiMat lanu vary fju* from oom- 

Tlv not of ka pspan of vLich W hicoaelf co»t«u* 
flUod ike powhwipoui p«bbc»taoD. wta » wlection rrom 
B BtTipinanaaico% wtUi ftocae loUmL Many ffi«DiU rv- 
pBtHlly uiveJ kun to iii4lEe Ike Aoeeaaary p««|«ratioa for 
ikJi a |iuubuUJuu. Axitiici^ Umuc wv^i fki^Rni atiil 
Wanl«nmk. On tkv ftHx;inirte>i<taliou of Ut« l^t^r* >lr. 

It Lo Awam tfiat Uwjru ar« luiiiiy mt'-it^liiix };»iiicukn 

rCu ' '^ VkcL 1 akouLil wbh Lj (>ri:Mivc, it I 

|jr*ar^- Ai*d Ul«- ai-i^iiiiLi^nOuThiti vip*aa, 

iiiUj^AiWU atf a ^^Kii>>r) to ino.ijJiiti; thwv 


oUiere- To liis eivcntOTs, Mr. RobtDBon iiaed to bmj 

C, vrttM to priiit ftU tbnt yau liml" rrcfbrnng to tb6 
niiuaccjico}, ' I diudld diJiik >uu wiJiiM iImw ];n»b 
vrflot of ju^flsavnt ; M.itt\ I nbnaVI ihitik thcr ^niDe if yott 
catne U tlii^ coiid^uiou UmI ihens im ai>thip); worth priot- 
im." A)mit %ix wtrlti Ur<ivp bis4hn4i>^i6 i^^ Mr. Ma^ 
inuliin, the |>;]lilUlifit' of Ihoft^ f{^iMnr, who. as lUcy tren 
fk>u'iE to Inncli, )^4kve tiiru Iija ^ti[|. :iiMt on xUv ftiiun 
: " yix. Koliinson, I unnlcr tlmi you linvc never been 
TTirlui^ed |»p umii-rtiAr H:>mi' j^rtut lil«ran' wirtk *" Mr, 
Itobln&an &tnf^iHHV atu), f>lirj!tn;> )iig linitd on Mr. MacuuI- 
Iaii*^ nhfi^Llilfr, aji^wv r«d : " It ia htictitvic 1 ani a iriiw iiAii. 
IcArlj* found iha^ 1 bA4i not Uie litersny ability to fnvo 
mc «ii«h A plnc(» anions Itfi^lirilk nuthorv u 1 Bl«o«]ii i»v« 
tiesimd; bitt 1 iWt^it tlub I had an omoHvnitv of 
<^uun^ ft kiiowl(^j<^t or niAtty oT ttic moet di«tui|Eii»bed 
mi^ri lit' fhi> ^i;>i\ j4iii) Umt [ irjivfil flli> mmmi- iptn\ >tv kf^fv 
ing n recofd of ilt iiik'rvii^wfl witii ihtia"" Ana writing 
k> IiIb liroilipr in tM2, lie aiod : " W}ieii you ooiuphiin of 
my not beioK «o o:»piouo a« 1 ovigbt on auch occasions, 
ytHi only rcinimi nir of wl»at 1 mn idmuly nuftirit'iitly 
airarc, ami tbnt 1 v<Mit tr on eminent dr^f^c Ihn HcetircLl 
fftriiEly. Whb hi?i t>Hrv11i-E]L tn*"rnijri' niirl Uict, li*l T *aiv 
Iv 1" I -^in^-Jus examplf,! DiiKbt.lw.^'oad 

nil li 1 I 1, ; l ft ii?w vohim*.'fl *iiperior in vnltie 

to hw* Johnson; th-^i»qh Ihcy wfnld rot have l«>cn so 
poijjtilzir C<!!rtjiinly Dm* rminw< n»iTinl<^ in hi« Kiwit Wu^ 
uro not fo iini>ortAnt as Godthf<, SchiUcT, Hvi>d^, VfM^ 
tftnd, thr IHicIkmw Amelia nnd Lnnisn of Wciin^ir tad 
Ti*rk» — fta MacfamM de Stael, La Fayette. A1*U» fin'^ftrtiiic^ 
Hctijfkinin (_'on!*trtnt. — w \V<>rdrA-orth, -^ ij-^^ 

7j4mli, Rofp-r*, HoKlilt. \fp». tiir)Mn1il. i At,, 

Ac, f<tT I c^tdd add & !;rcat nutiibei ^>r minur ^tntn. And 
ytti wlwt hai ntmi* nf nil thf* T Xulhlng. Whnt will 
4«otR«o1 ill Pei+nii« liothtii^" 

Pr»>tn tho vi'fti" 1^11 t!**- l>i!- - ■ rjiiHIt'l to il?t iicusl 
promint^aE fjiLOCL The K^m -, nrpi* &ot bcptn 

till Mr T ; li^l D^Arly K-cJieJ lliretscorft _v«^t3 

tnd (iju : . if tU«y bid l**c:i wriu*n in ;hf» fresh* 

of biit luciiKity. aiid in tU& faloeba of ba menial 





vil^DT, tb^ would etilt hfLrdbr ba^tf bad «qtial value vit>i 
IM duty reourrJ^ ^U. -r^ tiw oil of tbe acoaea 

turf iiK*i4l«riu til wtik I . I /f 

lu Umi (O^fcctioo €f ^i> tA«k. the »iitor iua kept two 
ol^rda ca{m:iA)ly in ticrw; fii^. Ui |lt^wt^-r juWrpi^iini* 

ioi) iMx the I ^Hid)}-, to Kif|> iiipl>iiikr*ii 

(hetiiread - xti]if^ Om: nas>C'n why 

tba CRStehaU v«rc piiL law L^ haniUmhet Um» Ukisc^oV 
one nMwinij mart htmn' exporleaco vMt«> that ht^ hid 
becbhuiiaeU aoloiteat&t LiL^nnmi Univcn^ilk^ und n^as 
bc<Ent«l4td tn Gi-miuD liipmturv ; boi lije c\t>**t reason ii'u 
thvt, l^um vnnoua ciTCimateut^e!!, he wii» Ukdy to i;ive 
dw prrimiiirDcn C> Mr i^vUnrnKiV own inodea or thinking 
uhI Bkcntfti cfavmc^mMi^it, y» miltTpoDdiral tim»DfonoiciK 
Vft^fB. wiUkHil N*lin-h tb^^tr ftlo liiift»r liiiii WjsI Wijuild 
fori tlut tlir^ hibl not a Uitliiiil |N.^traiil of Ui^tr (rund 
II Uit> vn^n nut Arciir^, th<i rArcuiiim Wf^nlil cotiaKlet 
Ur^i fi.^v <,f«tv not conyui^ out hu own ftim, in l<«rin^ 
*j 11 or edilor tc tbciu. wiIIkhkI t^uifkiKic or re- 

»ln>rir ihi- r-! ■ ' ' '? roTt,, f*li ii to I* hiE duty 
lo Ukc ail tlir ^ . -t tin- tmiH^ptilar, oi ccui- 

ntml^ luun' m ai Jdr. l£ol>in^D'3 tlLonght 

ftod ititftrej: <: SQpprcfl9(^, in ordi>r to make 

tlw litnik itinnr ill 4i^m^rj<^ Wiili ih^ iiuMic ifi^Ui. 

The EchtJ^r atanotvc:it JH* to hr>|M;that,m the lirsl cdi- 
iMn nf live work, tJA<rr « ill uot lie insmy misiakf^ yiij. 
". ! .J Mirpnse by hi* v\m<i*r(til mem- 

! uf ^■r»i>:ial iucitluiit^t , buL in re* 
it >r4» not sJri ■ Ifliyirt- 

. L?*lf 111 iucvni^ Icrcr 

>« cU ALS- which roni^iriit ^Hrr M'liTirori. it will 
' **v, tUat it. (or th« mi*jL jxin, iylrn> aiiu|>ly 
italU'CH of mivate life, bnt thul thtm ii/i; 
;.. tl*oi]gh tlvL-y cc«ild not, wiib propncly, 
■.. . nrav itt linvi-a onblk: intcres; ntwl 
■. out of place to giv^ veiy 






i£( W n»W WO^ ■ *^o:t^-ei-* 'n lii j rikT« 4 |nrv ■! 



MeH/ toni« of l)ie mosi marked tnnprenioTiB of 
IColM»»nn, vrliioh hftvc l)««i kit on tho ICditor's m-.ttd, 

Id lMcrort'« " Hu^h Trevor** ttere ta a poAsage in 
which Air ItobiiiMiik WAS QT<^t]r mlc^rutMl. b«cAu>D ho 
fck 11 to Isi AiD;;:iUArlT appLc&ble to liuiks>eU : '" I wiLs pot* 
M9»eil or tb&t IdLuily which, irhco not rt^Utcd by & 
rtrong (hKiro to ulitaiii arinw jArtitrubr purpiMe, $\tavn 
iladf in a thousand cxtrax-a^at fonus, and u then «ilkid 
aniniAl npirrtM i hnt w^h^i iuiii? tunuul Ui im ftUabutienl 
^ Min^ STKftt end, oasumca tlio more worthy tppelUtioo 
of ftclh-i'^Viif rniiiLl," Of thn psxsiiBKe Mr ftiliirmin vnyn: 
" I how itiroagh liTi had nrttmal Rpirits in h Ki;t^ d^ffrdfr 
I mi>^]t. uwltft certain drcunistaucoa. hnve had more." 
V^^a Ixt vrtm m litB c^ventieth y«Ar, Mt±. Ckrloon «ikkl 
of him. th^a ho im "05 much « boy u ever." Wonb- 
worth ca11e>l hint " ft hcalliiycrBatTLre. vrlio tjdk(>l of «tiii- 
tng again in seven yean ks othen would of ocvtm days.* 
And tlu tin', lini^ af the DodinUion to H. C & of tlitt 
"M«momUof the Itati&a Tour" is: — 

TTiw wufl 1 in pnmp n^pjisurv jawing to a h«tl(h- 

ftti and ^ I in'Ttitiitif^r. Very mrcly docs w long 

a life jKtih wtUi 90 bule iitieiTiipiKin fhvm \\\ne«- Even 
•0 lato as LS:J1. when ho vaa m Italy, ho inadu an coccur* 
>ion wrtli lUree fo^iitlc^inen, one of whom, Iw^faro their 
r^toni, vo1tintrvrc<I Thi« <??)nte«ion : * When l beard tJiaf 
p>ii were to be cf tlifl party, I, at firsl, rcfWd to ^^o ; ' For/ 
I said. 'Mr. Tobin^on is nii old ntin, and thr n>srt /if uc 
•lull have to accommcdati? ountKlm lo lii.t infirmilie^* ; 
but >^^l have alft^Jy knnrk^Ml up two of n^, amt all but 

Mr ItobfiL^irrn wtw a vir*^ioTiii rlpvoitrer of books. H€ 
r»d b^fora he i^ot up. nnd nflcr ho went to bod. On hl$ 
foutiK^y^, irhc^Iier on t^vA ot dm a Htup^i**c(i»(!li. he yn%fi rii 
uo habi'. < ' iich of hiii timo in roodtng. The 

tnoae atti . t«i ic <i1tftre bidi att4*tiUon witli n 

bftok. Do fti^t ; " I could have no ploaaure at tli« seaside 
without McieLy. That u the one gnat want of mr lif^ 
C9 nther tbe aooond.— the ftnt bting booka.** la ft 

rur^AG^ ix ^^M 

□nivtiTuu vUit 

tit -Ryylal^ for a luotitH or fiva wAeks, Ka H 


1 ^^M 


.^ ^^^H 




■>ilik La ^^^H 


.^i ttUttnvta iii ^^H 


Til h\f C^; 

.tii ii( bcfomin^ ^^H 

act «U '! 

LA w Imv* ^ua mltjrufii in nwo. H 

Br ^ 

1>lI 111' lik'ul lo have iv <L4 ^^H 


J 1 w&s An ^^1 

fli:|...>i<ii "- 4' 

:>'raJ liijimi >ri(lL ^^H 

«Qr <^ t(ii4 

wlio luvB nu of>tuiMis ^^H 


; lA\^ owiL ^VriUOi; from Ui:t ^^H 


.1'' baiil, " 1 luve rjvftrut/frj tiAUrililie' ^^^| 


1 ifl A cHlta^jL*?/, ' !kVi^ it\^uvtti\y tine ^^| 


-^U^ [MTtl^Uid lil«!ll|tE»it[L IJI r<ii4 ^^^1 

• i. 1 iiW. 

lid uv^ : " AJJ fui coitv ersauoiu u <Hi«nia- ^^| 


-.r7<( >cl it u |>it:fumblo io tiic diy mlk ^^| 


' r« vUicli ftoriiifi meji ictmL-iii lot^ '^ittk. ^^| 


un nluAvs ^^H 


lo Itnve «!iv«n ;i. . ^^H 


iiotjo«NiU« IIll^Jl- Wi)i!n;vrr ^^^| 

Ik .. 1 

iijir IT ItuHiv, — aHUcruiitdiii' ^^H 

illUt COIiIalI vrJlU ih*3Ai3 ^^M 

moua; h.ii^. Jii^.uml [o I<i&j1 to ft tkflUi^i! ^^1 

1^' wriUi Uieui ^VhfTii c^mimlkxl, br Kaiio- ^^H 


T r '. 'r)d tolake i^fujie in ^^1 


< 1 with the vot^rnn ^^H 


l»> JilUitiUUuil iti thr wikiaitlt uf ^^^| 


.- 'iiii*fvftl i4 twtkty-d^i^vcn y^K^ ^^H 

Mr. ; 

ruaitK u sillily kmma >ulJuU ttin rJip- ^^H 

jtn? •■■■ 

'-■ (1 «tyiii^ thai a jjuii'» 0tt«Q*;ih U ^^H 


'^ in this Miao ihct^ ftr« not wnnlir^ ^^H 


' '1,1 ci>iivui^tttwn tif> libiivir U ^^1 

at A V'i4>ikriii!t-[«rty at S^m ^^H 


\4* di'i^ 1 : -' n. tT iliv^t ^^H 


i^sbb^ to t < ii.L^, b« bod bet- ^^H 

Cn-my !l at ww*. fnc Criltli Rtihinvm fs onming." Bnt 
tlwn* is no *abj^ct on whirh 1i- n»rtr.? rr^ti^nilT iw- 
l>Tirfl':h*M Ji:ni-^'lt', iluin «-ith thin 1 ■ jtib 

a lihaiT? of tlio lalk \Vh*a hi« *ii , .; to 

fctil, hi» ftirnd ^^iw-m Hdd iircr^i hTm m n I«iUt to t^ 
(tun from talking " rrnnr ll»n twi> huura rtirw^iJtively* 
Ho tkct4» 1^18 ill the Di&ry. and odd* : " ia tlita Mtbv ? lb 
iliit:* Tint oflriivL inr-." Virt l>i> v'Ait ton csinrlid not !/> o^ 
fcnowkd;^ ihal touvf^rT^uon wm riw* *>iie thtne in vhich, 
in Mn (ivn i^timAticu, he cjCi^dW, It via. )w raid, hit 
power of oxprMHiuii which c-niiljle4 him tn m.tkw tih *«v 
M a barrister, aoTwitluiUudm^ Uis cleftcieiiciM in Ifpil at* 
tUnrt«»nt-* Hi.> nn% onlv hml tt copimia rftc»>HiUry, bat 
conkl ajAo l-imiv^y nitich nit^jinir^ I'y hiA nuumcr, and bj 

01 Utib hwt iirtc vif 5|xicch !ic «iys in a Utter to hjs 
brutber: " Wlut I wniti? wlhrtir ilm inirum** rillf^^ng 
thot hit Iwid nev^r seen mo Hi clmrchn vru nnt altoj^cthor 
a jok<- h«c Vfiw r n-jil fccliiijj, etngjrrnted into a joke, 
vhicU lit vi^' fuu^^h niy tia(>tt in cijnipftny, and, 1 mty 
my. i* oi*e of ilw seiM^tnei or ooo^vreational tat't Tbure 
is not » b(?tr*T v»y of insinmitiiip n whi>1o9r>mo but nn- 
pn]ntaNe tnilli. than cltAhm^ it in lincna^rf wilfully be 
yond irttth, jxt ihut U idov be laken a4 b fetirv on tbtMA 
wbo fituivb mzcinlain ll>c »mc ^liictnuf-, l?>' cU whi pet^ 
hftpa wctlW not InlPrftfi* m itolier aiK) tin' Hlat4»!m-iit of ft 
1 have Uic xTUiily *<> tUiuk 1 know how to do Ihii. liil 1 
tMy aoutelloiaa fail, of coiinu- Tiv? inti'11i^-nt idwnvM 
ondcr-iaDd me. und tho dviil an.- puf^lad." It le not too 
imtn^h to *aT. t)m< l« 0«? uiviil niftjf'rity 4>f tJii3«« who 
Wpe in tho lml>il ' him hw >Mi]r«r>ution v«»ft 

wnl d^litjht. Thr } ■ n-m'^mber* tlie urrel pkas- 

urs! with whi?h liu iHx-aniibly mw hiin comp uil^i tho 
room, ami ihif feeljDj- vfhicU tho ftiiDmiiKemtJil uf his 
denth inuiard. m ^if a loam vhii^h, io kiii'K ooiilit never bo 
ilia/l«ui\ Thortf n-ercvoma in hU(x>nveruiivQ-fnMn which 
tnniy> |*nrvj «-tii to tw ^imvt in a plKwtnt hour after illn* 
ner, than fVom Eomr & loi^;ili«i*ed Mrioua docourac. 

• VI v|H#r «m«tfC 4f Cn A tlmiH^ tm tn Mr- l«bitvd'i ^yn ld«i af 


activity. ll<i luiiu«^]f urould Jiftudly have i^ilrfittCi^I tliift. 

WRs," t o( an l41o Ulb" WbuQ on m£<! ocua- 

nun 1»^ >' I-* «-^i'l W ilia rtti?(lH^ HtUfudmit llmt lit? Ijdil 
t«eia U4ui^' Lifi 1>tttiji too much, lie f^tdsimnj, " TtuU it 
AiminL" TT ' %dj of hiaiM.-ir, tkua wliile Lt: InUced 

toi> inucb J. iin;;' itiit, ilk irviT^ men " trbo hava 

Mitjiing toilo" iifv t'ory tcrnccahJo mrmbon of tccioty. 
if Clwy oalv kituw how to «m|>!oy their tim« 

Tti^« wiiu ka«w jiiu best, protoited a^iwt tbo «<lf- 
npnweba bn biaparl Ti|>nn biiusell' I'ur nut. bciiig dT uwre 
n* Miv lka\mMi M,y^ in a io4t«r: "I moat fcold 
7' t mniwt Wlial mnjrnn mnmi hy complaia- 

f],_ < ■ Mih'Uu m tiic VLjrld, vbvti you tumt Im ocm* 

m irirj Imuq}^ yi»u ewr callod CiietHl liu 

Ilh' l. i y an^L wdj anoig^iicy vhvn yQur 

kinJnvM au't jirrvitm cjhiIJ W nuulff avaiULIe ^ Do we 
sue oU IimU ODtl wiuiuwiL-d;[u Uiift, mid aiu )v>ii tibd only 
ioiBvlfii] pccKiu ^ I'll t«ll yout wlut yon shoukl dtK 
^V' '^ unocjnijbruibtv iliur^rtinging idtfa U Uking bold 
c : i<l, ChU onr lUu Eia&i«a of the p«reotia you 

J.I- . . .i ucii DAmc, Jiovii 1 ticvor Jono a norvtcc^ 
BiTca usMul HihiiL-e i>r jn^uiitiry aid, u^ tliw fienoQ F 
Trv tTii-^ .inil i liiinfc your mi&d will bd rolievod from tho 
ti- d." H«f va4, u bo tuniM-ir cxpri*fiwii it, "a 

^ 1. r/ 

i . ^jut (^ his life. ainipl« halMU juul a ^«ry 

kjxjwn li:ura v«ne nac o s n ary to ' mako both ffr*di vrltcQ hb moans Ikrcaiue cui)?<iii(-n1ile tte had 
I iilter, lua'-irrbUy. his tJio<k» of living;. Hr dtd 
L \M kiu'l ]>tf rftEik and AtJiltim wliicit arc aitainod 
by ft cmily rMuhU&lirieoil tuid a luNurioun ta)k)i> H^ hail 
ir ' - -^ 'I T - irc hoh^; but he »iud, " My ptni- 
z >[ ti) ntii^ni/' Hn itiiuhl nitlier Wlp 

1 rishildMo, or hotihj nmim*iiij:[ 

>l«ii<jr ciliki^aiiuDol Auranta^M. 

Ikiv i. 4 of ^i^inii It 'viik rathw in 


MBM of thftt v-ord. He had bis pensionvn AAion^ the 
poor, )nil be II^ a wtiole^me f«ftr of f<iwvriiniL'JiL».- u K^tua 
of dcfTCodiGBO'^ fiixi v^^ 4>iiuci«it: inl 

Hfi&iiul UmI kiikJ iif liU-iuiitpy whi> . n. 

X^ere v«K lti«iiiU to wtKim ba UMd to eay, " li you Know 
of ftD^CMD ia Hbich uujuoy will d^j fpXHl^oo&tc u> me!*'* 
>Afid li« did not Uko Co be mticL thaukdi ; tie I'oU ktmiU- 
alol 1>^ it. when ho hul simr^r folk>wcd Uio tiMural dio- 
toUaot^ kii>ihL44« and ^ood^viil. Ue vas «fl]>eciaUy fond 
of prtiaiuUiif; tbo ejijcFymont of Uk young, ** In tii^- ha|v 
pUM-'V of cIr JDttiig/ lilt sjiiii, in ii UiUir Ut hin hmlbitr, 
'* ve. Uvs Bf^ed, it in> uu do4 t^raedf ffOlUi, sli&U ba able 
to Uke [ile^^in:.'' If i; vnmt nunnroil Uiot ibu a^iidenta 
of Univvftity llall wuiud Uiu relief of a daocc, townrda 
UiA cUi« tif a ttUAajufli of baitl aUidy, ibey would {JitsHiUy 
favar thai an anonvioc-UA fncod hiui pre«ef)tod £ 60 for the 
pttrpOK- Ha booic mAtvatvu witk hia gift& He would 
ofloD gc-t aomtt Ihcnd to<?booae»wedd!Diipraaa&tj4i»d tto 
Talue waa ''sotto beleiathaaa mimowmd," — alvayaa 
hatuLwime nmouoL Wicli a iHJok-gill, ba would fooM^ 
liottA acod a looji and valuable lettor about the beet way 
lo read ii in lEoino, od the biTthdAV oC PeptiM, MiM 
MackcTUiifV adoptod cbtld, be put into hov faaiMd a pr(«- 
vn: »»f inoDBT. with n kiiwl lKt«r of ad^Hoe, wtiicli he 
hopwl ^injki hr. vftlunMit In hrr in nflcr life There ww 
oAt^n [N^Cdlhr <lji'1jrjiry ivi hi* acu of ^i>m-r^xily- In one 
of hih Xonn, he iVmnd hjt nld fncind Chnrlottd ^rviere 
nii'wlmt tiamiwvvl iti litrr Rmrutrwlminf^ Hnd. ctnlliit^ id 
nklOTt on lii« way bacie, ho ^>e^^l )i«r lo di* him 'tl>e 
favor of wliftWoa him of a pan. of tb« loo laigo h^tlance 
wlit.l) tii< l'>iir had )gA in ht« bun d«, and to cxi^naa a 
l-tij j|i.i-^ _■!"■ tV*"*™ an old fiieud. He would not let bet 
vx]*: '•< Mho f<»lt ; biit on k*viivp the Iionaa, 

oiJ i ;i ^ ' . ii^ «»uld not prevent ti»e old aer- 

vanr fnim K-'ijciii° htn. by tl»«^ hmirl nnd raying. " I thnnk 
you for tiiC3t;nid joy you Jia.v*c j*iven to the FraitlL^iii *' Sotne 
who arp now Llirviiij^ in foKunt-.and iv>titiTh<; it |rit»mmetit 
place in Um bt«nuy w^Hd, u-itl wuiumbui' the lilths " KftUd 

■ ttr JbA-A«o>i «/Wti vild ittF^V. rkldi'TvvtttiBCCllHt^iTbNliiii*^ 
Ui) Ii la >• «M I* >p««J A ttfilinc tu mfM^i bm it yn Liw «f uiy C*^ 
Tijr eT Uk«( itj saciie/. ruric lu im>" 



," <^o4>tniTiiiij! n vnliwliln Ancl^«tii% for whii'it Im 



hy wi; 

1 i t'YiUf.jf 

1 i^lUI u ti'"-* 


1 ' W. Not 

ij ':& |^> k<-«i> c&rk cch^r nttUer. though f^rknl/ 

utHirj inTi vw» conUtiV UhcD ij/T hr-i-- ■= '* ^' - tx- iraa 
pfvpuiotf a " tile -ij KyrfJii.^ tie u iifJi, li 

OOBt b 

tn ill . . ' I . : . 0. 

ilk l»ii ** Mi'ni^irv vl Ulitkft,^^ noi to lauutiiMi othifr^, m- 




-I 1„ 

< 'iiribuLit^A frviu Mr. Kulitujom ^ aad 

\tt* vowftjr i^ioiiiii ii-i.'lf. iHiloiily in Iim 

re, biJi fi|fM> m Ihu alloW' 

it'iij i'lml t«js, lliU ill 

I UK' iJw (m»^l*i ol Ute: y^ufcre, 

. .1 III tVki^i hilUM:!!' <A%\k widrnt 

..L. :!.. II . II NT no! iuc-xcuAftbl^ in a 

: r^a** JJifl <»ini Lir^ 

I. twir, awl tV«?liiig, 

1^ ciltomcitr. had made tiini 

i.,. I. i^ni : Km) iriili biM irm!«Hc> U* 

I. be Vp-4» (u* lx>miv ilr. KiOif'* eJq'KB- 

LiNj uMMk<!&t u> kx' li.I^-r«il.'' But tlicsit* norc tvo 

'[■.i hN.W^'I ■'.- f^.. fl'ifl. r/ -l- ■ ■!►■: .-ff 


•M frituli; ]i* 

— i^ \. . *, , 4^^.;-. „, 1 



diMMcf pffiwntiH)ofDTiiie4eiiceptufDiL OneeonsbMt' 
of tlwwi who flpolw iliarafieolfiitK ofhis <I«inJ(^U; U>& 
crtlicf cLut« i» tBiliCttU'^ by hi* owtt \rcirlH : " I ciuiufll i^V' 
tsnilc Uw tolMnainii of ainvcn." Of tlitoe iwn t'untL^ of 
intolerance, cho lirat. vincb cnici bim «oido frivmbiiip^, Iva 
ttOkiH»vt«rlgcil m h rH«U, ami, on v&noiu ootakaiuDTi. ex- 
pffittM-d lufl dteep re^^i^t at it, M AJUtng fVoia & wnni of 
cootrot ever iii* tcmi^r^r ; the Mjcond he Iclt lo be n vir- 
tu*. To onr «ho was ftuirical on tbe suhjKt- of slaverer, 
he Aai4 ; " Lml John i» Tnur cnmr. uul thi; 7Vmim, nnd tlio 
WKig)^ toii^ if by WIei^'a vuli uhau tlit* ^nttt Wbi^ fua* 
UuH : bat Aunuinify i!^ t-» ^acrofl a nbjftot lav irrxiy;* 

Mr l£4liin«0D iif^l to btiaeot Uui he hod iluC the &&- 
nhy or giving a snpbia Account <4 ch« ;Uiuthoa8 nwn 
wKb whijui he CAUO into oonUoi, Ho bul, nl alL cv«nli, 
om <|LuilitiLmIio(i Tor iiitONAUu^ othorir — be irjia iDUv^- 
ealoil liimaelt The nuutcm ci alyW bitvc no arto whiicli 
&m Ukkd the |»l*<*'i '^ fl iirHtar* own catbuPMni la hU 
fftbjwi^ Mr ' ... -:.u)ei ,iTC oft<:n bll tbc 

mora elfec-ljv*- < i i ir.iJrmi tnd siiojdiirily. 

TIm Italmu lour, with WottUvortb, may bo cited as Ml 
oxii]ii[ilit. WIm; tfftM wTttUui ini the joiinH^ i«, rni tbo 
vb<)lo, biu^lly equal id tbe on^inavy hofiio Didiy.^ Nor is 
Uwt tonr 0410 of th« bf^t, »» fkr n* the rmn^nl i\ roiirwniHl. 
And Tot tlio tew imEos ^lt«<l tiovti <Uy ivy ilny clto o>I- 

tnd luv Rlrikiugly coufiiritoil liy ih? " M^vnoriAlt " nriu^n 
by bim arUrrwara. Tbo pot^'n \o\-n fmr ruttunil beautti** 
rather ihaa work* fif nrt, Inr the ooiiacry mther rlian tho 
tow&fl, fur fruob lifo in bird, or tlovor* or little child, 
ratlur tban for tiui reh^j^ of tii^ thfitt^n of old. — liia an- 
noyimoo at tb^^ l^oft Ktrtv^to of Bolo^, — hiA oaeemeas 
(o dfipcvi frfHEi ihr rubionnblr w;itprin^<>pUm at Urhl,*^ 
Iho wkio <liJT«T&iic>e in bis iiilor^t m tboM ^laoo8 wbjoh 
havo »ii0«caon1 tbr cltntact'rr and works ot a incat nmu 
and th<M« which hive only lM>i>fi oatwanlly auociftiod 
vith bim. — hb bein^ allttrctl by tbo Krund of a elream^ 
ami h-Hl nsi aai on till rmJiby^ milwilJutnTxIiii^ that he 
W&& oxptsilod buck to bwokr^t, aiitl thv tdifff but anxLOua 
fHond felt M Mon an he UanI Uio MtWi KtAUiil, knoirtng 




t (hi* eU^^\ — tWi^ au<l kliKlred 

t - ' in thorn tbe cnaUrinl and col- 

ii»- i;>j>. ii-'j i ifv Mr KoWmrra in Gprmttiy, 15 a 
vvanc man. wm h ttimin^ -point m ItU Ittc And j:c <lid 
PI ^'iir !*m] five jroflu? 

■ :r<Tm anrl frirtnn- 

'.„■', I. I. 'id to liiRi.M well 

II fit m'XHt hivv been « lol^mblo 

iivi> Wh.h nljfl CO p«tacriuc^ rrftfeOTOy 

thf* [: ' i:^ :.i irll^^ Eurd th« cMifldeatial 

and n*iirnRr Kwnkfott nnd Hci'HNtt-! 8o lh'>r* 

k» '.f«r<tiii;. 'li-'V fi'lt Ti-' !■ ■ i'j \n^ uihUT' 

■bMAl by him, ftrd inily trviiM hfm tn ti*pTf*i.>ni Wu^ta on 
lui Mum to hiB nntiw cw«titr>'. And certainty if be 
wete a ■* n>ii*i'miry nf Krv^'lUh poetry in Ot'rrmny." he 

Tlii.ittaiii|il\ i^{'k:jM^-r]i-4kv^) in flm ^ . . ; k 

pKrtkue-"* ftest-fir liu? pftnotfir of I'^itliw, wnriitng from 
Bn^liirttl in 1H14. kjvt?) : "flitch mnn rui R^litiuon art of 
im oivijrf*»iy^ in Knpknd A t'eitCT' tnedi*iT!i than this 
RnurkAhTc flnrl m*iit MtracliT^ man it wonld hri impowi- 
Ur fur l>4<rTnaiiv tfi fiu^l. I ni4r'ruL4<r£r)viHtv' jilifrt* ^nT1, In 
ny mind. Ia' IIh? «idc of VLUctq, ^niil th«D the different 
ilHla<-rirr< wlTifh t tlEf>n>ii)rh fifntwn rduriilion hiu hiu] 
OB tUft »«i»ohoun lUkd on the EftfEbBlun&n u vtrf atrik- 

t *nd dinner p«rttft« vrtre tliar- 
J .., .j:.,..^.l. . He did not NeeV to ^-ather 

s cidi^r tl*n lT<^nt or th« wits f^ tlio dflr^ Then^ 

**rr ' ' r ii^n at lii?* taMo. t>nt not a^ 

, ".■■.■■ ,.r^ 


PAni t Hi ] f'. ■' iitftiiveB »rf Tnnoos phffMP* of f^hllc*! md 

• Vol t,dLiii^p.u«- 



\'"' - -■ 1 ■ . I' ■ . for 

i . , . , . . '..n 

iy luecU'frrful l)o^' of kiniilyaod uitor. . „ ..1,1 ^wa 
ard Uk^iibi, lli^h-f^nrcltmcn Ami lijMvonipni. found 
tJi«Jaj*eii'««i 0i<l« by ^idd at liu )to«pit«1iI« bcuni, without 
auspcctiiic U^i U^cr ivvrc cooiuics, and Icdunwi cbtiiiA. tf 

r" * ■ , ■ . ^ ■■ I it Wiiiv, Ikiw I .>nd 

in [H:r, U^iii il.iiM- iijU'lli^TlmJ tlitrrn^iu^tfx wiiii 11 luo .1 
v'liitvds 'A out woukue^ aud uiliLllibthty, bnd eouwtii 
Uie exjiivsaiou uF our oU^inacy nud ^trlf-wilP It wft% 
incUed. iu> «iaull pmUqtL- tu luur the ^Auiiniz tr>picfl of 
tbo day, and thi; ctief q»L-4Ui>ua lfI litcnlttre, lAlkvil invv 
by ftblc Uiui of *udi '■liiMy difluiin^ points of viuw, umI 
iu a aiiinl of muutdl mjtcct anil kiiidiicja. Aim! 
bovl, Tvhrb wu^ ibf five ih llid dpne«uoii oJ bis owii 
]oii» AS Ijc um muly to liston to ih« opLnioii^ o( oil 
p^liliixti fihik'd l>j Ifrm^ lu bsir uit t\tc tjiuutioii «ndcr ooit* 
LticRLtiou »ojtyi n<<A\&y^\on in>m ^Vuiuat or Hii^bj^ato, a 
.liiridk w)l>i Wni^n^irlli at KyiUI, tit mxt »vv$ii^ witli 
ChatlM LaiulL 

To thocie wbo vera [k4 mUmate with Ur IMii&Mii 
Irltat livvEiya r ^' rtn nuty ):^Eiu'tiii>0« U* p«kjt* 

lllii;^. TIlml- hi Iit^u hiK mirdn vdein to imply 

tl;:iC ^Tith hiiii U]U«>f 1AT^ mlhcr l>oik«d fr^ than an M:Ut&l 
ipOMi^aaiuai. lie ll^rii^ht tiuirc wu.-^ iiK>rc r«Al piety iu the 
(jrlAjuaiion of the auxioup father in Uie ti06]>«K " Lord, 
J l^lii^\ 4; ; firlp thou mm unbelief,*' tboii in tlie oonfidtriit 
And »L'tl'--»li%liT'<l nvti-rfitiir irf t)iu li)fi):rul crrvd. Hiii 
•\i3 wnfl wjHi thoaa who havo OM<Twaswl 

1 thoui^bt llv Ind t«mv4*rvu] for ami 

widu Ui^< i^tu0 vt ihviAAj^cu} t>|wcutatbnf atxi in tsxery 
LpAii tic WL foUDcl Qiikix-iv uiid dtvutit uiL'u^ Itut he «w 
'slw^y^ mttfv^:l«d and toucl^od hy ticniiinv r*]iKioua r«el- 
[ii^. wherever he t'ouiid il,— uh^^Uit^r irj \ht viiaplo and 
fwvcjtt &ill] of thn IfoniviiLiut jit mMTtvdoff, or in tin 
w liich^lho old I.^UloIio woman at Jiwho^heiia * 



n|ina Chrrtfiia llTtinr*no, or m tbe veaper aerrict 
il tht: w«rsd« mn tfi tbti^J. or iti th« fnmily wonliip 
Hi Ankhjffiiilc*, wfwTi* "■^^-'-t iTpH&fce" }lj)h1<?n "read II19 
fIBjnffs' kit tiiorw, -.1 into tho vciitiiucnt of 

b«lM^ itk-M jimnMysof ptV^Uiu, orcoti- 

iuan ill'- ^KLKu-mvT vi^iliUuu ol Cmn; for tbu4iKla tiii^ 
)tei»l in dnamrtaiMyfi, thM« is sonieihjfti; in it ot .<Jbevo- 
ii>- ' vgr licv tbo Ave Maiy ^^^^ wiihout aq 

ttc ^: ii a AulBcicfm wonunt, torauM thuy 

QTCii 111 Oil': ciKlimsUUCej fof IKIC- to CTT 111 mU, that ix 

tk (kH to her, J cflcrod tniiie to Gi>J» and rocti- 

fcti ... - -' tlv'ir ]iriiyi.<ai« hj rightly cmWriu^ inioa 

:v tbti chtinli of tht> fattifc, he hoped 
luiusi tff-' :>jiiutl m a " the ^roateBt oiuutiir of roUg' 
^Hiodr«l i*n ilnvoitcinol sentimo&l^ uul Uie luast t^uau* 
irrumBOb coiujotiUo w^b it,<m4 cou- 
ftp <r" The coodttdiiiR pKragTUfkb of his 

ii4»Q«fy ol hiA Tricad AailboEiy Ituldn^ou, «Tilt4^n in 
4^ ^ijnt if.pTl' -.t-Fii^.-t^tik tft himself ;" (^iil*i Mr. 

IMttts cil m(;U]>hj%ii:aJ e|M:«ktioii, w lb«y roipcct Uio 
ftnti itii author, — iiu-n ami hui pofiilioD in Uie 
reUtioo to the Mtitrt -^ it iwjfft t>o o^pmi'd ^f^ 
hikl 00 cbkiju to the character But if tht n*!!* 
j>n'vi'ij// 1m ihnl wliidi Uyfi Iho fouadb^tiAiie of til 
Uidti Ihr eJit^friMl and visiLili^ nnrlil , if irii* 

' ' — M- Hiihnats^icwi to Iho iinknova 

'<d all ihinfis, and in a dcop 

■ ^ to [»Cl lUui li^ 

='-trr : *T\ lunh'. . 

riBh>;Etioa ^: izii; piiik ol huiiuu 

— - Ujrai. n'lriiij, hu tnnv In'Mh clnjiu lu &n u 
— w -it '<"■»•...* I— ''^nCathoiic tllturch, ju;aoodiuf| 
i0hn>, -'Au anwvktiuai of luuu for 

lb ouluv^Uuti 'Ji ^luoui^qj^, Uie ]>n(iU^ of f »t), and 

^^m Xviij FSBTAGB 

^^^ Mr. ICobinsoii Miucftniast tiiinlnron th9' pMlbiniit 

^^^^K ciaUy tlio caao id liU old il*,'c. A^ wo like U> look u)r t«> 
^^^^^V dir alar*, llmi^^li nv iiuy out Itn Mt^ tci |i')I lbi-ir fn»^l* 
^ tudi* ortlicif distance, and ui twhuld vlio majii*iy of Uio 
^^H Ml, lliou^lk ii'« may tint l>c nlflc to ffttlmm iu Aef4\t$, 
^^M so he «o(*jutfd lo f>c atuucttfd in the }n^i pfobltmii ot' re- 
^^H ligioDH aa if li*^ l:ked to fad tli^ir iufitutude, rftt)i«T Cliaii 

^^H vnce, thjit * Htlip-m in nt^e HUppliee) elm animal »]iirit4 of 
^^M yonth' Hi^ nM st^^ hm \t^ pniLeiio «i^e, u, uJud, 

^^H liicf^ wtio, hi 1ii» later yeAn, ii}9t li(ni In nodeiv, «nd 
^^H Kw how fiiU <^f life iMf WML, vriUi whAt »c«t and uiimb- 
^^H Uoii hi: tiild lifft rill ,sUin«s njrjvly iMjuinn^, ttcxw and 
^^1 Uieoi, belp » to a lumo or a dat«« may enskly lu^vt' im- 
^^B i^incil h^ ^> greater than it rmlly was. 
^^H '"But th' fifrrliftp*, hzvo i^\i>r to clo«4ly wntchod 
^^B the apppjbch ^i( luSnuitj. aud tbuij;>b he waft in (be 
^^B bsbit oi' Mying, " <>n>winff old U lik« gix>«hiig ponr, a Mct 
^^B of eoine da«-n in the wond.'' Jii5 frrx^ucnt cxprcssiou wa«, 
^^B "Tllb&es not niik« me nMlancholy/' jVnd urh«ii, At 
^^B UM. ** evci>-(iiin£ aettned to tir«,'' th«i« wa^. v^hti Lhib 
^^B fo«liiig of moTt^ irearoMM, amtiier feeling, vrMcb wis 
^^^^ that he vra> 

^^^^^ Tbo KdtlOT dwiroe to itelmowledco tJie valnnblc aw^^B 
^^B ance lie Tisa r^rivrd; And would p^preiAlly mmtion 1 
^^M Jontffl Oaudni^*, Knq,. of th<^ Bccord OlDce; G«orp» B 
^^B Schftrf, I'Aj. oue of 3fr Robiuduti'? mtlnaBte and hi::hly B 
^^B tiiImoJ frii^.d!! ; and X >lor1<>^■, Ym^ autlior of "BoTke : ■ 
^^fl a Uutori^ Study," 6:g Mr Gtiirdiier made the eclcc- 1 
^^fl tions hf toivii* f^f tho v«tire Th? pinnr« hirrt hnd the ad- I 
^^B vikntflf^c! <r T t ii^f r.(it««, oi]tooiftt)y in oooncctiou with ^ 
^^1 art. tiy M :ti:d of «xcellent sugj^^liona hy Mr. , 
^^B Hodioj- Dr. W^(i»or hoA fcndomd a like yrvict, m i^ ^ 



gvd to thofte parte which relate to Germany. The ad- 
mimble paper hj Mr. De Morgan, at the end of the eecoud 
volume, speaks for itself. In acknowledging the kind- 
ness of Lady ^^on'a relatives, in r^ard to the letters 
fay ber, the Editor cannot bnt add the ejipression of a 
hope, that, before long, the public may have the oppor- 
tanity of a fuller acquaintance with uie correspoudence 
of one capable of writing such letters. 


'— -rV"^ 



faOrudChildbood I 

CHAPTER n. 1790-M. 
Anided Clok ■( Cokbeitfr 10 

baml tt Bury ..,....->, IS 

CHAPTER IV. 17M-1800, 

t'ltriM Life in LoDdon. — CorrapoDdeDcc withBobert H&ll . SS 

CHAPTERS v., VL, Vll., VIU,, IX. J800-9. 

li IdutoQ. — AcqDVDCuiee vitb Hn. BubAuld, utd C^uid U . I^mb 144 

CHAPTER U. 1807. 
Ii&iIitdB, uTmaCormptnidetil" I4l 


:n Ediior of (he Timrt.-^Ao 
W(jnUwartk--.At Comnni. u " Tima CormpoadoiL" . - 108 

Jc IjKxAon, u Fi>mBTi Ediior of (he TTiiirj. -^^ Arquuntanoi with 
■- — At 

CHAPTER Slir 1810- 
ti Ti—lf ficQniinianfri irilh niidiilgi mil FliiiiMn . 191 



In Londoii-— Dflbating SodeticB- — CoLeHdge'i Lectorei. -^Sontlit^. 

— BdoLacion Bo ttady for tho Bar ...... SM 

: , ^C^APTEp 3tV. mSf. ■--..■, 
Id Iiondon. — Stndiu for cbeBv.—Leccaresb; Coleridge ■ndBai^ 

mt - . . 13S 


Acqndnaqee with THirond.^UoUme d«.Stul in London.— 

' .^CSnmit. — TikeaCliftmbcn MO 


Bnropean Politio- — Prnctiee' at tlie Bar. — Tonr in Francfl. — Lm 
Fayette, -T French Courts of Jaaricx^ — HwlaoieUe BEi£L — 
BeiOunin Conitani, — SchJcgd. — "The Exeunion " . . S73 

CHAPTER XViir. laia. 

"The ExcnrBbn/'— BnonapaTte'ft Escape from Elba. — Death of 
H, C, R.'b Father. — Tour in Belgium nnd HoUand, — Viiit Co 
Waterloo- — I'TogEViU the Bu . . ' \ . ttOO 


Flumut. — lAinb. — The ClarfcBWit « Plajfci-d, — lft*dworth. 

— Sonth^- — De Quince^- — Colenilge . - , . . 5S7 

On Ciirnit- — Treason TrialB. — Colcridce nnd Tieck- — Jonreerto 

CHAPTt:R XXI. isia. 

LccLnies by Haxlitt and Colotidgn. — Vi4lt to OenuAy* — Tba . . ^ 
Court at Weimar. — Knebel — On Circuit ,379 


Clarkaon. —SiF. CotUer and Mr. Walter. — On Chcnit — B«niAi(f. 

— Nen Chambers Wf 

CHAPTER XXra. I8«0. 
CM Elton Hamova'.' . 417 


^^^^y UOuriUTi^ xxixi ^^H 



ItaCBM- ^>ldm& — •«» T«iir Mih iIm W4tdn>catla 


CIlArTEB XXV. mi. 



Var^ L*ai4 a I'm* , , . . . , 




Af-voAkj * A«fHlBttMi -lift ltfV^B.--MJi9li.--yia' 




h Jib rimHi — IjkS. — COkrwljK mil IfTtft^ — AThra««M 
a>h Djw>l — Idil? UvKw - Tbir In SonnoQilj. — VUu 



CflArTKR It l«9». 


JiteiBu».'8trJ4wStipfca.*'Blftfc«^C«aMR«lOM - ^ 


niArrPF iir in». 


?Ur to lliiiito Tuner. — Hinnlftr — [Mtfh orrituio . 




DtiAi^lk^— UmbMC«loM . ... 




Goethtt. — Opening of tlM London Univenitj, — Bcp«il of'Fal mnd 

Corpontion Acts. — Kshop Stanley, -^ H. C- R. qniti the Bar 79 


Antiquriui Soelm. — LinnEftn Societj. — Lirab'a Hoax anct Con- 
Ifenion— WLlhLunb it EuflcW. — Mr». Clarkeon. — Wordt- 
woTtlk. — Croker 97 

Toot in Ocnqany^ — Visita to Bcnecke, Knebdi OoBdw, Tteck, 9tt. M 

CHAPTER Vm. l8a3'3U 
In Italj. — ^^nter in Roue. — Tour in Sicily- — Suy in Ftorence 1 1 T 

CHAPTEB IX,. l»l. 

Id England agaJa. — The Rdbrm Bill. — Visit* to Lunb ud the 

cTarkwiu-— Jenmj ficnthaiD , .-.,.. 158 


Bflform BUL — Q«the'< DciUh. — Ladj fileuingtop. — Fatal Acd- 

dimi to W- Patduon and his Brido ..--.. I6fl 

CHAPTER XI. ia33-3S. 

Hndion Gurner^ — Fint fiailmjr Joorn^. -^ At tiie Lalret. — 
Bcotch Tour with Word&worth. — Viaii to Hciddbew- — Tbeo- 
logicol T>ik> with B«necke. — Doath of Lamb, — Fint Chriat- 
DUualBjdal 179 

CHAPTER Xn, 163«. 
Dr- Anotd. — Brdney Smitit^-^W. B. I^ndor tnd Woidivorth . S30 


Italian Tour with Wordswonh. — Jonmoy m ihc West of EngUnd 
wiih WordBwonh. — Copjricht in Ati>artoi. — Clnrfcson ujd 
Wilberibrce OontroTermv — Jonnipy to PariH wiih Southcj - M7 


CHAPTER XIV. IS39, 1840. 

AlBrdiiL^H, C. R, ronom to 30 Rnsnll SqnHrA- — TiiU to 
Flajfbrd- — TbeKoa<on. Dab. — Tonr toFnnkibrt - £71 

Detlhof H. C- B-'i Nephow, ud of man j Old Fiiendi ... £60 


Cbiitmai M RTdat (tfm). — Dturh of Dr. Araoid. — Chrinmo « 
R7dil(tm). — TolkewithFAber ttl 


OsChuch Qneitiotis.^CorrrapODda»e with QnillinLn. — Chiist- 
mu At BjdaJ- ^ Vioit to FJayford. — AidueologicAL AstodEtioa 009 


iKMEDtoi* chApeii Act aaa 


At RjdAL **- Roger*. — Wordiworth. "- RoTmuoniuiA . SA4 


Dotuldson, -* Yiiit to Htidelberg. — Acqiuiatance with F^ W. Rob- 

crt»n . "1 3« 


TidtroBtTiws^^UnivCTsity Hall. — Dcflthflof Mary I*inb, Mn- 
Qoillinan, and J. Wtilier. — F. W. Robcrrson, — Uoivwiity 
CoUegosnd FUxumd'b Worki. — Sad Cluistmas at Rydftl - SSI 


iVtrictI Cridi,— Bniuen. — Emenon. — On tha Ponuhnent of 

Crinunak.— 'ChiiMmttM Bydal ...... 366 


Tbe Citdfl at Bjdal^— Uninnitj Rail i>peiied .... 383 


Wordawonh's Defllh. — Trip to Paria. -~ Vi*Et to Mrt- Wordsworth, 
— Fliucmnri GnHc^ h* Univtraiij CcJl^*e. — Death of Habak- 
knk Bobinaon. — Tour (o Gcnaanj-^^Arndt . . , . 394 

CHAPTER XXV. 1852-1857. 

Death of Robertsait.— >Ladj Byron. — Dr. Kini;. — Miv. Oarkaoa 
and Mn. Wordfiworth. -- Viiii to France, ^ Death of H. C R.'a 
Qrand-nephew. — Od the Study of Wonbwonh . 430 

CHAPTER XXVL 1658-1861. 

At Bniy. — M™. Wordaworth'i Death. — Death of Thonjaa Bobin- 
wn, — More Deaths^ — At Lulworth Cove. — Anecdotes and 
BoDi Hota 4«4 

CHAPTER XXVn. 1863-1660. 

At Btratfbrd-on-ATOD. — Last ContinentaJ Jbunie;. — PaCtiDg Fa- 
pen in Ordar^ ■» BeAJgnJog Troata- —^ Death - . - . 4Sl 

ArmrEiix 509 

Ihdsz Ul 






PAWTi^T Avn aiiuiiroack 

T b 00* or llio ^i(brr?«*, or jihnll I my (ytfWf^u«»OM^ oT 
IaI^pj trroM M raiul, tluit I am co^^>Jc of ilt^rivin^ plo« 

from thti^^ thp ftlHi-wp uriTTiTti \ma of *luL'b iJwh met 
|nri> «iff foiiL I «boriV! h.iTA rcjoioRl had 1 Uvti nv//Twm, 
io»M I h*Tc rvdiOttvd hialarioil chAmcton Mmvit^ u\y iiii^(<** 
Hn; Ucit iV liu Qovrr oociwlocmd tatt «^j ncriotii tiTii-uinc^ 
tluu my &Ttii)7 ojv uf M input^^iikiuit n duH nn t&ii rm im- 
ifvrv^! \>^k,ii4- tliD Rut^nh^iui I cftimoc had n liiiick iBflirklcuit 

Cr^i j. ., rn nncc pimlAtiLlltj-of mi iiffimu ui n iiii^rT «n- 

dmdiuJ uJ' tbc nunw* wh« hoi w«r been hc*ril of, — nn^t ih^t 
iithc r<M4. 

31; fitthrr ojwl to «y tliat kia pv^tt-fmnill^kPr kiih a 
lliuur ui RiW**t«i ift Suffolk, ftivi ihiL ttiM luirnn wnii lf*«fr, 

boTF. where he ij sud to tiAti: ntUiacd tbo <Kgiil(r of Mnvor, 

SLirne cinriiniitnnoai fT*[i«mici^ thv imtT^«f^t>f ny fullicr 
tad ttinlJ>cr mv Bfirth vrrtm^ flovn. | htva Icvr^ttoTi fiv-ia 
vtvn I haiml fhtn^ Mr mrjthcr, J«imr»ft <!nhb, vnu the 
iWral diuii^ilct ctf * '^r^i: riinily, and ivbcn iif nn ii;,it to tm 
EtorAkl nJfr^ T't lirr fntfin'ii trttuilcl hufiw to rmirln :»< Bury 
«tth ■ ' tiito with hvr i^il ^r. [ftilleii, tba. 

hcxl ui' i ri^ n DiaacnUr. it wiu quite t% ui/itt«i 

of DounK ibai llttt tJni^Ltt ^huuM b« kuova to tL^ RhUevkiuOi^ 
Uy ^rBodMbor «ru rcjiuUi-] «r«ikttSir. Hsd onft iwtaiiily f*^ 
•r thn aootft mfi«ctrtU« oT Uio l>jweu(vr& .IrmtiaJk i'ml-b 
ttJoU turo rtvy tiiti« Jbrtiiov, ftiid my pnudEWilur ilni &vt 
il la & Iot«-tMt<4i lt»<irM« kiir fttKl hta wo^iiil tnii H^nry. 

VM, I. I A 




B£>11Xt£CKXCG6 OT SBHtY CRABS ftOfiOnasi. lOtu^ I. 

Shtf ihervbrt PdCunted lA W4l|ia(ii»W. Odc dnj h*t hrr>ther 
Z*xhtrah ot^tn^ Hcr'tn^ lUtMaMii in lli« mnrkct p]uc4^ siud to 
ii'iXiu *' Si'l }vt uiulriifij. .VftMrT llfiirv } I c<i|4x1f<i to itvnr 

Mr /;K-tinn\ n* I wiiiiio* )fc\vi» y<nsr h^Ut Xhiriic I uvn't 
tiiUTj At aII." a fcv (Im« ^^f Elij8. H kilt-r 1.-1I1IU1 to blm 
A^rcn Mv« Ofvhli, b ivhkli nhe Mud *hv v^ax tmrv fia^ «rluit fdie 
Imil h^nl lV<iin turr hnilhrr, —* t>i4l it UfriiVt h^ umrn) in hjm 
nul ti> iBAfTV, ^-r ii I*, Ci^il'i iirdinHitofTt hii-1 h^ hIiv^M nvl t^ 
fiwc Uf ilo fv Iwianftt lie *?«>itl<l n(»t^ liavc llii? fir^l K"UiitB btf 
hf>d lAhnt .1 Ifkin^ to. It vnnli) hn iinrUilifk] lo hifl inOtor 
iJbo, nlii> dnl l^^t ftppr^r? of bin nmrrvinj^ h^r. Site liojwtf 
t9 hoftT iLAt ho Wl thijuiilit bctUr of tliitv tutd ihnt hr nvtild 
nuke n ^pyiy niurrin;;!^ m a>ntT:mly y^iih Inh fja)aT\ iv ^Lm; 
Thn Idler Hcniy ihovwl la hin l-Tcith**r Tbomiu, »bft cMTied 
il to biH ftthi:iT-, Tbi; <dd (^itictunii vm ac (iJoAivd ytixh kU 
todc tlifit Kii witlitlreH III* i:4*jc<:tii.^ii. llcTin' ijnnkcdktUrlj' Wtat 

follcwtd- It trtok pbri* Til ITr.ti 

TKcro were Ivvii r»» ^hiKlrcrti vlto dJed in inftBO^ ; and 

tj(4Jrl4Tji tbi-H:, Thoeii^ii^ Ifirii Jiiiiturv 25, ITTO ; HftWkkiik, 
bom Juiin 4^ 1771. u,nd H'^nry Crabb, tbo wnUr ot' tiiow 
lt«4mi)]4ivr<cc«. It->m Muy IH, 177^ 

Whfu 1 niiK abuiit, tMviilt'Uufl jtub cf at^ 1 «Mt on ft 
SUicfMVMrh n vi>ry ^piMlrntititfj mAii, »bA, liMring mj nAiE% 
ilAkiKl ino vhh*tlk<jr rav fiilhfr vit iint & tumcr, fiDtl «h»tb«- 
uty tiir-iUivr'^ ijiiclic «ivt iiuC Crililx Sitniiispd at tlio ((ttnAiOft 
ttvm a tdiMi^ri, I iuc|iiirtil wli> bo (iHk^A Ho ihiLH (Tiflft^iitfd 
hiiiLuir : " Moiv ibnn Iwciil^v voan ntto I iilf«<ii(lo<l tb« 
(IijullctniiiiA CIliIj At like Aii^-1. vhci) the cboirmm ibbtc dm ft 
tutit. ' Tl>- [bLLiiW'iiiv f.<uu|4c* ; I vitf fn^ui Um <»iiiitry. aud 
it U'jiK thr'ji ivjjiifvl tri ikir thni that nvimlnjC ihriv haa Iimik 
lUAmf^l i\ c<>upl<^ ubi t> \ni tbc hfuvl>('iiu«l |4:r ov<rr known 
to liHT^ liviril lit Biiri- J rcoolkcL lliol tiic u«iaci vwro ttob- 

In iftuiurii, h 11 D^C c«£y ti» lii a date to ibo <ar][«irt raooU 
ki:lii>niL Mr ifhdln^'ii (HKukot iHfolu ikTip|>ly a fev, 1'b« tittt 

eaHic^t t)jiit I Eun avnirv i/ a tiic hchtg t^cit mit otic oiieht 
in tftr. nm^ nt thp umtm^ ta m ctiv illiMriinaiino. T ronnllfKt 
bcsiifc ^jr^toii^ ftt tbo rop>n of « KQti, or armto flrevcriiik. ni>d 
that a<tvnijtfii-c WM toiica of my CTjniK to carty mo bnoacL 
Nuw my mcTtbcr wHtva lOidm F«iiiiwrj 15, 177&. ''Tb« 
t»WD (Bury ^>u Edicund*) illuiQiDAtMi in hooor of AdniftJ 



I vu then tlvvft mn nod mJ&o nvaiilts old, bcmiF 

' r*im^ tr> o dminff*«iirkonL to n MrM, Itard irho 
L; 'iiH«ic in tkv S>*itL (3»tc 8ir<xt I fin-l 

I hAvi> n very cJmr rvciUtfijlivni of Hijoia^ oiy ftiiul Willijun- 

Ti i ' Jm tjif p:>.-kul'lic»k nh* hnn vnllwi, JV^ruiUy 

i . , . ■ M_T fitaj blli^r ditJ. JUtJi^ SiM^r liisfv l.V iFirik- 

faL*" Tfajb tunic Jiutit Will.a(nwn LmI a di^Miil U<k- «.>r imi^ij 

v|u, f, r u-^.l *-. i-»«ki? p-Pinio I,/; ] nvalbcl Ithix rcproirtd ttr 

' '^ un noi tbr T«tj mriitst mwQoctioim. Kir 

.1 I:-- n V L-nttnTiii' 4tii^ Vnhh diod Jldio 22, ITTt; 

» p'fl r- < hI: .-t iif'iniiir It diHrti«ed *'ith toy dmIIhv 

•tn.^Ij-.r Hi' Ihi-^tIh .1 V . ki Iw kouwu ill \Uc odicr Hurll, niiil 
■Tii^^, "I .^.^if ki;i ■!-■ r IV ^■ninTlTnATiiiiiii in hcnT«fc b}' th^ gr^tfu 

hlilvd T^ tun! K' <n^.' 

■mil inr uiotlvrT lo n-o tUf r.uLk|> oti FcinjJiimi Hrntk, itT U^m^ 
ZoM lh^^, ellmI tuit'N iiif'.i II ^Ltit bj iKm« offium Aud r^ujiluJ, 
«ud fh^y tbixT? fcWiii;? uiv iit^^lli«r fmat, uul (fiUitiif ufil t« 
Jkt tlUi threat jw. Tbu miut Iiavo bvcu in tliv vtoiLiiicr ot 

r>f inirlr vdnofttion ncd relif.'ioiiiii inctfiKtipa 1 rvooUwt Q^it 
I viv Dfl uDJixlf Um'. p&d tDV mutbiT hod not 
£.c^-., L, kce|i iDd bi urOer Xlj^ tithi-r ut-vrrattFt^liicd IL 
1 httw A TAJiit tei ftfu a i ciH «if lmvii%' k«ni1 ii ciilnMaii. iii 
nfclcli tliirrv wu tliit» '. ** PMr chikl, c«u yoa (uU luv wLikt j»u 
ml" A. " I nm k ilidl <i «ntib like uiilc oUwrt'" I lior« 
fv - '. < * tT . ^D Kay cateduan, — btit 1 wiw 

fe. sif. lUuiuMd. fir «Ei* ihr 

^1 ii;xiii |i nf l^ninii. My IniJthiTn* 

w - I '\itu^. TIjOV wj'iil trt ft Nmnlinjf 

':[ic iti Ihiuk, T w;i!* ivaiovwl 
, . . Sdiw^ ki;(>t Iryii Mr, [m^^vc* 

[lit «r M fi^uAo^nt. ThcTO UKd la b^ pvcn to iLp 


bof vbo wM It th« ht!4d f^ hU cinju m hot 'and rin^. «a(1 hi» 
IiikI* |>rotafiit If }ir ixmlil hr«^i it ji ocrik^s bn-iklifir «if iU>% 
On cor OKAftHiii \ K«t >t. ^j mlv tfT«nt Kwrow, Bjai u J t)ii.»i^Lt, 
wry iinj»i*Mi , rVrprtjc ni^it driy I ffi^ii hrMlj' m y>*JX^ 

ill my hnjiii, a^I vjiEl ji<:(][LiKii^uHrt(^« of injured imio««-ii«Ci tAoJ. 
*' Sir, jo\l LirrirJ rue tl-jwii fkiT A|iclliu£ the vurd ^^ — 'MJ. IkiI 

I mwi r^t idhfr :UI. Tht-rc. iK!«: [ vna r^ht/' 3lr. Blom- 
fioM «ict1«f|, fMf.tffl ma on Ih? hcnd, And wiJ - *' ^Vcll, Hctiry, 
OA >tju nwl ^1 in h piiiicf^ Umk roq 4ro not to SUnnc. bot 
Ih-ir,"* ^fintwl ttrnn^B/' I »un ^liitu <x>t^fuwiilrd. t b^liirtfrJ lu 
fimilv in tli« infjJbKitjt^ rf jitiikt na uiy gotid L'nUioLc oan in 
th^ [it^uIlrlntLty or kin cbiircb. I Jctiuw Uwt HAUgfctT lK>3r« 
vintlil l^ll Miviri, bill hiiw a ^Hjuk ixiuld cjjatUA k fiftlivcbogd 
fltwi quMa imvjmjjrnbmsMitft 

I viU bero iH^ntion vhttt >% iho ocioft imporiatit of ftZl m^ 
rrrntiiLiM^ttftfn, lij. that m mj ohibHiiMHl m_t oiulLrr vtbji to 
rn« erfrvchiTy;, ami I hiiTo tiu hnitiitjuu :u aacntwiijj tu bcr 
•vory g<»i noornl or relifpou^ Tii^cIki^ I linii Em my rhjM^xwl or 
youib. \ltt^ tko fuMonMod more kiiovkdjcfr ncd tnorxi ftdintjr 

w«ii guldiil M- ilio mniturt of THcith*-rlr Ij-ivuuud pmna rBO-ltngn. 

II vitEL I darv nay, vitb ;i fiirpow, ilmt nlimi 1 hod niM dftj 
IjitmiKtit lioujo n (iin fmm Mn» J.iii^'i foil -Jd bicli tvilh whrumi 
nhc. ttv*\ U' drink tci;) litr timrlti mn airrv it fj^nk With iin 4i|io1- 
(i^y. my «t<:ii«« Wiii^ thiLl I did uut think u vMof nny vnliM: 
bZk ibiii sure mc « n^^iicct fur p4\Tperty. ThU Mimo Xlm l^aif 
hnd nil cbsmrii;^ in hvr pArk^n .^ho tnld inn it woa PiAbii 
F*ijniif( llif* ShncitfiiUir'a «ivn> Aod nbat Btrrv itoii thnl, I 
juked faer. " I tlbuti^'hl, Miuiltr R, yoq bad l>cnk bcticr edit- 
c6t«L'* she repli^. vvr>- funiuily. I vm» tuucb affcvnlcd* biit 
ttpt abuul nttcljti^ ibv LJiWt* IniinivbntHy. 

Mv uKitb^iri mutttih mnk«T va* n l(f«ifkn CfttltDti& I wvt 
CCIO tUj l^ki to e>> l<r her, l>tit VAA iinVLlliii}? to do ■» ; [ wd I 
vnv Afriw] uT brr, I w;(!t ti-M »h(^ un-i a ?i>[jr and nould tin me 
n birnt. My nH'thi*r v<i>lflo(! tiio ai u tilly Imy and foreod om 
to go. 1 t«bi>t0 alic ff^vi^ ^IfD. (Jirt ll hint, for 1h>: Uttct bnUMl 
DiO ti> txiii^Tt?) t^l-.-rAtit:? by ^^tici;^ mc ahrrda ofeilk vui fUitia 
to cli>(W pirturvs t.Ltli. qbicti hah a fimrile ruiiilujimait' 
TkU iwniiidft ai« that 1 liftd vwj ««rJ^ a grc«l n^trrvr U 
to^Tv, mr finl aotkxM of irbadi v«ro tokni frocu m bolliul 
rrlMluig bov 

* M MvOh^ lU J«T an A>v 
Vu «iBhA| oW tW iey wmj," 



Vm Ul ia, and wtiul4 l»\-o !won 4r>irw<l, but & Popcsb prkat 

fWM br, Tb« J: ' r . Iclp. ■■ Vou, a J«u ! f woo't 

Ulp ■ Jcwr " li iLr-:i> iii* oui i will Iw iKiplif^.*' 

" Vim innirt b6 l«iptii-.._ uit- Tli« Ju* coiaimt^*!, hmI tltvn 
kg^W til U- l&ju-u ^>ut. "Ncv' Mii tbo pric!4C> " if ] iu( yuu 
Mt Ttiu vUl ruli|rtc iitlu Judunu Ukd to be dnuuwX I will 
emIbCT &i*v vtMir fvjmI'" 

ltd iloi Uvir iVHt hiTFtcnLte rvEiyncnw in^udias, «hkt ih«v 
Ihiak llif^ir nr««t vdLujiIiIu rdru'i"!* <v4j rirt ^um txrv u£ uidi 
tnc^^, B«it Mrs> f^irtii t>TU of nhi v^^ut fkr to o&nalanu^t 
lb Inllad 

VrWn B ehiki, \ik» cOwr clilldreQ, my fitiUi vtu implicit In 
vtial I miut toM ti^ Ur true bj my mathor, and 1 hAT« no hdjw 
«f iKrrobciu iiu«. vbick I did tioi^ uitch IVou her. 

Tha niuifiif tint uiniKtcc vbLPOu rdi^ooi ivrrion mv AiUtcr 
kftd untlur ii1t<fUfit!d uuj UtiooZdil Uc vru a gcnt^iaaaiJy jwr 
■m vkI itM-v^rtii nAiJ(>:^^ capocidJr bj a \ct}' Uifrir vhlU v;^ 
Il« Kvn u^lun eU tMt UtAiH\axi*\ hi» tvo dirt^bu-ra vetv my 
tHtker'a twr fcn^t frwoclK ^Vfion ho c«id« t aiod to W k^ 
ttftdbljicitc, r>Y J vtiH ■ivnys rii:iiiicig nhitit nn irctl n« uUk' 
ng< Unl be viu bfrijcl Fur Iiia ^>^Lly tiWL WhiTQ 1 met xitaat 
fmht)^ tbfi Bibk* L 1-v.O to Ltk my uiullwt i)i:iHtu>tuL ]I«v 
mdeiU lUMTWrf IKs|ij{»uUy wim. *' Aak OiC miuinUr. luv d«ftr.^* 
I ffaiQoet bwrmu iMtiiti ui&:d-jf«4 luM ol um juid Ibc mibiatcr, 
■utl MTOA 1 04311 ti) nvoIlHc! mywlt one cupLviHltj'. I bftil ijiluii 
« ^ftt fjuiay <o Uitf Hw^k ot hovcbOioa ^ and 1 iUve htwrd. but 
l&H* I dvti't irvotWt, UaI I jMik«<t Mr. L to prxibch fborn thnt 
bKik»bcmi»c it viwiuy bvurittf^ "And whjf iiil jotir farurito 
bnL, U»rT 1 " " U^^ntMo U tfc tu j^reuy >ud «uj tu uiidc^ 

I had a ki|^7 l.-btld^pylcl The oftly eal!criu« I rvcdlect w»s 
Utt mimint Liiii'i»«] hjiiki mo un Shii^Uvk mpedallj' beb|; 

fcd. T 

to I 

' LKituiidr-t«Uuirlni|£ a 
iirim] rn «lt with my 

^^IhI brftuvtiw lit JU '- 

>.ry, itu) hi vjiitcr it vuv iny 

6 &EUtNLSC£NC£5 0¥ HEKBV CBABB HOBt^SON. [Ckap. 1. 

Dgreeabie occupation to turn the apple-pie that van in a Dutdi- 
oven before the fire, which waa a great relief from Mr- Heniy. 
Odco I recollect belug whipped by my mother for being nou^tj 
at meeting. A sad preparation for a religious life. 

Sow and then» by way of treat or reward for good boh&vior, 
1 wofl allowed to go to the ludependcut meetiug to hear Mr. 
Waldegrave preach, Mr. W. as I afterwarda knew, vae an 
igoomutf noisy, ranting preacher j he bawled loud, thumped 
the cushion, and eometimes cried. He was, however, a kind 
man, and of course he was a favorite of mine, it belongs per- 
haps to a later time, but I well recollect he repeatedly uaed the 
phjTtse, *' But as the 'Postle Paul say " (say is Suffolk graramar). 
And after all I could carry away a thought now and then from 

To return to my mother's instructions; 1 recollect a prac- 
ticeof hers, which had the best effect on my mind. She never 
would permit me (like all children, a glutton) to empty the 
dish at table if there was anything porticuUrly nice, such oa 
pudding or pie. *' Henry, don't take any more ; do you not 
suppose the maids like to have some V^ A respect and atten- 
tion to servants and inferiors was a constant lesson ; and if I 
have any kindness and humanity in my ordinary feelings I 
ascribe it all to her, and verj- much to this particular lesson. 

Of my schooling at Mr. Leasees 1 have htclo or nothing to 
say. 1 was an ordinary boy and do not recollect acquiring any 
distinction at school- The sous of Mr. Lease I knew and the 
children of some other Dissenters who went there ; but some 
others of my acquaintance went to the grammar school. This 
set them above the rest of us, and 1 believe 1 should have 
wanted to go to the grammar school too, but I had heard 
that Mr. Lawrence was a flogging master, and I was therefore 
glad to escape going there- 
It was either in ITS2 or 1733, the Annual Kegister of the 
year will say which, that there was a very hard winter through- 
out the country. To raise a fund for the poor of the town, the 
grammar-school boys were induced to act pluj's at the thea- 
tre. 1 have a distinct recollection of some of the boy acl^ira ; 
the principal play was Venice Preserved. There is liutliing 
worth noticing in tiie acting of the traj^y, but it is a aiji^iiiicjuit 
circnmstiuice, and one that Irelongs to the state of nionil and 
religious feeTiut^ in the country between sisty and seventy 
years ago,* that the farce acted with Vcuico Preserved was 

■Thli wu wrEttan in lSi». 


yAUltt iXU 4.|UUNl00a 

■mm imjv'wl^lr, L>lii k tntcumM Ima «itrf«i4iti^ u han <iiii> r^-iv 


npiiD to nil Uic ifuiicvt port or t£iu ONnnunity, < 

tKc rl.r.'L' 1 DoU vuciJct- tJiAt | wai uUovrnd W ' ', 

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lllini I Ifiul u mx|'viii:r x'iti.if IM tur \v*tUHv ^1 h> Iwuft. 
U> f.ij ■!.. »'- ,i,to iiitmnl » niwnkiinjf mhiUinr, Mr Ki*n- 

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At itut iItii* li vu r^^nirMoi] Iry All uM uv^dtlt-nivin munvtl 

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L It, nitil vflfj tfnod w^rkiDm wc «*nv H.» ih^I 
^ ttP cnrry kifl« of «oo>l for tttofliv« npatiiixtt^Um^' 
IV Uod wo mu^ wiirk fjr our Ltnij;:. Bitl he loJ oa wutL 

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tbo rrptaUticQ of he^ ft f?)0(1 talker* fit?d vju |tut f7r«<iUTl u 
ft qwafccr ou tmbUi; laaUcra in Kch<>i>1, nuch u a cximUiUktioo 

Simt 4 hctuVlhJV. Ap'1 I M!W sil«> &>(«! (n »n invi-utor of 
«, ttlikHt I tiMfj to KilAt« to tlw U^j^ in I'^il ; hut thi« laC- 
iiJty did lufl ^n>v yitlj tii«, ruid Ij.i4 Tiitcrly ^ii«'l a^my. I 3ui 
liu ds^.iEirlioii Til »i\v bntirrti liP vIiouI iMrruim^ \ntl yivn', mid 
U\ii WM Prviadi, I ilid not llk«* T^flirtifi^r h aV linr, :*iu1 wrc/^ 
to tij,T naoUier to bo^; iIihI I rrni^ht W n-Jimcil fr\na tlic UoAl ; 

I did titjt <mc* ^ lnjiiie iliirin;; thr iJiroc vo»r* of mj? sclioot 
lifr nt Ih^vifiv, lAit In llir ititmmtrr of lhi> Mwiad yvnr ray 
tnfdlif^r cJinw ^n ir** m*^ Thrt iwTiBitinri tt*]u?:H 1 mnot di^Cini?^- 
ly rvuoMoct t* iltal *>i iicf^iii>; h<T ai Ujc Turiijjik<^ i^tc Af ih« 
urecu. I fhoij|;hl U<.t altered, or mthcr Ct u tiwonnit dtO nut 
know Iwr. mud th:tl juinfil nir ; luil phr; gmliiAlly btcsm* lo 

Thon^h Mr. Father «n>n Cdmnior t rcrvtvod no rrli^oui 
iiiMJucticuj ul tiii whocl, VHirit I fltitcicd Ut In- n^liiEiciii tnu 
of my own |irt»iiriii^- 1 hjirl fjillni \\\ iriih Fic Ko*'* Knuiily 
IiuUMctorT lU^ I IwcfEiuo ut oiKc iu uuAgiiuition n rdixtotu 
tcndtcr, I hud ui upiKirt unity pf tryios ^7 pu^'cr. for dDtiiig 
000 nf my U\M. boluUyn I vtim Irft witli n ftTtr Iriih Sath vhpn 
Mr. nud Ahx FoiKJcr wmt a jonmer. J viw tlw oldcrr :u)d 
^■ljbC4<l in ftn;h-^tr *jvc*r tli* <ilior l^^y*. iind I wii* K-t • littk 
plcvnl ni\\\ ir.jiflrfir ntj i\v>V* of i^nTvniifLjf llirrrt On %\m 
Surtrhy T nod n aannnii la thnin, «^)d I ilwIi^ iho hoit-« and 
errvjiivU jUEoiid pn^fen. itut [ wnrmyl rtniUn^ % |ir»)<rr ; I 
jir&jc<l t-^lfin^xvu, i\iv\ did Ti>jt Ih^UI iiiv ^ifl itl L>h tminifittofr. 

Ill X\v HTiininrr cif ITS9 I rrtiinini homt^ WJih Mr- ^*mnflr 
ftad Bjy aTini. My tjuelo \:r%\\h had n f^'W yenm hcdw ftco^ft- 
pi] ihc <4ricf of pcwLlor ikt ihi' WAttiafif^H mcL'tinjC. uid A4QC 
intruded Ilk o]^ii * wl'^tol tbi'rv, I vmt to hluL fjr tljn imt 
Ikalf-imr Our DiuiiWfn vtru n fnr ttmt wp vm wiljivT lo 
lietlo of tLc flnliotrr rraCiuint vf i«ho^l- 

It %-M vliilo here iVM i Iind % letter (him my brother 
HvniLiA *\in^^n{ to '* Mr. Itijblnwio. Atirfiraiy ut Iaw,* I hnd 
to luk Mr L'mij*? to eitobun to dip ihi* untare of hii Att'>ni'^y « 
pri'fcMiiott, wKiok liod Wo cfaooju &r bw A-ithout my kuovl- 

So (futirrly hin« I loil mil rvivilkn^ticni of Xhr? A.-ir in'JittliH 
•pout %i Wuttl>6cld that ] Mtuiot cnll to dilxuI AUtttiilicj 



rAUiiv A!Ui cmutnooik 


!llI it wuB %hJlt' [ true with Mr. Cml^ t^l 
llr I I' ' 1 (inAotiul, that cvrrj one n;ji]ii;isl b 

ptvtiui < i" <Juhtivyc<t- Thirtijrb ) had u" 

la I ^ huArrl ibo l^huniti K;tiik4^ dT ti 

T OhO trMUj- to lhi:> ftrU Uiftt ^rtrj aIniUf- jin^indin- inftv ba 
nudd wilito^it tiiy iL^/n*r or met i4 Ui^tytil*^^ Id Jiivtili^sri-^u 
«f Iba- BvulUimDi. [ k:ivu too 1 him, or ntlior llmt mvlntmlA 
■ere JVeak^terbiiflh and 1 had ft Ta^« DOlion that t)ic IikIiv 
p fi n LiJl a were iiii>r« orJioilHiK ttinn wsu fr&uiiiAhlv. n^ii] tin^i 
t^ufe «&« 4 itrgnwt of ntiomlity oocipatiblo wrtli «4uid dcxv 
trine; Mr, Uucolno, too^ our niliimcoTt vru coviuti more of i^ 
|;MtJcniAu >i>d tcboUr tbui Mr. WaJdcynvc. Uic ludoprnJuiit 

A&iiuujf mv letUfv fttv K mmiW bf mr dov tuctbcr. Ilfv 
umii^ u vert' dnir i« ib«, Init 1 wouM uol Iav« tbdw l«IUn 
Aprinj m^ ThiT^ m<iM nut ^frevAlilj Inpm a fiEnnuer, 
Ui" ' >ri-H t\w vnmi nttViriKiiLi of a foinil mother, fuD of 

L'j .1' vrU4r« I'f hf.t vbiUlrcn. Her iai::4hcr ]ov« vu 

(Hi |Wlj. Sko lud no docliiiuil rrtd, aiicl 

■< I ID u rijfiifly nnlkiHUit Cundr, tu bftvit 

W . of rfh^T-^iU ccaitrovcniy, 

^ t^l 1 \m\vc fc-iJE^ my swthoi't £J■^ 
fr- I / nW dcIivL-rcil in Ifcforc iihi: wbm ad- 

tti' <*ii:rch Bt Wnttlificld- "nic ^]ht b 

m <iQa rK»|)rci (-■Ln->w ; it tktvf^ tlut al tJM time cvmi unoiift 
%t lnEkpra<lcL)t*> dc-ctrlnal f*rUi i-oa nai the subject of a far- 
■of |iruf!a«tlr«i« thtri^li iircoi^np infrrtv^l. In ihisi [njii-r thvn? 
ji^. ,ni,^;,*» io tfic Tnniiy, <>T oay oiicr dKi*ul*d dwinno. 
U- :ifd ftfW K^rtvly <Ki:ijra. Tht ttiO wjuliruetil 

tLf- 1, i^riri^WiMil Ua (yiTM':t«kuit«u c/ ficn»E^nl UTiwrlJii 

i«ns Willi utiioh nrc o'tnHiiotl » di'^jrt' tc hi- tiniii.«l !►» ilm 
Ch IT ' ' ' ■"■■-. ^ I tUc m^^itd of ('hriBt- 'n*i-ivi>>iv 
ii. I^r. Ihit ^-lyt^a in ^crlif^ her 

W ' iiFifiahlttIt (!Vl^4i| Kh'jitki.- Iitivlit-id, 

•£ E, Uid bift ttm fihio pn4'i<«*^l Idrnd 

#|l lut UutuH^d by iheto Uiinga of «fal«h «lio 

hf^ i.iiiiwliv|^> 




WHILE I lived aa on articled clerk with Mr. FrAnoia of 
ColcheateTj I leitmed the ordinary roxitine of an attor- 
ney's office ftud was alJBorbed in newspaper and pamphlet read- 
ing, in which religioae controversy was included. 

Oel religious aubjecta I seem very quietly to have given up 
my orthodoxy, and to have felt stronglj for Dr. Priestley on 
account of the Birmingham Hots ; hut oven the orthodox Dis- 
Bentore became Bympathlziiig on that occaaion. 1 attended a 
meeting of Diasentera at Ohelmaford to appoint deputies to go 
to London to concert measures for the repeal of The Corpora- 
tion and Teat Act ; wo dined to^ther^ and among the toasts 
given was one in honor of Dr. Priestley and other Chriatian 
aufferera. I recollect that I waa irritated hy the objection of 
one who was present that he did not know Dr. Priestley to be 
a Chrtatian. I replied that if this gentleman had read Priest- 
ley's Letter to the Swedenborgiana he would have learned 
more of real Christianity than he seemed to know. I had mV' 
selff however^ not formed any distinct religioua opinions, hut 
felt deeply the importance of religious liberty and the rights 
of conscience' 

Throi^h Mr- Dotwon, who afterwards became a distinguished 
mathematician at Cambridge, ! formed an acqimintauce with 
a number of French emigrants on their escape from France 
during the horrors of tbe Revolution, and my compassion for 
them modified my Jacobinical feelings. I waa^ however, a 
Jacobin notvrithstAnding, and felt great interest in one Mr> 
Pfttmoro, who wss indicted for selling some of Paino'a works, 
and ultimately escaj)ed through a defect in the indictment. 
Bui my Journal records my shock at the death of the King 
of France. My French attachment expired with the Briaso- 
tine party, though in my occasional pious moods I used to 
pray for the French, 

At the Hpring aeaizea of 1791, when I had nonrly attained 
my sixteenth year, 1 had the delight of hearing Krskiiie. ft 
was a high enjoyment, and 1 was able to profit by it. The 
subject of the trial was the validity of a will, — Brahom v. 


ItzTett Erskine came dovii specially retained for the plalDtiff^ 
And Minguy for the defendaiit The trial lasted two dajB. 
The title of the heir being admitted, the proof of the will was 
gone into at once, I have a recoliectiou of m&ay of the cir- 
cumfitoncea after more than fifty-four year* ; but of nothing do 
I retain so perfect a recollection aa of tlie figure and voice of 
Enkine. There was a clmnn in hia voiuc^ a ffifici nation iu his 
eje, and so completely haii he won my aifection that 1 am siu^ 
W the verdict been given agaiust him 1 should have burst 
out crying. Of the CLctd and of the evidence I do not pretend 
to recollect anytbiug beyond my impressions and senaatlonB. 
My pocket-book records that Enkine was engaged two and a 
bdf houn in opening the ease^ and Mingay two hours and 
tventy minutes in hia speech in defence, £.'s reply occupied 
three hours. The tealatris was an old lady in a state of im- 
becility. The evil spirit uf the caae wua an attorney. Mingay 
WAS loud and violent, and gave Erskine an opportunity of 
turning into ridicule his imagery and illuetrationa. For in- 
rtance, M. having compared K to the Devil going into the 
garden of Eden, K drew a closer parallel than M^ mteuded 
Sitan*8 tirat Bight of Eve was riilated in Milton's words, 

^ GntuB WAS in all ber nEops, lieavon Id ber eye. 
In every gCAhirfl digiLlt)' and V'vc" ; 

and then a picture of idrotcy Irom Swift waa contrasted. But 
the sentence that weii^lied on my spirits was a pathetic excla- 
mation, ** If, gentlemen, you should by your verdict amiihi- 
late an instniment bo solemnly frnmed, / should retire a troubled 
•Kw frctm this court" And as he uttered the word court, he 
lieat his breast and ! had a difficulty in not crying out. When 
in bed the foUowijig night I awoke several times in a state of 
eicitemeut approaching fever, the words " troubled man from 
thu court " rang in my cars. 

A new trial wna granted, and ultimately the will was set 
aiide. I have said 1 profited by Erskine. I remarked hiB 
p^al artifice, if I may cnll it so ; and in a small way I aftcr- 
vards practised it. it lay in his freqncnt repetitions. He had 
one or two leadini^ argilmenta and main facts on which he was 
constantly dwelling. But then he had marvellona skill in 
Taryitig his phraseology, so that no one was seu3i^}le of tautol- 
olg*^' in the expresfiions. Like the doubling of a lyiro, lie was 
perpetually ct>ming to his old jilace. Other grcjit advocates I 
have remarked were ambitious of a i^rcat viiiicty of argumcnta. 

About the same time that 1 thim ^rnt Ic'iml the riokI perfect 


ailmirUili^. and vtikti Ltti a lainorilil t^ncl nn hit inliirL It 

ttl C'vL-lL^blt-r. Ilv sioi^l ill n TTJilt- i^ilpil. Aiid iiD nBidi iviIp oJ 
hliii Hl<ifvl :i rR!»v<ti>r. And iht* twn Md Uui up. bimiig lJi«lr 

But Imb rvitAud ixnjikU'touio:, ce^Kvii&Uv bw \vui^ wti(« IucI^b, 
Arrrvioif A jMiiirr rirvrr r<» Im« forjjnll^rii Tli'-rv urtii n tnfct 
«n>vd uf loTCW »njJ Adniin^n. U viu* ft>r tim most ^i*rt ™»- 
tcmim^ but ibo pontoiuimt^ u<x4 ta iho honrL i^r ibo kuiil 
1 DrTCT mw lUkjlJtiiv CDQipAraUt' Ut \\ Jii ftfWr life.* 

Tbo IbJIo^rin^ Ii^it'T rium n ]\u\n vt'-yrf IniA piriktiltfm 
nvpoctiait Ukia istcrcatiu^ 4>ccn«DD ; — 

DtA% BreTTnu : — 

...pi fck H (^TTAt 5Uti»footimi lant WAfilc. on Mnnilnv, In 
bMnng (oxciuo aio i>ov) Ibht T«tj^mi in tb^^ S«n'lu^ or UodL 
Uio Re*. Jobti WciJcy. I wm ii;f<irTiiM in lb* Aftcnimi«» i!ut 
]io vu in Tiiini flTffi »iiuW prvhfb UinT Evf>mii;,', rufcrtn- 
nMr\y h <k'» M*i» Jwl *»*nt Jo Imw b-ti Will m^e dir#tfi1y, 
»;id it HOB pvt'Ei to ttiio Ut wnt<*, fkit Mr, KriTicati, Hfy^n^ h<jvr 
mortjfiud ] ii|<|irarc<]> |^^^ it td tomr i.rni* vUv, ami 1 «xijt 1o 
tb« Cbtpct j^' fiiimh«r timj^, nnd nm kTtrwing Ihn Uvi, I 
ahoriM aJmotft Ijat^ ri4ici|l«4l br« ti(r»rf- Kr^r rn>ui ti r^'w. I 
Jookt upaii bim nitb n it«T>^^ htMi^ritii: ii(>uii Ktiibum&sii. 
AftCT lJ«? [M^^ib' hii»I KTTni; ■■"!? \>i'»"" or (A li_^ ijiii be »r»M?> S)kI 
uh) : " U ffiTeii nw II |.rn4l jilcunrf la fini That Vft»i b-AW n^t 
\otfi your Sinffiiw. N*ritbor Wi-n nor Wiaftcn — j-o* ]iaT# noC 
fcii^t & firi^u XiHa ArO 1 bo|.v ibnl try ilic fl»Ai»tAllCc vf 
ihv Mmu If4i4 whifh '^iAbU>«i V01L tn njiii; V4>]], von mnr do «1l 
dtb^ iliLii;M w*^b,"* A L iuv4>naL| \mm foUowii. At Ibo fjtd 
tiT rrtry H«n2 or DrrivioQ t-f bin Di»o«iT»o» fct Eniibcd by k 
kliMt <>r PrnwT-, % MfitTiirnt^n' W iiii w> d ftvre. iwit iyiniiMi»j> of 
liiovc Oirtti ihnn* or lour woni*, *hH'h m^iV* ■Itrayn fnllowrd W 
« rtijvi<n>ii] Bun. His ^littvturHo wn» aIioti — tbo TpiI ! 
ciinli] tiiil ^i^nr^ After Ihr Inid t^nuvr. hr rMD up aiul «d* 
drvflwtl ilu* P«,p|f> t^n I.Tlmrnlity nf Si?ntmir.nt, and tpoke 
much a^ibtt rvl'injiff ro j<.ii] wtili »iiy Coa^fnr<^toil on ms 

1 1iin>»r«nL Mr 1I> M:likii««nVftfifiar«Bt tih<timttM^«iftll lb*Uh 
■nriM xltif'k'i ihM *i pi^iUx VM U>t pn*fbfT ivnrw4 tUtl (^ ^imf^ 

n-l AS AftTldEQ O-FJtK AT nOU-Jti»TBB, 


mill ikT-linUvint fiT 0|HiiioD. fic wilt " If thrj do bit fac 
l>-< 'HriTM. anil kn'|> tiin Cfiicinan<3iiii'ntJt, v^ 

. MA* iwtof Tovti Kith Mr. Fnuxi* oil daj, hokl- 

RC R. 

Dn ihi* Ml of Jtt^iJHf^ 111 (Lin ***r dieJ cnjr 4fnr Duxlior, 
m VT««Uoisl vDDiBti J UtilAv bvut-vi*, lliov^ without ftnj *up^ 
natiij «f cnUul or a«mti«icntai Her vortfa Lir id tb« vamitti 
rf btf iloiunfje nJTevtiosuv nnd in her m^cctoJ cimiik pictx. 
ifUr titr two y««ni f thank ff her with utaHmteA mutm 

my Colchester fto^iM^vUiooo there (a oti« aaBB of 
pcti aUIkj vlioui ] ft^>h«M4 ivitb plviwuTV, lhu<ttli I ^tut 
l«i il-^^trv fio^ittinlM aUh hiin. ThU D B«d Strutt. He 
ti' I' \tt:«i iitfut, trill h&Tinv: U-Hii rlirrk to a provibfiHiI 

Wj itcciinicr 'if tlw Utnn* uhvtv ht* liojj a grant dCAl 

o'hMBim-, hp but fttfCftnir' n hint n^wliT a^vl iwi wTiiiirvil a gn^nt 
dvlc^^biioiittxJ^ Hi< ffiitH TEiAu of Jitjfr«liifviiod Art. find witli- 
fl«t bouK an a;lt<irn<:y knrw a ta<-4t <Ioil ^.d" Llv. Hl' «iu a scrt 
if «fml Co ix<tmtr^v p:ijtk<mi-(i, fOfticuhirlr id vliVtimiK. H^i 
phlithwi KEi fHitt-m Af th-i !i>f«niiof tVtUinik v^hocn Lo pmia^ 
j(rf.U'l=r-l ♦ . 1- *'• i<-<' -rii>>irBCq<|oi:tuy, AiiH I tlimk (tboiijrh 
H it conu^tis diclilit£<'liAl kEajiJJU bv him- 

■If -■ ; action. X-jiiti nliA f^iotod in t-\L tnA 

fM ikilftil u t r«»ll«ot oiwe h^nniE « pcnp into 

U' ' ^" I" "tTO cnnuua ^gnrtfti iwjd oli^oi^* vtlJiii I 

Wf Eb«A«ror i^oriLiiOF. I Ivikn] rip ti him. 

i«l nti w.^id [|tii;finn inpnvBon on mo. One ortvo I r 
faei. WhMi I vOTil to CoMieoter I ww tctv <if-iiroi^fl of e i 
ilC. but I lu^I no c'f-p (ji ilirt<'t me. ami ibrnTtnf ffillciwvJ i,;*ii 

i_: 1 BAB »-ntiri^ 

. tiilii[-ii- .^timi. ciunv ill- 

tirr. roil !■ ■ ■ 'LLiin I " '* Iwuy ' 

■' VcMi i%;t t Well now, wMl- 

li tliAt jtfnr vritJiiff id tbtii book 

14 ttMlKtMT.!£^'E» Of UEKBV CBASB BOftl^ftOSC- lC«Ur- i 

h tbcicr iManHM, Too «ro too tuj to v<ak m jou. oai0it nitli' 

Itiwl II HuIjIjit. Vpu ku>« :t ia jvur UuL^ ^^ ^^ mhiccIuiij^ ' 
uud try to Ihvwiic Ih ljiirjii»r. atvI Jua rti (tjui> your ^oiu^vmido 
you Uo tbciL Uei'I ^ .» i Ikvii iVhUv utHuMnociE yrffi uvtall \txvt 
stii^licd Uk irhu^j|Ji-dvf lull &ii<i iHmci] the piri- ' , /ur 

Jii«j.l. Ati<? Ilirti vi»^ i"^*tl Enhki" j'fv'ct'ilfnin. ini , iil" 

I iJiut up Thv liitati J'ti4 li^v^r w^>t« UMiHuT ^mc il ik Hiili iti 
CXiiUlK*',* ■ oitTH'Tml of SlralU Yt-t M4:phLfft<>plnlL>i uti£\ti 
hnw givon liiv ndvitx^ iVr iii b^v ais^ it did EinrraH ual ffiaikl S. 
ira< cyniiCAl, A nvn-tlitTikiir, I Uirnk tn unlvlic^vr. VetLiOflilAV 
be Miftl uHULlliJii^ thai iirptiLHl he vt^m a ch^nvtunaa- " Whia T^ 
1 cidauuc<U '' yu<i n cburdiKunn ! " lit Uugl^cd : * Ixi idv )eJto 
von n pioce nf tulv»o(i, y"^ii^ man Wtmti^rar rno Ito throiuA 
life, nlmyi bv 'Jif tht- A(4 til' I'nrUuiiQUi fikith." 

J rcci:Jlc4^ Ei Kua troni of hilmtta ntin;t la«. I bod Irtirii 
rvnftktiiig lu Uitn Monic c'LiiciuonjihiLT luyiiiK ihnt ^vrmriprtf* 
<H^h1 iff onottOoo grwt priiitipl«t. ittiri iKt to inturfcw H'tck 
ttcn'A Mttaan or dvtniltb ^Jnst tJio ooaAiHirj" groir\it4 
StPitt, " ifowxiJincDt liu lo (Iti «rilh lulltiiv tnil dtftsili ; 
cf cogrw tc ongUx to do xhe rt^^tt. ttot thn vitmff tlknjr. nod It 
aAtux IKtiujy Uliind^n. TbfTc u do imp id pnuinir ftbottt oIk 
ttrect rij^htJh h ia tlw tiovnoH «J ifovcntiikciit lu cHniail 
P<o|iIr In di> nbki in ntcljt" fp tlir mtnc- iiinrit ht- ftaotbflr 
timii lio axuU I hii^EHf; iitifwvl loiiur LV>imiK<i]pln(v uyiii|f i> if 
L«ck«*Jl pE'ttitipk^ liml pTv^uQ_'ii tiic iCcvoliaian: "Tbal '« all 
nifciM^iix', L>\:ko'3i }-jok Dui thv dlci^U ilo< Ihu ghuao of Uw 
fIcvoli]fi-:»n- Pi'^pli? drk iioi n>l]irl unil 'tr^not fpvfmmABU h^ 
ctnae they have uiy itiam k^hkiI liU^riy nad n^t, biit bi^^iMO 
tlK7 %m wrvU^ic^lt i^iul <«iuiot bcnr nbut they uttFbr, Tb« iicv 
gnvnmmrrni i*up]oyiNl Lii^kn to JKiiify iitat thtTy IaiI dnni^ 
Ofid to roiijfivfl thi? «r7ii|ilH of «^rtik> C(>iib«ieDUuiiji pcotdft'' } 
ImtIbtvcj I vve tt i:r4wl dral lo Htmtt^ for hv ct^rt mc tliuikioir, und 
liml 1h^ tnfii nil ri'^iilnr imJnictiV nti^L hAVo rcftUy eiLuait«d 
m^- Rill I Mv him cnly iwiv nnd ihcii. 1 oiiiv iw«t liin b^ 
A00id«nt in L/ttd'vi a few ymrt, nS^ef J had kH Mr- f mitcia. H* 
wu UMiv t^ l^c O^vm . I mci^iinocil tJuit I hnd no w f^ 
nuMki, Irani of nil fiV ludijin laiudcv *' <ict it iw HHin uk xmi 

t ■ ^- ^. ^'^ i- ' " -^-- --- '~*V ti 

■1 ^ 

'^^'^'' * r' .1 J' if 1*», J^LiI,"-.? '.'.! -'-If '■! IjjV ^JBlfc< 

Tti: look konMnuail to pagu (t<( tnd Antltj ur^ 

14 lA 


It — . 




Tou miutt one duv loro ttoiiua niuic. biUtor &u Uu* nr 

Den SU^;t 

or. A <1 
Uii III 

IMVB, Um iMllliLt, 

1 ^i bf^rL ^f hcjjc of in^ioruUty ttry 
Lj UU1115 yram Oiud Hr hn4 a vnn vbo 

l«vi,in« h puiiUT. He oudo ft pomratc nf 

«4Kertt, Aiwm; FhcA^ mw Mr, Jtcoh PAttHBoct. He h*d k wifr 
vlvnulti' ' ''f "T l^to LM lHv — itctiiiMri. tkJiTtinil in [mHiii \n^ 

teuty [J. i.-.j — -ifcich rT*t<l^?td l.rrn niiivcmiJ fiht^oriU. Mr. 
ftttiMDr hftd nnl/ OQ^ clj;M» ^h'> Ih^iuuu uijf iiuel Ultimata 
§land fiir nmnv j^Tira^ imd *niT n^tpint )»« bin«rr tiraud Hu in 
« fi)v ftiatiUu voutijffT ibui tnwiiir Hr« fwlucfltioQ bftd liccn 
niidi Wttfr Uifto biuil' ; vlM^i T<>vri|f l>« ftua al Ur. UftrlvuM*! 
KfafVkL Kilt bift DMKntinf- oinoieoiliin-i liftiL itm brt.'fi rikT^nhfte 
te bM IbTTDinj^ ftrninitiiMioe t^jiH'lor in hini««Ul l^vMiirb hU pvn 

«5fcc If:- 
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IhffugnL It 

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1 iinid- 

I It is (li« 4fiTin|f, 

I «'IKt4 to IQCldcnlB tiiftt 

....^■-1 ,,,■ .-..;.!, Tlicji larr'""-" '■" " * 

:i> itl U-ilt vfn' JUwrillMi I.' . .:; 

Ntvi>r ; Ik* iiin'^tsfiiiR ftT.Mlw .-w^'mI ^i^Kl 

. vttT ft tKill jia^p, TljCTi- UPC nl« WCB- 

'^-'If^ It viiH iht« rbrurt vbn <lmr 

111 ink. 

ibdl my vftnitj ««« do|i|;hti?d Xtt 
U in ffcuiy F wniffft oii ^uiii In- 
•til 111 tho f/aAuirf^ nKiUi )mi(I Ihmni n^ut 

J i%xt nKO lif tiQir^nt iiJiiljii™, — * 
►r Ai^ii i'r »>*ji*ri^ Tli^v. hn»<^-(TH took v<tj Iritlo, 



l«a. oolv cii-f thi^trgfct rvthiV' fKnapofuly »ip«ii'M, m Uut tl 

fur Iti^ ilcitvliuu uf tiio Imaacli uf i^vd lii^« ihji:^! (■' Lv tii 

M)^ fri^Ti^l WUJ ?uut«MiTi uiLfl nlin n cnntrib to ibn |iArloiIii 

Aikotjjur frivatl vf t}iii )K7ric<li ^ith wliam I ItrLTu vvtr aim 

tlio tiiuu of ni\ lM<|:inftin^ n rL^rTcfiiondcafi.* villi i*Attiiac< 
bo ma ftJrt^ftfly thir v'>»m>fM.-ii4o]jc ^J Amyct He 4ri>iuixkUDa- 
c«tod Ui« IfCtir* ti^ w:\\ itj xliK oiWh uid fiom tir^L witUi 
on I'otti' r-. no l:fl>^n in vmte la vacb oUtrr jlinhtJjr^l 

Amivl'a L'lun au- f^ c)i« lv9t uf iLc ^'liU^ oo^loclioG, ui h 

mub iho fto^ or A wtttcl^iujih«ir ia NAFvich. (UhI uJt^ric in ib«, 
hoiuw of VMii? oiaitKTit MoJlcitort lu tbftt lomt Our 
« liuJ led lu ui luvilutjuu lu vuit .Uayult toA P^tli*-. 
BUI ju^nitig DM in tliu rAit, «o uict nr, th« bnuw uT Aiuvot^i- 
CLtlicr on l!io Otb oT IhMXubor vid ri)(ualKii>d itwrc Uli Ujo. 
^i\u Wiliifi a Itw yu«n of thii Ib^c, Aui^ lUArrkO Uifl 
rUughtiTT of Ur, fojimiv t Xonrkh ^Jtr^mii, Hr «)ut iVjtiii* 
iMlo ciLoii^i to 1hv>>xi)v tlbc Ihw ogeiit of Ur WmdbiUD, ATiil vhtni 
lk» Xhi^Mt l>c<^viic Wnr Ukd l^lgaul Miiuatcr, btf vfcrod Aiu>i 
ikr jMiit iif |>riv!Lti.' vcrutiiri'. ThH W4i fMilily iuv<Tpi4«t. ftndj 
■ tjuu iiAer tiiu Jvath of bis pntrMi thii )i1ic« wm va»t«4 AT 
tomo one cIac, ko w*ft ui^iiuJJ'trixl Itt^XLi^lrv jq LodJou oI Umi 
VTiui [ijijiii StiLveSt nn viLtvr wlmli »iii1 rvudkinH. tbou^ti aUf^j 
CTj hu IwcQ IttOff ftbnltsliMl, \Vlir (tu« ibi>ii]^ Ijo I ftitld 
novor tdunb K« Ucwm an a<;Uvo V\ £>- JL, ftod a ac* (itiifi)] 
trevunr of tl^t L«nn)Dd imd vcrj Odl Udj* 

My riuL Ici Xorvl«h oinfio m» obo noqtmiAt^d irilh HA' 
CUrlcMiMi* juid tluit ^tcvUout Touplu J4r. And Mn. Jolin lUrJoi-, 
tli4 fjUiSitM of ft uuiotTiHu &iDiJy, uuiMt^ «t]cm 19 br4 
AuBtiu- With Mvend i«f tlic sjnc I ¥xs% [vm- in vurr frirmlly* 
iiut 1<< nu' mtinuu- n-Lfttkin^ 1 vm aWo voij civitly r»Miv«il 
W 1)-. Aldpnob, tbv Gubcr of Aincli;^ vrho (iftcr«r*nU b«ftinfi 
Mn^ (>i"ij. 1 en*a oow tvUui n ttnlv rrmDoctJini of iliin 
yiHing UdyV irt*ii to Bcu-y, and of tbo iftl«fi»t «x«itcd b\ b*r 
UOomfiluhnnita 4uil liU*T*ry ccMt^lv* ATifffirr |><7Siit;'witli 
vhoin 1 bacuu Mqunkitod wa% W'jIUuii ln^W. of wb^n I 

tWfl prrused 4f taf Jdumid for iho TMLT I7M hulPTOUgbt Aj 


kw bets to tDj recotlection that deHerre to be briefij men- 
tiwed. The- oLlcf of theae are the ^imoua State 'IVialu of 
fludj, Homo Tooke, and Thelwali I felt aa intense interest 
ID them, DuriDg the lirst trial 1 was in a state of agitation 
th*t rendered me unfit for businesa. I used to beaet the poat- 
(Mix early, and one morning at eU I obtained the London 
paper with "Not Guilty" printed in (otters an inch in 
be^t, recording the iiwue of Uardj's trial I ran about the 
town knocking at people^s doors, and screaming out the jojtul 

Tb<»iiaB Hardy, who was a shoemaker^ made a sort of cir- 
cnit, and obtainedf of oourae, many an order in the way of 
hia trade- In 1795 he visited Bury, when I also gave him an 
<v<kr, and I continued to employ him for many years. His 
tcqaaintancG was not without its use to met ^*^ ^^^ shop was 
one in which obscure patriots (like myself) became known to 
mch other. Hardy was a good-hc^H^d, simple, and honest 
EQUL He bad neiUier the talents nor the vices which might 
be mppoeed to belong to an acquitted traitor. He Uved to an 
»dvan(id age and died universally respected 

Thelvall, unlike Hardy, had the weakness of vanity, but he 
»» a perfectly honest man, and had a power of doclamation 
■hich qtialified him to bo a mob orator. He used to say that 
if he were at the gallows with liberty to address the people 
for half an hour, he should not fear the result; he was sure 
be codd excite them to a rescue. I became acJiuainted with 
lum soon after his acquittal, and never ceased to respect him 
for his sincerity, though 1 did not think highly of hia under- 
n^ing' His wife, who was his good angel, was a very 
uuabte and excellent woman. He was many years a widower, 
bat at last married a person considerably younger than him- 
kV. Thelw&ll's two Bona, Hampden and Sydney, became 


CHAPT1!II ra, 


AFTER leaving Colcheater at midBDminer, 1795, T rft- 
mnincd at Buiy till April in the nejd; year. IhiriDg 
this time I had serious thoughts of being called to tho bu; 
it vaa I believe Mr. Buck who put this into mj head- Ke 
had always a good opinion of me. My vivacity in coDTerBOn 
tion pleased faim, and others like him entertained the very 
&lao notion that the ^ft ofwozdaia the main requisite for a bar- 
rister, — a vulgar error, which the marvellous success of such 
men as Erskine and Garrow had encouraged. 1 vos invited 
to meet Mr. Capcl Loflt at dinner, that 1 might have the bGn&- 
fit of hia opinion. Ho was against mj being called. My 
acquaintance in general — amoi^ others not yet named, AVsI- 
ter Wriglit — concurred in this view, and the effect was that I 
neglected being entered a meml>er of an Inn of Court ; never- 
theless I wad averee to being au attorney, for which I was u 
little qualiHod as to be a bairistor. 1 detezminedT however, to 
read law and occupy myself as well as I could, living mean" 
while with the utmost economy. With youth, health, high 
spirits, and, alternating with a very low opinion of myaelf, a 
vanity which was gratified by perceiving that I could readily 
uiAke my way in society, 1 was able to lead a busy idle life* 
In me was verified the strfuna inet-tia of Horace. And in so- 
ciety I verified a hne of the French Horace, as his counti;- 
meu term him, — 

" Va »ot tronva tonjoun an phu M>t qni Tadinirt." 

I wsfl now, as it wero, entering society, and before I relate 
the few incidcutft of the year, I will review the more remarks 
blc of the perwTiB I then knew. 

The Tiost notieeablo poraon 1 had ever been in company 
with vffA Cajxr! Lofft, — a gentleman of good family and 
OBtrttc, — an author on an infinity of subjects ; his books were 
on Law, History, Poetry, Antiquities, Divinity, and Politics. 
He was then an acting mjkgistrate, having abandoned the pro- 
fession of the bar^ He was one of the numerous answerers 
of Bufke ; and in spite of a feeble voice and other diaadvon- 


im^nvAL AT hvtr. 


li|fi^an «1i3qiie»t, vpailMr ThU (k«ttUy ccnalrinnrl with liift 
-til uid liimij rtptitafioQ raaiU bim Uv ob^Nt of m^ adat* 

He wafl kivln^ 
: p^tirK^a lV>r tti<> kux, Emt ftO- 
1 HC C'irffi tod 4l>4r*^ftrtLi 
iFEfvi J. j«iiitJ V4tlumi cd* [■•nnh i nutJftI 
, ,. :J Bj-roQ protiod uiin^h' in lim Ar^ 
r 1 hifi tna>A I UMd to boor at i^rd llrroit 
vWn lii» Uur*< Ufi un«c. W. kna Hwidtntlut DaIU«.a Imii^- 
Mir, Atvl trJi mp nnp dnr (ihin U tiiiidittdm) tbsL b* had 

Urn," hhI WrtiTlif. ** ihni 1 bKVo tv dmU thli viU wHVOod. 
Unl II hod 'ir U/^rflrv •bmc tfKMbliaaa tnna Uonne^ 

vkiJi 1 iM . ' ne^^er ttcAi, and be dki tiU IaLa 

>^ibd « o>l" 

Utrtf Imiir- 
Wire I' 


Wah^r Wf^hf mm RwAnkr of Bnrt^,* Un alvikTv M- 
p«w4 ri T'-mt in lun ; And thou^zii ni lliU tunc b« 

4mmt:i "X ^ ^^ ^^tu* Lo appTOTtfit of my dtjooy Ml 

Bii of Cir >:mitcr ibflu^fiAc over mo vtm Uio bttaUy of Mr 

kaL And Aiit«4iif tlinv lite hoc ta wLwiJ I v^u raott dr^owd 
VI* hto diirsL iUim:htfr« I !al)urrnc. ^c w tlinv reus oldir 
Hm I^ V^iV ^c phi^eilcMT or bcr btucbcr John, wlid -riu 
rf mj own nsfr, I Kinn bp<«iM« tntiemto tt the bnnae ; us I vu 
fnhifH ilir-Rifiit pniKiuic^ nf bcr brntbnr'* pUijiidkiwA, Oiitt- 
fiiM iiiok mo i» hand to brtng no forwa/d. ] havf> vnj 
«««« IdtoRB ftMMi bor, rcpfOMcbiTiK me '<ir ]dc-\tfilr»e«i t» 
JiGH, M vrll u riHlctt«« of behavior. Biil hl ibr Muici ibuo 
diF Iml Tm- lMH>k>s. Diarfe tTiL< fint ncqnnlnTjvl m:h t^ic new 
! *rv1 wTifl Tir rnicl« lUl bar nwF> 
; Thonuti l^ljukmn, the fUmdor 
ii <iL of tlio jdiiTc-inulp. Aflcr hvr 

Hi - 111 o>tir frLOELi^>Jiip Ut-'Tvr ri4Mdt 

<*' (fi.-<tuo(bUr occur ui Ihoae rcBpiiii iiM ttWt. 


of bMuir. ftsd nad^ ber 


owD whatever she leflmed. She introduced me to Iamb, Cole- 
ridge* Wonisworth, ic* 

L'atheriiie Dui:k hitd an intimate friend in Sarah JanA 
Malijk^, a person rather older than hereelf and of much 
oripiiolity of iniud and character. She was also one of mj 

It Taa in the spring of this year and before I left Cnlcheater 
that I read a book vhich ^ve a turn to mv mind^ and in 
elf'ect directed the whole course of my life, — a book which, 
af^er producing a powerful effect on the youth of that generv 
tiou, haa nov aiink into unmerited oblivion. This waa God- 
wins Political Juatiee. I was in Boroe measure prepiired for it 
br an ao^iuaintance with Holcrofl's novels, end it came recom- 
mended to me by the praise of Catheriue Buck. 1 entered 
fully into Ite spirit, it lelt all othere behind in my admizstion, 
and I woa willing even to become a martyr for it ^ for it soon 
became a reprockch to be a follower of Godwin^ on account of 
his Biippoecd atheism. I never became au atheiatf but 1 could 
not feel aversion or contempt towards 0. on account of any of 
his viewt. In oue respect the book bad an excellent effect on 
my mind, — it made me feel more tfenrrouti^. I had nerer 
before, nor, I am afnud, have I ever since felt ao atrongly the 
duty of not livinp to one's aolf, but of liaving for one's sole 
object the good of the community. His idea of justice 1 then 
adopted and etill retain ; nor was 1 alarmed by the declamft- 
tiona so generally uttered ngnuiet his opinions on tiie obliga^ 
tioiia of gratitude, the fulHlmeut of pnDmiaes, and the duties 
arising out of the perfional relations of life. 1 perceived then 
the difTcrenec between principles as universal lawa, and max- 
ims of conduct fls prudential rules. And I thought myaelf 
qualitied to be hia defender, for which purpose I wrote a p^per 
which waa printed iu Flower's Cambridge Intel] igencer. But 

* She tt\\ it to be, u t\ie hem^lf rupr^'ivi IE, " « prodi^cnu dludTimtiH* 
in n muii iiot to hovo hn*! n ti^rrr." ItuT in Mr. HnbinMn':* cai^e i^he did ti«- 
utrniMt to ranke up the dpflrltiicy. Iiulnd. frw elder Ai'lers hnvK dona mom 
for hor hToTlipr Jhftn *hc ^lecmt to hftv* done for her friend. He had no much 
e'leem for ber jiidimciil hikI Ruch n pcrfecl reliiince nu the ^nnlns k^ndnHft 
whi<'h ActEinroil nil her Fondiict towMi-d^ him thai lh#re wh^ no dhnKor of 
olTenc0 or minundentuidint; when »ho noinfed nnf hin waikiiHS ot fiuilte, and 
expre-icd her Anxiety jib In thecfTect nf Ktiy pursuit on hii chHTicter or on his 
health. *'Tho™ nre many points," ^he *a\\ "in *hich from the ciirnm- 
ntanee* in which rou hnre h«pn jifnred. The hnhit of feeline: vrm hnre ficqniml 
\% not like thnt ot otiier people " : but she addn, " of all thou* whom 1 knew in 
cbiEdhood or vonth jou sre rhe only one wha h^a refained unv likeneu to 
myMlf; bid jwt *r« lo like ibu I mmder bov it Is potsiblfl IbU jon cu ba 




1 dcU'niuuvN < < I .1 L^oonoQir, 

«sl tiea 1 tluuj^fat u\y uzuii :iki BuUiDe with mich 

Lb die Muttittu^ <it tl0« >viLr I "nm kd Co taki* & purt ife pnK 

T It- 111 oniMi|ti«>n-:" «f Ktif Wakr'a * ttlM^ njxvs 
V, ivv AcU vcr« iiitriKlii'>r>rl <ii|[o(l tlw f iu and Orvo 

r—' -" -'-'>iij|;t!ujBii|. uu \\tv Ci.iiialitiitK>u. anil in cierv |mrl 

I tq. TliO drhwiii^ lip of Ibv p(lLtx4j ■iii'l ob- 
^rri* ut hdt^- vcrv Jitniteil to WbJUt Wn|:hl 
[^_;, ^^.r i uu T4rv A^TVe^ UjI nrvertlielftn itr|uyliiiJ 
fOmyb Irj im oil Out «m ff>>iiHli m \hr I'ChirM***, UkI rt b A 
■ laAu f t f n Fo mi! t« rociJlci-t fl ^« vrilt whlcU I mi<^ 

J4sMfO*a Biiiuinl^u nuiiricai 1 n |ifljfKiti iu hui 

"FUh AUniv*' I har* pU«>i>r*' i*U- m ri-inmU^nng ihil 
nnwhikt I wt* % partem of tli<* Frtnrli Ko^vliirjt:ii 1 ^'a^An 

■faninr *<f ititfkt, Uol H«nJj fir Li* rl*>qui'jict\ b^jt nliu (If 
hb ph[lifiplir U «iu nfler (li(< htir^r jvlirx^i lin'i )Trvti jtv- 
|Wtd IhttL a comity fncolii^ *>h hi<M at !>tih<hmjLrl^v<l. >fr 
tilri^ ««« lo ibt" viau ; \\iv Uib *Esinni*to ^ W. MLitdlflton 
ad w W- XUmXoy ailotitlul ; liiil live )ibn> i^t 1^« ilii_v -h-u 
Ckp^ WB- He wpc-k*' Ai g"'*l >«-i»-'i- '*■ ^ - 1 rhoHsLi, i^fjr 

-■- -"'r* 1 had hrard t'ltcjht r-l : in lie p*!!!!!!- 

'^ «ji ^4* (Umpmuict ufttTt Aln Ia^^lV nrhi>Ui<torti luvl bcoii 
|«nj, tke Btvr pet^tJAO waa clAmoroii^ Ij called Tcr. T<^arda 
lie cod ' ' ritYuijnpi. I ^l upoo tifc vMtftm lu^d uii» 

«U^ hi- 4ui^:j.iJ> iutrmliioocl mo to tbtr [ac«tii%\ u oci« to 
fW<ii tiw *.i>i.i]i .- waa ^rofttly biileU«ct ob the autLot of tb« 
Mitioft. TUia litOu ri>dJeiiL Bicvcd M« ft Kort of fffoCQiiioiu 
mdMtiMi t^paUjc UCi. 

* X*J Wafcjy afigiMj ju— primf,ifM ««*f«lcd n^ (MoMInf thn Kmirla 
lft«ri>arte^,miU mbuhm^iuvI u ^Diffri ibn pilTvvfiac^ <Ia1 for 

- Itlllf 

M UCm l-ariWMii Kow&tv and !£9Taib« t\ 

'- '-■ifcf I'l - Lrtki «r WoiM Pla," Vol, 0, p^ )U- 



r 1 "^ : ^Tr_ I T-irr ^ li-iaiLc »Tii tlw intentioa 
: -:i_: _^ 1,— f-ifi'- * tsl-t; :z .irj^r w- qaalifr my- 

.. r - T-s ■^■': T^ts '^^ 3-5 ic urount of mj 
:__^:'_: — _?^.^ - "ii: i^rw is i rr:<;«^a. bat becuns 
T^i,-- .j-j : :; I.;.: ■r'-i.:sc ! "rid "i^tX^j t> remim iffls 
:,: - ".^-^ L- _-::_> r-^? "r l fizr^i^ kia-t in Dmy 
1_^'_ ■ ^ : - - ' :-- "_■<.■■- 1- - :^ '-f ''-*" *;■:<:: a guinea & week ; 
■ ,- : -.'■- " -^ : : : :i L -iTi.c. ■^~'^'" be t-thervige than ■ 

i-:- '"^ " '.-. z-7 V 1 . : ;."_^-:inr^- »^'^ I f'TmeJ then la one 
_-■ ^^ _ - ^, . ,_ ,^ j^_ _. TL^'c; I rV-:! oxitiderable obligi' 
: '- — -". L- T r - J, .— , ^-- Ti- :^^ v^ :f 10 affluenldrn^ 
^i:-* i^'i ^ ,: - -' *4 '-'- 'l,- -; h^nivrif difri rich if he had 
^ : -^-T^ t _-^ : - * ri _ ^ l:-:r\r^ :^^e. vahlk apirit, and 
T-T-_" . ,i : ■iJ ' >...-: i r T;- i > S^ erwrrles to buaiDett 
r.-. Vi.i V _^:." '_ r:! -vt if*::iT*r. aad married mtoa 

I'-i—!- fit: ^■;,- _-.■.■:*. H-> T.:"r »^i* 40 *Mer sister of Mtk 
T-.:z.w Tsti , i-.'^j'-.r^r :" Mr. ?-:rlS9.'^ of Maldon and firal 
: ;*.:_:" :.." r^, - ; '.V "_^^ F^r:".** :i- I ^f^ rh-^roforo doaWt 
z^'-'i;..-: : I ■■..-.: -r.^ _--'-i f-Ttune to pbase hiin,Md 

;,: '":. »--* i^y ■.:..-:: He hid Nvomc a rniurian, ud 
*■»* i !-ii.:.^ Lj-:r:;^F^r -'-f :"=? L^nrtl PU coagrpffation, Hack' 
n-v, "f whioh B-.'li'iim sfjs rho p.i5tor. Mr. Rutt ffai tho 
frfii'i .ind bi -.rraph'/r of ^i:[iiTi iV;iko1iHd imd of Prieatfey, 
H- ii[-so (."iite'l the cnTiiv u-irk* of the hiiion Ho vaa prond 
*"f huvin:; l*(?<?n, irirh L'>r*l Ori-v. nn original member of tho 
^-'.•W-ty -if thi? Friemls <>f tho Po-ijle. The eldest diiughterrf 
hi-i UriTo ramily n the n-idnv of the late Sir T- N. TelITouivL 

Mx- d\vs were apent in attending' Tho courts with Tcry little 
prr^t. 1 hoard Erskmo freriueDtZy. and mv ivlmiratioa of him 
was confirmed j but I iicquired no frcah impresaion Gonceniing 

I tried to procure a suitable eituation but tvitbout snooeas; 

pjid thit, with on alm<^t morbid feeling of my own igaoranco, 

I more unh^ppj thaji I hod been before, or ever won 

I. Thus discouraged. I returned to Bury in the 


Himmer^ My brother's marrLu^t;, which too'^ pln^e soon aiter- 
wunht wu the caiwe of Diy ht-iii^ iLitroduced tu o-n entirety 
Mw connectioQ, ■ — the Fordhatna and !s ualies of Itojalon. The 
iDoat proiaineat of the foruier for wealth aud per*nml charac- 
ter Tiw Edward King Fordlium, a remarkable man, who re- 
tuned bia bodily ^d mental vigor to a great age. Of all 
tbeoe new friends th<^ one to whom I became most iodf^htcd 
nfl Mr. WilliaiQ Nash, ao ctnineJit aoiicitor aud a first-mto 
(ivacter in the sphere in which he moved. Both of thesa 
fiumlies were liberal in religious opinioix uud zealous for poHt- 
icd reform. There had been cstahliehed at lioyeton a book- 
dub, and twico a year the members of it were JuvitL>d to a tea- 
putj at the largeut room^ the little town aiippUed, and a reg- 
Bkr debate was held. In former times this debate liad beun 
boQored by the participation of no Icaa a man thajt Ko\>ert 
Hill. My friend J- T, Kutt and Bciyainin Flower, the ultra- 
liberal proprietor and editor of the Camftridge InfeUiytiicer, had 
iIk taken perL To one of these meetings my brother woa 
inrited and 1 aa a aort of autellita to him. There was a com- 
pany of forty-four gentlemen aud forty-two htdiea. The ques- 
tion diacusaed waa, "la privato affection iuconslr^tcut with 
imirerBal benevolence?" Xot a disputable puiut, hut it was 
loeant to involve the meritu of (]:od^^'Ul as a philo^oplier, and 
u 1 had thought, or rather talked muc^h about him, I h^ an 
advantage ovor mo»t of thoae who were present. I luive no 
diHibt that whnt I said waa, iu truth, poor stuff, hut I waa very 
young, had great vivacity and an abundance of words. Among 
Uio speakora woro Benjamin Flower, Mr. Rutt, and four or five 
miiuetera of the boat ropjtation in the pbce -, yet 1 obtained 
(redii, aud the aoUd bcno&t of the good opinion and kindnoaa 
of Mr- Naah. He was told of my unsettled state aud my want 
of an introduction in LondoU' He did not oflur to be of any 
iractical use» perhaps had not the means, but his advii:o waa 
emphatically given in the words. Fag, fag, fag." By Inhorioua 
figging ho bad raised him.salf to wc^alth mid distinction. 

On my return to my old London c^viarters in October I en- 
tered a Boiicitors office on the condition of nothing being paid 
on either aide. Thia was M>, White's oliico in Chancery Luue, 
idy occupation waa almost entirely mechanical, and therefore 
rf tio great advantage to me. My leisure wuh devoted pjirtly 
to legal aud mibcellaneous reading, froia which I derived littlo 
profit, and partly t<i ottetidii^g debating societies, ivhich af- 
forded me practice in public speaking, and thus materially 

ocvtfiiKncd ;« c^T T:>»bF«£« focoes id Uc, At the loeet- 

Bfc/y- J-:tii Gijt J :Qa. At ia>:ise 'jrf' «D(4lk«T. to which Mr. 
fi^iu ~:tr:*i^-*: =it. t=ri «tjfli »-■* ivvsded o\w hy BeUuuOt 
1 ftenwi ■ tf=i:G^ S-^azaifp -mtih Ur. Anibonv Robinson, 
vb:ae pTrci? «^ c«c:Ttrairicc ««t« fv ^rvucr Uud thone of 


I bftve spent servnl darv in deofAimiK: » Bbort-huid 
j<i4iiiaL tfid looking orer a cc4lcct>.^ of Wttoi bdon^ing to 
this T«M- : ftn eaploTTOFiii tliai maA haw humHiaicd mCf if 
after h^ a cicniarr n v«v p^vsMe to havir a strong Beoae of 
persc4ial ideDlttr. Thus much 1 mu?t aaj. that if ^ ibe child ^ 
(in this in^stUKv ifa« ro^tfai Iv '^ fitb^^ *4 ibe man," I mtut 
plest giiilnr to the impietv of deeptsin^ mv paimit. 

How km$ 1 ehv-uld hare gnw on in mj mcchankcaJ w<^ 
there is do puessn^, h»* n« an acodont reUcTrd me- 

There came to the office one daj a cleHi who was going to 
leave his aitnation at Mr. Hopers i Boyle Street. Sarillo Row), 
and he adrised me to apply for it. which I did, and was to- 
pepted as a conveyancinir clert at a guinea a we«k. I wont 
on the Sth of ApiL At the end of thre« we^a, however, 
EQT employer told me he «houkl no longer need my BerriceH, 
r>at hod recommended tne to a better ptaoe than his. This 
waa in ihe office of Mr, Joseph HilL of SaviUe Bow, with 
whom I remained from the '2S\h of April till my uncle's death 
flt the dose of the yew. Mr. Hill's name appears in the Life 
of t'owper, whose particular friend he was. He had no genent 
law practice- but was stevArd to several noWemen. All I had 
to do was to copy letters, make schedules of deeds, atid keep 
accfumta. My aervice was li^rht t^ut by no me«nfl favorable to 
my ndviuicemetit in legal knowledge. 1 attended Gmra half 
past nine '-r ten till five, and had therefore leisure for reftding. 
The tr^tmeot I received was kind, though I was kept at a 
distance, Mr. Hill seemed to have an interest in my wrf&re, 
and gave me good counaeL He had a eountry-house at War- 
grave, on the Thames, and waa frequently absent fi>r weeks 
together in the summer. Wlien he was in London he sent 
me veiy nice meat luncheona. which usually aerved me fcr 
dinner. On the whole I was not at all nncomfortfthkf and 

mcimrLCD LtpG IX tasaooi^ 



i^iiH kir^ )w «Hn*n htt|>py if I oulil Eiave kO|i£ out of my 
It ' .'1^ iLkt 1 wu» &Rvr nll» it int« to tw 

k»- i-c^Ilt lliiui to be Ji vrjtiuj^cltirk &1 !• 

II. ^^M' : r. Mr. Ur^pFT^ 1 rvcDottfl fkr^nt llrorr btno to 
MMll wkI UMt f*Hiciii oil 1Ih< w<->tiJ llfior «l l^l ^Qionnnl 

tuy frriu- T^ii! .^rutiJH'lEiniU 4M ilitf Ulo«tJV. 

mwa in I 'F* Mm. Ji-nl^n AziJ ^itlierL 

■■►» fur M - - " 1-* «'a* iKjuhiUu^t '.»tiw lit' 

jiR^ Wr 1*1^11^ upoc uitf b«« k«>^ti t^at^ in 

'. ttv% I tiJirl lohl it l» (1>:ul<,-v Yt>iii^« uati 
:■« «l ItU-rv ii:i iv|imi£ it f^r [wihlii^AHfnt. 
:>tiiT VBC ** r«Ul Cunfmrty/' Aftod for tkcr Ixoiobt. In 
I " ki vbkh W »ti liAV4j£ ^\it iikto Iwr h^Atl* > oiukoC 
u ti^|\ k>w1 the lurni;^ trnirlieil n •finitjC U i>fjriia aiuJ mIm 
jcWolt^ livr li'iHtamil (K^dIJo) i»ni4<ni, uid tn drnpair 03L' 
*- Whurv shJ! W5 i^iM i4>^vlt" Wilh her cj^ liiod 
■ftliltf j^wYrh. ihi- nir» tL' bi;ii. Viricks the itjuLH U|e:hULat bur 
Vwt, M- H.'-H^n: Hi-rv*'" In MnL ,Slildoti-^B toEi« 

ibd m ^1' >-o ik-u un ftiitin^tir^ ot'tb« launkr vhioli 

v«« tn taku pbcc t tnimt out into A Ivud buitfll. BbJch occB- 
4nk(tl am of '*Tnm IiiiQ miiT" Tiii« ^rrr friKhtoiiiHl no, 
kl 1 coM not Tcl^n. A 90od-tiatut^ wucoild ucor mo 
««Uui 'JdL '* Twrf rouui? mAii. Iv? <uuttot bdfk iu'* Sli« ^ve 
tm N «t]elltu^-U■Tlk^ tihidi n?t<ic«ivl mt^ hut I win tjutta 
ihU-^< >.T.,| .-.viM rh>t n-Iiah the Nttlc vono^y V'^Tbo DiMico 
fe I! '<A^ Mm. SfdJoa* played in it. I tkoochi bir 

in^i i^'■L1-l. ukJ cTur) MprcMuad ^iTDirkuic. Bj tiio by, 
ibv LlUc of fln> |ii4Yi* uiij hftva bnefi "* DuuiKniil ctit M^ 
qooL" U M tko vuJy {noc« m fibicb I dkl n«t odmiro BirL 

tW I'ufTiiu* •iiv H wuh» <if vTiui I'lyf^tmi-nt to mu. Tbuy 
mntkad i»T mmd, Mtd wKAtcrcr fji^nilrr if |>iiblio iiiaikinfr I 
Jl»- -jaoV4>d I boijqrn?) lU tb«w jilois*. If tli« ftt- 
trii I'f'hr^ r<<fcivr^i E'ntii otbna Qmx bv rt^Bnkid ■& 
*-' <odDii to bftvo bfVtt vi>rT cruMilt^mlilu^ 

U .1 wffv ftQi iiLea of crtiHiirv or rvliti«« 
iv uQ^. IhkHcnTi of c?itr^rnv li1«nd i>tiiEiHHciii, 
«1l I ^ji^hI fruiu tdl olhi*r> lir mi il;'^i>(4>>-(heiL: aii'. 
Bt^ vMk hm jv«uAA:it;, ;»iid hU f ut^ ihnt nf » bigli> 
>»*-" _ _ II. >^^iiM ixiir^pliiotfiiU |j«iid \itif by bim WM« 
^wtciiWiT -. He wn» •W"Ha[jrtiii<^l bj bi« wife, 

^M iif i^B tu-"- - [-1I votof^ I hod oTtr icuiL On duo 


oocaaion I chanced to Bit next to her and a Terj livelj and 
ftgreciible hidy wbo accompanied her. No geDtleman waa 
vith thorn. She aaked me whether I did not know Hardy 
the putriot; and as she seemed to know me, I veoturod to 
olfer my servieea iti procuring them a carriage. But dods 
wo? to be hud, and ao I eaw them safely home. Tn a fev dayv 
1 had a call ftotn her hnaband, Mr. Collier, to thank me for 
my attention. Thus iH^m an acquaiutanc^t^ whi^h lastod 
through life, iind was to me of inestimahlo value. The Col- 
liers pafiacd through great changes of fortune, but if 1 had it 
in my pover to render them any service or kLndneas 1 have 
alwnys felt it to be very for below what they rendered to me. 
Pertuips they thought ottierwisej — it is well when peraons 
can so eHtimnte their rclatiofi to each other. 

In some money trauHactioitB that pamed between Mr. C. 
and me, the only dispute we ever hiui was that each wiahed 
to give the other some advantage which he would not tak& 
The eMeaC son, John Payne Collier, the editor of Shakespearei 
is now one of my most respected friends. The parents have 
long t>een dead. 

At the \Ve»ttiunster Forum late in the year I made a mic- 
ceaafiil ejH.'1'ch on the Ffcnoh BeTolution, nii<i ajnon^; thoso 


lavETruo) un, m lokdus'. 



<h ihv 6nt <d JnniurT ijo bkis yMV I rtocirvc) tbf* dcv» oC 

Ucf^ uid nt-Lut tliun viv othar rcUlidiL flii pn-;KiriT vhh 

lb*«U barcj ftk>i|t 4 IjiUHLrnl |iuUliiJh pex Aiokuiit. A \i'rj 
pom ID'- ' niv to iIl« bir: a (yi(nlVinat>U 

wU|vii«l ': f^r otK tfoQtvnl to lire hiiml\ly 

M% lfU3u;f I f awl A liloraiy i:iL'i^aiifttK'ii 

L TO iiaalUi- . AIM rvuJvi^] Lm Tor Iho 

innBC «M iii '|i>ii >Ar. iliii. With tJtQ 1 w iiUiiw aukj 
«r toM Bwl loAmrBj- n<>tiuctf;, J rau&iDinl tritk biuk UU Uio 
Ali ul MBfdt. nhvu Ik «>fe allu to pfh^itrr > ttlKtVMur He 
ifimi>«nl inr wr.L t^ul hiIvjci-. ivuiihcUingmc ta Jtiul > lil^ 
«f bu*ifivc< luiti tvKriiiu! me ^v«»< mduilinijg in hftbiu uf 
itacuLitkio. 'Wt^ \n ttkiii ID fi jMtrunUl wny. I tnot Kim 
dWiUtnb ID llfT sUrvih, Ir^L trua kirvirr ruH^uJiiol I'j^ luilb 
ffc^ 1*... j:.ii ^jf M^j. ; ,^|,^ Jo«ii t« iliu> nml did llt»t nv 

II-: i.^. tn ibc iut«rvikl I utndu a fitii u> ^utvkL 

ton i Anu^y<Am, Al Uw latter |t^c I fetujhL-^ fvor v«vlui. Uj' 
noiti Ukdni-irftioni w lr> n-«iil tb H^tit-y, n bhiu) mmu J Ikvbsoo 
Uqdunuri with thfiH^cb AUia> UaJin^ rUi iiitorvAtinp tamn m 
hmkkt uirciqQEitjuuxA* At VvnKniUi eUk I fell in vlUj 
tm roatig inco H^viTit Ui rv ti> (tvrmuiy Itj stu4y. »>iit: afLi:r 
««r*U IvAitTW FifiH'vi^, <V}«<iiiii FuTT, IW trL(t4<ikT un-] i^ih- 

I I , : iftvmo of tbe yoor imo «u Uitrv- 

ifaMian to h^ liiimi f Ajkir ni N'.rvluli, wLg «iKuurH|^tl Ld me 

I ' ntflic <>f A Tisil to Cri:n^uuij, ftiid my d<h 

jLuiJi iamigJii.-iK^L but it (jixcvoikJ ckivlt> 

C- . 1 wilii U\K pnsuni IMitviItU, Uil fWfK) Ik 

^^ ft.Li I Jiave vriUcTi aUmi tu^ K*O0^ ixuuiJAtioivi tti 171^" 

|ijJii.^Mr to ■ U/niT part of <fcj« year. ] «*ijt *n rruiLij|f 

lif^ullinry vTb*. Uiwi^Q vr^ix odcUr jiHidiUd tc^ctli^r oi 

, hcwji. I took u ftw tnucrta in OrmiAii' 

Jb bit rial in Diiry I dma^} I LmI «lftiHjj uvqukod A l*d 

dliArt'- cLiitkil^ Till* t«<l D? n ri«Tr«|<milmaa !)»' 

tita«i If, ELobt. HhU 'vnd mt^ I liirord UuL Lv iurl 

tM Ur. .%i«i* ii "M UUjmw" i - ■ tiaa t*> alI- 

ntttt« iDtD ba^lM^H^ i n; '^iiil ftir tiu* 

28 RBltl9C»CQl€G» OP flEXBt HUM taX/OmOK, IObat; 4 

otlWiDiui isUTt&rrucc, md vdkod bim wb<r bo luil de&iiKd im 
He afHwtTuI iiki- ni a IrtitT whirli I tintu ]irL-f<«rvuil ia a 
^urkuily. It u tui MivlWl lotUT of (h4 kiii4- Hv nid be 

iht^TvUm* tut tietuiiii.' liiEii \k lAAtitTiJ H i.linsf5i]i bivUiur liC Uw 
peril tj mftrvrtiTttf wWK ».**- Ot* hU trvn fiHtirt'ipiM li« 
' ii;htii Mj IfHtrr I lotr* ^ki poMtfrixii. It la a« iil im 

lb 11IB Hev, H. Hju- 

SlRk — Yiiur owu good icido trill ^rit^^frnt cvxry ftpoki|0 
noWBii^ ftrlTQuHJi^r voii with thiH nnplnwuiC Joitiv. Ud- 
tihttmrt it cct^ajiJj' ik &r dw to rntt. and it will Iw duwo cv 
Irfln i» fnr t<iu io rcfinTo* tM yotit rocoKcctiovi mAT Kha t)st 
otiurrTiLliiidii I hnw to nuiku. I WQ iafbtniud tluvi joii bura 
of Ulo <luitm;riu}to4 yuutw^lf \^ dinpUying; mixh ti4l Mfpunst 
M-rtftin very prvvul^'hi iipixiulAlivc rtpnnioiuL And 1 va iJao 
biM thiit iiL t^ri(ifiix1.:"n «itli AticL &iibjtctd yoiL k4Tc llkLjii«:Lt 
pfopflT friviijiinily <ii\i\ ^ni*m^\v to tntfJilut^if my waao mvi 

cli&rLu^li>r Hoi>ill*'Ot' II ' Iv Uio ^cni iicoiye of pO^tfj* 

vWiv 1->iiii1y iiitd f IT' ^ I I I -II the lively rcpnvontBtkiti of 
iiKlividirkJ iilijcii-(jt, voit U«\«', jf mv<euh. ruiiiu] ii ccukvcniiaEi lo 
pottil tlw »t"in ^-r yuLir d*>!»ijHL-iati(iij hf nfttmif Ibo ceutk of 
cciijiurc and Ti:|>r^<tjaf^U'n • lu ti\y ruivhiad, I boor Uio tii^t ym 
have tntvrlU'il utin/i^->l mv friL-mi* in a i^clifl^lxf'tru ouuuly* 
iii^rt}^ rhom no Jiflyrer to hirtii>r mis with thoir fncn^Uhii*, «id 
iiir<lhnii£ Tt to he Q tlitfTTDcc to xhaia to adiait mm intu tkoir 
lioiuo. E will fiAinc but oik; F'^rsim. nwi llut b iniHlaiiuui 
ftir whtini I fa?] till- vuniKvt iL'Tifltiiorm nf otr«i>in &ni1 loro; 
BAd the I-.41 cf tthuv f^iixl fpbiicn I ikbotilri ronmdiT as a very 
Mnoiia privBtkoi, Mr, NiMb, of i{<^n*t<HL An4 t^ua ilyk I 
vtJervtuid yon Bcnifilc not to hiJd in TAnfi> nrjd iilixhI Mm* 
|i&ukh. vlieiv I Ata iif lynmor imbrr^vn. nnd whi'ro flntT, J flitt-, 
ter myibeir your Infint* 4;oi)]4 Ikr <.iio^>4tf il. luiJiM^/iur. 1 nd 
Kttlfr ilMCrvc tlic ko»or of nurli ur-tKc frima juit iia 1 iId the 
dxaKncv of iw miiL'li nHii^cy. But. iml Imvint; nt tiiurb i<r (ho 
fliiJdifth vncity of liohtit iQlkud «biwt, u <if thu }ir4iiiiik|ik- d« 
BAr» to be eti(AYik«l hy Uw tni}y mjiotTr^J^kv 1 »ju ouiipicUciI 
K> miH>astml<- villi /oil, luxl i^l iijKrn yoji Ihr veiiHr nnotin 
why voTi hiirf thnt rnul« ui Attadc, in lU po«»ibU cniiM- 
qiii;iK«« irKnbiiUl>iy irjttnatni to tbo ropivlfttion of n yottii^ 
VttB, wluj IB mn pntirv Mnuig«r to yov* Were I ftdirMuny m 

UBbVTTUs; uic m uyaoo^L 


■■ Kt Utv vorld, I know thU what 1 luve wiitMb in vufiiw 
MTH^ tn aU<'« nwni fnr cmdoit nnd ptwnncation, for 4 
6aiU >^ kftT^n^ iie^-O ihc ptn-ioc timiw ftUtuJi Mid for ■ du- 
feUid of wy AdtbonL Utit V romJlvcl t>jat j'014 havo tdo^tvd 
k pmlMUDfli 4>f li^jti fin>U'Eu^»fi&. mid tLst it » |)rolMU(f y<M 

fti:. ' 'ir yciu wiGli viuilAnlT i^MAtir^ 

^ntm Mt'J il«ai|[' Ami 11 Kmcttt* ad ti> Uh^ ujltw\rruliwtk«ir 
lE^ iT IhIm wnl «! nxC Oj<i -^^iJi- I ii> tii;C tluiiL Ttitii CBMbJo 
lihnmi^it: tii)LtiiJii,v , I'ui It mhhim thut ,vlri havtf tif.xiilcmly 

Uilr r iJni m. r.Q T£g{lLP ftJiOII, <lmwB 1ln■alTaI:J1a^d^ JIlf^l^fllOM 

.-. ^ >.'. in •« (^LycKru Ivt'r* yoiir rcviuil- (^onntiiuiiomJ' 

If fiuktUiuMJc* r liBTi.' ATthI^v j-E[ir'Huil, [k-rh/irn vitlif'iit 
i^m baiiUULQui. my li%(i Ml&iiimlkAi ciT Ujc " T'lUiiiad Jiuriioa." 
f iNis}tn;l, &I1 Uiu tnLmi>iirali<-'iLsknL I vaa U<\\i l.'> a 
abi> kiH'Wi^ >»4 Vhvli, tkaL ai uimlcrBUi v^iut jfttt 
■flkiKit Mr <i>*lvm, ttiHl vli^n uiv l&ctiant nfiiiLirtlim] 
i . 'Fr-Hiicacy w ■ ■ ■ in'tl, >\nir cjidn- 

I Uoi hui^ Lijk uiaii iujiaMu 

' c;4>.|«i(i~ ki<<A>u mu «4ieii I add, 

I i:t«ilil not LlcnpiAO Mr. Ildl ; tuni 

1 iiM tnirl), cliM th« lUvhiMUm gf the (fnmt- 
.< (irity ftp^^ t^ Iirc«%n«i4 iklivjnlivifw and 
i i\*j mit HiuriK' ti ««uii]i-r thin M an Pxip.iilpaUit^ 
Uto, Aarl fh^frf. -n? I iciil n-y. m*t« why I ftdfuiiv tho " Poltti- 
ttlJvUuD"', bul II* J iiDiIijniUiki tiMkt itw tfirmkliat; I have 
Utiabiif - — ' '"lie U-trviii UbA 1.4k iKHjiCtiHlvJu, itw tianlU 
ivib&rk. ikat Mtvh iufi-mp^nt* nliufr vtll 
' »iib vtttpKL and Ttif^otr apfilnuu, aai In: 
I i ixvrvt I am luuioiu yxni AhouH acut 
]ivjt.Ltuh. «n fur Bs viiv mulcl ha 

■ Hi i but J four tiuit. 

li^l »ad {Ktrtiiil and 
-vtk4f (.rtxl. yrm f<»r3»,nit nkat 



1lM|« tif EJ 


«idtMl bv |«»i*^. ««it«d i>ot for tbe dull inquiry, the tediom 
^jtiTiiuiruitKHi \*f Tvur judii:ment ; and that joa I'caaoned i^ 
survfl>. Ux'ain* ywi Mt poAsktinti^K-. & is a Godvinite — 
thi*roft*Tv *n nthtfisi — thervfi^iv iaotpable of TirtuuuB habiti 
or lvnov\Jrtit rtvlLo^ — theivlwe ili^poaed only to commH 
^iitm aikJ rnato |Hv«rfivto» — ther^rore I ou^t to use mj 
nppn>|>mto wa|t«^ii» iif <^3;<>Humuuktttion by exciting a^tnsl 
htm K^th hi?^ fri^thts iHuJ ^iraoi^r^ autl d^prire him of all 
l^^wor ti* do iiu«ry by lila^tiui? his rvpittutiob, aod mAking him 
an t^bjtvt <rf hacrtti and oouteuipt- Thua. hy the min of ona, 
I ^^11 sAvv nuuy. StHuefhiibi: of this kind, though certainly 
sJort \*fiT» »*stont, has piv^Wy uiSuene«d voo, Uowevier, 
jrivin^ ywi iTodrt for inie^ity and benerolence, of which J 
EthidI bo bt^itor able to jndsv b^m^er. 1 reDuin, without exk- 
niity. ftttvl wilh Tvsfiwc for yiiur geoeral character. 

To Mr. Hsnri Ri^binson. 

Octobo- l^ r»a- CUIBBITM>& 

Sih. — Th!(t I have it>t j*iid to yonr frank and manly letta 
tho pnnnj*t and rcsp*\'it\il fttteiiti^^n tt de**rved- my onlj 
ftjK^U'i^" is a v*n^y K't' |vn»lo^ina in^^iJ^nts which hare left 
mo t*.ll tM.*w liitW k*w«iv vT spirits 

Brfore 1 prtKtH>l tv* jiisiifr my ft»ndurt, I will slate to too 
xvTv l^odv the tnlVmialiou on whioh it vaa founded^ not 
di.n!bihiir chat whi'W 1 may Avm to usurp the office of a ceo' 
Bor TOH ^d\ attribut^i' it to the neor'stity of self-defence. 

t hAxv Iven lod to Ivbeve you make no SL-rupk on aJl ocofc- 
jions to avow vour ivlii:K>*is soe|itii.'ism, that you have publidj 
ptv»(e*se»l vi.»urhij:h admiration of the " Folitk-al Justice."" even 
to the len^h of d^'l^tts:. [ W\Wvv at the Koyston Book Club^ 
that no man ever under^i*^! the n'ltttr of virtue bo well M 
>lr- Gwtwiu : fh^m whioh I bAve ilrawu the foUowing infw 
eut-e. either tb*t you disbelieve the bein^ of llod azid a fa- 
tun* state, or that a*lmittkisr them to be tnie, inyxmr opin- 
ion thev hiive uo ^>Mimvli''ti »-ith the nature of virtue ; the 
first of whieh is ilirvvt ami avv^wo^l, the «eei>nd /nitetit.'al athe- 
ignL For wb*thtr there Iv a ylw} is awrvW a quwtion c^cn- 
rioas speeiilatiou. unless the K-lief in hiui Iv allowed to dired 
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officer in D«r Chiirvb. 

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uon fur liimiurLtty hm^ licr to t.<1ii oC h?ruuiiu aJid ({<:t^<n^ 
liijtL K^^jiiblr n\i\}* titc iVrui'mu t'ijirfljiD m Win vi'ry Ijcttl 
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Ulil ^t'U kcifVA Willi v>li4l nkJJl Ki<jiiliW laiii " ftWiiiiK' tL^ god 
%atl try to »k)\'> ih9 «|jtiL'n^" Tlw iti^i^it-tiU 4ro ro tjicot- 
Irta it> 1i«:L]y i;it^-rcMiajf mid citra/'TiliiJunr ilmt Ux Um 
(periority i^ictii^ uml (Jtii^jof ia»tiJiiuery wuitld invr fritn 
^ondiiuiTT *irort to ibo picw : l>ut, iriicu uiutid vrtth fhv irt- 
W<Ai i.-aniiji r<f the iKUnTj^r luid nvi^hiniiTt. Ihry iirr^tnov n dr^ 
_lttA (ihihuKiii-ly irilliout [tumUid. Wrrr yixi n Uirh^ rinlier t 

1 Imre lW hMii sn-ftfly rimrjb^d W hi^Lnstif (^f)o of Mnrhin' 
Uny* K-vtutv-* U vuj> mi ihi? nj'i:!^^ <*niutjtut^ii&. Thui^rh 
1 I .f ilii^ Rhi^h (\^i:i!iiJiirii]Tj vnvs rilJ^viutiuit, h# w«4 

1 11^ iifcif *rTY(ly rftvomM"* Tj» l^c (iitbiortf iTovoTTintout- 

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■ r«vl iUfttfi-T^cy to Irti !i i^ivominf^t whe»rw l|i* ccmmmh 

llwT b^lv i^ ihr- Tci>filiT ipdiuAWC* iumI pi>rAnu tlic ■IaI<v 

V<-r ill' lr»f];iEnl Itt^LflljktlirQ mKT 1n^ AlfeJ hv liuldly 

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■ r .10 it n tbc mtim of aU moli* Liid jtiiMio 

iM. L irivlor liiD wcFtft ^^ijUivm of fihrtitmi Hftiub- 

Kq^in* ; lU'l tlint ilio proftlc in niirli eioU.'* berDT ktLi pr«<Mi*lT 

bfrtfi'Tt^ tb^ »v thfl ifuw« iLi^toTH. and liiit<> n |in«inr nominnlb^ 

trBstnub urs ix lom&ok 


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w^'- '- Tit im Ibvuc of MnUtfvJiv, tluit il tixili A\<d tho 

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1^*;. Uffc U-r ftt^^ i iiiu» mwli [[111 111- 1 viUt ilw l^riurr, 
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iujjXhI'imiti.^' 1%*. -i* r,T_-K-r I'll hta iit- 

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\tit haw iyi-^iii. \ ■lur K4S, flini 
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1^ «U nvuil tar \rMii: JiaiMclvn b in^l nt «i r^U , . . « 
Aillva, In liAA<% • 

Youfs, A<x, 

ir C. R 


TKa i->44 i*f4^ 

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— ■' T- i'^ »'Lvi fvor lirvoldmL 

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t Ti» it,t -ml 'if hi* il*n fund liC 

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Ki>b«rt Hobnunu, uid coinaHiunlljr n Uaituriui' TkiH <l0«ud 
\kc Cliunib MCitiiM biiiw «eh be Dcvvr Eiitil « F'.-^J(j«Rliif.^ Ho 
tiKVA* inltuuiic irtrb the Nuhcii, KanUmina^ tatd Itiitl, A»d 
«v«i |AlroiUMil by Wdkif&«ld uid Um BftHttuJd. l[i> nrnA« 
mM Kooi book, "TIm Lifw* uf lUbcrt H^liujut," vik^i | 
Inve lioknl Woriiwortlk lucatiuti tu oitc uf Uiu lfc«t vi:ah> uT 
btofrnphj^ in the kngiiaga. i>ycr ftbu put tiu nMw to Dntnl 
votuinik* of fiMtrj; Unt ooi bin poonu mv fhcoti lloid nftdvvi 
ep(in«iu tlul 1 fotf v«* Ui<>ught jufft i — 

Tlir o4«* do \cfy mm «vil frvi 

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It VM hUriUljr tfac orue trith him tbit l»v vtvnkl i^vc amiy tU« 
Im |fiiinc«- ll<7 TU crat fnuahlt otf" a&r impro|iriFii in mn^ 
tniC'i Hu^T wliiri or* ^^gj|n] unt; luul liuiut-rui^ larv thr uUm 
tdd ill Uliwtmiiaa of hi» iMVC^oiTt ot letlo «T<>ry^4r bucuqv 
of oodibrt. Ho hju lakcU « friciid to hrcftkfnit witJi hiin, uid 
Ifivi'ix lion coamo TiUck iv^ t^ti bniuli fult IjuUut, auir 
and lukP h^fl t<i Tiui oat lo Ui;^ mi^. V«c owry OM 
pvcr. un* <kj Mti« ttarlwiild anid t« mo* ** K«vc rou 
vhr<ii hani StAobirrpq |k«ft Dnniic tiM:iJl4Jr? * ■— '^ }tu t 
IVDthcr)* — " No, tliMV WDuU tuve lnvn nf)UiLiig in tliA 
Hu V017 woric fiiMtf^iiaMUi" — " O. tlKti ii in Itiii^Apwte.'* - - 
"S'f. KiicM ifc;5*ia^" - "^iwfo J>T«c1" — "Ytj-j w rwiiL 
I»nl SlAuhupr Hiun dcarlj tftunc!" Tk^-rv vn^ luifr 1/ lU 
nmitfrix CL^ri^ Jtuniu Foi wm snoibar. Ihtt itx'^ittorB 
vMTt lUvo nt4i4ii^' IcL-ktcoa. Ujcr wtt one oT t^ hnrt I9 
dodtfo ilut b« rvJDctcd tho ItJtpu^ »u<) mtuuuotU llie rxofrn- 
icmiiiii^ liiit tilt huir iiudin*4 on jcruitini^f >iini » uinill Ub 
unity : bift frt«ndi having bafnrv ntCtlwl uiodior mi libm. be 
viut oc^^ntivvU' wcdIliT ill k:K <iH B4fa. Xi)t nuuy ye«n 
l»fi>rt-- liii lUiklh, bv ii^irricKl b^i< WtimffOA hy Uw ftdtin* cf 
liH frkMiibt, ~ A rMT inx-tby vncnAU. Ho said Ui i»o <>f]oik 
" Un> Uvijr u ft wocnim of ciool]<iiit mtiirftj Ktv^ but aho in 
nut lft<mU<N^' Tbju u, aIu: coitld ii«itli>:r nod iw< wriw, Djer 
■Oft libuj for ft fi-'V 3 oun Iwforv hU ilnitb, I UM<d nMOMlookUj 
Iti ^ i<ri « Sin^ttAf inoniU;; to tuwl to Itira At Uticr litiio* ft 
povr tiuui Uftcd I0 n:i]>Jf.'r him l^ut ttmop fi>r tti>-:-i.v mi liuur. 
;Jilvr be oftine U' L(^d<.ii. l>y«r Uvl-iI alwutct m eouav vto 
Imiable dMinlut^ iii Clilliint'h liiii. Fli^t -Streets 




'' ' ' tiUtU »l)0 I|JI4 k^ a rJcWMfilir JU|^ 

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*M Al liitA «ftrlT ptfriijd <4 oiu jbc^oftifttaiicc. 11^ w4fL tLe 
jungBT Isntinr of J.iliii HulJil, tbe tDttthOaiM |«iiiU;r- Hill 
tal Jij«kRk viti tu Ihf It Duicntuuc atxtmter ; joid i<>r tlint jjor- 
4<a(t to tb<; llQrlatiaA Nov t^llqce, Uni^kucy^ He 
— . -_l1--i tiuj^it of Do:>icnvis n ;iun1cr, Mvi livtU Hilb liJt 
Iratbiff. \t o4ir nm» int4-rricir I mm hv yst^ «d vtmrfr^wwry 
ivv. Hfl had foo- fncndi, uiJ ma tl&ttorod b^^ my AttaitMli*. 
V« «crp fthi>iit tkc a«ii>p m^, nnd I wiui aMo to mwkr him m 
■mar tn' iniiiidm<in^ hnu in Antiirjnv UoTjiiuirii, w^m ithUiiXf] 
^^ttMift f ij fulilitli RvdiUH brut wort, " The KLh^trnxv o^ dto 

WvkfQ uH^ l»i» jt^l Lfi Mary ImiiiK '- iti'Ubinai c«t« 1110. but 1 
tt«B Drvtv r«K«« i'^ Invc « rp;,ijrr! Tir bim, f t ho VM tho 6rtt 
WV1Q wto crrr f jimd CHHt iij,t ihcrt «iui onirilunir ia tno." 
I VM «kniiT ill thu o|iiDioa «r^ thn Lmn </ wliieii I nm «|inLk- 
b^. I nKvilt^rt iriTinf* |o Diy ■L«ttMD'li»^» "lUltoEO do yoa 
npfHE 1 ihd^kireraii pcnufH Ikuov)" "Uapvl 

L.& [^ Nu'-'Mra. CUrkfcwl- — "0 og." 

— *UhB MiitiiK''— -X(i.'* — " [ prff ii lip " — ■■ WiBiiun 
Tlfc^^t *" ^ - M, you ftro jokiiif^. Why, a-e nJI tnko bim ic b« 
T-Tcmt* At thU ti«o lie woH tiTiwrciy nhy, rap** 
h . .^^rt-..T,y iif youi^ luliEs. wl» t-tJ thciT \nrt mra 

I »r MiiL Tki< prHliuM ^rl o^ oiir piirt^cii 

II Mitt KJtdifeiiQr, 4U(i itliQ tucd to dnvu 

iNJ-r v-^-ri: iiMiunthiiu t» HulJIt nti Iht ^irrtxc^ oT 

It vu b« irh'> lifHl Hiniie mo liCfjTiniiiteil o-ith tho 

i,;t*^ tteilwl" ' KDut (pfOCT^Uy of Wfjrcbvrortbt Cofo' 

I " . -A mo ttn* til© 

' i I I I.I III Uia firnt 



mtrodqoc** of Gurmu ^y% — >im tnMiktcd mniiy «f K 

Duriajf this vumnv my fneiul Mmm M^iot; w m Loitd*^ 
IJTJnf in tlieucw Ikxisq with UwArcbUibup^Aii. — m 
kiwati to lnifc>ry ; lib tiruoumuxtJ tbe cwUiou »l tlie 
tipn of 1,i»itH XVI., lUpl itftfTn^iiU tj lite bvir of NapAkciCi' 

tiiDTi. likvin^ ooqiwvkI b ^;tuiiL ttwiMxi fur Hm Uuliti^. 
lii»i] it^vtiiwd for lim* lilt* fitftft i>f lM4ifuv Ut iKv Ductuai of* 

ytnr. Hif VH tk [ojui uf ItUen «iid & poet. I hmi IJiv li 
%ji nil inlrvililClic4t Iv liiiti, UiL ft ituer^ EBlh^liirtku- I 

only ibnii to ndraira ha imtjwUo figure. il» jirvnchniF 
mu^t cifttEtiit&eucit 

] Bntde in 1^>'* ^'■**^ * pnlratruii tn<r m WbW On 
««y V TtalUil >i ' ^ ttit* linl ^lni« [ u^vr nebt fa 

m an i>l>jix4 til <u.H-K t. , Aiid 1 Lhd ul] ibo unjoyiBcbt Ui 
vwt to botionTnt IVhid b'> uoi'd uihI k BuLlime n »cvi>r. 
Uwr^ of «lik-h I KUitl *Hl0 bltltf^ nffibrtM tnr Uiu n 

Oillvrt WdcclKkl mud John Ttn^lviJ] ^ thr fnrtnor viw iu 
cfi nt Diifcbnrtnr. A miifn^iiJiinn of XiiOU" kul iipra 
by liU tnevA^ wlio *rcT* iLwiuIn- viubtk|«l d* ^"I^plj^ Mr*, ffftk 
lii^M wLth > icr>' tvmf'H'Cnblt: ho'iM in (Le vJt^mLiy uT 
jiriHw. Krnf »Jk0 jiJid tho ehiliircm dwell, Ofid a «|)ar« 
WM ftlwJiTu n*»rly tV'I fcimo frinnilv viiit^ir. DvrinK Wnfc 

pfe^l it ■»^«<*n] 'li,v*Muid fmud him viffdriDn niortf in hu 
iJuui vn« i-t|fei-«.N) Ttu* ilutrtn lia vrttonBod in 
tlw pfi m poj 1/ |>hi-iefnl and monJ otU, prfji«d on hU 
wid MxtnnI I41 vrtni) liiiu.t 

Jtrbii Tlirhtroll, \u uhmn 1 h^vn mfcnndy ttUuded. «■ I1* 
hnil » imnvw *»^»po of crtnvipt L.-tTi for hyA tnvwn. h»»f Mrtl 
diivn in n fAnjD id a b#aviilul pWx^ ni?«r Hm>:in. K ' y--' 
%% Vvto-vii ro nil who oiro Ui iiif inii thnufrlTva c-T t^ 
«vmn*u.'i'fl (jf iUIh etrcit /iil iw^hL Kr lud left Wt ^ii^^y j^iruc 
(jfji nilt lutfriv^y to U) uiv oflli^ tlHoniTvnt nfll^? a^. 
his «o(|QrtlAl h^; Wi:(i4 ^bout Uic naWitry Ireturiik;^ au-L vub 

Vfl*. I 

It , \— \l,L,\>^ W, 

ilbga Ibj ti 1*)t. UJ AM «t> 1U >ft <i 

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Iff iM&urtoiu juJaiinjiUp tut ntutv frwiucolJv hoDUti uml \itltiH\ 
W fJiv fniilk. Iti Hintitr t4 uia{)D pttuuctitkia fat tte%\it:4'n it,t 
%*■'-' < . «j^ lUnno HivUirr.iiDd Ivwl irv^im- 

til . . oolor\nctJO«T«nU«adclun<lcfT«iiAi>^ 

■tnfliiiff ttwntid Pxm^tn^ I IlmI liMnlvc^ i;r \*<> itfihamt ivy 
tare^ «Dd tbfMi^'hc T>-rv dtlf'rmily of bioi tlxn fixon what I 
tJ^nmbi aftirmrda, VVk<ru. hi/worvr, lie ^iiml lu pupnI&fiCT 

Wmiftiii1ii>iNvi;iva««(wdiMi, Ihj okii>v !'> iLtf pnVJimt rtt^-hrtioii 
tf N lib Tm-raiit linbitdu^j kibdicj: nd'XBOMK ld» ia 

thi I,..,,.-;,' Jlva« kt tU'vf |h'ii<h| Uut my vjHtl- wwt |«iiL 
^ I Tvcnvvd a in<^ imi^IiuJ avl'<uin#. Ilu wi&t vn* a vorr 

«!'' ■ :■ " ■ ^ 'Tin Thrln«ll »M vn aniiablr nmi iu 

«1J' . ■ . — b« (oM tnt* wiih->ni to#i>Pf» 

(H» ilfiv iltoofhi ihn 4uuUU^ij)i>Tiv uf L hrUiJiiniiy 

vd ib^ iinu^ t^oDOilMlion rtirj afpixtprtttc ubjncu lor hi« 

'i i n Ma^ urn trrrl, 1 lefl my frWtli mlJi a .itruiif; rtiim 
I >-4^iii4l kli>h:»«at \ iTtiv h^M hi'rv OiU wlv-l' r-ijnt- 
Ll. i!<d ■■ lit M I* I :io^ip be loull ti> Uxi 

U. ^Jory opi a jinifeu I >. . i a tinir Aiii>-crdcd tn 

it Lvi atattiT ytitn ho lijul UA OktaiUbUiiMTii f Li Utifrf^r Itnlfccd 
Phfv, wfu^rp h« ricafiv«4 boinlerH. Bul uriiihuillf lii» diriitctic 
ulaiia ■•n- ilinjcUil tnuf* M^MtufLjr lo ike coffrvdoa of (1«- 
fert> ztKiii^;: friTTi ilic tnalfennaiion oi eIi« or^niiB of apoocli' 

r .u ijii>:\p«uba| nhewnrv kiniiilnl lao* I 
V \lit\i Ho fttaVrm m* vrlxti iypati-ai plnu- 

iitfflir witli li» ciiimcUrrikiio pc/iiiUHiiii 
viii- Hi< *j'»kf? nf lay kiiL^r-iri'luw wlih 

Boiul •vruiiMtJHta. MJvit tvC tho wad tb« vioti t^clr^Minfirj 
i-L,P.-, I,, k_i ■- ... i.T.nim nf i» woBifln of *»!p*;iior loli^nt* 
[ftxt uUUlir* Imijj; w mjc aaauni; 
-■^^iiL. 4i'<i KiJi L. -lukKi no ran^^y aroumimiiiul by nuUbtu 
iHUiaa. Hid ijnJy atiujiuu Uu maik- lo ovr oonWi|Mwd«aca 


wvi bj nyin^ of one who thought himaalf ill teieated : " Hi 
ought mt once to have come rorvard^ and in a manly way, m 
you did, have made his complaint" 

In pasaing through Wem in Shpc^jahiro I saw a ver7 wOTthj 
old h'esbyteriaa minister, —not worse than an Ariao, I pra 
Bume, — the fethcr of the tla£LLtt& William, who had bocooM 
lay fiieDd, waa not there, but John, the miniature-painter^ 
mA.* 1 liked the good old man aod hia wife, who had aH the 
K^idity (I do not mean stolidity) and sober eameatneaa of tJu 
mor« respectable Noaoons. There was also a maiden sister. 
Altogether an amusing and agreeable group in my memory- 

On my retiu^ from Wales 1 took Bath in my way. Sevea 
ye«rs had elapsed since 1 attended my mother b ber last ill- 
nevSt and my desire to see the place of her interment wu 
inoreafied by something Mrs. Fenner had related to me. My 
mother had expresHcd pain at being buried at so great a dia- 
tauce from her children. She feared tbev would never see her 
grtve, '* But," she add«I, " 1 have no doubt Henry will come 
though he walk." 1 did not need this stimidus, fw my mother 
«raa the sole object of my fondness as a child- It was a Bub- 
fltanttaJ gratification to me to find my mother^B grave in one 
of the most beantifiilly situated churchyarda I ever saw, — a 
long slip of land near Whitcomb Church- I have often visited 
it siuce, and always with a sort of pleaeure-t 

QAuiANr. — 1800 A^n IPm. 

I AM now come to an incident, which had a great infloenoe 
on my tastes and feelings, and therefore, I have no doubt, 
on my character. In the couree of this year I went to Ger- 
many, where I remained more than five years, and pursued 
something like study, and where I was brou^t into contact 
with some of the most distinguished men of the age. 

Mr. Aldebert, a German merchant with whom 1 had become 

• An interwrlutt but wenkly painltrt portrait of Joseph IJncftator bv Joliii 
HazHlt In in Ihs S'attohn] Poitmit Gollpry. It ii in oil. the sEea of life. ui4 
widenElT the prodDctlan of mi ATtlst icciuLonwd to work on a amHU«r nalii 
with different multiriali. — G. S. 

t Tbu paxt of the B«mi]iisc«aoM wu writtui la ISifr aiid IftM, 




k(p«biC«4, tttKbriotfk to <ucitoj too w 5ir »i Fnuxkforl- Tbr 

' ' ' i vHvil> Bwl III a vmj 

^\ u kiuUartujI At 1 ui^^ii^dUj, ij(] tW ^ of April, 
ij uvciua^ 1 IvclK^bi tluU diHijuU ikirtrctv ilafj^Lr 

tip^ tb* ftli WIT UuiM bt UiuJurcdi, ui4 pr<iiji^JMi t'l \tuni 

Miaotxy. vhkli <ui ioiAiuUn- Ti^rliTi^ }m't IhI iittf in- 
to ftiAht< UB liVi'lT M pubibU bv 1b(< Ifi^^il |fr«ii ou 

IL U ^ TQ im BiioTipm T. K. 



IU4<l-n< liuj* lit the KniKt-r^nT, vh^iv uro |>nb(1 
^iis vnilcj i>Ei (10 fit till) LqCcI And ntu^niJpd u* m tii: Utah, 


■^ ''rUnikf»i; Jn hIlitI^ wtirru, Uii:>ii^h wp Ivod In 

i:td inu&l rcoDomioil «trtv, »iir dai)^- hill vii4 

I'r'E'i^ Wr tLon rcmoT*-d to friial^ l<><lipuj^ 

' ' "imh lit nitrTi^mr^ pnrfirliuklly MijQfe-ti thn Mm thnt 

"^inf^ lit Ki^tiibil ■■ It VkA* ■ i.mitijry ii^>. llju 

TX-liJ ot A f^rm-iMO^ (Mid fAriuLottHi« nvrr tins 

Imtnvw) juc \ Jmtv IMII ll ilJ \\*- «M ]kitIa i><' Hha- 

■■■■r, II Ui^ nf OQO giMii^aw roooi, without r^iminit^ tiv d4- 

ia4i5fr<'iij ► ■ >, At trtw conicr ibc ftro, — Lcrp 

'1' '-'-, — Uii; :. , -p^rr?'. — ihi-t^T HXTHt fWrnhiinv — ind 

m^^P-viky ftll tiinJLi^fti. Noif tbe proffTW criTroHno- 

- nftrr li liiar iho dd» nro Mparntol <hh?' Uic 

I -aI CoitiiniMi rioM In UTovloiUMit'T UuU). mUw<L 

if Umt vvirut) biul childrim, — Uit vtill iiii< n»- 

^ I hiiV4* at^fm 0CTctKl rosftctrtikKk f»i>[bM* oF thM 

' 'iititrr iicar [liuubiu^ n^^nctnc&t incrrnttMi 

\ bull mnioiiiK fu id jULuii-^kt Kui^tmli uuikaiMCiib 

'i'VudJ tW tii'-t iit4rk of prvprtet J 


of oiir tempera. lu the houses near Hamburg the ^enteelest 

familLeij dine or driDk ooJTee in their halk, aod with the doors 
open to ol^aervatiuD rLn<l curiodty. In the town, too. most of 
the hou^ii liiive the iisttow or gable end in fronts vhich ne- 
ceiMurily precludes the cle^nt imiibrmity of s Bath street, 
bvit at the tiaino tznie aUo\ra of an iutinito variety of ornament, 
vrhidi givuij an idea of diatinctivoness, and La, 1 think, an ad- 
vanta^. Ah the stones rise, the curtain, if it may be so 
culled, is narrowed till it terminates in a pyramid. There is* 
it must l>c confessed, a great waste of room in the lofly halla 
and BhopH-vhich you see in the front of the Hamburg hoiues. 
Rut porha]»4 it is more pleasing to witness reeourees and meana 
of fiituro improvementa, as necesBiUes may arise, than to he- 
hold, as in Louflon, every inoh occupied, and mauagoment ajid 
economy put to their lixiil shifts. The dreaa of the lower class- 
es coulirniB the suggestion that Germany is now what England 
was. Muny a pwr woman weaiB a tight l>laok velvet bonnet 
like that in which Mary Queen of Scots is painted- The Lu- 
theran clerg}' appear Ut wear the "caat-off rx&n of (Jueen Eliza- 

After reranininp a few wecka at Hamburg, nc proceeded to 
Frankfort^ where Mr. Aldebert prccunid me lod^iigs iiiiar bia 



uttd, half Um old ^rtfwm «ouU bo la IHa. Nov, I hail to 
onolk of ike old vocnui In Ut Ui»t one diiy vhoa I yf%» dtvjt 
0^ ifTvr af Gtfmuu ixntms^^ nnd tbe nu^U biuit bt<r tiic 
rvom, erT^tu;, "- Thi> Fr><h'-li ur« Ht the g»tc*." 1 nwrttf but intj 
l.-i* <! iwn ptiurv. ftiil tl^^ tnli^ ttu* priacttpol tt«9«t It v>a n 
jv, iKjt 1 fcnmil ail ia outtftiaiofi, — « boJir of lilAjvk- 
■1 IimI tlrinniiilMl untinanr, >uhI ^yflrif ilvfa tm tbt^tr 
ttiirpoo^ Uiw MlliM, wIkui; ihi* Krvrv^i Wtfr«> fttt4«k- 
iqiIm uIT- TIi«t hod oftitfiota, wUli li|jblMl mjiUh«». 
wiTre fine ftfUu*^ 4ul witlLvui beiiv mJ «raru k^hvu. 
I h L' ■ :ht^ v«r» ^^^t-^ rttU) ilw Hrld. uid I fikli thni idnklntt 
Mk& ibfl limuit wt)ii-h ^>^-nO[< <'>^ cowKnl. — bnt th«j imomcI 
<«if And mr eujkiujL' ^■>. The nist i>f ibo il»j noLhmic vr«a 
bnn. On Uio rm^nrv «v Imnit tlijvl lb* FiimcFi bad l>«m 
Vho bMt«b libck, Utt f hut <«riy id r-Ui> uv^rriln^ thtty hvl n«' 
**id tll^ i^ttH'^li, Hlh I nvm nnv ill iho Rji<J>>t i>f ibo lill|rNC<>- 

IV -iitthi \^ f4ix>'lHyl Lcro. <^i]r (-nrk^lty van lirrt Ult, bnvr- 

'tJLTrt lor vimt ('I DtjurLfthmoDt ; gt«Q' oov and tlicn 

finely eutPTMl iho iaun. mid Uiw^h coivml with 

- lotli, «^ ^;enonUy wiUt pMPWtve fttfuetbtn^ pwivjng 

-■^r'Mvik, it T?u oulj * voiind«4 aua. ^ uothtui; tnorc ! 

!• «■! br I Tfinliin^J- vHli ttn dociur of tbo hou>e, to nuke 

*rmnJim^ Wi< Widk^ ii)i k !u11. n»d wure n«ftj uiou^h to 

lot Uiv dwcbof^ 1./ luiukcirr, af>l fto« tho tsioko Mid lloidi 

^4r i^iioooK bat UiAt wMt fJl, And I viv iMlf n&grj vtlh 

aj»lf fcr ln-iijK •!< lutiixMtnl, It vss pnibftLle Ui4£ etprj in- 

r-^il vmirrfl mj inilicnal, «f hvik.' vnrtcb inutdon- 

nd yet 1 (lie c4icmC!B ! Aivl iion' voiJil it li' 

' t^ nnr Bjii)|Athttx: ; Aud indifTrrutifr, or ttw 

I Ti. kt catching aa vuU ah jMrtstari tijvlf, TIih 

. mu «tr« Ht tltrir 4Wto, akI Ibut made me Hn iu 

\ r^uiiiot for1>«4T t<» Euakfl a nrmaHL, wbich 

;'jitn:jL PV'iii the uiodvm ajhU^ of war 

lb rh» cirtl aiid ib^ miljtAry iiifite «r9»o 

1, tad tLf eul-jf*M ifleonu«h d)HtJb^Lti»t<(l from 

I itfLkA^i, %ih\ ])a% Iawitim til 4 iCTtut 
— ^ Lii-.j — >,.^i ,-^.<naM. At Iaui in ihu nfdffblvrhood 

S';^ la^- :i -1" J- - nr.^ -:w Fr^r^-'h i^^^mj i:aine, and I, 

-■L:r T- "' T I- '.-V :- - c:i >:n«>": ^t ' ::? :t wis Lii realirr 
l: irr.L^ '' :_■ i-: ' r";-.- n^.-^ ":■ - u? iz. ^t^niv. The aul- 
b.r^ v^-- „ - ■: .:_ - >. - r:i !_■: k ji-^^ieniAnlj Tuning 
^.■^.7^.- _i -,!' .'^' :: T :. _ 1 .■ -i^vi With L:m I soon 
'■-j:^:- [ /ui ■;"-■:. -: r j.'-i -■•r'T-", iz-: we Talked on ¥a- 
r ■:'^ 4." ' - -rv > f _:■: -.i:*:,-!. iz" ::.':^:::'.a to mv bcingwi 

:" 'Ll* "^^ " Ti- c_ ^ r-;.-* z— »i> -'i "htrf :? -ne of irhom it 
- "'," t*«i.-" " :;■" ' --:■ ■_■: T — '-:i>TTr'rL^ Thif mis Sophia 
:■' -I -i » "r, I V." ;::- ■'■C '.'-.■..■«■. lTj- :- b'jr j»?uth « fnend 
-' ''"^ ' :,i:.'i _ v - V -■ -i* ii'-^i"-.* s '.' ror^viiie knon] aa an 
I '.— . 7-^*s* Hr L'_ i::':r iL.t^ ■: ^r^craii* . a wealthy mer- 
j^.c:-, A .■ - ■ _- . t::-i lh;. c^- V'-t jraiid»:hUdren wert 

^..-^T'^tl ^ ■■ v: '. .■■■:-j.^,l: - :■ :"_t^ my rv*:detjce in 
•'\T*^"-'.." '*-''. "■;'^*.':" T'_< -»:--;r T't-.*; -f Tiiiifn^ of Eltg^ 
'.■.:.:. ?"■*■' ■'. *>'. ^-s i vii.**:- ^.t-. i ii^-r^H-. Aa nmiiAtug 
.;.v ,"' :" '.■' * j"-.-_ -J. M'.^'.irjy :\\t' '.v'l* Memairs." In 
^\-T-.--^i.v.': L _r .so: *r-: v» "-v-i -'l-: v ",-; hi?r K-ve of tbU 
:■:-.'.'■--, i:-y.-.T .z :'%r .-^ ^'.'- :.;.:L;-'-oi ^he shoiild thank 
*■ ».: :" T T-:7 ;- -^ ,' r.rj.:'-. i-r.i :v.-V5*-.u:; the *-Uh ihat abe 

My j. ■-■.".■ a'. :'.;."t, r.* i .':-'::.-.:::j:.CvV « -r-h reo-rdiTiji: in 
A':i:>.-;r ;r. »:h t~: irarv^^ .. t::*^ ^W.rhy *.:tj of Fmnkfbrt 
I sva '!:: v' w :" - H.-/.;'--: " r'^rf. rtv.o: *\v :ior-Ts of repute; 
'"\: '.].^ jtv'Astr. v>.: -^'Wf -:'"^\'.-:^:-\. A* Hamlet v? alwut to 
■iy:""\ tr.o :■ 's-'r. :':■;■ v>s:,^'::"# '.^.t** :* xvrw!TiHl_ — hiji hand 
i; *TiiTt"i. ^- bx r:fh--* ■.:: *i:f K\i:-^ ii:-; *Uys him- — he is at- 
tiii:'^t'L — -V.TLr-iXi r * hiiin.;. — iLe t^>-iv*n ^vnfrstesv — he for- 
.r>^ L«nt'*. — I' :;;■ s v-vU iha: OTvi» ti^lL Thia I haTB 
tvM t''* I't-m'.A':*, wh.' ri/.vi' w.-thc'il t'- ^if:l^' the &i't. 

hi -I';1t I t^T'--.^ i.k ::.v "('r^'Thcr: "My Uist letter told you 
*\x<' T Lv'l oo;iTii-l U' IV :i rrivoller- The effrtt produced on 
tJi«_" n.iii'l Vy tlie kvL- wU^J.:*' thi*t vcii an hut the inhabitant 
• i a iiiy is rwillv :>st*':i>ht:ij. It .I'.i-A'kt'iis ihe olwervattOQ 
'itA ariimLiTe* thi- sj-irits oioeedniijly. While I mia on my 
.i'nimey n-^thiiix' es^nwi i:ie. It «*» ii s^-ond I'hildhood. I 
viiTi 'jfict^ ni'^Tv v'^iy. :in(vtx:.nif^ ini^nisirive, and ndveiiturou* ; 
Kiit :l^ mxin n.x I luiil (1X1^1 niy^^lf I l^eonnie the Bome dtiUt 
\'\i]'^jiti:it'K, and »".»metiuie* hyppi*ih s^vd. irhieh I was often in 

* I'Mry HE.i L^tHn of MhUme d'Afbliy. Stptembcii ITM- VoL IIL ^ 






■^ M^Hiff* 1m lrf>-tfViR. I UB MOV »a docnoitiafttod, bo mcon- 
i of tautucn. Ui^ uQlhi&K bat Uw 
. . .11 «iit €4 tiki lla^fUnil." 
L'labor i giTfl Uiu Mximnt uf lujr life «t Frwik- 

'lltmv tlrtt'*% a ir^lc I ^o lo a 
:iL;i» nrJi^ ojm><4a my uw1^Uti1>Qt uto 

. ,. is 

ii <f' it unilfr the 

. 1.^ tumuli', th^ugU tbc 

liar, Ytit Wertwr.ttftcr 

;t, iijfH, — lUnl 1 tay >o 

in^ vtfV HliotiKt vii)l2 (ur 

. — tJkO tiuin j>IiKve tli« 

■■ ^ - uf tjii pKllDvT, but 

<^ X\ui «nuE?i, Azu) rn 

'I <^ Liirri r^aml nnd 



4.^to l'Ue' i'I fJi'M^ ->~*~.i.*M 

^tn ni Cb4U*1, a nilwrtt of Uvatf Mod vrat li^ft 
^ ika mil ^ tlochliciin [ found llirec Jr'nsiich oRkcnL I 


nan Biuirtled, bitt m there woa an armiatice (it wu the Iflth 
of Avigrist) 1 thought frankneaa the anfest policy. I joined 
them ftt tho dinner-table. "A hot day, air" — "Yes, wr." 
(N. B. The French, like the Qimkere, do not like to be called 
" Citizen '* bnt by u citimn, though, unlike the brethren, they 
preserve the old •forma of civility, and nw "Sir" aa much u 
fonnerly to strnti^'era,) I immediately told of my ride from 
Frankfort, of my friends who were at MainK, and of my iocfr 
pacity to fnllow thein. "It ia mortifying," said I, "to see a 
fine town uud rich eonntry shut afloat one." — "Yea, to be 
sure ; but it in not difficult to get a posiL You are n Ger- 
m:in ? " — '' No/' — *' Pray what countryman are you, then 1 " 
— '* Ciui 1 iLuswor with aal^ty 1 If, now, 1 ahould be an 
unlueky enemy by birth^ are you bound officially to arreat 
me?" — "(I ii<»!" said they, and laughed j and I found 
that the En^^linliman was very welcome- So 1 stayed seven! 
hours with thoni, an<l debated on politics. I found in theaa 
and Hcvcnd otiior otlicera more respect than 1 should have ex- 
pected for Mr. Pitt, who individujJly in fimcied to be all in all 
iu the Oibinot ; they liad a warm leol for France aa France^ 
without much care about ita immediate ^vemment. 

Tliis B])irit of patriotism unquestionabl}' saved the nation. 




! bjr Kttgliiih ^Mta, «ith ^ik^Liii jumbling bansM 
n ^4« waa Atmin* of grr«i «ri»Illi to tiic Prinoo^ 

11v fiiOii«iii)f Ineiftn oill /^tip nmnp idiM oftktt <ooditio(0 of 

T, R tn rr, a a 

■r ^' .T wt^rri or i^y iftj tbi- ftitiuitjon tj 

^ f xh^ (lUirov of mII onUrt at f^opto 
' ir tbo hi^b [4ii}ci>f pruviHioiJ^ Tito 

* III 1»T[ "/fL'Iinid. Th« ]in4«nt niUi «i 
„i ID the pouLfJ, M^'C^ nr 

■ iiiJ, -' in nhocl, M tiHioh U 

i^r |ii«-r (L* !(■ iL.j I(i:^iliinl. At tJjit uiitiriu^nivimmt 
r ilw nljt viih »ii«c^ iK>l more ttiAti W- itttor 1«. ir 

' fill' Hitnjilfif] fiT Burr H irju^h r>«s lini^DlAhlti 

Unit ..» iiLftAy 'itbrr tovoi in fho kini/riom 11*c aUrm 

jTig ft •c*tvi<y ii tii ^p^c.T. tiint I'lUliAUK'nt \ti ih-jk tiJ-rK'^tt- 

•jmatd |iruil)muL<fii lo Ukf Itito cKtiuuiUnLtbii fhc 

lifVfttL Tlie laiifvti of tbo <liv 

»i nirt of l\krlumait. THi" AdmbiirtmtiiHi i^vt, of 

r% «'.mniiiHiii la murilainin,^ Uut tin- mrr \ms ii» 

'(t tbiT Dptx-iil <^ii Ok loiiilly felt«fiipt tu piTrv4) It 

..,-J c«i4a?. Im' ^^vouft haw unr^unftiuimblv Ijv«ii 

LLViTMble. Uut l^uJuQ (bene (jtlpiUi^ muuna tu i^cn 

- ' Tidfiat, fliicl tranr Mif^ly uiriK^' ^^ ^^y ''^^^ hiiiit' 

, tbikt lb« ttfMvit^' itt to 1w L*hwlty atti^Milti'J (0 

.\n a i|j<4:i;il(' cf AuJUij ^riiitbi you irijl prr'1«bly 

KU ■eiiliiiijnjt? uii tlie Hnl^nl. flv cvuiiK^mi lla< 

' u^vri Ik Ttvo twlo 14 allnuvd] iu tri liitlky n 

' > ill' ti:m>rfj ujtrlu^iJl. ThiH <f|iiaios, 

1-v orir Idullt^' ^1n14?l^KO, 


h:!:^ -1::* rizi''^ -r?— i.l':-: "— :c !at^. 'tai I undenrtaDd the 
j; »--!'":". -iT'i -:Li-^ " "■ 1^^^"" --J rv-j^ting. ±c^ were 
4- \:_».- :■; V -.[^ r^.i: r- ' -vL T^'; .'■. ll'-h-.-e Iat, luiverer, 
I-..! r.^it.-,^:: « 7 r:^. i _ / ^'^'I'lc ^vmied upon it iru a 
:'; V 1-' ::" :* *^",*t ^ g.^jjen^.-.-.: L7t,::;r: WTiiii^jt, □, ^ ^rent hop- 
■j_^*..:.i_i', ?' r l:. .;' i' i^^i vji- rl^r tj^iiL*! a <V"iiir;ntor for 
T.-^ri-^L^ •; C-^ ■:' "-itC ^Tili j.fl Ktf:iv.ju u.^iutKitL-d the 

— '.r-i'I. TiTTiil;' iit^ :■::'; :^"; y~ ir it.^^ vetdicE. auil said 

-y.-^ :■ "i^-rr;- tu* ":: x'h .■^'i^-'f^-i t: -h-^c:- He was fl^owed m 
:',-■* \^' ^ " ''i-- .rr^:-iz;r ^utt c" t^^ Jjijvs- whix on the en- 
t:.!^ ;--■,'. i^^:Ll_:L.-:■: u:a-:i.-^ rl si hArl-hearted peraoDa 
Ti L_ii-- I T^^" r" t!^-;^- ^:'^' "v-.T^itr iT^s bj iTithholdmg from 
rli-:::. tI;-: ~'-^',wa^i* r' '.^;. i::^i >r7- r^nj 'irx^ the ma^stratci 
-.. ' *: "-.rV.iir T. vr^-.t;- ^i^; '.iLirk-T-^ rtin;; forestalIe<L In 
- .i^,-'::'xv r" Th.? Tv-.-.t;- .*::iLi;:.'^ iis^i^cions were formEd 

'.'t:;^ : :..i-s< -.r i.v'-.i.:u> a "".l-iz: t'laanT was eicitad 
i_~Ai'„*r .: — .-t: C-^ '"-i 7.i.r::-.rf. ■*'-:.'h cviiu: joined in by the 
11 . ' . -kT^ ^ . ..1 s::;j*. '" " *.v-LJ-", 'Z'i .r.'. Famiors were threat- 
:'_.'L .i::! -L./r ' i;?. -f .^:: : ::.*.* .:: -i:^a_v fboe* urero act on 
f-r: : '\:i \i* 'i.-.'i v.'^.. :'■..-'/'" -b. ,u*t in the nei^lmrhood 
f &.^4.:'.o "^li.'r^ 7n.v.7-jI * lI:'.:! -■•■-^n.^T^t'.-n*. have tohen 
tIa-c. .... 

.l9j:avT n, 1801. 

.... T'--: :■■:.* .■ v.Tiv.';-- v^.'tw'vi'ij h±rl with us, — iodeed 
zh^ /.' ■.: i :" -. ■ :' '^'. :..* : :h^r*.,i:o:: m^.re iiit m-vre everr day. 
<J- r^ r:*^* tV',-^- ;/_iri-. : -ixy. j.:;.l ;uiit»l -iLirru is aprcadiu^ in 
ilII Lrtv::- v.^ i:'I -.v : ".i.i*^ a::v.l1j: th^' ^vrids c>f ihc admiiUA- 
-7r.L -TL T w>L :■ : : .ix:". --y, -, iv[-:U-ul i^.ipu'S.^ul dirtresa 
}.v- ■ r ^^:." ■'..:;. L -.:■_ *.. ^vcrv":v<Ey's iv^.-ni. rtnd ihpy HOT 
fr-i. '. Vi tL'. i:,:.rt*t .f .1.:u--itv ■■n.-Monti- With the 
y ;:. :> f lII:;i_', ;i'aI rr.ilo ^r^\iir: lis, XiLrr ami I some 
*;r."--- ^ilk ' f tn;-^^:; ;■, - — h-:t urhi^rt y*.' ^." la tiii- qiiesCioiL 
fVi:,,-",- :* rh'j •■til\ o Mitvy \vji..,.h t.^ my mi'ul pro«eiii4 any 

t.^r.. \'f--^.-u ij<irto *n.:r;< ,*< ::'hi w -;ili iiuko rhi.' a*«iimcd title 
'S Qr-tf ..'t: ..* J. Talil ^U■^iL. ,i:^i I f-iur it :s iis di'rtr thiit the 
■^■■r* '-f K:i_-lLir,"1'* ^l ry > <<.\. hiiloed I ;ilu l»e*.vmo i\y\\Xe an 
-'lUni-i.-r. ahlL-h 1 Wliiv_^ is ^^|l:lll^' tKo i-"i»*f." with the demo- 
i.f'xK :il/i Th^: ulHalOM^t. S'l^rh 1:^ ihf sf:lli^ of rb* COUDtTT in the 

\ir.\i\i: sirti'-l-: -pf lift, d"iu-. tli:iT rhi» uiillenj are prohibited 
under vkt^ heavy penalties frx>m makiiiij any but covsa flour. 




Mi^i- 'fdtrual Itaia^ Uid upon ih«Biaic»ia«( mx- 

%<]f CT" I ..rii;;cinatt ii iHvcu titcia to du 4L tfpenkiuj^ 

m tkn >tiita u( Ulj^ c>. uuto' tbc utlicr 'Uir to IjruiilBuik |i« «k- 
fbiOpd, "A *crr prvtiv ftafv vi! nrv rctlni^Ml to. — otit jockcta 

BW *]th p«]H:r joul our bdluu bUvd with chiokon'* luoit!* 

Uirrh IL IWI. 
,. . . , IT rou htvc ii0ti«od m tbA p4p«ni yen nrv a^ do^^ibt ia- 
ItftaUd m ttiv v^rcunuCdJiiva vt llumo Tc^c Lxvwjf i>i'tairiEiJ 

D»ni» tt'irtxii^ rif i-il'l KainiRi. This he vltWiof] thri>ti;rh tha 
ftfrvK^re iif tbc aoccBtvk Lord CuooUbnl A iwr mUnst^ 
«( 4eWrv in rt]Hiri«d tooioiTow <m ft isotioa cf Lord TMnpl» 
to fftfnir ^'^Titj ct m prinrt to n Mut m P&rUft- 

mnt 1. ' iH tnf-l, V'^l V.->H '^nviJlo tfaftC if 

iFTTtu^r t'> 1 '. <-:1achI, vlmm ho 

11 IriOodM) AliuT Euid 1 hud lodging in 

tttfitvtuit niLV VVfi wi'it*. t>f uluriu, dmirouft or HMinft Ibo 
Ifwcnt viN^ ^^y^' bpe'W^. Mr. Coi>ko. Wo vwrc » lu^^^as 
lo arv liiin ht Rirltord, \ta Tat^vritc chancer. Njilitra hwi ut> 
4Anl l4in tfn^tly In tlin f-»Kfirrrtunw» tif thU pnri, — hl< (f«- 
tnn^ braitf tlrito^lv rtiirJcM ^ni tut vnioo hftnli. I felt ftt the 
|ji>» tJtal h^ |HTn«<M(iji1 tlio fcrt>ck*TB iTTKnt IwltiT thftu 
IUpiUd otiitlil \m%t i^ior There in lirvhim n virT iif butinr 
Ul hk uuntur of urtia^ nlLE-h i^ipQiiMd wrv iip^ir>finnl«, aihI 
tbilt 1 ikaik Kirwhli: c»uhl «»i ^ ' : and I ihiuk rt 

DUy Uta Inlter wii-uM U' «ri^ibv>il L Cwikr'a po«' 

n 4i-rfl**^ uhI w*t*«l rhjinKi«r, — iii Ok. jitiikvophienl li*f<s 

. ij lo |ilfir ilrfi ^imctftT, but, if ] luUt&Ln not, W aj>< 
iHttd m ft bcii un». .... 

Ill I Lnuuir ncqnntiited nilh A very mtcmrtJUj 
__. _i iL- pnijii. - Fbnm HubiTTi/nU the notn^ilnfhitil 

(ftiTif h^H^^. T, -.,!,.. I r: ..iirrou Tft^tieh cnrdetH nboiit b^t^lrviM, 
^ . -jt. 11': «mn «hkriv wkd %\n htA 

**:. - . I.-,,, .r , njKvlliK- ol the Ekvtor or TrfTrt, Mtt^ 


tor^B Hucccsaor. He was oJao, as he used to teU mOi a biahop 
in partthus* But he was a very liberal aod philoao|^a 
churchman, and preferred a life of litorory leisiire- He had 
bcon in Knglatid, to vhich he waa warmly attocbedt aad had 
a Htrong liking for ALiatria. Everything French and PruBtdan 
ho hated in an e<[ii(U degree. To tlio AuHtrian state and the 
Komish Church lie was attached politically. He waa living 
an idle life, and in order therefore to gratify aa well his Endiv 
lenco au his taste for everything English, — he loved our 
poets nut IcBs than our politicians, — ho was glad to have even 
my aeqitaintouce. We frequently valkcd together, and be 
ta\ight nie much by the questions be was in the halnt of put- 
ting to me. On one occasion ho was very particular in inquir- 
ing wJiat the Unitarians believed. What did Priestley be- 
liovel On my mentioning some orthodox doctrines rejected, 
he asked *' Did Priestley believe the reBurrettionl" — "Yea." 
On this, with a verj' significant expression, he said : " Thia re* 
minds me of an nticcdoto of Ninon de r^cloe. Being asked 
ouo day by a Parisian lady, whether she lielieved that St. Deoya 
walked a/l tho way to Paris with hi* head under his anu, 
'Puunjuoi paB, Mademoiselle 1 * Ninon said; *ce n'ost que le 
premier pas qui t^jfile.'" 

The llaron whs more fond of asking than of answering qne»- 




^- «luWo, - liked hy flvcjy otir. In their lionao 

F U itutt', ukJ Vhcrr i piif4i iu«^ till- kidii-ii of IW 

SHU tUv liy Tifld. J« b lU<t^u- Itv liviij lUw? [ um m^ntil 
ft m fh«ii^. UjuI. UfTUtiUh-, II UsBUittful Vu-utiuau, tbo dilcil 

^< L.thAn lAV-rvroMl al&UBumiL. — «vr# my grm*m ooiU' 

Tlvrv iintpoopd Ibat I alu;itU nad KtttfCU^ to tlicm, 

4;U i^t Utfnr bIii^iiVI inHiHtj^ rni- Uu > *n<t\. in utiiiTr 

kM . . J I iitai^ i-utuidtfnblu pr^«rcM ia the 

«Hlf ot' b<Hthu, ui>l mi^ilvi] m tvu ft>v Ofrnnan |Miotrj luid 

II. tl H. t-j T. li 

Goethe u the «Hd of tt< <J(*rakBa lilcnur publiiO. TIm 
onUci of lite Dev vcLim) uu'it Llul Biii[>9 the eiitAtwe of 
'-.,— •■ t-T »r.ivp Vii^ii nt»!y fMjr */ iii*.u*< <m1M pi^diii«i\ oD 
infl Art vf^cn ti> tikvu MlKivijn'il il^^if lN ttufir 
cjr- i,i Th n:i tlui [njHivtiMi «*f iBtvUrrt, ^fi J'lWt. Vir^L 
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Lft liv t"i>1i > rrTif ioiit vtra, nud j>iiUIiJ>od i BOmnsP 
pmrj?iuf<^1y rr^U-ii»2 frnrn tlii* Kpi nr h 'linnuml niiu lirr %\ 
of iht nu^nrmic* 9f Chrwt ; but tho Buh->p of lUthiljou, SdJer^] 
w^HtM n-jt aQow the work t0 be pntit«l inib^ut bdng 
|i]i(kiti3 I'j Lhci ilccUraliiiD llml l!ic tiikjfUi nen i^rrti ak 
pfoiifl ;^:iTib*ra|itnUAiii t4 tt gornl ttuman, ^w\ ooi mi 

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Sftjonv. whcTTc I couM 1:0 *>xi *^tl» mf «tudy, nhilt h** cooo' 
jJiUxl hU. In tay mitirtlv inuliittfil tAmtv ui vGct utwh li««| 
nf^«kl>lc lliikti thm uyiuld tmr? bwti iicc«|ithKkv I «b<>(ild 
Ti«it m oiHJtry whit?U I lun^^ to ecc. Su»vml m'*otJ»* liow- 
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tiUBUl vllilu 1 pitniuvJ my Atikdcrii vilh nuuii'Lhiii^ Iilu' cwttfin jj 
devotiojff mywlf ituuiilr to Uonurui Krelry and i^hiloK^ihyi 
All uiT vu^iit liuio ma* t^fcul cilhrr wtUi Uir Sorvi<r«) ur tie' 
BranunoiA. Tlio irmiuii^rh <:if ih* IJUl-^ ?i»c'wiy ^vr^ ^wt' fW«l 
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my liciftii trnitnl it n fct 

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UlyliiMnadVi^ ' '1 I. K<iM TA WcuUr, ^ . 

tnp<>rtM»OC Vyn '1 li r (bi' oM GcTmi« ■•''''■ 
the Wftt. of H ocirt i>f H|>|it-iif fri»iu n-nH^ 
Gt4l^ of (fi-rrmmv ; in othur rvtnjortu mi 
THo n^'UfEMc of tliia old-fiiOt;c>iic4 " frco citv " wrro On? tx^i 
*ijpiu ilitf biv ten. Our jt^iiniry liiy tfitMTigb u Jl^''i^tl^ n>im- 
tiy, ftii<! fJiN ibwv rtn^«^ ftciiMiuo tiwrlc □)« ixAjUiJrinn! itrthn 
the Atinpl<^ tiMtiWT* if u f<'^rpli> vLo HYtA'^il to Hl'.<ni> to mA 
fjnaTit atiK^ The ifiUii^l hn^ lixii itboZit^K-'O. aad tbu Wwtii 
pn 0<Hlhl biMl tf- ■ "^ '- "T-*. ru ■ ffn* v\ty. 

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4>f fill' jJofi-t fhrrnifijh vhl^^b w»* |imuvI i in .^ijr umni I vnii 
rMwarcl «ilk kUiclnvin, and [niiv-iivwi to nrntct;-* Itrf^Uu-^^l' 
fricikdk. t>f tboK tbtf pnuci]«i viifi It vMir^ umi^ trf lEi'^tttj 
jormii**, — m |*4.-t lujri nclnilnr. IIa Lvhtiv^I tw. |mrlrT, ftxii 
~ lh0 inl4«TVft I nlrocdy Iblt in n«grtiiAn philoiophy'' 




- vko hm dhCiiiiielly 

in iU aicukccla Jid philowijiliy eS PkUx ^j^obua, And 

T^flH t*o di^ Ifkfr Uio firMwdtn^ irnkta, *tpwI on k htd- 
Inl tu tm Id 01/ knifr to ur bmdiur, [ t>'4K^i *hiL lli>r^ 
nta « ouTc-ltv la me: " i tniut not fiwv^ si rnrkii» ir»>i of 

OimrtM BrcnUkiu* docbrcnl rcliQ^oo to tio * pbitcAopbr Uuichit 
Ihrvu^ii luviiflj/ And ll^ti Iwodiii); cif dba of \ViDckiTlnnaM'it 
Wtm« on [vKTtrr ttBK ' tiw Vir|;iii Biuy ba IhA idoul o{ rntnfo 

<? of Ota- tlolliik^-ij Iricixlt iLrtoiopmiifjil \m a dnj* *li 
. 1. Wr 'rA^-"! (iif'ri-flT-.'lv ftl OaKrc^c Aod S*. An- 

t|tViii): I kimn inr A^jbl «hidi MO in rcpivi iJjr Iftlxir. Tvi> 
fl^p h^ifl 6T<id ihmittdnM i4t my niimt ^ flrit, a rmmlflri' of 

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ufvn jv^^fe'iiinJU. I ^'^loiid hiinUy bv Mi^tr ttttb dio vulj(nr 
M«npti<« or ftfi Kiiftlaib " mj lonl* in Ui^ Album t *' Di»- 

Vr ifrnt ft alulit ixi tit? Rrockcn or BIockAtcrs, atkd 1 

wfcrn (wTi'.inning Ibi* fiinioiia motini.^in 

nvn tirru^ ffiuiitfmoruil tlip Kent cf trrtcb- 

\fllifTji: lill thp prtwnt iijir hp:ii~ 

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4MIEI uf ike Ifiirr u-i« tl;c r<rv UhI n>rr 

:ni tiiG h«»tbeo r^tiLT'iui nU-a «^ro for 

.unT. TTimpa vm^ ?tdt^rrc«ii in fhi.' pr[tiCL{ml 
III lo jifvvtiit ilv} iiiitirn f<i4rT<-JvVi^ 
■ tnoniM. Soniij • f it/ tw dvi Mvl'Xte;, 


>tan«0 tho Nsl oT <*sHiMCors b^dnu^ Md climkcru d^n. 

PHvin; oi'cr oUior local tatdXtn vIikL iiffdr^vd iq<t mum 
nWnMVCv I tffoooMi tA tliKt p^rt of m^v l>iHr^^ in VL'hk^h I mv _ 
Wo had thU ibj mUmd the JiEuony \^l)irli ^^vtko in &UJ 

ttri^A ^MiavA TAril worn /tfuixAlanJ. W« luw ilw pUv of 
v^^HMbcij n^ romlor tb»*-tli«L'ulUfia*41>iit imsi^lcffi' 
of UvrwaJiV,"* 

VTbilc I viu <t4Lviit|f a£ fnmkfort 1 tckl'cn vuniurvd to] 
■totah f J^TTCAn vhf^ I ^'Aa with tliow< vSn Hpr,hf> «4llH-r El^> 
bib vr Vnmch ; trnc dTLnnff thin jour&ftT I nud« w it tmv «: 
«pinSi ikod (nti'd tLnt I ffiui rrv^ nU aIiI^ to u^e mfsilf- 
lUidnMociil in t.Ik- but^ri^ihi^ «jf tiio nniuiirv, 

Thv rliwo *t whiffi ChmrkQ Ba'titAuo vi« irtudjiM, 
lit vliich 1 niu r»r ii timo to rmlda, qv» UrtmnA, a ttnulTtowtil 
noit ivT\ fkr iWiuj }M\v\iz uad on tho UiiLdo, — n wry mi^Pffg- 
ft1>]f^ r#H)if^ft<r tanr » KtiiHrnt, It fuid A Ihv;^ KTmivulum url 
IV;»c<i':4 Kfx^l. Oiui of tko fbodona of th« htipsaft ( iiiv«nitv. 
Tbc auiUjviiKai<:d3 tcficlior at thi« «chthil vftj oao Tdp^r, «lio, 

jilniii "A^^* «(irl E vHh kituil} ronjml by rhtmk. 

11k cfaicf pcrxMi ia ttiO tovn wu cv 31r. I<i(«o, & Uj^ 
BUnuTHLiiwr. 1 }m^ kvu bjrii lU Fnuikfurl IIu mam my 
Ktt^oiJTi^ to riip, RTkil <'ifTprviI ma th« iiw of Ux booto; bnl I 
tbou^ht lo-lpriKfi qvfiili lor ttt^ pranrat U» prvfetvble. My' 
|mApn.-t «^» A uLliiifnct^iTT <ina. I luvd Acocoi to Mr. RkmV 
tvty tv^i'ixt.tJ'k* JiUmiy; v^rch xxwly M Iho town niTcctlod, 
wu <>]if>n tis tnti, ft»d I vtuuld buto Bnotnoo M & htxii 

-•^ . . - . . _ ~ 

• 1 

IhlJI" ., 

^Hf CUM III ' . .T, VibfTw, til wor^ 

VfcJ-'l ■'!- -'- '- IT ■ Nhl. L>.,|,,„.l |M„...rnnri 

■DP r ,i>c titmm. Obfl'ltt fVinvfiB.;- 

tltd 1 . l-<irL If -4. liAf itt* IDHOl »»»*> -. 




0( ilw mo iQuoll** joMi^d at Orioiou ftl tjin iitu^ nmd oT 


^ b'"^n"i' 

IntfT ill iSr jnt, uht'n \ t^p^k 
1^ Mr. K{«««, i w4i iAy w> ttv^r^ 

jr< hr TuyMtfin orior Co tatH my 

■^Ttitorf : utd I hjtil :t lifmit ^^ ^ pUftA- 

(if Hi>fii(athidii|; Vkttii a %~cr7 boiw^'lcuit 

tffitipl^. Tlii? Jill (Hj wKttli I WM ibriv 

Jm^at^I flitiw larmr^iH In otic dkv «ilh Inn 

dan ivaul «iipiU| lUiiL v>«4 ihtn>lu«vd to iIm wObrvt}, 

H<A>wn if'-i EL-t:H«Mi, I tiuy »j. . V ui n« « khiil of Ptut^ 

Mui iiKriuk«trr,<4. ThcT Mr* j^yi frum l&ci$c or tba 

IhjUMV < '^ tbcM tuci ?trii.-Tij; CbUum . Tint, then) 

It Wi CI I . ut ittT, pjttrfT i'pcnlj- ctif^tf^i^d J>T th* Uv, 

«rtli»«i^t «4 Mm <r «Mroi iiiid«nuuidin«r Inndinfr on tht OM- 
«kMe> Aiij uiM iiMj Wra vIka bo pkflM«* &eco«Kl)j, 

tOfftber, and ileqi in fuo \\\\x» ftpai^mttnta. Gf>uiu thmu^h 
UkB liHj Twl iioruiiUiifk*a I was otnfcck by Uioir p^^rfr*.** cludc- 
bm awl mrodtnon. *nLA^ nvur^ livi? in ufmrtxiiPiiiA 1r)' 
ikfw«Tlii-iL. TliVT have firiMitO pt«p«rty, aitil have f«ir or 
--■^*' - -nifurla aoc'>T4lfiu t*» 11»cIt roflp<*cdvn nyiuiib TStn *rr- 

.'- :Tw_L.<rt c -■- ' t vnn- ^ rwiituK^ Atily wiih uuf E&fr'Uli 
^MfAttiit. ] '«anec jwciatKl to bo atlocbed li^ dov- 

Ottr^ F ^ iiLii;; ftboDi bdicl^ ^ut a iirml doal affout 

\nv. X I iih nrt pbrwnCK nn "^ibp Ifri't* of tfatr IjtfrL'* 

" ' I " I *<ruW add Utat thia in lii pcrtit't 

rbc*ii mnffwaiw of a tcuutiful wivt 
tl' IV Jl>j lui \1fL-t*j- " . lujil. if tb« tiriiu^ng togetl^FT uf ibii^Ti 

b)atl[a«c tvh«u kbv vu rcot-iv^nj Tntr* \hv Wniti^fi^ct i-himli. 

I 'til Had v« tidHdfd In vur Wir i-t* of IIh n»M f*dik<MbW 

'-T ' - ■ ' - 

ri. :.:.■■."." ■ :.- . .-:.■'-' : ^ ^.\\. ^k-;. li ■".'inirred tu 

\i.': t:. :'. -1..^ ::.-: " .:. :. "— :„T-i - ■ •- i:;-j L^iirt^r (■.■ au mrtistolic 
lx.>Jy Tti^n uijv- 1 L^i vv^r a<:tiL i\ii'\. ihut the liihjpel a^ 
^'OtJl^ t" }iave L&d D'.- prtM^ntinicDl ^yi tLe le^ uid politu^ 
c^tabli^liiiLrDt Mi C'LrLsr ii&iiity . but lo h&ve oontemplftted 
rathrr a miJi;pJ:t:aiivii I'f t-rx^therhoodd resembling these of 
the Hermhut^r. The foimiiera zuiued their first eetAbliah- 
meat Id Muravi;i Hermhutv L e, the Lord's he«d orgiuitL* 

The churchranJ. to vhich the kind'heArted ftttenduit who 
shoved me at-jut the place look me, vad rery prettilj onu- 
mented vith id>ni^>d and dtiwer^ aud 1 was much struck by 
the uafei}£Ded ytj vith vhjch be talked of deatht Aft, with ft 
chikilike simplicitv and almost g^yetv, he jumped on the giftve 
ID which the reutaim of bis wife bad lieen recently laid. 
FiiiuleiD Ger^eodvrf vjit) a woman of ability, eiemptifyiflg 
the compatibility of practical wisdom with a devout ipirit. 

At Schneeber^ I fell iu with Anton Wall's ^^ AmfUondft,** ft 
faiiT tale which much delighted lue.t 

At Chemnitz 1 met with a Welshman, whose history in- 
terested me. He wa^ by trude a watchmakert lirin^ at Holy- 
well, where he hud great difficidtv in supporting hia wife and 
three cbihlren ; but he was a mechanic and understood the 

atcrtm-eiigbie. Graf was then travelling for the Elector 

of ^KOiiVi and loadc the man an otfer of a &ir stipend if he 
would leave hid country, *' J know." said he, " that if 1 wore 
to attempt to go l>ack to Kn^tand, I shoidd lie hanged ; but I 
do Dot want to ga I am at the bead of a maaiifactory here, 
and my cEuployer gives uio ■£ '200 j^jer aumini, besides perqui- 
sites. My wife and cliildreti arc licre. Besides, the Elector 
Ima given ikie a bond for £ lOO per annum duHog my life. 
The only condition is tlmt I remain in the coUTitt^'. I need do 
nothing; 1 nuiy H]>end my time in a jmblic-bouse if I like; 
T should titill bo ci^tEtled to my hundred a year." He told me 
of several pcrsoua wbo were paid for living in the coiuitn', 
with a perfect freedom of action. 

On tbe clay on which I expeeteil to reach Grinoma an Agree- 
able incident detained me ut <.'oldit2. Tt was late in the 
evening when 1 feK in with a parish clergyman, who having 
found Uiat I wns what is here called ati English Gelehrter, 
and l>oinid for tJrinimji, iuvitcd nje to take a bc<l at bis pai^ 

* T}ic Ci^mir ^IIIaI r1 tlw ftiol L>rihe Hutb«re. or pblnra liRL The iuitds 
PiJi' n c]<mlilu mi'iiiijn^, — [[ut ^ignifviug "jipiard" tu wellut "a pbipa irh«n 
U'lrk* lire ^innliuL^' 

t Thla title wm RfWrwirda Eraiulnled by Mr- Robimon. 




dkAivter, — ^ TV libi-h*l 1 

ulh m stitj-inx u I II !itk1 t'i rm* H/> ^^ve 

nin cl-'r-^. Hu |«riifir**ij JiSHSR-Jf li> li* L 
.-.,-, ... ...: , -r-v Inil rviilnil'j iftvJ im' MiifrlrTrlly Icihug 

'< - "T Etvw 1>Hlrr kujflL itoJef Uio tuiow nf KAlu:rj>lutJL 
,ni?»l lluit Ifieir Jililo** »a:ii «*rft SwoiiAEU. if H^l 

■-1 ' ': '^((^11 IiCfV ; nc JiATed llkjr« 

1 r;L«liiA." On inT iDquir- 

^MtucUKt iU cWr^' Liii **■; Ud(«, "O yn'^ ho t«|i1W: 

-vi>k|f^f) «*i» l*»iW Til *hfl nyititrf'li^J U«-kit ; Isit nif Im** 

*v 'wi far jw iWy *™ ho*- (»>:|. 

. . TTho r*rt k wfl |^«v \ffry lilr 

. iMw t\-r o^\ t»H\i"-i'>x *\i-f-ir.ii>'K, hill rLiro vi'it 

- lhi'iih> Wu u^ ii'i'.tikii}; jl">]t thivn^*" T!v> 1 

f iT^^41f<(i r-'^lkiiii; to nar IumI iIia TVC'>ft 

MaAi^ " M litre aiiH yrmr ret^-k^i lwn?re Lurlitv** TJie 
*u--.- »^. ■ Wl.p.tx. u,-^ iv,(ir (uiniii bfftifx* Ton wuh^ 

T Umt wry retort (n"to W fi>Lm4 
- j,-*« |.«'U:dfco4 ia G«naiui5 nl tt« time 

1 I ■' wiih n raimff JtAifid tirtMunuiH. Herr 
[' the F*iTmicti S<:liiiliT, ifh» iTitiif^ ui« 
- fiintliur'd liiHjwt. Tills pWi [^fl int^ 

■I.' (riet^M. 

Aa we nr« not pxppfir*! ir..« 
r-i tlir lUAin^ tu tht> itwvnvij. 

S«»w oiilHUL* >l,i.- wnM A tuiu-l,v duo^ im! bid tmt n nhort 

T'n? Wk tn^Ti Uiuttfrl: slfcfl wMi rich, »ii4 tm n4^mai>d 

' ntmX rwi|>o.v, J-y %\\ Hlkiut t*OP, At li";rht *^i UkT£ij- 

i.L i^iiijruuvr, uid ^ve c^ 

j,(->. r*'--- ■'■" — '" '^ T«T»A. 


6i tuuiM^ct^cc^ OK H>:.vRv ciufib Rciaxsiix. (i^«^ 

Mr inlentiun «wi l« f«Tx««(l to Dr^f'n niyl ?n^i9, nnil 



>4~rii<*r pl^i^y iiilttr i«« 

Tlic^r^ With »Uo n (^jllmiifl vlik^ M^orhcii nii>. I vj] ou|i^ s 
jPMuoric nr iv\» I jaiu]o lit tho tuiM> nMjwOtttig tkv trTqTnntinn 
awle (111 isr hy Uivmlcii : "One ikm d>.4ii of vlc^iiuov und 
Ukif &TiiiiK(rj^' fi^niinllty */ iiici<<iriil urJAiMnu'y, Uwii iff lli4 
)utiir^ i>( tifiAUirt «iHillh, Onn ^h ftdtiwr uppoMowd hy ^rea^ 

Ml s ctfriuicu wUJuli 111 I/>ivIiHi wtKjJd U' llii>iii;ht % tkatihy 
lu/^kneynxm^h ; ftiiil ihr ih^iLncT.kTifl of mi;k tkrv xTkmhiiMvd 
by Icrtiial n)>p»i(lAifM. — iiii\4Hlf b^ ^Wi ^^^i ^^-^ ^xUy laitm 

" Hjc UJ^«>r fuBiiJUiH gf ch-^ itofbu of Dnwitni i* Hk Ona4 
Qwiiltic, ur iJrATEL V'anlU* tb.- imi^t ^jilMHikj^ Hmii'li^iiliw i>f 
|#Bfllry anil i/Uarr V^yt i:i fiu^ u^ii Ab^^ktim, 111? livixti 
^wl lHi3 H^n*ll;c Itiaff i^'l' Pvlu^iJ, iiti4 lUt f^'utiiivr uf thin txilr 
It^cU^ik ojuBi^ttiitf "f ij] AiiTL^ vf Uiiii^ viu^jkIjI m IVOfJ Hjid 
pild, vo«m-1h o^ wTiirv (--intt. \ mv iho**? In oanipR»^ villi 4 
KYt-ocdi tidj uiid hb>r huatttaaii Hur npiium rcoo i<^ aiivno; 
ibififi like hjAictvM* 

"Tliv picturv ipdldrr wfti clw t)r«t of ^cnat storJbtifv I 
*ceit. It o-'iiljuini Mr [liiiturp, iihkL no* tb*t 1 hft 
all lliul K'>jitv ajjil l1i?rrJKx\ Nii|.lm. Vt*uia% ami 
tlHTU TO l-xfcltn^, 1 «li|1 kkrk imvk tlpMl Bh the<«i0 i«h>oli h»M 

or Ttvrirr luu Aiu^n-i, ^Vhcn 1 Gnit mv it, I cicbimml udih' 
t«ilk<uillT, ■ Jj>-ihia ta ibiii, it k poadUo to tndi^fe tho Im? 
nuwulaCO t'(iDcv|><i:>iL' T!*3 ]{omftu CMbotio fftutevfo who «■! 
lirvMBl l(mki-d nUcudcii, vitL nn rtn«iiL I fMPCw a Ao< 
rvfn- tif MfillrrVi mfrnrini^. Thrm «m Ihv [irtiinrx An 
sliic'i I *iMiM PirhnnifO it-* 

^'Uqu t}ther i»Tir:c -r «fipccud plfa^ip^ «tt l>rvMlcn vva u 
■Imart ikuljr vwt to tbn Ciubolic ofutfinj, titr rh-^nh mmU 
(lliuofih 1 API ivMnudtlu lo uHiiiaiy mivuc) I fam ftiQay," 

i iIkI not o«H to timkt no ctcwiott, oocil|:^ia>c a rli^t H 
PiDoitx, whMi bM ft CMttlo c^ douUfiit or divpuird celobn^ 

* "RNk ttWr «r KlftT^ ■V4TK4V *■■ fnw kj Vr. ifci>fcmn*> vfll | 

vVli , i<jfc, ttwthr c M i m w^ lo'fmfcwf nDhfMr,KMpa 

"« tta »*. of Om iktf^tf 

Sail »ita. u 





i M^ <Uil ft ^a«Hd&n vlnaUwr tb« imty vhuL b«u« Lb* 
wf: — L.) oTur ooUrt^ into AJiMik^ llii* vroat puwon 

B I Knutook 

i.iifiihQ by tho lUtfno dT Uio Scu^ni SviUcvlaiLiL 

* in iJiiuLilJiri' iiiry VftfKty uf uitMiiiCiln 

[ cnroo to, tliv tUtW tonn 

' iKKUL. I hjid Mrt««l Stmh 

-' cv^i^Mvu, itb^ Aftfi Ufi JriTC t<^ luywlf ]» ftfviiutij 

'nl, artr! in nti ttiti u iiajifi>rUiHi-, ctjf>r I KUj;.ti fonr 

Iai^iM rotilu ED lliw Lvt^blcritcod it tlie 

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tnl that hU ho^vK cf any igrmi itnjraTmmtii iu tuatikioil 

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tflg« irbkh in hU j^ii^fiikf^it mAT be exptctiTd from the I'roi 
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It hniltrii^niirM.T-.lii&fl t>M <* p»Mi ; »» hwl Tvtiirrt4yl tli» 
of filitlMi-jkhv forrtot'tno^- Thvn* vfrt w>ir.* irist* itL<«i ninai 
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th« pDnplc n put5 1A vbal nti^l lo hiKT«'b««n |«ft in 

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t^dlm Cd tM Umt Wi«Wd b* • «opporter of *T**-^Tial 

U» «pek« ivitb icTMt faohiitf i^ tik wl^ «)ii> liftd dtod » Tow 
v«*k* bsfotv. - ] b*lp EiiT«Bbr ikith iUi»loa«,'* ho mid ; " tut 
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Itf^pr Tmat|{. - ibe TTty>li<« ' ' i r wUf ncrrr l>« wittV- 

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Bfld iKHieat A^;g■ug MobcJ^. ut>t«il fear iui ooiuU<»t U> aUtajEon, 
at vhicb 1 hoih aoir Mtvl jift4?nr«rdB iuut Um U-nrdt. It<^ hstd 
M florid nmpUsior^ uid K<tnodto he in tbo poaMisioaof niAlic 

Ml- cuiD|i«iii<:iis thru took iM lA FVoAnoT Mf^cr, iihu in* 
tfUftUHl Uft into ibu pcy4irftr# ct (jM4li«, — Ui«<[n-»t ittui, Iho 
Ani fl^iHit of wbp^T) TiAy vc]) Tir^rr^ *n crp<Kiti m t}ir lilc of tmy 

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ndf '>' <:(' hU ^Tisint*! vaa Mtth tlmt, had thr oppor* 

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M I nvr irw SM^'^toMd by an ftcvidiQE. Tlw U«i 

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m vhliHi f>np n( -hn Hud. wnaHcahU ttkODMilavwi vbffo K«m- 
Ud 1 ih« Duk4»^ dttffiiHDd M t raesik, bftd hii bood pullad off 


by Li*K«u On thu, K«fiiUe, with aa etpreaaioa fif wocii 
di^lv. jwoeoftlnl the UiTDoe «ijti 4«liveral jmignwal <>« 

tbfl Buno view of bin Bidu-ticv- Tlic oxivi-milioa m 

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feU flj If n wi^lii WTO rpanf>f«d fWim my hrraiit, nnri «!■ ~ 
-* 4Mt t#l iMiklE 1 " fCcfofo loQfE 1 lAw hwk uacWr mon 
bl« B«>fiioeA ; but of tbat h«v<nfttf. 

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RlUfirr mndp m tfpi|fr>m vitin the ntncm (ir>rl r*vibr« 
tho K^'mt nuui wm? foind of ropcatuig. 1 hvLovOf tu 
thht this ilcfacuKir Wh* n«i^r$Mry Ui Mlf-dc&^oc^ It 
i>t)lT fmi(iifticin «jfnin«i the idtnvii(m trhktt winuli 
hftvc ro'nbod him ftnd tbo vorM of % biK? portkiii of bia< 

H, C ft TO T. R. 

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itntou OT«r foiopoiod, I httTo ttmd it lhre< linx'^ HiUim 
iConib, ai)d btflhrvtr it bie luA h fftttlty Iiim. W. Tzhsiiir imi] 
ira-fiftfAtiirl It, rvi Iaj- out hnir a nrown f>n mjr jiidj^mtfiir, 
fluiOT U». SKtdoftt Ut b* IpbijcctkiA, — And ywi mil to*) tl 
«ht i» tlt0 a>o«i i>f^rircfc idciJ of ihi; Ccmak cbj>nc4«T orcr 
t^^Kttl. rivnllinu in thnt pcdui of vicn cimi MlIiooi'i Ei«. Viml 
aiJl HrlniLrt* thn »»k^mrt rofKiM^ tb»«dlniii«l tnuniniUity of b«r] 
ehAra^t«T, M mO KM of th<» «rc<tU thictii*elv» . uid tiiB ii, In! 
oiv iniEpL lliu utuir%it<r[»t)C <if iSveUic. JIlh better ftiid okortl 
n^rfW-t wurtn «« vtii^f^iit dliinndrr And ttmiuU, -^ \h*^} 
hW CJftud# UffTftin^'t lu>dKiip(« ftn^ Rkphiud'it faUi 
ptfCtcb OovUie'i ^onc» ttiid BftlUfl tad KJt^n «11 hAva 
MUM rhomf^vr ; hin IteUMk ilk |«crt«vW Imm ■ ttiUtit*i 
fiincj wbii'K U f\b?iiiLtl:iff, Knt vitlvnit iiiHiuloit«o. ^o harry* 
ftcarrv, u in lltiii^i^crt '* Ijocjoutel-" Apuffu*. 1 b«lkO*L' ^cU 
iad 111 U<:tLk l««hi« a IruukiiiMi of a boJlwl lulled Uit- '' Eih 
Rkif;/ — hnnt fhr it n>id mad IL GwiIm kaovn his ui 
worth, lu tbo wtHklt oompni of kit wwkit 1 Miavv not «' 
tjnidft itftfftOi^ or AD AHiek m wUdi bo ^f^*'^ ^ 
■•11^, to to b» fbuiul, "^ it lA cdoubIi ttiAt his wcirkA 
tb«i«. .... 



•vMiiiiK \ kftd an mtMdnetkiii to otui wbo ihadj 
^BioiAr HDul'l hkvc idiJ i^a fim rank, &ad wbo la 
Olid liciututf iiuiircMcJ <;vcrY oua with th« (o«liAf 
[iD^;cd u> Ut= rii^t^'tt itIum or tiwn, Tbui vuh Hvr- 

Uo«dk«, |iim}^, j^rlupA, on nrogiint ^^ my haitg 
[at Uic BUM) tinii* witti n ^tjuliiu^ihlii^i |AjUicwt| h> 
Lit umii, (he uiLiiurEi: p>]ivjml itritur aa\ iiiaUi^ 

4uUioc of vuvvnJ A.l^;ruul nUU* pofim tigiumt 
die ijTfwl Lut - -1 »-it« itf Ujtf AtiMriwi cauBo, 
kept in tb<« I, r»iiU*tiliiig luyvflf nith 

[ift Irttor VrhklL Jir;-i-L^^; <lu b KocJia linJ |pvuu lUf^ 
^i^it Tw iiw ib-i'^ tUy. Hi? bwl a fitw dIoKmJ 
Lod znt »( l>r. f■r:^' < i «wori ma 

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It I «WI content tayn^lf w^lL mybiu; Iwt we 

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it of tho Kiq^iih Ivnc jnHij^ luiit bo dc* 

tt« A«p«rx>rity of IUc>u*U<k'a Oilvs (<j iJi that 

li«(l vTcr vrktmi. Wc ialk«>i iJm> a^n^tit cnir 

i«nw luvi hit ^te AH.- 4 abftke of Ihft hflcd fiV 

t'liniAT 1 QiLUd oa tlio on« otbcr ien»t- 

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of k£V'iJi<t'«. li<^ fiL-J. irul. (uKi puwU Kocm ridk-nknw 

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ulj^it w« *i<al to tijt} tJiu«tn, wbfiTv I Mvr 

'III " p«rianitvi] Lti tlic pmviKo of tho bUtbor. 

icrv oAts : ' ' VKYttuuiy iua (vo p&tjuwij tlwiJnp 

&p>jb|li} of M^iiiHi iMvUtort, Wnrnsr vttb u 

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tu L :,.r .: ;;u oDd rnotldtnof dTmua^Uchtim- 


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U-ia-oKjflr III slie r«iifroor ttia Ant m« fiTlht* plr. In piruci 
initn- ftlbixv v.]tvr€ )M.^r['\ti. iliitUw) of nUtti^ to tu^^tv ihvo-^ 

ft itiKitfkC4v lUkit it ki cniuid'TPtd n H^irt of inthiia^KTtt ■>« 
nKhlft <>f (>ll>cr« to tiihc kaoc or clbov iv-dhi, Jlctr* uo iIaI 
lyinmrr, I Ibiml iiiT»clf in wi di%iuil aji«rLiiK-i]t, an Ivlitljr tinil 
clntodcdly Aftonkn). nti^l bi> frH< iin<1 put iti lut Mpvt. Tlikt I] 
aliiKMt toiipit nbMv I «ui. Jti Iho fdt thu tnU ktv uIJ m 
htPtd, cacti pvnton Uom fan otm, uid cacIi tttnX luih Afrii^ 
Mbigki row li boxHt (■ tiijip(irtc) by rL-gnnt |^liir», iinif-r 
Cbo pi Imaipini ftroJl kt pk-nmiit^ The boxca har« no 
iovi ffttcopA in fronU Tticy »rc kdomcd. too. by clo)^ 
Uns and ftri.' i'j«(-it UtIuw ; lEiKtctuI iif tho bnnnbi ffTcal 
pj»crd in fW'iit ami Hfi^fnnt irrm polwidCK Hirro nr* uo 
Mai»s oalj dwir*, uH nf «hichT m fraixt. arc occii|tiofl try UcImI 
I'fav lEi.'t^ll?iiim ifo itjKi tlitfi |iit HhtiL Ihcy tin ivjt. ua Ci>uitMii 
rttV4lirr«, wnrr IuIhtvI rhp cbsi™ nf T-h**if fiiir /MfWrff, 
~ box m frwit iM noctL|>if)d liy ih« DlUo tni hnclityw with 
■nUt, flf ixrnrno wliK^Ekt Hif "lull r<^rii>:*T^v iittcn-Ijnj a Ruy 
prewDcrhl On^r^ Ijin*. I IvhHit Si'iiilicr i. t-rvnl jmn of 
•TOnjli^ kaiufi^ ctv-if (b« rlticnk ikn nr\<{ chixuu-j nHli lhi> &ta> 
ify. [d Ibe pcHbrtiuinco of i\tn crirriiii^p 1 mvi plckuod 
(Sniff M the nprnomtntiv? uF tJie lieru, mhI v.-tb Wadi 
«cUff jA^ftrroaiiti nii Thcila. Sho wo* a gnuy^ uid bt^atil 
vrtnltirf, ifac fir** *<tr<'j*fl of tlic ooiap«*y. 
/ J Cut* oUiiT iiiii»<( ''humctrr w*t tWIj^S, — t3n> a» wlw, 
' I varying in WillmTii Tnjiw of MfHTTii^h, wiw th# m«tact of aU.' 
* Tliiji urn* Aiiifimt von K<'TKO^iirr, ih« very pupiuar dnit?ia(a|,l 

pnnta rf hii ivrtiTirry vhilf ho wnft thi» Mnl of il»n tnoh. If 
WM ftt «n« tinHf" (aivtiit Uiia limn nrvl n Tittk lal^) a 6«Torll 
in all Europp, On* of bis pUyn. "^Tfar StTru*j:<t," I faa^ 
■*«il notnl in (tormnn, Ituj^liHh. f^pnuMi. Fmirfi, and I IwBai 
aJm IcaJtntt. Hn vtm tlir p^ntionrr of lYituln, AniirrU, 
Riivia. Tlic frilitiin |i^:it)iK^ by (In^^ ciivunwUaee, mud 
itapitntMin uf ti^inic « eipy, cwrt; jisL^^tci ai iLo cauM of 
acKUHiriFtiirn hy a irmJf^t of Ji-rm n fcir ycun aftirr iinr v\ 
He vm Hvin^jf, l:kc <>o«f bi?, in n Ur^v bntno and in tcylA 
ilnuik fm villi him. and fouud him n lively little ii^ao «il 
iwnti blank rrisi He hnd the inaoaca^ of »/jc{hr u^ji^n. 
wm a marnc4 man with a Inrj^ fnmilj, uvt tMawd to bt 





*. . 



fKDiid tn htn wuvkft. yffti vi-rv luhrml thn>iigti a mite of 
ptitn- ^ly « njitv«#nriivrf. •rvl ^-orni Mr. IY:«Til«nt m ctotc 

iiLoitttblu Al^le ID viuc4i aH 

>ii >rij4i1ii n»ik« idc tiQagino thv 

; RiMnJ III O^niuuiT. if I did not 

' Wire tijt; pniiic mi*] thx^ of tlio 

fak-jrlw Eiaid rdoii of thrif nftikd. 

<":^Ji» (wUi i£utA^ a ftsrtiLixi by ihcir mtinj^ 

-utt^nrUid buxifc-lf ditirek Ly bU pen, 

»^.^ I or lAiU<> but its parii ; And c-r^a thai nnonff pftria 
L ftu i^flkt OKoalkmc^ U bw l>«ti imnuMinlaDd by DUEQr • 

I ktr Uip Mikn nf ita maim-iitAJTui, mod kj rjmlnhly wiU tia 
Aft ntMkanvt of tlv dtbo- <lii>«f puttiL liicac, oii^ h^w 

^ Sumky. uniJ uunr m^l nUti hiiiI wind, v« kft llm mtt 
■f ilitf NiM«a fo* til* nvLool nf (he pbiloaofihiiTr*, — W«dnur 
^^ ifBL The Vnirrniir a! tlxr Utttr pkor bit* nil the ad^ 
iMliyD ttf lila, IfiB},' ^^i * licfuiljf^l lAlWy. 11lc Umu itj«l( 
M«pptn«clwd lh«a Kvicuir. ijokcd iutvrwUii^' and proauNJi^ 
» » Jwaeodtfd Uh vindrn;* rovH eftlkd the tinnkci, bift vjlhm 
tt liA UifSKrly pbicc. 1 lit (fu<v umdii unc uT h Mra;}^^ kiter 

■nddil lt(irv> ^ tJigractcT* - ^ <>nc KiilU, trlio, luvintf |>«Hcd 
OrkM-i, ik-^, ..„r;, 'T, v^-im of study, o:«ktJfi\)(vl lo live ti<*c rit 

t^' !■<-, ■AUDtrriBiE lut liaii: >vtiy> bnc by 

lk» <'utiTi'ULHHti iLjj'uui^ 4ml itntmoting otliviv. Ha ta- 
>Mvd aw Ttrr Aotf^luJIy, IbouiEh my iub^ 114.-1 ji«; ccnouftcd 
^tj^ D>J OaiJir «ilh «i)WO vent* frotii ikmibru UtAiv took 
ttVtVB 9sMtont'r\'ota. vliAfc 1 viw thir ftuil^uU in ^^nUrltrr 
tnv liiAb ] Imd oon bcfiiro^ Ilii ciitbiiia*Ati« Ulk: nboiA tkv 
|M«ta mM iiEuliMciplK4« AttnkrikAl in io« tho lUvire. vrbkh voh 

•^^ '-t^ hif't HfliEVj^, uffX rml oil ((I'll 

,t ttf vhii?^ *iUf pvib- 

, 'Aftwldad friends 

ABcviti|ifuuml \M A Bbiiri ibnliiiiwi.'' t wiw atte of thuBe (WmtdH. 

tt» ■MfiMnili cniUir^ vDl i« lkiD4 As Q- II [^vv'a "Uro of OoirtAt," 

f irit^rffiiHriuT. 



OERMAHT. 1802, 

I PTSTALLT left Gnmma on May 4, 1803, B r mtM W> bad 
finished hii preparatory ntudiefl for the Univenl^, and 
Tuhed me to accompany him to Fnnkfort, We tDt«Dded to 
have ^no thitbor by CKrhbad, bat on mj ftpplvin; to Mr. 
Elliott for a oertilic&te that I wa« mi Englbhrnan, he nftued it 
very civilly ou the ground that I had not a iingle letter «r 
pnper to corroborate my deolfxration. He aaid he had no tlonbt 
that I wan vhat I declare myiclf to be, and he voukt ^wik 
in my behalf to the p^per autfaontiea. But Brentano ol^ected 
to the delay, and wo therefore changed our route, and took the 
opportunity of visiting some romantic icenea among ths 
Fi(;litelgcbLrge, or Fir Mountains, the birthplace of Jean Faul 
Riuhtor. Here are Bome very curioua rooks, well known and 
oelebratod by travellerfl in aearch of the pictureequo. UouMi 
of ontertainment have been erected^ and are adonied with i^- 
iHira. wiiiclk arcj fumiHUEd with iuBoripUoHH. (>u a lofty roo^ 




In fudMc Utfuuitt Ujc L~itLtvr«^ tovn of ErU&cut, I wM 

tbo^ tlujr liod ndf Umi W^iiv; LTniAKlctto* of tbn CuDUb* or 
' 'Ik, Wr ftap|iod b£ llkD ^cM iwi, when: lh«T« i4cria 

if I'fii&KKir Abf^b[« atid I w a|(4iz; xtruc^k ^ly the con>-<>irtoncv 
rfcfnUco Amonff ton ^kviima j>hi|i»o^on cw ta t^ tr^iuoeB- 
4nA fmua of SbfthvflpokTOt Gtwlbr, uud UuiUr, — the Iriplo 
^i«]r fif mutm pKvtnr, hdd riy Uio iliitruiv uf optuaii ju \a 
Ih* piMU f^itHujida oif lacrUplij^CL Aljiclil viu ilna ttntt 
(hnufi wbatn 1 had lamrd aiw bcud' m iViusdtyut nc^fti 

I ftba vliftMl ?itirvnibfl^, bnaoiii ^r tbi< ajamtlKCoFT of 
li^ : oad lUctr ve of tb<j loutt cun^iii t&rid mUJooiJ of fOtlM. 
Qa tbf aunuiv ■At'' ^^i' A^ii^^L 1 iumd «uh- aod walked out 
tS itu gwUH, nnl iin t^t a'ltoti nmi lunwUii by Uw gnftri ; 
«bn im^tn^ CM to A«ivin»pbiiy hun to the (fOrvrncc J ob- 

IwvmI mc cmrlcmuJj, cuujkiueil my |mm, juknl tii*> a fuv 
yw O w w, uid fiodtDg J vui at thr priftCkpnl mn. diiimKiK^ nao 
villi the OMnnnrtf tJuU Im wwi n4ti«fied thftt I k-m an Klin^i- 

*!.. ' sM tHd 1A hbnMt* Iq ibfi «ourivr of thtt Jay Iti^ 
^^1 . hI Inuk^y tt> T^* vrilU tho ai«»«w^ iKii hr IkiimJ 

1 ikmiii pot lliitik vt*r>' ' •■ fcr kIlaI LaiI hapjA^utii 

I flM iK«i «vrvM>l t>> l'^] ^i^uiw ii tn) airi>fl. «fiil li^ 

*wd 1B0 4 b*» Kn4 cry allor a nt«mch»ut wha baA hooovne & 
htwhl^nl !iazikriipt uij4 fled IW #iV/juiinnnrf sUUd Ibod 
'I <iii imaUlono* aM <:U>th uraii'^rv ! 

IesJ HtmpliPtiy ttitU wludi ihA ti^tt wiumd 

iLilK, ''Q tbifu biJy \[i*i1mt of 

rj ii.M> iiEi.HinL-i of Pndiuil" AniiUirr flood 

Jiitf ttW «u4 «Aif* had bfvcT fo^'ottcn to pmyfor him* hut dvw 

(Lit br 1: ^ ~ ■ hrK «ht^ wi'^il'l du it ua liiuc* oftfiHT. J 

[ ifhiU tlJ'-i tlil TiiUi' 11*' l-wLy HEUHvl UMiTe Ij'n'ly dJl 

ijurc L'jcUtal III- ' ^ik. I ftinr h*tc JU ft [A*T* 

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mM^Ai£iij of ila M>K-- U ^-.ia ^.-utitUd "Uu&iWubiliilor'* 

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TUfa l&« Inm-hand 1 That *a glorioiu^ — < tbe Irtm-luKl ! * 

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V r ^'M'J' ^^<^ ^ *^^' nt'Uiittg of hiai cr b» fnintl^. 

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h«ail <»l ll^« litatorifHj uhoi^j <if Uvr m opfxHod to th« ccdifjr- 
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iiun Iav. At iW timr c/ vhtf b ) Mpoftk bn vu known lif « 
JtMcncd work dd fiod Lbvt, ^' Lbvt HOnU'^ (oo l*o<»a>ionjB 
A dinner for fiwr ««■ bnHifflil up to his a|ArUacaU onrjrdif, 
fur him, Ui« tvo BrruUuOb. and myself; «ixl wo UBualljr viMmi 
the rcit of the day tc^pilivf. !^vi|^^ m alto^MJiar dMN^ 
«nl ia Lia muuKr (htm the BreataaM, ■ mUior mJcow in bii 
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and im.% 1 uUu^v tbimil liai& oii in> mAt, H^ IvhI u Atw flwB, 
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ktiu Bmiuuiuik K iiuijrii'i<Jik l>i inuiiu. Svvl'ihI of lier IrUflni 
to h«i» wtrt wot iinrk-r iXiv^ to ui«^ t ftm mtbHinwl to con* 
fen llukt, tboudk I wnb fully M4t«ibU of th« t»L>litlitj- oT td* 
AllaiiunviiU ud \k9 wortli of bin trfionutvf. I liftd ao UuIb 
dtonmaient w tint in th^ kvt to formee hJM ^tcaI 5ituvt 
Mnmocoh Of hi* ccnvnrvttion 1 rtoolbci only ouo Ihnaif 
thsl ifl duhnkct^rirticb He uid iliot «i &i^uili kwror night 
miidar ft^vat mwioii Xa Irnml vijinrr U- Mniiyjni^ T^hn RomMt 
Ij^w, uid nbMrtncE <b« obJi;;ntif>iu of En^fliMli Iaw ui it, whitA 
Vtt tDoro ntiiQcn>iiit thui ti ^rkcrtJIj siippmcd. Ot^ cIajt 1 
nir^jfioTjfsl our ikdnn of b wn^x Ut priin~ lo Lr-y ^a imtur, 
uid hr ibficvined nb« thai Ihnl wiui ^KiirottiHl from tlu< Bodmd 

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At Unrlnnc* ' ""-'^ ^i' <*■> ''^'t yrHii (Titrimtmii lirvtitniM fur 
j4*iiL The only riL^klunt on lh« journey wliioh I rMolUtft, ii 
A T»it to lb« ctltf^rttPtl coBtlc ^if WurtbuTjf, wb^ro Luther m- 
derveot bin friifoJly imprinormitTiit. bud iuiul« wt of bi» 
AunixiH ^rftiutlHtwii c^ llw* HiTd^. On nrnviiiu: nt Jeim I took 
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iDtrurlixvd to a iMXiil i^irct? wfjich rrn^^rml ray 0l«r ihcir, %31 
tbr aiitimiti fif 1^5, una of tbe Itufi^jiT^l [n^odn of my lifr* 

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I iiMtrioiiliktorl <iTi <h4^ :'i>lh <<r IM'dicr. tli0 Prororlc* b«ang 
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1-1 9utrtt<^\ '- a pnjciu«v nbich ipighe 
i* < tcAT, i»«A«iLly adv^iicuij^ <Mth<r. And yi^C 

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C^IWfiuitnl rhv»>c*, which wo c^\ N^uni rhiicjoophvi I 

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ahtHi «(lmin» hli iikMniiwMits and mulo nt the rgTV|pn«t« oIk 
luntUj of hn illiwtnitiotia of tho Uv« of iutur«i an*! M hn 
■UciDpU to draw * wicirnl frctn Wia ph^rsiG^ Umk-ha. Hn ta>/ 
piBvitilj^ fi-pvoL hu dvuHU' br^Hitbinu nt lvn> wfrls uf Irv, 
raala lEid fpDule : or lUlnilo t« hri flttiKimtMu 'if lh« THliiCj, 
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diuiii>r- JcoA ia faoiAaj) f<:ir tin tivl 4>41.tii}; luict ilnuktiv;. T^ifitt 
I fi^Aj prppttnt DUMir Tor a l^ctiirp ac tu'ci from 0«rlK-i(ut:T-IJt7- 
fn^th l>r*l*t^ tta Phi«ii^l Anihrnjiali^'v, Uy fnr tNo Wtl di^- 
|jtVT«<t HAd niixit ««eltil rif tho Ic^ciiiroi I nitorut I Hitdl do 
«a^ ti«et t<> o>a(pi(-r ir:y dinlik-; of, nod cvrn diwoivl ■>'< ab<^ 

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gcnenii lam ucd Mmcturv tif tbo bunu^ hmnuk M (k'STlOfPpl 
iHth toss miuuttiaess fur i^tifrTiI Mit^cula Uiaji he «iuj>lo^a 00 
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it^putation iu GcmuuiT lui Uua of Jobn Htmtor tu En^EwHl. 
umi tluit Iho uiUAvum ^iJ ir» ^ri)fr«»>jr wvro tu^'t-t her tiivHal 
mxfu atlit rhU liti^n fj> t^ir HiiAftlflii Tntvi^iMitv <il' Ourptit, — 
Ch* ■aftbtvoini atad tn^rustin afRrmitt^ that Ibe proltocfr veot 

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Udnr* tvr au hotir oit .Eithctic*, or Ui« 11iilo«iJphv ipf 7^L«t«- 
il> miu of tbo oWnHt^ oT a ^iln^lty in whicli nrv oom- 
liiticd TiaMOMlid ftbstnkCticu and ««iUitnijulic iD,<kHtii:lKJii, I >li>ll 
onrtRiiLh" 1v jkmnuvl ni jnuiiiubr miriHik^ (b'i«#v't tnulifo ti 
oonpr«huiul the wbok) m bin doirol'-r^irnt^nt <.^ Vktouff idcoA 
und »Fitnft«(iiin of the pbilM<it>Ur vuikrd in l1i« Qrv<tk my-^\ 
tXtdlogy. I inaj l>^ pcrlia^ it littK* totirfiml non ami th«.j 
tiT bv «aotoiop«iiotiE trcAtmonl of nnr Ri^lifth tnitvfi, m 
WcdftCffday 1 win by bin nhtiu at Ihurwin xni \jKk<. I uai 
boar Ji^biuan called ihivkfJ^ttined, ■■unl Prii<^1«-.v tbaHon. 
iiiay Ivur it iiurEiiJitcii tlml ifimfw » n^i f<> be Piptri-ltd tft a} 
OHmtTy tf ht-ru maehcTiuatij?t are luluoJ ou}y u lli^y nuii bdp, 
Io iu&k« vpinr.iiv^j^tiuki* uid nuctiiD«* far VTfkvinif «luokia| 
AAvr A trlci>ll Iv the rtinvldt- in PantdiiKv I shtll hI tiar] 




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■cc fV.i if I i:fiLkncii} to bo in ■ f-rmuc mcod. I n^^y im^lc Mt 
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u'j I \4t>, pxHUL, nr t-ibfi^ l4?bl «i<fvk-'* 

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pMBSL 2^4^11 ikfUT wntu^ tb« liJttAv frcot vbioli ihc ab«iv« 
Vtaktfi, I «M hitrtfd lo A lupticc-pMrtj u SobelliBifn. Tbf 
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nflti' ^■ bo lutffiMd to by a ffrr^t mtrUpbrvrdki^ 

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cf llf iVHriilnliatri a« U)o Qmk*, i^ail the imiiuriMni |jiurt 
rl mmii a |!i-jitJciffftD frr«rEic P^littiiu^r! ^ 
i^r J<fVlnnd. k» iho fnrm of n Anr^ktBi- " U 

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ii« l* GcmuTi pbJlDwij>hy, hti'aQu^ tl chjiiiKiH !■■ cw»t Atvry 
rw." ^"X nroof. " b« n>|^U«l. -- tl^t tbo Kn^liih d» tx<l Uxj: 
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ifakti SclMJUoit 1 viU liiru luU rini In* h^ litfr 4r«irtiv 
iUo- nf a whil* rtixm, if iho ^mirrtuiicrron mnr h« poHonrd, 
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Of ha I biiVf} u^ rwoDAfti -ii. th^-ujfh i And kiivnf; my pni^n 
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B^in^ or All in At! u|ifim]i wiioniaini n» Uiu Anlu* tv inininf, 
HViiiboiijc^d hy Uiv Son, vtho, iKixa-div^ to tiio Cliriftifita rewlji- 
uoOk j» VM^iJccI to tlio ooiiiditi«M <>f Tunc, like «]l n&liim] bm 

twit, motur fliMl iipinti u tLo yELUwr. Aud tliiia v,'! 
W cImI a(1«t aU llie Alliftnuiiu) Crt«d «iU be m* 

UiftiDict* la 4 pap«r of MrM&ftI r^<>Ilc<-ii(iiL>. but, iii fact, 
nolyoctM Lfocupml Biodi uf ukj ttttjc vhilv uj Jnihi — Hiiii 
nton? tbnii acv. 

The old Atiht(*nt R^U, U> wlunn I have ofavftdy rv^vrrH, 
tmdiaotil no to l^ifnA^-i Kricn, tli« omM di«itAKDi«lMtj IUa< 
tiDUii.-r n.t tliot inib!. wlvn the jr|i?n)i»tJi pf ibr FirhtJ*- aed' 
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coiled iha TriU4ixsi(ltailiU (or, if jou vUJ, Um l^gli-llTiQg;) 

H. C. a ra T B, 


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iMffa — tbit (act tliiil t Bff 1 i»[iK?Du;i of A nK«nl Uu — in « 
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•9 MwathflHf nhsut tha atudcot liio, of vtuc^ «vntf' 

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ttmay ocoelldDtm of IkwI nnd he«rt, Noiri/ kJE thit 
gntdiwte* belot^i^ tu tooieli^v which nre iialioil L^i 
oohilUfl, — th<«e Lai>i*nrtiiriwhnflca b«itvr foraiuij uf 
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at nwr* tb^n Inn. Th« &rtl vm with the RhciaU&iUr, 
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o««tkig« (V&Iy b««r ««« drat^, but >h«fv m > grnt doU 
ftnoking. tficre «m; bomwr, do ai«MB to UienilV. Muii 
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jnetihr ; biti a f7rr«M i^viir I iwvfv hwiM from • ^uiif^nu «l 
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Uskm^ bmlUis. And kittlittVAab <itb«r. .lAer Uik Ui« 
be<3Aiu<> Di3t>brtl'I«r — UiAt M, inttOAd of ^rMting oach 
m tfao onliiunr wny bf the third pcnoo pltmiL t^^j nado 
of ''thou"; ud itVA« A le^tiiiMl« oiuae of diiol it 
S=6moUi* trtiih^ii. " Sio ~ vikA imd (mumI of * Da * M 
hAd drunk vilh «wk!« oT tbt>M UhdaUMer, I oAcd. in 
lo ATood iJl ocouina of quaml, vbco I mot may one of tbi 

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olbor jcTBAd Coaixn wlilah I Attended wha «iih Ibr Cm 
der. A CiirWid ooUauab. a very y^^atig *»■«- bmiqcbK vltl 
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Atno&iE <br MU'lfdtCA ptrwMial EnAnd>, wbdta he iuvitnl to 
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tfrimts inD*t oTio'-cud to «*«li olft'or m ftppeomioe And uao- 
■' ' >:tB of ibe Hiotfui Empire. — ihv httSitik' 

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WrtQ£ till' ('nLrrr>{ty to cttclauii^ Idmo lobiNn ol tmMOi- 
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(■£BT^i<fii An JmAiH* 't^r tli'in I fr*1 ihe intthond fbrotof 
iLf h fi'JI fn'Ti, MiwAuiw <Ic SUil OD oao npiiniiiiii 

*^ ' r: Tit. r^'^-lj^'S ads. ii Ud, callnl im her aad 

»L Vfhen alvt hwl bowfd fcfm 

jrv UT. Ori odL* of ttove irh^f:^ I po«HnM u writUD, 
' I tfnU iw««r forp-rt yoii. and I expMt the bbihc from von.* 
Bu dbI r««Ti tliii dcraonal brinf^ th« writer lo ntr miihi 

A»*mnint vi a (Ji-nua IJnivendLv wtiuld Ih viTrr itnparihit 
f*ba<t Mc^c tncQlicti of dn^lf, wlueh, from the great ouugem- 
pnfirml>j firc-jlotctlT h\w broof^t mora ropr«ub thtfi ii 
Onr-mllT vpcakici;, Iboj tan lunDlem. V«^ few jc- 
len* Oir invt»aTWH In «hnr>h ih^ are fiiiAJ, ami not oflcn ie 
:: iiTj ^iilleiwL [ kmnr of only dcm> t**e cf tho 
ikU of ft ■t^ukcit who hnd roceired ft wound in 
:'nim «faiah hi> uui] hi* i4io«ild fifiver crwn to iM 

inc ■A'd f^in t^*k^ rovttitnt. '' He tlmt <lar«a fK>t bokUy 
jiet hitlife lil nlftke ftijd plfty nic.h it u with ft top. 
ft caiftii^icniftblj' on* wh*i :* *iy r^ntnn? im\*»I*' to rtyor it, or 
m^ I--*i--*4 ii in ItA bii>rtii:4t ▼ip>r," --ft h^Ql whii^h it i* tnio 
*' 9 btfiv, lii^ iJi ihc cimiMC of the liM mji tnootha 

^^ _!. il duHn wrrr. finiprht, 

im ilio noftf^ ftvd KU tbc repic^TH whtth trilh itv 

^ 1.,.. — 'imly « murderonji •ppo^nuir^D : hot honor 

ik- nfrpMiniinthu flmJi . n rery illj^i wvm»d 

-J TIP] uiLi^ iiiiH gmftt oftTif i« tAkfft rhftt nntbmg mora 

"titm tb4U 1^ OtMieUd- The oombftUnu bto imirila 10 BU&d 

* Pm U«Au>J ai L'lUrH. Li 

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ftt A ^auuKo Autii vncb ndior, nirI tvo Mcooda lie on tb«i 

too bffv. Tlkufl A— |— & A wiJDarethirdtAHIIsli. 

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ia lUuJ^ to tw clAiitf«WkJ«. Til niuGtviiibfi niK« uut of ft ktur 

dm] ■ rimh vout>fl <m ths wta in uil (Juit &> irtveiv An Um, 

, bHiM u luuallv no utumportAQl, n vcrv iJiifht olf^EM* u ffuo-n 

ftttiuw Uin ttutUrtln v\\f^h u\itiUi W (lviJvi<4 fivtii Tcx)tlHluii«'« 
IdUtMJtH i^ndfl u Ui ^ viiig ilit' W- For lDiiCd;iLV, if A Aaj* gf 
ftArihiDir tlut U uyif, '' Dma ut oocniicb " (<tMl l^ owiiOftl) — 
Uukt m fl TuHi^ — aa offence — uLich D imta ik'I^ioc, or A 
liftji titc '^ftdiHLiiU^" (vt Aii«^'/i'> <if him^ Or if A nij», " Ic> 
& finv dftr, Li|xfi cu/ bon^/' ftiid B aftVK " t'poQ mjr honor k.^ 
n duU ikyr thot '• ft l'owAr> fuir here tb^ lioaor of ono «/ 
(vo tlumcbru u in in^oikiQcni penL tkit it ih nul l4> be anj^ 
fHiunl thut a tl^iil ntn t^kn pl>rp /ii^r A^/fafia, AVbf*nKW ft 
7'L>wfAi' hfti buctn rci?(*ivud. ebo pArtj nrada hth frxnd ti> tbv o|> 
]ioiwnt^ii roctfn wiih a Xiqiccitltftmor (& Ukk Citt tivui a iinjcblict^ 
inp Tcnl),* vim, withoul putting ptf bi» ttjii, t^kt vI)ai vfti 
iDMDi. If IW flnp|KiBwl ctf«Qdor niri, " 1 mnuit noibir^,'* or 
'* Ko olEectGC ■OK uvtmukd,'* tbo aStn U oror; but n Dimclt 
«bi M ^raloiH of bia honor, thoui;h bo ftctUftJlT fltd Eixiftn 
&otbff^r, 11 aahnmotl to t^y m, jinL) Uu» thu unml niiKV-Kr b, 
" Ho iBfty iftko it n* be lrku«-" Tborfupoa tJu i>c^^>iul uijit 
^ A fWrrt mo to tc4] you tbttt >vi) uv ft ilnnmcr Jui^^-c, ur » 
diiDimi'r KotI " ; ih^t it, " Yvu un: mi ^bu irr i fuil.*' it, «> »i 
idj^uld *fty m HogUncl. " You mrv uo gvii«I*?m:in." Thu tc tbe. 
oOVnoo T-hich blood iloao con mltii«H. lE^i then, u 1 wd bo- 
lunt. it it iwly nrtD bluc4, out bcftft'a bloud- Duxiiitf my «Uij 
ftl y^iMK il narvr lupp«n«d but one* tTml » nuji tsmiw to mj 
rucciih «iih ft Zitigaubuucr* Tlio tftiidt-iit who <\u»« «ii4 ■ 
■nvil'lL- r«llo<r, "mitt volantcvred in ordi-T lo pretmt t aiUj^ 
yotitifr A:Jioir ■poiUpg u fpiAL ft li"jl uv IuujkK TIic uurBVO* 
tbrow donvft hii vlii-'k uk) Iu( bM. Hud borrt onl Uii^bing ; 
it very i^t«K took Inioh iiir JiiMwor thut J Hieftnt uuLhhi^ 
Tbv tarnJur mm il jltuiji,' llnKftB w^Llamftik, ftud fn^uu Ikftt 
tivu I ivrii9«4l tu H{Kuk (o bUit 

■ T^t> v«oJ, 7if««h4:n, «•* *«bbnuii tor A* kbaR«4 iti4fc« ofti *v« ft 




■nJ i^< ' n fiMv tiiili'i from Jciu, HoniA hnl^doaom 

Aj»H»i^ rJj du".- -^-Iiuiikiu. iiu-liiil^iiir ooo mlcn&o- 

- «A/: A friKind tuiriax been 
jhI ual, '* A Fjkngliv on mj 
httr.' " Nu Lnnaif^ «□ my fimxT/' iiniWfrM tbt» otbcr. On 
l^lbr iwonniK tfM ^ni#^, iEtvipf>;4 Kod fii^lit, otid the 
tmik hiias ui fovvr ur bio wJk> vid, " A Uii^lrr Lb view 
7 'Ji- rirt(i>'< viAlidJ to tie tvtihIiiilMvl, bji'I a1I four Ixxmcid 
rui c\xr ll u tc/ Uj uueictvlood tUkt in thwt 

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tioALfr) u itecidvdL 

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BDca <ftfup^ru i-r J«WO^ Buu«puri« iu<ni«g buord tluU tbcn 

na4 044rincl In hu Army wbo liikd bc«ik a Hlui«it 4t Jena, 

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'4jr Hi Jain I b44 thpo ofiportitfuty of »M(nfl; & 

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.1, .Ji.> mi<iiiur of a iduaIcaL Liutr<iQitf(>t etJIaii 

.'.T, uful tlic lulliur of & vork os tU: tiieory of 

\ie iTKVclM iu (ftaiBwiy, tiiiJ;. ftml Frsuii:« inunlcr 

V .-juii buih bb; (nvbrUDNOiC 4i»d bu tb«f»iT. All I 

I ■ iTiu-iotai KxptrioBonu int«ttdixl to tboir Uw w- 

I ibniU'm wid r.irsu A |ilAla of kImb VU Ibto- 

I veiiri, ibfi Nlhujc ^^^ « t^Mli-ne^iJi mw dmvD 

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*^'-~ «to» lib iwy tkptflkMbi »* «tf<nvd «k 

•■flt. L 



1 m ^^^1 








GEBWAKT- — 1903, 

ON MflTCh 20, 1803, I (Ltt^^mled the first pfirfomBuce rf 
Schiller'B tragedy of *' Die Braut von Messiofl." A ^l 
to the Weiomr Thcntro waa the octB-BiDDfll treat of ihc Jbb* 
Htudenta. The diattince (fruci acven to tcu loili?*) wa* suci u 
to allow thDa« yf>viiig raca who had more atrenglh in lh6r 
Umba that] moticv in their puraca, to walk to Wemuir vtA 
bftck on the sjime day. Thia I have done repcutt'dlv, rcEiu* 
ing aft^*r the \iliLy waw uver. " Thu Bridt of Messum '" w»s tt 
eiperinient hv the great draioatiHt, nud it certainly did not 
succeed, inasmuch a£ it led to no inijtations, udIcba thti npi*' 
6eiitaTitiiifl of '"Antigone " a few years ainc-e^ both in (Jeirnuaj 
and England, may be trace<l to it. In thi» trs^dy 8dull« 
introduced choniaes, after the foHhioxi of the aiiciente- Tin 
br[dfi hod t«*> lorere, who were her htothera; the cata> 
trojfhfi JH fl» frightful aa the iiic?ident!i are horrible. The Joublfl 
choniB aotiietimea ejcehani^ed short eDiin^cninalic epeMbea, w 


f.FiLjr> J»< ft«»it *^ If I pbjed tile (mrt woll It mi b^ cbuice, 
icTtfanrl ik' chnitctfl"." 

' ^i^v:? nid th'i of aiHAher chdiMt«v in tvhkfa 
I Mail -hi do DoC pnedneljr rccoUcH ftt abcit 

Um. I iiii: II .-^hiDpT'i "Jun^fhttt too OHeium.'* nliirb 
a«ii L«1 U ISOL A ^kdiMu vork ! It inm well rviMtrkcd 
^B«4hdlt JiUMC of Uiuiu. that the cb^mctcmticA of Krriicb 
tmOtnoMa Lumtiire ncn? inviT uvtapllfir^ by tbi- iLimu' sud 
^ mulitr of Ihr " Vinpn <tf MrWus'' hy SchilU^ nnd •" tji 
IWilW tl'OrlAbiis '* hv VuHjiinf. Jii^fiziUEiii n^citc^t ivilh fptat 
doct Ibr lyrtcoJ i^ueni^'cs. (wtb »bco tb« tm^HnUioa Mcbca 
Imn. md Uic brmii: ixiiicI»Jiiuii- I BUf>pu«ic it b broiuie tJic 
. iJAh« vikIi a bod figure m tbii tn^edj th&t it bu 

' -Ik inlftpdttoM on our ova ftl*«;V' 
ihm Uiu^ ilnmijit.-c rvuulkcliim I latky tuvuliuti- 1 bbv&I 
fft^Bnr Iriiwa^^ft " Nii1?iiif» 'I^t \V»i"»', " Tlii* imihor jirn- 
tMnofd a NfMsici; "it ihv town which ilKiuid tint dAJt t^i 
riL^it it to the wfld. lie thou^^ljt ibv Ifwtcin of tolctancc 
Itr UvmvO fir f^rrnTmUi'iiH, 'Hk^ jilny *wi ailnjilFi) 
^ ... -£4^ fj SfrhitttfT. niMl ibt^ tp^MlMt iiofor uF tbu day 
4Bri lo WciiHM' to ^rfiTDi tliL* pirt of NftiJiMa* .\«veT 
fvifttU)^, in may UkU^inffc. vu (Ije ouUpv^d brurgiraDl Jew 
tt«* Emimttivety rrpr*« thiui tty imixnii. Hirl tTw work 
bii ap c|jMBttl«o vortlt. Atl od«i it«ilIt^ctB of it m tUis tJiJc uf 
l)k* fOfit vUich VM bcfTMHcd inm Boocacrio. 

I n««L Co WiHniai tvin in tJK Ih^jhuu^ of \S(i\ Ui visit 
Utr^tt- Wbtti 1 bMl ptvvioutdy «««» </ hmi tondo id» AmI 
4tf a fl|ill« oJ bia «4iuii«a^' lh«rf ver« ni/uiy T-.riiit% iiif nd:[V«- 
tt<ii ki iiMU«n uf todie tai BL^utrnjeiiL &tjiJ amuxl illc tu 
iMacJ] Ivm villi aHW-ltua U4 if»4] ut ft^r. I IietiT hilt 
Wff4(TortlkV ^ LyniAl Ualluila," my Jr>ri> fVir wbicb v^« ki no 
*Vt*ri dimipialioil try fny Allw4uzie:it Ut Uic ilrrii^t^ vh«»1 
qfpvtrr. 1 iout»\ thac llt^Ivr ii^mtl viCij WtuiUttnrib ae 
l4 fovtieal Lui^ijii-«. Jbil«cd WonU«<inii'« uMtmu cat ilmt 
ftl)*(l ve *|uiii- t'cnuuiu ITtvro «&« iiltii ux^oonl ^ymtnUby 
brt»e ui Uif tH» ui umllFTH ot DiuraJity n^vJ rrl^fiuiL' ifviiIcT 
ni\fV.t^^ ,, .ft, t ,• N.Tt,,^ ,/ ftiiTi[inrJiy lo thn upw Anrl- 

Willi all hiA LuLtntuftl tcl#^ 

J «ali llic Jfua )>r-ifi.^w»r, i>r irltb 

npjttcii larh WituitiiurkLfibui. Yt<t 

w Ei'4i ii> Vk it'juod puntoiiAlly, iblic u«a oartftinly DO 

llcrdcT w&A alivi IcJemit lotfardu anti Miriklijut 


^hAftesbury, of whom the worvt he had to Aj ^raa tbi 

wrote like a lord. HLa repugn&Dce to some of Goethe's 
iDgB was perhaps etill Btrooger than to those of Panliis ; ai 
ntprobatod with especial warmth " Die Brnat von Oori 
and " Der Gott imd die iUyadere," Though in some rea 
the anti'BUpematural pi^ifessor was as opposite as ponib 
the poetic and anti-metnphysicfd divine, jet they we 
sympathy m their hostility to the modem GemiAn philofl 
of the KantiaQ and post-Kantian schools. 

Of PauluH 1 myself had some penonal knowledge, 
withstanding hts ^ell-known opinious, he was one of die : 
lar theo1ogii:a] profesaora and members of the aenate it 
University of Jcuo. Id the following year he was in' 
by the Catholic King of Bavaria to the University of T 
biorg. No wonder, it may be thought, for that would I 
effectual mode of damaging the Protestant Church* Bi 
did not long remain under a Homan Catholic gtivernmen 
he was soon called to occupy a high place in the Unlvenu 
Heidelberg. He was a laborious scholar and a very efli 
teacher, and always respected for his zeal and activity* 
ing the present session he lectured on the Epistles of St. 
and on Dogmatic ThcoUigy, and held every Saturday a 
logical conversation, I went one day as a visitor to hea 
lecture, Ond having already received some kindness 
him, ventured to call on him afterwards, when ihe folic 
conversation took place. Referring to the lecture I had fa 
I said, " Herr Geheimer-Kirchen-Rath (Mr- Privy-Ch 
Counsellor), will you oblige me by telling me whether 1 1 
you rif^tly in a remark 1 understood you to make 1 I 
this, that a man might altogether disbelieve in miracle 
of course all prophecy and inspiration^ and yet be a Chris 
His answer 1 distinctly recollect : " Dou^t imagine, Mr. F 
SOD, that 1 mean anything personally disrespectful when 
that that seems to me a foolish question (eine dumme Fn 
— " How 1 Is that possible J " — *' Why, it implies that i 
Canity may have something to do with inspiration, with 
phccy, or with miracte ; but it has nothing to do with ' 
(Es hat nichts dtmiit zn thuu,)** 

Paulas, when a young man, visited England, and hat 
responded with tieddes. He als<^ told me that he sai 
Parr, and had received lottery fn>ui several of the bisl 
but he said : '* Your English tlit^logians did not much | 
me- 1 found but one Qian who really interested me, and 

le^a-1 UKKMANT. 101 

T coDHider one of the moat excpllont men I ever saw. This 
vox Koiwrt Robmswii of Cambridj^e ; with me be is tbe beau- 
ideal of a Cbristinn minlater.* I loved htm even for hiB 
weaknenes. With alt bis peculiaritieflT he waa tborou^lj 
libenL In bU attachment to the Bapttats there vas a union 
of childlike aimpUcity utid kind-heartednesa that was quite 
charming." PauIub spoke of Priestley aa auperatitious. 

Grirabach, tbe famous biblical scholar, was an older and 
soberer man ; I visited bim in his garden-house, but have re- 
timed DO porticulare of hia conversation. 

Among thoAe vbo bold the nfbce of Doctor docena at Jena waa 
ctM-Kiliuk, who wrote aa well oa lci;tiircd on a system of med- 
ioifi. The proof-sheet of the preface waa shown me, from 
lAieh I extracted a sentence to this effect : '* The science of 
nwdicme does not eiiat iu order to cure diseaaea, but there are 
heuea in order that there should be a science of medicine." 
In the vme book J was shown some verbal corrections made 
^ himselC Wherever he had written " God " he atrack it out 
lod sabatituted '' Tbe Absolute." 

Living at Jena, but neither as professor nor atudeut, was 
Grin, who afterwards acquired reputation as the best tranala- 
Iv in rttjmc of the ronmntic poeta. He was chieflv known by 
^ reraitHus of Arioato and Tasso, but be also translated fk>m 
^ great Spanish dramatiHt Calderoo. 

Od the 4tb of April 1 closed my academical term by setting 
oot rtudent-fitshion on a walking expedition, and had between 
three and four weeks of high eujo\'ment ; for which, indeed, 
nothing Traa requisite but health ^^ spirits, and good-humor, all 
. tf which I poasessed in abundance. I determiued to take the 
opportunity of visiting Berlin, and on my way passed through 
*1» University towns of Halle and Wittenberg*, The latter is 
wm to every one as the plaue whence Luther promulgated 
^ Refommtion. The town, however, witli ita simkou Uni- 
^ity, was disappointing ; but I still retain a recollection of 
^^ portraits of Luther and Melanehthon. Both of them lived 
*ttl ^roached and are buried here. Their monuments are very 
■mfje, — merely n brass plate on the ground with tlie common 
■iiKrifition of dates, and the two full-length portrailR, The 
Kate and sarcastic coimtenance of the one, and the bull-like 
W of tbe other» are strikingly coxitrasted. MiUluoHa is the 
'^coPilod virtue of Melancbthon ; but Intd subtlety and eraft 

* BoluDioiiUiiL bylLC &., vUi m roTcmd to in a Uter part of this 


been his quaUtiea, I should have thought the portmit expresBol 

Berlin, as a city, gave me Utile pleaaure. A city in which 
the sovereign prince applies the revenuea of the state to the 
erection of opera-hoiuefi and polacea han never been an agree- 
able object in my eyes. 1 hastened on my arrival to dellTer i 
letter of introduction to one of the Berlin notabilitiee, and in- 
deed one of the remarkable men of the day. He is entitled te 
u grateful notice from me for his generous hoepitalitj ] aod 
what I have to say will not be altogether insignificant aa iUut- 
trative of character. No one who has paid any attention to 
Ulo Gcrimin literature of the eighteenth century can be iguy 
rant of the name of Frederick Nicolai, the Berlin pi.Mi^w. 
And thoflo who know of hJDi merely as the object of thi 
satires of tiocthc and Schiller, Tieck and the Schlegela, — that 
is, of the moat splendid writers in Gormaiiy, — may be exeiued 
if they think of him a« little better than an asa. But as be 
would have greatly erred who took his notion of Ct^ey CiUjv 
from Pope's *' Dunciad," so would they who fkueied Nioolaile 
bu the arch Philiutino of tht? authors of the ** Xeuicn." Vm 
fact is, that Nicoki waa really u meritorious and useful vaaa 
in his younger daya ; but he lived too long. He wm neitbff 
inurt! miT lega than an active, clever fellovr, — ftill of rnterj 




tg^! boppeanl Ui«l NkoUi fieatarud to trppoai; bluuell — 
ml dftt m tht Tory offiriurtr form of iionntr mltrr — ti> kha 
f*«fT^ wImioU vf ph-Ao9ytAty oud p<wtr\ ; of phikwrphj in 
Ut rtnoAi oT KahI bii4 Tic^itc. mud of poetry in tbv pcnva of 

I -rtH,** whklk h4 nw m«, llia bnti n a »i>rt or 

V\ «[ius C4I KiiQtiaii prtiKJpktt. ^uU tikoA 

Iwok. * K>«tiA|iiiua NoUumWr vtf tnuiB- 

. r> '* SoTTvu^ iif W^rtvr,' vboii lU Ihr hvi^t of 

l'.^i it ** Wt'rti.Va Joy*" WcrU-ra pintA)- 

31, — be rucorpra^ tmunm Cliurli^tU, And 

«4ltt^ Urf iiM.«t tljhcnKy^'il (nUntiy thuC t^it ^■'f&M i4 hti»- 

Hid iLfUelnitf'a " Stnm^r " uid ll<<^ livn.^ <f OuvI}k<'« "SUl- 

il;» til purlncnliEp iritk St«11a> Such n^vt 

vlf I itilaiimJ H Win'l »f tiU>niry iiul^tnrlj, 

,^.y.--^... liEni with atra, Liil I fbuuil bun u ino«l 

<i'«, and tncwih imiii. ilih ururrrntioii frad v.tU- 

' -' I to4il lum of Biy fxutituvi for mmc of tho 

fir>4, uhi'f) i&il nfit wnm ti> iii«ptc>uQ biDL Ko 

r of A jH'nixlic*!, A iBum iivifC&ifiinAt moQlhty 

' lEiotM of 'l< f\^M-tU^tC *l^' GcTMiuiui, — ToU 

itidjcau aell Omir ^ i.iiu; to bkv by Inkijuc lli^iu lu 

'Vmci tn* vi^nl vUit J^>ll tlijik uf rt"; uiJ ito J iii<i. It wfts 
Of UMBtfumt c<i n^\ ntiim f^ Jcnn ; tml 1 i>^vn 1 vcw 
P^mhI Io Htji}. oh rvr-'Lvin/ ri fuivi^l fnjin Itt'ilnij liuil my nn- 

rjt Oi>mrtto(u, aod vith ft oo«- 

liu 1 |MiJ>I ■ v^ii lu Ibe Duaf m^ Diiub Vtiati' 

. f tTo iLji| til, mifviMl in much pnr^jhlion, ttifll 

Ttwy MX' not <lU f^iiiaU &>r uuuif 

I III riHivi-iuniu of Uu' Ii^hhihI |(p|);:iui, 

*t\i-.i llujv thffmu>livs do Tii>i hov, kUid 

L-K mcjcrtti.^. Jt) 1li« iL^rk, ttiw piijulji 

th« voniL I olMrrroJ 



that ouc 3'Omij^ man did not underat&ud me so well w he 
did uthcrs. The preceptor eatd my foreigu manner waa pu^ 

Ncit day T met a pupil in the street, who smiled and took 
me by the hnnd, when thfs dialogue took placo : I said, '^ Which 

h the wny t^i St. 'b Church 1" He made a flouriah In tho 

air with hin hands, in imitation of a cupola with a spire ahore. 
It wiifi the form of the church. I noddod aaaent- He pointed 
to a street, and stretching out his right orn^ struck it tirioe, 
vith his left h&nd ; then for tbo outstretchod ri^t aim auhati- 
tutod the loft^ and finished by one stroke on th(i left arm with 
the right hand. So that T at once nndentood that I had to 
take the second turning to the ri^t, and the first to the lefU 
Nothing conid be clearer or more correct. I ^look hands with 
him at parting, and he appeared delighted at hia sucoev iq 
rendering me this little service. 

I thoiigbt tlie Upem-house very splendid- 1 saw there 
'' The Isiaud of Spirits," founded on Shakespeare's " Tempest," 
with a akilfHd omission of e^'e^yt]ling beyond the Mtorj that 
could recall the great dramatist to the mind. Prospero'a char- 
acter uns ruined by his appearing to bo dependent on a spirit 
floHtiitg iu tbu clouds, whoso aid Ike implores ; and Caliban was 
n sort ofuluwun iiumerciiuliT thrashed as the clown is in our 




hmd lirv<I for t^uh. II« hivl hin T>oolu iHAr, «nd 

III, iukI hv W41 ciidraih' Galu*n*d 1^' 

u>> «r ■<* IP II on Etigliihnuit He iuouimi uhirh 

^ .. lud Txud. uid »Ju.-b I aoiij * ' AtuAl^idii," hr l<'ltl 

in: i^jtfiAfitl iKi.-llKr «iu Lii|«viikil W J ittn I'^ijI. ThlH 

tlHZ Ui« ral* ' . I ru (pnpp^ticn ti tiy fitxliiiic tho ffliry 

' ^ time, ikki lie 111.11I1J Mf (hriD vbere idic U In lie 
riw l«o rldn* tin)'hm BL-I LPiit ill Kfnrch of her. Tht 

^"I? ^■!ii'r»-f'k (i>'"rti:krft tiui. Olid in okl itg<; he 

ill Bzid ilk |jorfTtj. On hiM 

I trntbcr^ vho Uad pirmiKl T!.i I :'[*! ll» liirnJ linrtlirr ■! htmnr witli > uifb 

.<rkl-lM of lllV hA|>|il|KV« J3f A'Lioh 

.. .^.i,.'.i. Ht* nl-l to them. *^1 did UOl 

I vlub- U> ^ out of HIT vnv ill fjtir^nit uf llw 

'■ might rmnp Id nii?, if th*^ likn.1, unj ntw did 

irndf b<T ofFfmnincc to announce that llir; inie 

■' if..^ Wrth Aatoft Wall I lw-1 o l^ntf 

[i rkvti in hui i^TviTi, uiji] llicii< vim 

H<BiRrt ia bin BEpurtment, wkicli ttMlf, 

.cKHim, He litnuelT vui • cumpooiul 

^ L.i*lUui^ It TM ihoQ^iC be »'A» niUurr cm*, 

^^ ^* •-« 111. ikni. Uti u's> ftmd of tr^rng trvfttn (o 

^'Irvn > iUiii lwIh oMd to ooow 1<t him to ny?«-.TO l«»- 

j miviiiiiriEii; h^ " B£;:ri1r)IrTi," Schlr^ict in hiB .ithr- 

m ^ Kf« " Tlirw- kragjiwi: ' ^-Ti/ tJn'i (Uil in ii»t n 

dUpi/ - A comtilinMt vtii«K • > - i.\ hiwH Troin rn« njiU 

t "ciiiu.iii*^l ir-T •frx'-.iii! -*vi.fn at tlie I'lil^niilj vt JeVA 

i-*t. U_v i-^-diliTrj QAJi vrrry 

<4ror lo Dinkv ii|f for mv 

I v.'i'.i h .^irritENi If i" ii<>'- viUpfixt 

■W r n'O^TIiV. tl." J r^ f:*t *^ iimk 

- fciir^>T-» wr. <rii t iv*'l dunii^ thr i>m iwv i-«n*.* 

K7 i^ftfiili:^ 111 4U](fM«i iImi I (lid iHiC ga^b ■unf imi^ Ifila 


tlic ),'eiiiu3 of Greek poetry, especially in ita connection with 

H. C* R. TO HiB Brothkb. 

Juu, Job* 1, iSa*. 
Dbab Thomas : — 

. . > . I have changed my lod^ngs, and have at iH^aent onfl 
of the beat in the town. My BitUng-room haa four ntah-windo^i 
opening into a beautiftd walk of lime-trees, and affording a fixifl 
hilly prospect- Now^ too, that spring iaoome, I find Jena oiUi 
of the most beautiful spots I ever dwelt in* It HtAnda in t^^ 
centre of a valley of more thau iifteen milea along the Saalt^ 
vhich in it8 course has many a picturesque windiug, and paa^iCi 
through many pleasing villages. I have likewise remaned in 
myself two very happy changes- The one is that I can amLxfls 
myself without antfering ennui in mixed society, and that I 
have lost that enger thirst after new books which is rather * 
disease than a passion. I can now take a walk without a book 
in my pocket, and can be at ease if I do not find on my desk a 
new, unread publication-t ^ ' > . 

1 have introduced among the students games at leap-frog 
and jumping over ditches ; and I attribute much of. my weU- 
being now to tbosu bodily exorcises. In short, I am without 
care and very lively, and withal by no means ictl«> I writ* 
or study attentively eight hours every day. 

Notwithstanding my study of the ancient languages, I at- 
tended a course of lectitros by Schclling on methodology ; and 
1 fancied I had a glimpse of light every now And then. He 
pointed out the relation of the several sciences to one' another, 
but dwelt chiefly on religion and jurisprudence, and said but 
little of the physical sciences. 1 will insert here a reooUeo- 
tion, which seems to me important, and the acciu'acy of which 
was corroborated by one who ranks among those who have 
adi'anced the philosophy of science, and especially in conneo- 
tioEi with magnetism: 1 refer to Dr. Neoff, ScheUJug said : 
" We are accustomed to consider magnetism, electricity, and 
galvanism three distinct sciences ; and in a certain sense they 
are, inasmuch as the facts belonging to tbem are arranged in 
three classes. But in truth the magnetic, electric, and gal- 

* Prlvmle leuoiu fh>m ui old ^tiidfint coat me thnt doUftn lit f^nitcbn Kw 
two moDlha. 

f AEbtl evimtB darin^th«3nRl forty yHnoThif life, Mr. Boblnion EeT*r tooh 
1 witk without A book m hit pock«tr 




Mtf povm art onlr vmrMiKi tarwta of the bud« thin^t : *nd 

I ir^; cne of my tulliv 1 ventured to 
tJn/mtr- ' it on itit.' L-matrmptuviu &u]|fim^ lie luxd 

'ft.-jrih IU^ It- The Ellti!iB}i ^-ippqnciBU ikn 

.. .. I- v'l^HvniinL; " 'rh&r\» IK KooC'U, a nULo if 

H«t t4k-(itA« t-iil « ttjoHt ii»i*i;hfCv(^iiR fJiil<tf»pli4r- He «iid 

Ht iiMaT iif Vi0H niU LiTc H Iiuitini; |iWr in the lintcry 
o/lirmuu Uc>'riit»nr, ll<t la Lcmnvn and prl^j^l ha ih« gPMlWt 
■fO^nitfft tmiubilivi fmun tb» GrvoL K^^vijUlv is tud 
"^ OfiLntr " vmaldfTod a »iuUTp*ee«. To t)iJ4 K< owm bis fiim«> 
nib>iii>> drmwivnk en bis ^itl ftULf* ~Eft iW aoriinmijr of IiEm 
H* ^KtA UB rMvrlr itiiir at ihe titne 1 WM 

I 4 Kirt t»f liijikv fi^re, -- » c<im[»tiiv) of nilillrt}' 

r£. Jit «-j4 livi;i;{ Tvlirt^ und 4)ni<« dumHlieKlwI. 

tl>«u Otr «>n uf u Mfvktvnbfuf f<tiiftint> oixl lued to bo 

ttUtd^ ''|fdi:lti<i:r lii-irr " 'ft t?n]-iii?d jicn&xntK To tbia cir 

iQBtuioi* •mm* ■cHl'nl the nlnTun' '»f s<>oiJ ifiMi&eni in oon- 

^IWW^ ; bwt I voidd miiwf *«nlv n |fr«ii portioo rf it to 

ibniti)«ii OtfucitftttkiuMKVH Ut «db ■ riffiiily vinumu iniui. 

*^ ' t*m1i»Baiit t noil ireniul linrflTr al>l(' U» IclL-nir UIiT dp- 

.^l^m wtkftt be tboti^t ri>,^it tnd true. Rcmnii Cfc* 

' - dint Jeoullbuik VVIicti bu noble fncndu, the 

' ;. «|iL<ii ia bU routb tie muHl hikt'« dc<<JLi«d It 

..'Tur !■> kill**, mrnl orer tf> th« Romon Cothnlic 

i e tmiH tli4 cliAiij(c u if it v«r« hardly ^ort of a 

~rT4r. ^^r VM lie much better Me to l>Ctf fllifertncc of 

* ^Ir !>!■] J h^^f, I B*..- f.-. I.^r-nmw.,- 

"It of Iir4 cmiT Jivcrrtn' ■>' th« 
P»(ian4|1c)lv,''— />». ^i^S 

■ T, l«l"": "lit M«rai 

-- ,J- . . ..i.LiLl. 


opinion on matters of tnate. Henoa his furiouB diaputcB widi 
Hejne, the leameil Outtiugert uud (but that was later) with 
Creuzer, the invtlkolo^bt. The latter exphuned the Greek 
and Roman mytholoio% as Vosu thought, myaticallj, I was 
quite unable to make him aee the beauty of Drydeu'a exquis- 
ite trttoslatbns from Horace, — auch as the*' Ode on For- 
tuue.'^ Indeed^ h^a love of English literature was nearly ccm- 
fined to Shakeapeare and Milton^ of both of frhom he always 
spoke in high admiration. And he aflinned that Milton might, 
h&d he pleased, have auccesiifully introduced heiameten into 
English poetry. 

VoB8*s " Louisa '^ ia the rival of " Hermann und Dorothn," 
and haa perhaps more admirere. He is delicate in his descrip- 
tions, and painta and describes nothing but the simple, the no- 
ble, the modest, and the good. But this turn of mind, which 
prevents his being a great poet, makes him one of the best 
men imagmable. 

It waa understood that Voaa^a time for receiving calleni was 
after supper, and I frequently availed myself of the opportu- 
nity of seeing him. For, ^lith oil his infirmities of temper 
and hia narrovueaSf there was in him an int^^ityf a simplici- 
ty, a purity, which placed him iu the vctj first class of men 
combining great mental power with the highest moral quaU- 
ties ; and it was no slight merit in my eyes, that he loved 
Goethe and Wjeland, notwithstanding the extreme diiferenoe 
between his literary tastes and theirs. 

I once saw at tbe house of Voea the accomplished scholar 
Wolf, who bad in Germany, in my time, as high a reputation 
as at the same time Poraon hod in England. Wolfs com- 
manding person and ligure of themaelvea attracted attention to 
him- His ft-iendabip with Voas was cemented hy their united 
opi>osition to Heyiio. Voas told me that he and Wolf used to 
dispute whicli owed moat to Heyne' Both had been his pupils i 
one had aubscHhed to two courses of lectures, and hetud s 
sinj^lc lecture, — the other liad suLiacribed to only one course, 
and had heard three lectures. Voas's attachment to Wolf may 
be regarded ua a groat and nire act of lit>erality, seeing that 
he altogether dissented from WolFs theory concemhig Homer. 
Voss usc<i to aay, " It would be a p'eater niimcle had there been 
many Hoinora, than it is tlmt there was one." On the other 
hand, (lOCtho has an epigram in which be gives the health of 
him who freed the pocU from the tynmny of the singlo-one, 
with whom no one would dare to contend j " but to be one of 




Kiof ill* "^niwL" 

irlrd Bucno Latin tiook of 
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I'^li licr<.4^ I w«<il to FnaM. fbo 

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oMto wItuQj Vn** h>i)iir.jfr<l. IVit my Mpprch^nainn proved 

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-?i. Mix " l^>iLi>^A^* » ct^nainly & tojM4<r- 
it m.irw lil^hly ttmii '* H«nnnflc uiiid 

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line T «HCc lart (hw fiun'>^» jjliilowpHirr 
ilh ^h"**' |i»ir«fli[il »!ii.t»Uv htjiJ J»t-iiily I 
llii uxhh litko htiii fi<r ntl itt nil. j>m of th» 

-illy, bill for Uje «dk;ai bv incLitml 

'^ > J I Jl^el of « ilrr lunl Lyi«| titrti li*vn 

^"^ l<> Ue uiiicAj ptiiLCAOphjr oti AMOimt ol lU dr7fi(«^ Ui4 

UV KH«m»ri:!fOIS of UESST CSAIMI KOUNfiOIt. lOXtfbl. 

t^ the pcvtn for their >iippi)ac4 wAnt of rclipon. be mu b> m 
otniti tx4iir f«<D:iA«ljr^ J^Muc ftocukvd Liia ^ tutolenuKv.. Bat 
I h»liiTVi' i( IrLjr ill hi« WJUTU *tvle» rmthfr Uuid in bin li«vC 
GocUic. Iijwtvcr, H'ctno'l wrrt lo l« quil© r#ouiw'-lod to lik 
vrav uf ahowinit roU^ioiifc usi. 

At iJii" Ijt-^'iiuiin^ cf Buwiou 1(505- 4, Uii* liaC of Jeun ]jfii> 
rcwari thciVLVil h •vriijiu ]<■««, no low lliaD wven Ic«viik; Uft, 
mfiluding 8ch«t)in^. 'JVtin^nmnu, Pau)u4| «cid HuAJAn-l, « 4i*- 
tintpualicd jurnL. Bui ikt:^tk«r ioi^ vrluch «unq Mlovrd. 
iiflWriotl 1TH5 jH-n-'iiwU^' Htill wtffift U oniMi Mil ftf fh* New 

h in b. cfibtoiu at Jcuu. «k« nt <>th<:r C<riuiu> rnircmtioft, t* 
(xli-ljiulp lh(.^ Ni*» Vfttr liy rt mj(!iii^lil ffttluv Tliw Jliimclitqi 
Mwmhl* in tJie in«rk<4»plM!*, and, irhon tho town-ol'^k «thk«« 
twclvp, Ustry Uiv^it ft fvva/ to ilu» Old YoiTi nixl a viwit to iL* 
New, Like tjgiBi^ -vnl cii%:TU.^al «>^copluiiiM, lltoy fi«vcrt tlw 
tfoofj nrd otft^*mtf th» rrH cbc dtpanoii yiur n^iy har* 
^O^l>lT^tl dJid <)i]itiiti4i it wiUkonC conoiuMij lo lh<r ^tuulm 
They t>i<-ii tihi] t^c Ti<;ih-i^>i]ior with the compUmoiiUrr «Jut«- 
titiH. " Djw nrije Jahr *ill leU>Ti !" — M we ftTioiiM my. " Tli* 
Ncwr Ycnr fr'tovcr .' '* Si)uita imd umck^ni fr*<ju».'TiU_v ■'"ccm* 
pADy thiA «]cLtmtion- Not? ic Ifl QbrJDUi that the djfcriciWM 
ofoi^thi «ud iW ricilffmmt Mining fWim the Gmnmmr vbicb 
h*riT probftbly tiUtci^ pliicp arc not unlikely to WJ lo muff« or 
ItiM nctiii^, cniJixUUy if dvinn;; thv ytor oflHNic« Hatc been 
gimt ti^ m^urntiol Daf>cb«ri> 11ic ircvi^ow yrmr «bout Uiiilj 
hoiuoji hiii) tN'ir w^ikilou'H hiTkkmi vnth^Tiit n^uttAnot. or KTiboifr 

JiiCTit rtotioc by tbc aiifbaritiifc. Od thu pnvteiit oocaiiou I 
id not jmtici|jntc out diBturbttiicc, nnd chcrof<>n!^ mhcr sup- 
pitig with tho diHMijdi^, rvtirvd lo my rucinu UeTottt tiK itnJt* 
of the Hook. L'&luokily, h4jv«i«r. u tndewn&n hail pvm 
olt«aci> bv btindin^ a ^J to BhdcwplL, ubd a body of »tud«»» 
ftboired Ibeir iti»pleiivire by brukiu^ a few punett vif glua at 
hi« hortttf. In mi tniitjini n rininlvr iif himnn nppMrMl, ind 
4L tkimuKh &r<it(>, ill which tho :itudpnl<^ fw in vuml^r, tnd 
th<BO Tew mure or \vm uit««iofitud« wrrc [|n««a out iiC the 
iiuirtieC'|>liu.'if. Tlic rry ntDiuiit^il, " Bumch hcmutt!** Uk# 
th# iT^' r-if " ftown fi^,i:iiiit T"«Ti ~ lit rMnl-trirl;;^, Arjil ike >ttt- 
deau oivinf u^u» tTil« tlct tiiTUI. Thu Hr*.ir«ti.'r, who eofiv 
,4Mid« to the Cft1l4Jn<tJ^- VKc-Chiuc^lbr, vu c^Ued tip. wnJ 
4n« den^AOd w^l* uiHiU ttjHt n vi^ntiiM HliLdent witu Icvl liwn 
takco lA the imtdi-haTw> ihaiLld Iv npl t^ Thi« vu H^ 
fined. Mid the huHnr* rf4urued, llic aflair vo* ntrowlv Iwd 



fiMj^ but UiP •Uiclccla nuil^ it woric bj ft moat iftdoovroiu 
^p II I ill, «Kir I ' f^, aD<l in vhlch thuy da- 

W ih* J i^uls. 9kud k plvJg^ iTD the pori 

I ."111 kiwi trtj tKf fk^^AfhiiL irt f^ti^n? ihimM troof* 

I at J«c« b« tvul iVona W<irmr. In laiw tlktw 

Ti<y. o>>m}ibrid viiUi> t^x^ liu^Iro-l atnl t^Ait itu- 

iJbti; Ua* &:iL«nb*n vr«rv the (luriuidyr, Kli«iiiJjki)iLfir. and 
houlr Jl my (jcthkmI fritndj^ I, l-vibj; a arjrl i>f ]invi]t|X<t 
WM. *tut luA ^^rwvti fur ak} lUitio. IIki^iJi u bUuk nue lt^f\ 
■ ' * r>i} ii;,; i^ri of tb« AiHuif n^ra) wftkCf*. the tKi^ti&Uon 
i4i^ iIlo hftod* of Oiiui who Iui4 n^ mMr/atrf. Tlic r#- 
'*" -V tiuu oumfracnoG ivn<i^ jrvlWi l'> wiilcu ih&a K' clo»f 
ibfEnAiriL iWilli j*nii3* mijU'Clj v^bi^ii) fit? a mniKllbUon. fi»r 
iU irufv^tjrv wcrrc unvJlir^' <■) U-w ijvrar [HipLU, nitd Uie tta^ 
4nU virv AU*n: lluki :ii:mlirrc v\m- ^oilM lN«^> eiiJ'>T to inonjT 

*>»<lb|p pvrton V' ibUfffow. ] cftUM ,-n 4ing 

•"■Ai 1 r5f t|ir wfiftir. ftit ni«fia«(Li!>^ < ■ ; lii.tti 

■ !H ; flc<| }iu -f^sc prvjiftrftt'^rt onlfir^ «hii;li 


OEMlAKt. - I6M. 

rflE j«Dk[«c£ of I'jtir^; »o litwiy ftici'>'ii» tm to mc ft reU 
*fmo«, on*! I »N>"L* hnrr tVJl if nlill liiort dtcjily hftd 

}**miM, nrif! ii. ili< *xfv iiifrr^Minj;- mxiMftifllnnti' 

■SHI' : F<rtl» rjf J'ji I i) willi II liidy 

*iwt^i •.*iin n^|>i][ wttn ititi Ijiii« 

*Waf pbkf< ' TV <A' K™ncii iitemturu. I rwifivixl 

^ *<^ tniB rv ' ; ^ ■ iifiLtkwt lif>;iiiniQ^ of whtch is worlli 


tnmslating : ^* Madame de Staitl, from whoK K» flor vph^^r- 
aud honeyed d|>ticcli (GeLat uud Honigrade) wiflheB to maE'-.i 
your nci^iiaintnuue, dearest Sir and Friend. She longi fo ^ ^ 
philoHophioul convensatton with you, and U now buaJad wif- ^ 
the Cahier (notca) on ScheUiog'a ' jEathotica^' which I pnwn ^ 
throiigli vour biiidncsa. She haa, Indeed, timnBJated Air:r^K 
portioUB of thorn with admirable akill" I was then reqiwat-^— j. 
Ui 61 ft day for dining with her. T waa delighted with 
tDvitAtiotit and know how to interpret fiSttiger's flattering 
preaaiona in reference to myself. He further begged me 
draw lip fL sketch of Schelling'B " AU-philoBophia,** ai 
termed it, adapted to the Vei^tandawult, L e. the wnrld of 
ordinary' utideratanding and common hcdso aa opposed to 
pliiloBophiual n-ason. With this requeat I complied, not 
I imagined niyt^lf competent to write a senteuce which wi^ -^iH 
Batisfy a Gorman philosopher, but I thought 1 might m^^fr 
some Hcrvicc to a French lady, even though she were Msda m mu 
dc St a';]. 

On tiie 2?th of January I Eirat waited on her. I wai flli«3vo 
itito her bedroom^ for which, not knowing ParLaian euatoin^ 
I was unprepared- She was sitting, moat decorooalj, u hsr 
bed, imd writing' She had her nightcap on, and her hce vu 
not made up for the dny^ It was by no means a captivaCiiy 
8pt<itjw:lo, Imt 1 hud a very cordi:ii reception, and two bri^fij 
jjlai: k t'vert tuiiikil liBuif^antlv mi mc. After a tvarm pijjrca- 
trmklng my orqunininn^^e, Hhe diamifiaed 
,hen I found a very diP 




■ t 


iirlnj. And ft ■](£ it»Af«t^ liy nr/jv in 

Sikey of Knfetu'i^'' Tbu I rtuiv uk^i'^ tlu£ ib« luwl i\ Uoff&liVt 
■bKlJrty M <>tfl4(i] m kuiHirlocliprr of tJt^ ItcsC (icnrMii EUill<<.fB ; 

mtA Ur llib n«MHi thv MUitEbt my )iock-ly, 0411! I v** uai iin- 
wSm let bo mtfl» tan tif bf hiv^ She md, kjvI tU-^ ffvit^^.l 
Ym«% U Itw, ■' Ttio KngfiA mind ii m the mi'i'l'o Iwtivv^tu 



Krencli, in^ b a Daedium of ocnumiinifA- 

t iiftd^nMnd j-ihi titltfTr Uuui I *in any 

uhuo} 1 lmT« vrcr tpok*^" Hut ChiA, 11 niMt 

»\iiv], araii 4t lhf« Ixviitniiitc of her miik^oc b 


rv u },\t'. hi^Inr '-J'^i voviKl fCflEiaftrP Itt piliK«(i[4jV 111!*?' 

fj b wnii^ dc tiTUC li» mondo ^ — Kjhiu^m 

i'hf lUy &l'f4>i' 1^ 9tk^d u» tuo, " How liko 

n yoa heluv^vl vMlcttlbv 1 Wlien Uic Duke 

I A*Ti' "ir 'fk' id1iM1« <.^ 11 *tiwy. Unit Bfler n tW^^ii 

1 r I . \ ■\' »n wtlh il. ^ N'> (.knniiTi wciuld h»vt> 

!■■ -ii ' VVjth jk *oretticm, it \» nlvarn [inHcTSfj>?(l 

-::.!.' |[ r-vivY Hi)~[iii^(-l iif cvnmnttimi. Th*T f/ilirni 

rju-irr mn-tl ■ I R|rlK*t, " I wo I wft* q»irto 

"I AiiU >Ln.i ii»r iK>ai^ its" TW* wil^vt wih ii> 

..T [n imiM--fi-»Ti inlli tlv» mnflric Ihat *hA ooiiM 

■w vhvtiwr or n^*! i l^cmiAri wim (kcciiflti^rnr-'l to K**i"i 

Ti'it 11^ hn tla^uhrojui, Tlicti iho jihrii|iilv uid, 

h t"* [ ■! rflicif frit Tih^if. ihin niw ivrf, * riiTnpl^ 

,■_ ."U*!!, rtpocinlly to intr^\tc^d, *o | piimiM'nt 

. *' Ai yw fioutt lu Uko it ^ I nm citlicr a rJHi rnau 

1 or a {Kfor sifittlrnwiL." — nrri vh\i dint nhi.' viu 

She n|jrcMe!i] hiT flp^'uv <t tJir nuvnly nud m-le- 

■ -' rpf my (vrnvfTnotiou with lin* l>*ikct «»d her 

h* Krvi»<j ImlMlA c^ nvnie iif tlir drrrnAni^ 

itMir wtfh h(Y. 11 V u my (fnul uitn Tn irinke V-r frrl 

< irMMlt^I tfXViiU«fi» or iM;«lljti. But I fuil^iL ShO 

' t' of r»IIfJutf w-lierciii bii cierflwio* 

I V BjiinMlliy n |>ortioi) at tint whnf- 

-.At} ^iiLv frit ftir nln. Ankon^ tLoM ifiMlleiMn 


which she vfua unable to perceive waa that of iialTet& I read 
to her home half-dozen of Goethe's raoat nibtie and exquiaitiB 
epLgrama. That, for instanoe, in which, after Umentlng that 
his miatresa having jilted him, and the Miiaea done tlia lain^ 
he, because he couJd not vrite, peered about for a halt«r or a 
Lnife. " But thou caoiest," he concludea, '*to iaT« me^ Ea- 
nui ! Hail, Mother of the Muaeal" Enumenting the Gne 
arts which he practised, '* Bringing one onlj near to peifeo- 
tion,'* he savs ; " and so, miserable artut, I threw awaj mjr 
aK on the «orst of matenala, writing Oerman : ** Sha ebuld 
not compreheud these. She waa precisely what Charles I^mb 
eupposcB all tlie tiootch to be, — incapable ^ feUm^ a joks. 
Having tried her with a number of these ironical epigtank^ 
I read a a^mmonplace one against the Gernum soT^vigni for 
ipeakiog French at their courts. ^*Seewhst comes of itt 
Your subjects arc only too fond of talking Frendi,'' meaning 
Frencli principles. This she thought adminUe, and took 
down. Hlt success in spoiling a fine thing waa strikip^j 
sljuwn in cunncction with a noble saying of Kant, which [ 
rcfjcutcd tci her : '* There are two things which, the more 
I coutcmplritc them» the more they fiU my mind with admi- 
ruti<m, — tLi<> Htorr^' heavens above mc, and the moral law 




mkicdly. "I vuAJom far m &oaiml,* flb? sud, "but it 
ttUBTtr i»*>w-" T Wh*!* r ovct ili« ftvor I ex[«ri«DO«<l fWma 

I the prf^M*nov cf Ruttij:v~r dcd (}U}t'm «i>c riud a 

. .J dull '*S(j*m)it»ljdiv» Oc>lKlil"(aoc"fiih^:to Ucr- 

tU- -Itrmt viKi C'criritii." Tli** mini uuilvrihl jwi^it^- 
E mi|!liE wij Ox /if^nijil point — iitia liml tuA fra^iircd, 
»i QimtTify it vdji Mt o^U ^Mioa Uio ocH«od ibcrr wm k 
bi3C f/ |nlM> fnxn < \<'r3 fnirr hiit mrn^lf. '* £t vnin, Ru^tikn- 
«t.ncM>«<lit<T]incn " ^" Mftdjtrao, i«in^oociip*cdi]wtMintiu 
M^tfno^uiprv ^ vCnlAlil? ftmndoi mini.*' \uA then I ri^ 

on twula In r*™." — " 'niksf'Tonii - ' tbn ftirUinirrl, p*iurd 

I . . 1 :ilrj«iir<T IK britig cntnjitiTitoiitf^cl, and 

W4 It u • ion of nffh-t — '"'=* « qiiilretit, ocl rvquinttj^ 

liiQh, but B ivo^-|rt- I mifl't cvco quote oew of Um? Tcrr few 

pfali|it«chc» tt^t I liAv^fATT [ftidc- Bcfn*^ hcrjoixnv^ to 

fti%i. bt^ EWfiri^tvM iVir Uio Kinff*! h:TllirlnT b«U mw pro- 

'irtO aI liOile nftvr dicnor It vua Ki^ichljr (rituUod hj tho 

^-•^' >7l« Eintt<ed i«y a^lunco^ " Ah. yota, Rolniwmi. Yflua 

nrnl" — "Midiun**," 1 mid, ki a ton« nf (wuiEbM 

' voQA ^tM mi poa ex:}?fi^tr. Jv no puM pofl iidmmir 

' otro TT^be ail mcrot lom^it," " Ah qric rotMi^es ^m- 

<'' ' 1^ ncUImi^ t^tid ^yv idh * Atfiili^, iw if hUt had Ruicl, 

"I loon tfatii m«il3« tmrhTt-K, bTi- tli*-n thnm »tv itrf ihfTJf* w* 

optt Tou ore nuUv iinprarib^/' Kor Knj:ltiJi rmrikii«i^ 

tMUlnhiif fV^.m ^ ctfonjilinkcTtt, hnd hf^-n mv \vAnu 

ir ivroUfVtirm uiio* mr* K»i'k Ir th<^d*y wbon tho 

, iiir pBrty^ J^be iFiii v*T_T ploqxtkmE in her dorrlftnw 

i d>Me iti ber iopv? ui im^ro which a)ii; AftcntiLrdu m 

" U (]»okci with Ai'jihuivo, Wl uhirJi^ «hrii I flr>l mmi- 

^Jimd al lo Her, tlio tmilil miT fy^mfrrfniid- Sr4iH9ifi(f, ir hi* 

*ihaiftiUjr 2kiuMd DA -itKniH, nnd chAllcoffcd mc la d<^y that 
*** »u rij^lit, FiituhI trt «y »rm)i?UilTi>C' f madn my um^pn br 
* ft-mj^rment- "I cmti'x iony thnt r-ifl hive jvovpd — qud 
i*v K*-' * n -- 1 -n* up|6r ■ Kort'lji™ dit>'' Ihc Duko «i- 
rSuooJ Illy nay nn\ of Bcttitur cfuI of lach • thnl' 

■ LrerptiTi^ ir I'hiCQ hui ■ppvAntl hiicS 
r> jLttw ou <*r»k ArchTt«cturv hMfiog the l%Blft' 
—.'. *:iie. - ibfl Mnta: of the Ey*."* 

Ill> fiEtttKISCKKCSS or KKNRT CBAfift ROHMliOK. (C«tf* & 

I wiU cwicliadc wbnt 1 lutvc Ui mj:' 4jf ilntUiiie ile St4Un pcr- 
HMuUy, bc^lVin* 1 bcitiiN? ]ivr ciini]vini<inL Xiivr Kiiud Imlf'tlaHru 
dilUK*r&. juui lu auiM/ c^r iporv li<t<>'^'luU*t^ bih« vrixl to UoHin. 
&om wluob tl.K< eltv vivic t^ mr, pru;»:4U;^' tlmt t alj«ulcl re- 
move Ui BvtIlu. uXc u lwl;^iu^ lu liL-r tiej^'hburhuHL lunl >v hffr 
oarWant ^u«kI «1 liiblf^^ Sli^ vrriiilil i]]TrivJuc-i< me tn tbo lJl(j^ 
wj worUI ut bcriiri, Tbt prvpoval v\ut t-io ditvuntji^^tiA to bo 
dcclinoiL Siicb an iiLtr-iKluctioti auuIiI iun'c ulTcteii mrt |injb- 
kii^j more uUiifidi^^H llEtij I iiiuM linte ^nxiIiti^iLy ivatio uM 
oCt I mulu aj] luv qlii^I to ntaUTO in tiiv BiiiumeT' It 
tbarforc. wftb iBu^^h »r>rT^w tliut I h^nJi Brat, of t^r dcatli of 

■t IVviiUHT, la *Wv tt (^ (lav* wn Iwr «ftv lo Switeer ■ - * ' 

Ipriuf tti Oif 1«>» ■fiicit abo let') «li«T4uiic^ B<i( Ikt Jr^rjn^ * mi 
niiotiu It HipLtl<) lir jiK^tiiij; i^riivLMJjilly itr uif^ ll.jl Hlko Jul 
not ltd tMMRJb) «h« bjul l<7i>t]m» ti> l>0 #lo<ji;i<uL A[lh.>u^- bvT 
diKluiViUiT;' liUilAa v«4 ttiM ' " Ob ! U n'^j^it |kl» [uoa pcK. 
[| ^t«it wan ir^tv, uiuu lUn, moii muri.; Toot ! * 

I •*i\\l now rc;CcT to thiuc mxh wtiom t bixajnc n^iuuot«d 
throUK^ iwr. or wbcni I uv in ^vr comptmj. Of ihr«c 1'> C«r 

MKfrinl at but bi FrmDce, baa jdvnjm KAVoiod 1o cri^Tb^rl^r fcttn 
bcr lonrr. In a totlcty no icvomlly |jf<^flieali> ■» tJi^bl of |U^ 
rortMJMJ IxAii iu<>t)«le, wJwxv Uie aMiTt^iiri] fu:! im.tilil b» 
KGarcrlj a mibjrt^r. o^ tbun». aixI vhmi tuty f«^{Lrvu<^ do'ihi nf 
tbo truth *4 iho fvport u-ikiilJ «i|>a«9 bina who dHr«4 ntl<-T tl t^ 
eoatcimpl, nf> voudcr tlkit tliU Ain(><ir viu ukrn r<M umi-lrd* 
ll mrild Dtrwr bfcvo iiwurred Ui iim*, 8lic apjiruntl tu Iv ilitf 
oid^T, iifttl cnlM liim '^ Mon BouJAmiD/' ti Abn^ nti^t bmacUtu 
« BMi or H \'(i(Kiip:r brfchor- Uc, od tlbc v<iiiinirv» novcr «f>ukv 
of llicr li^l^tly. ^"t ftlvara irith risipnt aa MaiLuiic do CitacL 
At her »-ib1i.- Iw u.-Fiipi^l 1li« ]iLii:(.- of ibi? muli^r uf ilie boiBW; 
ba WM <|iirte thp itnia Jr />! m.WKi. The vonl tbiii^ n>x»»l him 
waa thivl U' vtw w-pumtnl &uim bin irifc, lo wbont (t itaa Maid 
b< iMid Ima ;t 1i»I Liialjaad. He vu « docUrvtl irurmv ui 
BuiAftparUi^ and vw * ii>.«iUh^ nf tlx* Tnlituvt trbk.)^ E-juim- 
pHftr abolMlioil Aftor llm Huftrntign hi« bocuE»c n di^fr 
^Uh«d utcuiber of tbc I^j^iJaij^t Ekniv, Hv wa» |i> t>irtUm 
^S« wc Aft A iiua of katiiHi U* wiu h^idily eMwineil, ik&d hail m 
^rti fitd n-[3ntHtkm m b [JiHcMifJiic&l jiiri«i. A ivfilouB antl- 
KDinair-*:. luf wnUr on Cbnitunih. I Mh^iuld ntU him rmliwr 
■ toutfuicitiui UuDa BaUd ChriciiJui , but 1 «iii>ulil not Lb vnt* 




. ' iT," WK* msd to ^ <:'ii Tiuirrmgf. 

lie k*d tninlHl^i • jitjr^ JiiAlEtjc.** 

mi HUTfd vltfilhcT lv< h%'\ rv^Wy doiw Ml Ht Hfti^l \u* had 
kwto iljii tnmUtioci, liiii tmr) 4ooIta)«d to puLlLBh iU U^ouuo 
bt^HClif it iiikitht irjjiirr lh< j^<4 luiiM^ m tJ«c Cb>_'» hIaU of 
■^^i*!- iMLiiiku. 8aatii-r it \uUt, LuKfVir, iIlu ir"i\ u&« to b0 
far W rvganUd Ili<< (>ri;ciii^ bh oit4 i>f ttv njnotr^ 

uilJiiT tluui ii^iiiL-r, 1 iU» iii>l iiiuan lluu it 

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■L "ill* "^ rain, fulfil "bfT *^nr»r>l i»*flr Uir ni*ii;iUlWiv:n of 
itfrtpiliri ■ ■ - long to til*? tnijTuphftnt pMiy 

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cs«4 vnUTA Uu m<ii<1 <«JA fbt m->il KrcD<:h^ ' I am ^vjon of 

'III "juvl tLvrrfoirr I du utA think iuU4;h «f hmL [ 

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I, *i iIh tarn*' Lir^r. told her tliiit of all the tbcn cnu^wnt 

■IJ ethers tlut pc4:u1u7 bjvitlal 'jimliiy 
L^ cirpht, QB divtiiitTUiUiocI from ^utL^ 

^^^ . \. \V- Seli!<>^!L vh-i ^iw then ut bitliii. Slic 

^Hbtnt t ninwd. nQiJ ii»ru ; ft'V cn^^ogcil A. W, St-tikfvJ to 
^^^^^tb W in tbo ckftmflcrof tMtor to hcrt^ililmi. Xjod, 
^^^^^^^ knuvkUgc «hu vciLiM oUjuI] from hint nu in erery 
^PSpSGTMifJcrioT to 4n^tittii£ 1 oould DOinmiiftlcftU) totier. 


tb&t I take vOTj little credit for anj pArt 1 niAj hare 
Bupplf tng the oiftteriale of her book. There are, indeed 
opiniona in the book which Schlogel probably would ha 
tented against being thought to hare soggeHted, Yet bI 
to me years after, "You know very well that I could 
have writteu that book without the aHstatauce of Scl 
But all that is host in that work, the section on llib an 
uen in Qermanyf came from herself alooe. 

Neit to Wieland, the most eminent Tisitor wh<»n T k 
seeing at her table, was the &moua Swiss historian, Jo 
Ton ?^fUller of SchafThauscn- I saw him frequently, kiv 
1 remarked in him deserrca to be noticed aa bearing on 
and wtxduct in middle age. He is the most illtiBtri< 
literary tiirntn^ts on record, — if he deserve that dcf 
choraoter, which possibly be does not. 

When he lirst made himself known as a political wri 
was libmrian to the Elector of Mayence ; and in tha 
tion he wfote, in lTK-2. a famous pamphlet on the celt 
Tisit of the Pope to Joseph IL at Vienna. In this pai 
entitled " Reison der Pihate,'' he represented the Papal 
as eierciae\l in favor of popular liberty against the gra 
tary ^vemments. His neit and stiU more &mous pa 
was the ■* Filr?tenl>und ' (League of Princes), written ii 
and adToeatiog the cause of the Princes of Gennany . 
the House of Austria. Thia was followed by his enteri: 
theservUvof theKiuporor. In that aerrice heremaine^ 
years. Diirin^ this time he continued the great w 
which hia fame ehietfy rests, "The Histofj <rf the 
League,'' whieh he c^^mmeuwd when young* and which 
&ct, the business of his life. On the sul»iect of hia cott 
with the Austrian govermnent. I heard him say : " Ti 
emment pa^seii a law whieh w:i^ aimed at me pu-ticulai 
wa4 A pwhtbitimk of alt 3uhj»vi» printing any book oat 
domiixion:^ of the tunper\>r^ The moment this law was 
1 made luy ^'refiaRiiion^ ^^r quitting Vienna. I be^ 
ending out of tho ivuiitn' all my MSS. and my pa: 
eTery description- I ^eni them in smadl parcels hy ma 
sons, an<i not i^ne wa» li>st," When I saw hem at Veimar 
as I le&ni from the " ConTersatin'ns-LesHva," on hia ' 
Berlin. He at this lime enttred into the serriee of th 
of Prussia. Yi?t my impressiou waa that the tone of I 
v^rsaCLoD was by no means tavorable ti> the Pniastan j 
ment, And b«iii^ w b* was« anli-Freikch in hifl Ii 



't'llnta' to tUtI nual policy wUkJi 

If A Ua.. m • '■ i . ^.'<-. Li.. .h-Jt .'J l-nimo, and tho loal of 

CimufMito, AlU-r (he foil of Uh^ l^ivAmn gtivrmiu^jt, Ml^l)«r 

•HM nui llir tmriKt uf Uic Kiii^ *>f ViVtij-liulin. iti BhtcL L« 

dW In IMI9 ; and. mi \ \urnT>i, itf:tyn] t-iv hiit 4r«ih prvk^wd- 

fifP igH'tiM hcoi for vniinfpi ic oppc»ilic« faIIm ( iALlo-^/frninr 

Cirtimimnit lu wlik^ Im lif Io0f«- NoCwilti*itut')aki> hk» li»v- 

riitmi (iT an cpfK»iC« oliiimctur, niv tin- 

1 AAA and he«ird nf him, wim, thfti t^ «iu 

■n bouttbL «b4 cwi4ih:MiktM(ia nuiu, oikI thai, UUc moay {>tli<ni 

«^ fattvo i m atfwO ibd rtjiruotflj i^ iaciotiNiaCoiK-y, ho mucd uii 

thv OAiina i4 (knn^ aJI t^ good hr cuiiM tn riij- NU£k«i in 

^W aUiiou vliev Ue fbuud hi»acir bo longer able to do ifood 

MaiWii GvTtuKQ iimcunciiitkm wiw «straBMdj dlMyoablBL 
b «iv mootttclv Svim, L c. Uio jftittunl aowkit v«ra «xafC- 
eninl ijt ic. Hi* I'^rvudt, on tbc coDbvy. vu Dsrccablftr 

WMn bn w«» «L WKmuT 1 wiuuBHfd tbo pifribmiano «l 
'VAakn ToO,'* vtcn tbo folkwiug ineiflont took plaiv. U 
t^ Wn MV w> «(cu]T«E<c 15 intrvducod fcr the nnkt «f a arral 
■ni ^niUftU. ibniijrii Mt ?»rtLn<y> oi)tudlj hill) hiiU'jn' ntvl 
inaU* ooMjr- i^unddi^ tb« Durdartr oT thp i'>npiriir, i« 
■vuq oci die tftotfi^ and tbc fnttrd«r i» Bp-jhcn tf On the 
miog to vllidi I irfrr, uWn )IOiI]«t vria pn-tvnl. tWri' uui 
bliiMffr«(l, lu 1 timlvnct/xxl for the fint litno, thjA p&Mikf^ : 
'■' yon kn<ytK rt i" — ^* Jt u (icrt^m ^ % m»ft i»'>flhy 
. Jo^uii-t Muli«r. tirTH4j}jt it fnxn SiJiniFIiiiuiffn/' 

J pfi»W& i f i»Aa talked ti m-lLt ila7 Ui ft j<4c. B«t 
'itiuii ihc msMfpe Atands lu tbc t«it witliotft nay noUs 
LixAMom il« Mttfil^ boiiHn I tint Iwnuue noqiiaiiitMl willi 
*vnJ «f Ihr Weimar RHirl. nod «» the vliv wih |tn*f«n)d fur 
M intmltMTt inci whioh in Ib^ ibUiyvng wibUr iMoam^ (if 
*^ impurtuicv. hly ijuqiit vn kmnm P^v^ty ^cttH^nUj. '^ 
liMia^ui ootiTt Ihdy wu Knult-iii v«n Gookblu«<n, a idifnvd 

'^ ^' i_- l-ookfl fffJMk of tier aa mnTtirruut aoH in^ 

T Shv nwl to in« H Hb»r1 (Mt« tn Madiono dtt 

^ tbo ogtn^ltnirata tarvni^il t^ m4 to bnTC Mb Oil* 

Q>^i&i» Lunkna^ on Eaum^ority. I tlmWoro n^ftitrad to 



^y, ** Do nut Uio CftTor, Fi^uIoib, to roltd Uwt in Gcmuut 
Sb« t>ctfftii, HiuuiiLcrvd, *J»] Mopiiod. ** Udb UmA #m1i ukt 
DtuUcIi K^t'iu" iViKi R4ii't «iy iluit ill (ftiniun.)^^ " I kii 
you tttubot ; bImlII 1 rcQ ^ou tb* rmHei wbv t Tbo 4;L*i-ui«n 
ftu lioQoit Uti]^un|{C^ cuiii your tfcrvuiti b«b«ta ikr< boiiPtsl 
When, tli«vcibro, ^o* hftTc wnTikiii^' to mj- of loorc cccufil 
fUMit. vhioh iMUMna ntFthiog^ vaa fad on juu wr^ ' I>a« Uup 

y ' In tiic jiroaeot I'luvi-mitv >caaou 1 atv * little cf S^ttilla 
but i»4 mudi. Hl* luul A^watft Uic «|ififeft»ii« of hcnng ui 
ncIL Uift AciiAblif utf«. mill Irrr vvrr GlcT«r ainUiT. vid 
ftlj tboic vho autv iiLhiiil hiin, A|}f>cnnxl to vtatdi war hion 
MU lAijvct of BUilicitBilr. ^^'bii^ th^ iidiuirmtiiHt pxciU^ b 
Gmihwiin Aoxnititfuii'^l la avc. (bit vhicti wmh frit tnwiin 
?kkliliW SUM mLj«<i witli Kivf And pcty. 1 may b^rv incntW 
tluU dt tho 4*ui:l (<f UL vvrr tarly, if uol tlic 6rft> i^jHunuUMa 
" Die Bi^iit vuti MmiciEi.'' » yt^fS <l».-tof. vki uf Oil' 

*' Srl)ill«r <Ivr ^-rvmc* )»K4i1<r t^-Ll loh««i '^ (UiB|r |tvi- SiiIl:U«^ 
tbu Great 4K«t)! Tbe nuaiL'nrus stiuklHa m Uht (at iill jinQr 
to tbtoiy^Anfl thctr wntn nvuljir itirw fiiiiMllirvirof ■jiplasH 
But Uiik vu repLFdi^ u a pt^^t impcopnrty ukd Lrnaieli 
docorum ta tko piuviwF oif ib« UtUir t^nd iJiialmi. mid • 
bonl UuU ^louiig HcliuU rua;tv«d a mtvccv tv^jntuf frouiUi 

In U&rcii, IHOI, J hnd ft re introdttOtioa ft^ct t)Ol « ma 
fontuil tmi:!, m Oic lirBtrw^lo OtwthA It vtu al IbvtJimtn 
H* VM lininjT i° bin MTixhiir, i» the frjfil row uf ibe (4l 
I luul rtpMtodly tnluu ft wit brv «ftAiigb to kUu Co haV 
an ^ocmIoaaI jfKmpccf liis cicninMluuioe* but 1 twvcr iin 
i«mi«il myirir to biv nutiiv. On lW pvwiu^ vt ivluoi 
vTit«, I vnn littmir immodiaii^ly b^ifid hlniu IWc^AiTiiii Coi 
«t«ni (\un« iu viib ]*iin, And UUfr lUiAkiii^ hauda vitk mi 
wba|itfvij my nunc V* trnrilu- who bttPK^iakly tunifd 
Mid with a iimilc m tn^TiiiiiitiTifz mi hin fjdnltuHiy «x|irv«iQa 
oM. Mid fortHiddinic uul, "Wi^iMii S10, H«rT 

Sic mkb Wk-idifft W-fnl- il>o roa know, Mr- 

ih*t yi)u hiiW mffnm\a\ uil- 1> — ^- Uvm ift Umt pcvnNv, Bi 
Vtoh^imonxh I "" — "' WIit. imi lisvr vfc*ii#rt pww^ oin* ftl W 
mar etfcptiiv: ni«>'' I tvH ihHt I l>biHlu>d. »■ I mtd, -' Y 
nujr imniEinc any oiibu, Hctt Uchcinvrntb. biil traitl -if 
OTGnca'* H« miM and n^»U '* I rfmll be lui|ipy fu «n> "ton 
«ny ton*-" 1 l«ft nr nurd, of counte, 1h« nott monua^ 




Uc QUI i^ tttfra cvRic «» mvluiiou u> dk&cr ; 4uJ I dined 
vtii JiiM BartraJ Uan** hdorc J Itft Uio ntyhborhooil or W«h 

1 Wltavri on ilia wr^ cTotiiiif f»n whiob he cpok<« 

ji., tVr-v'f^' ■■ir.i I A«kvii kiin «litlbr<r lie vad ouc^ 

■ fn^icrrnL" " O, t«rt well — ike 

.:iii:u-*dy is-c-"!/' I otflQjiEU Bt.irltd at 

Eit> *' Iriiitvil : ixi Ku^UiuJ llii^rto tiwiia 

-.' «t-n Ittiil llml iLrj itft^ OTTcr otUfL"-- "1 

: ikiia ; and vd, c4i rcdvct^oii, you mil pmveivo 

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I iir (la^'riy iinm for npuvcmtTKnr the 

. .*i;oifiL2eJ Bl od™ thv (niUi of the 

I, jijij Jvit nn^jiuiivil ^iT m} n-U fur uot luvia^ ili<>Tij^t ■># 

[ii [ill hth (^iiiTvfwtticiii biT bjHfke ill Uu; mot «izn(4D 

Doprolni'lin^ nuvuzr, bat t)i«rv> vwt in it mnnrfeiJjo 

ftquict itmiictlvn power witJkjaii oflnrt, rcmmd 

of vW 1 psmI of A ptkintifijf, iQ v^ueh li nun wo 

Ek^ «Elh Ml uii^i All i;(Tiarftnt tojiii nhuunl llm {fiolim 

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ratliirv. [t iRthr huil^ in rho irrvi'li Brulptitr* nrthr RcdfL 

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tW acuJiiit'r, and itleiiitr. S<t luio i^U<- l>iit, MuUiiui 

ma pifMnil, I vtM tinvk hv tktt eonlniEt |]c4v*«i| 

ibij ffOClJk*. Xr4liill/ ivmhi eiM*<«l (he ro|M)8r of 

iiLTEs* iiTi >x]i]i;4:i:f ■ i^trt ihcm wa» iM vvi>tmt «lriv- 

liun uii] )H>liii, t)r ihffld I rwiJlert nrrilanir hni 

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to ^cbloipl : " I un )fUi] Ui Inttr ihtU ymir briitZirr 

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w it bk, iiwluwl itfui Ll ia TOfirMcviLxl \n- llio Eu<jr«l Kn^- 

jUui lIivTv «u It ftkTtwtlic niiiiUuuh iiu thv word 

rhiii" n-" fJura went cm, '' Ei^ipitllU^I) ober tuuciy? 

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pni ia tbmr |ijtf«i — ftod l4fti b doatruutiTa <>f &U 

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trtiQ ffcliuit* Thii ObstA aomo %h1 on kk ttmilmeots rap 
insi tliu tmi reli^oo* viik-li hod tlidr «Ti|^i) in th^ KuL 
T«« thii mi^jflLl h«Ttf t««ii 11 truiuiit fi?cliit^, tiir m km 1 
xeix yc^Ti h^ vtthflrcw liinitfctf fmm tl>o ««atiucpLitMiti t/ 
inUi^riu fshkh thrti Burroundcd lum, Mad tuuk nfrap tv 
■linijf uf OntnUl titrnrtim-. Tbr funill h ^vm lu 

Were I A ti]>jfu:cr TDjm, mod did ! £uicy ni;'*elf cvmpcM 
the tutk, I wvuli (olUct and UmLtilnlc nil ttint fVvche 
nrrttL'i] on Judnixm korl ClmrtiAniij. Il «boiild \w jialdfa 
vhh^Dt U'it/i or oomntirait for it i« vnliko vi^tbi^c 1 b 
ervr luct arith frovn bctiprer dt wiMio^cr, lud it iilBDhl 
Utiiqiu*. hi rmr t't h\* linvulc ]irftm X/s Tjivatirr, bn tt«Jer 
djtflUi:?U<iti. for whiuh oiir orditi^ 1uii;,t»»+,-d III* n^ rtT'=tinTp 
Ho my* '* I "11 'jy no mcAna *i#**tX.1i™iJitti, i 

linn, buT' lam indowl iir(:Iit-4:hrulUi].* Tt»f -1 Mr.: ^ 

no-Ctimiun itid tkii^hi-rhrintuiri loiy he> ooticPiTed. 

It V1U At no K"^t drottinw trum this tioao thai 1 oM 
Oirliu^ I" HN> wliclhtT I tould iTiducii hini to net lu a inula 
Ih>1v«<>ii tlL« hiikn nnd thv AtivWiiK. tn th« f]iikml t 
tlirmt«tu<d ui AtuEUic, <>r vntlitJrnvnl. of tte boM tv^iitt; I 
of tli0 TJmYunritj'- U&tiu^ Ibtciml U* my rvprtwtitatMU. 
vMf mid r " So w il in th<r*P rnntt^n <«f »1io*, m whkih H 
porfiVji nro rt£lit Th^ Jinidcint*, sctTng the nuttiT frr** l4 
jwiBt of rifw. BLiv |]i.'rfixiK' iii Mic T:|rlil. B'^l Ibni j!ir Ih 
to WjiinHy ID tho rl^tit ; hp hm his i^wri rii>d» oT ImMag 
iJiinpi from liii p>:iit uf vn-w m *i"Tei>'i|fn." 

DuritLiC ihirfi^ Kca>u"ritLt rieite. [ tfkn ihv cvtupaSoci 
GoQthc'i tAhIr, till* mntlirr i)f KIm i'>ilUJr»^, A* in wHI bi« 
«h^ bftcn>vnrdB bcnLTnc hid wif<\ ?>he Ila*! kti 4::rt*nU» ex 
tcoMQCO, ftnd ft ttfrdiftl rone, Her amnm-TB ^tvn cnctt^n* 
ftlli «nd Avi*- QiK'TT nfitrirtt urv tultf uf Iht uuOJ^nfitd «] 
And tho frMiinnv of bcr iniurooarw with him wh^n tt* i 
ynunir; bii^ «lio bwl oiit|cnjvn nil euiih vcoMitrtcitfev «rbi 

I haw ftlwtnily rof^nvd if fWllio'A w^a ownimg U> Uiiii 
do SluM with Hift liLbiLiu. SJ^o dl^rvtd mo t^ i^fpy ihi t 
fiml ttfrm of ll* little iroluiof- I hurt »eTeT twm then 

Id iw>tih«'ft lihi>4 w*re ihMp distliA* : — 

■^lA"-.' '^ - --V. 

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[Titt jMt loM lA w»£iii|; in tiio tnuHiaiion, Tk« "^^frii; 

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in S(jrtiiUcr*» bjuKl vmtv lIurM Jbua ; — 

EiVw.KovUklia.,4*.lii<iH«cbJar> VvT- -■ -14 
J«Ub kcfiMi^du KM It! irnqiMlM 1 1 

Wm^M ni»Miim [rr*4rt «ff«> 'I .niiMtm^ 

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Ml^Mt iftw wDl i»lrr-<iEf' 1 14 *i«dL Tbti ^<iik irtlli 

TW Km of Prirnrlf^ V»(^ v>h ntnonj; th^ uitil^nEi^ vith 

hftJT of bulAiiv lit Jci*, M^ii AQ^uirrd n-^iuUuuj t>y lijn 
— ■■ **^ fi V T^il!iiiivA t^ JU* ilU|ri>«itii<j 1 Imtp a (Wf) 
. . II liwi n>Ulirid tut <trji(itial ^ftnikth ka ^rty 
jivf« loifl 'Junu^ iltAi lime Uiciv Lk* Uuit no tt)tcrni]jtAii to 
^ ovn!9|iuiiiiJ?iiL>-, Af Uh> bitit- vS vWb 1 ftut nc»« ithlitjilj 
b Ud r< vul «v<tl#il Ai Iriirha with ibo 

oT ;:^i»u ; ftJtkd tt>iiv I pdi^J luiQ a 

-^ ilirtt .1 |iIk-i>uilA(I^ou in tlk« little 
I riicrjv»f in V<ill;I'ji circle uf Mi|iiiuii[.- 

i «bJ \ t^viUnA UMt uLflb i IkwJ daxiofd with a Uiy 

" AihI lwi-4. tAi. I ImVU tir 4>'n ^vu iJiitt Vi>M AJV thv Lut 

HwV W llul t" " WIl.Tt KIT. t'MjMTTUW Kiy ^bMl^tiir 

b« n^iftiTiml, hiid I lidT^ itlwniJi I'fvii of MfiiitioD thai 


B«t my otgeM in referr i Bg to Out rlut itt (>nllm It Id 

IaM cciUuty. tbou^cb it wuh Tmiten) u> viatic iftifiovtiiaK^ Ijgr 
mnJjgtuint cnir;f-nti'ffi-i of |Mnv ii|Hnt 

Duniiff tl^ Irciit 4>f thu rirxt Hcrnlution in TruiOtt« ^ 
«v4iti 4pfvfMt>J, one Lu Kn^&tid. b\ IVifvowr Hohipni cf Ka 
t)un^, ajiil Ubc oCiicri tbo tuuru tDliumiKnuw in Kruiir«, be i 
A1)K^ UuiTUol, witli lh0 miniDcm oljtvl of iJir^tiJug |]ut ^ 
Hwolutiosi nttiA riB tli« borron coMoqaoM <tn it «<d% lh« 
of Ji ooiiirpimcv (kliU^mtoly plaanartj imd c*rrivd (>Qi un 
OMUiomt lit KiLTiif** lij iLu Onler tif lulVlrb. who, Ijj 
of crcrcit iHicii?li«. pfautnni to ilf^trvr utl lhn'n<«. f>roFtim 
ftltnni, «Qd oomplctdjr npart th« MUttlntbi^i unSo- uf I 
flic WKBrt^ to wbicb IbJa •dbciuv vm kmuIahI had ihv 
of rA' fthtMMimnri. Thvj mrR Mifipuvetl Co lini« rmik 
erMTwlMnk The KAntAn ]i|LLk-M|>b5 vu mi« uf lh« m 
nietttek. Ipdccd, mon? or kra. l'tl'h' uiikin of qu-q, om] «t 
v«rirty of tliuo^l, vp|NMtf<t lu tuviiAnrhir uul puptfry httl 
it Clw uHpinoii of "* ilfaisinatiikik-" Aivt nS tkbi tnniie 
ertl Uio feiufider oikI afdiiftACDU ««a AiUm Vr«iHl»nf>L U* 
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<jo<lin. t dctFimijiiKl lo onll oi^ liiiia. On mit4iriiiL' liU r 
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iriu not till I hhit intrvxiucvil toy^clf ju uqc Aiujini^ .. ^.^ ^^ 
thpttjch I li>eB nf bini coly fh)n hii eorcnin, dmt ho vmI 
vJIUnff td enter iiit<i iyiii«miticni vitb shi. On mv uUl 
knTC* he even iiivit^H lao to repeat nr vini. uvi I vtBtj 
Uki thmf tuiiFft- He fnurU^ told me tlut I vrjtft Irc isU I 
linuwf liiron^ the vtiipiditT of a Mrauii^ri, «')w«n ho m 
OB th« point ot tEtntin^ nv«y fnr it ; bui bi^ kwl for^ivoi l| 
INI Moount of ibr pkoBtm he bkd dcrifcd from our tuLvwiirM 
He Mid he Iwhl m iJilHurnnoe nJl Inivrtlbni vho nudfl *is|)i 
tineot ealbk wuJ c«p«auilly KofliiilivHm. H? vy^M iia« i^niu 
tbe ctiriaaity of tnch watm. Bui my ouulor ittid nfmii— ■ 
rctodcrvt bun vitliDS to nuJi* va ciatirtioni in tat cB«a | 
nyicf Ibn ho vat, p^rhtp*. not ilrpantu^ 1K>t« iImI tU 
nttUw vhtah bin fv^anioa uimbed Uy him. \tidis^ m\ 
«nud m Kucb tivit4iici». tb« !tUtcQ)f«Ua luttdc ooiHaanA 
bin ftn< fiiiiitilcifl im Lmtb- TTil' fnlBc-hiwd lii^ in Uw vx 
avfnliau of ttmo pMrt* vf b'tt h&*lnfl^\ u»4 la ifao dummd 

VcMbROpt vuuM not LiTu ilrtii*<l tb«C he wwa bmq^t 
■nnng tbe imuluipOr Una ii& hitii|i|fciiJlioiit to tbom b« «»! 




^itli Qh^iu 'tTi ■ Bcorut Onl^r at ft tfans 

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a1 itoc tlirn vitB 4t nil trimn^ iH'rtinfjH, a mixiure tf f?oc«l- 

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•id «tii«ittia^ the |ini<«i:<iptt of tti0 l»rew< I>iik4» tiT Sua- 

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m ion nf «^r, llihI Iu« ni'tJ^nninM vim in ih» mpcct pvputf' 

■nng : tiU fi^mnu sriv ixiwitr, IlU \ola* hniiil^atiid bit 

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*»' He Ivul hUnsolf fmiod oa a tcf^rmcT. and thufrfoire 

:tfiana rlw cxiiild mii^ccint He uji!. "Ttxirv in hul 

I'rrrt^pr «tii>v *«M-'hHig » iilim*» i-lTci."tiinl. — Nw*'H' 

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' ^-r «jth iui:ciftn:bT.'' AikI bv jidijuil, wthiu- 

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'Til ntxl pirlinl rriiTio. \ >€\\'\. I <*f»ilil n*>i h*lIo7fl 

viiTw «fts a a>m<rl t^nr Ho tfiiJcil ftiid ftnifl. " ^'vn 

"■'^'1 - if jixi ran hol|* it, 'h<i't iKlirw it* I »ftid, 

■ -( Cmcli thi»M y..wr^>iiUiTf'ii-"' — *' If I auompt- 

- ■. » i.uoTDd. " I hhcMihl tict AiiooMd. Tbu V-fllll^, i«iUi 

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Uur ^CKuA hotoKM, oumot Ml#r# ft.* — **Bi>t okd lun «ll 
eold bvftik 1*' I «ud in « rtkct of iot«Treicatu>0' " 1 «ni 
Ibr It/' be MiJ, *- bui It in imc." 

Tbfl ijnwiitiJ ft-ritrB^ of Wiih1iiiii|iI kit erf ivlun; tft 
■pixTuljitirf iri-i^} &crrT cMccTDfiL Hp ttrol« a^iin^ iht Km 
lAaa pbikvopbjr, but hi* iiorka wcrr itoC rc«d. Hh " Pyt 
oru," M lie AAid. miitjiiiiti aU tbo rtatrnkv or Socrvt Socuitin 
But the* VdJit niiuiiiuiii cif L<dflM<alicai xibrc W««littuj4'i 
bM rnitUrctl thifl louiiittj; of Iom iai|Mrlmc« tb*it il nit* 
lli«u. ilv is vuU iv hat^ bteu an iMdnurvr of ikiij4ia|Bi1 
ThU Iei niiiinJ villi bia pvirulUr kiUt uf tbuii|^, Poril 
Kn?ii(ii I'hamf tJTT ho proftfoiefl tcn«t tontcimpt, and ^ I 

KuKtifiti lii|rh uiiDirEitioa, T« P^T ooil the Iido «rto ke « 

At tktv KuD.T fKun of }S<H, tbo ttiiilnitv mj^ kwl 
mufi \o Imvu tbo ruivL'nrtv, attJaa the dcmuudA m tlMir 
fiKiraJ wcTfT complied n'ith. IcCiV tlkoir drjifcrtaro U> 
tkf-'ir MuJmb elsFv^heiv. Jnut swiiml dnmtMl : [ at 
tlitf ^(Ti^OT itiiiTilu*r of my yoHTig*>r friwnU finJ 
A UfTffc pTDirt-rtion o*" tSrm rc|jfurcd to tihc iv«<iilly 

It tiupiriTniHt fi-TtiriintDly for mvwJf thAt. >Dnii u/tvr 
]tim, I l<cmsnc mtimutc irith tine for wlbjin. t/ ^tll my il 
ftiijU^iilAiivc 1 hAV(T fclth tlio vajnacBt rcy^uil : ttiid %ju 
vtiQ Kn^b^l, Ho vim at ihi^ biui.' JLUt HUir yean uf ftge. 
hftd m ti»t> mitilnry ti^rv, flnd ku trmpcr tank chtLjUicUT 
aiiu;h brtl«v ftdA)>i<<l it* am% thnit to ncboloribip ] )^ 
tast^A vrftw ISf ersrt'. A Knu^oonnu ikJ^cwmi by liitth, ko 
Unti o«r)y inr^ tK4' vrvitw d PntHt, mthI vnH briHi^U 
UDclcr tho iTTftl Frcdrrrick. Bui the rretrunla ozmI 
tkii <A % aiiiiuvry Ul^ ««r« iv|»iRiuuit to hiau Hl* loved 
tntMiMlv, Jtnil fnvn nmin vpiwu. fhi itjiiunwj vbtrh 
OhtootAjily mado Ihr^uat W«iraiir, vlifrb iintUr Ibe (jiitcniDifr 
of tiK Dmlit'm^n'iwiitrr Amrim. Iio had tiie ftnod fortiiM 
make tiiiiP4t>]f .b^^^ptJiUr Ui llio DiKlicf* Rofcni. Hln nblaini 
frr>m the King of Ptuahia hin diMluirp* iivnt mXliAary duCia 
and Jio Aooopcod oftuc ii> th« Court of M'cimnr lui tfovcstt 
of tLo PrJ;»:D fVnntlHijIinr-. (lie kwjuI noti, cuid (h^iuuc Ji 
imv^|{(i|£ 4^)rn{(aiirik» tr Frniicr. Thin va^ jiut bt UuU fFn: 
fvrtofi wIk«i I^kMIi^ becitfike, tiot nvdiwiy tlio qotcetdoiv ^ 
III'* ialiiiinu compciDioa t4 Ibc facir and «ubaeqi>otii Di 
of S^ut-Woiiniir vho wbcti I <fiui at Wcoaar «n4 ihtt »n 




tsntfic ' ' \-r\ u«h« t» nill, Dud whLi;li bate 

(lariJ I <<h p^-Utiml ami ttE^ruijt iruvaip. 

VHnliL' ", wtiitli t>3ii( ill H ri>iiv iTMrK h« lud ■ p»n- 

uttiJI*'" 'htln>nmk ArjduimiiuaH4ilfliJiiUEVur;iwd 

^n hr «&« suflu^K iili^ pr^Hvidi^i for tiU tbe cod of hm Ja^ 

if. -^k witluxtt lb« rttrl,^ tm^intie <J Itw HcboUf luxl (1i« 

' \hv LUTwn- tiiua ; Ijiit be luul tb« Gucm of & <lrl*:«t# 

r< "' rtfxl ikli iIm ^<Jittjn ^iT ftttiKd «f hoovt (uhI rv- 

EBu-mTKji'iwI him vny nHv^rml <Hk alt auiCfm ooEiimrt^tl with 
iWt^btm, rvfMirniilj- viiK tlio Uuk* loid (AJfCjie. Hint aHU* 
tf bcttJT «t iiw tkme tuuiMikif k?;jt hmi nloi^f Trum th'j iVitirC 
VUphpah«m1 till- uflniiniJ-di ^x\n-h wtm itui(<r>«illi f(»Ll ti> 

kikg L ' tthxti oiittoil U'tfi^'ii Hivtior mad hhtt^ 

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4vtlv «nil S-MUf<r «t |lii« hftkil <if oti>> ■«% »iiil VViHiituI itml 
Hffiiir ^ |lt^- htmi r£ ibdt irfliur, tUre ouuld Iw fto t^tHotUcOi m 
bftlnL KrvM ullaidtrd hiauvlf. 
3li uv^ laMc lt>l liini l4i ixx^ipv h ii mrif with Innhlutiont, 

'[ flu-io«eil nuTfy yoani of I114 lift to ilw prtxliK^tiiwk </ 
4,,..^ii L«tn4iciL fa tho vuufVtf u/ hl^ ilurlnv liu hivi\ 
temi « h^ r|itmi>Q ijf iW iTfilinl bu4p of lliltruft W«kc- 
Ul, ttliaao tAxt bo ftdiTfatuI ; Bfid 11 vlilcd iwt m liUlo lo 
^ ttcrH i» h)i* 07*11. Uihl [ \iad kiiijau WnkcftrliL Klu< 
~-' - -iTnnBi atwl Mnimitiiiin wmmLtvh vrrv- tl>o <lJrvi<tin«ift 

<> HkcuUj of i-TTHMikitkilkff took. Ko ana & numU 
i—'- s.'rii fWll i>r *' -lAiumJ piotv," to bonw Bikcon'a ex|n»' 


' Tiff kix>vfi t^ Kn>-N>l. 1 li^fsine 

<fttli&<lioiL He IimI a ^reat Am] ti> k^tni frrmi 

lituntiire, juiit 1 lh)ca bini in 4:i*rniau- ThLiitifli 

IC4 >/ luitwnmo bulvd ^nA « uhoti titncv 1 

T nditL* tu hui aoiiM&Uueo tbftu my 

< H'^iiiun^t H« biul not ih« mMUKof ^ir- 

'i4iT« onK^ttfh (iu»'i.lis Dur vus it tlw cvtitrin ifi 

_-ii^ tWm ; Wt liA VM IjT nacnro |ibrr«l uid Ti»4At 

.^:liT iu A^l i^ fevlliiipk lib «iM «|i utyoot of uui 

^4^ 1 r 


H, C, R. TO HIS Bbotbbb.* 

JnA, DwMDb* 11, UOi. 
T met Koebet first at the house of Fnu tdq Wollsogen, 
and wna iirjmediately invitod to Tisit hinL 1 ud nov the 
tnoiit Intimate ami de ta maistyti. If for tturee d&je 1 omit 
oalUngf the servant comes with the M^jor^s oompJjmeots to 
inquire after my health ; and I fiud that I am nerer unwiel- 
come. We aometimes read Shakespearet but oftener muon 
about LuuretiuB. By what liickj mistake I know not, but tba 
Mnjor looks on me as d Philvloff, ]aye sorufJea aad difficultiea 
before me, and listens to mo with an atteotion that nukn in* 
internally blush. He U drntty, has aeen much of lift and 
literary meo, and relates bis anecdotes with pleasure. Nor 
is this all A few yeara since he married a veiy prettj and 
amiable woman, just half as old as hinaBoU She is lively and 
naive in the highest degree, so that they often seem rather in 
the relation of parent and child than of husband and wife. 
He has besides a forward clever boy of ten, with whom I can 
very q-oll cntcrtaui myself. Thus it needs do assurance of 
mine that in this house I am quite happy; mdeed it is my 
prime enjoyment this winter, — a new tie to Jen& When 
i>ei>uiia of mi eiwll^nt a cbnractcr as Mainr Knebol atlnch 




*'hiT9aH lh# Tot,' fliAtiicli U h nho*dT nrmUiard In mj 

^^ ^f '.i..-lfcc, "^ l>o Ton hnt>w tl.jt •■-' Liiir 

inyir im c|iic |fjpiu w^th as tuwii pnrtrr tii 
mit nircT |ihik«op1ty r" 

"I ' *iiA timnud, 1*(30tho huiI iio h<ul 

I .' aA** it, W itB briTig piibluh:^ tij 

WludiMl, ft virt '>r rvtt Apfrit vhi> (lucdtHl over thii litflutl 

prruiiif/l^«riu«u ttt nriitiLn> til tl}i> «i||;hlM^iitii ct«itiiry> Vovtho, 

IVAtTf, U>jk tilif UjOk AWJIY nitil IlilB OU A Tlut to Uulslttd, 

tUn he Crvi|Ui.'fiUy (ji«w«I thv numnivv : unit in u tew werlt 
it tntr In }{oTi\i^ tliiu hm Tvralcff of ** Htiii^e " ia iHtfom^ 

Til Mft^ the jiUiiAlI eflcil 1/ Ukiug toi^ at oaoe •f tt 

tttt>«T wT liV^-^I'^ntviil :uh1 i^'ntTOOfi TOiltii* nii'n. f buj 

l^tvnl 10 p«y 1* viat'. to Wurt»n,n:, thi l«o {h>ui1>(h muro 

' I ninMBtj wiu lu'l » link- « icaUO : 6rni, u tu bov 

. ui tjif I'au)!^ utiulJ AULaWuiijnic* uilh lilt* Hoiuuiiuui 

W dtancu^r oi u JviHar-H4irNL)^< mw ■>&<*! to liif? (»<>iL or 
&^ lie truufituitetl bj oo nuaiijtuQt u oulon; to tlw Aliui- 

'tt iiie n^Qc< of mj itcv fripiiil Estlnl, I postfoaod BVp 
^>vik> from ibc tfdi To tlic lOtJi of SAptcmW. m ordtfr to 
tmttfmay hii fHr^id. Uurr vuji [IvluL4iu1i<;r. He 't.ikA m 
pnrmitR nf iht atmtiui ritr of Nurvaitvrrg, Hnd t fnitinl him 
iGdri; ofuittlilc Wk4 oiJi^iiK own. Hi» rtAtton uid uxteriot 

W noittLtluiiLijiltni; IlU BtirirfO]i.»<], nrHnlir fWis iJeiuItv 
Ittla, «Ad ifH'ifHTTfg gnH, li« luJ Mi lijU^ii iioliLlitj erf" l^fff 
iWleMum] my cotccn)* ftnd cijotilcil liiia lo iHTK-oinT'iwTi IVom 
M<* Ui fourUm LtM^uw a lUjr dunug tbo iljoit tinic»« 

Mv i««xft»«ai «t VTilrrJiiiTic viw & very twrdJal one. run! 1 

^mi\ mrvlf Bii oltirtt puf iDtcrvrt to mmir former J<nn 

itTiw.l-il piJiriTt iiir lii lifrur <j<lJH|n of 11 fihirv 

ri ilyui (livir prulo would (il)on thtytii it* oun- 

jvn I rvprun-'l iv my inn, mj o.-niipimjuc'v bi'iil on 

L nv f u Ik lliv fiii^fT HcUjr lU yiu)i lUic ^'tT n iriclc os a 

Inii'Siard. Indwl, wiihmit |n|Hnn}r m'^ f^r «»Lhi 

_-,,rii,' +<j iio» Uicy iotrodiiowl ran *<> biin ■! mh* nr- 

iipW Fichto. The man n^ v> ojcn^iniiA 

-r- --i'i- litfk on tnjr |nn was an cajj uii-. Ujr 


coiupanioaa gravelj put to zoe queitiofia of ouaiBti7, whkh I 
ftti&wvrGiI flocaetimes with Delphio mjstioiBm, L & Bh«er non- 
8Cimc, at others with pompous tritenen, — a atitt more mie- 
ccssful nivthud, perhftpe, of befboling & fooL Uur hoit wtM 
delighted to hiive hia houae honored by the preeetioe of m> 
great a pulu, &ad houd bruu^t into the room Jk witoeM and 
eharer of his felicity, a. young Cfttfaolio prieet on hU wi^ to 
tho Aruh-chuuGoUor, the Elector Dcdbertl^ After my ftiendi 
lutd left mo, and when I was quite ftlme, thia young prant 
came to me for the aeooud time, and begged to have the honor 
of u few words in private with the great man. I thou^t I 
might innocently indemnify myself for my trouble by WTning 
aome of hia scDtiment& " Pray," said I, "now that the young 
people arc away, let ua talk openly. Men of our ehaivctcr 
undorataud each other. How ia it that a peraon of yocef 
philoaophio turn of mind can aubmit to the alaTery of tba 
Koman Uatholie eyateml How do you dare to think pbJloa- 
oplky t ^' He aHeumed a look that Hogarth might hare bor- 
rowed, and said : '' To tell you the truth, Herr i^ofeMOTr then 
in not one of \is who doea not feel the y<^e, and we envy yon 
Protcdtantid ; but we are poor, and aubmit for the aake of a 
maiuteuauee. But 1 asaurc you we are more enlightfloed 
thjLn you are ewjire of." Ami thou tw ai'i<1 ic'it>i a sni'ilti of 



b A» pwitt nifftotMV Uio trioDiiinl, htTinff niptdlr jn -rf j Ti Ci rf 
«%kA rt^lvK'iiJi rila> b<l^>v^ «tii--b I did not icc, vait hMnd 
Uh^ UiiL »iTt] ■ irniirTtii 111 liM hnJiiI, [vi Uy lui- itirii Ut 
A* wml uTVHuM, pod thctu plAwtt in • irhiur, Tbo eleven 
taifeir U»«Q fctr^r^p^ fr^flib i«rhnL<l, TioMiii-* n tmoil svord undTT 
^^■limk, otiil Lti an ii^UiUl. viUi ft (Htcl-bnU^lcit Uuv. A«Tvrvd 
^^Pboi! fnim ll» IfoilT. Tin- h<iiHV«« Inink rfDiiiJtiul in tbo 
Attr umdavihU OB if bolluii-p- hmrl hAppcnmL A CunicUn 
anik llwD LMUie lonnnl. Aiid, liiftiiiK °P ' ^°^ cn»c^x. ex> 
ikHAl. -S^n, my fVita-l«. UiAt lliiiig ttliiirh nun ii tiMM idU 
1kl»,wd 4U beaiufe bo Df^wted ^in^ to ftnuftaa ion." A 
hwHillMLl I& like Gircuffndtuarw »c4tM hftvo Mcribod tho 
«l>«R>phtf to ibr DulnijoD uT ih« i^abtwtJiH Tlw wInlrTM 
•lirh fd(fl«ral wu (1t^JiT^^vl with trljuiiiCTKir, nnil. IhMigh db' 
|Mta|| Id ttic, vu. ] foti. ««11 Ad&pUd to iBQfif^* tbc wrt of 

liftd yjt'ot jJ^nmiT m dmitij: wiih IVirVwur l^jrtlii»» aq 
coniiAakli, fcty ftriit? M wvR M clear tie^doil, 
o;uttii4i I Kinv ttttiTtAiit iif bbiCliriil£Anity, uli[f|: 
a DifC P> &V4>rtihkf ciow u It wuv thm« I n.^n ivo rvMuTn to 
vtfUkoU llitf bi.'kiii>wlixV>iJ<^ii^ ^ l^is |fnfv'^*i snorhty ood 
•lonij. He dtiiuKi llii* dMirw?t4fr <if a ('hristliui Pn^ 
^*. wul thin flnrvng hU tr«ig nf^lOTn^ftl hrp v~a< not dented 
^ by my irKnal cr4Uairiif>, thmi^'ti rHti»«sl (» hhu liy oon 
frwTiWiJ arlvi-riBni^ 1 b-^mfMl Cmw liitA llmt Scln^Iiiii: Iiim! 

k*«a« tfoincoii vhitb 1bnnl<t)od(nAct sooQ produ^ 
»n) iUq iciiuil ndrrtTijIy.* 

rf htt^g 'i*'b* to friiliT «*rvW In n friii'inl cmjwd 

my toftr to HtriK'n-rri; au^I tWUmln', Ot" IIjo 

t nrrd not fipmk ; tbc |titt<r <t]iJ &ul jilrao: mu. TliC 

Itt ifl IkiiU Iti Vho idin|v "f a f^ir. th< piTjiiy' fi >rTiihij;: tW 

Wb. Ud llko ttrvfitt rftdtftting Trvin it, (.rf tbo fciUKiaa 

I «i|t Wt uy. that 1 Dt%-(T f<])l mnn> 9tnm\i^v 

of Bdfncfy in iri^nu^ £lrej^;th uikI rouliilioEt. It u 

[turf ra ft triiiB** 
'- Eliut tJ ErliHt 


said that a property of bcnutj in to enerr&to ; but this 
not niy cjtpvrioiicd in the proaeut joumej. The rood 
lined on Jioth yidoa «ith fruit-treea of every description, ea- 
[icuiiOly waliiuta, apples, and choatDUta. The pnncipd bar- 
veat wna over, but every vftriotj ijf produce was left, indiid- 
LTjg, bcaidoa niuro iumiliar objects, flai, tobacco, and Indim 
corn. I iiuticod onu peach-tree standing by itself. The mp- 
plea were not knocked down, but carefiuly gathered ona 
by one by means of an instruinont combining a lako and a 

While [ vas on this httle tour Boonaparte paid a TiAt to 
Muycnee, of which all the pupera were ^IL I waa unused at 
the prevailing timidity of the people In expresaiikg their opiiH 
ionn- 1 never met with an individual who bod a word to «j 
in iiis favor, but no one ventured to speak against him- I 
alone talked Ireelyf and I coidd see that people envied me my 
power of saying what I liked. One evening, at the table- 
d'hute, I waid ratthng away as usual, when a well-looking man 
vho sat ne:it me asked where I was going t I said, "On 
foot to Frankfort/' He took me by the hand, and in the ton* 
of one at)oiit to ask a serious fiivor, begged me to take a meat 
1>etwcen him and bis w^ifc in their carriage. ^'It will do my 
heart good/^ be said, ^' to t:]lk with an KnglishmsJi about that 



^hW «itf Mm fin** tfitrr 4*ntit h^^rf, Stvw l tcmy wirtiiro to 

ttM^ ihmfiin;r jc^H, Ihv voimic^t unrl taut iigncfiUi! of 
Ua^mp lie lu H<ic)u-'« fratittrJtjl-ltv-ti. ifke vwi ftlv^^v eoo- 
Biifitd B nrwBJil. tLtLtiifiiiii.'..Al>lp viviiturv, I m-oUrd ttef^M 
htt dinlt iLp(f1u-fnv*\ ncxi "Ia- n^m ii prnt nnlro^ tJilktfr. 1 
rMoU«4 hkto hmrifi^ liiT it|KMk in teniui cf vUrara^iit ul- 
■n>lt^« of Uip Uk-iiua or 0«*Hh«'H '-WiBiclm M««il«r.*' 
f*hl>ny bitr lumrb ovrr lier Uw.<iu. tht laud. " I ulvhv,vs Ke 
thai «Wv m liH. tn imitiktljka r/ M^jCiVkiL* I hAfI k^M 
iKfiin^of bflr£br Gamiv r^n, nhi'h tbico apMAftd "^l^oMhM 

tW ifLir ssA Ki uanh bit ■>l>/>v( '^ infcnh^l in CiNrfh^, ih^l K« 

*<fttu. Mr BOimtiDUniM aI Knaklbri mtD of Uw tton^ opiO' 
^%mt\ it i> tiot Cfipiiwil \ry tZ»c fjumlT. 
fb tho mr tnHc l-> JmiA 1 jiuflipd chmiiirh Fiildn, thr- mi- 

Ucq^'*br boUcb«n. I tkou^ht it did ii«t jiu^tfr the «pi- 
(bu made upon ix by JL W. ScbtegrI : ^ 

"^ >p>I«iIh pbj 'ii»Bit ftviKl, »-JaAf rh« pl*t 'i i* tuprnJirrj; ■ 

' -\ nap Hilrauutn, » ftim»nH imufii-jtl [v(!jtf(ii:ikc, wKo 

1 n Ur^T JUj'l diM^ii;:iii«tfe'«1 >r|ijiimrv mL St^lnii^p- 

^' II ^alcn mn hi* tua-tU* Uimi-:If (lonunUly known 

^ Up itry eia^smlc 4u4 Bc-lli^Jtimn nltonlU'ti he l>ftjfi t-> thf 

ptiTt «f ctlttrotirtLi, hr Ilit nTiCl iliM.'JpKLiikrinu \iriU' 

Uvl *iy llii' H:|ivi'r«il ti^iiorirv rujil iJin*i?Hciii of thv 

I^U AdiI Salrrmini: iv^med to hai^ iiuoo«'l(<l in Uio tUHJ- 
■ Tt T..I r-.i.j,:|] ill,, f^rvrjrh ha*v found iuii>v.viUtnM<:) cj 

,,...1. ii,^ 1^ ^ fjind^uncatid law, Ai^^lhvr it 

►ta in UTcrvthiu;! not ohritniflly iLui^tmija. 

^^ imrtinit hiMorr. WJ'I t^ikir lr>ru(jiiur- 

-^ on funt cv*^ rtiu Eiii/»xitu;[is TM^t 

'Af^m^ipur *>niicrua«attk,iiilbf DDchy«fE«M'0*bMS-OMli^ 


■B gcnetal culmrv oT tbf Active povCTs is conecriKd, then i« 
much to b« lipi^ihled, but I ftsr scAid leAnun^ ii at^lected, 
and the UkscLiuTJ^n u not wiihout ^iectAtiun, and erdu what 
looks likti qiLu-Berr. A ii«wspAper is printed here containing 
a hUtonr of all ivniarkaL>le tx-vurrences. priiei jtiTen, incidenta 
in the hi ude, ^lenriMa ptrrlormAl, Tk&itd of ctraiigenf &^ With 
edifying Im|irovt>metiid« Salimann tranolated Maiy WollatoDS' 
crafl'^ " Rij^ta of W.-nken." and be vma in correBpuudenoe with 
her. One of ber chihiren^s books is a tnanslstion of % vovk tif 

After mr return, Enebel vms anxioos to tske me to Weimv 
to see bis sisteFt ^vemess to the Uereditarr Priooea^ and also 
Fraiilein tod Gcckhauseu, the Hofdame to the Ducheaa Dowa- 
go-. We vent on the ^ath of October. I hftd the honor of 
sipping chocolate in the predence of the Toang Prinoeos. i also 
visited Frau von WolUc^n. Schiller's vifi?'« sister, afterwards 
his biographer, and 1 wLiih-siied ibe performanoe of " Turan- 
dot, " * This tajry tsle. by S^hiUett an imitaticni vi Gom, is 
not cou^ered one of bia grvat vot^ ; but it proved veraatiLtj 
of t;ilont. auii otft-irdiid an opportimitv of trying an eipedment. 
It vm pl^yod vith MuiAfe*. and ciMtainly gave pleasure as soon 
08 tlie speutatore were rvconciled to the noveltv. At each poi^ 
foniinikce« for s^^me time, the interest vas enhanced by the in- 
(rodiu'iion of fiv$h riddlea. bv which the ChiDe«e Piinoea tried 
the skill of her unwolwnie lovor- 

On [he 24th of Ni^vember. an occiurenoe took place irtiic^ 
at one time thrvatt-'iii^ me with serious consequencee, but 
whiL'b evontuiUly was of service to me by occasroning mj 
intivduction to the Ducheas. Of all the Jena profeBsora, the 

moat unpopular was E . He had the ear of the Giand 

Duko. but was disliked Iwh by his colleii^es and the stu- 
dents He lectured this session ou Homer and the Roman 
entirists. One of the stiiilenta hnd pnt into my hands a oom- 
ment^try on Horrtee. from which we saw that the Frofessor lead 

pAi^ iif^er page, Aa s-hnj as the lectTire was otct, and E 

iuul bft the room, I called out to the students, '' Gentlemen, I 
will read you the Wtiire over mniia/* and liejam reading ; I was 

a tittle too soon, E icas within heariug^ and rushed back to 

the room. An altercation euiiuedj and I h-as cited before the 
Prorector. It was reported that I should be sent away, that is^ 
receive the rumsi/iftn abtundL My JHend Knebeltook up mj 

* Tunndol, Piini^Min tod CbiDH. Ein tncikrHDiichM 'Mifcchfln nitcl' 

V 1 



K — r 

« t^ -- -. -^ 

Tbo Prorvet'iT mfi^rm^UHl nw, And I rclntnd 
^Ut- Jn til - <iy Glijurfh«»dtriulba 

e, *^", ctv , Miuj OHO cf Uit.' ifmit 

1 uti ] auiiti leAintxt dint 

.' i}w ;iff"itr : n^M\ frria 

I I i1 , uid 1 RjMfrl ■ li-rirr TrriiQ 

■ I - iLium.'r. TlkJbHut soiii tlint 
lui luA f<vii fun bo TutilJ JWTfr *^i^%*tfiit Ui rnv rvt^ifir^ tlic 

ttar, >a- I tt**! i^Jd tht tjuik. luid Oii:l tlit tiw siitl jitx^ul ibe 

OuiUx iho UnUr. It wih <!L***jveivii llkit K van ^i>n* to 

Waaur, Willi Uio Qljfi*l h *'i» liclki<*1 of (*br»min^ » Ducnl 
ovif Rr mv n-iui'vul , tL-'!>'ft*Tj itij fhiiitla it«otToa tc> Uktn- 

7W PnaviTtflr nfli-rU*! f*i tifl my IViftifl. *Ti(i «ii1 ffio nmitcr 

VUikialii<a Cft tun iUyf^ i aiutJ I atioiJii hiUiuI to iiu tmii- 
MhnrtiL Jf Ihrrr w<'r>' ft u-iilfDiv jqjitmt ch\ I t^lintiM ii|i[ii.nLl 
^ tin thikf ; ikifl rf tlhil M i)i.4 at«]|, I filioidd l«i^4' tlio 

^«lber Umrprtliv^ lb tny jm^mtt. i HUitml tlukt if I miv 

-WTO*"* "f Biiikit^ n fklp* oh^rp* "f |ilAgl«nnn, \ pliylgi^l nij- 

nifc the cbn.'^is Ttiv l'r«liM»i^i)«v«r Aiuivrvrcd my 

J ; uik) Alt Uio pjiUur ijbdML 

^ "<^:^ IXidkMa Airiolift. u Uitve of Frc^fTitfk^ Kiiig of 
***^U, ma 4 TC7T dupcn«T wnni&u ; iukI dvruuit] liicmlitrc 
inltr ; ■ Wt. She iA4i* flw i>jKviiil jift- 

rM.*, TJi*' 6r*t dfty [ diutdwitli 

^*it *vf^Ml*m »Jir dmiml mo lo Im nt 

I '-A. I rikllk*! i>ti \iuu, anil lAvnt i^ttfi 

jhrtjr. Tim i*!." jji'-^ Oft^ii (Uiil *hti«i'l tiLif hj<% *p*1 di^itt^^i 

ia& K •"«» m iLe i»it* au*! il ^•iw Mjjijuftn] the aiyt»t 

^ >!■• BuMf J)ar« tdL-^tJ uvHv liiM l4>it Ii'-j>a -f ^uri^pfn. At nil 

*~^^>, J! jr'Tirvh(*iwon ou tnj ftj^x-iint vlih r4r^J^rvnd oariy in 

I If Rij puliUc 4p|icfkTftiwi> uikIc7 thc Docbiw 


R. C FL n> uu Bmotuxii* 

Thr Diubcu i» cprto^nlj Ktnc of Uio ino«t «iti:iia1ilc of 
G#mift>i pnniiTKtf'i, uru) u Tiuti uiiviirthy of briii^' u akvt 
FrvdiTKk. 1 1. At the lho4tra I utw thn noDiUor of thu N 
nnil Uin olijcct of ercrv iJiie"!i idoUtrj' Iictv. — tlic licrrdi 
TriniVfl* vt SajtU'Wrimiir. .^* mj rc^kicjjir licrt biw uiv 
TAii nil mtrrcrt in t^-tryihiii;,' ihiit wfK^cm* our hitli* foiin, 
Coki? Tor lfru>tc^J thic 3 ou urv 0€t t^tionnt that a fcv unjcirj 
wiico our HtioJitu/ IViijoa broiiyht bomc hia hruir, —il 
tiller of thn Kmiwrur of Ituflni^k tmd 11 lUii^'litcf u/ PahL j4 
tcoiuuc* pro Uriih of her pnuM, nad inrlrc^l bli« w^riiu to 1 
rxMUv un extniordkiwy |fr>»<ra 8b<.- la .vuudj;, m<l |>uwakh 
m^rht culliviitcd mmil juiil wxvt&pljBluxl nildma. J sto^ t 
htn' Mm« Iiio^ uud Kmil^ nl crtvwir rif rvNurfciii<{ the rfb 
she bod OQ (AC, tiicx'c, (icvUimt US I doii>ti »'H dw i», 1 
dtill Afijidblc thai tbc itrrmifc siMviotion J kit ht bearing bi 
nay mmoKai ttiiu^ wu priiiL-ijidly occ^uliuhI 1j> liie itt^ia 


iN 1905 Joiui wnn f« ■UHtoiii n lW«b lorn ttt tlie d(?phrtiia 
of VoM. V> wJi'nii n jH>niiMi» <>( l/lOO duUftn & lear 
n<i (m ibd Aimirlc <!o»ilJr.j4>N *\T liU living at 1f^kl#Ih0f 
Ofi th-J other hfljio, tbor^ oam<r to IjVf* »t Wcircmf Mfh m 
Mr*. Hnrc Xa.vl'r, vrhAin t ffliiiid «h Tcrv vaW^h wMitino * 
my circle of nLtiniviutAfiot. Hu nm Ibr son 1/ tbif Wb 

of tho jmirioijo D*?ATi 'jf SC AiMph, fh^m ^^nlif.o dcf^aikil 
tbc pro»c<uli<>a f^-r juiUinbiitu Sir W. JuiitSfl (KiiLoun DjjJ^igU 
Tliv Haht Nn^Trm bml j>niiiif ^^hilifn^n. i^f ali'ttu, ki the iia» I 
■in oTttJii^ (b<? Archi|j<Lc>^» Jiibi*« la th« oijy murvlt^r. Ui 
FluniAn lii'oj vith thvtti tut isovvn^m.* ~ 

I bavc bow to ni«atIi>iL im OTrni «hicb raat !t« ihadMfr-l 

• I'tdt irMtsnkrrif JfUitu lUm prrtttM i4 ih» U<t *TiH4a «r -"Gof^ 

tt4 ■«■ lOM V/ IVHwIk lUfv 3iitTkiriii 1H^- T>r n>ir>f N'» rl>f iUnbn 1 




;. I -. I I .r. 

. ..[! ■ Itftn in m" A mihjnct aF n^n^ th*t duriiw 
it JtfiM I iii-f Tv>1 Uik<' nv>riT p«ii^ii to be rcmrM 

'jf> olJikTB ; bat 1 did ivot pimh mjnu^l^ 

iTi.i'tin-. . .%,w Litiltcil I «nDut rt^i^t. Tko nolir 

-ibt^ 1 m<Y.dUvt ItuTuitf lud kiih SiJiJlltT aroar froiA 

D^iti">: wfatTiWf lui did imc kwivi KriiHiidj, a* I *un Ot^nxk^n 

fniriifl^i ol Skakrafwu^ nmoa^ hs hoolu. Ho naid ; *■■ | 

Mj iMiiHtii ia liFe in to unto Ucrnmn, and I nm ciHiTiiii?vd 
ihii n ^rwiD mcniot rwd imich to liffi>i^ Uu^uuri** iitih>itit 
liflj?^ T*!*' "IpiiciUc luijt m the pcivupdou of I he power of 
« 1% c«watiu] Iv pKkd vritiiiff.'' I lUoa wikcd Liio 

»: 1^ au|Uiuuted v^iIl lilliv Hr uid he b«K^ * 

CbTimmdod tm tlic<iory of *'\r*^vr^ Biimukcl].'^ H(> Ihoii^fht 
\Au t l,l)o'ii iinutuibo tAhrcrt- t l<*ld hitn t^p ■^>^y of 
*" ' 'iiVp' which be thnught % gocMl huhjiTc^t. Hr Ibo 

L; ' . ; ^t^Pt thti «rDt0 a lavMiioBl ptav with tho mik» 
|>(-l. «ivl islkd it -< Th« 34th of Kchni«ry;' on vhidi dr^p 
'ivkt«tk1 Hjantlioiu, homhdo erctiU Uikc pLLCff in « doooa«4 


mioffuJl ih« titn9 1 vm ftt J««i. Srhifter T«Jt (it poor 
Vi^hK ibtHvb 1^ tiua time Kia irr<«im wiH*? wcrr pnxbioori 

Hi hiii4 in 4 T1.TV rehired Wkj* ; fli;il hn hflhit itn^ in arilr nt 

^4k^ takil^f ft fr«>C d«|l or urfr«u »■ u alimulA&t. Th# 

*^Brt «f hb bdnf; in a dftaKnoiin HaIo heut A)nwly Ix^n 

*ffttd ftfamulH Fridft/. tbv Ilhh of Mar. «^i.-4 FHi^'ji iuit duv 

^Mu,Miri A« u«i»l I want wtih him iiw! otliom to t4k« 

•ftff-JiwKT onflEcv nt XirUxcii. I Uft the p*rtT mrlv, to kw'p 

^BvipUvtvont todrtuk 1^« with KiieU) nX rii]in^krtitfn''i. 

J*^!' I ■ ifc thLfT" Wf>iiu> mil- nuiii* in with f hi" npw*, — " S(-iid- 

^' KiivhriJ Kpriiri|< irf^ iithI m « loiid toii^c n- 

^1 _ _ -ii Ut Hlmck the tfll>|4^ Tiohiktly, "* D*'f Tw! urt Jpf 

*^M|^ ilimiuu* Jiuu^" |r. vkji ridvrii.)rkii:» aiul futiii>riiu Di-ur 

UiM'fl puniiina wim* Alvnya ui twU ivinitiinntJ^Mi r>f ftirr «iid 

*'*ltiH>S& He tovnl SchillrTt Uid jcavi) (■> hut fntlin^Td iTnmi^ 

'■li tt^ .™,^.,-,-., ,.f,y| eiiK^uBiQii. JJc hud HO oih« w->rd fjr 

*"«i tv I'linii'' Ktirdrnt »on! of <rfT»niw, ftit' (ovtiid* 

'-' '; i-iMih iH tiMt only fivil.'* 1 hod «n^ifivl t^»*p> ti> 

ri lioacir or Frio% osd L vcht Wc ^yf«d up iikto, 

-'vai KQ^ tr«rv BUiijf. but vfr ocHilfl not ti« tlud ; fi>r Uicre 

wft8 n"»t mK of MH who did uot grieve for Ihf Ii-ss of Schiller. 
thon^fh ]H:r|iuf>H iiu mie wuh intinmtv vitb him. 

i wont noxt *lay tu Weiinur, whtTu I rvnmmtd till the 1-* lk 
I »[iQnt ihe SiitiirJ^v jti viirioHrt wimpniiy, for I hud now mff^nr 
uci^uaiurancCH. Sc'lalk-ra doutii iind (;i]aractt{r vfiTC the i&a-ole 
sulijccts of {:uiiVL>rHiLtioii. At a pnrty at FriLulum Geckh^. au' 
ueii'n 1 wiLs liLVolvfKl ill » fuolish itqiuibye, 1 Haid uit^Lardc^iJlT, 
" TiiL- ^lorv of Weiiimr ta rupidly pahuin^ ilwhj-." Oiw of thf 
K»iiifiK-r]ii.'rru (^i.-]it]eiiieii of the chamlmr) waa ofibtMcrBnl 
"All tho p<>etH tniifht die/' he uaid an^ily, ^'biit the cout"^ J 
Wuiriiiir WfTuJd MtJll tviuuiu." The Lidieti took my part; ^^ber 
aiLul, truly, tliat 1 wuh of eoiirae refeTTiug to uo court pL ^itt. 
I woa alluding to tiint in wldch Weimiir throw iuto tlie ■% ^idf 
IferliuT St- PettTHhuqj, mid VieuLiiu 

The inteniLuul of ESehiJler took pluce by night. Vim ct^im 
from JctuL to be one of the bearers. It rained ; 1 vae* di*- 
]jr<>^sf^], iLud liK tliere wuu to be no nddreaa or ecremony, 1 dtd 
not iLlti'nd. Thin I have Hiuue rejrrotted. 

Ni'Xt day i diiifi] cjnietly with Mnw Hare. No one nu 
wjtit lt<T l)ut MiHsFbxniun* 1 fouijd Mrn. Hare'n eouvenuititiii 
\fry inteivstin^. Slie hiul known PrieHtley ; and k-nt nif the 
hfr of Ijer brotlnjr-in-bw, Sir \V\ Jones, of her conTiuutiou wilt 
wliinii sIk- ttiw ])nmd. 

<hi iho i:ilh 1 dined with the DiiehivH Dowii^er. Wii'Iiml 
w«w iin^s(.'iit, iiti<l Kjfoko of Schiliern jntctiuJ i.-hanu;ter, ixjus*^' 
inir. with i Ix-lievo ]H.Tfett truth. tJtat ychilltr's exci-lleuL-e by 
nM>T\' in Ivrinil iH'otrA' tiiwn in dnimati<!. In ruft'ientt to iiioa" 
^Vh'lnnd snid lie nan li fircoociims ohilcL A! four wittrt 
jii einhl iindiT6to<td fumciiu* >t-i'^ 

; ud tJiifl ^itioh Miowtt tbtl obotil thiB iuao hid 

OatlaettUi i>rJtiii« I iIiim>I viMi tltc DiickMa fur Uw fourth 

hmdb bt^Tniart, ninl J %Ae4 li:iii to ro<^cniarn(l «i»iut< Fmich 

'yt Vrvhilltin, — "U» ?M:.jilin,"" Ah, i^ik4Ji? ('oi^Ui,* 

'*» d'ini H-«tiaMT v-ln t^iuJiEi," vvl Ptcmi^ Wf>rk« fc-jr 

Ltu He ajN^4t« aI«i> <>r Kiiachth lit^rulttrr, Cv vUkli 

l^niit oU'^nitl/utA. I hjul innnunnni that the ftrtt 

'IW -Jdigfatn ac." he nid '' fbr in thai book 1 loftnivd to 

5'Kir TuTitAri ttrHiiij:* j>irtnTiili*riv- The brm boo* I ut- 
tol Co irnlc vu ■» imitttti >Tk vi Mol Kvwp'^ ' Lctti^m 
ih* F^ail Ui the L.viti^-/ " TJika ifh« ■■»« of iho ^vuritv 
nf iny iwti Hmt nulbtr^ Wietvid ijivf>r mi Uf haj ■ 
n«Kl tti'rk 1 n^til vu n Uifrr iltfteetttr ^i^eu on UmofL I 
Mutin KivBDir, in future no DIM vilt i^Kikk iif LiKrctiii&. AfW 
^ I braino An)iiiiinf«d wjfh Ihe lli-litvr Hnf^lUh jncCrr. I 
Didtttr ■KonDEiichr Kn Jil riti^n^ ' in niututi^Ti of iVinr. J v«4 

M <rf'G4!r^" WivUii^ thiuirl.i >:iiKlwb literature hud il>- 

dirti mtot ihrt »g? ur Qiicvo Annr, 

'■|^ UtorcmuMm I wv MiH amwo «rf WiolnmL U *IW 

'.r^irl t^ik futf t« TiofFuiib. tho ciuutrr itivldmiovcf 

^nw. 1 ro<]i- frith WiclaJD'l i^r^Uri* u, TirfTitflli, fhint 

fiivukp; %Bb\ hfl «|iolu) of lu« own ■nek" «ttb nnn«1 fTV 

-mtiip fnuikiKi* H# oomi-Wnl bifl twt *«rii lo bo " Mil- 

^t^" He hiul (-ou« <Tir it Tiih i;fHb^ liefi by hut*. Ho 

**tavaiUii thfti tijb ^hanurU-tWir at hU proiW nTylA U what 

*^Qnvfo iwDimI ,<T*v«iJt^ — aot men Jttttor, " litMehnSiU," 

"■U «i|Ecreoflhl>.> ■lilfrj'tr loiMt 

lU ^lUMir 1 UM h:ni of tb(t now ]iii1iIifj|CJ<Tii of Olefii)^ 
Mcf^ nnd ita(it«d a pnAMgv writCcvi by itWun in S«it«erlMHi 
vbrn Wklftftd, a mor^ Ud, win tfnrWiir at lh«> h^riJ^r of B<>4' 
Hienf is & ctrTrr joiin^ lua^i buFc tiuw »hii«di| \VirlHii<l, 
^"M talkvr, luid % fpT^t vritfT. 1l ei a ]jttT that, lU 
<>Ji <u M^«. h« viB rwry A^m hnvo «xliiLnut«d hinwtV." " Ich 
*nr^^ t~ (" t nhjiiurAd'^ W^cUnd criod imU <U«prv bift 
J*H "WclLwoIlT I un nmr rn mv fcrootj-fiitirlJ] vo«r 
(< mvQty-thinlX utd. W O^o liiv&tiK at Cod, I vtU mil wHt« 

o^ibto h« vMT drtl. \tuS It HhoJi iHt lou^tT twy" Thk b« 
*^vf th« poot «f Vtvdaikk ihti Uraftt. whom tbo Utt pD- 

cratioB Mcd tu rtgKrd «e a Uwr, nd BtiU tooro^w » T^ 

•JniircJ- WJeUiul Lvid «» ivUi^ ijf lit* *vij «U4clu»cBm 
M»tlMitii> il^ k >t<>r)m. Mr Mkrt. " It a«ii vvjl rt cuw l» ftoUi 
11^, Id- wo lUhiuid kdti) tjHHlui well oUkt.'' 

HuaibolAt ibe j^«t Inv^ler, mu ki« rvuim fiutii AuMrk* 
WMA fVUMiaviL lu llw Eiupurvr Xii(«Ji«<nL No*, ilmnlioU 
li iiiiliill' i^ ■ »iA of BiioojipiJl4) AiDuUff InkvollanL a&d 02poL*ta 
to Us lii«lL^clAI^ll(x]- " ^'■'4u AJiact Ll baUii»fu*," i^id On Kn 
|wnjr U> Ijiio* " fil ium Iciiium: mimm", ftud ^m a wwl on* Ift ll 

little mvQkiUiA in l^fc wkiob cvit uuly (w vtiJiTHtutfd hMUi tboil 
u^latiuD Ui tJbi; cluiFbct«r uf (hv nctur* ^^'u ikui niklrnn ol 
HiiiiOBfiifttf huiiKir, or tttirv. at tn*il«iKi-i \*r liit[wriiijctiui 
IM hi- flvn:nv> A iick or « |i«l f A^kliMlonl in w^^tiii^ 

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DuKigrr. 1 eaw hc-r rvfrutoily with thr Ducbtm Vlun 
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nfdcr t-> alt<4ifl a coanw *ji lociuren «ii Cnoiiolo^ by llr. iUl 

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liui fl^i h:!''"* I't iKrvdty «-A4 rtiM >j(x'1j il- i«i^otbi; d w roed I 
■uTlby i/ ■JkVuttii^tA'Ua mvL wlvrti u uuiv ^puti it W9M pv 

into tbff fonn of* druiu, woijfl ooc &l|t>« Li t^ l>i»u.<Cv<L Th 
finolww, who hftda vori' actifv miad aiidn uitivMnl oohiMty 
took a wjirm iiit«f«>t in ibo kctuna. aud va* uaravktaifF ii 
bcr att«ndu&t« ut tbcni. 




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tkilE* 9if- ' unlf Jiancr^ — of thv «>ii»e s^ienJ 

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Utf «ii li«, Ubt (rti ono occmidi], liftvmg iriMiuior^lcd i^ dif- 
but orpuia utt n MMirh^Hi tknli. U turned to cJio Ducbrw 
mniiulT lAUfbJml Jivr M if tho tuul Irifim ati ordiiiuj 
*■ ttHHU ■ li*u Twii« a ih*e MTf^ut, your Hwhn*t#P 

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fe: A^rk ittfrtr uEiTituk bardir Atiy public ictvirct ; 

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<>' I. Ji^ mm oufHvd frooi my viirk, tijo kutcv !» 

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^■ 1 4fOi;kl t«y rallwr my lifr »t ii.tu. — fur 1 amnt i:it&fL<M 
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MB>idiy 1 nroUiiiunf jUh) to di^Tnf i» n fnrt of my tiiiir^ Buct 
■tlol; 1 alUMlvd h«cr lootimt, and rvoid laaro nith fri«iiAt 

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On llir 8th oT \uput, IMA, I wnft to Wcdnwr I 

lond^ U'bfu 1 CttlM OD htm Iw wh* wntinjjs auil L 4|i>i 
fcr i\tti icl(.'rrapti<ai. *' 1 luu ual^ oujitiiii:," Im nid. 
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fhtd ; " I l;elu<v« I lifivc»tptnt 4W«*i2tK puJt or my Ikb n 
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Hnvirii!; ilf I'lilM luyii^lf Ci» Uiu vfflnprMUio iif Vi^riu 'it 
i»lt{Ki| ci^fivitiy; biM» hikii n sodaliva cukI Rnnthife^ njfiww 
Um^tsi Ut korp ntr inutd m n licAhdy aUto." Ho m 

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Oi) t^e I ^tli ^if Atijfiuit I ^*^ft Jottft. it vw my lood 4 
to Lvrmc fj> J>MPL v4iUi» the [uu'itni ifjtril wtM Htili felivpi 
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nnil fERnkiii^ irtiMt ftiiniv n^ will hcmrrr jm tliir fKKilnal 
moot of tha 4Xi^lcenth otntwy, ukrl |>laoo aboT^^ Uu 
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di^v <ir fjtrty yiiint li«fiir«v Ot my Imvo-tJ^kiu^ 4t < 
«tll onljr my that 1 piK«d with oa oa« with m mwllj 
ftB KncboL 3ly rrjcud Vniitt oooom^iiod ru« Uuv« b 
Oil Uio !d]>il i n^ft^hod BruimHiok. iind uu Ihe £4th la 
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a nnrmv ouvpo of Wmg tnkcQ pri»nar L trftv<>blccf ' 
pnAiport, whicli E hwl pmnifcd im a f?Ai<4i. 1 «im aor 
out aiuuoty, for 1 bjvl to jjau thnmifh tlvrFn^iioh ^trtnyi 
«M ia poBMMou of tho uticth of (rcnrjiny. I'l^rnti^h I 
lerpMDtioiiof lli« Riii^or CraapaK HainlMirv luH Iwtja dl 
ikeutnil tamt4iry ; bitk I at Uwt time apoku G«nuatl ill 
and ded not Tnr ilpl««4tun \iy Kntidifiua. A toorm «M 

JOURICT thlUt thi; <qi« I hiKl IliVff to OBftk* OfeDDOC tl«| 

oertiiiniy ■*> 'SonnuiT. Ub« of ibo fi>«iH|piff> vk* « | 
mux who rtbclcntl hmiwlf {litof^rnublo in «1] tbtt ri 
■fkAnruila l^ful tltti he «ii« v^-irn tht^a in tliu FVmek I 
Un tJi« way Uo iinrl 1 hid t«ni or throa nther taiitefy <Uw 
ia Ocnmui. Elul I waa O'lt fitUv awm till aiUrvn 
thR t"'*'^! ' riMTOiiitt'tn'd ht Mh mriij>»in/. ! nod aocmI 
and nA oftm v J c--tii]rl «:kJk(Ml f^ <rwiinl, vfUhirj^ thciv h4 
litlli t'> i[iv« mc m-^rv i>p|H)rlLUiity t4 wi;k^k;i4£- On oii 
1 tud SDEC on 4 oonaidem^ilo <li«C«ucv» vIjd& I i2M| 




T i«ifl U> dft- riuw, *' Who ar* dir-^ 1 " 

I ' i-Tv thtj abontl'' 

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"Av, iumI tiio«« vho hftvo pMBOfk — KnglMimoR who Cry t» 

yua liiT Orrtnaik*," 
Mr Liiif>bH, Eiuil HQ did 1- ll wmi trv klvnt Ud hail diftMHrfl 

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mrjulatii* This ! tmn joaiju tor fwl a liltJc imwnifoniilit', 
ttrf|ut TTW on Tr^y ^^inrvl In thtr I'vvnl^. aTwil Hiv. t!u^ ntci^iid 

niftcfK At kti^-li. iibcul 1 i W-, *ro aimvi^ at Iho Klttc. 
vim thn itulltU'r wtrt- s^ati^rtm) wbuw diilv it ira.i lu r.X' 
Hem fmr puuporta. Ilti^ it wl^ Ii>o n^nrh trctiMe 1o nu) 
fcw tH, Mirl »e »cre ra oniw ftrrriurl ovrr the river i*> tho 
IttWr^ «(lr, vti^n- vi> vfre undiT PrumiuL]] iirod^rMitin. As 
n« M M« n^iT r»ir*l'i in l!» -^JirTtsai*, imd in rtinlirin, I tWt nil' 
i?^f,. '. i,f. -^ f 1 C-v !ir ;: r>rihiitnp(ii and ann^pini; my l^uprr 
' Nun, Ili:rr, jnh bm em Eiit:t>ui(]ur " 
■ ^ i><^lfibtnnti"). K^ did rtnT niTwnl hU 
id, " You on|^l to htfvvt^ bM^n tak^n &n«- 
- J I- r vo'ir »<ij; m ntnaiEii- «M<?^a ri>h," — in trhcch pvrhiLfa 
ta«w not Hit wrvm;. 1l*il Imt dw^vi^nxl m* n iiLuirtjfr ui ktl 
Inn lj»^ I ' ' I'Hv l^T^ l^*>^ jmcknt afT T/k France. 

Mbcpi^ . ^- 1 *n« nftorwardu told bv aovprikl 

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IttMnuv* 'in mv aiynvnL 

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tcutd RMttl pvffccU iboitjuU 1 lun hiiD in others of grcauf ce- 

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-! '■" ' f-Tjt T1»o ifery racket wbicb took mn 
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p wound uB tho almdr crpplwl power 

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of Auctria. T]it» victory vnooMrafpid Buoa^fttrt* lo fl-««U 1 
>allB Ml Pnt^&ift, wliicU »aoii 1*^1 tij >i pTuHtui) w»r. And 

b&tllr t>f AuMorliu wu fouffhu no AuBtrift bcifrbd «fUi « kll 
i>r rcMi'i'tfiU f^rti;j-:(iiiiv die xkUiiy gkiued hy titc KVvudi W 

Ou c>iir %-m' diiiiffrccaiblo ^^ytkffe wo voro kioI nitbout 
b«imc attacked by a tnocb pn%'AtciT ; I»jT. <>n tb* I tdi of Si 
umber, vo omrcr] tnlHjr nl Yus^uulK vtd <Mi dio iMli 1 p 
ce^ded to Bnrj, I m^ovhI Ui« dn»u, ilic cki^qUpdoo of t 
roadty And th? Awiftocat of iho vtA^cuvh ; nod liu) rerlfw] J 
bomc fct^luigB dcl^^'hlcd nx. On tlic uav I miw mty tktibvf 
a &ii>«iinit ; utHi oci iLiriviti;^ lO Bury, buiwccti twclrc ind a 
at Q^t. 1 no dowu lu my brothrr's boiuo to uk vkKltwr 
Oicciikik^ (Uir one cf the C*mily wu ^tiU nfh A> Uiin ««« u 
die CUV, I vcDl Uick ia tliu UrvyliDtiiMl lo deep. In my m 
£ «iu imDOonibrtaMy un^wiMd witli tlio Ipwikm aimI jusxUoii 
of tlkD UuTj ho«>««. Ar^ no* J «iU oooIm to ItuTjof- iiidu(( 
myself in c liult act of mpentitioD. I hmd not htnad of n 
brothor for toir^^' momhi; ooidUAobann n^tinc: ony cnkm 
to hiEn ur hu foi&iJy, I ccmnoratcd nil potnhlc uidbrluucAv tri 
tbc ffvlirii; 'hich I tui^T hnd tbroiifik lifr. tlut dl ^'nluniti 
«nnii» liTELifrivtcillj ; nud lu I ui<^ lo imaEv n ^Appy icavit 
t^ tbmkiag of '- aU tho UIb ihAl IImIi is bwr t>A* 

1805- IdOC 

AFTKR my lomg alipfom Eu 0«riiEviy, it km a gpmA] 
lov t> Aoo mr Ij^ngloib fK^ji^U ; aiid fcr btwh m 
■ixrirt iiiosrt of tiiy time with tJiPoL Td ihoM wh*» Ii^tffl 
tJic (Xkiuitry I ptiUI tuil& 

In DwMa'i»cT 1 furrrjw! a nt'w au^}ii:(hiaTn^, of ^hWh 1 
rtttVMntfLy proud, iind m thtf rT<i>ltp<iir)(i 4ir vhk^^i ^ -* ■* 
joioc At IUcLqov I aaw rcpcirtcrlly MiM ^ ■ 
tfmntuiif; Ifirl, Ami one dny «i h \*t^j. vWci Mt^ t<k:i»vi 
hwl bwu the «ulfieol of ooniyfVLlkiti, and I lind ■[■^kflti ut 
in ctitliuiiiwtio t«mi>, Mm WakdWId cndto to tno wid 


kllLH, (lACftAUUn. 


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ITfluld ^'1 tftn U) know Mri, BifbtutliiP I eiHtitiiL< 

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1 will in^ATliicc >i>i* to hw iit-|*W*/' N*« 
llnHcK Aikm. vhfim tho Mtcm fttT>Y rnu-rkvl 
' I tluia vrm Sunkj vrtb niv mcZa nud aunt 
ftl Sk4c N^'vio^'in. ^nd I Mn expected ftlvaT« to IfTA^c a 

fm pt with Pie iiL*ct .^iinliiy t "^ C-Udlf nconJin^ Ia lh< pru- 
p<^ t hAfI U*C p.'^.t! r»rtUiu* to taakii injMlf axTveoblc, oad 
•<Hi boatsiv ioliUAit-:: m llir hutoc- 

Vt- BuNiDk! Iiml Ji mlixti lijrurr. ■ hoiia'ti Du?-, Htid r tihriH 
viML n- ■ ' I .' * ■, ■-*---■ I 'ii^ nn<l irua fond of dvatliiti; on 
««M>vrr- Ti. Uc w&s 1>y no hkiui* dca:i- 

tui* ijf 4Tiii-:j. i[.' liflictirc (lUimAC »ai ilriduj in 

IibL vliid* In a fr ■■- • 'tn irut, uiit, «a is vrtl kiunra, 

Sbebvd a bnllUaL uoiujik^un, l^'hi Wr. t<Iiic trri-a, il huihII 
filial 6qr>rD, •ad hot mmiDirft vcm very nf^cttiMo. with 
•nvMbicu; of tbt n^cnomtioii tLoa <ict<irtiug. S^lic received tnc 
Ttry kitidly, siukn vnrr ciiJBj" of la^riiuiit ZarJinrv <.Ya1"U nnd 
^il ftkp liud hmuir uiKV ilL-|.it [It my filh^A haunt*. UfL 
iMuUd 14 *a wt'li h:>j«r)i by ht^r proa^ w^ritinfii that il U 
tuaJlow r«r ne to otUcipt to dinrpctcnTc her licra Ii<T ci- 
kj Iq thn MtsiuliKffi and »cii1cDcf«i of hrr unilimund' 
ttri in th* jwrfp-.'tirtn of hnr tMt9, Id the oitimatioc of 
;*-,-^i, .!>.. »r.. r-f,> nr^ of o«r liicr(u7 iramca. arid h« 
[jt liy Ally pifircinl omijfiJDiality 

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roUt« on Aa*^!-*!* oouiRt'iiii;^ her lum Wordnrortlu 
out of ile iiT-^^ktr timu )rf mAity. nimy yoin ; bat it 
C«^h1 UmF It iiTL^'hl tui br pnn»rr\Ml fr.<m oIjUviocl It 
dbr licr Jo^th ik«t Liii.-j Aikin [^ublinluxl )In. Itcir< 
^il Oolt*rt«4 voiIls of vrht^b 1 Rlii^ n copy t^ Mim 
«lfi Amccq; the jnt'mii ia n tiUiim on LlfV, wriltcii 
a oiTifiir* ^4't "t?" T' ^tv\ i^'WifhrM mi* »m'<'r !« ir?iim I 

**fti ti> T coo 

vTjU^n *■;» Vir^ iLirJi»:i|it " J lii^i ».!, He iiiHiir aiv rfr 
ft i^m, Ar»f i^t hi' ]''iriiV| :f hy hfcut, Ito vrui %t fbo 
«»1ktnj,* in ktq 4Jtlin£r>>ifa a*. KydM mlh bU hantbt ho 
aift , nod 1 livmU hiui a)U(l4.T to luuuvK, '' I ua Qot ia 
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146 B£3ltKlSCE»CC5 Of HBBCSy CBADS BO&UCaO<4. J0M4Am 
tho tMbffi of Kmd^nf; poofdd tJk«ir pnod tfaitifOi^ W I m^ I 

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\y tnet\(\ nolliiT tuul tnkm up Lib mr<]tihei> ia ft 
fcooMj m UitliJ Smith Strvvti to ttw ucct of Uvc ^Voitani 
Sdiool A b(dr*>'*4n «46 offrrt-i iiic, ii"d !i*rc I wfti i'tij 
tiiki? ttAl^fe wUiJt I nua tr^iUiUi' witliouL « \vuaa ain! unit;* 
itmplo}'aiv&I. Tliv ui^ieJ ilii|>irt;Lrit <>f Iih uiiu^i^iiucuU 

¥jrCaut olau W tnc cvi-iituijlj — uaif tluit uf rvfrviXt^ to l1 

Wlkuu (h« n'UTjiJ (f uiy aottuuinluiicv lind bvi-b run 
] Bet ulxiut finiliuj: 4oiU(] litcnki.v ux:itfatioij. tirr J faimii 
M-ir uiimMv Ui Ii^v wllli oriufurl uu ui^ »uiiill itm-iuc, I 
Titb nil' ecoikouiioil hcibita I ii<!1.m]«i1 <>ilIj' n kihiU iid4;tio(i 

My first n^fog^nicnt wne to tmnaJiKtv » puUtJuJ work 
Biii>iLLi|iar<o, fcr vkivL & licKikarUcr luuuctl I'tjijcTt of Ire 
churdi Srrfct, g&ro loc ft gniitn mnd « )iAlf per ihoct. & 
fncDri Kuu; F-y-dhEun Ut^u^ht wimo dipionuitic pQ»t 
wWd 1x* niut4xf»lc to Dkc. luiil cicrtcd hlmscir in inv tc 

C, J> Fux wrikTo tlinl lir tl ;^hl il pn^lnUc Jio «l ' ' 

hoTo woui<>(i for th» •ciTJoff* of a pcrwD cJ" inv <l 
I wcut tii> loT it» t<j offtr tDTwIf to Ur Pox. bul KivtLui^ti 
nf il. Ami ll JB nvU. lur I am iwA auiaL-iou* uf pMwuwin 
tho kind of vitW<7if mftiirnl fiir ibc poaitiou of a diploauiti^ 
AQMliizTt^ioTi^ht WM Uiiti I mi^ht W «o^af^ mt U%xtt\ 
coiujKkDio]) To BTOi^ yuun;; omu. Ai>.\ there was At oqo 
■Kirnf fnn^ioot uf iiiv ^>iii^ to Ariirtritn hi iZiiv k.-ftp«£^ 
Goor^re Dyur piij;i^ft«il my UMma t<i a gvutlttiuui. Ah^nc u 
or iic|ihewn >Vf?iv Jruruim of mitit^ tliu N«« WurU , and 
bul loe^ircU luUrvitu* nitli tliL^ i.^lt^t^.tttMl AmertctiD oiMliAsii 
FaTton, uho jiivi.'(it««l th« f^^tiiiiHruui aihI Torpeito, wmI 
fon^ to i^tionApAji« U^ d«tfiroy tli« nhoUf ^j^tdi 1U*t h 
fnujM of f;xtitwvii<. DmtQi: witb lutn nnt* duy, F - ^ - l ~ 

Um ' r«r|HAiMl Teftcn ' " ; luid on nay «ipcmAtb|f «urjnh-, at 



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•*u,i " I Tt^v- '-* 'loaht tt«r viD ho pit no "od to lijr twinj: 
; ^^flu^ ibrtt 1»t wflunitin ciwuvnt U will l>* 
»^iL'<i.,.iL i i.4j,i^ti Toyudi omko a iuih<:tuDa hy mc4Ui of 
•lull J aiuld ill a ftu iii.itutrA ileivlixjA a liiuidivd ili<'ii»4ad 
iba" AJu^ mtiui XXB^- 1 wit iTifirniMl thai thp tWi In 
inoKa WM f>n«t)<:aKid, uid I heur^ u<t m^jtv of it" 

It «u XMlunU Umi, oAcr bavl^L^ tK«n nnnT iii vcurF, J 
aLbuU Uv i^-unuLiJi to ND(? till; old J'liran^ nbcrr I IimI fiviji«il 
iIm TiJiuUr •oqwnuikA <if t\\t i\'\Vtan. Thrv t<if- vnm 
dftcnua tluu I nboiLm w»>- The i-U i>iflc*, tlw " uU ^iicijlijir 
Wn,* iMur ihf^rv. i ' .►■ttc« tfti^ i^iicntku^ but I ^fjolu^ 

*«ii *a$ «itfiJinat^ Lii I 1 liibJ l^iiim. T mil a wcund 

Ulltv«nl It VHH, 1 l-lit'ir. ttiitt citcTiiiig tLut ikii iixctdi'Itt oc- 
MiYT.I irliLri, i:uT(H „i„ ftKiTu ]>lM^iLri: thnu lio.v Mhcr j^rnisv 1 
4^ 'Hie aiJducL nu ioiTalt- ilic^uicAlik >hi<k 

('L i< f'nii(t*il. i4M I tajoccvHTtiDy [kftOicktil. I tny hiiv 

cmifnil*. lur lliu itiicixvt wAd jjrg^xii by bituvthih^ uiorr nif; 
fei&Aat Uaii np(»bii-,H^ Aa I kft tbc room «ilb Mr«. t'uUicr. 
libci It wu ueiirl_t <m|]Lj,. u Jiillt M tami mw •miiittg jlIhhiI 
Ml lit (Jmit vtib Jk nm* J^^iitig girt uiviirr liU kmi. hiul vu mj^ 
<««tiu; uii 1m^ ilrstcl-f-^ ui;t 1h» hiL&<l^ aiiil in aq ik^tnlcti vuioo 
■kd ; " WiB jwii ulliifr UK. HT, to ukc yim by llic bouti mid 
tiunk yon for ytiuT afvindj to-uig^bt 1 Yikit hivt- uiMd« uia a 

TV puT girl foV'ii:'! oioi»?'lin;-lT, iiwi 1 ri:H fir hw, 1 ICcTO* 
'■^rxiotFbtni myvrir nrib fu^iij/ ihnt I i>-;^>LL't><l if huylbiu^ 
iWl h»4 ^Ueb fr-na dec o iiM t>c tli'^u^bt Ivy him i*vi>i]1tiu]U 
^^^i] and 1 bclwvc I ivi<l((i. thai J wiahcj him to ktttm J 
Qftj tpi>trTTi Tirt4 fci thK.* uUr trf .-u^^'iuijOLr, bu( ftucjk mi bcurl, 
■ " lu^ w<«k J wont to tJn* Kun.mi niK'4« mnrv On 
■'kj ji ibc tMQtre rf tbc Dotn Ibi^rc itnv ^iiicml <lAf>- 

inii, aL tUcIi I fvlt lu ua^Ubrtcdly mhrLiucd, ibM 1 iurufd 

(Jo >6tcinS«r 4tb t «air " OmolnnuL" It n«* u gTchons 
^^*iU. 1 acrrr tan Ktfi^b? «r> j^rvaV. He plkr«d ttio an^lo- 
int »-< ulukiiublr, ati<l tti' dtm'^ nitic UilniZKB aiul tliO rioc- 
^Vfe »t tlMiA« «{)(>-urod «> ■xitiicEujjd'blc, ibnl be drvw 1n«n 

^'^.1* r'-jr \fr fT .M-^-ij Til J !'. L^jH-'Tirilrritrm 




lueaca on them. The houae was crowded, and I waa fbnnd to 

In the month of Di^cemher the Collien remoTed ftum Little 
Suiith Street to a ^^d house In Hatton Garden, and i acoom- 
jmiiied theni' 

liy thitt time 1 Ixad become acqiminted with Chorles Lamb 
niid his aibter ; for 1 went with thoni to the first perforrnance 
of *' Mr, n." at CoTcnt Garden, whJeli took place in the month 
of Decomher, The prologue voa very veil received. Indeed 
it could not fail, being one of the very best in onr langua^EGi 
Hut on tiie disi^losuro of the name, the squeamishnem of the 
vLil^'iir Umic in the pit showed itself by hisseB ; and 1 reooiiect 
thrit Liunh j<iii)ed, and was probably the loiideet hisser in the 
house. The d&mnin^ of this play Itelongs to the litemj 
liistory of the day, as its author to the literary magnates c^ 
his !i;^.* 

1 ixiin introduced to the Ijambs by Mti^ CloricsoQ. And I 
had lie^rd of them also iVom W. Hazlitt, who was tntimAtft 
with tlicm. Tiiey were tlicn living in a garret in Inner Temple 
Lane. In that humlJc nimrtntont I Hpent many happy houn, 
ftTul saw a greater numl^er of excellent persons than I hsd 
ever seen coJlocted together in one room. TiUfonrd. in hta 




MT^j^ifttfttBi^irT v^Vb W«lt<rHp»edintlJfrinMkl1if^ ftodknUd 



iJiualc lur tVff the flrtt tilAQ A iiuin c^ triisi- 

li Kvl 111V IjmjC iCAjr Im> Mcn bv ■ fit« of ihc 

ir>' from "tbc Iwftka of *hg Hlw' . (Le 

. I il.^T I uud tikp Ust m Aii^iut, Lttt Umito 

(Im< rniMibbv ftl Jnkri« Nipnlvott hoJ wl- 
iikci fljL'i II < 11, ilqJ fb« niiiiuUB ntU^otion of ntl Htirc^< 
vii'lirRlAJ to tLtf isua|iui:ii twu ^n^ oti (iierv. }lhail.*fEi]jE 

teiW kia£<lo<n n'f l><?nnMrh, Vim a ii«t]Cml frozitit-r |xxiv^iv<v ; 
«4AJt<^ it'll. vi«^ Id be mj n^idructi m loii^: on it 

tm^atot' in>»ii(td tit, the rrilFlfi^-fntx^ of iJie mikpAigii 

fcf^lt»*^'i (V fhf rho jilfcp^, ftfxl 

'^uttkini!! )i^ vlrdkiTiinj; for tn* n UwlJ^ 

I iiilr. t Uvtvl in llir Kuuij.-BlrjLx>r, in 

of Mr hiTih. n iiirmnrilo nirvnl, wlio Knfl uM tvt-n 

II l>tlhfn4fl^ fill vho wiui nxaii Uitypv in hU w^fb. 

f-->-\. i'h^ih *i|!r vru ■!»> h uiiomn of ifrv^l [tcrwHinJ worths 
^itm itI" iMtitaml tllnu'tionx, % ijjiiwlitc^r uf ih(» r^Zcbntltfl 
■ ■'.:■ Th<»w InnHi-H Wl > fnifUiL 
L iHlh ttkViii n tH-cifitr -vliivU in 

ir (t IIjpi irii]1-kTi<iWii M-'IritiLriM Ctv 

IIt riT ?^T^4*Ti. ?litn> t -fl T" !v i!''liirl»ifiij djmwr- 

'wt^p** NiilT lir<t 
L- ! - Ikul lioM m 

^' 'L ■ L . . ^ ' I r . . ' .rf"(U' Vitbcco. 

ii^na»v4t of Uinktrr of WimhI* anct t'nrvftji. f lut |toid 

•Tib ' . lU 

MV»«A<> "^ of 

l.'A* liKMlNESl I^NfES OK HKN'BV ;:RA»ii lEOBlNttOS. [Chap. 11. 

^Lvo him ostetmJVL- Tuitronu^ unjou^ nrtistH and men of let- 
tort^ with nW of Mliom he had iLveil on t^rms of ijitiniacy. 
His tall porson, very dignified manners, runk, and odTouced 
Age, comliined to render him mi ohject of univer^l interest 
1 waa proud Avhen I could get into conversation with him. 
One evening, at a party, I chanced t<} ninke use of the phrue, 
*■ Diderot tl D'Aleinltert" He instantly put his hand on my 
shoulder, and said, "Jo vous prio, monsiirur, de no pronoDc«r 
juitiuJ^ ces nums au meme tempa duuH vim presence- VouB 
Eiio hlG8&cz lea orcillee." I will not answer precisely for the 
wurdUf but in Hubatance he continued, ^'Diderot woB a mon- 
fiter, guilty i>f every vice, but D'Alembort was an ongeL'' 

At (he hotel I Jirst saw George StanHfeld,* a young man from 
Lcedfl, u'ho came to learn German and to qu&lify hinuelf for 
mercantile life. We became intimato and mutually aervicn- 
able ; and my friendship vith him eiEtcnd^ afterwarda in 
EngWnd to all the members of his family. 

T met one French man of letters, who has a name in coa- 
nection with German philosophy. 1 thought hifl manneis 
agreeable, but he did not appear to me l&kcly to rBcommend. 
the Kautiau philosophy successfully to his conntiTmen. Vet 
hia book, tin account of Kant's pbiloeophy, aupplied for many 
years the sole informatioD poaaesfied by the French on th&t 
aubject His name waa Cljorlee Vitlers. 


Aliwia, Much 23. INT. 

Dear TnoMASi — 

, My time has heen spent very pIcaBiiraWy icdwd- a 



iin« vniv ^^M^ <x^ opporiumt^ of mx\9f: cnoal of the 
' rinn^ iiiiif tijo ntlkiir sum or lh« niilv nilinu 

. 4rbn Itad l(iin^u;i:ii nil i)^jii turn 
' I . :v im cjimvtj^] liv nn AdmJr&- 

ipvtOt woKh T.14 b iioun:i« of (>:citcutii>a botVMni 
ii^M^ftCMitcmpt ot til? ('tmun u^iAtituiV'ti Aibd Priacci, 
iL ikidi 1 joiood m>ih Liio, > , . , 

tn, CL R TO n» BtMTiii;:!!. 
. Bov do T iprail my iJnwl T nlll tn*v iv •urt arattt' 

'r '^ .!rn toir Italiiui li?^^; I^orv I ptvixifr Ri^ liWM.<ri till 

mv ttuiMrr i:<rbi(->i« imil wiili iiim u ^l|i>iA-H>.'ft^>W {% 

|W' iiBfsMf llit< 'AtV'L. Ui[ SiimliLjvuoU 

liar 1 - Irpf^lnv miif Soturthiv) mr (.'u<npm> 

Iv Uci kllcrfr to wnlc, artd tV-rolorv wx* tuntitit 

IvilttWnrL I ■ ' il*f Oiunruit; ia »in*ut cillirr m ruiid- 

i^lttJaa or :il ib'.< Mtiwt(]]ii. ThiH » n vjrt nf iioniltm la^ 

•■Kwk. — CTrrr muii'lwr i"riiy,-ii Itia c)UoU of fiilmiood or 

■»^iif,lir» fvkh-in *iT fsda, hb Ujb ^tioiI ]uck fuicpjK him, t'n- 

' < r le^i ilii> urditiory eomtnoilitica, Aud 1 

_ J, It,. ;.,:.!. ,j;iy «i iittdtfreUinling or «pprcYmtiui£ tJiO 

^%"f Uic Iwuj, 'Hii'tv w taurv UmhiQiie ihiui ill will in 

V. - 


' T H Tpi^U wh^l /i«»;Af 10 tjikv liLuv. ATtri uvvrr oao 

mi ^tlifli Uttifht (41 Lk.', uikd v)mt hc vldlcB tA 

11 ■-« Hcnof »o arc ha oft.'ti Uki?D CD tv iXTtdu 

■ iT l<Bh»iftu iijifl TVuKuiti \klimw lu yrxi lun ftnv 

' ' ' n ijT tilt- Bii^Uih mUti'H Am rvriuvtnl - 

■»iU Uif ^Vll^c iruDfutcra tluridwl imd n>- 

.i]ii.lulu(j>Jy ^tMk. tliii^jflt tiT:ai:Iji-i\]iif lul' 

•T to«th, " < 't\*\ i^ruit Itint wo 
_ i4U i:ito l^< Hn?'*' At Wf 

I M U'T ft noKilwr ^r nLclHliTii Like him4>lf 
1^ tltiMir IS not v>rv j^ik.>d, t^ui it M V4-r) i:h^-Afu ut\A lIi>^ 

:LUB a*.'BlSH.'X. l*'u.\r. u 

, L - ;- .,- :umio r* '*r:i::»rVMi. fir 
■ 7- : :-"..r t^oti I r- 'i::i! hf in 
:.: - :":;-r ■ '-H'^- v.rii a r-vt 
'' " - -t "^ -.1' -r^vZi^. I ■[*"-'kT Tt-.Giin. 
:_ 1.1 ■ •-'■ r- "i.i-u".' cmI i* jn old 
- 1. . — :■■ "--::.:;;: I ii-i ijnira:-^ 

■"""-"■ . . ■ r 'n-^r i_;r'.'t:tMi' dulij : 

- - ' "--■■: -v' " '.l'a- i-ss<?* 

* ;- ' ■! uiivn I 

» " r- -.>.- ' .: T.. iJ'TTlie 
;:-■:..:■ Buona- 

■'--"' * ' :-T 

7- - : ■'-.. '!-■. :: -nh- 
- " ' - " ;: Luo to 

- ■ -,^ L.-an*' ''' 




"dt uf tliP KifTptino «)(>cflLrcK — "And tbv Lord 

ik J uiLut UuicrU Of flU iii'k Ei^H|ii:iJ;il3jifvx ll^ 
Uiiiri^cm^ rt -Mr, P»m'I- Ho U xhn l>mrb*r j-^ m_r land- 

wd ««pf^n ■Ftum) tiuiiv u vork- Ho wu oil lUtJi-Dl Arin^) 1/ 
i> frvooh KvioJtiliuQ. but ii tu>v in vJI thiof^i vi »[)U'G«lli- 
■t But be \M ijw ortbe r«rv kths Ukc Util Bv4aukl'a kiTor, 
ifl^iU "lii>t^ l^rudt iHi^^vrit !"«*-'* He n iicmiiitcJal Uuit 


i bc|A U|) a ludAtBDt iutcmcnifiD with Hl^bitriL Oc my 

If-nnsod tluit, 1iu4iiLlhtliUj(1iDt* the mBttftM dmI' 

ikAik, tJbu poil ffvo) AKoun lu KtviUiui wm$ 

h ciinrMtiT thrre,* piiTiUclj lo HtiniRL 
on ii^it 4^^nr, inff>rfniy| bim 1 >houi<i tvinilnriT t«ftd 
■ndtf onvr ut lie K'^rrign Uffin^, rhicb b« prMnhccl 
hft puviivJ]; cWUvrrnl. Ami he kifpt Jiu ward. 
pi^fttm of Uw Frrfu^li krom in Toknd wm* tW ol}<vt 
raurai, Add t^ tucciiut >ubjc«l of ccbrctv 
i«itli >ll nf tsL Ai v^ bjul but (XiO poKU^l fcvUng.-"- - 
.' mrf vith a nnple partMii of ' 
inc Vftd ttot fftbTvoed bj con- ) 
prnfiTod iLu M the rTcnta bc-^cntne mot« dw»- ^ 
mvfbilify iDomiuKl, nud Ibai colAmitj ntrmt to 

fti**, h.,* T.,,*.-i i].«i<ic tlw20tbof iiiii^ the &1&1 new* 

rd.4Aintil ovcc the UuuAns »! Pr>d' 

- vtf vpTr ritrttif.-riTiA>nrHxi nflhtf 

ity TRA Biin4H<l«l bj the poM«^ 

nU wvtv lo lill nf lUk i- voB nut 

tbv KiuelialL «~>u tbo *ab- 
'f«|«vubi^l J^a lunrur^tv -, tut 1 nuMt* uji my tiiitiii ta f^ 

ioi Bij|]xiscf:xa» or jikkiiy ciiAtm noeiMKfS. {Ov^^ 

mub tfhor* 1 vrtt4, until awBD M4 oB tbC' ]Art cf tl>i fBvf 
muit rcodcrctj mjr drpu'tiLrv ftWIottly fMCCtbu^^ 

M^of vna Spkt, the ««oand in ^uyndAAUid ia xlv- i>W 1 

«iiicf iniKintnavT tli« iKArvcnucMlcr. WiUi t : -^tsa^ 

lUdttdf I Mne*l ti- |iIhi wtinl at Xhc >|iucuui. Ali' f 

(Iff* of Mr Thomtui, a.iil oifior Kiq^ii^tnui^ wlu < » 

hi» oKiunpU, J incttlM] Jtfnjor Mid vud, " |V>«<hi i;m | 

jor, tlui 1 jun tt WT bold nuu» in MA^tni; h«rc, n < 

■"^*""* h ^HMT t " — " N'lM Ht All," be uHWirml^ " i iid IM 
Ul ^oranRDixit ui much too kocrftmbla to fwnl uc indirvlDfl 
wlio dm Uvic^ ttk conR^ncc ia tboM dauiaioan^ tbc i^juvtl 
of A n»rv£^ii \titm-t" Uiit^ lu Ihc iDcan wliilc. I todk cw bn i 
mj thrnifi rn nrvW, timt, if r>n !iiM]i^ , I might doaunji wbh 

On SiuuUjr, clio lOtU h<i«^<TVfT, two iU;)ni Man tito Aa 
boaititnlniciiit itf rnpruhjap^n, nn and wv put to duno on: 
loioticji. ftuJ to mr rnad^nrw t» HobCcin^ In clio forvnooi 
iMd a (utl Irom llr, AldiTtH.-rli inf timt U^^thmd friciki « 
^rilc*n I wnitL U* (tvnrj^ujjt in I S1M>, ftnd vlii> hiuj pivfvrfy ti 
Cfiniti1«>r4lili* iLinoiLiit «hn>liau«Ml in ihu tiywn. 

H«, tiiri U^^rk • f^uttvh], ftDuUitfir (-ijr ,iaii, And myuil <&ii 
M iLtUiViHr^'n U-.hutir<il Jir-lcl. it wjla j E^ne (kv. and. U W1 
on SiiiKiuv»s ill.' (rnrd*>a* ^t ihfl liiit^l vrM<e ftili *>f onTtTpaffl 
jLitd hcn^ Uio MiL|.^jr ivth>vod b]« nMtuntM* of Q'T r ' t 

■botiM A 4't*rhriAk vtiL' After Hiniior [ lifld A BrnJl . ^I 

fnld, wlvt hii\ r<TiiLiii4«tJ 111 KHTnbiiiy. luit hnd Damn orrr to h 
mo- A\Mtii ^va u'diri k I juht^l A vitift to Mwbnv Lltefaci 
TboMo hnnijaiid viih Kni^mtt, ^ii| iu Ihu vrricr of t^r Ei«|fti 
gorcTuniRtil, in tL^' cuau:n«Btu'uit di-fHiriiiirtit. A mnoUi b 
fimx iiM I \a\w ill ninhditiKv, h« hu'l prwotili>d to Stnfetfi 
AO«r Ml liiHir'* olut srilh ber I »u p>Tiif; Jiumi?, «brc ] * 
thd BdivcmaoMUr m tli« Htivet. tiiLkiEi^ witb an iux\uvi\tui« 
liuu <Hi niT Ki>inK "P fJi t'if*m. ht- tomnl iiv&y alriiiill;. alf'C 
ii^ tut lo iMT m*. 1 t^mit^bT thi< grou ill mumvfftt. pad n 
w«mmv4 oron by ttt report^ drnoDfltrUwus o( h'utilitr t 
voidft Doittiu^ by EuxIriiiL Hy nHWvnoe to thr - km* 
Re^ET* I And It wait am ibd ISth chHi T/ird Catbuiri, <^< 
nfbfoectf 2t^Oi>Jiinoii,H>irii>ft th^^ AdiAiml o«rKlBia.>fv, k»l 
tl)« l€tb (th& daf of vrtttch 1 ani duw tfKvljDfrl Uml Uk 
bnri«lan ihc 'aAtav\ of 7.i-.iikuiil, uiyit rniW fo^m i.<q>*iil 
Btt. rf mnri^ tb« public at Alumna kiM^ Dntlktnf(«<-TTVrt|f 
Uia«u pr»3^^ ii^i- l>t> my va/ to Pool'* in the si 

AUosK mKtuss. i:rc 


I xnatt 

.< II. Ul^i lb< JKHitl lUt Ma^ 

I I " I vaji Ttcii mtormi'd thftt Ut^ar 

«iLA bi itii 9 vWUtv*^ Iff fill tlif tiiiiniMi i)i9eu|nMl hy 

^' iKfiuf* I bnd ma&i&cid tkcrv iri&tLiiijf to 

^ af uu itAfcLj' I vu Ua'rc'iirv lijld llmC 1 riituiL 

U^kt n| iVdl'M cnuijfry-ho^w. und Iw wnLgnjflMl lii>it 
lUmUit^ Hut to UiHt 1 voiktd n<>c ocitAtuL I ia- 
«l IqaaA leritUL! Ukck to n>? MiOOCt tu put iiioiwj- io 
; njiil. fHif^iMin^ luji»«>tr liy bccTmrinK ii Fntlti^li hot, 
itolv Html IkuL /)avifi>f frnuii^d mr oon IjUIa 

nsioh^cl wpvr fiMti«c lo iJI rii> IcUow'Voiiikifirvhen 
miikiM« [ «ii» ti-«|tiEkjmi!^), Am) n elfeouial 
Bffnrkv* in tlut r*iA|i*vt. UiHt no ono. vlioai 1 knw. 
Jndood the ATTcata wcrr^ c«>]klinod to a few >:iur> 
ntftf ni4 ftttiiLj1i>ri^f vorlL ki«|Hii|[. Of cfiiirw 

rblL* a TiyA hixix]c<vB «tiii^b Uivu Oki*U in my straio' 
too, E tM**i Trf-f *ny tiMl tho Appirt'iit ni4eft4.<i« uf 
iMt^r. nkich m1 «o luucb Annovcd mc, ku« now 

atM> Op]tr, n mMvkkot, who r««kM witli a lav- 
viiocD 1 Kijr tlio Bcrvuit vilb a noU^ [ wu i« » 
WTD4* 'JQ « i£p of pA|icr, wittch »ii« krfit M a cuit- 

inil vrntton on it (how wunli : " They II «4Uh lu 

mhu 1 n^iv^tj tU> [iaptiL I 'm i'ff, - \\. i\ t<." 

lu liic nuutliT nf rJm Wtmr, " Th&t RijtH]>< 

VTVll «oikjint- 1( Lft □L>1hjU|f : ynn out rftqicfflil 

mlnUtanoc Wbim aiikr<! vIkUiot Mr. UuOiy 

]*t kniii-*. Ilmt '« hit Tivni^ Mv t-Hyn tiivpiM 
■/ tJii lahicli OifilvT'Fi " CJumiFiJi nc^v* 


1«7VJUlt " 



awoke. " Why, whoare youl" ^"Mr- OgaYTi»orTMit Uj 
inuHter weut to HaiubuTf^ laat nigfat, and as hia bed ii wofUr 
thati mmc, 1 nlecp in hia vhen he ia avay." — '^O, tbtt b itt 
Well, it j« iuuky for him, for we should bare taken bniL We 
Lai-c uotliLH^^ t\} siiy to you-^^ — " The Htapida 1 " Haid Ogili7 ; 
" there wiia my wutuh ou the table, and my cluthea wen iboU 
the room-" Hnther B«y, " Good-natured feUowa." 

I bent a note to Pietach hIao. He hod more than a thoo- 
Bund p(iuii(Lk' worlJi of Munch usicr gi^odti in a vnrelMuran la 
baste he removed ihem into a i;oaoh-homie, iind covert'Ll than 
vtith loo&c strnw, Tlio police c^mc. dcmaudt'd the k^yt rf 
the wikrelkLiuHi;, eethlvd the dour mid wiuduwu with tljtr ^ivom- 
ment fiea], and thr^iiteni^d Pift^rh nith imprjsoiiiiient if Jiu 
broke the BejU, nr euU'fetl the wiltcIiouim?. Ho wIcuidIt |in'Bi' 
iacd he woiJd not* and most hooorubly k<>pt hia word- In tltt 
njiiret of a ffW nights nil tin; goods wen.- tniiiRj«»rt»id ovfrtlie 
Elite. Th(? empty worL-houfio was fiirmully opened by th^ |^|^ 
erument oflit'oni, iittor the aeata hnd t}«in carriUUy t^iuKmied, 
und it imd boeu found that Pietech had motit conBcIoolwu^f 
kept l\\n promise. 

Thorc vaa then at AltoDa A Leeds merchant, MmtM) B*^ 
thoft. a coniiectiim of Stftiiafeld'c. 1 did Tn*t knoir the tvuvod 
Ihi? Btn^t ih which he livecl, and Ko whs forced u> t''* iaj»^' 




ft M «u pviTllkd Tvr ime. EvI; in ttn* morning: Pool nM r 
*TmI auumt lAcHihlv ridu^uB huiK, Vou nxiiiA jfo inimodiiUly 
iftcr lr**Xlt*l t*» Ituni^ur^- I liarv onlerol ■ limit U> hf 
kf, Will my rhildivfi, imil wr.ini« of th(> I'luilv* Mul M^>T>>kiEU*. 
«UjT ^.^ vdtn t-4r I ; ajH lI you vfo 'liH«tK>ii«-l yi'ti vit} W lli« 
tct tjujy llKfc ttiun IxHkl «cU l;IU*l l\v tliO t«l4>r 

Bv ^^'i i-i ii--'* tov-ardi thiT Iciun. ntjcre I ni>Lt,\il 

Ai ijtlit^ in a bo«l- Tlii-t vn^ iiniMtoilc 

■ttU tn ilv boAtiuui, ** I tjt\tr sih Allccm fmai tLt< HaDOTor 
«Mr4f the rtt^T. U mud i^ii very p^f^ty f>^^vn ■ ijl«iiuic*' 
— *ht, mr, it <ioiv.' Hud ih-j mail- " J bIkhjIcI l)k» it> »a 
tl 1 11 pTv TMi ■ kli'in Tlijdcr (•If^nit 2 <) if ywi will njw » 
taiitt iftlb.'' — "Thn&kifc. itr." nil! ih>Mnfl& : nnil inhtjuiiljr 
iftttoiwitd tbir TIkUw<v- <'^I ^*< ^1" opulrv i>f t^y> riwr^ Knv, 
Hviuli luvf^ Ijctii a liravli of Di^utralitt\ — k t^rirntt, rti iiuy 
^^irt&^iFT^ tji m-ikf? *ii ■Tnir "fi the HiuuverHii trrriu>rj. 
»tfcHi iwltvtcil '^u- <r*!t ^I'io of ilio m¥T. — nwl 1 *:ta ih^n* 
*ifc Tn bv i^i r r^ I Ti^fkM ri'^f IuhI itl tt>ir tir«i Hi^m- 

bnj ^i<i^ Imt ■ 1 to Llic* »-_*iiciil." Their tht tuk* 

^niKil I»ii pu|Hla, Mill I wot in »mvh at Ur. Aldobnt et 

! ft pntt«bnMr At hUdmr. Pioivcli \vtd ii\fanrnt\ him 
- .:..: iw bad hn-n iIli'id:;;;; an thtu nori<» ] tinrl giv^tf him: 
Mid Ur, Al4pbof1 vru tht^Q fT'^it^ to Alt'^Eni portly tf> l?>k after 
*-- I'-.-r -!ii-iV' L' tor fi.r tJ^c Mr*ii>c 1 TiS'l rcadi-rvil Kim. he 
.'i -■*! fur yiMi Utv- I onrupi- the fliKt. ll^w, 
-^-^, EiLi n,r iimxtskrntji ruit ci^'i>piMK| br flw loinilr ; liul 
*<■» w« VfjfT anuB a»rriat tii alik^n yoia o*n ulecp. And yoii 

*• N«R W*!". '»-»F' .1 . II. I .1.4? "rtfivti: ft «iw 

^«; '* ' iltHttTi 111 i.j]»t laiit iMuflFurritiiiiiut Utii ] 

•**»* pf my miTK^ wui. quilo «t v^tt*, tv tliai I wiw 

W* (IjU|[?» «tir IpT^'ii-jhi i^irNiLiml, aipl Hi ^LSt fitn*u luy 
f*^» (milk- Amnqf it>r firmtiiii mprrhAiiu 1 \vii] mvcml 
'i"jL,.>-,]in^ i,r,.\ 1 ixauiriiuilJy ni#t my Kniftkh fol low rcfki- 
f I ■ ^>vpnini*Qi nt iliii Dii>aki^ni c^nvl nirtMrifi 

I i --'. i^-i -.l< JhuiUh. « i( ■ccm^, ihoii^pK ilb I anvr 

' TU hv«h lr>A TMUHnth aT nfenbiirR «fW Vu lHril« vf Jfum. In IMM 


wards learned, ^ I vaa an ^loeptioa to thit ^general i 

I hare a veir iiupeHeci reroUecuofi of the mcMleots 
next feir days, and i did not think it prudent to keq> 
poasefifiJoQ letters or meioomMia *hkh might oomprom 

H. C. R. TO J. D. Collier, Esq. 

Haiiw;bd, Aapiut n 

.... Vou mav thitik that a kng letter of gonip wi 
Terr obannmg tcioi a peraon in my ■itii&ti<^ ; it «o 
absolutely romaatic, and would be as &r preferable to oc 
an ordinary u>n-eepuudent, bh an elopement in theeyea* 
Lydia Languish to being aaked at church. Thie ia all f« 
for the reader^ but uot bo fco- the vritca-- Give me h 
assure you that a man who is a priaoner, or, what b mi 
same thing, liable to become eo every hour of hU 1 
little iuclinatioD to sit down and, as the phf&se is, c^ 
heart to hi« friead^, because he is never mxe that hia e 
may nut choose at the same time to take a pefp. .... 
mean while 1 shall be forced to abstain from the enjoyn 
almost all direct commmiication 'vith my fHends at 
. . . . Within the last three days nothing of importai 

25th Augu/t Hitherto my good apirits have no 

left me ; and I assure you it is the reflected cone 
my diftereiit (rienda at home that most alTects me, 
add, too, that I feel my own personal aflaiis to be in 
insignificant compared with the dreadful calamity thn 
hangs us alL Never was Eni^and so neaHy in the j 

ruiu My late escape and that of my countrym 

occasioned me to ol)flerve many interesting and gn 
wenea. I, for my part> felt more flattered by being th* 
of concern to ao manj' charming women, than alarmed 
]>cn4onal danger. T have also made an observation citi 
the iiaychologist^ and that ia the perfect repose whict 
from the conHcioiisness thftt nothing further is to he f 
one'tt self. Formerly, when I came nowniid then to Hj 
to Iniy an old lKx>k or chat with a friend, it waa doi 
great aniioty ; uud I was not at ease till agaJu wit 
Altona gatea. Now I am ^uite comfortable, though tl 
ger is ten timea greater. I can do no mora than L hai 

ALTo^tJk, sHfwmv, irrc 


U I tm lakKi, I iliall hmr mt ihvII off 1 raii i|i« ponlllTo ovilt 

ktfar UmM dT «thrs^ AdcI it j> tim v)jxi [ mii lu.isi aj>- 
n^MMii ' bad iliu mnuitt'iT 4^j(C3l]h-, [kr»i] wm <Ioii&A- 

9mttiMut»^ iKnurMiuQ . but DOT t hfeiv lu^thtiii:; to (1q 
te N MuuM mjMif tm vdl oh I uu. And w»^ I'tir <rppoTt«- 
*fa« *J ffMiins oK tf an/ «boii|d offcET. I u&, gMwnll^ 
^Lii« «o«ifvriBfal*» 1 jua tiot wiUiont vtmp^iomA, U* 

lU liAb I »f>x'ii>pi«Di«il ft m«f«Wiil of Ck« iuu«t«<ir 

I ,. -^ Hintry-bouae At an i4i»c«Vrt vWh^c^ Ham, 

la aa nftvltlod nUlo; aii4 riav bv cIav ] 

V- , .A.I ott Ukt 304h I A|piit BATTorly Mai|Md 

_ ftiMd, tfatf Ibjor. caAed oo tii« 1o wam m^ tW I niort 

«ld to hun itkAt, *rc^'Kff mjBv]^ be va« x%-ry jrUH all 

bod ciCApH. Ttf« n»>r«i^ion Itfd enUrrd tu4 aaiud 

1 vaa a anent agmt fif li i^iiL I <i4i1r1 w-'U b* 

ipqqK-Hc ",Ujj1 I tluiik fdciit^l V^a }^pAtl, " Uint 

liai itM> iDii^uitrn vM iMiltHiDilcd. and fTVpUiT>nl ii> bin 

tt^t Imva ^-isud iH!Cflaioii la tiio cai'tAk*. **Hc«aa 

f h$ Mil. *' lo k<jM]4 lliiA, ni»| tip wouLl take avc t« inJarAu 

NwLu«;fi>r a fc^ koiin AlWi*iut]i^ lu I 

-^' * a i^wrt vnilu inj^ atloiittit^u vaa ci- 

'-' / Ittit fi« I'tc iftfcnualioA t luul 

n'TTwm, i *i ' " Unv^ nofKecl if. 1 Ir^ikvil Alld 

'kam ma wrir tv' *,■ ^1:1;; ui bwi«' [icr*T(» ai n little Jb- 

< B»l at Uui Kfiii* titni*, ho iMtkml \mck Oii-i iKimtml nt 

Al A kUa^ I iHrLiutwl tliBt E^or a^cre l'rt«U'h ginia- 

Tbrr wv JuUin^ bv \U ti-iv 0/ a rtt«»i|^> Aud 

La tat mUAnr I iffm> .<f1 I ran inin ft mnrkH pfifT l\ill of 
aAil *M ti^ l<nr-ijM. U I lin'irii Millar n<' dOuU 

AliMii-rt'n rV^'irK a Mr, S^^il.L'ii.- :i 

' . ' 1 I told m »l>irv. and It « Hh Li^;rihi. Uuii 


IfiO fc£WSt»CE»CEd or nsnnY ouiw kobtimol row. u 

I aboiild not «lecp «(tiui ftt tn^r lodtpni;*. Iha aax da/M 
one Ur. b|AJdiii^ «na voii^i to Uil- UKkknlvrv wuii^ 

Jilacq, DiljftvTAiv villi tiM Auni!^. Ifv voickl tnk« » r<^"7*< 
iir ijn olt^Iii onj id thitt oaipHCitT I irn^^ht MtfotopMij mm 

TUo jutormctlute iXav «U3 spoilt in rrtnot'mg tny Mkm 
jUm! Takm^ Icuvr nf ta^v fririuU V(H \a IIlaI iUj I IkO 

thuu|[fat I uw u i\dfioiotu [wTHOU litriiifu; ill ili« ^ - " '- ' 
my lout iui>Itici ; aitil ukxI thw, wKta j had kit ll^o t< 
huurs onr lo^Kinx WB bccwt bv ike isilitnjr. ai^ujr ' 
d'anDM, williiTtLC ubng Uiir qu«fitii»ii^ uvfil t'l mt r^rrat,] 
op<Ti »he Joor, wild c*j.r«a«cj ^^tmI ditupp^mttDL-iil al 
the TXHjm ciupty^ Tl^r UBt«l vtoleot tLrvnta toi 
vmnt'ii of tUti harincr, wlio loli] (iw Injfh w^ Ajiul mM*^ 
lliuni»c]vi« iihI inc. 'Jliruugh » (Irieiul I Und 'khfviiiM 
llii; Fic[ii:|i iLiillLorit:(4 % i'>*i to mir oM Jvoa p 

iHtiT frvtm him. u-hick migfat, unJ in lui'T ilnl, [in^it< 
Uo^fbcmn wu Ihca a aaull Tilb^i witli » li-w ^^K*^ 
DOOMninoiInU tht: bpLr^hui^ g^«te ; hut ibcMa wutii 
mikK fllT TmttillEiif* nil tiigiir, w arriivil on tiM fn 
dftj^ in lim? (> tiino at • iAHa ^th u»c bundnd 
covers, at Tliidh Uto HfTcrncri Duke, thcHi^rh afaacsl ikit^i 
xitvi nixiuttunuHl U< take ^ simt. 

I Imil now l<i n»«rtJUD vhnl tmh»|i mm sbMil !■> IM *£ 
(or SwMtim^ f& iJio A^RH'ioa 1 touji a JMlit«rv Wji U IV 
maahIc. Thn-v 1 f<«iuiil Dovio of Ui< "aIfv liirtni" miA 
DOmfvliiif; lu Ur WiiitiH tmr) urakic, **prtir<iifm Ih* liill>< 
witJi A fuimiiiig liirv.'~ but a tuikcd Mn^otMiit viik 4 ^^^ 
BM, odlivcDC4l by ft distant viov of Mtcml Eodnb cic*^ 
war, pirt cf u bluckwlitf^ wiiHidrcin- 

NtU flitj 1 umk 11 walk nf abnil ten motefl to lh« I'ol' 
town of JtMtMki a luiivcrnTty town. Ax^d nbo a aoHficn. ^ 
DO vt?0o1 WW tbctiT , nov hod 1 luiv pimpvi-L of U-ui:! nflr t* 
mJiki) nijr utmiw. In t>Hti]iirv f'imimttniiMB. mitj 
wudkl Iw an tiKjicKiuiJiitf t.riu, fur I wv kAown i< 
i-rvtgo, wbo bad otxaAtonallr chutU'd witJi mc at .\ 
tvuk im larly fip|Kimiiticy ti atlhw. up<^ "Q" of L . l. 
hclV and 't>?-*^*d ) migkt hv ojuiuM fcir not vattiaf isHv' 
Sonrtw lli;;hna^ na I wb* awiffv of hU pontkm. -^f-' ■** 
ADiiryA iu>t to cmbcimuH him. Thin sicvagv wiv* 
C^indy rat^iwcL I waft avnimt of vritj^ pmtrt'i^ij it< <'- 
ttiUu^tt pomr ; but wM ivi^iMwIcd not to mti mraulf au &f 
litl^man, an*] ttcnm kbi affiKtiu}C ikot lo knoW'. 

ALTOS^, SWKDhX »'>■' 


Vxf "r-vl n-iVr- K.^At^.<r 'iTiM Tinl net OQ hU i>im «l|t^ 

i>Z lo biiD oiT ctttoJiini- hU 
: iii mc ill t Ii>ikI irlijifjifi 

^'li lie luk't |rn:|cltHi'<l Ui C<>[)ii4rr tiw iin 

nHiniln/. tiuTLiif walked lo the v-^uiJu, 

m « Ifira IxMLrri Imilt into tho 

.^a p«*»rK|m| in thooc tdij*), I 

biiich pn>c«:<!cd fro™ iJie l>iikc »l 

HifT Hcitijucl-^r. iirrr KTiiriiutlc?r, 

«4i|*ii ^ ^ifiicii Ed* |<>,i"i'l KrTiTtr'«^/ii Mrir| -1<.N<h iiiif^ 

hwMA, ui^ Hcim ^p n.i.)j( c\'i0?<«:ij^'cii iitKl nvvtii^'f^n^ wtrd 

Tr-rrhi j<i i<r*.' JGrt arijp, in4 t»iK*M jxhi <t^iij? mil n*nl r\in 

'HI* iKflii ■^v^^^*J■ iu this oortiiinJr. Uiit lh» 

;: S<-fcwwn w'M oT»* <-r lliul Aam of petty 

ij _-<.EL_Eiijiv, ijiho, tf thrv coQr<m>J no K^mkit on 

>^ oad rr.wr, ^[(i tni nUmo tlirm to ihe it^urycif 

' -tit. ] livl K fortnAl '^iTt'r fVi>ni Mrn l<^ 4/^4 mp vi 

■T«% whif^ VM Lii ilw iflir^r, if 1 9<i\M i^tMnnUG 

■"' ^oSlXj at hut motL Tiiin irfTtr I ilrrliu-.^l I nmlJ Iw 

f t^ c»n IW ' ' whioh <'V*'ri* i>rv' tool lo 

■ilulky) llmt vwty iH>«r ulimn 1 ivkn wns vol) dla- 

U| iJpT prpainir of tbf Hmt of Sii^>Ti*nitHT, 1 r(v**tv«l A t^-l<r 

■Mi^Q tnr ttint a «lup nnn on iki^ [•"iril uf uilniu: frvni 

'War tit .Sfur^hilm. Nrtl lUy I jir^^wilM m Wi*m«^, 

'^ h' T n-Tiii. ii*d till tb« SU*. The <ihTj circuaitlAticfl mhich 

jKtr tlksc fi^w j|uv» urn* tho tnWtx.X'Ximc qhteh 

■^ '--ti al tijr InD, nsd vfaicli I rrtnll nitU 

"y^ ^ho iifc fna to bo actual^ bj Uidij 

I'l^ of my nmnl tbr vittor Uiil mc n rcrviT 
■' tliv Xiih\v. At«T<* n«i wii u ^kttrl of NtpV' 
■"I* iTiiiuu] ijiurd. wh-J WW roUmtf Kw< fox a few ««i'kii 
**iW &tJ^tB of tfcp nimpugo ciiiIikI Itj tJne i*o!?at jmcfi. 
^ ll* hnd of the table *aa a DtlUh ^^enl. then nn htl 

16S RC>mQ6CE3lC-K» OF WiXlT tXAW KUMNSON. t<^^'^ ^ 
maf injcAn ?fti|inlKiD In PnittuL Olbcr uAr«n mm pm»; 

oatJfiod (in tiw* tiMl t^niM ttit ri^\ ^^ iiiicinit- itwi vr- 'uji 
to TOL^l A Tuw Vvn^ avnAkuii lUh^u lHK>k«, wkjvh I ou vUttM 

Munonrv ; kwA 1 r->iifxl I i^t^Jd «itb porAMt tsJistj 
Krvnoh. "Ik it n^ot fit t>r InnitfiitMl" (I vi:d lb our <4 tm 
TftJk* Aftc? 'tiiu>cT) '* iLfct lul>, vhicLi in fen&cr ogcct U** >«ca 
ibo nktreu t^f the ii\«ld iu tliiTctvui «ift>A UiwjUl U umr 
po«fnd hgratulfm that Drrrrr jmdiitvtt a grmi buin r Uni 
WM aCrOfigf hot HOC Um> Atniug. Tbe «jro« uf ttiv ooiUi|fliudCi 
flbUMd wiih fJcacurc Ot» ti ih/tm «»cUiinc<L '* I^'n"^ '■■f' 
pow ti U Uw luJwtf «bu uv Gociqvi'tvtl \iy ilte Frt^wJL ll 
IB tho Frvtich «rha ftro jxuTcracd br ai^ lUJiftu At ^> .' ** 
Xapokoo livc« he vill It atftM<r « Europe -W t* 
(oot, Italy mil] U* iu^tpv&dttit : ' — " I U-uu U> Uvci i'- > -' 
«o : ' Sonwiteiei I vcLiiTK^ to louek <■» Buinuparte hunoJl; 
but tlittt «u tcndur utuuxkL Tlicy IwkAl ^:ni¥v, asd 1 
»lo|ipaJ. On sifDcml |x)tilkii lliej ulivd fn^ijf' "T^.' ^ 
lihmil cpifiiAiUk birl liillr iuf'TiiLilrxi,^ — nerv a H^rt tif (^ 
[Mbiiaan Mlowcn ol" Booiajmrt*, - ^iM^t-iMtitrixl «ifrii, t^'I* 
jitllc hu<lliccn«% Aad to tu«d |inuci|>Iu* ^f v^ kiud, ^ 
pocnilv uD rvlVi^i- 

Odo cYdUDgA tNtch Euvrchftnt cvna Ho l>ir'k*«i tua ^ 
m tlic Imc iukI vid : ''Nkpuk^^o <» ^1 but oiMnp-^tt^ut: luii 
lli*rc Ll oi;e Utiiitf hu iixiitiot dc^ — uulo » fhitcliisui M*** 
EiiulivhiDniL" ) EukM liim miirbil uilh iai\ 

i\iiMCig Um ■!]» nisitorv vm ft (;«Tvian vht> had l<u<i]>nV 
tluditd at JtMitt, we b«outM x<-(>d ^oiblh tkt oovo. 1 ^ 
loH him m ttiilf rkAi I ww JeuonMr (Ui«d lu miv t^'V^^^ 
Afttr ilitin«r. wKmi m} had giiii« iumIOt I »ud, *' I u» '^ 
"Von «tv." ho aikd, iDUTnifitin^ tDO, **«u Kikt:lt>liiu>^ 

— " Wbo lohl twi iji> 1 • — *' Eva-jWljir* Were jvu noi ■■ 
lUittjyrk m fc« ihu* a^ * " — " Yo4." — " And i!>d rnii ta ■* 
ii«t ft geiiikiijari rii ^>oti, a KorwWrl' — " I 3|(L"^"'< 
iboaclii ,vii; n.ti0t W tlko huik iVoiu Uw doacrl|'Li4«- |4 
fiitJu.r mill j"i4 IjiILi.hI viUi n<ia»ri^jZ« QauRi^t — ittiitv w 
«ni>iiiifi Co (Uo^in> ft Krt*ai.^iik«:v — )mi ho hjia au diHtJA ;^ 
bftd lyaLfH'J rn»ii^ .Utodift, 1 voM h-Jrv ft Tow diivb jix^* iI^ 
»(U* iri>'4 tud kft Uio room 1 ««iil i*» iIht i*ih-(*tl, ' WL.i u tl^* 




— ^ MlMiuinii. cDftb o>A on bon mhnC, — aotn b Ulwocii 

-': ] rahor Mmnvl (Irnn alvimd bw. Front 

Triiin^ nir mi nnnomiknt ift rtiliimUi Hnmhnrf!. 

ijinntcr fkf liio link vf>jutfl m w^cli 1 JiM 

. V aivl fvtd nty bti* rny pottnuntswi 
.'1I1KV J »li| lo tvrr, " l3o Voii hftov vhol v'OUU- 

iftU III the htiwrK. thf- chil'ln^n ny, 

-/'' — •■And the Itolioti ortict^tTi, do 

] 1(4 1" — "Tr>t>f>vurv Uii-y da I hjtwkmttnl 

_ _^"ia f cV) «)mi thny dvl tvt iiiip|jiiHa T iinilvnitAod 

!t in ruKfiil in c«iir •ttikiU^>n t^ kviow fuuiv thftZi (KVfpIo 

- ,-^^44, TItci' Bkc t^XL f linvo liuaitl lliem ouj tlicj 
fc»1 tfj dc^nhi T'Jii frtW niTi awjiy fhnii tho DannL And I nin 
,— „.-^ ti ..".v.L -I'TOd t<i r-ikny^xi up. tii*v would 

- ■ E< jr iEir>u;)^o ir.i iih.-t!i VJHi lui Jl]■l>^l^}^ fbr Dot lakoilf ior* 
I an4« mjr t^vokc^ ia a pn^r litffi^ W9«*cl witL k oui^>«f 

t«F-ff fi»p rfi, ^,. i)^ nijji^i w* bfcd A •^^rm, And I 

i^'fliv III Uw G*Un- 1 tiCfvr bc&vit fok socb m- 

^41 Iho titkur luuici 111* ptfvuriro wiui rettciEsf vKctt tb(» Tilil^ 

*«aK tA uv in tiiT uiMi>, luitl mid I sIk-u^! Iiavc ivxiiVftklRf 

#*t ftc Imikhliuit ir I v«uld ^t itp. I bui] j«*< bt^nti m 

«|' *ri q|ipeAlti^ On my r^^inu; hi* poinvd pirt at ■ bowl <rf 

-< ' mr Clip I vnu 4fiiit« bfConiaZK^l. nixL hivitviiilig <^ 

,r ,1 n,,-.,jr '„-—i,,|^jfli| l,^ piii'in^i^iu ami tvmnalM 

ft\*y Wi* WPrr om Iho roAJrt rt 3wB- 

' :ii l-)jE,ii>, th'.i pix-t if ^ti>crkh'>bn. t>D thiMt 

k(^ Kcfc# I #A» sc-nie huts, aod a mooMntaij 

I lovrttivh tliv lu:ifrY nmdtrut^ tm tUuoe ^^uiei 

ii^li mmrd irw to likiu^ti nt niTiwir 

I'im^j iH ^ laiH'vuN^ litr^ . ' i ',„n ixl Um 

•■Hfcof |fcciri:viini; rnvf >!i .. ill. Utrt 

Am RttiiiAamAl ea A^-jht, u* tiin ntudiogi of Um 

164 KLKIKLHCENCni OF UESir CRAHA &01U$54><t [CHtf.ll 

rircr Toadcr the vnyQ4p» lonif' 3Jy intcDtioti, however, >9i wj 

nuuin ii^ t^(T voiu) : tJLit I TTitA Ivd lu cluuti^ iiij pkn. 

pcVtaitQli<4ii inui lirougbt lo nu? i]iiiU< boC. It linit AJUa ii 

iLc water ; aiuI ihu Koiiktit aflordod me ui«&f ^ 

of vitMOfui^ the kiuloDM vf vtfluiifenk Tbc < 

L-iiBtuiE» aniH ?t]>i-ik SHL^JiBb uuly, biM, ilicvu^el^ ^ ^c^io |i 

mit tt'hf> kiii^n- Kti^'iiiii. tio iimltitl ubc* In KpM^I tki> bvCoo^ 

n[.ieLi^ iijy hvx, and nM uiy L'l'jlhcn 4ud IxJioti wvrv at oucv 
»iul <^rrj*i| ■ifl' 1iv tW yinttivix. My tioak* nnJ |iH;H*ni ui*n' r«^^ 
lull}' uUih;t<>iJ, Otad l:i»l en n hUivo toiirr^ in h fc4 fiuuuln 1, 
vtMUfld ihnl i»y ^LMi «4c^iuu; fvfi;tcli lin ivif<t, irtii^ irutoi 
Vuic Ur » nii-Dil, :ajjiI 1 wa4 iiivii«L to wuiivipfluiy Kiai. tti 
enCi>r4hl ft «iniAlj UkAl, and vtVit rnvod by iii ni«ii, lhr*><4^-*l 

oTnicba mid wnter. Wv ikii^jivl o^l Mvjie nKicli UnJ (u Ji 
hoi^w^, KiirHiiinflcd by flr-tii^PH, thif aitly irw* of ih* pMBj 
TWrtt MtKluina had iM^n, but tUui nti* ^t>^n. Ttto twMM^t 
ibo hotMC, u wii4'Cii|idiin, bAncicl Blu«i, x|>uh«^ ih little bad 
lidi. and rv^»\ nui wiili ilrkil liee^. bba:i>ft, uiid Iviiiidy- 
ijTU a 4N-tii>, 11111) ruy ojrn|ii4r)iiiri-i wi-fv> l;i ^>r tbo dnnu^Mvrfi] 
TWsaoKr. Oa vurixtijni by aaoihcr trntflr-Muy we fo^od 
laiiy «h] bf-r si^rcr tuul itrnTnL They m-ru prcily 
Mtd ^kJcc ft liMt? l-'rvnch. My «iippor waft niov. ttad cjijurf*! 
cbwffy of D0\<]lK4 ; dri^ h.'<>«4M<>>r«(l •MvociinJ luuna, 
A» tvtL), Milt ri«b, <»10[i cftkm. iiikI but crMUrdi 

hMi«v t^^k a cuiillo. rind aaiii »ho Mwkl AOXOipAn^ am to «gr| 
roouBi Tbcrtfi >fbi> "flr* prowut p*» ; I »^m t^owii iuco n 
TTKNn witii ft U^l in luj ftlonve, and thay ml viUi inn frW] 
muiuUft, u if tliey wcrv pajiiiK >^"^ > ^i"^' i>^ ^? <^*^ *t*^] 
iiKtit. Wbs^ I k<j1 up OOKI moriuui^ afl«r a k<^ ariil 
nifhL'a iJi^h I lotmd io ftii fti^ltvlMinbcr dl my uLfih 
•ml iJc<AiL tiiL* Iitu<n «ii»lii<4l and \t\maL 

Tbtf bcxT: dny» lb? Utik of Sfr|<tQijik>vr, 1 prooMded lo 5laet| 
holm. 'J'bo drirc ia « little vaj^on or opou cImhio. tiot 
<r At tkn «b«eJB tlutn u loUii ehajr. km wry am^ii^^ 
pftttHd a «ixvi*«tj<]ii 4'f r<ii;ky n»d Btvdod ■OCnm. with 
pi>«v!i (if wMtL-r, — i i:i>i]|[| tiut t4>ll vrhHlior cvft or Uke> 
adJilx-ti to l\ve Hr, I tjuU.-v>l Uht t'irck, umI ft rV« u«as; 
tlkc* bitttfr Bwfiieil br Uii|£iit*i». Vtw biitHM w«irv V<* \v «miu 
ftU gf wmid ti««1aiitAl w ilh rod whtt^ wbi^-b ai a dt«t»i»>< ,^fi«] 
tlw ftppttVBXMW of a brick buiUing, Tbo road vaa inovt 



ni ihm bwwM, tlioii^U huII, vera caikiiU Rotm. \V* 
« 10 OTM u^t vilhoul iiJtcfTuiaM&n, aoa mmdc Ibe jour- 
U l>^u limn Uvt^ Ijoiitk 

' r<tac« hkto Mofktfilm^ rJirniinh tbo M«tb«m nib* 

lh« lAlliftEiL vj«v in tho dntAun? ; for iLc f^idU-i niui/tfr 
(!■ tKiUH« Btv Urv AikLi ]ioc<r. m'Iiv <rtui rooful WJtli fWthf 
i thr UrpfT boun liATip Au lUKViinTi.vtjiL'la ftir or uakcdooM 

■lld0<r> villKiUt uik tlte fh;tila mtbmit Himirx\ pn]iuirnl« 
BiiC ttA piHitkon ti ur^ntJiTly Hlnkruc- In Kii^»ni) — 

knbl« tttiM ia llic wiwkl. hi (^Uht wirrdn, 

|fiui Mi»i llaglisb niti-qiniio [ipfjinl lo it, it 

It MuiiU on oevtrn xkUwU, but m c^t 

r ^ ti> lurtcc l««unB c^ wAlcr, tvo anlt iuk4 

r>g vJicvoi At mrioiH <bitiin»i nnd 

•ti4 ccMmcior, lov vJaikI 911 vJikb itaml th« rmvL 
■d tbr vIaUi Wildio^'ft prooiU a ncnriudJfl buw of 

Htfie Uufi thaty ycum a^o I htdIo tbi> doAc^ription in ft loU 

1 Laic «iftc;c kccu tl<lujbur(h. IComc, Vcoicv;, N'Aplcfl. and 

ftoil t no* liiuik. If 1 um not <lv<ri\^iil bv im|icrfn:t 

lliftt M^ckbtJtQ vouhl. tor b«uty of uttUAiton, 

oc«j|*n»va vilh any of thcl■^ 

Ititiii: AhnI luvarir in Ihu Wl botd bi the cilj* I liclivotd 

WirT aIivIi tuul tvon ^ltch to laa ut Djilnrd U oka lul* 

tu A Yuuii^* E3Ui. immod To<l«, a uitrrdiA&t'A dork, vho 

« > I kuch ICafiuh, «*> ibtcUwcut And obJigia^ «»d 

jLid ti> W IBJ ckvnma i fijuud Uiiii aU Uib. uod 

^^ft*Tw Ho w»A my iuiEpnQHTCi to riiuTTli«<s ixtU^vt. ti»(l 

^B^^^l'iUC^ *^ ^'^^ ^'^ ^^i"'^ ^''^ lutfiduuuct tu }iLint- 

I ako iiMii in Mwli vf A lAdr noit unkbcni td lJ;r llLtfniry 
"■rid, Aft4 wbu tu A p<>tl4.*4) L* htitl rco<illoGt«l Hilh roiEj«ct UQ- 
^Acwjue uT AiL^.'iiT ^'.u Liuhof. 8bo had Wti ^la*d of 
(■it (•one <if -JfB of Swe-WtiuiAf. iaJucIi ofticu 

<Wti»M »ii*'ri T ■ rosii- in lfM>;i - 4- IttT roplJtHUi'U 

Ui Mi tdylha Uk^, ^ Dlc Schwiwi^r vou L«b- 

^ ififlfTitfJ A Swod^^ miar^ Vofli Jlclvri^ I 

r«cl br brT vith /TVAt ucm&ATiljr. Dtiriiu uay suij' lU 
Uk, UiTT tun UDiwLg UA4 (Vcici bauik IwNiAlaMflt 


die tr^ Wtimar 3L-i:ianiCaiKv4iwkhd snaaiiieelM 
ud L bad Tsaa^aci^ij ^eo to fvkte ecrtmnung 
■rr'niPT' Sfa^ ^^^ ^lupb^i lo djo^ tfaat dar wit 

Bsj die ituaaxlr vrt^^ i i»>ce tnimtAtin^ thftt 
fctrzEf vtdk kv iQ Fp?f-j>fc 2«ncbffBacL ft ftfnonal 
inffvl Tberv cune ux aafver, in whtcfa the C 
^w.-blJ Ikt n^v^ cfau hsr dnuxr wits not nach i 
wTth pn>fTOtT srt brf>re ft fbffvtzn ^mtkntftn. S* 
cerne me some <?Clwr <i»T. Fau »oq Helvig Ung 
ftdi TTth reft^oQ- I vcDt, ftnd catftiaJj neT^r wai 
ft more copkKis ba&joet. or one ftX wkicli the comp 
satire distiitzMi^t^ jv^ro; by thle and appeftrai 
not 5p«ift" f^^ didwa sftw thirtT-aii jear^ but 
ft memonzidam tLit I nsed eteren plftten ftt the 
naci'-'Tial cnst'^m I reor-lkct- The companj beinf 
in the draw:E^-r>?m hepire dinu^, two bi^ ail 
*ere brvoirhi iu, ■>□€ ftill of lique^ir ^sses ^>F bnuid 
of little piews -^f bread ftod rfiwse- Whiirt these 
Cftm«d TK-und to the svntlemCTi, the l*dies went bv 
mro the diuimr-r-- m ■. aud when ii^ fi>lloved we I 
»aied SI taHi^. every alteroafe ch»ir heiu^ left vai 
vfts an interesting dav. tuid I re^r^t that 1 am not 
to remember the conTei^ark-n. vhicb waa indica 
■tftt« of opinioD among the Swedish gentry and n 
moat criti'.'al period. 

This was the l*>th of September^ and it ahoiild 
mind that t'<>pcnbiitren capitulated to the English 
and that hefor^ vei^ loiu: f March, 1809) the King 
wftfl driven from the thit>ne. Partly by m_v own 
ftt fhe dinner-party, and partly by the informatio 
by Frau von Helwip, I l^eoame fully aware of the u 
erf" the Kina:- 1 wus stniofe by the wWneaa with i 
remark I made in his jnui^ was received ; but I i 
measure prepared for ihia hy what I had beard frc 
ister at AltoniL On ray renidini; to him Wordawor 
hia only comment was that the poet had happily fti 
ttTibed the King as *' ftho\'e all consequences*'; 
eiilogizing the King to Herr vitu EngerstriSui foi 
refusal to negr>tiate with Buonaparte, the reply 
Sonne ne doute que le roi soit un homme d'honueiii 

Among the company were two militArv men oi 
Hona] digm'ty^ aad having the most gloriouH titlea 



nTdtfi " Grail Bcv^" lie c^^^^i. [ Iwi f>oea ialro- 

Inved in]r bcio^f iU3 i^Lit^ltEilmiaiL J[iuiK-<lintcl_T od« of tbcm 
Ovttal Dwar. The aiuv vn* to obriuiiB thnt nij friend mx 

»ilvud a|itji^^'T, &Tid uiiraoccw/iilljF cl«uHxl her inipulttjOfL 
Unuib i-.- ■•• f-Tic;; wwb hv |:vnoraJ in Sweden at ibw 

tPSiinr, ■nil ni r.i'"- 'inl *iX 

Oft iW ISth 1 'iini'J with Vfui von Uolwig. Sho lud in- 

I jji irlii^ta 1 %ia luppy to str-. lUkd viiuv 

uf; iHpiiji^i^jniMo iuLFm<EcJiLp liut t^a. 

l^'-:i ixj UtL |iMiriL>e.t iAn>'Ji^ dv luxl IU<1 frota tbo pro- 

toi|iUiMi of Uuutu|J(Lrti'- iljD tjfij Btut Uircotetiod* fur he «^ 

fnnL wUtiJifT iffitli ln:lii I dv ujL kirow. uT bvin)^ the no* 

■to<rf the t«vk fuT lh^> [wtUiOHtioti of nhich Salm tud bo«i 

Ut &lbiiig in viU) iim oov csiMOd sw to ro*d hm 

adJ ocxanoiiDd inj (mtLvhiling ctiUrc hu iirophocy la 

JBOA of lh<> iniiifTPrtinn of th* SpnninrdR, vliHh 

|r ttfik pUoo vtthin kai thuk n vcMir of lyar m totnirt ha 

IL Ttjtft I tsMTUtl i[j a revioft * of Wvr<IflMiirtb*t 

ti ^rt thft nmvrntkin nf ClnrnL 1 vru ilolighUvi by 

I}' hftlo inADt ^^' MiJriTO*! kiuI JuraiEwiu in hiK cct)- 

ticcf, luid with Aono of th<A4c nvctiiyitig aJjolnkctioPi of 

JW hta irrittn|:» un tal]. }U «poc« vltfa grvftl AdEninktkin 

[the Slit 1 Kt out c«i Ay j<'iim«7 t4> CottQDbiari& hftvia;; 
. KJili «hip Hin) uUivr iLicr\LiupujirEn«;uLa, 

n ^ 1^ 1 pvd 9^/. por hor»r tor ttmch rt«^ of 

1*, Mt drircT w*n wnTtetiniot ft tnAUort«.Ti 

tiEiin uUo a wooiiuik or ftrh I urn ikift itixiiiiUiiuicii to 

eoaniiTvioiU icUtatni«a(j^ hat it M worth aiPlKioullifc tblt, 

tlie loch ro the ftvidi of Riy CAFTtAfi^ the vhule ci 

uT luj jouriiw. otxr 350 Dillnh ilnring kigq dnjis woh 

thm £U t I hnii hivn ^Tmulml v-yth o cRfd, not biggvr 

^Hl wuit. Wiiit thin J [TULnA|{*d lo [dAA throiifl^ ^ ooua* 

w.iftawkfti 1 Eun uid at Ea expeon, ] pMd not aAd, 

163 RE»IM5CE^'CE5 Or HEXRT G&ABB BOBCiSOy. [Cur. It 

Tithout being imposed upon- How manv Swedes will »T thi 
b&ni^ of a jo-.inuy in England 1 Hie only occaoion on ubJch 
I ifj^'U^ht I Lad rL-as»D to complain, vas when a peasant pn- 
vidf;d for my driver a child who coulcl not hold the reina. 

Wiih the irniiie of Sweikn I had afisociatcd no other jAtt 
thun that cif iHirrcn rocka ; hut during the fint four dayi vl 
tity jciunioy, in which I left liehind me two himdred and fifty 
ijiili:Hf there wiuiflti nnrntcrrupted Btieeefaion of beautifiil frrt* 
hrii'iiory. The roads were ndmirahle, needing- no repair, ftr 
rJii* Kiiimtancc waa gninito- There was no timapike from bepn- 
nitij; tn end. The scenery was diverailicdhyanmnberoriakEi. 
vvvi-y iiuw imd then a sinall neftt town, or ti pretty Tilkgf,iDd 
iL vrry frw country-houacs. The fir, or pine, and bcecb wepe 
iihiuMi IhtMinly trees- i 

I i'»*HciuHl Cuttcnhiirp on the 27th, The envinjoa of Iha [ 
town I'lihMint of miiBscs of rock with very scanty intertticftrf j 
liu-uL-rt^ vo^i^futiiui, — ft scene of dreary horrenness ; vet coW' i 
iiu'di' hus eiirichcii tliLs spot, nnd the Guttenbiu^ merchifltti ; 
iin I uMnrw4Hl, ]uirtako of the luxurieawhich wealUi cuitiui- 
piiH Mii\ nh(n\ i 

Uit ihi- .Vth 1 commenced my voyage bomewardi ; tlwigB ' 

,vi ,.{ It VIA-* ni'( eonic, Imtaftera comfortable passage of ei^t 

■ l»\». I M>;hioi xW oonst of my native coimtry. We landed si 
timuiih KH\ t\w^ urtomoim of the 7th of October, 

\l C R TOT. R. 

HABwicn. Tth Octobtr, iW- 

Tlmnk Ood I oniv m^^ro touch English land. To-nigbtl 
(Ui^nii fo ?loep ai Witliim. To-morrow I shall be in tan. 
And I snppi'i^c Mon^ \o\iiZ j'h:!!! como to Bury. I shall iatba 
nu'rtn white esjr^ct ymir Kttit of congratulation. 

Kind love ti." fithor sisti'r, liltle Tom, and ererybody. 


VERY soon after my return from Holstein, Mr, Walttf-JW" j 
posed that I should rvmnin in the serrice of the Taut ■> 
a sort of foreign editor ; thnt it*. I waa to tnnslate from tht 
forcig]i papers, and write on foreign politica. This ogigViDt^ 
tte^'an at the close of the year ; and I entered on my dutjei ^ 
hj^h spirits T could not easily find in my lifo A six montfai in 

nmttiu uium ok run ttues. 


''it. Is li>okinj; Invh 00 

' f iu JL ) l(Ut it uiiinuTcUtJ 

nM A^prvtfnltln. And 

|M vt vivt Afivihkig to lie diitta: 

AAiT ,. ' . . ' <iiLir, luid «i tosh OipotioJ 

It Hh^ I • cut uut lA^t urtAilvih Uid pttfm- 

■" i.i>i-» I . -Or od ttitf luJmraiiXk of carrw- 

■ wtA ilvitya A hif^lwr fMiwcr bvliitML 

^ ! ' W'nijrr VM in biv And Utcre ttic 

-^>T 'All:, ^Ei aiiLv:4^ on pikTiy p>>Jilin dufii^ my 
Lii Uuit pnvi. I m^y, Uovc^vr. iidfl. ttuU tn fob 

kt*^ ti> tbi^ pLTfTT^Dimi. It in lo Iv fbnjuJ la thv |r(i|i«' 
vtt tV^inifin' 1 'itlv ]1 \n a jiMUii«4t*oii n{ tb« Eo^ab 

' rtuiiMiK III my 

-iH4 roriHwl to 

' il iw Ik muwb titfU 

I r ftUip Uie Lxnuuiuni' 

_■. in (hr H'V i»** of 

id) of M>jvli I trjkH iiivit<«J t<v dtik^ witli SftritlM^ 

in'fc [ WW duino^l *ir^ h- t 1 w^l iBAnuwra, 

[ilv ojpdiiTD'l wiiU tiLiTi in ii 'Hi llie'vnr. 1 

i 'ri pAlltiov i{*- hipnoU tl>utJt(ht 

icii fiiTFAi; '11 pi '11^ J *» bifAJUliI timt 1m; tMcihl ouu- 

"IB WJ^wi nifirjit ihr pm*-.ii ; whilr I'oUrkipi nuin- 

MjaIiUj Io liv V- ^'orr<j|-l tlwl bo thoiDgbt il 

<i j t«a vonc cict^|:4 lb« htv " On po«lry 

I t^ii^ my uriCiuil |JE]E<-vif<4ij, wxl AiMilir 

Scmthry ihnnu^-tvurr 1 imttH Wnnlworlh'tt '* So*- 

jrrfirv. Id llin, i»i, N^uttif-r jtM&vd ; he nid ttiMl 

'Mh ounijbio Um pvfHiQikflt prliiiciJ vbiloei, ncd Uio 

W lUrUreJ (Dba " Ua> tnunifwuiiw of ike phiki«»pby 

it Fur Hj*' w if'.jl> 


ihU fjr-T H:i- 


A few d&jB aftor this (viz. on M»rch I5th) I ma fintroditOBd 
to Wordawortb. ] break&3ted with hizu at l^mbV and iCh 
compimied him to Mr. HiLrdcafltle'Bt at Haleham, Deptfiv4 
vitli whom Mr& Clarkson was on a vuut. Wordnrartfa r^ 
ceived me very cordiaJlj, owing, I hare no doubts to ft Ikfop' 
ablo iutroductioii hj MrB. ClarkBOti, aided, of coiirae, by nj 
perfect agreement with him in politka ; and mj nTi>hniiiMlin 
and imcoDcealed admiration of hia poetry gave me ipeedy ad- 
misaion to his conQdeuce. At this first meeting he mtiouBd 
unfavorably Mrs. fiarbauld's poetry, which I am the Um it^ 
willing to mention ta I have lUready recorded a later *^'—**« 
of a difibrent kind- He remained that there ia no genntBB 
feeling in the lino, 

111 "IjU browa luunloi Qoatlhoa Jojr?* 

Hg said, ''Why bri/wn?'^ lie also oljected to Mr^ Bof' 
bauld'H line, 

*' The lowlLuit chililreu oT the pMiuitl. nnjM-roso nnd violri, * fei. 

" Now," said ho, " rHosfl-roat- ia a. ahnib." The IaaI rpinaril 
is jtjst, but I dinaent from tho firat ; for ereuiiig harmimizBi 
with contont, end the brown hamlet is the opening htmlrt 
CoIUelb has with eiqaislte beauty deecribed ihe cornii^^ oo (f 
evening : — 



^ L'Jii-juoa liAvtij^ bffiiU'C uiiJuAto 
t (it* tbtPrv>'l «i1^ t»c <7ji mi n4um 
Vuil v licit liv iMnvd-dJ |i;i:liinfl ui 

r, (K> ^MTViftfji.-ii. It WM <»u1 of in/ p^ner U> 

'iiil* t^-il I *Poic to W tui^ Icrum, which 

: ir VAnl of fulk-r iiutiirritUr jti Ihc " S»ti« 

tf»3 txijturvk 111! ^hakoiiprarvr' r iilod hy Mpa. Memy C'oi^ 

ftteft' At \\u- tiTiic o^ mv Attoi)il)lk^ tbr«<< lrct»rcfl I hiid no 

Po»«ftl 1 r witlfc Cc'lcrdifv. I Iia*v a iHUr finio 

W. *Ti' 1808, Kti-Juq^ nv nn onUr fir jidmiiwiiin, 

' -^ mXctnxy^liatu, aikd the imi?m- 

J.' I Uuift m other gwd fcff nic; <jr 

' tti vii^ rrlixliutuQ to hm'^t (pii/tZv J^ijcq 

I >' jMDj I ctaiun keep onl, f<ir ooo ^itcnoit, 

te ivt »lvriivt *» 'hoc At itoO'C,' or * vcr^ |jtfLr1ir:iilATly cb' 

Acni/ — atid iLo Ivl irvy often viU not actto ill,v tiirtt) 

WW, v>l>](^ lo nit Imjd'iiMl <tiH*p rni|tlnviih-nfL ^ nij' 

fn a ^ \jt<:Viiiuiry ^ch. Iiar« n-cvciitj.^ tuc diy Af^f day 
w_. _., .,. _,., vnur kiEid ittlL I will R» wxiii »■ I rjui, [a 
1 hntv trft viittr luQK witli the i>Vl vropaui tud 
i-vt-Of^ta^iT* in ills i>ffic«, bt one? to irhtci I nm n]«AjB'«l 
Wt'^lwR I «m nt h^oit-- Fc«' WcrrdirmiTth tukfl lAta^-tt mo 
k>4siini Tuur ■ajiuuiiLirH.v. mii] to t-itivtJi yi'i : iitril nrisl 1 
4tliil &iir OQV »> DiiK^i n^f^nrJt'd 1>t trjy rniiyl Miv ^'iorit- 
^«>fi DcTcT b« iikdiScivuli iiCw, Oecl, to }^ T. C<>k'r>d^" t 

r^ i,f>rLu lltikd*)^ n(?uUb tliF iviTii*4t of llw p«v*i^ <r utlur* Attd 
' Wcndad kfviWr- J«tt<|i|ir bU?tiKbf tiT Crcia aiiJ llio :k«- 

't^wtmi Tir ofuif •n*fi:i#. 'if '' ■- - ■^•-- ■ ^i' ■ .vrV Iky 
* Joy «iUo«i oarwuBwaii^L vl< Uk 

If iiikAfvft B«>clifc» vK|4-i^4ti 'iVai 

•■rtiMKl li*TBB4 i<< llvoku Ik* E"ui vf ilio R ml 'rrn;:«'iT. Uri 

rT--ili*^-i"T '. .1 "n- .-)u'T-,i-u-,-. •h.-y Krmit,rt—htajtt*t'tjroGa 

rnn ihe iWwtleaia M- 

'1 Trj(*^] w HiT^ lii« III! II HI ii*l~T:< r 4.1. Hf fHt n>ll||]BL 

■■ uko ilpL lu iBlr- tMH ■ o*^k In f hf' ttrrtr, vho nt irvCKlttt by 


viltfd 10 diWkfr br Ih^ii bcni: t^L^nl vf 4H Kic^liah kfurli 
ntjo iffts iJ*u well ktiovfTi oji 4 Whi^ ihjIlIk mi- iixid > uiaa 
hiyiOfT- A frir Fnoailia nOflrvurl* r mrt him n Ltdnloci. wl 
I vu iiralkiAff vrth L«wK !4ir<'li^e« fili«^ haii'li xrth fii 
ODtI titkoA wncK my ir^inwcit «ii& J pviuIkI thf 
LuaS wv nil M4oiinhin-<n« — '- ! HmI no iicii :Jin: 
SlinniUii." — " Nor do L Tlwt h H\r tTiw4ft» BqaU< 

OiX life. Tlui thsU be SLvridtfi. Vou tJiieft fott 
iriiili^n ray SlH-riLlnn ' "■ 

Tbfll I di4 not qititv iiq^iv4 mr <^«rniAn «ti>diM it 
bv mr hiivit^; irnriiLit«d Tor U»c Jfi>o*A/y Ufportltrjr L*»ii 
-"Kdutiition of thu Rjr.T-." • 

Tliou^h I hml n^-l <lv> n?nMi««r. bimttnn fin* nf Hi 
tlio law, tH <luruv ttiB irprrikjc t Inckilj <rtit«r«d 

hli Ufwmt-My atcrtTr i 

1. r;*l.r>' '««>h4 vUsAi ftHWdl^ DOtlE (W fttf 

ilii* ibd-i^in'-'lh.hi' 

Ult n.lli inn, 1i. ' 

T» '- - ''■ ■ • 




V Mit Itt«nc4iiv tl 


'f h 

ibf iDc^iM £>nsM «H*ifaii«l cIh ni«*4kniia 4 


■ '»-i*r*. 


r^Utllliiiite4w>-' ' 


-A thft tvir aacih j'- 

nLx^i - . , , 

■"- * "■-«■« 

totUV lODfii 


4cnt- «»f- 



4*>. 1^ ^lKfa<M4\ fS 


Thv iMfmiiDl* !tS 

Itpvir . 

i rr-.:>-t (>w ^9 





» - 

tap Of (wi ' 


Imfttic'.T ,' 



-i*.l.t to <^^' '4 

U<Af «hIj: ifl 

;.T.L b. r"' - 

■-^ " ■- 1. ■ -»:»-«■ 

h«iM m-- 

.-. Uh c>i**«> nn vvlnr MH 


~w -^ 

V- ■ 

< >ji<f> rMfh«pn*ir c^HhiIM. A'.-viV 


v.iir.iM^^ 4)11 met; 


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Ir«h0««m>r [>4ni«, J'trit, h« «tj unwilling to xnterltn uilb 

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■» Ih" i> iT riiTm of iiatur« and nrt iinttnL 

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miacj, tliiLt X >uif Hji^fimf t^Mj ht t&ugl^ ftiid not ntxmf fe 
tbc Hike of jin-tviai^Jii. Tbe »ct» ought iatlktffli>clTT«Uh 
pum^liuL He ilwrlt <iu tbe iiiSuenctt of Uw infrmma^U 
puhlie mind, xn^l trmti^ directsofi to taon} feeliu*. 

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dd «choo^ Mr*. Iltilkr-* Tlio poems oi SovUm/ ull SofI 
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lb« kro^Arltr of Itu^^r vondfioUAou- Mr, Jemlbftov «i 
pVVMQil, aiid hiie oallcJ liiia to bi» Dioe " tbu b«t uf tltftl 
k)v<>1^~ He rt niriwlc rc4Si>cm, mor^ etinplMelT iImo tbM 
will W vbotu bu frviid ftM «oDt«iuporM7 tiv»t«d W ocnUa^ 

f»ir-«fy /4*1 — Attli#rU>r»IA«dn»y. H«wl T! — 9 

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tfaov* Riwliflh Kdplx>n b««e lueelletl •ben unt pf^icuud t 
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i1p« m ft tmi^rm fclov (*f i-un uvJ ItftutifuJ nurolity and 
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Ml mA ba*vltM i* aitit* ikvinblc Ihim Uio ftootcEMs vhiUi 

MmtiA IStJi. — A udt uith Coleridge, vhr> mllod uo,ido. 
iffciiif ijf ^vib«r, bo mid ±^ viw tkvt dUo U> iL|rpv«ciiit« 
l^rify. H« iifuk£«<t loc/difyitif pp««r; Itc wu ft 
r. — vbttl^ntr \m Timiik] to Lb lant^, be furrnctl it 
,«r ttMlt k dico^ Urn cnttnuot or a m^frj. 

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^ihwlic* Ui penoM vImq he iuliuixI Ci> thi; eirc^uiMluM 

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bade and vaa, Hiun«, CoUridin, uml ftncrv«fil« Uiub UivT« 
C4nlff» iibllMnfbiKti m usumL He lokl that ilH »j»lc«iu <^ 

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ta« ftbml ftlttUait idM& UiuJitl nid tio h*d kariLl fnaii 
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Uiv burJii«i{rio mu nut let» >.p|»r%«t tlui& U^fijcti. 

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Apriii SJit^ — XtMhou} holHtiHoiirfrUtotluuAiKctt^teorilarttf 
Tooko!, «bowiujf tlto L'lXxl-hiixncA' nnd conjji-^un; of wbiLdj ^ 
wu cAfablu. ni>lci\Afl WAH with him aL ■ ihini pcrnsco'^ u\h 
Thfiy fand ft vtolsnc qtinrTvU At tflowth HolctvA wiil a te 
K«o i<t baavo tho rc«in : " Xlr.Tooko, fUiJ vvu, vou »r« n — - 
tGOU0<lre), ocd 1 oJwftya thought jrou «!>' tuulti il 
h'atK vki) *«id : " Mr- H«Jcn>fU Bxtin lint* ngv >vu w4cd 
coixw and d)«« iriih you ; do b«U oi* vtat oAy t| 
HoJr.rc-ft »ULj«d^ 

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ftloncv He «|iol:« of tni^U uid nrt wiih hia iiiinJf^cUd 
4^ ond kindncwi. 1 ik^kod him why tho (^-^imuii^, v1m< 
cuttnl hinx waiJd nul arki;<>vilud];<i the niitii tS v\.i iBtrnMi 

VAkv ti»o vl dtLUdL^iLL tAble, of vrhich tho (kmiiiEu ftn 
HcpH^dfl wfu* «iily o fivothrtnottly •clivlar." E^r Jothiza 
t\\ of srulpliLTv ; uu tlj»t Htbjoct hv wn^tc tt<A ou 

rrocilkot )iOAniie l<\>rn(>v^' at Juikft ipvuk. 

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vhflcn Tfi wd^i in j^^v. anrl, if tt t^nuld, ndiiun^. wiu Dr- 'Ap 
oott, MUir kii^TAu >* Voter Pindftr. He Ulk«d lUxit thviufr 
fate, «&ici UuU WoM could ixkint neithcar idtmi bt^uty uor &4ff 
mUun. nll«il OfUft ihv Mkhncl Ai^fvlio of M 4gi!> CLUupWi'^ 
t>f lli^ tnfrnuitiide otf oartjvn vtait' vha (iik^d irTt-rylbiuc 1^ 
hinuwlf, ffxiko co[itc3Rptiiouiiy of AViLh^^r SooU, who^ lb> wd 
Oir«d hift jHfpuknl; Ui hard nameii lie oUo docUimfd i^^tf 
rtivmr in jrftirml, vhkh h*' sud wib fit tnJy f:ir huitaj* 
Not oTOU BnlUx vould live. At the mu&o tinw hv pmi"«i '' 
octidioKly the " llcr^ui l^foatb to iw W. *.'h*fw*>^T*." C^ 
gmc he Donhideml tlie Kn»tc«4 minuzle uf l.' ^ 

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countftbJo. A« I'c^r I'lodw *»* bliod, I i>iv< n^ii^ 
ikelp him to hia vifte^ iilikii wM in n sefianU pint hot 


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>flh no pJfiAMirv- '* Salirv \h k ImiI trarle,** 

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lad hiv T«nHO<i of ibc st.jry of rriti*:t Ilonid, thu loQ^-Mwyi 
lil^t ffavipi*! Ninrii writLiiff. L^fj^d biin Ui try hm liunU 

Fn.* He Mfetcd, h« onid, in ihv M^ffftnco of thf» wurk, 
V be mui lurv- kikVi El v('i*iLLiii ELfl I ■••■. • wl.iij](1 [tr^ huo 

•■i! iKrir, Tlw *•«»■ *f{ \niWf.r. Hf i ■! i il U nrfirly hh- 

tod No mXiTC ihnt ifl aot perbonnJ will ftrioo««(M 

E^V — Dctr>t<d thv finy io > »prcch to be ctfJit-<nd td. Uio 
iadrmoaj Sodotr.f Tlir ipif^Nni. " Whr^li ntntmu tW ArU 
4(1fil<«y. Bliiorr. and PocUy it uioU tnfohUs cf being raO' 
Jorf *fVEcf«l>k to Uiuikicd !* I e|>6^« fcr oDmcvhat mor* 

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1 T-in k»o«'lcil^*i! And TrM^fovi, ftitd t>ot Hlntubly^ They 
*^«itvt« th*^ FfTnt bwJy of «k!^niH lotmnv, — lliimjuiity* 

^h^unr B Lhr tri fiT |K<ni(iiLHi>rii tm oppow^ to lo^, — ihm 

>l<f resirtiiftig. It in iuitobi^v>tiM by withdrnwinif nttontion 

I ^ibifltn&M to i\n! fltiovr^ from tbe mutter «if diita>vim« 

■'*^f»rT!^>t T IV'|iLn*nitU'e or nnvitorinl uloifilcliuE: 

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}t — ....... J... ... .;-...-., ^ itit fited II, a a Pnbllilial bf 

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«ttBbn,«MliaB» 4f bit «|iMe» cr <ni« «ril»*« <-i9uiijiA w |I«b Mi 


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Aprii iSiA, — AuUicny }Wl>ttiiiuii rvktud an ui«c<loto uf Ikrti 
Tocikc, ihawitif- ihc ^o<>(l hunioi luuj ooanpoian> 1/ nrhks i# 
WM oftpablB. Uolcn>ft wiw nith him al a iLini itfTtv^tj't uUt 
They had a ^iokiit rpmfrvL At iFUfftb Holcn^ uid, ■« 1> 
row to l«Qvc ttio room *' Mr. Tookl^ 1 1<-11 yon. voi4 aro « — 
•couodrol, PEtU I alw«TV thotigftit joii •a'* Took- ■*'"'-"-\ 
htm, and uid ; *' Mr. DolurvA, koiiu luna ngo jud -^ 
eomc uid ^inc »vili jrcQ ; do UU mo wbut day tt luuj m 
HolcToft ftt4i.y«d- 

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ftJo[)f»< Ko «fH>k« of vtiaU and art vtth hi« icDaffMitd 
It tiiid ^indikouL 1 oflkod bits why tfao (JcnuiUVL, viko 
ciiUoJ ^inu A-C'tilJ ncit ^cknovlcdtfo the mtrk of our 
■TfQ IW itijldic "My ml." tlaiauun aiuwmxl, 
make uto uf <'l4jKicnI fublc. of ulUch tb« G«tiiiiiim or* 
Rc7lk<^n ami only u ^utbrnably iwliolur." Ji>irJ<«biu 
ill 1/ •ciiliilarc; on tijat »ubjc<t he vrot« pot oo 
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MtX'>.'» vt rtii*ch mMuniMlftttiriilioii Mill mr7rnetjUii.7i<.J ihink- 
^ ■ luftivn lb* rft\*^f»tT of «tint arr rntM tolfc' 

■' '.tug i)H*u Imvc, to l<'Tt«^«' n phroH fir^im Colcf 

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*^ I .<tv, ~ iia voodc? tKcVc is m vctri ot aattnl 

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'< I iffuvlr* ]K>jj\iUrity, IknidP* whtrlr^ li« ^aa 

-" f-iftkttl^ «bj<k h4> will not (parhib^A mnQcrtt 

**na >co iLif Lt^xruUl to hi< iiitcrctt«, — 1 incftn itio vlmt 



of apiiloi^t/iii;.', itiiticiputiii^, Jtnd repeating. We have hod 
four Itufiiri'H, ami sire £til] in the Prolc-romciui to the Shake- 
FL]M^:imii ^Ir'jihLi. WJieii we arc tu Wuin Miltim« 1 havL- ii'iiiti'^t 
With all (In "-,. drfiitH, tJinv will alway:i lie a siii:ill oirvle whu 
v\\[ liMi'ii w irh 'U-lJLiht to his olotjuent L'tiu:4iuii:i {fur tliat isllie 
!i|ijiiMpriati' r\jav>^[iinj. 1 have iW>t tiiisstil a lettun*, :iiii] have 

ivu'h riiiu- J< It ihi' ntiiu with the sutibfuctiim wludi th<.* hoark- 
(■uiii;r ro i\u- *lLS|iliiv (if truth in a heautiful furm alwavH pves. 
1 havi.- a t it'Ttiiaii frioiiU who attends also, an<l wlio is di'li^liJi'd 
f'l liuil rlir |4iL,'i[- iiiiil th<> rhotorit! of hin couutrv i]i>livervil in a 
^t'Vfiiiii hmifojii.'X'- Th{.'ri.' ih ho doubt thiit fulerid^'b mind ia 
iiiui'h iii'iri' (rvniiati than Kni^hi^h. Mv friend has jxiinted out 
striking; aii:]|i>;;ien Ivtwcrn Colorl(I|^ atid Gcniian authors whom 

ritkTiil;.'c hits never suon 

II. C. H. TO Mrh. ('wnKm>N. 

dG f[ATTi's OAHKtn, IVcembcr 13, I^IU 
Mv ttiiML ?'hii:no : — 

.... ^rriivrdiLv 1 shonid have lieen ahle to bend voa a f:ir 
iiicnv jjhM.saiit li'tfLTtlian I esm |x>s,sihly fnmiiih yim with u"w : 
f<»r [ sliMiiid thni hav<' had to s|ii'!ik of one of the nmst yriti- 
lyiu^ and ilcli^'hlfnl T^xertion?* t'f t '"lerid lto's mhid on Mnnday 
]ii.-it - ami jiciw 1 LuiJ Infill piiintd and pro^>:>kcd by aa uunorthr 



JuUM*' tail !flwUf<f|wmrv'« foBOftlMt; onktppily, mmft d«- 
vbUjitTvd |Il« Ofcmo <>f l^noutcr vn hia c^ : tod in> h»d. 
tt imsitiiif- Hu ttiLiuk irti die |ihir (Jiubk^r, ■ iMHiov nf 
. . OL iwnJUl U-tdTMn tlie ifov e>f KUn* 
' rroc uT wliut U nnlraly nUed mpotUo 
iUii (jt itw dIflcruuL ldajfiuks«« of Cunvpe, and 
fttiBknpVAre aigklmt thut ivqattntknt ot grov- 
1 nup^ji ho (Ul dvvovcr timt dQvdiw mm tdkni lU 
jg \m iTu^crv^Jini: le<tiu^i en >Jc«il«j «w all vc oould 
B«i' < Aiio 'liMnoBJniJitliDt'lbrii tinier 

Pbf II :Lbnii'lL-n, And dfiliverwl a uioM eliv 

r ilwuurvEf on tv«vp, ^^\h li prcmiMo to poimt oat bov 
BfHttv Uwl hI>oi*ii tliL- dUnc tmUia m t}iA peno^* of ibo 
t Yntfiniky vrt wrr in htivir ii ooofrnttaivm of Um 
£. Aliu : <k)landg* began vith ft pHrnUel botvevn r^ 
I «iKi k^v^, vbidt* 1i>oiigIi o<iD tif hiH ruToriU lbniic«, ho 
utuwias^' ■iKcoofulij- llunimiuid JuUut «istf Ua^iir 
Aim) in ihft uiit kvi^r^ vc w n-nllj to Imbt iomteilitng 
n« iuivtv. Nov Uii> will bo the fourth titoe tlut hb h«(ir> 
nvtmn iavilcit viprcnl/ to km of tliiA jiUy, TfwT« 
W lifl««o ;«eitir«H dtoi-ellMr^half h»w hoi^a <*»- 
1 Uie Duono ih (o inciudu is^AkMfyttro lUid Mil' 
4ao uii^lom porta. Jrc> ! ' ' iKitrml r>f k Iwturr on i 
Iw fiil{j«ct« V« lia*«< oil tnonv^bcdliTftl rhfc{>v¥h'. T#ry d«> 
fid to v«u an<i tiKs nod only orraiMiw frotti Clw c>«9tA>ntj 
d owy VJud vi«chit to fdlencl thosd wb^ toiuo «Kh other 
MitniiL Yh, wi'-li &[l lkl^ I o«i»ir>l but be dinniwd 
thoHT fplfv'p'^ nt;<t, nt>d lAj <\\M iltqkWwnrp in oe- 
ud by my Ivin:- r:'rccd V^ bmr Uf« etric4iirM of f4rwii¥i 
M^ belou LVicnijL'v, wiUioitt liiit fiu«<-r uf rcfittiof or 
■AdhUf Ml^tB^ Vnt i1 :« lookv h» hu liLlhifrlrk ni&itud 
4VrVL l^vttw vilh tik* MuruiiAfc tKov foro* btm to «o<no 
li«m Ui tko leulvrvnxxD, n^d tbis in a ptot point 


/.l/A. — CikUod *Mi OKiv-iu. who think* f'^bri-iiTJ** 
ipm Tu Ul>if¥ ])!• cutiTvmliov^ So ^fttvn Airrrrin^ nith 
M/ 'I ilui^pHw^H |iivn ouifht i.nlv t^i Im* rr-.d nod 

■It . <*"i t " \ » pijiV* l>l[t >b"tMpC5iri-h ii»'*LT*'0 

■ffl^n* Lk' iltud 4UV !ku f^jr itrrrH'Ltiaiicc/' 

Ubf^Miputi «< rri>i I .1 .ilbiWTf hnlfnnjr tlmiii^'h. Uo 

3S8 tifniiisiscRxnes or mstr cbada BOBisifios. ^>i.r » 

fir^T fhill 1^^ 

Uit vli« wc had W40 four tlnn km ncceoioQ u> haw, <te 
t4 KomM Asd JiilitfCiia loivr*, riH lie IrMtrd bvntitifuUr eftlif 
'^ TcmiMMt," ftivl lufircially EV>^^>cru. UinuxU. Ariil, iijullUr 
kmst. Thin |«rt mrflt rt^ffni, 

wwik ftith -Mr. Na>ki, Son,, roimd fiu fkitn,. I e^]OT«ilb«»- 
Ckctt WtE-h nii>fc rvlinti, |Hnit4iMt\ rlinii t 
Kp i« Kothtiff old, tlim^ftt. mcnftlm;' 
cry, llicra Mm do tf«e>n v«t c4 fc^-J . 
howcvnr. tJic «d(f:i4 of old «4f« limrv n ( ' 
uf bu Dtniiililu *i*J niwllant durtirlffr- 
Uotli-nliirt, Aui he w ioduOnows [»U«tit, ii1 
uf cvutiauL'iin IkIxy. oicduI Etnd Iwdily. H i^ . ' 
nvi i^fr KUjjcnor kim!, lt:ic lie lub) iW mIv^iuj^p* vT 
Buiul Iii74iity, AM «f*U »K ahJity In biiftm«ftA tia ««* 
tip tit tho la<K', nod hod offim of n pArtnendtiii lm I^c^mi 
tliMe he declined. Iitvaiuu )i(f mw ^ir»44ion kP ulisck bil 
ncuEiirv dkAppmT#d, M»miiiK fnrir, I10 vllKI drvn Mi 
uiu&lrv pnuTFiltaD^r, In Tvlijrinuit ofKKH^iu ho boounv x ^t^ 
tiinatit Mirl K^.ilicrL RcilJu^^n' ««i tlio c^jocli^ bis wlmti*' 
tiob. HiH 9ii4>r1e ^iMicurioi;, in «bir^ lie lulled hlnuriJ '*i 
L^riintrr AtTc-m*v/' Mn* infl of tb* himlrfd srwt on« AW 
to tkir^c uD tljc Kruiicb lUvuliLlioiL IJl8 lifr ru pn' 
nud nlikr ZiLimurttbl* to himflolf ami, nr^lliin bU binlttd 
mvAlI to othtfn. Th^ 1iiiii»r ilnvni^n f;vA iMin arr mil a 
Undiotv ofajoH* «T0& V U'li <>ri7 iKinLfl iJioC hit ifinrii and i 
ImIoaI qiuIiilcB mij^lit l»L\i; Itvn more fedvv 
]ili>]rcrj inn ^i^tiTrfrlri TTichaIodo iTndvnidf^r^hli: 

AVUifageHof n«Uai^hi>1^ iiht.'rmiiivvt 

friand, n uurvliaut. iirirnfi/am iii nJinthpr, an mdonnitjv, Id v 
mrv Jtw iiliip, lotft or 110I iMt, vIikIi «vi^t aocti tiv tfii^ 
The [iiMl*rwritfr Ii<:^i1aU^ Ukr« l!»« |xtli<T bumr, -'-' ■*** 
"I «il1 rvtiin} H f-Himmiw, Mi^n-d i*- ^"Mlli^.^lft|." h. 
mumii^ 1l>^ biurrlintit tvcvivM intalljfiviker- of tLe i>-<>w4 
TCBwrL Hu kiiooit hi* rvl'uions brotW, and modt 
(ttlio ui >|[iKffai3L v£ (hu Ivm) b^ Vky, " Xcifhl':*' A. 

■ AiKD^wql 1K-*Mfik^ Mli.'t.w>/ Tirtii-'ilr*. Brtm ITU iiVC^ 

U*i#i;4 tIjYffr fill* fii-^Tufiliy vi^ I- <»Pi'ii]>:i-<] tij WfriiiPva (o t«ui*' 
tlwW*E (ri lilt llitflkh Ikncunffv- Mtiliop^ 101. 


DKTBSHtx&ncLs 70 nvpf ro€ ntt BAL 2:^ 

^■Ihi iitHliT" < ..4 fill* inf^retir^ ilni th> rcwwi ia 

|Hi|1# ha* r- ! \E^tbi?(l, bfr^ |d>tf»<l]n^ lO l90k for 

11^ 'rji«« u> «i^ it bj ttUftltb, ^lii )<ny« to ihii 

fr-T- .*Jaf Xt'-'^Tiit^l i:->irTi(^'4 kcMlv, in which lia 

ir .ii9(«U«f1 t<> IOC hh lutratkn to ■16' 

A» Ki h»H writtw in m^ nbiitt 

auiftf Ibivta^ ») ii;Hch Co do Ui Ml* IttfW ti]lu^ 1 gantty 

in »5 n^Jy «l hW fVrqiiCQl 4WmMKinji, — Ui<"« tpint- 

jMOM/tt vlijcti hi» rrv^iulu licM apoJo^^wd for tj^ lajili^ 

ZAwaA^ ,f/^. — fTi tlw «Ttr«ini; ttt a, Yrijrlffii^nt partr at 
limiiD'i. A Mnt. Wi]kir-v>n there viik nor wcm, a xaatii 
itrmxh^ ^I'liu-; LUUA, wilii tiitt* of thoto n|irvMJT» <oiiiitA- 
ncn «hiDh TmfJy minll.-vt «n<t hmit alikr. Tlaxmim ftd- 
u*n kiM raurii. kii4 mi ■ lie woi^ld prvfVr h^ui m a noii to 

4.ti, U n'^iti'L^ fi< Mr- FUitdAn Cltftr1'*« l^mb'n prolosiM 
»-Mr, H-" Tli>- "T^^Tv r IwhcW *t tU d*«it .-f tho flow 

Wfttltft4lMi 111 -HivtlTijiE «» Iii(»li tTtihri) »nd tnirt' 

tmltlMifbDo - 1 iw <ir« t^ tH> fAiifiif in Uiifl gTMl 

Iwd sow mmtie ii]> riiv mind t.» MiiiJjr for tliu Inr. This 
IWihiltou wu tftirmnl ihmui^ itn npjinnitiik LnialtrrHnint iiv 
Bfnui. It VMom thft IM of UarfJi. vhin tny niM«r (wto 
"rib wr tifntbcT Wl bc<^ OQ ft vUJl In Lr-n(l'>Ti) WAS tboiil fO 
linr, Ifant Mr> rollinr tw»tr«| ftn npphnkttrm fhim Vnrk ti3 
liddwti ft rrporter for ibo Stntn 'IVuIh vhf>rv. H« r«qii#i^1<d 
" ■" ". ^iit J drxJiord uft Ui* ITC'ikDd f»r thn ^^j'^^tk^n Ukm 
-< ^inLijf UiLlcif til tint tvur. S|a^thtTib; iif ihbi u> iii^ 
irtf mid " Ktir a mnn who bftn the ricfuitc <if huviiui 
mi Act vfif^r liko • fr>ol. Y<m dodjoo ivp^iUK U<niiM 
it he ifi ob«T4«to to jn«r Nihl' ■'^UUfl 10 lhi> lar. ;kiv| 
Uki? iiJi ilrpi tinrnrdh luTiti^ *ul]iil to tlin Iwr. S'liw, 
r tJiD u4Jii-r. EHInt uko to ncnpApur om|>lf'ymoiit, 
tbo kw ut ?ino\ Mtd Una no mate licoo." Tbciv «it« 
Ui «udi a n.'i]^UKUwiKC. On Xhv i>\ui^Ay futio^iu^. ] 
XmxxTfi 111 imi^riit wrtli htm. Tbrrr wnt 11l«ii iittr(Mi|^ 
ftltoniu^'r 3tr. Adnui Tivftor, who ulrom^y ad- 

WilBd b ll4lt t Un- Ttivmu ttuUuOii' 


viaed me to go the liar, adding, "There is tax opening on tl^i 
Norfolk circuit. I atn sure you would succeed. You BhaZ_ 
hnvo such business ns I hare, aud om I can obtaio." It v^ 
thiri that moro than aiiythiuj; determined me. Mv old a^ 
qiuiiiitiiiice. AVaker Wright, my new acquaintance. Seq^eu^ 
Koiii^h, and my friend Aiitliony lUibiuisonT* all supported iik~ 
in the resolution ; but perhaps they nil feci as Benvenuto Ce?^ 
lini felt on a simiJar occasion : *' Hare you, my lord, realH 

bouy[ht the pittiire, or do you only think of bujiog it t*" 

" What bus tliat to do with your opinion, Cellinil*' — '* 
great <leal- If you have realty bought the picture, then I bft^ 
only to make auch remarke as will render you ft&ti>fiod vi^ 
your bar^nin ; but if you are only thitiking of buying it, tbi^ 
it is my duty to tell you my real opinion.'^ 

H. C. R, TO iTiB Brother. 

H HATtoa Gau>u, I41ta IIirIu IflL. 

Df:ar T]]o»a\ — I have at length (after hesitating ttaly 
from twelve to thirteen yeart) made up my mind to abandon 
all my hohhy-hor^ical tuid vain, idle, and empty literoij pur- 
suits, and duvotc myself to the law. It ia now ton days nioce 
1 have K>^tn» w'orda und form to this determination, which ta 
accidt'Tit after all has occasioned me to make. My *iflter, pe^ 
hiip^s t*>Id yoLi of a proposal Mr. Collier made me, that I shouW 



jmi BMMiot bo nviJo U- o^ a lAvkook. Kov, yon 
bo do coa or tbv oUier. 3iUke tip >i«ir tainil at butL" 

Toui afbcliovuti* WjU 


H. C, R. 

jbir WiibC <aI)M u> ibr liar, T irnfiiLvloJ " AiDaluDda/' 

kf tha Bfik Ltftclf t My tr«nt<Utaiu Vki4 poljlibhtil by 

ft'Ut I believe fell ddd Trcm tJ^c prt*A Noa« bot 

««■ pniiKiJ It, I h»a\i> M t^WT ot unuim from C<ilO' 

Aod Liimb ftL Inut 1J;vd 1K4* tnikuittipflii ttvtti Jmn 

[•t titoimcl). vhich VCTT, I Ul^vo, tbo ftnt tmxnbliGva 

Kill into tAf liftli. ITv m^l Uirv wom tlio Itwtt 

ba rt«r w l^im ihe nrrnnii hkrj*na|fr. Tlwhook, m 

I knov, <r&* n«V4r rcvi^*^ir4>d. lunl ) obtaiood do -^iwlit 

ij «iddu t\ .K.P^ A'P/'/>i7y, f»r It «>« ihc fuhirc of lay 

to t^i^ iL br wniini; ihai umlr [»r willlriji; to 

■ > :» 1b« Uv, tnd ■» uiT«d nai> froin th9 

I jWb n WfA* Ll^niri* i»u<:w*<, bv which 

-] irii Tu« ^A'lt|ti^^ Mr iinwlC htiw bevii b*- 

tart4k an tiuvUr BiSoj/.kui f/ liifraium vl !i pnifmim, 

aAar llua jreor 1 aovor once Uxw^ht oC 

CnurmwK jo If 0, R, 

V ' ^ 'titnk \(i«A, tar ilmr KitbtaonD, fi>r tho nUamat I 
I tbr |irrnmlc^ AnttTi. Wa)r4id«lubtnii tale. I 
widi aiv c^w uuIt. aiiil uJjr tv luytrlT: b«t iIil* 
alaorf t» twAainkhWi vdoia«. Koth tjni«a 1 f#]l 
tlkt MDbtBtfv ^ tiift fAJry Axnaiotida. "nio ii*naam 
baa vitMHil aa A JHVrt not] lut i>vv*aJ|eht wbat 1 rr^rd ca 
. - 14 ctf ih« anrii^ anfl thtx c^oiriiml 
I' wuHd «tvT, and for raadata whow 
t<r ttitb tkoink lua atttfcor nuM untf 
I*. . , , . 1 n'f-'tlW' "" Ciar\ talt w:lb 
JiaC «W bi>« a tiHimi tn t1>U - ' ^^'aIIV Vmuc 

^atf tbsqgli joiiwd WiUi oul«4nl < | 1-, cannot nivo 

«[HM vhicEh Wttfni^* Uio bimxfli hoart. vitbovt Idva ; 

' ' *Jt>W*^** h T*lr IV-VP *lv H *H W a nf Ani/A WiilL 
*1^iri T_^i— ir rTii-vrrr,TT-|iii lilt nrmi mu 


f .1 n-c^ti, vie. 


i- - 

bill A^iw ^ impoMdhlo without vlnoA^ — tiMm, tnui luiBuabi^ 
— t It. two bcartA. liko tvo ewrroifi&iutciit cnrrnvt 
Iavibk 4 ciiiumun fociio, wbilo ciicL rcdtttd uid 
otiHirf anrl ui Ibii nilifTr hwlf U aa t-ntlbav rpdujibaittes 
SKWit tlumgiiu ftud i^'iDpathkii. 
■ * « 

HuHUi « kite &r Atniiut u bvAAttfuU; dcacHlMMl u Utaf 
liiuJ n fi>uiiilil^oTi fnwri i-kHy chi]i1h<iod. 
voortt ngu pl(UiB«l ^ tll*^ Bi.Llj|t*^ tu^^^vr 
uv) ili^f^p afTr^'Clict^ FiLidJttilv, m uii' 
fBW A>rr* Jh Hliiuffl» I th-Iw%t thikt l' . 
R^^m lu«t iuhI tbut lkhbiiu;4l *Lii»ditiii-ifl 
OMiir ob^fda 4iv(iniir\iii^ JUciTby''"^-^' ' 
**y (ur "tntotr iL mat \k more ■ 

totullv, ia «liiajLi» ttiv abriipt. crti&lln*) at k i 
jt9/r% cf J<ttt\fivj tuny \m\^ ^ro^<ltd. 1 »l ? ' 
MA 1 lnt>* uuUfivil lilt: Hiiii rtMiJ^^ fh>rn i< 

fr^D. Uiu \:\o^y\ vil Hiill tSo gun i\M-\t hM ih], 
vuL of ttu? hifiwu ! Dctvocn ili« ^t ~ . i i 
Ing. (.ri-l tht' fir« nm ofllir '(im lu. I 
b(4brc w«T« (lil1m-4ircfl of dtvraf^ pft»'J<- 
OUh iritliirr, — *vi*. fhU b ft oiH^rtoce *>' 

vnuliix] ! : ->r ih*i min omU un']' < >r I 

«^ CMd no man itho hoA not ticcti t& t<>ti< : '■ fU»X 

U, tluHWll W will W hUf« Ul LBMKUITJ A^vl n' W 

Tliiin^ -^— U In' nniitri> InnuMlJo i)f l^n^ itt k)t«. 

ou nun morv uniiorljr tauchoil ; hetict kr rvIt^iW* Ihm 

VUC43 of oiij olZt^r iMunion ihnii m ij;i£ri|fua^iii vt liut 

«t4MUi uid rntTCiiklu|^ ixirifiiud Uj mtp -Jiijml, tri^ 

of iiirriiTinn, invi ponitAiunUv 1it ihtt firiir < 

vow of duty. ?Hi>ii tiu« wdl liv ver^ r'^1 

nttke A ifQMi tiuitmad » it luiy bo rtrn d' 

■uui erf* nu T imd fil^-Aaiirayc liUimtlotit in '-hji i 

AUn Mill lukd uf iiitrrtiui iDnVim^ thAt «« 4ilioui i 

iii> Dkorc, — but otili ii i»iiol /< 

&A krviv — mLiiH) ii nu iai>re li ^ 

liko oiT|{i»T) It bu on mlniHi mu v^t tui « k. 

fliK^T ^TfiilLul*^ *cnlo cf ckviiro It 

vlth luttt — tittt bm r Doci Iiut > 

JiUL ■> modi «4 llu Teak <if tW lair 


L£TTKb IROU <;0L£BID0«. 


li*^ — Mrd noir it 14 lli« K-iI of tt^r diiitiilr ; tllfT iliriiidr, 

■^irc tr J-ieijt ; but It k* b>£M imLl>^dl»<l 

nvlai Wiml ih tlio t-*lj U^i Uie liil'iiv <jr llic mtitti, — i^ 
■Bmol^po ianfiTV«^''n t ArWirarr an ihf Jiynitif>lii» — yoT. Hyni' 
bUi iM7 4H'. I* t'^rrv'r in my m-ijI T — jay Etcnrt hcftio nt^iT4^t 
mj Bk\ la i^iicl't— frcrc ^x-^tr iii ui> cjx*. I^i b<T hfinjdir 

Sli' iLiUli' ftBd tltif tliTineint tmvro- 

Tii . i-ll, -- tlu ' ' tv>ru|ikto lUfil/ hy 

ii^ I *ij **^'l» KA ju*i)14UI We JtJivriillfVt*. cli«ifci, 

li; ' n Iri^vly Tixoftfi «P.> IioJ Itio fVi'-i WciriiniiK, —- 

3"' .iL«>1Jc>h iif hi^ whole miiDc, ui^jn/jnlj/ f 

\\ 1 \'f lU i\ic tuh^Micc, JttAn vid Tomuk 

lUfiu j^iW, *M:t ebflj- iHiiiltJ iii:ir**r uMi/f j »i-rr tbi-iv not 

*iAr(tKVi Umtb iAJ)flkl lie ^Jilioii, but IIlctc l^jliM Lo t^ couj' 
^li^liiu i AiiJ I ^ :± ; but 1 cannct be miJiii^lird into I : 
' I. At hpic, il Kouli) ba wi idle 0\*h'\ the vmo 
'" ' -It rqxifttcd, iiA the idiot told tb« ct^k, — ono, 

noRM Etiin my h<^ thnt thin nuni*-] in rer^ 

't1«<^ Joui PauI- I burg bi>t, hoA^vcr, a> ^et 

I boolL«jM] vcrc tto kiDil a« lo k»^v tifth mc 

'I u, fcv thn litloiEVP, If yo\i do ncit vnut Uirm 

, I ibo'iM 1i<f ph-l tn kwp ihMti br me, Bhilr I 

««ck,Aiid I «i]l iiToniLiK' ynii mfrtt cu-cAin}- lo 
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** *T*r iittiJi5""i (o hhvv tbcm, *n*l •hall fiH anp roluffnof *b« 
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Dear Sib, — PvrhApn cmo ir»n ovgbt n«T«r l^ 
othar una«ko<l ; o^iK^allv wImv UmA ^b«T i» | 
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Hulv Opitelk, Dvttileciioo&, Covilelin, Helma. 

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Y DKAR FRrEN'D. — I nroiiT^d ywir Utter lut iujbt« 

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Jamiar^f OtJi. — Kvliuij^j iiL CukTiJyc'fl iMtiim on Ji linrt't 
"Prtftoe," Tbo*i(;hiwnnniiiii'*ol<»curt, liifciiMuijr pd^lJ*^ 
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lory of K»|jlijJ-i rhiliMiJ|4iy/' t Uq ji*»«« i* luvr iw-" >^xK<T 
tion of tbo dLtictQiioc k«tn^ n a U^Curc Ofkii A tnhJc- W<*tt ^ 
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J7fA, — DdiDCT at J, ikck'iL* Mr. and Mn. Diick, 

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Jnnwtrit Slit, \\t^\lX% «omnd l«ctiEr«t TH* dnlM 
Tft&tlr '(iij:rovorl. And I hope hu ^^ill ri'^w 0ii -tq, Horonl 
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vnlim^OL For All [iilrutlucCk^u to N 
ctivc^ £ 150. Hu Iu4 ibc air of a n:-iJiu^ 

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ThiAiro, ' JulitmCmwr-'* VTit wi-ir rmwt 

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|lOlilMai turn IIhui a umml with I^Aink L«lgtl 

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TUi is A «nall *<Kaei,r. tli9 mc(M^irr»cr wlikti srcnd 
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day. Loaipiiaii hbiuplf is ft t\-aitt gtnUctbMolr uimw 
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HioditAUen, that in tlw pimiit uf pliUuwfihy ho t|«ito IJ 
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A mmikcj. h\iU tTttrti whr^a u ■□mi.key, lie rvUiiuii ](i»fj 
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pisn hr Tunvr, the imprvikian of vliHi ^Ttl] mpudot. It 
mm^ Ur IDC ill* tnotft iiLArrcUovi L^miKftpo 1 hA<l fTf r svcd, 

AL — B. •ftjt J<4inK>f^ tlio bookvUtf, tnftd« Kt IcnM 

fRBii T-^ i^uIiImImi] by Jt4iii*4rii. hnd fell d^ir] Iroin ihA prM& 

JAwx to for^rc bkn hm debt, and tiiib vu-q iui^^ In lotiu^i. 

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but, bcin^ bxiciiiiMcDC lie nillini:h ^iiL^i up nil idciof 
H« 11 p^rMindrfl tbnt. if mrrt htp 1<j hroamt Iwtti^r «nd 
•■•r, tbo pivmd will loooif et Ut<r m«k« their wnv. Bill jf 
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lid Ib." mid be, " vtruhni HL-ll^hiirm to di'(iTnrv tho 
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vojnv supcrtur |.«Ts>m i^ompciuaUa r<>r tho ]om 
y, iboii^'b no iiBii luifi i-omj^It'lelT uitilentiwd hini. 
^ Coltrir^^ wlv:> u iiAf hiippj^ rnuQ^h tn Anler Into 
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riCkll^v *^^oy ih^ hitt*-«r ptn<^>a, ^lu! aim vnc «n* ^'flfn^Al 
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,I/<i^^ JItL — CiJlcd at <rolPTidKc'«, where T fv iinT iPi 

CokriJ^ cioc(dit4;}y, u^tl b« wu nt otie< rfwij to 
the ii^irdcr with jH>lilic;<J fnikntidun, Burdctt'it npc&:hti^ 
CkiHci IjLiuh niu t.ppimutiv afftv^ied. but fuuJd ay. 
mingliiij; huawr f'wh Lis nj»l cwi«m lU tJio *ivi:nt.* 

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Af^y ISfh. — W^triJfl worth *LwuifaJikd wt lo Chark* iS 

gomcTT tho p«t» Kmcoc,|[ son of th* Li^eqiool lto«co(^ * 
The n^uit ,-mcrccnble circumMcuicc of Ih* cvcciitv wa* tWlM 
n^ i[*v*ilifciilirily ijaM to the poet. E'rrril-'-'lv nun varlwl** 
gtl Ttc*r him- One Udv wiui huliirivi >' '■« 

villiii) hmrtti^, A piilitiecJ dispuu- III' -^ 

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tcnninli^ motive tij hi» act- This biib t«L?:i up nd ■ reBKW 
on Sir Fniiidi BliM^ie, nui msMilud uiinntv tjr }Aiiiig Rocn 
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ivr'< landicsfiP «ilU fT"^!^ tulmimiioii, u ihn luai pain^ 

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jfcftd (^iccD Cftihcmic to iwrfect^^D, ami Rtijiililr as WoUcy, 
9, ih* fw.^ »r **h. jiiiyft* »i. ^*>»ifci u hpiilKiidHl. J thxuk 1 

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nrtor of ui Ko«uv 1 c&iiU do4 ODt«r BLiMh mtu hjit ciihje<rf. 
I ptncii^ th*t bo tm m « lU^reasi&ie tnood. Ho «juko of 
N^Bo, Uv Bjiirit of chiTiUry, the Ui>Lbic ri!V4--nTEii<n f jr iha 
M» m, v>J A cUMiHmktMn of pootry into ttu oDdcnt oAd 

Jr«/ HAL — Cak'ricl^cv'B aeoiad Icfcturr. A l>c«ijtifid duwr- 
tt^ on the (in«*k ilniBui. HtH ncalyiiift <tt thi^ ^nloffy i*^ 
Achjliw, tlio '* A^^ausonuios," Ao. VM intcrcKtiiu; ; &iid fab 
iMtt&l of tJM '^ Pruigrllion^'' ood bio r«tnurks oti the "Xa- 
i^pur" vi^' Ti^ifv cuu&Ktnl IbiEi wlica E Imrd blu «pettk on 
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JTq^ .,;-, A v«y interoitiiuc day. At Wf p«ot b*a 
tliiBl WordntorlJi la Oitfint lUud ; wo then ^ tutrj the 
w^ oad ttalktfd (/i lUmpri^wJ. ( nnirt to IiItti u niiuilvr of 
ttkke'if««oM, vritbBonMorwbicb lion-aa plowod. HoTCgmid- 

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^■■i^ m% vtfll ■ vm^i'p C4ri^l ^ W," 


ed BUkc u hnvinfr in him ihe cl«irimta or prwtiy nrnob aiof* 
thoD fith<r Krrnii nr Scoti. \Vu tnct Miw Jovuia BKiHia, 
antl kcrumjmia^i Ihlt li'Cim. Sin- a uiinll ta figmv^ aud litr fut 
11 mttta iiii'J U»iiH1lil^. hnx li«r incinixn 4rv lh<m of a Wfttt-tral 
ftoaui&. Mjo 1ia« ntjvin <«r the tiu^kiMAnt fura t<Ki o«uuiiO» U 
tktfrar^ Indiinb Hor «-iiT«TUtkru i«bai*«lue< SIi^ \ 
■pfoniiiU; «oiuiilt,'nili1i? LnfftmiHTliAi, n iin^if^t- w^lb^it td 
fumtnl, ami hfti ih fixMl Jtidgnivnt «/ licr o«iv viibMit 
di«po«ltic4i to $Dn» ti tm otbvn. Wcfiltirurlli kM^ (>!' Iwr 
irnniilli ^" If I hud toprt»«<iit ftii_v iii>v toftfinnfiMmi* ■ 

M«^ ^srk. — NVaIIc^j ia th« Old J^tUr t» riv D. U l-^t<43 
lU lh< |iL[|tjriL',* An 1 ^i|jf3C:ttff1, hit< pri^UhniTTt? *'t ^k^uiie •«■ 
hki skiry. Tli<i umIi uim ibii it i . IrirtrWf 

l» hini. Ki* hrhvmjx f^btwh^i i. ."« "^ vm 

not An iDtdJiuiblo otfL^fieo ta ihvm. I boani vich CKiftM^ 
tipdt on the foUowinif , " Ptllorr n cnjui ibr piiblnhhiif a l*tf\, 
— jthaaL* : " — "I wi*h dUI Sir Wbrnrkr irmi tJw*r, rij |iAfkftt 
cb^d not b« orapty.'' — " lteJi;;ioiu Iili*rir l" — '* til^rty of 
i^MiBcicucc ! * Scum avo«<cd ihcu villiiiirtiPH to vtmii) In ibt 
|iillcirj (br a ikilkr. "Tfat* a jmnuthiiituE I tkU » lun ill»- 
jiniM-" A« hM pnctioo ot^ng^ii, «»d frmh phritMAjiit ii«t 
tjU<j»cid by a fn^^t of h* riMind, ^nnin^ fuc^, Ju-vu <if '^ lb»- 
vot" sri>iw frvm n il«v i|u.vitTr. Hia tn»l «mt ftcU aa lib* 
vpif' Tim wliolo ruTnir v** nn MlilltiMin] ^nirf i>f the f Jtr tf 
tho Miniiit^fii, «b<i oiiL't^l ti^ haro knovft tt^t hlu:)i lui ettahi- 
l^oA WiiiiU bt A tfiuiapb lo ibc otmm (bejr luuAut to raoifar 

Hmrd C'oliTidgQ** Ibml laHiir*. U tnui whAlJv ^m tfa* 
CIrcck dranto, tii«€i|:lt W Tiod pro<ni««4 ihM ho WijuM ifi-At^ 
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and TCfy Gcvnun^ 

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<^ ^ ciion tiAU the BOnU, "How \^ I am Ic 

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May Sitt^ " A jhiy of ^rrenl oQJoj'nwtit. W 
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irj not iil?a»o tnc- Slui Aji^o lU Ujo tta^tC « twie lur 

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the d(«tb fif Mrfc li-iiIUr^t — of iltttc wKf Uvvor m marnf 
miun UTfiiTL' iht public ouo at thtf^ bjom mturV^lJj mlua 
vhoiu I Imtc vwr kTicjwu^ Sho mui li Ux]y of Cuiulj, IcJo^ 

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iiNliij^iirf'K^ (*yT iD< la fir any nitr, — tint In, ixmm^. lit 
aincMLpihlt-cf frkii'Jtfikipi*' On pditin an^l on t)i«ft)^inif ''■i 
■be spoke ivitb Diu^ftr {xiFTcctncfo Jiud itnvpnoly, ObttM- 
ten uF Uste abt; vaa ftlu^t^'flji^r lUjltiiikUoi SEie w ik 
fHend of Mnt MoiiTngiitT ntid M™. nirtcT- Sb» ikond 
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] calM io ttinkv iiHjttirjM, unJ the B<T\nitl, Jookii . 
Anil HiiiIItij; n^ [iniiir UiL-n^, tokl iua I voit tit hv f<-\ 
tramd Iwr [*alr m B?iJH'ji, bo|f;tcmil up in ah omwii-ir. ^ 
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^'Wliftl ftrc ycoi reading. Mr. RoliinAoaV the MJd. *'1^ 
iHc1c«<Ic»i i^l^TVinvflL Imcth in thcKusluJj Iiin^iukg^, if yuitdioc 
to fcfhTW it** — "I hntv kncwn thv 'YMc of ttc Bc€«'t bot 

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tlip iiio^t arrompUthfrl wrirrr. with il rvL^ttUvii uT ^tl 11**^1^] 
liko wnJ fli^d oanj*Mii<*a wliich lie fcll ii)ii'n (Jv^ hr^jifv** 
Wrc firtt couvc.vcd l<^' dim. 1 knew of ou tuTitrT iffl^* <*» 
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tf lliU r*n: tAlriit. Tli* itwounl of iLo i.l. 
daircA a |ulh«tji^ nitcrwt frvm the suIbwhjci ■ i 

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tiu li" udil toquitaUiKva. How fautthur Ibfr te- 

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boHH *kT|»^ I IooIl a- urulk Kitb thcin round ibe 

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Hmtm to vo Lord £b^Mi Mwblo^ Tbo new 

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brvHotncr. J-'liLUiOfi Klkf^icd wkiioonli't .i . * ^y, . ./,*. 

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troy. nniLiru) mud lo hm, ktiu^ hL« hukcl cb a f«Nt<l 
«t4>tir, " The kaiiiJ i>r P^idiiui wtu on Uut ! " Tli« alMRVfr 
iu:u-lii.d Xhhl ilicriT tnu^ our 1<^£ whkh onuld uoi fcato W«hj 
Pfaidlu. Tito imn^HTT cni^idctimd ihftt tafn^ oniEuaMltiiil 
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J4>ru nrAiLliiiLLUy, and ncav fomul Airv«l on vnuL 1^ ku« 

At Ht I WL-itt by uppomtoiont to CoMvid|c<v vlihnftMJ 

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mid the carlior «€liti<nu 11« tiov ttckboviedxcil t^ «'*>»' ' 
Goi/Liic Jii be biM CLCVftf hcfnn> acknowltpdccd iL Al ihvMM 
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C<iZoridico> Mtinuktiou lui irTrji«nt)>lo dHboL Tho btfE^U^ 
of " FtvuAt ** did niA pkaso dAi^Aspi. Nor do^s 1m ^liM 
M<^pblHtu|ilM'k** » chfirartrr. Ho hrtd. honervrr. nolhii^ vUfr 
fiuttorj t>> oppoff^ to my ri^uiirl: tint MepbiftopbcdM citi^ I* 
W ft nwrc NbBtractiot). and »<> cturnctPT' t rtnd to CoMAf* 
U]« Zimgaiiti^* tuul be weui«d i« Bdiuiru il i^nntly. ll< H«^ 

b«»a mi<li[ig SColbur^^ lAt«lji of nhotn be M<Mni to luv« t 
ciontH' tigb i>pioiuii« U« conaidcn U«th«*fl " AUk 
0«auig*ui imit&buu of S^>lbcn;'H ''K«Uvnatr«ii ": 

w\t v\y bktfbLT iiujK-rl, vrhii' Gt-vtUt'ti poiHn n a [r>f 
and usiiL(ii:^Lat .iLlcpurv, catiii^jlini; tlic latiire of niu'™' 
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on JaI. lVJ4-ri<t;.'<7 wid -i At<h, lhi« ineucDpiinkblo |Mi("* 
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happy toriB to nimoift Uiftt couiuiuo fkult of il^nxiaif '^ 
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punutkH, th« chnnntm of lb* potm. 



Uov-ttora Cnlk with CWl^rulgD about **Fiitut* 
it^t in rJi* Uit idiiToa h& tbtnkm th4» ficBM |yirl«. 

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i« jbq tlie thiiv* ^>n1v (h« Hlnlnut Iuttd- All (iiinl 

XriUK CcJpndi^ tnlka vf wriltn^ u t^nr Fan^t ? Ho 
t^i i^nt of ta^:c o?]n:*jit.uai, — b< wDuIit k^e 
(jroufiiii! Id ihtf fljiJTitixt akctch he ynvr orfIof>C^'8 
Ltrcr) hU |»>««r Cf glTic^ iulorevt to a pave ttate- 

OfJb, — A iMi^lful wulk <vilh uij fritul AiujoL* 

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gT«i». but tUrv arc due trtxv ^Jmimhly 

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lore tlil], au^ niF-lUT tu Euiiold ^ ihc lost Uiroivh 

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Um Inrgo white i:lLurch, ihc ■<qwnti[>e Now Bi**r, ^f- llfl- 

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uid fodwl Antlioti/ lU^iitiMn Iu4)p>~ miiI> h^a Umltr'^ 
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the Kuibam dT the " KcjeclH AddittBftk." LUid tinitni Jio« 
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with a khidly irtonl, liuJ totn lAid TSMpAt-liog huu 1j}- VV<inJ«. 
vortii to s (Ikird ijorfon. <^' Wiiib itouf*))! ik Uiudi ^vti\d 
Inuvi1&lj)> CiikcT ftt:u»-^ Ijiii Mr. iLothDion diru-raiiiiuit Ui do~>U 

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*Wut lb* «rurk of uu^dintioni, and Itm «an^unJj di^ Ui^ |iftrt 
must iLoroiuhlj. &itni,c rt;pu«C(xUj fixiin oisc IViuiwJ lo the 
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Arfrvrry 57- — [ »<'tj! With Adi^n to •c^ (.'dundfw. who 
1*fcc to nir <^mnAn tticud of Oc«*thci with more imnnih (Jhih 
•■^al H*< «aid l^nit If lif •TpfTnoii l'> ijfrpivciiite Uuctfct il »ns 
l"^** k« oofQpftrM him vrith th^ fn"tntff(t of |in«c« Ho 
'^^SRht Ooclbc hti4. frf»m ft »jrl o£#«nitrici^i cndomWoJ tho 
'^t irlilcb in hix ronih 1i[? hod no tninciitij diepl&jcd in 
^ •■Wftrut," — that of rttiMf'iig nmn in"» rt^Uo uf eioJled 
•«ft§^- In after ltf» ho ddiphiod in rr^rvmsn^ng <*)fflH 
^ |nr< beauty, pt't objoOA of dct^n ocd ]iim»o(i. — railitr u 
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BUtc that I «-u H Djtwtitcr, mM ^I ac^ditd >it J«aa. Tlui 
fotm being ciul^d, all isipr-JtuicDU to o&jr bcitaf; c&lkd to 
Ibt licit U^nii ntr oliriintl )^'»-ny, 

Tbift <by ft Mr. TAir<'ttrtl f«llM vilh % letter trctti Mr- 
be ia K^ng to Btuily Itto Iak. and muiU infiiCUMiLitioii from 
Ouuocrainc ccouitKiiicftl ftrTftD^m«<it« < bv b*ft Wn fur 
tUna Dr. Valpy'l bto'l hoy. ftnd winh.^ f<ir a few y«turs, id 
anpy himtfrir bj pvin^ timtnivticn or oiharwiw, *o ft« to be 
ODCurobnuioo to hii &tbcT, vUo tiM a WieQ &iui1j. He » 
tvry iTrriinipim^' ^iiijujj; TTinti irnloitl, liwt ^^r^M ]io*rcn«r mijn 
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but riitli JH> la^u'b nfipoTcnt ti^r of miBtl, tJinl I luu 
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GnkT«l hi Sluul^iC. Mr- A^fUftud j^uudu^ Tho mAjocl «v 
*' Inlknt Bufdiftni. Yoms^ TiJToiind spoke in it vlo Bi^nUU 
uuukU«Ti bikt h: tdj ontl^iri^Ml a tiHM.* W« walXnl fi^.^ra Ifoirk' 
Ti«/ together; bi» tokithfiiE itTituuttioo nod «4C«m<M excited 
mv catT. It ftU rrtjni hiin ncfiJctitaJJir, tbat ft viSunis of 
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vftcity uf intellect* H« bnd a mATTQllcKM flo* oT flond 
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■i*w»» ihm w^hJj thft ^iiily <f Mr. Hutt, to wU«o 

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jT'Hoecil two other tn*|i«!»™u* Hn flui n.-ii Aciqiiin> cvfutj 
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lAl.'f who H«lu ft* * b^^riotiH Sr-Iiorr'T-Guiii-rHl It 
: f ho iTM known HA & drHmntist that T^lfcunl t o(y 
Uuti u <iAl ill P^L'au)n!l. vr|i*-tr L« 'iLfticvuiiiliut] liiULncIf hr 
DikLil'ccin^ a hlTI ivi TtVijr 11/4 n^jivn^hf Tir nTirhdm. lo which 
I* WM (irifM uulntjr bj» WntilbWTrrih, wh*i liruJ tTCiXfiiw fail 
frtrrf. //r." iill, howtvrr, dirl not pwi, pin<! the work WM 
I1' ! i>* hiEvls- Tlitr ri>:f t A'hidi nl leLU^Uf |iR9innl iho 

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farmi! Ob luibn^rij^ viv^ «oiMr«1?ii Cnjin fJicir hiiBbsoHla, « 

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qiuhfli^i f->r hj»tvv u<'rk. I nv;{ht h-'h^'A dL>ub<i.-il of liio ^Soi 

d iW Uic I^ rti Chid* JuatJcv Tit^J^ pmiw li^n liuililjr ft 

be wo* AitoG^cthcT A fiiiccoittful bdvcoitc. No vun ^t 1311 
vcrdicU, and Tio mhii i»rire dcflfirrr^ to acl lh«cn, Tntfounl ii 
a ^ujrouM aitt\ kiudliiuurtixl iimij. To meu of letti^ni 4Arl nrti 
in divuw, ttucb iw [^i^h Jlnnt. iThydon. i^c, ho wn« ■l»i.T4J 
V4$^ blicml. He did Ftot futii^ct hm t<julv frkiid4, and BttMJ 
luifv |Mu~iiun he tuuh hiUicrU) ddigltUil tu t^te^ f^*^ ].'lAjciiy 
mitliiiniof cviTrj kiiid, wi-nrto Lumwu, to^tJicriritli bnrribl 
ttod Dov ai>d thou jiid^r»- 

/V£rw4ry J^'rA, — Hc&t to thp« ItojnU AcAdfttiy Attd 
ftir JUui SSoMiiC tlclivur bid liiinl lucturp oq Ar<hLt(s:^urr ; II 
m not vwy tiii4<TMtiiit^ l»ui tho coudntion wm divuriii 
*' Aa tbo |:nwuminiiu luu lu> tx«Ltivo, couiporAUvo, uid *U| 
IfttJTe, hikL «» 1VC my^ * Mr King, mj Count/y. and mv Ifud.' 
V ought the lorur of line ut I0 my. Puntii^ Sfiilpcart,i 

J/tfi^ J^r^— Vr'cDt bo CoTont GAfdcn. Sftv *' Lote ft 
IjrvrS' * yLi^licAJ^ tij ■diuindiliT nctm^ gAVo to Fcirw|^ 
»i^Hcaft:« luid tnitb itnkl[if.<tj naitnaitod «itU tku 
iafl: impidiiy of nxmt of tlio ollior «liftnctcnL JUn. Ji 
pld>«d Mln Pfiii'^ tiitd oaUdalt with gTAi «fiirit, ^he fcuiki 
w^ll, hitt h^ Tai<:« has 1cai muih <>r tU fl«iM>tz«iH uid n><l<^ ^ 
5«t fth* is mU iko iuohL fiisrrbilifi^ civatnn» od tb« vb^^ fimj 
•140 U<.k tiw injt of Nell iii *' rbc DcTil to V^j-" ; in tbii " 
jLctm^^ Tu iriily [tdmirrJtlt?. Her p^-u wol Udk iki ad. Uii 
vilfc any ru^uii^to io tho drnfmcttr. 

Ap^lth. — Vixih ftfcltef, who inlrodvocd xno to Crolj 
dntnAtic diiicw who iji about to ;fcr ti> UozuI^ik to du 
the <lutv 1 fieribruiMl HJt Vivn bcAi^n*^ Cmlv fci a 6i'rv4*44 
In^ IrLMliiWhii. v<.«y tivety id coiit-«ruti(ii^ and MrfJt:i'#ly liisi 
tontMli-ratilc tjd«iit rtii Ii wriUr -. hia clu^iMikOf, likv biv 
tA ntliLT vu«f*:i'lic iLuti ulr-TLCit, aiitl tbuu^'ti be Uu great 
u)d couo4nir,nLit>ii of tliou^d. bcr vruit« tbv d«lif«c<)* «ipd 

* €«a[nr«'t ariTmie^J mrnrily '-jt"\jiTt Gjr Lvrt" miv |vullii>*il _- 
fUnwl(« nl LtrierTlri'< Imi I'i.h]^ fn IMS. Tb« pirt«f Ben «in vritltu 
tl«tf£V]L Mr-- AliLt^fi'-n *i\t (vtrEtrnvl ftr hcr ptl^fermbrf nf Mia' Trw^ 
ttfil Ibe fi»lleuiA *r Kb* Bl» itte fiw«UUy uvutfbl v^tn ^rtfonD^J lif d 


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ifrif Ai. — AmomfMuiod Alldr««B'tt<ftl1C^<vul>rc/1^3rd^ 
u hw Uird WdMffyV ii|>itfch an Kiiat Indian nfTaJn. 1 oiu 
«liy biiioIl dkft|ipai«l«d, for I diu-timf-d un tho ip^och (ovi- 
iUf ft ppjpiuv:! 4t3(l i<lnUtnito t^^tiv) tiot cvic of ibc ffTTnt 

luijuet^ : of ili[rntty M"t *oij^t_T •»*ffgT. 

llf '-'* ' i «r(tl^uaJ poJBinQ, Aind tvitf in tt 

lU EUitim*. Ilv bqcftii nilh a p«ml« of 6rBt 

|rui::i|if^ anu ij:uliT fl fiiio fi>vHit f^imfTvl [<!«>. vbitTh wvn; I 
tlnpit bAw idJ vvry cooairuirplafc- Yr<t the iipofi^h hftd et- 
CMCKOOvty, uui bnm^Ehc a sj*^t wjntlHT of mombrfii tif tho 
Hhm oT U»imiiooh bdiJnd Uitf Thnint^ UliL jiiWr lAti'itiiife fbr 
a Intr awl « linlf my poikooe mui rrthnitfiad, •md I cune 

' A Uicftil mitrmint; nt thft Kinj:^^ llcncli. fJiiilii- 

In a\ Jtthit Wt^ik t niiK iMAimncd mi & vifnfn in n 

i^ul jary tMumiwa ciiur. GfirrAir mn to cr«Hit4Xiunk« 
n ^'Vcm bft^D ooea iiuu*y ycsir* *i IJoyrfft, Mr. Bnckl" 

■I pwt l«fiiflb navitLrr wttncM. Ij>H KllanlvffWit^l^ m bU 
JMuiUM' Dfk, uud : " Vou will iuivc recaAr)u>d itui Mr. At- 
MDtf dkl uoi lliiulL ;1 ndvbutiU to mL Mr. Jltick a PUQiflo 
tiwCi H. Xotf tm that icnitknuuk'* irALlmnny fTrfnyllitni^ 
IVML i*ir it yoa ihir^ iU%i his m^ttmoaX m conrtfit — " 
hjtn bv OQiiM <otttfJcl« tJix McnUiwo the r«f«Aanii tfud : '^ Fnr 
lU lUiotiff, mj LunL* — " I cliuugbt u muoh,*' nud tho 

JKti' ^A, In tbo ovviiiai; Mcut to tbo TompJe, whffe 1 
^■niU that J luid been ooUcd to tbc bnr. The AMiimsco cf 
ti* lict, tbmi^i J hud no mmuEi lo cl<>-;lit it, gnre mc pIcwmrEin 

JW# - 1 hii^e friK|iii5iitlf AB^rtnl. mdoo my rettrpmcnt, 
iha tit two viHut Affti of my life *nv my K^tnir b> tlie bor 
'tua, AuordiuK to llie iiH^nJ 4^u at vhirli cil'u Ivgiu jmctior, 
IniklrvBth' ati nlil mm. bvitig tbrrty-r^uM. nml my ntinny; 
IHh; tiio lor irlk^n. aui.-ui>liB5 tu tho b>uio ontuwry un^ J 
*■*• idl » young 111491 \i&i 6f^j>thrcc* 

WW. tet i< vlul U-3 f V- r(4> wa Loav. — d. C bi« IMI. 

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Mt r>Ki(u TsoiAAtf ; — ! 

Hdoni 1 notice ihv tnurv iijtdrv«liii<^ MbJMi of jOor! 

letter, J vrtll diicnibm %\w h'otiixrv tif yHiftAny i9 % f^ Vnrdi, 
joM to ntiBly T-0111: ounocitV' At four i^VIih;!!! pTO«i0?4j 1 
I'liUirod ll^* M]<l(i^i< TuiJ]|>l<: l[al] m ^tnttfi'^*fi^\ whiTc Um 
uiiliB of iLtlr^ftaot? nm\ iilvjimttjoii vi'iv vltitirrmTf'rfil tit ebt. 
I tlkeu (Uiwd, <lf4«90cl mt J vu, 111 n tabt* hjkiiu f IiaiI Avq. 
&ictHfii» vritb tuis i\il«r iliAiwr vr? i^cinidcit tlio fWHlifMi at 
Utevad of till! HjUL My frMTinla nnd uci^ujuiJudw i^nMliiiU,* 
joioc^l uur pnrty- Wo wrro jiwt a *fW» in niLmbor- I fci- 
jjore you ttitt iHxtuiUDl.^^l with none cd" tbcm bnt !)«(> I Vtllion^ 
AiU5ot» Auiln^«>s unci Qimy1<-. llic rent 7«rc |ir^ifriv^^ULl 
mpcL AfliT ■IriiikitiL' \i\"Ul wn )iit|ilv» cif hiimljr jmri, H«rvi 
w brotigtic i&t Aii<t «« lin>kut up at too. Wh»t «n luil (imq 
dokkg io tli9 mcon wklu I kIiaII l>o brtior ftlJc 1a IgU when 1 
Jmre rtvt.'iT«l Out Uidur'd Itil- 1 csuivJt s»y tiint il ttaih h hiv 
(rf much t^i^joroMoit to no. 1 aca toliL im Imk^ I fi:\u that 
I voji <\wtQ ucTTOtitT vhca 1 tot>k ihc ontti^ And 1 had o^ 
mantfl liT ^"cry acrwi^h nrdrcikni cvca utiit^ lbs ti^tlr win' 
di«iiiafi:ig^ and I urns nfliwlin^' thv Ukui onmpatiiin. Obe 1»-' 
cUtfOil* bovcfor, dftd bctvv to rnitc my npfritii. iJu mf con^ax 
|j"lUL% jimt Ivfoic fbiiEicr. I l^iind with ptiir letter 1|;<- onfij '^ 
nn Art of I'arlinmpnt which ^Y«ld N'iih h»jl t'rt. H« hdvl 
iiottunjUM iiic Aadil^ ^n k pHvut^ Iikd(i«rnro Act, tutd tbo ff^, 
kt infonncd Mtv. (Hiior, vonld fw t«n jpuncu* Th^ limnuT' 
of thiA mv fint jn^-fisiioiul oiuoJaninit dcm cmiit t<i Njwh't 

Jm^ i.Wh. — W«ffit to Mnt BortmniaV find a fil 
cJibI with Iwr vbotit Mj^lnrao tie Stn^l^ th^* IMiJC^rHh*, 
The kiti'r Art atkirmpc in Lon^lotL ond ih« dii-i/htrT Khit» tbfl' 
gDfld'wUl of rrory oiv ; niil m* the fmllwiir. Ttirr dmn] al 
SoUiQb^'<i AAfT diuuir Mr. lut|j«nrorth mu i:tttti^ act! 
UriL ShldouA, Sam Rot^oni l><!i:>i; on the iithrr m<l« </ tier. 
" Modnm.*' foil he, '^ I Uiink I ruv jc^u j>eit(«n;k MrlUuicat^ 
Ihiriv-Bve yt^nn a^" — " l*iinJ'Hi m*, lir' -— '* O. liien it 
fttrty j*:U% h^- : I dMtinctIr ruticJlMit i1.~* — " W-n vill 
mCi Atr. J rx\fr plikiv^ .MUlntnont.* - - Q, yg^ ninWti, I rro*1 
«JI«cL" — " 1 tliiuk!" hUo bijkI. tuniiu*; to Mr. Ilu^um, -* it b ' 




ftttr ivtnf fa tht^mpt my jJao* " ; vt4 ah* mw with hat ^vn 
- A />iV* sMt, ftnd UicriaAiTO a liolid^j. CttUod 

to«f tiiojcor the iivtcfii)* n riKuiiLii^ in Kki^iluuL 1 iulfnuitiM 
la ha that 1 ww bciviuM ti man uf biuinttw. joiU fihiT «ill Ijo 
MtirfiJ witJi my bttuihliiiLf liLX ci-EtiTTi^ jiart^4« uftor nino 
•Wsik. H«r tou tt K mj (Rtitvd yoiibf; mikn, iiini<:act hnnd- 
MM. Lvl |iiUi K«UvU»KJ|E cf n iil«cjry air lii list 17c, and iIjo 
ktte </ lua cuftvvnuliuu m ^)us^/er wliirh iiui,r }ta iiuiTtljr, lnit 
|irM Ml Apjfnnnoe ttf Mpitlij. Tbo dniight«T I vcurc«ly wif, 
M U<v HMiEM to b« pLaiQ. 
Jk/y '>(A, — Wvbl K> ifc luppicpputj at lluimh*ff ^vn in 
itf tlo riev .Srr}.i«itt, Ci^lcjr. Bumdl, tbu Farikiii^ 

Jt«.t — Tbii niu tiko Gnt «te|> in llml oftTEcr of nuxesB 
vWb datiujCUiJird tbv CK-diuuieDcir, iii>w olIM ibo cotfuUr 

Jtfy IttJ^ ~- C«llcd ttih momibc on Mn^ni* dc SUild *t 

kAeniHUij 4MalLn] liif «t n i«mlmt uf [^jilui^ijjliv, I 4iuuld 

■>• hiili hvr, amt J ^lutod rn dnL«1it|c up the at^nxuiicDL fur 
\u iAihtmaki^ wutk uii Gcniumj, ibr vhidi «lic iff bj reccjfv 

^'V '-^^ — Ooiuf into the comtiT for tiie niunmcTt I 
U^ tjir ItooMc mid funilj i^f tbn (Villicnv iu ubicJi 1 lud 
1 u ati iiuii«l« fir jmn witli f^ruut pIcbMrrv. I am Ui ro- 
diiiti4(lt oulj jw a Tsitfir, lu thi> ontLimiv ftfUv my Knt 
ci|>crfiica uf Uw practice on tbc: dioiiit aad at the aeBuoiiih 

Jml/t /»*'A. — MjF ftniit dinner nith tiip Inr tciew, iil llie 
A>V*I Itin nt Eun-, vhoro I Utok ta\- Kht a^ jiLnkr m the 
faiiim Circuit. Oi^r |i*ri>' cofiMnUnl of Hutit, Hurt, Sturk^^J 
Vh^hnad. ai>d Twiw. I n^cijed the aflcniuon. Hiitit m d 
^llgniHlv timsij U%n an axeoOont iMmpiuiiuii, Storks mia 
4p*«ak4c^ tiiid Whill r^iid In* a plctuonic i:uiiiit«uiUio#. 
Mtn^i — UHit vi«» 'u ever? v^X ^^ ™^^ loiiarkAblo viau 


, * Thit u«ejA«t ti jrltm nStl « illl1*f«Ti«a ia tti« UianlBlwvim* 
» * \mtr, llv itiifHB-wty li Mid to tan ko-n M Lord Ijnia 
»*•*--. t. -ri- m \lr^ ft*blw thnrol oa twt^iujt Ijtf i«*l, ten 3 

u4 tb* iMnvv 
|j3iiMlDlf y ooit Ibt 

'TIIKIL L^; t 

26$ IKMINI^I^CKS or HOKY €tABfi BUOtM^Ulff. {Vau^ II 

viciHiio iiapibUif amottg whuua Ito hbl tli4 ri.^iiAtioo ^r l^ii 
Al Ih^ HAiuc ttno M 1-0^ m pHwftim- nnti v> linrl & Uv«r iLat ii 
«rnH »;ii(t to liiiu oiiw, '* Mt> Hnrl, iibuii 1 Ivt^ir ^i^n in ilii 
piiIhTi, I wish y>)it ven* rirTnr (uit nf li : w-fit-n I iv*!* vmj itni 
of 11, I itiib yan iTtfN norer m rL** Hi> mt^nv^l j^ bitv, tlii 
lioir iu tail iiD«r the dcoth of facrr lUthcr, Sir Johti Tbf>rvldi 

At llic dOfctii of S*P Ji^m, Hftrt lirf* hU prr^Mirinrt, 
I flftv lum A ooupl« of y^ara nfior, bfi howl IjtluTn Ihe mini 
of "niurutd : ftiiJ Uieii btr UiH me tlmt Iip irtvct knew «1i 
wore ilii> inlMtTiev «f |iftTi»nj timi! ho f«iup into tbn pnatM. 
fcbu of nil vi^1aiI«I «v1ttto, — •!! h" ffwlit-i^ii ujdo upon ben_ 
nt wiico, mA hv *[U tarolrcd in p«TpctQ*l ^iKijitrdi with bli 

hkbitA* fto^ lu* lii.'<tirii-: in IiIk old %^ ■gain n imwclwr. B^ 
Ijuilt A «lLnp«I IT! hi" wUt« n* hfri own uipefiie. and 
vuUuilajilj to tb'jw uh> itiutook of hbi toUihooii, and 
TeliHli (K^ptilur ileclHinnt.inintt r>f iilrrft-CaJrituim. 

Au^M i^ifh^ — f\t NOT-witb.) I ddbmJud a uab ft* 
uiunl^r i^r lii« ttift* &iid h«r eiBt^r fij^ pr?i«fio. It «a* ci cam vt\ 
t:\ffn\xi^U\t\\\^\ eridtun*. Th^n* u«4 a iiiival OTiaiolj 
lliv rnjtn luid piic oom:qi\^ «»hltiiuti> mic a toa-kfttlt, 
tio i^vidcum «o SAtbAbiTl'>rY tM htH Tjbuni coontciwincc- 1 
litrve fb(< ftvi|tiittal in lbi4 <iiw wna oiiiiig tA thi* f^'n^iinfilAfve^; 
Thpi wir-, ^-ipeiTlin^ fi« rti>?, wiM. ** Xo one but my lntMlnnd^ 
i^nifl luiTt do«io it." As thU produced nn effect, I irom-oi-' 
nialiiod ijiiuiiirlj- as to tlw proKimJt.y oi ctW cntCJi)||«B^ 
ifii'rt) firinj^ vbiMtvA eJvHif* — t>iD doi^r 'Mi\^ rni ilw ludi,j 
*e. '. Bifj iWi iHJidtidfrl vith an eam«iJ c^uoijoa j ''On yovii 
Acilonm «itK, wrn^ tborv not tircke penoni at Injil wlio ' 
bxvo tliinw it ? * — '* Vwt tin^m wcrr-." And thpn »ii MtfnUi 
t^od fWim n jtirymuL f went brxno, juA iHT]Eap>iant. Bi 
the nccidoik f>f l>cia;{ the nir<cttifV|] d^inidfr of a tnati 
CiiMd cf mnrdor bn^uxbt me r>ruanl, and tbnU'^b my frea al 
tTn tamta Unmn tWtX not amuunl to £54>^ j-et my •pihta wi 

Jmu foe ilU ij alt tbc iiKiiit-lujil uliuHc mt-nvTrjr I r«*pact 
moit of mj- 4nrE«d a4rMi,^L«t4i>« <jii th« cireuit. Uo vaa ft 
(juiot iiiipr«*^adin]r inAH, with ^mtlonnnlT, cttci^ £r»MifWl 
mauooni, tnd tbp&iiich iicilbpr an onUur nor a mna kM aouDWil 


UArAUK t>t «TAfiU 


H<1 lijut thtf akill to jbdTveiitf 4 bod iALua« 

I ^-ttrti: llbkl wttkh Wfi* Lmd in the ctuuc* — 

' II hn W4^^ fljcpothniiK inuhl* to dot. 

■ . I i! firoritcv 

■n«ii-ryfnr lay mijicHor in 1a]i.':jI fur biiaincHi^ — iibdro) in 
jiHTtji hr «u an purmonlmiirv man. Hit ihenir(n\ 

■rtt Ntnl tt <iftcii hii;i|:cr^ that liu dev^r aoil ninusih^ hit* 
did w eniarfa ^ffninal u ftr liia i^liaiL Oiu* dav li<* vss vetvr 
tKmj Ihf vhok- iti'iirt. irliva R<}lf« (nov the Ttomn, fhi^H 
«too«t tb« jwiMif)' vliiifpCTcd to loe : "How oIbtot tW oT 
H«« 1 ihmak t!(.'l [ «ia uvl bu «kvur ^ *' 

I oDov uw Ci»|)er mort ■ luifcli fhim Lnn! KIlntboToiigH 
to ifvto of huifewlC " &iiX il i*i i^kl my clii>ni giM draidL 
Hbf, tfverylwd)' scU limiik.** Tlu>n. chiiii:;in^ Tvi* v->ii>? from 

... . . \titt- [(o SlAi^l, — a P^rty of 

&U«ik ■! ^vrr h'.iiJFtr. vix. ^ Liudv MEKhiEtt<rali, lUilMrt Adair the 

ty-ke fttifW of bnoABpLriA. She wm( ijitfo- ^^ 

. . : vhcci ■ vktoriouT jcticnii in Italy i tven then \ 

hi iflrrtcd nrincrlr aiTn. mid mvitm t» If K luiilinTpd not whiii \ 

fctvid. — (i* corf*>rT»i| honor !>y tnymij ftnytlinyr- H» had a 
ifaam b Ldu^ niflc. II4- mi^iI It> her, oHi^r htT vrttiius 
VRi liuiwi. ttiHt tu» ill'l ricit lliink Br»iii':n oo^'ht to wHUr 
fcdokt Sio uti*«(Tw! T * Tt in ncif *rflrrr Wi»ninn m-|y> Mn ^in 
ArtiBdiott bj an alliJUiiy vtth a ni'[iirrrLl Bii>>iin;ivtc," B^ona- 
ptitf tilid lu Murium do <\iijdi.'rvvl. lliir uiduw vf ihrj (ilitloM)- 
flir, vtk> Kiu a ^^w.) fi>nk«lr pi^Fif^i'^iin. Jinl n'ftTly H trrvnnii 
</WfTi1r "I '!-> iH"l Ilk* Wi'Tjic^i vhi. inodJIi* itilti |w»IH»ce,'* 

ttUof OH yihi ii>rti fjik*- u fjLiicT tn mjl 'ifT tnit ^iiuIh iMiW uid 

^■v. vo ara ifltitn^tat in kn»n'iTit! ^hy yon ilo lu" 

f^ one u<«M>>n BtiiJinptrliT ^ui (■> a ^arty <if kdha: 
■ FAlle* iu<^] dcs ctKuvriw." 

ri(r hnctPffi HJWrrtrd th*t rTnPi-y pnlitlrjil TftpM MMlId W «T* 
■■<n*ed 41) one toar'* B|»o€*ch ■ hut, whon fim«odH it vw cti- 
■Cttt thai by CKhaoMmir a inl^f^t Hhe undc-TvtCii^d tttcriac cJl 
^ pMMtlilu {{vncnditKA and is>(iielwd|^ucii« it iiindns. 3ho 

■ AlWfvud* Ufi Cbtmevllor Cruwvtk 

27^ BRWNlMhSt^li^ or UCVilV eiEAVU KOHlXftOX. (Chtf^ 

pniW luiddnpV *po«ckoi< Ctfmjk, «iiu IbUiwd, Ui 
(ut4E^» Y I'M Mill but <;!■■ thifv un iIjo irtlijocl uf orn 
thftt VTji* til I'tikiH* i-i Fox, w-b<» tw «ud VhUA Uia to-Mi 

"^ It wrcu-Ltii to DK%' loii (.'urrikli, " Hh tf llG Hcm 

tboforf loi]M\ In; uiid bo ii\jtiroiJ hii.j 
intitatioD of Borkc in bM«|M!edi bvfcru ii^ Im^* ^ti<i 
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CinjuuDaK to H. C. R_ 

bat nufiim OA fravif j'/y ivx j^tmfih Fv pmotirv fur nio 4 tf 

"le) ibtf poniacJ iif IfcvUnih vork on Lij^t itnii !\>W,* 

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. 'WlvaLHklkMkke.r A.»r. R ^'^ LukI-ib, IMI). 

272 llUJUiliCE3!CES OF RESffrT CfiABt HOBtKSOX. t^^^ M^ 

anrl vliai^tr <ilh«T mtrk vnnv Iiat* hfokof* on lh# N«imt9, 
dduchI^ iu>'l ftUommieM* ttIu«ii:4Ht. It » my b«p« aii4 pui^ 
pu£ Co fl«v<r(u ft orrui:! f^'tiivii f>f tnt tiiiLf 6kir tbo Mat 
iLifJvp njiMilIiii t'-i thmirhvl iitininpui, lUid dturfly to Uw ni*4n- 
rlrninD, <>r «a«<> c/vivr kind : nrul frum Gooth* (Ivon vbAl 1 
rrad "f h^A litlU Sint^^iuclt ia tlio ^<Je)ibc v-fai«^h ywi IcdI rut) 
I i*i[Hici. Trtt li'.lliiiif Et-tfiAtftikc, vhiKcudJy in lltv wci|[h. urn, ^m, 
and t\\o fimtjty modL' nf intfndneli^ ih«Ki. In rny fVn| 
ci>nvrfH(t)<^Tiii vitli VV. (ft Miinpo«»r ttii4 mTU»iv«-l|:-ri, I eoald 
not find ihiAl hotir ih'r tntiai^^cHvn in ^iftcnJ hxl «i)y knov^ 
n^rn nf tbiiBU t:(>mjmFiEt[<'iis. ivhicli biit ivj ikHcwnB/ (Imr to 
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nhalL uakc one Biitnly cl^ri lu ubdcntiiDd mwtjo rarxlt ta 
fur nt Jt*Mt of ila* jTrfjHJ- u gma to Uic ocMiiiM»:ti»xj ttf « tiat- 
|]]r> jur. fill' I H^-in iVriftitntty to fhrm «gu<'1l irt Tiijown mfcnil, 
to my inner oar. WLvn you hTt<« ti> biirrn ilo nol fori^ tn 
iui«ure Mr>v L'ku-knoit (4 tnr at^vvr altered And wultcuUft 
cnuvni and nflHrtiuiu 

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imtt viUi Wpb ami Blmll^Y to JtirkmutiY Hn^ditt tbrro. 
fTnrd*, aji umi^, wi*™ nur [ULiii>*?mrnt. L«iri1> wiih ii:< n jdrai* 
ant mood. Ktckmnii pfodiicod ouv of niftHe«-:iei"« Ibr^forife*. 
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V«u*4 pony-^ Tt coatii^iml '.^nly nf thv PoHenx, «omo <4 Mn. 
inoxmjui'fl family, ikn^ fiic or Ivo nih«rA, M^c wito oonforlft- 
Hf tinoiiiflL witlmut tH'iru: ^mUmifii'imiK lu^rrr. FWnidiit oT 
nil iJiit /t^^at iQifri I rvi>r kn^v, (>Iayt ih« rhild vith thr dimH 
gnu-M, Uo u mfiDttclr ojaiablE^ without WiDf; nny cf hia 
ruApcntnbility. U u obviom Uiat ki* ui Ihc rrlaiilbm of » 
iU(jc'nur miud, witlioiit, lufwervr, imj of the f>MCBtAliaa of 
oo^rwvoArou. W« itaycd lut«, lUid the New Yiew foand va 





IdJFVART BL^—nnd Littlv the fln-l \xjUimp nf " Si^hn 
Ciarlr,*** li KmtKiiDt tiuf Irtrh- timt in raaiUblc, brit iKit 
^4*3^ LJeAMtiif. n^ pinvki^nivtiis atv to be Nklpf>n] 
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' ;^ * '■* ti.«iir>pftitituix' in of the &ivt i«Ucr ; iunI h b 
rvUlijur iiT njcniioik' srvmy, rafllpnniiisn'luiU 
i: '] 'try dkmoLiltoB ia vqxiamt nir\c, whjch pTon tliM 
fnuuDO funcl onMubfT • ch«ratl<T. For innlani^c, Jolin 
iiu^ UH^«<« « thilv i(j & BurC <>r KiisiJiiuait's Ih^u'lt BliulTiiig 
Bllfwr M4- tt ttiiattikii nvlh hor olumu^ diwkroa hu |ot« to 
* V ,\"vl," uut whcoi OQ ttccMiut oF vf fJiulit on «?- 

<?'- ilmt li" oil hour. — abo rtpeln hun (frr hi* Ioto 

ba: I. . I L iiijln) fiiJy by s drqpvriLttlv li«nifil kjh^^Ii of Um 
iQtiJijM.'^j. tidied laaMf9o).&adtJimlnisb> bait) him, b« m 
dUEUi, "O, 1 nlf'tiU (bo ir«r« tom tt Imrv mc ; Ibcrcforv. if 
y*m l^gur. Mt< uill ilinniunn* uf tbt lumicle of HuLrl," Aiiii 
iba ffiUon-s m liii«; JhtUfnio oia lb» fn^nfLMiivn <f tungu«fl, in 
■hicb '* iUiartriooA Mim N^mI'* bMOf s diHtm^twlKiJ part. 

JAirdh 7i'A. — Al Dmn Lane, iiml Mv Koad fur tlic ^nrt 
tNML Hu phyMl Jtick^nl, ( iWirvr, r>iiiiiT than aqv inftn 1 

Iwd DC* lb« F^fAVire It^xpeotoci Th« «x|M'e>«ion<'f imilv.-itkLnt 
/" B the unr tii vlik^h li^ tdtrpMWM nil ni*.-ik I lihvu o^ir v-t^ii. 
Jad Uit FBoal dagmni iI#AvC m aiuit of <lw>liv. Hih f»ri> t« 
liMlf vKpfnwi'p, Ihuiic^ kw nkoiiUi U not hkudhttrn^. nnJ he 
pcfKt* bia kuvrr bp tuvTucvfuHj- ; 3et it m liticly (•ei;!*^ to 

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bo TmiTti^ilt-i] I'- ir-, ;ia iho [utlnir ut rii nnir L'hnftn uid Ln 
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aod hia ULii^ln mill e^'llHblm %n tt\> dtfXiadilt m:\»trr*ivd. II 
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elu<itae *Mi>o ««« lunMiaal to ntf •xporUtioo, UkiuiU 
cin^- ft&* dt^pbQt, and liU auddon ^cttth-fiill <rii» oIukAlj 
R»t h^ hhrinti) hara biiii itJL Why ilnm lie rvn, or ai 
mlk^r, V\ rqHAl tbo if^urtova liuun I He liiil fiQt ofbsd 
uHlriHii; f)(fiMi«<ooorilio truthof biBotftitQ^ hiMltlic applai 
\m rvi't'ivtrd WMA iiot icry tCraaL Mrs. Ulvitr bzvl inftiiil 
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ptfirU tVcm J^r cliildrcn^ 1V> rocur to Kmu. 1 i-^^ iiot 
uo wiU rctaiii nl) hlrt |Xk|i4kbiritv. liut lie Piiy icai& to dcj 
IthffCtiir, tHr>iiff>i I thmk hi^ wilf ntnrr he f]\itiMBvd fur 

tmvt. il« niuitit B ciiiornviLJiii^ li;^R: luul a |x^v«rfu] rai 
ijs pcACOAt irxoclloiitttftt nro ft ftiie jiAaloiiioBiio fftoo ami 

Af'TT^ £^iA. — I rwA StcphctiM'n " Ut^ of nnmo T< 
All llic nnocfictait pmpmIljuj liim* *« vcU m L» kUfin, oro 
culloLit- T\ivy rAi«» « fftruTftblc impnwitnj %>€ bin mtvvHl 
Anrl yot ihifl uiilihuRi brfi)(^iiy una bU-jidfi) utth u Inij 
srMu<J .\ Itttrvd. tint ic in ililfit!uU U^ apportion iJii? pntl 
and rci'iLiLiLjIi wliitih Iiia ndaiirpr* and i*THrr>iw^ witk 

01(11111 Ll^HKtioC, limp ll|X)fl llillL 

,4/>r(7 /Gffl. — Wont tturljr- to the codbo-room. Tn-day It 
fUIly caQ6raa«d tlul UuoTupmrto had Totiutanly aMical«d 
tlimncaor l-'nuico and Italy, uii| lUii« at uiico, wm by tbc 
of AtL c?Mcluuiti?r'A vimd, tl^if rvrnlnikmnrr RnwmnimL 
tnuio«. aflvr toinnctilioj;,' llii> rorid fcf aourly twoD^- 
ftmnt htm quiethr yvakkd up iU lirralh. 

^^nriV J^A. — Ajttun at tbc ooflec'ixioai in tlic 
tlu^iif.'ti the piib!i(> »pfrr« niurt of occooity ducliiw in 
Urvvt. TL«rc mtuit fallow tlio t^idhu; ttp of (KV<iunla, 
thc» Uiuy [tfiht ilidp>uti*A in the a|i|ffopriauoii at tCTritcffj' 
ip Uiv lUing of cxiiiHtit4Lik«m ; tml &a Htiuiia olaitaclc m 
wnj of pMoe js v> he a^pnhvuded. My viifa ia Hut 
WaIJ tw rifuitl, withoiit vjvhitTti^ the b^dior of tho allka. 
brock tliG tj^ilj 9^' iint^rudci^Uy u^o i«itb tJuit arch- 

W iM t(» ftMi Horir^y tmotwd Id rmiondpAtmjf brrM^lf Axirji 
hsBmbwiEt. » unTnrihUy olii»innl- S:U(in\ mii^la tft rc^erl 
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aneAon. Ppfaunl tw r-ocHuici! of rc|OumtH{ bur iiuliTpiit* 
liaeo^ftMl pcvfa^i' *i>tibl otAbfr&fal^toii^^tunof it> Hum* 
vtU iaortui deeper into Hmvi^r thw: I CMk «DBUan|:ARt« 'trilb' 
LMLxicty, mrtwiUntonding tiv iu:(atl Tucrtlacif htir Hmpe-rot. 
{ wiatt m me mivtruB ot all ProliMtuiit GunnAcj : kiuI 
t*<Bi44 feiro mo joy lo bm thi^ ft«t of Gcnoftay ivmlbwcd up 
AttSUiu ; but ihit «ill <^at ba The CmptiD «ili 1 IvkT, be 
L, And «itb ii tlu> (biJiJilAlifio lul ffir Atttmt wnrn or iiw 
Dq^ Kni»c* will mQu» bf r iiifl«M«iofr ovor Eiitvpo ; nn^l 
Ibi a Uit3 OOQ QviJ 1 npttrchcDd froin tbo rcwton^tkin of tho 
BflwUiui, — tbiL tbc jcdiDiiaT vhicli ougiK to uirriTP i):!!!!!** 
i^net^ M Frwnw. vill i(1m|i in the jutlin cf tbe XiLfelcoii dj- 
iXf. Hudi vu oiir vidbcH. Iu>|hm« fimf«. and ^spftcialimu. 

TW ommtcrrpYoiutioa m FnuiM liiia not i^riiUfiod our ^nn- 
ff. It t-'ocnt^i ifkt< A bUtuiii^ nf Pn>Tklcoep m* n frtft -pf 
iMiirt^ »iid Umw «ro rcoviTvd «ith qiiii^L ^n^iitiuti'- Iknf^ 
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«i| tDolivuTUt i* jov, <^tblwit oud Sir Richinl rhillij*<* nl.riii* 
Ufcw loTTii*, ii&d iJiij -l/o«tirtJj CArMif// tfctniiji nil \tma- 
irt<t; w\itni, iK otj own pcrapEui AdiuaiaCAoor, oolr Will 
fhjiin feuil pour Ca|Md l>.4lt nrj ufiont; iLt^ iu!iJt<tf<mii'nlB> 

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tbf p^Mt variety lit tal««ii« pwbsi^Rcd bj tjivrcuc^ On DOt«^ 
■Wof Ihv LMQit^t fur Ihc pn^iMMdliip of pmiiting Imivn^u 
<^ Mvl f'iih*1i. KkviiHTi Hiym. L«wh*tu« tnjdo u oxIcntfKVti 
t ^ t mk In Bii|fp«1 of FiimIi ixTtUT th^n lUiy nfwurii hu (Klni- 
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hiT* hciir.! [liifJii; aftv. ^' No ^ducJibUlct iciiloTvr Uiur vbougli 

JV<Mr ISiA. — InilMl «n 1l»o IV MMrrSH I uui t^tftd t<^ V^l <h(4 
tWn > rrtuni uf cOTdialilv wliich tud hoiii im th? timJiiKT 
Wivtn uw aail the«« okl r/ieuiln. Thriv in vo muoh jviKiCive 
im tn orofjkfaidlT roi^litijf. iiiU m-rUinly ii U iii>i vMl>ni 

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tlmn TirUw^ w iu oai! rvw«ni Ijftuib hjiiI hlH i-sitM- «i?ra 
tbora, itftd «xpr«iwrd gr^M kimiiKn lovudn ms, HhiHi g»T« 

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Dniry Imm to to* Kcuti ^7 OtIicUu' Tkc )<«« (^i^l uf^ait- 

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Komx, iKbcUo » the «ino ibr vhidi In- iuu(ir« bo w tlw 
itiinliticd . jct it in the one in wbicli be ha* Vtf.^^ drh^ltt 

nmtion, but iii Itf burita of pMiLpoii b* gnw— w bny nab 
nutor I cTct w. liie ddif cr^ of the Hpocdi lU Thiob ha w^tg 
" OtkcH'j'at <MtcU|jNtiutL 'a gcait." wnniut ]<i:tii:[Lc luii lorerii Ibji^ 
veil U> kut laiitniGL ] ivndd bnrdl^T lu<f froiu <7yiD^ ; it ma 
pun ibelin^ Ja tbo anjooo iccnv tiic opmnciti of ri(7> u i>- 

Ifay gdtL — Dinod villi Mr C«nv^ Votmn: * A 1n;r|Bi 
P&tiy. Protcitl iripre l>r. Spiinbcin, ivw tl>« liob itf tbo day, 
M tbc 4|MicaIi: <ir cnuiblof^. — iru inni njco ho «wi the teuia- 
luKof die i}it<r'^«t^ri:»J1 : Mutm Gmnl. j«im, l«ni^n*r, rimI nir- 

C; Dn. (k«l» anil I'lirk* ; i»y TrkHvi HauKtuii ^ (liarlM 
ig, tbe Ti(%l (J Kiau tii Covinit GanJciv ni>d bftotlMrr brolb- 
rr iif imr hiwl . Aytoii. ku uUonit'y ; nixl Wcvlall, tbo FL A* 
SpiiJThujBi nfpoiiroci to hdvuiU^ ft« 111* OKifififrnt mf Mmbqi 
U»>J, wh^ vtm ^titA\% tuxd I th.tiieh\ opposed doM mt«ll«cliMli 
rtmunicv: by ^^ iTdfiifiJon of ln;biuaiJitim. 8|iu/ibnm pre*t^ia4> 
from tJic ikiillii or H*tiititl of Its. riihl nita iaImwIJjf >ugcwwfljt 
m Itf* icnoMd^ tbovi^ Mi with moL for be |eat« im ih^tmitphf,- 
uid tried to nuike n pbiloaophcr of &)& To Haibfiud b^ |^v«- 
tlw anpui« or i*inTatni|ivei>mi And Iho love uf rliiUrvu, Ta 
CbAH«ii Youtas tliMt of TvprcucmliiitioTL but b« probablr kiMw 
lir v«4 *u actor* 
Map iTdi^—Tlic fbnmoon lU ibe Okl Bn£l«r Smlcmft 

Wftlkt-l Ku:k vrth Slc-i)lu^.t H<* rvliLt^d tliilt It-mhjtlT ibliiks 
Lord Elcloai 00c* ij^ tb« profiiundiMt nod mc*it lmnj*<l lav^w^ 
«bo ever tircil ; yv^ be co^kaiiient bi» i&Kmiiti' ac A prftctuftl 
doubter vi (iitnj. ihsL liu iulruitfly prvArni Enuticr wi it Cluua- 

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of the rtcTvluti'-iui.-i' tritiTiTml, (*p not,, 1 rLinnot «r, hut 
mirilcruiiicci mucuhI to me to i.npru«A Arrrictlv- It inu< da- 
~ tiy A liArcb|x 

'«iw 7M, — Thr" rotiot^n»ti<.Ti nf (he mloni of the Nfi- 
Cunnl, At vhKh ^ri'mirlol the K \^\z itnd »n tin- :ii]1hv-i^ 

to tha King «-&* fakiL Frrqn a fox (htrnf worv l^rud 
~friOi. fli^ Toioo ir^a retuArkfthl^, iwd I romtrnnod ii oci 

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r^ml frtrm lib rvMinbluiat to the otagrAviikpi of ttim- T^mj 

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xicmu uj(l Jiinti ijf liiiAEio». He «iiokc- lo lik < i an' 

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hATiiir jittul)- tiiA icTiu fripf.-lt ; but I I^Hikod Too* uud p«tvcirc<l 
tliiT diit>-fLKitf to raucrvc lxU doubt Ml to Im Identity. I tanejti 
1 rAu J^^^li^r WtLcr<>f I'all^'vnukira cLofmctvr frvm hiifiug hnd 
filimfr« ciDiiu porw-ti- 

SffUmlcr f^K Mv brother w »hb tao *t tbo Th^ttoJ 
rran^nin. aini I wfti nxnuiB^d by being ukctl t*icc wbcrtbpr bilj 

rai^rw uAv* i Loudrw.'' Ibv uiquircn bMmMd tf> iluilj6l)crvi 
my draioL 

SfffUmber tOfA and Hth- ~ TUcwr iby* WfTc tlatjugxii 
by my 1>^illg t& tlic ('«>iiitmi^ of one of iIh* io-MT rvimrlcAh 
men of thu Kivnoti KcMjiulioa, Uwicrul La FuT*^ll^^ Ky irai 
racfuu otto of the Me*^ <>r ^Tcntcvt, biU [ br1i<ve, iu btcntwn^ 
■1 leutfLi oi]f (jT t,li<.< bi?ftl , mill nue *\»' luw bwij |jTik-f?fl in pv 
Htbo* both ol d^mgvr 4nd of ^t^w At criiicvl uotuuDta bvvoctd! 
L'Vt^y oihcr indiTidual. Of ull the rcToktbouy tciMUn, W in, 
ihc mm tit ffbont I think uitwl fkwnLbli , nad my Eniorabl^j 
imiiriviion ttcw etih^noixt bj vhnt I hcoid from Iiittt I 
witb Mr. Clukocm nhcn [^ Taycitc oUltxl i^n bin;, our! I icnft; 
grCfUly nitiprikcd ikl bj:t AiifK^-LFnuo?, 1 cipc<:lcd \ft m^ i\u tn' 
Hrui oJ(] nuu), iJEi wEio«e cciTinrriinTxv I nbmitJ truvi tlht tmrka] 
of suflvHiitf from kat^ imprUi-inuicut luid cruel trt4Ua^t. E 
B«vr a biJc nuin nitb u floritl txiEn|Jcx]i:rn, -lUfJ do Hif^iii inf «tp> 
Kboui kltu, lu t4<-t> be Eh Ji^y-ioTVQ ycuni old. hw n.-iii1liji 
cocnjikxiufi f^'i'fts, biv Uvly incilining to bo itr^tiit. Hue x.yvtc of 
ouQTffrpaticn ii Atiijij, kukd ho boa uot fbo vitucity o<>ixnnonLy-, 
iduriVoI to l^nnifbKu^A. Tbnro w Afpora&tly DOUiiiig oothit^j 
Biiutic [iluut hiiiL 

Tlio tl&vti-tr&d* wM (bo flubjoct vhich bn^i^'tit tho C:«numl 
and irUrkaMi toj^-ctkrTt u»i it cnsrotwxl, 1 Ibou^bt. |m luui^ 
uTtbuuuutt/r^tkia Lfc F*yt<t» oottfinued ClnrksL<n'fi oiKtihns, 
l\y%\, riui Kirti'fTor of Hufctlik u'm perffWlly xfrrOcrv nr^ own 
tiHiloiiA m ibfi trjTili which h« oitinvwdut Jkl luiun^ d<: f^twfJX in 
opiMulivn U» t\vi J\iii'JioH'«: SliiLUt^r, to HVirn- '^'^ ''- Vtioi^ 
ut tbo AUw-ttad*\ Tfr ilIvci }!>i\^ vtvilit to T4ll< bfa 

iijiofiiiy m the «a»» viih ; '* But <vfftAJ&lT,'* kh . j - . . -u^ 
" h<f la uoi til fftikutiad in aiiytLUi^." Ahmjui; 1h • ^ J j< < t« 0/ 




npvDli Kgftuut BuqnnfaLrls «ii« lil« mtonuSon of aUrvrr; 
Mil !a fivxt;^ i;ii|I(l1»0 in }ufn ua artilko by which bo hud 
noott Bpp^bf I*--'* I J' kiv.rfo hfc-! »oM lUvm. Hi- Tiid jnir- 
cbnl RQ eat^'' ' 'li« Abolition. utA tth«n 

AiiT^ mvn all I < ' tltc csl4lc and tLe octft' 

t>ii0i vnteM tko wwd ww ^tcmxI- " But," tuid thv ucfAiy, 
"iftlcn: w ttone, tho v<iiii h^A no '?fTcut, axvl nci oqe? cnn Ull 

II tv rMtoro il^Ttrv wia formoJ. whJth *\U\ ttyyn Tntc 
It.,! Flemish be tuul <JaDO aU ho (onltl I>t Lair C^dvcbw 

'. tl>r:y uor mvlc aIuvos nt Wt. 
^.i. ; ,' lJcitLt ilrurriui nf hrur'iijf fnifii 1^ Fa;Ht« bilii- 
■tf ttiDf Accoiitit of the r<UtJ<:<ii m vhroh brj ktiXni Uitt^irdft 
BcouparU, ftDd of luifnvuui h'u ^piDioii cir Uif^ Kmporur In 

%p*trptn* ft' at llir*« ttun m an AuvtriAn itiiTijp><^kn.* on 
««dl l« wsifnffi uATiUim^' to culai^ts ho viih ut lut a-I at 
ifcalT tttiMOhc llw I'lcwt Dircttrrj' refused i'> rlitoua the 
*KU»of lb* xmiy ot l^obMi rrnti) he and hia fHenJ* were 
nioucd BiioiiApnr^ wf*i oooof ibif wmmuik'aion id inakLnfi; 
U« trmtj* ftitd W cvct^iit<^J hu '>Hora viih lirmuo«B< La 
r^^ld «mt ftl finil til llamhuT^, lunJ irouM inrt pt\ifL'i?d at 
iM>U Pah^ bcuK^-w M dvclfiTLtion vru nr^iiiwrlof SEni uliich 
hi Willi tjrJ Rinkc- -At tb< time of Uic inf;wtui*.jijnM itlHiut 
h^ thr firii^luEyin <;/ Vnictidor took fihict-, «'ljuti t«v <./ the 
Ihrrttfcv vm Krat to (^ajtfcno. '" Kn*." vild l*;v Fwjrll*', 
"^■■i mlloi i^tot to n:«*ko AiHi lui idCTjuu Itol^^^ijt natrouhl 

Sr 4]! the cTwUt of ray rclcuw to th«c n'nwjuiiy if) powxr. 
k I Tvfiuird'^ TIka VmiM Unw j^rcii tW i^Vrti thuu tu 
prair nil fbu nM >)f b'd f&vlivvrtiiKV, Riif. mi Uin ivvohiCloa 
«U mwle B'-Toaaiiarto tint Com^itL h« vent to Pjmn without 
ifufort. lie bifcd»u\nvIjrnrfiTHl whciih« WA*w»i<oi upon 

» Tim Constil u'lfltiHl hiui to retum r<i Hitmlurr^ vcrrtlr, 
ta «r4«r that he mrcht aiiow hia hi^'h cvt^vm for him hj caUinjc 
hhi Wk fb a iWtiuJ :uaji:>cT. *' I mn (hiiHi^'h ihv tricki" 
«ul lift FayiMl«, '* ual hr:<]liT t>oi Ixi a prty I^j ii- 1 thLTc- 
t^n foiA ihtt 1 had DHn« liuk tH>cfiU4» J hikd a n^M^ bdis^ a 
tfOKhiuttu who hftd cuitiiuitlo<l !»>' crime , limt it the ^hicf 
ii«l|i«ln(l« ftitDiriuiM)«xl iiit^ l^> Li> I M^oiild iiIhjv. I mi iahl 
ihM tb« Pint CwivnJ iri«iuit ftdy t^ ^n mp homor. Thoi:f,-h 

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piny, lu; ruCOTVod nw nith pofiUn^wi ; luul Cor o tiaiir J 
4«ccivoH^ but not ]i:-ifcjf, ind ! ncrcr cc^txnlcyl my opinion ** 
him. I miw lirm r'l^'hc rr ini Urn™ m tmwnvsw, an'i M % tHt 
gixcti hy J«wrh l^Tioiinpirti? nn tL« pivcc bfCKc^rn Kmiu^a iiJt4 
AmoricK ffor fb& Din-ctory biul n»do * vijr ka frtotiih ^ y 
prcft^it wnr vith AjuctlulJ wo lijuj bdoic co«krrrmliim. Un 
mirnl >iu> thnt tiU dL<«ijim wr« iill Sn fmoi ')f llfwrljr. %ttd iFu 
whittovcir nji£[bt arpoiu t'> be othflnriie wnnld l* only i4.4iip(' 
rary cipcdiciMto. I Aii*tFcrtd (bat it w« Ibc 'A'mf»pn {t-^tlrn 
rj)f>f uicni-nf liiiiu-tircs tliat I dimpjwtivod uf ir > ^' '* ifU 

mc, *V<m KC the JYcneh arc liroi of IP>ttt>-/ i n:i 
'Xhty arc tifi*ii of Ikciiti'^wnee, "iid wW lU^r h»T<j ttt 
fWini fbi' Abiiw? of liberty miikea tin-m innrv KiiiTimii In 
rt«l liberhr, and mofv Ht to ci^joy it ; ^nd Ibis Ciimii 
Coiiflui tho Fnrccb tfX|»«:t froco ^oll' Bmjuapuic f 
ufaj, but iii A few mltmi^rs ninie ImA iinil tJilfet*! (>ii tciili 
Riibjoctji. Aft«r lH« I rotirrfl imo tho eonfrtnr. "ti'I t'yit 

Tolic mn Ml luimc nlifim jJot, hut my wifin^ H( 1 1 '?»il 

ttint impmiiblL* \Vfii-i) Ehiniiipirro rrtrimi^] ■ i l. b 
mhtU a ftpcc!<'h, in wtii.'!t he sfK^kc of the aTttinKOorclii^^U 
cifJos t^r the lint mtbors of the llcvdttitifitt, vhUh mnUc 
nn|nx)r thv nietKaixmt cf Uic ^vrnimpiit, nlliE^tttg to, biit 

1 hive F'U-ATitrc in vritiTt;; down tbn«c r»eoU^Qtic«iv of 
pK}^etto^i nunK In^/inncT Ujoj iini diMiik^t, snd Iwaiuo cbc 
dJtipravL* ubnt hit b(<«^ (Uwly ft«iM-rni by thn pullKiu of 
Biu^rmphrt^v Ibat Ln Kayritc mu roeoombd to hiiis. 

Of *he Aiturv> L« Fnyetto spoke with » bo|« vh^b U 
mc l4* Wr, aaJ }ie *twki-* rrapwifliTly cif ibr ro^i*! ftmily t 
rMloivd- On p^or^l Hri)ij«etH I hiva a fi>« nolM vrortli i 
injff> Hi* lutf^'rtoi tbi«t tb^ mnniK^m of the Kr 
Xht V'ym L'lji^ws, bul ticvtj i^jirornl br tbr h< 
Ihft iMhb iff ri-Miiiw were lw« H<4pT»t tb^Ti m t^wli*b nWl 
fth^ tka Cf^iritJiod p<<0|>^ li« tLuu;.^! ciorc hoflO*t- 11^ b« 
a■ih^} to tb(i llfivnlutr-u. 

Iji rL(i'L>tCu iH i HlKiu^ peirtisni] iX AineHc«^ MOppowil 
Kn^hir^,' H4 iH iiKiiL^ty »pf pimvl t<^ otir tajuritinw fttiim. f 
ttitrikn ^« tiuj^t <iitt«wtf ibvK- m rvtum tffr iLo nrovifi 

On tnj Tvlntiiig tluii. nt Uv djMHbauktt of th* ^aki^ 




bnnl tone msiekma^hlta «f "Vive rKrapcronr," La F^yolU) 
mil. "X<%\ ikX9 nav to mijipobo tiuU thb f4iK«vrlc(l th^to loto 

f^ Uli* F^rcvcat MjlIc of thic^ nh 1 < ' ( would 0^ dO 

u^rj) A bw Ic f^fl»* or 'A W k« lu 

*bf Tti[>h> itAicc ifoult iiktiiu:kM;r ti^umn Lni)p{u»iid«iil, bni 
wrruM rvtbcr rc^anl Uuul sdriLncu dvilj^jhlir^Q. 
' ' — t viiaicij Uji.' tvftjdenci* of Jo9«iiliir;i? JlI MaliDAiapii, 
ldi>i?li bu Jvft b iDrrv fti4fiiEi-t irupriflujifn nd mv mio'l iban 
t^ j,*tbcr rr^ p&bhOM of i}j« OApjtikl Un<) pictt.iro Uicrv ten- 
|inscd me «o utivu^r tbjit 1 l^vo nortr fun^oUcn it Uf th« 
VtoCjc triifritn ! ktioiv tiulbiti;^ ft wm A [irWjii fccnc A 
iBui m chunt bji< ilruvii «iih di^lk n fi^fun^r^f rhc Virgin lutU 

ihi (iffioin (4' jiiMtlor bnrhi^ miw* ta tnkp him ro ihu giJIcivvB-l' 
Irwl iIao In my Jciuniul a nnron vbioh Lrin^ to tay rvcot- 
iMke ft Gtci vniitt<ii i^t ik« Joiiruol iu<clf. The naaau u 
Goal St iliLiir^v. Mil elvgtiil citxuluTr, mi i^Tui^rmnt kxiiI bigU^ 
tad rciTaliti, «Jbo a vntnn uJ»Iiti'iiittt <^c ^jit^ vhra I tt^u 
inwni/Cbukun aaTni;: tbU lie »na pf^iiiii t-i hh' Iji F«yotto 

1ai*,«itf|, " Ut dcni sir. [ bjOi tv>Ti ijlj n^it uo no mtitb of 

CiuCr, you fbin^ct tb»t, now thai I ua «l l4r», I kuov but 
<M(Uatnifif pcnuni^ — ihv frii-rvlH utd Ui« ciwinicii of Afrbi. 
il lU fnoivii <if ArnL'k Bn> my frii'iid^ wlua«var thf r tuny tw 
^fvsffl^ Von anil MopQiviu' La Knyotu aro tbo umo in my 
•■-^ ^1. Mwirioo wnUvd Hud aiLid, "1 lidjifvc joia ors in 

/-f^rjn(«r SfJ. I vxB in th^ gTfind i^Ulny at tTw Louvr* 
■Id t bmd *oti>a ou« m>. " Mr4. ^uSdirntf ir bdovr." I to- 
iinUy )dt fbe IU[>liAel« And Tuuitits. uid ircut in Bcajt.K of 
kM;«id IDV JuGrUkltajfi: ''lanrjiUrufLiitnthnmix] io fronfewi tfiut 
tk ti^l of hvr ipiTo no • doltftfct beyond iJmort luy t hir* 
ftcHtrd in Patil'' I baj tiL'VCT i««u bcr M noAT. ±%bc vm 

■ ^^v^itdntrfiif * ridrirvi^ !lw Vlnlji ii[jj CM14 m hj> Mmti wall." 

Ri '' , Bdat, **i *f r*<lHi. L'Ul Kvri mtUr knmi Amcvnf aftd 

Hi . .'j<u tHr «k4'/ M« titfUiittiCh uamiy.llib tLMrti iif tt* 

lUouub m lavw 0* iHivaUu* in IkriM. — <k S. 

28f) Rt:lll\lMlENCF.S OF RCNltY CKABK MOtf^itMiX. (QufJ 

wtlkitig vilh Hodueo Tvih^h modmt^ I kapl lu una W n 
toiUil v'iih dMmiLiiw n&d witliATit jtpBoirtBg to lie mBdila 
Imt I vtt llicrc «M BOmt'iUiopr ^i^ul bcr tlwl dMorM • 
So G:loriouB u hcnd oux^ht odc to h&vc brvti otn^erod mih 
ftmul L-bi(i bat St« kiiit lier fawkv*, trx^ [^ ImAii:^ nI A 

,^tf4fnUr ^'i'L — At th-* Ji^TiIiitdr* iMnrrlpa villi E Ht:T«v)A 

fHvBd, R— — , And ttti AMt i^it pAit of the -J 1 

1 1)d>cve tt im moX ou th&a, but Mm^ other (Uj. 
mid, " T win y-uW U.r jmi fnuormw." 1 kn-twi-nd 
Ihnnk y^ii not ii> ca)U I wo»Ud nther uol w< tit 
vilh you, ftod I vill toll tmi fnuiklir wkr. 1 
Pftna 10 tTiU^^y lYijTMlt ab*i llal eqjo^ utniC uctd» 
niciRiit of i^uiAlhy villi Mh^m, Now, yov, i\ 
thkig, ojid find lUult i*ith nvrrtblns;. Y-^n «#« ii" 
^u (io uot find infenor U> wrh»\ jou huTe bmii ^ 
IDB^ bo ftll rc-rj UL.r, Ujt It nttkAs ine vurv «]iin)«iif> 
Mlero. if I won? T'^rcod f> \m kiUi vou. I tbotlM kiU m 
8u I «Lftll bo gbd to MQ vo(J fa London, but m> bimv 

fffm.» — 1 ft^ronl tfTCW fttl#ndoi1 Frjinrh O^uiti* «* 
And tHord both oi^umcDta b*(f4V jitdgM *»d vniiL* i 
cum brfonj juxif& [ baT* no rcmwk ■ 
menrs. IW 1 m-xvr tirulenhwHl tlt^ni mi 
J Tcrj' ia^jprfi^rtlv ini'lc-ninod tho trail. 
but 1 did QEvK'niiAitil «»<>u^i to oiwkbk -in i i 

clttBEou. tbtil if I Ktifv k'uilijr, T sboiitU *«i^ Ut Ijt uwf 
Cii^Aiiil, — 9f innnnfnr, in Knnfv Untic|f liib rrfimti ■ 
to ^(XlUiv.T. h^ cliAlii:*tl CliC ctprcMcoi), uid tn^ : " TLr J^ 

rt-m e^vun t» liArc for iu object tliol itj iutt*-* » '-' 
lid Iv iniJHhtlv H'Miiril intilljr, — liio J'mid* ■ il 

no (JTHHiniiJ »trt>uld «^apoL'" Nov, ifk h# the ffcci : -^ 
iwcuAcd L? fikr tbo erctiCcr niimW ofs £?uftj, it w\l) 
tluit uguKliofT tt iiivn Cnu^uUkt in Ui« KnglUk tbaa 
FhJU«b (injrin. 

U IS ciiHl^xiiorr tor tlio odminT of Eaflub Uw tu bcMl 
thnt f1^«llt^? i-if U vkxb (imhabitii aB nttciDpC* li i^lv 
priaoiwf ooQf4ol binsrifp u if tbc dtnle ivpccwTi; 
cMVt Ittd tkOt A nglht C4) tho tnitb, uiii «« if « ci'- 
fkibUtd th« bv var« prinleipod through the nokiMu, T| 


ru^cH cocrra or jusnct 


Kffif botnjni wit or 4i«nBiuiAt^a. ]| m tigiti thil oo 

luv M oftfii jkTF^Iiv^' tji-bood ojk tmthj — ttor in atij- uwd in 

' ' ht: priK4(«r N mtorroi^tcd a* weJl aa 

\vc»« nad llie nunc rocuL-i nn luieit Ui 

.^iui«] iu luL If bo ttTuv Ui luiKwr, hL< b tiu&de to 

i.'i liia iidiAVomtilo inf^rtacjM Umt tt-iU b« imwD. 

oiMtkv van bo ^oof^ <)n cbu luuit 1 vnUreljr a|i]KWo of 

U toolbcr tuii£«ml rctipcct. tbo prmitioi> of (bv Kn^^twh ami 
U* f rtiitb TOurts is flJlTi^rcul. In tiic Ftvnch cviut^ ihc fiwlo 
bn^ jklroml/ knovii liy jm-^nuiMarv j'tiiLXiiibnjj:)*. the pKH<iiunt 
vt b«ttd> tkad XhvD (bo Brtnc^Hi w ci»II<hI. Tthur buhniig 
bvm irUb ** l.anlca ik U i;cur lea ^iU," - - r\%lc tJitf £«4^ to 
ik tt«rt« — tuii tl»?a i|U(.'itBDoa fulow* This u ilc.ita- in ^na- 
famcf ihft jiHv)(».T. wh'.\ if he mlomi['ti^ In nni Mln\t:vii «r 
rtpofoJ* u bt would \k In Kii^LltiiL 1 i^ix^ tivai>J a h^iVTioii 
MnwfjLcUim, ''Yonlitfl" An fin^lubjndi^F v-jdd W in 
v^atti fadJn^ inm fiu %i nwh on onirngv. Tbf> Vrvnch 
tmdml vory ijnieilj' ftod <n-«u courtooiwly loud. '' In wluit 
davthc He oonsiM I** Attd tb« *iiHvcr bvI^L: kivch. bc^ «viit 
•^ '' Biit joii /ounelf swl HO jLiiii HI,** Aiiil nflcrwitHa b* 
«l<*Bnt it tbitiaft lid, va* that u Lv tw"^ (irtBtai|| »jaiB- 
liktf cAm Um vitoMB bad ifttd) '* vlucrb >»" did not oftiiu&- 
tel* [q* fev auniatfiB tbo pruDOcrlkafi nivirlved blms^If £u 
ottmbctiotiK tttiirh jirn'ttl Hik ^ilC Who r*n hinmr ihui7 
hUlcjiiF ii iiMfUtffttMdEitilyiicoivvry to vi<unt Ihu pmctico frvini 
tii^aad t^Kcc iKJiy be pkrtft of the iireli]iu]kU7f>n>c«c<]ine8 
iftJtJi, tr 1 neiv luxjiiAicilv^ with tli»i), I tni^ht il'mppro'iv o£ 
Iwruvnly oT Hf;jil I wi;it(<tAi,^ 

Thtvt u aJvaya an ut^'ot&U ( t'roenrciir du Itnl^ wTio rtpn- 
Wlatb* CruvT^ And ^'bo^vcnhU jnfl^^iicnt cm U^tuvvn ttio 
jmmitir nwt llivi ni^ifoTfl ; niui he n^irev with tbo jniif^nL* 

irm.f — (Wulbcr p«trti<!ii|iir airti«k mo Hi oiic:«,An<l 1 haro 
*igMl OQ KnalinJi Inwycra tKii ftopdcty of lt« adiTptjon m nor 
^Uli^ — but aatvt wixh L-l7ci-t, I fmr Tbo iirivmrr <loci Tn^t 
iftM/, bill bii^ k bf lo U*x tfl 1ibii4«ir with A dodc wid p«porn 
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^ W ««a owi^inoiiAtv witU bit» coiiuael. Our lav n>« 

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btaMoUinudbTlaivTlilUtoUvqi. — tl.C.X. 


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290 BlL»[KIH^IflC£S or ftXKBT CRABB IoTpRIXSOK- [Ckak 

Itw Mccruse^l &>« to Ia [Viamncd to be tntMMinit ikuCtl tUoj i 
pr^iivd ^tlly : uid tcI on thdr tn^l ll]«^' Arc ttir^frsilKl 
hainfi tcve^ to itiimi, unloni thi:y coawul lu qt)^ k blsobcN] 
on t)ut tboy an^ 111- Oa ftppticn4io«i Uioy ato ulways nllovi 
to bit* 

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of the Fr«ich ibratnv u I do of lln . ^ t 

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h\» cwrrr, jrvt Ive- xf^icauvvl to inc lu tiC' firjf<>:t iu & oprtn 
clam nf CivnU- i-harftL'ifHt^ Grttt»1 enrnt^lr vui J^pvl «k*n 

In the "* Kc«}v 4ot [Uintf(eoi\^ h^ pUred & Jktiirr|ui9 nlw 
driven t0 prusod n M^UuiJtfr &> rtctiiU Iil* ftmuicnfl ; hnt 
Uiindcrof hb ^rrrorit dcfmis Iik |>Iiul Hc dulLVvm to t 
ralf^r ikttulj n krttcrvhirli in nrituti to tho SlitrquiuV fiw> 
tlkj? Duke. It lesinfk, *' Korfic. » »eir j« mVacAai^tlir," T 
opM^in^of ihi> IcttPT, Ami the r#j«rtit>Qn afih^wawdt h\ 
ooQof likO t^^rty mu (XccQoht, c^po^inUv the niHvlLnj; ttt tl 
wonj ntciviHi'7/p: bj iho ficrvnut. In th« midsnt of n fivmilr 
twnty^ ibpi M«njiti« rmkn4 hit Bpp^nutxvL Hn' |fHV im^ 
doDca Etith vhik-'h ha niot fh<»ir n^^ n^mtnflix} r:^ uf m hiouIi 
cli«r»ctarby lflbu><l. Ttir^^L'tilciitildiKiLixlrAli Fnurli txi^cf} 

llftmQoniuiu kh-^iisi; nrxt imilVrrmlT nw|Mv<n4il0 a^(in«- at tl 
nUA tw Pntot^i?, CYv^n in iUt A\>*ttKf nt thprir «^Fr«> ^rr «h 
ipvp tbn Fn*iii^ Hta^'ii lU fnipflrlfiritj nvf* llw» ngrllah. Y 
tbp Fntm^iA hftd r^ksod ht b« popttlftr. Tha littld l^'itil^ru 
thMtrn virri^ rrimlM, whilo Ibp Fni»{fU» w«w <»u|>ty. T 
MlniimtJff Utv ^t^<m't\n\tm I et^iiyvd (bin jcat nl ihv Porl^ 
M>i*tiii, *^ Rniiift nnd fMhirr, Bill I did not llii« tlni> 
ibp tv^t fcnadc0L Kronch porfHomMin, TalmA nod UodqnMJ 

.^f^^-nVrfPvA. — A ooU An Msdoinfl do fJUJfl. fOi* rt 
iMndr alroof^j in Ikvor of the ftboliiioit «f tbo ^tv-i 
tfeoui^ tbo f(«i not MRfEomo of mefcoi. Sho mw f^ CI^da 
whim 1 nrriTLHt in Vm\ tuti rv-,;n-tt«I Uint tht- CIj, ' 
bHbni h<T rtTtam Krnra hvr lioiue, th« <'hHlt<iii 'I 
wa&mI to Ht~ Di^k. imd on the «iiy mcl v jtJi l^ii ^4^ 
1 oirtrtook tt Krcocb cwidicr ; bo bod a Btubiimt fwM 




»>iri^<kUiiT nifllattlj appoftnuKa An I oui» qp lo hUn. he 
Titn t^y niniUTiu; up niu) prilling hU liaDdi) <iin mj' 
-.' IS., h ■ VI '1 in ji hii^i \\nvc, t>ot witli' ii louJtiig Ucc 
kill J, .1' 11 1- ui ivfil nil fc^r o/ vkJriu:<T . ** \U ! ttJ(j«&l«« 
AlfaiEi^ ; i|ii>' jr ktiiua «iiun F Ht jr ii'civitin i\nf lIiteh luiii*^ \oiia 
«!i4iirxii iio. Uiku « viiiH Hic£ Eiiptk^ol, j« txiuji ^K^otT^vroiit'' 
M then Iv id>>xAi lao a»\t to rliow dlc tbut I*?; wimiIiI «i««ttU 
!■ iWmL Llrforv lie luul ei|jImiii-U U^nimrlf I ^ir-bixj Ub* 
lid. bimI h«riti|f diBni)[>|{rd mrulf iWjin hii iiHTtliviTiio «^- 
tmn. [ lud • rtptkkT caDTcnution villi hirn, lutil in taiu triod 
bffOft wiih him. lie u>M mc Omt, victi la Spuin. be va* 
hLtn jffWKHT iiftJ A™/r« iiy ihu f^jvLnlnnln. Jhcj nfnild Imvo 
bDrd kiiu. Im tfui':!. but the "&nv«ur" iJtfrJUh roiicii«l bin out 
d ifahr )uu Jft. TtU «ntf tbo burden cf bU naii;;, Ue ei^ 
Ulfivd hi* vutittdo, — ihcjr »cre ahvokb^'f - 'ftLii bu •i,H!1i\ki1 
i>l«ca|4Mc of Ml fevliiigit but pvtittulv and nrrrn^- 1 »id: 
'Ui Ktd\ IPC b su*hI ittjia ; if ] hu<l bjcljnntp Ijft'U bom m 
ifvii, i vhoiilil Layq be<ct] tvbat 1 un oov ; 1 cDiild tkot help 
k'— ''T»iH|)fr*(wtir*«ii — J w<iu!i!ktnmi.'* — "But ibjt 
tai hi .- « iM ^i>od pMpltf Aod l»d |j«p|>icfltcrv iff here-"— '* Koa, 
Jt J." — * SVhbl, kilJ ni*. when I luiro dout nothitif 

h ;i-L — iii oc u'vUiil puK ViXUt c'«Uul vuttc iWiv ^ bi IV 
mJI pOM Totre 6»T<t, e'6tjut wtn* iy>uiim — c'«t la Tri&m* 
■ha* Uo no pe^t fv trwu^er rmdirkhi — c'tnt impomiUck'* 
T^ Knosthcn ibj uoTvl aj^itavnto, I trcnlcd him with & 
hittW E^ viitiD lit nr UiTL oil t|i0 mnd- 

Clffpftf '^t- — A dim^vr at Miiduiuo do SIjJhcIX vlii>r# I hid 
^uiaiiiiftitT of rcnonio^ mj ali^'ht lu'quiuntuiit^ vitb Ura- 
jtou Coiviunt luid ^ViilinfIt Scblcp^L CVriuiUini i^raiwd 
h^f the *' Di^bl'in;r und WuhHurt/* uhirh Mir hi^rtbns itftm 

Ufit*, htt%- thmiMiduL ) The n/>«Jvy^of tllO C0lirt«Mi4kU« »nd 

Mtriboeaf dimity t4>tniib nvrc o^jpi»r>.l to ull the codttntioc)- 
mOm to nl^kh »lLi^ viu niTViKli.iMiM. AhXW -'^'ttUft^^ IV an 
•ifihuttMi of tho title " tiii^btiiiiff mid Wahrhi^ir/ ho haM ^ 
*llimp<AU it u UMd Qt-rvly a^ an iijM>fo^, d* Uik^nI with any- 
Uo^ TW ««i thi4 f <^44tsl ttiriu; hf-uiiiX SclJo^t^l rtwrrlrd 
tkuTi«fkini«4iii»r^ii>hiii jm.ifV'^HWvn i>f Ortholittsm. Fir-ht«, 
k«ud; VMainLTs hfrun? hiKitunth (hut h« had Kiimrid hU 
fcftfc jj,-i.k .^ I -'>'\u uf iCi.^ns U0 tb^i i>ijly j>otft <'f tbo otd 
*^ui; u I tln^tiili iHwU Iviviri^ Ukeii a dJmrtiDik 

Vtfthai III EEf.' o^-iamiL*, th^u^b viUmiI xay ct>aij4vlioii htv 
1*MB thunv Ift o»»v«f to uay im|tiinw, ho Mid ll^ht ft 
»*t«ul tpuril ha» rabi]£ Li Uvmoi^j ; but ho lAtkotl with 


rM*rve on iiriltUra, Of Amdt» he vkt chat h« b«il aot & d 
Ufiftd, but that bo Un4 HccQ of ilh bj- «idtlD|i: a wntimtn«t 

Ort«5/r '/4. — At ilii' Tifirivtw fir iho bA lin»<v Tlw^n* 
laatMiAff'iii'rai^ Pnw^, nni) r.'hiintmy. AroiiiArk hv tlM'tol) 
slriK'h ino. ^ul 1 moidG n note of it. " Tlio iii>x«mji.* fa^ t 
" vxiHli^I w\t\x n hiiowtAtj^} i>f tltv [Jm vIktv* iW hiatuo 
to ttc. Mid antieipaT#d thr tigtit W wbtf<h it uwiVi W ri|wrt»(l] 
If it vcrv to In Ln the open lur. thuy o^vn tain>dTt.>>J fnVU ii 
the drapcrv. for the 9Ak<: i>f pr^KltictBiC % vlmdc." )K- |jijjiit' 
uut ta UK ibc bud HTettl of Ii^t frciiD ivn wliMb»n Ikllii^ r«i 

Oef^r Sxh. — Aft«ir ft Hvc vccka^ modcnwi wHbottt & 
inent*» citnni, I k^fl l'im« wilboiit n tnooiimt'* nsnU 
Jtmt mj ooatfrnTxiam. Iff^wu Cii&mu Ibr ha mainm^i «iid laral 
of uoiuJt which 1 (Cirtrfd to twcsmnl. W« wvol tbo fepwt tUj*] 
ill the Cftbridpt of A dU^fznoo to Amicna, vh#re tc hjicuI th#! 
aiyhu Tbi^ nrxl dny iru ihjohsIwI lnvu^i tie cuhxI- I fxitid 
thai Ih^rf wu only onu <(<it m ths cnlwtnil^i on tht* ocfftkJotit, 
prioc 32/f.. 4C/r, Ivi&f chAr£TH for the interior; on vhich 

uiid to D ; " Ntm, wt niitrt truvtl on fair temjic Th# 

pluo^, in fiKl, M llic uh<ti|i<->if, iinrf I doti'l tjiin'-c it ftir ikat o«i«l 
mim ihi^uld have t>oth hlv/iiiiAi^-u : ibercf>:>rv 1 |irapo«CT tkal' 
^liocvcr hu i\w i^obdolct thoM p\y l**/*-," lie coujM^itled -, t\ 
jpkva him hra choiiv, ^m! rt wu nmntiiug to vrr f^n 
with wtiioh hv ehoH* (b« inTcrior 

M_v amt^t^vn^'^^ tnm«l otit ^'t^M, fbr I hn4 the oompAuj nT 
n Ttry «riiBiblc, m*) liicfurQied drrcrtnaii, Dr Cnplpali>ni>, nfnl' 
w mn K roinHJ qif trti^rr^rj ftiid ptiTilieiil tofJiMv ne trvrtil]^^ 
ilII iii^it, nnd ^T^Mkf(l»1(4i nt Boub^iJTie. it vw in Ibo tDomj 
that we all walked np a hill to rcUere our t\tmh%, «h*fl I nv^ 
the Dvffur UilL'm^- lo a btnui^a'r : imd rrfbmng to Kiai, T 
hftnniiri*, " Ti>iir fri^'iid - — " Ht ii no fner\d rf tnin*,*' 
Coj>Utiti»ic nii^ljr i *' hv* ia n rnl^r, i^onuit nun ; I do turt' 
kii<>w wIiaI bo \» ; I tboiixht bti Kiln hd nui:ticmrcr at ftriC; 
thiji 1 tHiik Ulni f»r n f*:b?r : hv mny he luiYtblng.'" I bcnrd 

iJlwwHrdH tWnn U that llvin utrin^-rr had Iwm verr ui' 

tto^ifLj: lit tifci* c><i':lk, hv talkirji; i?D evrrr ftul^ect veiy UL' 
When tvi> kixiDV If brcnKfatt be iKldrtrMtrd hla convenat^a ta 
mo, -^i^d hsivru^ n^^d i^m^ vcit^^l f^vt^it/t^ I10 wckod iii««botbw 
I had ever txion ici Spooi, to *imh I na4d« bo aiuver. Ha 
VAt on ; ** P«v<i»dm<< u n ^^pmiidt wofd ; tl njenn: « Ijtlk niii ; 
it h k oon^iuid of tvo wnrilit ^ P«f<>. Ifulfi. atvl dJIlo^ da." 


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I hippMMil to CBC«b CoplMtoibft'N eye, nad, eccoiiniginf; nuh 
ftei ve bolh bill down oiir icnirctf ftad forl» uid rov«d ouU 

JIf flivr CA«iiini*rtHl trij., itf^i-r ti^v uiU to tbir bar, Uaa af- 
Mm Rk* jT^vii pl^ftiiirc. viibour *t nil inilitiKrAing ni» to so 
M nib tnv tn4i cf Uw bu", wt il prvft^ii^^, L Ult mj fritfiiSt 

h !■ Lkck ti> Ttp^n iufu frtucUhifi, A wii^ulir fact, 
[ htlieva the okiiAcUr of luy ovn mind 1^:14 niuoU 
:hc Ticiidi Uuiu uf liao i;<nx»w) in it. 

wriJifc»iI Moao boolut. Kmtn-n-, I IcTirviHi, » Ettll in l^iiirlfm. 

bb dldCATorv to ubtAtri aioi^cv IV t^t^ Pruvmiit b«Tc boon 

ttaxafbL taad hn la m j:^>i.<t bpiriu ulx-tit hiji obh nffair^ Uc 

- hiLtv an ap[)r>inrj]ii'itt ^'ri rliii tttiiiic . ttud tio tjdltftcn 

-itj- wiD N* fonsMl ki Bonn. 

tjUArAML — Wulke<l from CAnibriti^jrc to Itur^, Duttnt; 

be ptfitur put uf Uiv timv I v,l) itu-iLniE Schlt^d ^ Ucbcr 

I 4(«iU ooA £oIbv cr rvliih. I'nt i\w Hcr<>n4 Uvik ou Indiftu 
jMiw|ihir ] £nifkd tiiy JDUrevtidc. niul br uior« ixitellii^iblv 
thn tho of,h«p tthitawifrtkiuL «.Titin^ of thtr aiiUhit. Ho trails 
«f tk Itftdiiy; doetribcft of (ho l&diaii pLtl<>?.>pliL*r4. nod raf>- 
lMni» th«(n *» foroiiag c}>xha in loitiui LiHtL»r7. T^io noTJon* 
ttttcrun^ the Kmanalinn tmni Ove ilivUir^ iiiiiiil on- ixirmt^Uil 
vHli tW dn^trtiio of Iho [iro^-iinit^hV ani (nmiiicii/T^rJnn r^ 
1^ >GnL Thc*^ iflcaA ncrc KJIoitlhI \ry Uw ii<irnhi]> of imlurc 
m\ ki poivor. out oT vbicU H|jnm{; tbn iMiefiil M*l vwUm* 
UJiU4c^- of Ui« Gm-hH, 1'L« lirictmiv of fi^j prinnptr* m 

l-Ti- 1 ^ ^ilc^^el viih mon r4««|«ct Uum I ffijwcud, und 

ti- w^d il, nnd C«no uirt of it# — P^ntArvm, - with 

Ivh^ 'Ic lusrrEiiijf Putillirivi^ vlIkU I li^iie toij|C fvlt to bv 
«^|]v mic of ScJi^lliti^'^ Jf^iattitf, thftC It ifi drJitTiicllvo of nil 
•ttl imfronJutut, anil pnilurtivo njnrolj &f indilTcrciioo to 

pwi lOrl r-vil TIlit liltit Ixmk ii^ an admirable hortutivc to 

I Aifvn ku tbe crv^k i:^ h«tlne KrViirri 

* VTiH Im* m burl. 1l«rr mv, Mt I <krir It, 
nt Im • bwl^ miLiI 041 liU <v««b«i br iL" **1L C IT- 

Zm ftH»1NU9CtyCEfi Of HHSRT C'RAbb K(iUt)>»DX lt:ftA». 

thflitiUlvorOrii-ntAl iTtrnUum S«hl«g«l irf^wrt* Ihr iludj 
of Indian plillosophj u t pomvrfy sijmtilui to lh« mknid, 
prytffTvo it from th< FaUI i:<jUarautiio« of Dintcvn iirc| 
±ad iiilhMil,^. It nWi, Iter UuhIb, fiiciUlAUM iba cticiiirvli 

twy^-r i,T'A. - In tho C»iv»no«>n I trmt fr « reir nniui 
mto thr fair, [t n^jirlc ttH' rr^oloiKJmlr. Tlfv si^tit of Bui 
Fjiir nflbcta m** like ojom-noiiliaj *1hmii a dt^yimHtl friei 

i^bom aJI arquuiklAhcc haj ociv««d^ I have ni> t>l«aeurr «Iia1 
r/rr now in ii «:i;h? wLIj:h roriumlv ^aic iptf dviljhU niid I 
hair fcrWfd. iLilf oiOiumfuJ^ ti T&nil mj^f nr tliinif* ntt mil 
altorwl Tlii* U foolJ4h, Tur vby alKoM tbo laaii tvUHi 
fttUthmcvt* of tlio bi-H\ f But vvrrr lou uf ,^111,'lkfiJ taatc 

Oftoi-n- M^ja — lu ihf aftitmcHin Vfoe to FIusmu'l Kounl 
TkEin Floxnuui fiSoiic. Knmi her 1 Uantt Umt, ntwul Aii wcrhi 
ji^, Mrn, Kljtiniitii **» tcixciil lAJth 4 loiiil.vC'i: air^lic, %Ui<\ 
had iippri^Y-rl h#T nl Ihf mu* i«f h^r IlTriftf i"n pirir nid** frr B 
time, I'ul ffom «hiL4i t^li^* \m\ «iric« in i» prfttt ttM^nl^uro tx^ 
corvtrd. Sho in itnfi ni Parin vlth Miv. IViiiLiitn. «rhurr tba 
Ib alik ii-\ u-ilk, Tl*i» Hii/i»ri>, tht«ii_'li nlu- ma.i' wjnirp (i 
znam^ voAn, will hrotihiv afhi'-t httr duhti]^ hirr llffi, | riiotil 
ludi-od, haw (ln-'UL'Ht siif^ti ft *»!■>* « sniti'tKc <.r death, 
etflCulJLit m{.4iUnL \^il \titUotiy Rrjliiiivim in^iniDt iim< 
he hftd ri pnmlvtlr afr»>ko ni.inv y<>4r* fl|iv\ ftvnn *'hi>^ h** 
milTi?ri'd no avA r>>iiM>)<ii>iiocfl Hinrc. [ oliurr^d* both 1^ Ma 
FljuoiJin thia diy, luiti to Anth^^nv llo^iciinu llic dny ^fVpfyj 
thjii. X lini) H |iriwiEtiitriTiil I should myu^f at vjhic tiuip 
ftttacbfd vith p«niKMK or ftpojilrxy- Tlw^^ UTttlc<J thU ld*c' 
u A whjm, bur, ] hni< htlll Ihc fc<-})Ti^ ; for I frv>^iic4iUj suflcr 
(Wm (lUxiiLi'Mv Anil tuiiLt.-|iairn fed n ti|r)jU>rtt over mv c>cij 
»nd Ln mr braiu, wlitcK Jf innmi*^!, bwiH. I fan*^-. j'Todui 
M pamlviio fldfcction- Thtfc« QpprolHiimink nre. Iiovtcvcr, 
n<t nLcoBt painful I nm not MquAinted irrjtb ouj mode 
doiUb ahiiJi U \am CnutiiX in iun^inAiJim.* 

A^QimiAvr JiJM. — Drnt^d n-iih \lr Ponkn, hMTin^f Invl 
najMlf thiihor. A L\ijjtnin SUvdr and 3tiH KliLTHifta 
dere, Nod aAcr«rnrdti Mr. fkiutjui nxtA t^ Mr. Gimt3 
The rvE'Tiin^ was rety fili4Mnt1v MprnC Vit^ ^alkist ntioii 
CoitLic arcbrtoclur«. >lr. FUiinriH »vl he OoaimdurM it (lit 

• Tlk *4-k«ipf>11ni urwfrl «hU|v inwvAiM, I^Hi^ Ui- ftvt-loM* 


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Attfvaot^tt fma t]i4 ItoBUui. I obMrred iUnt it tniis not 

' '\ yi-nirnKv. It hhoiUd hv ehutt^u Ao«*; tluib 

: thv Midilu Agoi oculil iK>t lull Tiii\-e vinto 

tiw kaekait (Uoiuui W4f^», or cvur^ UtiH kiiowl' 

,.;k% iEkftuoDcod tbcir UiU. but tliey luijclii Mill 

w« Iff iktitr uwu; dktul otftwu^ iLc luU-r niuJ i^urrr 

< ltd nfil prvUwl to tbe miuu ^^Jorli. FtaxnuLn <li<l vict 

dipt lo Uibi Uc ol»pcTvit(] thj.t 1^'ltu^ t^o other fin:tiu«- 

*,«ft' <(im]f out of ihn wut-.ln oC thv *^, (umI him lo bo «1' 

! TTXMMk the cuit>)ini4i ft d'K iliii'i, TIk^ dhmuff liuioct 

.. -i- vat: u#od wjic& gbiif *a'iV4 ItItU or not At nU luuvmi, 

*jnl ttlitfij a. cVxh in» t*it uj^ -Vt tUin liioc tlifiro were no 

ttiLl/vHH, tor llipv Vi*n nA ii-nilorixl [iui;(?<mr^' BtJt vhvu, 

^tm hoinic intnxtuooci, Ur^? sviiirlr'irjt fki^lnnacl, wid thia viOk 

wTCil ttU uviritint^. thnt Ihu iinxtn hiul little nrqiuhintAncc 
u^t% tbfl Atrh' Mr OtJiin ntkUfrv-xl tbtt thn flra cU-'mtiim 
fn>iu tbQ UtiH-'k nuioQ VTM lli<> {tlaciii^ tlto >rch i^h^ji wvtuid 
■^ Mhtta tbo piUNTtt* The (<n.tik ni^Iiitcctutv wiui adapted 
liNBoUa batHUngMr all lh« MvliitiiolJiml ontAimiJtii ctnwi^t 
■'fiirli fvmiliiir Ic I>it-J4len in wix^l ib^ nrvh vtui cati*r 
iku d*« ■looo Arclirtr.jv<:4. Ji:u. ^r tt ituj^^t i^onHiMt of snxkll 
tfiqn. A|mluiJ^ y^Utt LjtiiUuil o^ldiim^ Mr. riajukAli uiil 
iW (Jii architM^i^ Ml ili*^ MicMU A^i^h fN'i^ni^uFSjr i-itt up Lhi< 

charohu luv fi>>.|>Kiit),ir 4u}>M4jUCUt viUitii^nn t^' the pillars 1o 
KiTii tlH<m gnvv; Mr PifoK^ii la of njiui^uii Oml OorMr nn^hi- 
ttttTtrv hiLi it« (Tif^u m iIm* t>iil, EViirl Mr. FUviiiAH wi^vrm aiso 
^' twitr tlu^ »:lva. Pori^n myit tlto hi^tunc iJvtsU*fiLAT in iers^%i, 
liiA i\ic H^aii'adt cliUida-A fiirniali tlio t;b>uii i.>f ouiLUiJiuicutfOiu 
noiiiian ■J<-Tii'4«| thfi XritiiiAa xiguij^ ftfAii the 'tnonui'^ity f>f 

for ni>ftAni^e> wju motet ut ropiwril ih^ Jjilkj- 
'.N I. 1,1 I ;■ TO ; ntvX *u cS a nmrthtir of dncorrLlti^iuii wluc^i wn 
«■ r^lbjiil (lMOT:Hiivtit> In^t nlaJi liail imt l^al thvtr miu- 
kb awui ftivtiiq^ tli^ Andi>Til«, Mr iiimn f [ ficiiid Blciioiit 

* b CtfT^m iRMl«r?iimT^>fliTh, ur prinf^ipln nf mndrvlLciTL It i>il n* 
■il^ad. hwn kkvv* Ji 0>i &w4.jtnil iw tjvcfi dkI nlOt Ia ilio finiuii- 
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all tuucli pl^^jud bj a rakuly &ii4 tftintj^d rt^-ly of Bis>iia;tuim 
X't I/wd EilniK-mtiili. A mnc wnrictol of » libel npi^iiht 
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the dcfcDdAiit wcTo tK< (uitb^^r u( ih^ book, tlicrv wmi ugthiQ;^ 
liy ^liJi'ti Ijc cj^iild ■voir. WLm UioujE^iii noc lo rcnui^ oq 
this, EllonlKtrfjughmid : ''Mr. Bruiighani^ If ^vnuBrD&r^ankntPfl 
vrith thii pcn»ii'« fiL3lb, yoa bnd inrttcr «Q|ig«it MOinn other 
mjK^on ; /ou hiul licttrr ci^tifcr «riik WitttS fktni^U^na naH 
m reply : " It ijt Tcnr LiujilcoMUit to Lc thm mixed ii|) villi tay 
dittic, of vlLom I ko'^ir nothing buC ilut I rua liii rvCiuik«ict 
odnxntCh Aa a Uvrvcr luid a ^xntlc^iuja, I proteat nt^itMt 
«rich itmnuAtJoDH.^* Thin he f^ekuIc^ in a vmc t^rr iiafjrrw^M;. 
LonI EII«nhotwi^ trnR pviilir-nvh' morYiAL'rl, «nd kih! m a fiitnt 
roioo thnt \%ct it\naiaau<»n was intnKdcd, 

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«bfiTi(i pnrli^^K iir** nivw htjIv m^n* a riini^lli. I filn^Al ii L>.ii]p|a 
(■rml^Sfn ]:i]i<4kJULnt]v> imd nftt-rv-xnl't rliult^nl wiUi limliU till 
^iw o'clock- litf is liw.vm(-- ri'i EdinKiir^ li K^'vu-^^r tbri:^i|-b 
(he retutuitivti'lnlxiti Lif IjkIv Muckiittitib. vliv lind will to ihv 
CA/Jnjw>i <»n;i.^ U% kui>LV thii Aiittt^^r Af tbo ftrCLrl^n a» h)«tltti- 
tioRfl. Hiuibtt iH^t f|i<b^ lUid otU^r wntitijr« v^ J(>lhM.v, rtMl 
bM Iwtn \n a icry Ibitlrrint- tc4itiitf<r tnn>lM la Ihc fi>r|ii. 
IhU host pnf. Idm hi unr>i vpfritA, aiwl be nmv ai;itln h^ifi'ii ihic 
hi* tftlrdln will b« oJf|>IVGlli^*d nnd hi<iimo x vilMUUttcv lo liion. 

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and aat willi bLni fr-rii tiit Ij> rWrti. Itr u^anvivy ctutty aoil 
plMimit. PiiTiiir« MiA prkfttfr voea tb*- nilyot-t4 of rmr tatk. 
H* thinka no <k«orTpii<>n in " Tlw Kicimri-n " »j jprnd fu) tJio 
hUtory of the ooiincry panxm aLo bud t<cu a courtier. In 
tliia i ngms ysHh htm. Brtt )m< dudikn '*TIv Mn^falMi/ 
tthteb bf* Hvyii would be oa good in prcwt ; id Mhkh I do dmC 
a^TM vcth Jiim. 

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It ban anordrO ill'* ItiH tficttiN* fJifaaimoD tbewbul<& [arhttpa, 
thAii 1 had vxpMlod, but it will U) a aoww of frvquvnt graU- 
Acatioc Tli« witdoip and bit;h moral dnmcter oif the vor^ 





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idrr ika dcslb i^f lua tti:i\ nt'l" " ' ^ '^ ' "' ' ' "'^ <^^BC to 
tor up wiJDil (lcHc4At»jii juifi u Ti't«'^it iiih'>--. ^'_) irii' |ici»f<re of 

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Mib)^ Dduuij^. anil fLM~]iin. in iliio miln-LjiliJULtJcii to (lie 
taceaij«jitlili> ft^rth luiink, atio of ihr c\\hf axivWcuixK d the 
pom. WonUwcjrttk hai Micwodod better in lifiht nn,d ok|Qint 
Mulh^ ki Uib («<t]i tliAn in mi5 <;itlxT. Hut llaoi'VcriACi mai 

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■tt tnwMTMlift^j dj|;iaiy lit K<iu], And vjihout tiis oric does 
ua KB bovt Ki*oitjtil M' L^:l«J1y tJi^'raAf tl>i] ScoUuib iioljilllj. 
tkflH^g** OO^ilM plOhJ^Cfi lUi? If'U tliioi Kctiitilv't Uv tiiw the 

wtttdminililF in Uji' ^-Ih^t hn jpi^v to this ri*rv h-M <oiiccp- 
bm U hm eVfi .V'm pnidd ■« vhtm Ue Irwl ni^lil of ihi* di»|{' 

rr, Bnt in iKo ecviw tn which bo rHuinH fr<<ii: tlio miirili>r, 
Ou luoka vloiimUy. Rw dcarJi in a^oo vcnr j^rnnd, AfUrr 
fF" --.' \ ■' Ir-tilt-wonnd Ijt nlfl^imi im4 ^itta a fciNo bluft. 
Aj ,r <nwlM on ihp flt-nr !o t*iwli n^in I*!* ^word, 

«eI . tiHirhvail. This b nu i<«(f i>iix<U«ttc IIjilii bit 

ri^ . .nl, Unt tKiiet) from it ; ao Ui&t vb&t j» faid uT 

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U^, bj^rinfC bftJ IrtcHjfiB l>c»ni il boxer, lk< if^fcvo binutulf \UT%. 
•J iMKliii^' witb u tdlov wUiii^' uti (I Btil-j 111 u fii^bl wb^ diU 
U'tmk« «nv for Un: tw hr rt|iK't^l. him^ »>* Tir iliLJii^jbt dun 

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«hcft 1 haJ [( irinc-jmrtjr, »iid hi- wtt Uic I>jii-" 
tt Ibat time t)i« Clkiiapioii of Kh^jibtI. 

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fvll«d on Mian hmt 
mil, but hIi« tiivl 

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iMurwitj' unitii nuke htr AUmq>t 9bi« llM tiiviL 
liilrti mondy to »rdtt Iwr in Ai^imnK; a .^i****' *ti1 
»bUo «h« >p9ii4.i of inohUity t'> vrilc, nti 
Ilu tilt not uinnil^H lu " lira. \a'u-- '- 

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pQf^i.~Uuu 111 Frii^tw Ivfijiv i\ <li<l itr '^ ' I >'-iri 
than intitrpktft m< tfnt^llv ; vtiut ^ i^^ - -iiiH v 

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<Ii:4hM nrctiiU^t«ro : AiiJ i>i Ibwaion* Uto J^U'h . 
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wTviM b^ hi^li'y in'-^'Hririsi; xa fiiqiiint hnvv r^H? M^-i-' 

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tbr Pnr&c0| in which M'^L^tUu^cTth talbt cf »mny y^iAoNA w»- 

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craki ncit Riiaa uiiilhiri^ iiji(>»'>^ ni )t. ImScvd J m* uonMo, 
sivo lidl. Ui «j([>Uttj t^c i-LOM^i And LAmlia ckplaatticu 
a aettUsbctikV^ . vi& tlstl ttmnj w ilti^fier sudk^u^ iu llie 
ur umii thftii Ei> ATiy kiiu|flrk*d holl. If Wont«w«rth 

M (ht incitlity of tioll, HID Uiit TktCoiTipta to iii(lUiL|imIi;>- 
KUo* coimtrtihi|£ MUul. hi: w^ll In* niiiHt itniri' <if a (nr4ii- 
|hjlti1>l LJltloMtJlor mekA ^JntTnrA'r .Ir-f, ihAK 1 hnd UiV ■;>K)- 

OfUoi or. And tct Uiui iiUicr^itr iciorknw and mAirnUcfrtit 

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luft nickt, imd hi' wMrnvd RlMinilv f^rlVil ftjr chn viiiit. tin 
t«lal ia<-i«tv> Uimit oloue^ I abitniiiod fn>w iiiqiiirin^ nfUr 
U» uaUr, »u4 tnud Im vill kppr««.'ULto Uio aictivc. 

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pitf lad fbiiiimjiw iiiw Ikx loi1<^ — her viiil<r' UJr-nc. Shcr i« 
Mtani fnr tiFT jtrtlU Mtim, but Uicv nm tlL<^ Tir^ iipjinniTr of 
ImiiV \4 w\Mi I hiiT<* *]iok«B- In Knm, roTi hv Oh' ruLiii|^ 
N«nb lUvufT in dcblL. (hat in. tnr. ^unioii of ibo iiLdKJdnaJ- 
Mm O'Xnl fihiiiitd iljc niJlcnnifi thai Arc caminMi to all nbo 
■>lh [hViL To Imllntc *\mt\i vUisr\y w ctittjniKlin^- 

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pMtJj iDlcrMtnl b^- hia atf«aiiat ff hin ^niily, nnd ftip<*eia11_v 
rf»ii JLviiirr fnctiJ, It'm hniLhi-r I hrimmji* Dimixif thr Inni 
tawitn Ll;rivliikii hiu k*L'^ miim^i^ Ihc Mtnli^t of hii fiblDily 
V Schema, 4lt«TTp myn Iiia brotticr he hoa bc^oii pnwtuiiiif a 
■*Jii '»f wlijni-^itnl jil-bimlicicH. Araoiij; olhcT eccoiotbiokl 
fv^l^l^ lii> ofLfiriiii^i ihp plui '>f ilriTiTi]; il nmnliur of tJi^uj^ 
iuv B l«m aikI f >r>'irif,' ihvtti. hy Bc^'inff. ^^. (o trouk th« 
IP^ lUM^iul fif ti^iit£ n I9>\il< Tn ah »if thai unimftln mL|;ht b« 
■>^ Cu sittCiuii i]p? rz^mvVu^ vhi«'b nrt boa <1Imoov»vi.1 for 
mtm»ti raEvnni, Im Im-o* TKf h<t^ '-f ■f^imM^i^rikK tuM heiM, ^11 
witto inaJl* Ihasi u/Jk WTlh UyxnI*!!! k-;^ 

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Tiif *<iv '*r- **,[ fi Ik Ilk f«**(Piknl form — 
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Of politic* GooTff* Brcniiino «^k« ft^ly. Ho U itot 
Hnrmly anliiluotuparti:* wi 1 n>uU Latc viiltcd, bui in 
Hi<ll jairiotk. Jk- vuhv* fur a oioccntnLtinu yf Cit 

i^KVmWj- J^lA. ^ Kodo to WiUwui ou tbv oatvik of 

work. Hja iiPHtf ttint • ztubI T^ninlwr erf tlv ntnt ^ad ccr* 
tnoAio* «f uiv Hcmuh Ijjiurvb Eire dcriri^i fn^ca thic PAffM 
rdi^u in i*r^' vom^'lctD ojkI taiiHTuclirr}, And bo iirvrv iu 
u^ptnMot i^ihU tl;i> iibium /,r ihc bcuum Cbunh n'dh n 
{Mings nialkt-oniHu t» irimhlunitv. That the o«rtb«t Chrti 
tiniA vohintariK omutiiUaN*! tLc ncv fiiith 4iul ita titf^ta du 
ATK^ttfiit. HtiiKTrrTiiiiiit, III onl^r t^ via nmb. Ami «Jlh tliat bo 
oomiiuxhktttig: aiitrit winch St. P&iil a^ctnA lo ha^ umctiouvd 
Cftiuiot lio do^iljtcd^ It ii4iiiiUof a doubi how Air tmch a pmo 
tie* la »> tfiilirt<ljr Iwl >fl rijfiil l«tiiTTi-ni i»w ^ah^I. Cr!tlAiol| 
tlie» pviilifiiiiioe ftro fif^ tlip tiii«i mi#olti^v<KU pjcrMaHKil 
wtitoh hiit« L'fvltJrtiK lortu^ lhf*iiiMlT«« en Uio «4rtbC« of Ihi 
aobl« ftiui (fiXliziwly tLi:n^\c of Jmiu Clui-C TIk wviu </ tbtt 

but ttx.' iTii'rkJLrulili? ftiid inl'ilL'rah^tj iio« of Uooiuaifla ti U 
infdililalitjr ci tlii; Churcli, lujd Ihc LOUK-^iMUt £liloJ«nuUD o 


JA^VARV 3<i, — My riiit U. WiUwm «m m^do r*rU> 
I niiiclit huTt tip fiouum f^f rvAiliiu: '^Tha Excuhouq 
Mtv \V- PiiiUiH4i. The wcjiiwl |icntojil of thin |h4*»' Ibui i^i 
fif<cl rn4 rtiU nb<iro thut the &ncl. imd ni^' o«ii ii*]irr«*iiiiM wi 
not rcivovod bj' tbr vuiain crilicieiua I Utnini iioiuttial 
vith. I ubo rod lu MrK ruttiiiajit t?K- /'{/fv/f'r /VnViv. U 
n hi^tly viKfimlAitio artJdiL tvmliHTijr miujjU jusliof* Eo Ui 
pootuAl tAknt* d the Author, bnt rvima^ a iktibl w to tlii 
rcllgiDa* dunctcr of the poem- It is tivuoiinii^J iLat Null 
)■ H «Cin rf GnrI thnrit}^'hoii1, kikI ucjiisiiiUialy with ihfi ralttll 
latio ortboUoiT of tbv rovL^wiT, tho Uinn«itaoJo error of 



miiaiS A lo^'v ^ NvUtTQ ta n nrt of pvrlQriit^' oUte of tmwi. 
ot liie t^Qiljr of Naiiira at a MHOtUViiis |inK«m, in cinplutl- 
w^t pxntcd Dill. 

VnL i^UL^«»fn furtbn* oljj^t^ tlial, in WortKiTDrtli, there 
B ■ tuiL iif KmiXfil^lVi Of ratijer jobmui: , imt I hliv l-vl-ii iiuiLii> 
tutd that oof vt ilio tVBtiMia xhj 1 n4inir« hint *«-■ rmtoli ix 
M I arver waft in Vtvc Wo cilM>iitod ^-ai thm btiifj, anJ it 
fut4 Iwi afrMvl WlicfOii tu thut \V<>i'd«wurtlj Ims mi prrver 
tene he hiiH ni> incbu^HUL Ui dtw^rltif ihe jiMSimi of Ait iiii< 

tf ikv pcMTiiL It is 11 VL'Q ur^'Hv AA(1 TvuUriuptLhJUH trtidu. 
Vfrivwurtk i* inMttHt m tfirurabUi, aiul thn rhitii^^ orv rung 
« iHe <i[(1 ktfjra witk ffrnit vi%neii;f, -- bfK}n-tibr)> imA ImUs, 
- '., Aci. U9 IS r«|iiTMdie(l witli h^ivbiL' ftntUu inor^ 
Jirin Iff^'ns A liidimiim wui-xiiimt ftf ili^ «toTj In 
pM, «tk»ch wilt not uajKiu «» nvuiv* lV>r Hoeoot i>r th« \iih\o 
aU\i\ \tr «> r-r>c^ vtj^Hi. ItLti thoiiifh Uii> «ttAck d«i Wonl«- 

. -t.Ci ,\ /fttti^Ap nrlicb*. it wjll ii|o<t> oj) (he 

i^Liir vtto ui^hl o4bii7r«i4^ have ri^jrifr^J itioir tii^lit. 

- c-.-^M. ilUr nil, " Tlw Kxaimiom " ktJI luftvii Mr. WunU- 

«<nh'* admir^TH «n4 iy<nti.'mnt^irf when th«7 wervv E«ch vilj 

bednuibad vnth iiMiaikfCt ti> H(rcuf,'tboii hw ovn pcinujtfi4<i&^ 

OmijoIj J oould wish for u tiot&fjirtiEit clear«r d«r«j<]pnii;i]t of 

lU uiiliuTiE tjpJiuoiUr IW tlw rrtii-ij(.'hiiiL*it of iv^i<.< nf tho ijn- 

lilMkCi^C bttrlooittOTf nutt«r. fur thi> vxcJiu(ii.4i i:^ tbo tUd 

*f AvanifTT, «rimarHak owl liBkLiid notiuu], And curtniLmcnla 

QlHMi.'if the vtii4>r uurativoit. Bui, wUh ihean dcductiuim 

hn th«> vonh Af the firv«n, I fli» uot hviititt^ lu place it 

>B<m tbo »ol)A«Bj( «<-t1» of tho hiLmui mtollcot, uud ta tnc it 

■ «»cof tlio Dtoet (ifhifhtfuL Whnt in e^vl ia of the bo»t 

oil i^ciMxiwVM* aii'l iIk* imna^it an* not fVw nhii*h {iluicif the 

: a liiTifl waU MdtOFL tt m tniu \Vi>n1t»<irlb is nut 

f ^'■■ct ; bat it itt *lw trua tli^t vlutt liTi» in Iho li«nrla 

^f Roden fruui tljc vuriu uf Mdioii ia not tlitf vpic ^j^jii. 

If^j^n'* aarj liu ireTit. imritrMlK^nablt- ; but tl ia rather u 

'^ an ppLc Durnittvo. VV«rdiworth u puraly :ui<l •!> 

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tilio. -LLi> Et<:f' «th.i:it "TIm Excurvjoiu" SIm* hiul nif^icM n 
lrtt« frym U'ofiUiroTlfc biliiMcAf, ic which tw fiioijlivhod lh« 
JincaJiJc M v<4l «• WbTonble «jniLioii« lir had already 

fl02 REMIM:U:UtSCi:A Or UKXDY 0&AI1& BU«UC90X l&tAr. 11 

Jitnvar^ SJtL — On atj rido to Locideo (lutJMilo th>e 
comIi I rmd |art of (k>crtlMi*« ,\uUilj*a|;ni|ih; {3t\ i 
grpfti ^toMuro- ll x A <!^t^iifnl work, liut moid (> 

*■ S,VG^'^irv_' lU b NaIUTV " «Bd uf Itm llMolofficftl Vp^iNU 

cul^ tlnff' All l^Ai rrji[tor!tf( hiftovn hie ind fij 

le i(i (old- It ia ■ bot>h ti> qiaIuj a dulu vtffa to li 

iriii« ^crv H Uuiij; Iio LmI not tktmlj dqioiroood, Tbcn 
in f :<FtUi-.< hiirl) a imL in tit(nl^ Xhg plinMuii* of ariwo 

■il fiMMusBoi bylitui in u cuLrcvoitjLtfnuit d«t£n>o tJiui in 4J1> 
fvlm ku wor ivucBvti km liCr bv >triiJiti: iU Ho ii|)|ina9 
bis youth to iiAvo had suoj^lhing cvca of rdigiaiui mtht 
It vonld bo ntvroNtAug to know hov b« loal it« l>iil «« 
iiATilljf b« jj^nti^tx) bj ft amch lovigcr c«tttbuuM9 ot thk 
eoonpftnlile nicMutir. 

JitHittfy JJti.^CiAUd oeAniTOC- H« inCortiu no thftt I. 
Grvhine a writtjy ft life t4 C. / Ff>£. Tliw vork wiiJ <i«i 
iiiumMhal Bftl |jr>'«< I I T< lanil. — ^Itollxr £nikifio luu u>j 
lil«rHrj Ukul. IkK'I ' ;_t ntiixl if tb« hook do«0 Utoftiil 
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cop of t0iL vtUi Antony EtobrnMOi, Jr, t-od Mtut Lullt^ 
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ihf'waiiU ikrurr. }lvr»it« In tJv Ust oiCl oT '* The Struucn" 
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Um mnu portinc. <if j^^od b«uo m Uun book, vtiidk KUj o^juTi 
Att'wth Bot uiuiiovtal^l.T. «t l«ut u \i>ag life. 

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I/nl 9ik, — WvTtt |.j l^iTj- br Ihu i^tu:L Pindint: Hmrt 

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Hm wraiM wh«« T^in^ to hnro Uion^t vprr rij^tlr, Mr. 

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near two o'ojock, plnTittf- whiirt tU, for oliich I *»• «o>Mpi1 
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inTolvwl, though HuxJitt wn« wro^t^, mi tf«ll an ofl'^iuirv, tfll 
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ahkv oo poittK^ And xtoir unr bopes and r«ni pf' 1 i 
oppo«»<L He rMwna aU bU balrcd of kioK^ ;ind 1>» ' 
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again*! tho ^ii^mJ Mvrlj. [ axw tvrt fiTuikcti by iIiih lxhiau*' 
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sill bti ml&nitdj l«ti iban thut vlii«1i uonid nriu.- frum Rm 
parte'* feijuc««. I «y : " Dortfwr Uim, nl any mte, nnd tjUrt 
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difforvneo between q>. 

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April It ik. — 8|Miil litt IWinoQ LU tlio lIoU, wiiiiout U' 
HHtf. Th<* cnuri mw oarly, uul f wwlfct*! hutnevranlji with 
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■pwl h» XiagjPiahX ia nw. It aoimtK tn fbnf thnt. &ftrv [ill, iftlui 
«|iiflHlni> vvfv |iM<0 orwiir«;tt It^tfOftpartf. wo muNt DOffwIotla 
in Civc<r of ihomic ; Imt the iiiinCiixi isv vat Ly im u^ju ui 
Prvtfi^ nr hjr him »n yvm honm m fkrinviy, — u>d 
t^w forvK ibo autvar uuigt Iw Air vtir vilh hrni mu^v. At 
t^ voio tin* llto proApvcc ia tnawudoaa* if wo nr^ t^ hnit 
witf ; liitr lio« «r» uur roBourcw ci> oiiduro, wWU iwcin nuir 

AprU^i'i.— Mr Qiaiyl^ brcakCuKoil vHb mo to tho olp^^ 
liitiuiKir i£iut!(iiiic TuiiL% vbo ctllod n>7s iiiumctif., Inji (vtilil 
in( mj- Mr^ <^!uijJii fimnawil t^ mi* the wr\tlnt; for a Tx9>m 
Ktnrw, but 1 f^vo au ludnctavo ui*tn-*r. H^i iitr>niH mp IhAt 
Volfrjr hM cnfiigtcci 'HiTkii Tor tW LqaIcou iu ti^wijutrm-i; >if 
a^ Wtcr to liiiA. Amifn^iicit Mr. QuHjrle »'» (JrwV S(twu 
4iid on tny rutiirri ^inid n lilti>r (Vooi inv«i*t«r •Jtii'iniicing 
ihut niT fatixc bod been attiK^ud by Afxt|>fcxv, and «n« I>f(i|f 
ID « aUW wbiiJi rcudcf^l it unlikelv tliai \\e «i>iiU nurvjiv 
ciuuiy bo«mL ThS* \\\Xf\\\f's^wt- tymJit TitjF. KiirprLMt> irk>>, ^<'r. ^i 
Urn atBto of my AvUkt* brAlUi, cixiM it vn^^^^j in^^ Hia llko- 
vhioi Ten nqitidly wmI«« ahav, b.^v iKni v ciiri.'ifM«il 1^^ tluruM 

HHfto ttlocio of ftll hiH tourooi o^ p|*EUUiu I rqjulcod to 
HHIr tlMt hia iliilo *iii« UiaI of torpidity, ft}mi>«t of in«criii- 

I Apni &lif. — f Efwnt the frntrnoon M homo. Mr Grfrtt 
Wmi|^t fiM A Mtvir niitkomi<;iciff th« oipvetod ctvcnt : my 
poor CAtbcT died bcwoeo twdvo nod ooc «*oliJok yoMcrdny 


Oiftt be liHM ntr^ «^th«d iti his cliSdrffi ili* ft««t finH in<«< 
L^blfti) mn6h'«i% \tu httvu Uit ial«fi)rliLiii> i • 

Wtwevii UH^^irul juaI tuofiL] evil, l>,-(iiuuii tLn- drlVnta vT ci 

«oiit«l«r« » ropreocli^ iumI thcow «Tn}n oC lb* v JJ, *toiit wbutJi 

] HJUfi'ti'ly wixti ] v'&i ether ibim I ft:n ; aiid Uuit J nth^naith 
tdfgu fuimiig ttioin ] Ma aroiinJ m<^ hidjruluAhi mbdin t hfJitT*' 
to bv of K ivol^lor flQd tvtUiT iwtkOtT ibaa biT*c)r. Tlw miAi 
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nftlnrp ; hul im Kbnr dotfn wiiubllitr dffwntl 1 ihi cokt<il«* 
ti«ai. or bntsiT*. or whht 1 1 <JaUDot (vU. I know ojtij Uwt t 
ru iKrl myoati nrokkcr. I kiww nUi> lb4< I rvtiM'c-i oUmqv. 
morv LhjLii I il^' luyi-eU ; t);vii)[h 1 }invc faiiLvrlo l>i>(^ii m«crvn] 
frnm iiomff tuiV ncl grrwjJjr violatJDK the n^ilji of ntborv, ftDuL 
1 niti t/ri iuftbjAlilc of a ddibotuto oi't ui' ttyii»tjc« oir bAnt-j 
bv^iiUibii?*^ Itui how |i>ujj uifty I bo alio to 9i«ij Ihb I H*rwl 
vin*. nnd acbnimUc* thn pnivir, " \jvtd tov ttai. Liiti> irrnpu- 
tl<m : " I iMuiiWfl utMcFftitiiii iho ia?HUrH»M of rvbjj:;i)n. Uit 
Ibin I «m MiiailJo c<f, ttml tli<rt » a cmadouBBnt of goad 
«-vr[ iti :nvki<Lf. tif nirvii^^-Oi iiiirl vt^Hkiiirm. <>f a froodnfaa ont 
itio whicb is nut ia vnc, aiiil of a aometliiri^- ictiiob / oan iwtbi 
otuift nor tbiak unattoinrLl^l?. An<l on tbin cottvcJoMmiamt' 
anDmoa to all mm, rvnUi Uic dtrtrlur at >fnwv ni^ pt«vnr,i 
whiob I «ith to fomfirrhritd and ilulj t<k £vot I «ub ti> ba 
rcligioTM, <u lUi ciortl«i)Do iu>d iniu^ cf cihir»et«r« ar tb» tcaat*- 

Ai^t 24'h^ — SfvDt lb4f tETCTiirr [MJt of lb« lbrt*jiDijii at 
bonus Hfritd Knditt'a anido on the frr«nl nmwliicia in ibo' 
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I'Nniaivo abiJBo ol tbo p«tU>c» «f tbe king, i« ooonkmitii! tbo' 
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f-'firhnl iii'!*.*f'rl Hv VI als!> fyvrro ft;ifl nlmc^t i^'rTtJiiifitiuua 
tciv-anJrt Miu LEunwy, vbo«^ '' WAndcror " «iia tlio pr«(<&(« i/ 
tbc urtkilo. 

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fiwud a c«n) fVoon Wordnrotlh, nnd, ranninic lo LomtX I <<>UJtd 
Mr. «nd Mr*. W^rdsvonb th«r^ After »ttin^ Italf an bonr 
vitb Ukom, I ftcoompaAicd lUtt^i Ui ilioir Lili£tiik:n. pmt Tan^' 
diih SquaM. lira. Woidaworth iip[«ari Ui W a ntl4 ani 


Hu.) wosMvorra tb£ poct of cohho>j thi\os, 309 

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Unj&fi. — I i\ui<^i nMh ih«r-olJi«n,Bii4nft«rdixuMrcAU»d 
M ibc FliuitiACi^. Mrs- FUioiAA udnutUii ue to hvr ruuio, 
£&• b«ii ftUnit a r*>rtui;^lit tH*utv Ltnrkvti bcr Iq^ cuhJ ipmbM 
U bttlHpi, hy falling' duvn mat™ Thi* ir)iKronuTi4<. Ix^mc^'^r, 

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hdMiwUy rvcuvitnxl Uitf uwof bfrrbirvl tn vanodc^Tvp.mnil 
Wr lhi«)d« «xp»cl ikujt iij(» vill bfr b«t>*1iti>d tiv Iho nocitfci^t* 
f^E^LuiBMA. bf'irf-rcr, Imd ft tvUpworhU cr^HipcUs. lUiJbc 
iiiUD «> mi'slt xid jivnroiit tW be hnb um ociv. Uis litiui* 
uti B die voniD oTiho Lw<l 

JTuy ^. -Took toa with Iho UmU, Mr. uid Mn. 
Vtrdurorth wcro therr. Wt hud ft lf«w; vhttl, of uliU-'k lio*' 
"TT, I tau reUh* bm liitir- \V(in|Kui>rl|], in nmver t^^ ibe 

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imtdl « it. He 4jiT» tliut hv viMmift W rti\"ii«-iiL^ lifiiiy mnt^u* 
o4li CothoTmlr>ono^nii<>nrfi>. Herlr^Hnot wutt« Iiib fwling* 
*ni tttitcilhT f'Jhjr*'!*, tor bt »» iJir-j h> ibr iidiinl tntcrcnts of 
••^If. I ihiiiV. ibc jHMi!ir;»l».iEi i» compltlr. If Wi^nlhirortb 
^l|*rfrij imrTiivlibtr |ai|iiiliirili, \ti* miiilil ln'fniLi- iin ifpiiiraiiFu 

**jl«»J dfiJlml for ^Srry^ i^.tiIvJhj; of llif< J*i;:bUi]|jjili'. uud jW- 
**]iii lor inv^iM^. ik|if4iv4 to lli# ^jjlfoilk ; but hut viD pmhihly 

^^nsiaal raiding But or, lay alUtdtuti to ibc biics, 

<lnd «iir«iriv ikftt I (hrvj iioT rtiid thcju nloud ia cooipuij, 
Ijo Skill. "Tii^' >i*tv;l>l **■ I** IknL" 

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^ona» of IdMpBilioti, " Vow-Tkok' *^^^ * «ic«en|plion ©f 
NiU^jL Tb<JT be ay* ar« lUii-tni.' tbo b*nl Tor tUt lEikitifinfttirc 
mmpr iliuiUrrd tn tbim:- I \inu> mnco n^jJ liuriii. Thay ars 
nnu, Urt I b«bQVD 1 do not und«intanil m vhat their «iedUnoc 
conAliU. yiif \HHrl hiiAiAiolC JU Hoilitt bu vvll oUcTt^d, ba« 
n jinibv io dvHTiiig im Aid fnjiu HU >(iitrji:i:L Ji i» thv mere 
fM«r vbteb bf » ooiMbovi of fTinrtiiif^ m vliich hir Hf'lii^iiH. 
po^tbo prodiution of ft vork ni «kich mcii rcjoiL^e on n^vcunt 
of tlw ^mpfttbioft ftod Mmibilitici it cicitti in thctiL \UtKt 


1^^ .,, . _ 

ho duM not aiadi nt«ian his " Lbodnmiii,'* vi k In 
tnCcrior cAam of ^cwina louiuM on U10 nfloctioafr Id 
in tdhor pMuliunt«H oT WordsvonK Uierv U o Ucmua I 
in hill niiiid 

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it pTDVtfd our KTatJ^ot^i- In a^^ tiT bvr uirl nuEim 1 &ak 
itr\in^lT &ir«ol*d XM by cner* wchUmvb morJ vrtr^ \ Ur k**! 
«r t«QdcnM«s OkTO TUfy p1tntfn^« utd, «oci(n^ Ui mj uptf 
tion. xlie prodiKi^ a e^ut '-fTccl b Ui£ Wt'w:«iM« if lU 
puBiour Sbfl tluvv her mbuLi ftitJiny iMUt ber uDl't.-, ±i:i 

h«*, — c<ic;?t<t(inn£ Uut imturc bu lUbiMt h«T | 
Jii^fju^ citiritTv:U'rTi. 

k k-uu dHurvr. I WAltfit till I dntpkirurl cf h* ' 
k»d llitfti roiiimocl to tovtk Jtwi m 1 tvu'Jicl ' 
wriUfi to till* *kiik. tbii TVJn ^sIwhW, ■»! (Iir m : 
ven' liiio- HA«fHV4T, I ocuib) hnrdiv iv^ 
fot I iTimt tJ> Lamb'ft. amI t<>Ak tim '^ 

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|fiC«^ WonUwsinii inuk vn-y HaIIjt trnt piirlry. 
iMikioo U> Mtvud to^ «liivli rviKlor^ dhi retilcea. 
At «farv«n. 3tift Hiiulkinwo w«« of tbo party » (Jig 
pwiUj on MD^iataUuca. SImt U a Hi^J'* >rinj 

J/iy 05fil. — .UUr dibickg wiUi UkO Collkn. I 

Litttib to the tbmUiN tWu w« ««tT <rird-1 
rcinkwnrlh*. Wif luwl Avat fla^wi ftt 1 
iw "RKLard 11;' U iM H h««TT Md 111 ' 
^riii<:^1»UT rKi^'Jftc llw pcvcM* W i(rliii;h I' 
li birdk iriirmvod. K«fiii'» iclun^ ii) lin> li 
111 It aatiunx wirth Ti>>l^c4t ; hni tn the ^MtO 
corf4int3r ^altibLlfl tbo «ir:«ik, puK^nato, luid «',' 
Co grcAt ndTncitflffei Iri llw torn*' in vhtcU h'^ 
ctvnvti, cbnoottflktof iwarind is iSiviy ki^pf i]|i ; 41 • 
iof ofofipoMta iTiucilio«ii ia mi^ cuHi^i:* 4x t<» n-«Rn 
iikwmty. Sercnd adininiblc uU^coc/ iU 

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[>UlKat AT P€BD£S'&. 


MtUhdJoB, — vQft tn peurticQlnr. u whicti b« 4«ridM Botioj^ 
Wok* for dbcti&f to knotl* oxid [miuAtM br o ai^ with hi* 
Wnl likfti ])attn(i;hrtAo mL;u> hL the Iciel ^fhia cTomi, 

ir^V j^^eiL — 1 dii^ at CoUrtrr* vivh :k putf MiemliM lo 
we WorJtvorlL Tbdt) vorv Vouuf;, UftrnijB, AJ««gcr, Je& 
Tfaj* .tr.rTfurfjD ittifvil ctT p3fuar:ll}-, but the coQvomaticQ wu 
set bif^lT inii-raBtit^ WrmlBiAtrdi ir»» M U> giw lui npiti* 
kftof Lo«d Byrota «fcicb fij.iu^ivl me tij- tu r«««iuNAnot lo 
■f wn. Hr tvfrcoiettd iho a'jtJ^ur with t|i« coQlradiolioci 
ki thr chnrvXM of \be Comur. A^- He uhiL> bluiuud C'nibbv 
kr ha imjx>«txol mod« of conftrrlerfu^ hu«ihD luittm «]d 

1 Ifft Ui» iHTtr to loqfUTQ oooioeroiiv tb» Astbou;r Kobtu- 
H« «ml on ni^ rrlum nmiid th9 WanUwunht ^mt^ : but f 
«vii Ut IjaabX mhtfft fhty ima^ <aid i ««^^»(t their ttjin* 

EST Ul fcrr tate. I be^ to f»«l qnit« contul vriih Mre. 
irinurth- Sbe ib an auiiabltf w-jiiitii. 
Jim J/A. — Mr. Smh, Sfii., uiul my bffoth«r I'homu^ 
hrmt&sUd wHb m«. I cou<l>ict'.xl Mr. SnAh lo Mr tioJ^hom t 
BiMiu^ and iMOM) bcmiD lo nwl 'ThL- WLiita IXwuf Itjlntoiir." 
%VMd«vartk This leg*iidnry tak niW br Ins pr^pTilnr tturn 
Viller SnrttX fmm ihc vnnC of Ihat ru^j^ar tnicllitfibiiitj. attd 
Utt frr*ihuc4J4 Aijd viiMicCtj d <]»cri |>1 i^iLi, i«tiJi:h pIvMO «?«» 
Ihaft vbi> nr« not i^ Ihp nil^fnr. SlJll, T.hf* ponm will hfi hni' 
^ilM ih^n bi^^lfT pioc«ii<if \Vor(lfJVi>rth'4 ttiIii^, Th«i« 
kita iliUcAlo 9cniril]dUtj and Di<|aiMtc D>onJ Tunning thro^iifh 
^ tiilJo : bitE it iu Tir< t h« huppioil nf liU imrrnli b^it po<>mA. 

Jbv^fA- — Tkord as Mr- PonJcn'n. Sir J*m(^A Smith of 
JTcrwirii, tfaa bo4An»eiiI pr^oMcr, Chen, «!»:> PhiJIipti" tlio 
^Icr. And Tajbr, tiic c^xjov or pro^icUir of ttic tiuM.f | 
^cnt ft plrajnnc ftfWnir^oci. Str Jninrai in n vt^ry nnlMimd 
nu, tftrl though hift cooTomtion vtu not piquani, imasct^ 
«ffiJJod nn c<pul cfanrm ; though ttkAt word in net apF'ti>:Ablo 
t* tliv cotnct prgipriffty Aud rmUicr fJrj oMjn>Mv uf tint I'lii' 
taruB pgnlhirir Phillipt tw vtry ngnmljk, but the hum uf 

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Lonl Rr^h*io. Vtrwdny. url WAUof Scoti t^t »■ bnu- Hii 

iMialM *ni •rtfhullir nf ««^[M. 11* «ju hfA ^ ]Hill*v» in urLr-»4li. 
■bin. mo, Bivl dM b Ovonr ^' ■< --.^n^lUii 

312 REUIXteCb^CCEi; of BCKsr C«A>B ROBTKEOS. ICvAPi It; 

tb« ihj vM T*jlor, — " «r«rvbod/« Tn^Hor," m tw U 
tlttD* d«l^ft*^ir H« tM livoly p<irU> Estms, >e4c«f^ «E>d £»{ 
v«r7 py«d't>At(iit*4 The FUiqqiiim wer^ iwl UicTc^ Ur^ 
Fliiimi^Ti Li K!^ri<> m lllackhMilk, \Mv^ Pnrlfq>. in » fri*1l[i;j[ 

brakf^ up 114 n Hn^ipy luii] Hxi»J <ktxh- Mn- KIajuhiui'a hi-JilUi 
m vOTT W'CAnmt*, nnil li^ liijuljntid i« dcfBjrnictJl trtt ht'r. atnl 
lufTiTt htmn^lf tbron^h h?r romplainu Thu, [ foir. U a iKt ; 
and It u ft QriiilML4'hi>h fuh}nct. Ttwsv bnnki&i;> uf' cf »odotr 
»rc m(iijnir>il At. ■!! iiiiu^ Hiid pccuUiilv m itWii ibc^v btfaU 
ihe rery trfwt of pnnjvn* 

t/uiii^ €rA. — I dmn) wtth AravoL A smiJl pArtyven thtrv, 
tfOttiHitin^; of Sbnron Tumor, tho liiatoriND nnd ftiUi<|iionui ; 
Cladck Voifth* I'lUtTT^Hli-r fti>fl \f. P. ; WiOiani Ta.vW af 
Ncnrirfi ; nnd Pmn. ik olrrh in <»nf 0* lh(» pliWk otfpi*^ s d«- 
fe<«iidniit of WiUmm rtiiiiu Chftrlcoi Mfttvh nUrrd vith tui luiL 
ft ftborl Imic ; ttc nh^ »nit fi.ri X'/Xhe lloftw <*f C-^iiiieimii)*. flh 
mnvn^m irr* pjwt nni ^^nf Jflnswly - h* wid liul*, Iwt hn ft|iokii 
with (rr«t TJVftrilT. Sharif* Tunwr in o. pcod rrcyn^frv^, hut 
with a KuIq (nnlatitn-. Hi: -pobt of Mftrtii) Buran}' ItJtad- 
flooielyjiirf fHldly- Hp mM : 'M ftlvftjn thoujEhl bo voald 
dov^r. th'>ugh it mif^ht 1^ Ut«^ M« n ft m«n of Rr*>t boivot 
•nd ictegritr, Ut dmwt loM me * Il« m h» hfo J "^ 

WjUiun tiL¥l(ir ^ttn lUDiuiiiijf. &h ii«ii«L He ^irfticly wwirtd 
dDO thftt bfl bcliovcft the alll«« kHI vitttM hi p^^iMrtmiDi; Inu 
Knnoo ; thut the KiviKh will lh«ci oEUr tU« cmvft to ih« Fm^ 
p*rw Alctandor, ubo will ua^pt it i ft&^ ti»*D Ibn ftllUft «ill 
fighl «f^n«f AlciaTTiJpT. in pre^Piit thn uuhii; of (}«• two 
orcratu. WtlliiiiTi TdvIut mijov* n<ilhtiy bo m^A »« fts or- 
tra^v^nt epwtibljeju — the oddor ihchcdcr. Hovpok«of 
Wunhwrtli. — |inuiiL<d htn <xax\TnHiK'^i. uhl<h he lik« butcr 
Ibflfi lib portrj-p — •iLT» bo *l ftrilirf, diin**(i"l< I"!™!"*""* •'''' 
itinple. "Hirthe Iwked atirpnwM/" wid Tnjlor. " vheii I 
Wld Inm tbtt I cL'tiBiilL-tvd StAidjej i1m irmfttcn poet and Iho 
UrmieM l^ctcriftn living." ^ * No urrtt nnttor of ■orprisi," 1 
untTvmi, "ihnt Wi^nUwcirth should thitak hinuvlf a. gml4r 
poet tbm Soutbo-." 

Jnm tM. — I nltuweJ m^^ittf n bulidu.v to'Juy. Mvnl 
AndrCVt fcnukrk^ted with tnt^/ Aft^rBrftnh I oUlnl ud Wtud* 
wortk rie bis lod^png^ Ht vtia luekdy ftt boiD«, ftnd [ tpvBi 
tbe f<jr»wu wHU hiSv v^lkio^ We tidkod about UuUtl, ■& 
oo«ii»qa«no« of ft niaJlgnfttiC ftuuk <jd ^Vonkworth bj bin in 

■ 5m mit, v^ tA- 



llufiL wth» in A iiiinJ>' *iny naked kin wbfuw h« hod ion 
Hit |»fvr f'f tljc tuuniiu^ ; sijin^ if lio hftd, ho »h<riild cod- 
bte lui <4iil 11 n h.iis'tier honor. Hi» divliitiuvf ihnftrtide. 
MUifk i'f Hnjdrti w«« a xtoto* xu wliuh, Af1«r bonoriaf 
fiir tuiu; A cuiMiaUint fttttriot, ko Aii<:(Trcd at Wor(]«- 
u lh« ftothur<4 "pdtry luiuinU iif»H the ItnnJ tirU' 
ioiIV'Jk-, and tn«iniuii«d UiAt hn hnd Inft ctit lb*> " Fonalit 
Vftflfnut," lb gwOia dMehbtn^ tho DiAvnM of waf iikmtM:3od by 

lilt IHtiT. 

J«H> /7tL — 1 wtmi lara to 1jimb*it. HU fmity mnv iltmu, 
u4 ^nuiDCC^ttt au^J o^M fD#! t\icy wdv, — - far Iho jn'^ratcr purt 

ttvtia Bm«y, Ajrnon, PW)b|a, HoxliU Mid Hifo, AImcit^ 
Bamci FtoM, CAaUcn, John CVtllicr, TnlfmiM, Wliitn. IJojd, 
aad Buil MimUtr^i. 'Dit lidtor I ha4 aovur U-Toro been in 
«V|«iit vii) iLjif ftuci; and );cnlk tOQcji ore vary 

fftmnliuc ■ f^fn nf him thut be iv a " phabm^ 

l^rifu»4 c^qriiur; kin i;\va mc att usjoant of hie lint ^*^^ 
tk« 5vrfolk Circuit lU iralkoJ ih» cirouJl ;^acr4ily, ami 
btfi ilouf fnxi) Uj<t tar . in tbia vi^y ho fwrnrivixl to pif kk 
Biy M t Hp 1>cgan aI HiinittitrdmL vb^ra he hnd a hal^ 
ff<^ MOtiiA ; vtd a« he waa then htAviivc al ht« l^rotlMr'a 
i»m,h^ vmQi«iL U> Bury tiilli tljut iiu^ncy in ht« poi:k«% 
VttkeA ip a l^f* tharr, aiki) ar> wniM nn. Mackrni'^Hh vaji the 
natnto «iKtior of Uont««cu,ut4 iMuatfvl id hnii};irkf> him 
r>i*viii. Ujukiat^tdi bod bukiOM imiitiri]irit«^^Y an u Ir^adifr, 
•ftJ aAar 9k ft^H^rt iicii>f tlin two tmr^M tf)^Lhi>r, Bill cUiHrig 
■Hi tiou Uj^jhIi^cii Lnd nu bra^d aad cba«Hh Ho ta si mrvcii- 
t4i airocaU ft*r ftll rcft^rma in tbo kv% aoJ boJ^evoi that Id 
ttto ticy will all (Aktt pUco. 

t/ur MCi.^ rUvakfniHfnt at Wi-irUve.irthV WiTrdiwnrth 
tu AM ct bccno, but 1 htayihl cbatiiiijj v> iiii iht> bidiM litl ho 
ntMaoi i anil aarciral if'TA'im tin,pp\u)c in, I vaa kept ttvro 
tiff Ivo o'ciook* Aud VIM inijuh jiujiiM'd. 

^naaUKkHTcnvdh-baiHCdii^IiithvflTlkwfrtf Tvnwk>inilfniofi, fn 
atJ&4t>-c'- - "■' '■" '''' "Wbfifcqrhf w«4rrwp*arfoiT«th«]l 
MllDqaiTr 'MiM^ Et dbd Tif4 ntfmei ^« dtftnM of 

tto p(4^< '->y lIV Itl* wi>nfb> la Vajh or Cmmwv4l 

«W»amat i/v^ukJiiT/i fpi ^4.* r|f4 4ir|<iid«»l ftM iMmmltfut OranittktA 
ivriM akl buUvli ht w^Aid itdUiw oboa nr fnatOBi acrA1h*miB 
Mt&y HWtMs i^oa i^-B^e«tiCii4t'«r lh« Hcu* of ^hwi, b wMctr. 
^fHpflVfp^ Ihir^ nalT/ loal HTjffcfnj;" To Uimi hopSb ■ r*o<'B*t^ ii vxivifVit, 
iTfff7L-v k} * KiOMiB a? lb* Cu»*'ia it* tMl EdlUw of At WerU ctf n 



914 iKHUttSOttfOIS or HCKBY OABD EOHOTOIC [C>itf>. » 

Sbott, «dLtor ciT Iho (7jU«7>»m,* uhI Hftrdoo tho MJnttr4 
4CAftii ft coiuidcftvble Hutu 6^^ U * llltie t««tbj lui^ 
Hc< tNlkerl lliiviitlx ijn Fnmdi p4itiC8, fti«) Uifbranoil m» thu 
b* luA U«n4^ tfotn '^>Jd aMllMTtty that Iji TtijrvCt* waji aj^ 
pliod Ut hj tJi« Kkiiii: <:4i |ti>oaio|iArt^^a rfftpiiOAmiw- hi Vrntmr; 

MTTf tiuidor bAm r.t> omiittMilu vluch be ^vd Iq ktt 

Urfp KibiiC i^UAxl lo iriccwk to tlMini «ad Ia I-ajviit ri'i^ii-d l<^ 
kift tbUta On DtiofMpiirtc't orriTtJ b*^ ti>«« mui fur l^ 
Fiiyi^Ue, «bo rrfL-ftj^l ui tit-rrn under Kin or aocwpt n plv* 
tnooiig tlia !>««», hnx KUd Uul, if oloeMd, ho frouU bcooca* 4 
miiitU^ nf the IncinUlivn hodj. 

ll^iriluEi tiik« iMi AUkCDAUil coualcnann, Wt 4h1 not mj 
BDucb, Dotb hi| mud Scott »Mnfd to cnl/flua a high nv«r«M« 

yuAf '?^. — I tixnit tb< CTtnkiiE hj luipoiatm**! villi Ood- 
vitt. Thr Tavlnm wrm dirtit. HV tNlkod p(ilil»at> nnl ho4 
rttry ooiafoit^hlv. Godvia ood I aU but i^iuinvllBd t both 
wen & littlo wv7t v>d oqiuBj- vflevuvs to ck«h otbcc. Q^' 
vii was <iuk0 unpavnoffl tu ancrtin(> hts Wjir tlutt Bihma- 
pKfUt Duy bft moMVftll in th* war. Ha dffoUrM hk «Uh itet 
aU Ui(f ailiw tbAi tatcr }<>n»c« eiow vfty ptrlth, mid mfflimad 
ihftt no fDui who did w>t mbftadoa aII iuocaI fvmriplca ttui 
bii« of liLvrtj' mM villi i<1mji i iU &. I Mhii<tto<l iJjaI, !■ 
gtMfftIt ionignen h/kfn no H;-bt to intiiTfrrv in thi« i;pnr9' 
Aent of A opimtrT. but, in ibui cnae; 1 cowmlcr Uic fotfieiijn 
ATDli^B KH oomii^r to thir rplaof of th« poopfe ngpumt the opfn* 
•■uiM pr domcitic Hjiritcrv . umI in thu }ioi tbe joolice of the 
VhW. Riubord Taylor ! ixuintuncd that uotbiAj; con\d i^it^fr 
iLv imnuwii qS m. Doualrr. I tmUd K a jsrrrv romtfJijan Mid 
linAinlry to nfk i>4<iv in the bmttl* fOughL Ja iKe ifsnt of 

Will »N CluUlit. m im. *fa[ch wow At«p » mliwOmtairtliM ullh Mt. 

|d»itta« M tb« nk and b1li»l tinHmH«l*r»«i4««4i7 — '■" 'f'^'ift Itt 

vle«vdl«« IHeta Hirtdv ▼jAnjifan.u.I fwottvBHlnivliliiBvriukMlMei- 
er «AiiriiAjfi4c of iba Huriuar rhM]*>«Biiif1hrfnui AfWaIu «<:9i^(ar«buu 
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0tfUav>i%"lt»b»leuupk^hfanHrtUu4iM^'r> ' V trtf< 

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Tbf*«.M poUUttf fa tki«* TvfaMf^ ItU. 




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pftTLe >»oiiU Imvu iiuulf' vtir cui m<>ii lui it t>o:ni]ii.i n'fUMiivDt, 
jialilka II10 ftlliv^ I i/< f.KFilwiu cuatLilvtnl tlu.' mcI' 

icUvcn of br« |in«wd C'li nMrvil^M. \\v, U>tfeTfr, «j;niK! 111 

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kuor, ud 1 the fcinbcr, lo bo t)io icri^Ccr cnUmity. 1 &l»o 
W i j hr tLe fUtcinr do«}K>IUKu <>f EU(viiu|>Artt u coitulu ix>iib«- 

Utfl f««ii if lb* l^rcndi be «o fnr b^lfn rm 1<> Ihj oIiL^cI to 

U> tial ilio aJUu4 will i4<it dnr« tu iiu]»i*c ItnrnLliritin^ K^im^W- 
Im; w itnt llio FrvTK-h nxif nt liuf. l¥> L^l 1l* i^ifitT ttte 
Cnm «K*'* ^^'^ tctnkJi cf Uioir own impjiun^. lU:hEin] Tnj'Icf 
rail lie Miafintl Hilii tliLN Ihjl Gihiittitj vtxiJtl mi uo ihxuuut 

I la oa ^1^ voTj AiuMiift for Uio Ubortioa of tho Fttmck. 
It 4 tffinitciy mom inputfuai for Enrx*^' tti^ lUir ntllc^iftl 
«)uil 4jf furviien miii|W«t ftJioiild l»> i-nitJuHl, llmi tliiit tlictr 
M Jft«fti«# UiMild l>« [foaMTvod, LUui th« Ko«niLB«, tIi#T [n«y 
blW«c«iqu«ronf-f «11 QilwrnntioiMtCTCD «hil«lboy awiiuiB- 
UnriuiE lljuir 0*11 lit«iU<». And I iu> lo^iui-r itiMii^itr. u J 
tnf* did, Ua( U Ir only muuti^lM aJiil goTrTmiiciilfi wbirb cad 
W uqjutt and lo^« w. 

/•Af £(^ — I ««Qt lo Ui9 SurrtT TiMlitdtion tr> nwd Cbo lU- 
Ubd ort^A&t of Uii gkffioiH vkUfwy At WftUrltiu Tbl« in 
ndMd nuvt ifkiriona ; biit diU I fcox it ^11 not ho oflcct ibo 
frcxth p^^lo M 10 uocnJikJia a inatcnaJ ddUofttioii Ooin 
Bvouapftrte. A&d if ho bo. ufWi ^ m^ijoricj bj the I rcDch, 
MiMffTf^i and bloodf niut be iho vieionn shif h nrv to ovor- 
ihnrtT bun. 

AfUr oior Q'd*>ck 1 Talked to Arrum'^ Xl)« illiUEniiiAiioiui 
wrftf but dull, «!■) ttif*rn uDnHmrccty oiij' nivkKCir jmtJki ximl 
or ipnpttOxy- I slAvod lU \vnoa\ till lijilf pa4l 4JCr. Ijuii^, 
AWifltr, JKh aeri^ tljrn> I'lit it var. mi^n^K' o oknl p^uny. 

■/viv ^0U.— U'dJIvfl on TlieUiUl lie won in imAtfti^tcd \<^ 
i^UUm- Godwin, lx»lfl, ml TbcUnll nn- tiir f<ily thfvo per 
iooa 1 know (uccpc iUUjil) vbu grkivu ut tbc kto ovvut«H 
Tb^ir istentxEiu M<d r^^itivn 4rc rcapccfaUiU, ofid tlmr ■(ifr<jtt 
ptccosdii Irain miMUkcu tJioary. ftud ui iarctcnic bfttnad of 

^i^ tt2Mm»CLX^:ES or HEIOIT CAl&B fbOBIKSOSi [Cmk tl 

old UAnuib Tboy utIvhpAU n nmirU of umi«q1 dcflpoHlMB ^ 
Kroiioe ; aiid xhcy vill nfd ht^ktuvf/Mgu like nuiical YtoeaorUuv 
Pn-itrh ]^>|ilep \3y vthrAt Ibr pdiM^ uT Eiimpc u moiv umUit- 
gvr^ ihan tbo bl>prtfM cf tho Krmrb uv by the mK-ntioo of 

*^«/j' iy, — t spcal tlic foreoooD at hovii«. exccF4 tlmi Lnoff* 
niul 1 fouri^r<t wiLhi Wonhvurt Ji's pocBiA iR UwlVctiiil* Uttnltftt^ 

ly>a^ hi/i itMta tho laoruiitfnl at BaUiuq'v, M «hidi I felt 
Additioiul Pftjpccl tovnrdti hLriL IIkmi^ i &m oot nrtiirvii* 
my^ctr I IuLvr< f^rmt rvip^'t ftii^ a iviuluct * hich prvon<lii from 
■ vftuw 1.4 tbtty. iiTifl ^^ nrW4*r tin? Iitf vioiw flf r«l«gi(ii» fipvlmg^ 
i gnMly Wficvtu tfibg in oil rvqMrtb. Iwtli for hi« tuidoniand' 
ing aud luE morn] rL-clin^'H, wbicu tosvllwr cumprioo Effmrlj nil 
Ihrit iH va|iiftbl« in in mi. 

Jmljf 4ih. ■ ' At hiitf pMt f'mr 1 vmi lo TMmllX t^ wibMia 
ft ftlii^ukf iliApJjvY. Ttitilffikll (!Elul>itKl wvothI of hie y ouat 
(Vtjfik-. iind &larj hitus?!/. Eu tb(< pnwtiw vf lli« Abb^ ^''^^^l 
aiiil HAvi.'n] (>r Mm rU'Af EifkH <]iiit]1> |mpJK ITiiIvhU ^I^^H^^^I 
a lotHtinf U' ftioui tiity vipfwi'ii'* i-^T^iitiiie. Hv ;snro anao 
DOUnt uf hib ploij of curing im[^limruta in th?i aprvch. Uo 
taakM liii [Hipih rvnJ vi'nv — >iMi1in^1hn« .^nd I hav* no 
<laabt thnt 1M< vtToc* i« pnH|ii<:vl W (ho AKiliiy of r^pvalic^t a 
UKiviriurnl umx ^-^ivu A-tid panlf by th^ clTnt of irr>atfi<kAl>c«. 
Tilt) Ji£l?utruu lit Cidd HJiil flirvctfxJ bjr Ibr TiiovrmiMir anif 
t;ni^hftuir^- ThiH «iiii[t1<> &n., or pbvnoiDiTiot]. Thf»lir«ll ho* 
ii«t dtaiiiioM)' jierc^itvd or (rqnprvl>t<Ti<!«<l, HU hnr* fM^, cr 
mlLor n>dtvd. v\^rw yvty jjltNiaA&llv, n&i] wiihrnjl vfitmrnirinir, 
ar> ax Co jtrt^]nL'>3 nn uAVct fitr inoro faYnnvMir tj> Im «val«m Uum 
hit (>wii •iplnrAtiiiti tjt iK Aft^r tint lux^ bt>un* cUapbij «« 
dLnod, and lii tlic c^i-'iiiDui: Slcard*F) fiupih nffor^Ml acMmcnMot 
tn Llio <lntwiu^i\>oai hy Ltifj o:im<bp<>iiilL'iiof< Uiu^ mmed on 
(dih th^i VIIf^ fkno if t'rern wr^f" ttr>um to Mek Roi|f|tL, aad 
^vo acallHritluni tj>iill kii}vrf>(v, fr>r«vmthc JcvTaad ilnnb 
rvUic tbrir imitir^il (liaiactcr* I vr^itfl tame ridic«k>iui t|DO«* 
tlnn In Ur». Ituiu1i'« rjane. Sho ^'nifjt to Mm llwl I ima an 
ndvoaato. a&d lh«vn>v# iml to b« btltevoH. Uo aatwend, " t 
din iclnd t« ktOT i% M he cod ddbod rua if I iwrv the milfbr- 
liiac lo i^rvixl ^"11." 

-At/y 7tl — I (nllod m Atnynt vaHt. atkI ftiiiii'l aii ^hig crat 
that VariA biMi bwn sc'^in tftJUo W thr^ iiJK(t4. Uiit the puh- 
lic dSd not n[ii>i««, fcor PaHa 1^ cofHtoIated o«i buiianfebW 
Unai, and Buc«ta|iartc had «Hnk|]ifd fViiHiif tho cky Mr 


DB. ItjkTmj&St. lTl£tU>r OF XOttWiCH. 


WUilntod*! doatb wta rncro a nJl^)ect of inicrcat thna tli« 
pDBiVBoii of I'ltnit Tbo (loath of k» vaUJiiiJ a EoemtHir of 

Uett f:\am of mtokiUfl. 
lu tho ortstiD^ jomni AmTxrt uii bia fiimilj, in tbe ^Qt 

f Ut- llcr cxfcvEKiQ «f dii^nat aai lt'Tn>i- nbon «tio nxcto vith 
hrr biuhftud. tt9 «t4l kft brr pKii*ra] Moling i^i iIkaI Boi;ue, orv 

Eur. V Uflt ■ fnmtttv v«r« Un^ iiadiloiw nuw a* youui; m 
Mm N^l ; 

^B^^ l^:;VA. — (At VTonnri. im arv-\\\l.) Tlim iluy wu «le- 
IM«d to uuiiMnieut, t^n4 luKerdiu^iy [mim^^ »vaj h«AvUj. J 
aUtd aJUr tvimkfJUi'. 0^ M^llaH. 44id ifauii vc^it tv Annxtl, wttli 
■J»ia I Ppcfit tiu.^ nniAuidn-Q^ tlitidaT. Hu introduced lutto 
Dr. BftthnnCf lliUiop oJ fCrrwinh. Th(> luHhojiX mitirier* ar* 
TCIJ plMttng. HiB otttfOtiQUB to Qie v^kil'l have lievt: I]att9^ 
^ covtd I luTO thoQ^-tt tbtm divlinguUhLiig. but proluJihr 
tUj proMMl fWnn ft habtt r^f ivnirtM^. ] had Ei^Arcd;^ ex- 

fblinEri Uo «vDvd9 vUh hill) frhon. hfri?aUii)|; i^f JiriCLjunt tll&«< 
i» refomiotf to Uio formur ftplriKkr l^ iIr- Iniil Jlili:*) Attached 
Id f^ Palmes b* ftiii) t " i\h * Vfr- Kfil-iiMih. lii4jitk]A hni\ llitn 
mctfir po«vr tliaa jkmi or I itUh lli#ni t-> Kur^,' hm it h^ leutfw J 
«■« l^fn » XMioonlbrmifitp 1 nilfinrni'ilB met bfm in tlic car- 
den*, wlieiiT K t«)I«>ii «■* to aiciPDil ^ Iv wm nnniit-xrui wilh 
4 Rmdaa t^ftihoU^ and cm mr Ifoin^ up trt bim hrr look bnlH rif 
■a a1»0i and rvBtkiDod vttli m* a coiiiKtcmbU lisio vaJtinp 
■boiiu On iDj tiitenoK "lui* j«it itViniEl bl«hopa «ii jMbf^^KJ, 

hn ouliyij9fd Ihci Roimin CAllinltf htiihfipii In Irc^And tw |tmU 
Oralljr n|ioilnli& Tho litfthopH rnanrL^'n aro c^ntio, and his 
nir U tcrr bc^iffiMBL He t» mora ^tillcoijitily tbui UruffoirOr 
jukI iQMjta tlnoan Ihui Elotii-iiffi^i^ 

Tocn IN ItEejo:?!! jlvu HoLu^vtii. 
J?«H.* — The BftlUv of WsK-il'Xi hjivji4: tnkfn |jluc0 b 

I VTM Abo urg«d by my tnmd llignuu Nftykir,t who wm co|f 

Mv-Kobiiwn m- b kr^M 'L«k- H. (T. R nt*: "A S%ylai. >«ei . Iimk 
w tu Hit On* pkv Icrrridw in 1^X1*1™ j Ji iir»i " rrni(fi£ Ttuu uf Oj*n»(*y." 
I Imitc Unst^ta u itboti JL cxe^t'jeij; Ih^* I via (rEtuolH kj ibc niunbarof 


SoptACobv ltd- I 

1 kept K ^aumitl of thi* toor, tad h^TO jiut fDioLcd a ^^Mtj] 
pcntflU cf it It ccutiuuA lucrdjr mti ftcowat uf ului iMViLnvd 

t»tiT« hoa tirxtvght t« oij ivcvUwUoa r«ry fw yitu-im ttad 
Tery fpv 5iU«««* 1 ttfaall* tJ)«ref>n, api m Uiuj^ctl t^ i!«ell 

^ftvtor u>d I wont to MamU oo Uio 61b, *i»d imt day, ■ 
klW vjftiUof: Rauiv^iiUi caibukcd in « tmM tad UDprx&ivo^ ~ 
voiBCil. vrliicji Uvui^lil 1IH Ui Osli-uid dKitjr uii thtr fbUoving 
vorairi^. Tli->rA w<'fv en tviiu>4 four ytfiing tii«&, irbo. lib* 
«unelt«tt, WW boimtl r-jir Wauriacb \Vc«emd to tnnfd 1o-^ 
leoilwT, jkud IibciLLi; iht vuXy vuv wbu uiHlvraUAxI Uf luaicmp^ 
Itut tlD^iHti. ftxH <^J«~(t«d i^vrriMiT : murt uf tiA rvBiHiri«iJ U^- 
gvihtr tlJ ib« vii4 «>r iha joiimL-y. I haw Iwi ta^i c€ tlivut 
^1, but 1 wilJ pTv Ibcir ^kuncft. Tti^rr wma « toiii^ Sc^ult 
M, D., uiaiwl }TtvWMtt» vliocp I aflcruunla uii-t iu L^irjcVm, 
vtieii h* toM mo Ihfr U»tc#^ uf liit i^oixl fortu^o^ It »k« ivtkVU 
mteUing m £->«iicc, after oor tvtuoairf, Utox he k^< ncciilexii 
CUDO to a cotibtry iuii, «rlKTv bu fouuJ & fuuij; is gmt 
ftkiTO. An £ngliiUi Ud^ %im l^en in immnfuiv Inbur. Tlic 
MM VB« pflrilotSK No lucdkal inui vikft thi-r><- Hi* iiff*TV4l hi* 
Mn>cc«h sod coatitiufd to »tt«iiii bcr quij] iix 1i(i«t)«tii(]. « 
GcDf^, luid pmumiJ fritfiuJ vC Uiu <.' ' ' ' n/'Livf. I^<H 
Wollinftoti. nrrirrf. Tl»* GenerHl '3 Sifii lo tw 

ihf mvior <ir tiA vitir'fl life, mvl ui r\iuru -".(>( t^v^l ^'r Iktm a 
profilAble ijIjwv oh lie luvjtnd sUU'vf Uil' Eii|:Ii«1i j^tiii/. 

Tha other 3:01111^ mso weiw Dhiuvol ft Biir^'>'<»ri. j*»4 ivo uivf- 
oluiiti cff inorcbAfiU' dokv, ITttkiD* ■od y> ilLiuif*. 

Our JDiintcy ky tlkixqiA:h BniRtv, Gltvni. Bntutla. Aiil<r<Tq>. 
BrodM, rtnvhi, Atiiiiivriliuii, niuuJeoi* Lejiiuii, tbc Hajfuo, 
ivm, HoUonUm. uid tbe BrM, to HnlTOflAlujn, and frtun 
tb<iio« to Honridi* 

No uobII {an uf il>0 Unir v4k* in bvge^ Oij« Ui (ttrliculAr 
] cqjo^rd It mill lite vr>)-Af^ frooi Bmiri^t ^> Olicijt, diirtuc 
vliidi I otTtaJniy hiwl more pl«iuiiir* t!*in t hid »rcT I cAira tfcd 
onUttnl JkvcvKl,i.ndvitha(>iJI<>whaErv«r. lliU oiunl v»5B|t> 
U coQthiJL-ixni L«iii:< *jf Ibe U-< m liu> Ni'tUTlAiirh. nud uur ba4li 
though tH>t JiufMrMy rnniivKi^. |»:ihwkacd ovtry cuarriiniOA 
Wo tCok OtLT pMUAfpl Itl lti47 fctnlCvftbin, Qv^Tvbieh ««««■ •J*' 

XUii avtiirv- 1 r>iuHl I o^ulJ write Ml tiohnl nith jcHcd 

but fM?n tititr to lliiM> I tookiad out otf die oiitili wiu^iivt 




00 a pro if iwt pteurai^ divendll«d bj nMt Mxt coMF^rruUd 
ItOtSKs oo the butkik. TLc Lfirxo psticetHkd ^ aluv}jr tint wo 
«nuU hardly perr«;iv vIi^d jl >lo]>pciL A luau w ttdhtiiB 
rwi ifc« nde of llie ouul fc4 n ^ut part nf rKc' miy, ni|i 1 
thorfikrv vuppooo aiu p«ot] vns nvt mudi moirc Uiau Icmr 

Vt'r r«iilKri(«d at lialf jmst (<m. and at im\ o'dnok an ^tcvJ- 
ItfDt duiDcr Vita Mfved iipi ct^iuiiKtitig of fith, Stv-h, and fovl, 
w)tli ruti patftTT^and fJoiity ■>f I'rurt. t\rr lliib dinner, and tho 
TcnMB itf btfiwK-a Uiiriy aiul fortj luilt^k wv inuJ (a^-Ii &/r. 

Tlio tuim objiMt oTlh^ t'^rr viw to ritit the 1ii>M i>r lli« no- 
nfinl ffrvttt BattJo of Wnlcrl^^ It fiwt oii Ukf* ]4tU or Au^piet 
wbori WD iiupedctl lln Brvrr&[ fKiiaU fautuuB iu the kJbtciy of 
Tlhii l)olt]«h Not all ih'? TrMl^^jf Uitf C'inllW. a«rarMnJv«d. 
TWrv v«ra Pfuw of tiviM bdugrin^ d<»wii, «1iBlt«rod It caonoil* 
Mb, and not ycL cut ':-fl'. And tJivtv w<:w* mi)i«<l aud biutit 
ootte^v ill toamj jilncn. uod iiurkj vf trnllvU oud balb ou 
bdlb hmwoa Kvi tTMti: bur I m* r>i>(ljiii^' fu |drri^nkl:4T ij> rn>- 
pnaa nui uxovjH tlut m un imi ncitr t^iu li^td I l>i*it u j^lJEijfjwi 
•faUftr IU wiuK wbj vuodU^i^'Ei a i-^m sAreh aiUt lIw bu<ly 
<if Jirr iHUilwnd, alajii thuru- A mr:'re ntjicifrivjirtni^ otmritiy. 
or obe tucru lit (^ '* a glorioua rktory." bein^ SiLl nad iilu^^vt 
wUhxMtt Urxn, Uiui ihat ruuud M'uU-ftuo cannot bo looa^'iacd. 

1 HV it ■.jcuij ^-cun LiArrwiLrJiv *li«n ugly iiHuiuui-^tila *erw 
«PVf*t«(| th«rr, ami I can b«ar wiriUH* tu ihfi (m.^t of xhr ^rvaX 
rottemblanct* whitii tho aflp^^'l iA' t\ie tmi^^hoihoijii of \S mUsrloo 
boan to a villo^ « lulio fjviu C^iuf'iid^^ lu^ the tlury njud 

On (he fit*IJ and al utiivr pluunt tli? jx5uaati bnmgbt ua 
ntiCi of IliO liehl- I^r. Slowart ^imlnittxl x bnu* vuirnM 0or 
a nspoJaoK, aad piaunb Ja. wn v:'\ii to uLtr*. For ur ovu 
|ttrt, with no cnal n-Hir-u if tctiiiKuKiUl fcditig, 1 oiitld havu 
viabed mytolf to jik^ iiji ttfaiu un-caoriol ; but a uoni parcbaM 
«M n«4 Kilfiairiit to mt^aty mc^ 

W« fiiniii at ^Vfttetisa Oui Loot wn* hiiiwwt. lor on my 
cnlmnE^ a dinuLT mX 2/r. a hiu/1. ho kikI Iu? iLevirr iiiudo two 
aik4 UiotUdUiavin «iuly i|^> tu thi- vdTbgc, wboh ia 
abd WTokhcd, a rentiTvJ wi^e bcui^ held m boi^or oif tito 
putma «Kiiit; latt vc wmr tJittil tbjii, id omuMiLitriLL^ti {:>r tJtu 
battle, ai«l out of rDipvct v> l)r*VL* iiii-a who b»y tht^rr, tlK?ns 
«aa tA be »f> dAQcit^ this year. 

In tbc druular hnA cburvh uf H'ht«duv ve saw t^iro p&un 
imarblo mDnunitcili^ hchriTi)^ tampTy x\ve hattwt of tho uflrixTv 
oTtho latfbMU«u>l*aud 15lhKtA|^HHuflMm who had fjdlvn 



Ui«f«. £r«n thd reword of beii^ n> cftracd b givso biti 
goc in ft Ibi^usuid. ^ttr iboiUKnd tx^i iin> ankl to hatF 
k^M or ttnurulnl at WnlcrW WiU aiity b« cuuard bi 

Ift general 1 admlrrxl Ih^ towna oF Ik^Qfm. tint Ghcct 
mj favunlcv Tlw fiiiu oivlntrrtJirc 'jf llie lat^wlic cbuTL^j 
of the Xt-thn^hndft grati£f<il iiip» wliik? 1 mw ilii^ii^t'^l vitli 111 
QiLkcthiCiU Olid motuuoBi <*r cbe Prvt^uaat cfarirvhon or 

Anwp^ Uiv few ot^ixtd w^ick kivo Ht uiv tmc«H m 
tnenvyry. ili* orM> uMob Imiifftnw**! WP mo* wnn ihe >bM'l<Mk<l 
viltu^ i.4 Uroi'k, iK«r Aiti^UtxJuui. My j<>kiniJil 1W tbo !,' 1 at </ 
Aiii.-u.Bt <'jtitaiLiB Iha mrcMitni <>f tf^ir viwl tft Ibia Tilla^ mm! 
<bnt oT Sa&njjtm. Thi." |<firj>Jr of ItrtifV Kiw in a rialr iiT pri>i 

afcJc t^ baaibh th« appc-amiico of por<Trtj, »t IcMt frocu Uhcq 
uolbi^tt. We ttiillii.Hl pEir btx/uli eld lji;itir (.hrofi^^b tlie imttoi 
rtrMU, vtikb Hr» niMiUd c>n a nmall nc»l«. Tburo were 
p^ot ntrubor of iiifcri^ ^ouviMt but not n singiv /H)i>r on^*, 
kU wprv lulcmcil more or Io«& Moitcof ihffuanr fMiiiitr^il whil 
un<} Krvvn, ^wirti** nitirvly grepn- Iit ^i-ntntl tbi» hlind» 
oIn«e(l, 90 thftt v» tfottld worwl^ at/i « ptiff> aitJ> nnv iiT Uw-i 
Wbmi wo dLtl looli In wo tthmrroS fwiit tmt n e w iad «ixo|i 
cil;r. witb miiAti ufulDueiicie at iJvenaw liInl^ Tht* eIiu|i 
ft fpv |^i^d4 it^ tho vrii3do«< na a vcvt of i(jinb(<1, \mt voro 
ftedudcd nn \hc jirtt'ttc honvo. 

Scuvclj uu IndivHiul did wc we m l^ Rimrliw Wn mtrtoi 
vonuuk tt'iti K tthi pioccofgoldocjElhMvtftloutbofo^fhBul, 
matmilftr ptcH tvbiiu) : nlic wc««ftlM]cnjrtH<l<*'^^i4£*- ^bii 
hoorcTcr, ii not nu uouauaI onaiumo An* llie niBiurit pr-ftj«iiii 
vliL-ttbcrc. Wit pulled oft mxr btU tc thp Briwlc bfllp, hiii baitl 
no sUcitikiion in rvtonii The i^Dorml «cdq«noiii cf th« tiUai;!^ 
Itdiu vbi«h QothinK <^M \* acca but mri^ovn vrilb tlltchc^i 
Ibc lilciicc uf the ntfvcta, the jHTftvi Kiitlunu nud iirAtii(n« cf 
Xhv ai->j»*tv, i*vvry dwHIro^ rvvfiubUii^ « »imn»vrbmibji rftUifFfi 
Ibnu an ot\tJnajy rcoitlcu^-^*. the cbc^rfal nud titifthTiiU ofllontj 
and tbc ALflmceoTall tbg objects «Wb deooic » l;ud'Oi-rhii 
nWtr uf ni<.'ii. ^iv» (u Ibtr nln^tr (Jine au air a}i»-.]iiiplv .V 
dlaiL Tbo uutj otjjiXiU wh;i.'h dUlurhed tbia impmMMD were' 
aoTvriU bc^uH-o v( a bcttvr di-tcriptaco), vitb larira vindwii. 
Ifild^ «biittvr% curved fruaitUpetv^ nnd tb« otbiv urnftfuaau 
of a fftkhimiabld hMiiv, 4)t]p in smticvlar hod a porcb with' 
CWibtbuii ]ullufa, aad a 1ai|;e i^mmi «iib h%h, dipped tf«c&l 




b» Hqpccai'a haiom Itikd &ji ^nuounconxiit tJiAl tripe uhI 

' ^** if tH#**o «>^r* i!lt]l m this 

I iM-^tfth. It u bLt:! Uickl ihrre 

iM AJt IkuM. Wc j»w MiK, Iriil dkl i^t ^ in. 

^ Itkv llku nvt ot llic liotui.^ 

Vk> •tffifc Wilt <!rivf»Ti til SjnTiisMi, wli'^rr uf vih'itivl ilio Imi 

ibWi P*tcr i>f Rittu* rnitJcU wliiiu ivt Uaitil ttic Imdc of 
iLi)ftjgLk]J:iL'. l»Tj^4nH^j tiio vdH uf u cr^UimuEi hluptiTiglit. 
Il u Mri ; to |i»Tp«tunto tli(i tnt^mrtry of ui ftOl ui 

i4iA <ui i< ^tmJuiH^t prfvaiM, nrhAtQwr n-awt of 

tnd MUM* Olid jiiil|:uANl iJiciv trn^Ll t-c tu it. Tlic ImL liu^ 
wdiA^ ]«rlii?ii1arfll^iii ft, rxoqit OLit k in vronv thnn ihit 
KWf lufUt it tKiiiL;^ ofcouifo Ei |irii]^'L|J(^ itj keep It in iUon^- 
Bil «ooilitii>a- VTftilo ID HiM »iiii:ii]ar til]iki>v -^t mrt & kLkioJ 
a thkli llw cJiildnu ncfv liau^ut^ (i> tin- tnmi or " Gml nave 
Ik King." Tlufi U Imcchom tho ^tni^ml Inna tbtvuithmjt F.ii* 
ivpclsr tlic t^arliun.i <<f J-^ifol aiiri ivAdxvd iiiuhiml»>T Uk'>iiKl:i 
dn|ui4ty mtuu-u i^i rioikijr ot'mik cl^uti f>ui<^rri|fu Iiuilm. 

TW bf^longv id th« n^:rcc9iUi? 4ky4 of my tfiiir. I «octi 
lA m ft ft«v «lk]i|A\ ^H>n« <ir tho VM'iotivA <X hi^mno cliM«ik< 
*Q&«lijclk il i«»V'rrfaW Mojr V utcfu^ to bocoo^c Bcr|UfliiHcd. 
Tm T uiE^bl tiinikl ilmt ] naw UtiliMjf tlnwi* Niuiii-nrtlUnilftm, 
>oA rua^t 1^ wlial llKir nutuMT* cluJ iiJonUi uiai' bo. Theiv 
MKriMnlv fw viftiio iu wJIUh acdmicai from tht wcrld^ The 
t*Hlti^i*fbu>d oi hui:U A cUy ft* Anuttctdun nauot >upp],v o]>por< 
uuiet for the ikn vbjdi uill ipfJtiK nji in ^ny lutl. Yi-t, 
cvtuilj, m tJj« iCduliUoil iizkI cJjmiiiih Bpirjt vhicb prvvniU 
iiUev Ti]l0|;c4 thcro in generated it bcDcvab^occ* or eKtciuion 
«f trUkliDou fHTimd the iniliviiliuJ, vhich omj pnrtrtt Ibc 
■wtvrxif il^c cUq lud iiihoLitantM of ibe iidund from the 
***<rat Gvili cf l(f& So U'bt, Ihouflh pcrtutpn the»c p^cnnU 
wv «bt »]>«vhI ot^ccU it( If vo or odmimtioo. jd tKoy ina^ bv 

KfH Ut th«i* wbo htvn wi:n4?u^, if <tot i'i[rt*rk-iii.'L<il. Ibo 
ier aiUmJlic* mj fiv-iiioiitl^ hming ui tl^c muiv {Hjlittb^d 
BKtfQ lii4:lilT idvilUd circlcn nf ]if<' rbcv'hcrVi 
it iTaarlflni 1 Iwthl lUr or<lvtirntfti orgna tu tlH? srt«t 
«fturdi. 1 am litlf nfmid lo wy iii wri1in|i hov Tirnch I umt 
pUiScfL 1 tiAVc b«cu m thcT Imlit of Mvinf; tuKl bolif^mu 
Uul I IniPfT Ijo oar fiir niuii:, uud txrlnicily ^ hiive< &alTi:re<) 
tn&ni nt IbftrtiiiiK xn norut* whith idicrn ihoi^gbl vitv iIih*. Inii 
to ttiiM 1 Ikttmcd VLtb doiight, nud wij« quit« torry irben It 



I was ajniiHL'd with the gurtreous show in the Greek church 
^i Amaterdam. i was pleased with the Hague, and with (he 
Boyal PaUce called the Houae in the Wood 1 vaa struck obo 
with the BicQ Boach^ the melancholj memorial of R frightful 
JDundatioTi near Dort, which took place in the GfteeuCh cen* 

On the church tower of Utrecht 1 Ml in with the Haaqne- 
riera, with whom was Walton, an attomey. WiUi him I ftfter- 
wards became acquainted 1 retunied to Englftnd on the ^ 
of September. 

^ifpf«mAfr 9%d. —At the end of a vint to my friends Mr. 
and Mra. W. Pattiason, at Witham, I went to tjike leave of Mnu 
PattiBsoQ, Sen. She began intem^ating me about my religioua 
opiniona Thia aha did in a way so kind and benevolent that 
1 could not be dtapleaeed, or conaider her impertinent. T wav 
unable to answer her ae I could wish. However, I did not 

scruple to declare to her that such orthodoxy as Mr. N ^s 

would deter me from Christianity. 1 cannot wish to hare ^ 
belief which excludea from aalvation such pezvons aa my own 
dear mother, my uncle Crabb, and a large portion of the beat 
people I have ever known. 

Octobfr 4th. — (On a visit to my tH\>ther Habakknk at Bi^ 
shot-) After dining tete~A-tele with my niece Elizabeth, and 
playing backgammon with her, we called on Mn^ Kitchener 
and took tea with her- Mrs, Cooper (the widow of the former 
clerg^inxiTi at BagBhotj^ who was there, related to me some 
eingular circumstancea atKiut the state of her husband's mind 
in hifl laat Jtlness- He waa then more than eighty years of 
age. He imagined himself to be dead, and gave directions ae 
for the burial of a dead nmn ; and he remained in this pereua- 
aion for several weeks. At one time he desired a note to be 
Bent to the Duke of Gloucester announcing hia death. At 
another time he desired that the mourners might be well pro- 
vided for, and inquired about the preparations made. In par- 
ticular on one occasion when a clean shirt waa being put on, 
be reminded the servants that, being a corpse, they must put 
on nothing but woollen^ or they would incur a penalty. 
When told that, if dead, he could not talk about it, ho for 
a moment perceived the absurdity of hia notioUr bat soon 

October 26tk. — At work in my chambers in the foreoooik 




After dming ttf OitlMr^ i ntst U> Fknmui**. I hftd DOt wtn 
bn fbr vnonj mootbdk u>d w«« gLul to find &U the &miL^ wtril, 
Un. Fkniuui id [MitxtJu' rcoDTomd* Wo chatltd iibjiit niv 
fnmvv l» HoUoimI. t'Uxttun spo^km^tL ixMttnpt «r Diiui 

,S'MVHfti!T5iA.— ^Ai Hi>f«uuj Oil a vl«k kiMr. Wcd^) Kq 
<fiii»d bt«. W. Naftb uhi i\ Nuh of WliUtWvTord tritb utL 

Vt uk llr vma in jpxn! njiritA- Tli'^ chcviVtt] l<Tj):n»tv t-f the 
olil i;««i(WiiAii rmiilAn htm il^h^^ilftil. hut hj^> )> bdviirirjiig 
npidlv <in hia, «kI hji funtltiofi iri> jjrifl«itit: !iliiiJ *nh jMn, 
II« ^ bufTOVo; viih a]1 |jbf mTimtjiiov iliv tnm^-l <>f d tod- 
mbb old Dia& ft ba fn!!f-iij Id Iivi^ viililn <hi' {iilltmme 
of »aoh a dionutar* vho a*«ftt«ii a Kx^iotj b^ 14* [^niciiittl 

.V'JWflriwr //£*. — WiTUt tc w» tJiO pl(^y of " Tvrvy" hj 
lUnoKh Mon>. It Ib mnrJi Ifko " riiL)irin<lln i\i^ VVruy." TliO 

vonoa baring beca f'jrcH to uuut,v & luoii nh^ hulvA. ihv n vuJ, 
vliMQ m]i« li^rtk - ' ' ri<iunh»^ i^iictniiit of her miuiingt*. 

Tito bntbttad furii ^ h n;ifl rni#1. ^V'^,. Jfc^ Of cr'^Lino 

U«TiJl ilic ms :tj '' i.l-iA'i-. Jli. " MiS4 O'Nksl i^v*.' ^furit TUtciVfrt 
to tbi; Jiby liuriii^ lliu (ii-il tlirvt- urt^. Wer lti^ilrnii'>»H it ti- 
qttUite, 4nd her M[>PH>4lLiti f>f i)I:4]|^tiir, ami U<^rrikr. «fiiF<* tlw 
AV«ila tior POUUtGtAftc« i;ii<i ^ifl'ti it wiUi licr lniniK t« (toinj- 

^^En*ed* Vnimif pb^^ivi rtif jl^iUhh huMlvuil ulUj M>irit, liuL' 
^^Hirtw Komh^ whi 11 miro rnnlin^; l^vfrr as l^orcy- m ought 
VBt iv btit£ i^vt.<ii t|j-^ naiix 111 lh« pliiy. 

.V*>winVr /i*fA, ^ — Ciin^imiCil friulmi; VTraiaJL A roiitftva 
of Ifairkr*'* jibnuvi) ir^^ IHtid nv^.]t<y, MrniUfr for Kull, waa 
tb» (IuJl««t iif tpAatEOn iTi tho Homo uf Cnmnaona lUnng 
IfnVvn fv loiii: Eia Ia drirc avjty the icrvntf^r cixia1«T of the 
nkfmlim (iiMJnf tJinn ihrcr liiLi'dntl liAvIi^jf ilwindW ik^vn U> 
»^tj-), ho rifrOTnd lb»l tho Riot Act should 1m^ ivnd ar. ttio 
t«blr« OQ whioU HwkcT «b« vt oext Kim, ex dm mod : **My 

• Vhn. jn 1»ia, :J^<r ^Mnit >riTtrii£D« finlvpd \n l^rl.". tlk?y rveifTint npoa 

■i>ao><M«H[ftrili« ttCfulOh ite mHn.- tT*tvnii-n uf flic Iiiiiuutid 

haKs»d bt Parkt«»iti(rfin1ri:'L Iljr rLNiiirnL It vu u<ot cl^KfUAllj JoaB^" 
w AlltH*! iW^ VoL XIL, IM, 1th »4^rj^n. 


d««r frmui: «hr, ub GocTv Daiiiia.iMd Uio Itioi: Aoi t Po act 
jou *t4 that tliif m^ib «« dnintrMil dnndr t ** " 

iXorrt^^ J^k - Uilii;^ At tli« HtJL ' AAor lunft 1 ciUfd 
ou irhihrloa UiDiU Hi- wwi much bctUr m beahb mod •fjiricn 
tliau viiLLi I uv him Ubl- Tiujtii^ lilf^4ke, hvmA Mr to 
)nut. I vi» tpnling of my lint hntf, ttlwti ho uted, " fM 
jrou HOC ticbum, - 

J7omiW£?^-— AocomptiiiM Miw Nuh la (Iid tkeikini 
anil nw " TntnvrUiK," it very flulJ p\Hv. It ia £00ii3 ttudbl 
with inl# iWlHijirilt4iii. nrifl llmt at »n Mtrt'JJ" kiiMl. tfMn %ny 

CM. A»<t tUc (.hI^cv U not liiv mort^ rslnolik Ixcf^ioe titO 
tinm ftTC vitij uiioli^ntC'ii-ic aiuJ HiUtini^^r/r Tiitiirrltiiie is 
a tiirt fit Mgnl Sir ChnvlM nntndhnn, — a ji^rrvt klfig; r^rf 
wiw And inflipid. Ho wm iwt uitfttl^v rtfipr^jntcj Sy Pl-]>c, if 
iho chAnucU-r 1>« irilcud^d tticroly m .i foil Xo ihikt or tbc fvro- 
dciitfa im^EH, KmTi TKrfbrmril tlinl <liAnuTt4<T tbroiiglkoul 
undtrr th^ iiJc* <^r bit txqiij^ ih two-Iti^f^^ £-Mrf. Ho njjib«d oci 
tho 8(ai-c M hi« firMl ii|>|>r4ininix ai a vili IkajH itiAv bo siifT- 
poi^ lo tineru uevi »lt'H i^mhu'b h^t ktx-p»fn( kftv imiLtferTM 
hfm. Ht« lArliiit ^^-hUkvn imjirnTi^tl thr imitinkl rtc«ltQQC4 of 
Ui« fuov ] bid |irJ£'Cli%' tii>iiiT-]ip A»d Aiiiuinibly (ipT(«Br# 
vi'Oirivo tv his c^iLiitc'iiAoix nil (U^irftUc ^i£:or; oikI h.n cilii- 
mllnn of n^ Ard hAlrril wcu v^rrj rirrtlrnl Bur. iliprv «'« 
iio nlitt At therti would hAVo bc«ij liAd Ibo biiritti uf hxtliug 
l>0<Tii only <n:cii^otia]> hi Xha hi^ijpy ri^fcctf uIaI ion of oa« 
pEUftirpn Kcnu Htrt>nlml inn £rcA( plctuttirej but ttis wu* aP I 

Nffvtt\ltf &itA. — i cftllcd on \jaii\\ and i?liatt«<] an hour 
iktlh lilru. TillViurd »l<xp«d jii, aiiJ wc hiul a |4c*u»at coo- 
vnnullmi. Ijint!) bri-ft a very rtduiqve tuti\ and *\nAv mih 
cqtwJ Gcmlcm]^! of VoUnirn't ToIm ikbcl " Gil UW Uo lufct^ 
be riKht ID ibtDhiiiff tho Inttcr bf]oE;|^ to a low <Uu uf coin- 

EQiutioiuv Lu£ liu ougbt noi u dciij tluit it liM eioeJleaoe of iu 

went to Mtx JodiJrcrti* Tliin^ wna ah ilKimiQilicvi Uf'iiJjrlit for 
tin Pduw* butitilJiJ nut Liccm' to m*! to twk al u tuDtrlc jhuUio 
bandJo^ AQil 1 beliovtf nn t>tw QtrrA About jt. AiliilWnv 

• "BUfivrfcaJUciDtlnof vjOva1^w,''Iix6IiK. W. Wr«jialL Vil 0- 


BJUXfTT. — CX)VL60«. — KKAN. 


jiMUff could ni3t bo oooodTDcL Then vu hardly & orowd in 

uvl hMTd a iMtore od iii« ("^limcipbj of Art. by Lud- 

.* Hd ft ftnimirtitd in tkia utrVi t.nit bus uuuniaicii ia pjo- 

dond fagF ioclalgt;iii:i* in airiAAiuH, huil iii empfiutic dicliun. H« 
poDOUOdt bi« vonlH in itafun; utod b^ e^^<>hng ntnkiiglir b« 

^rvoHWr^A. — t sp-at amrr^l bcmrv al the CleAuHwell 

SowktUL A cm* rv^mo bv&nv Uii* i^>iirt lEiilrrrimH fnvn rlii' 

iniciut«ii«« n<^airv(l iii ili4 (txhiniik«t">ii, ^w Mi^ p^tipor 
«dtkd ia puiflii A ur Bt The b^TOM he o<XKpi^ vna in 
hoUi pnrulicK ujH iiiuiM* ImUi u^ 1h« hoa»R Kinf lli« bei) in 
mhkh thv ]i>ii|vr ttlupl ACiv Uid ><fi>r« thf> ooiirt, thtti \i 
im^ii ftBOCfftaifi how maoh of lilJi bodv by m «nch p^nah. 
Tbc iximt hcU tbu jAuptfr to bo mUJoJ whrro ht« heftd (Wine 
tiw pobW fiin> U;r. tlioittgli tivi* nf hiK U^ nX bvmt, imd 
0M1 poit of hLji bcdr, )ajr oat of Uut paruili. Quod hoIad- 
dumM [ 

lUtMmher&ik.^ I rt^A lerm reporM in tin f>ir«QiXiii, And 
ttUr dining vith Hut Ci>tlt4f« ntuniod to id^t cb&mberv till 
wco. wlkflD 1 v<?Dt t<> AkikCtT^B. Titer* I mot liio Lotnb^ 
Huliti, BurreU, A\Ttoa. Ooid»uc. Sl^rvb* Ac. I oiyuyvd Tlio 
frCTung, Uli:*!^ [ )o«1 At rutitis. »a I Imvw uiuformlr drme. 
KuUU iTM ftob^r, Hjncuii>#nUrivc, AOUtL\ u&J iritor^tjTu,^ I 
Jid oot convvno wiUi^Enit dut oujor^id bi« ci>iircrButi'>a wtTli 
oih«nv Luib VM |^<Kl4iuiivinTil hjmI limlL viLti ^ai origl* 
i«dity, M U8tttl< Coula^ vntn a nov [imn nimo«t to ma. H« U 
nid to bo ft prodii^ of knovlodtfo. — u youiif* JC^ oT Jeromj 
BctitL&iu, — 4 Tvporkr Tot Tir Chrvi^Uie, 

i^umJjrr Iinh.^ Sf4»nt Ibo inr>nxi%* at GftildbtU Agtembty. 
AEt<<r dtAmj^ Hi lliiT- (V>iLvr«i', I Vynk, n bA«ty cn.rfi oF Ufa «ith 
NfttLir. and '■■■v^ i' J1"V.:| r»v huu to D/urr Luufi Thi?fltre. Wo 

For tho Ant Ubjp I ki* K<^ii viiliont am- filj'fcwin? whattv^r. 
He hft* DO pcraoind dti^r^itf tn kupf^It iho wiuit of drt«4. No 
uwt aiupecU tlie Pmioc in cb'^ Uctxhuiif^ si^ij t'lttj nn ib>- M<t- 

tmw4id Ih* buna. Iliiib<^itfrn»l4<(QrK uf 1<- 

IflnavrbH" uft ■ " n»tfn|'*j«« i.^iuilrkfue i^r I'lr^im-— iti <r.- >->.p 'hp ■!■]■ 
1«T." lilt b^l «B0iTiiif (i fn)nihl>*ai>~iirttlAiiE*apto(qni,"Tlfl Pop of 

■■■■■■^^B OF HOBT CftABB BU«S3DX {Cha^ i% 

diftal iio baa uot ma air of mnDifiraxfr He iiuptr^t ao r»- 

of hii pvQuliii.r «vcelloiico, — Kmu of ^mum, Ttie btfo^nT' 
MCiica Aod the lojU burvvxaiulTT tf Bni^ vo vrrv piteMsU 
"Wlio's Willi t" A ftrcu bjr FwjAm. liM nn aiaiuili^,' iE<ctM nr 

Icj da the ApoUiMfrry, &tv vorv luank^ * Bj^ tb* Irj, Hftrlvj' ift 

f^tfwn^^ a^. — ^ I nw] mwtmI tiMpl«n of Pal«/k '^ Cvi- 
d«Q«9« ^r rhfifttlAnltv," having n«alr«d Ut rMl atK«ntiv«l«? 
util s(Ti'>ii[»lj tint hitA rf I'f-r <Ti-rkh tin Ji viiVijoc4 tru»Mtiili-uitr 
uu;vjrIanU luiil nLidi 1 aui iv^r>i4»'>I lliiu Irxjif Lo kav« drlnvnl 
MiuU'irig. t AtW3t\ vith (fip 4'rillii^ni knd njtoni annw lltiv it 
bt>mi'i tukii3^ to**]oiK*. 1 cAlIod OQ I^u^, and Itul m thcwt 
cliftt vitb Utiu. Tlic lively pLoBMiv ba «prciMd ut my iatornt- 
hite I'l^it <*f *l^i> ^»«i^>* t intondcil to Pdnilj qulle givtiOr^l um 
ni» tA a RLom aiodle^l cnMtura. I htdk up to bin vtth ftdail- 
ntiovi tl)o ini;*^ I Hco of him. 

Dftwiher 27tky — S|>ciir. ihr iiioniini; nt Itiioicr ruinlittf inili^ 
trioLUtj' law rcporti. [ dlnrd vitb Cutliier, mnd bndnit rMiJ 
i|puo in Okj nwm, I w<iti «ftor nil o^dook u Th<>lvaJJX qdcI 
TU proMiit ftl U) oxhiliftiriij wliicb wia moro tmuaiiiiE Ibui 1 
upeetad. *^Oniiiiii" anjt [;^iiniLFf1 lit Tbelvaira kinilv rnitd 
btt piifilU The vf«a r>r <tttwn^ Miftc«i'« ditino v«rK t« Im 
tli«AUie*lir mjti^l \*y * trwp crf 9lut»nni U ootnto «aOQ(h. 
bill TIu'IwhII li:m fr^r f>\r mii^et^lnl iu hta cUrtiuflu, lint lie am 
«f)4iU^ )>4<v^iii4 wliij Lir]);itviliv li^l mIpjiu tnapcdinftent* in ttwir 
6]iix«l) tu rvi;Et4 *«n*u vwj i^snoftbly. Tliehml] iiiMrtod tMM 
aiipropri'itv slroH tcr«M, t« b« iMtver«d hy Uw jouiigcr cbJK 
dri'ii ml Pn(r-tmn>\lH rii Hii liifrbiilo. vhirb bvlm pluiin|f irtfbcC 
Ho t<MohM b!H iKiya tu ruad wit)i ft 'O&fi/fn-f ; usd the ftM«n1 
at lb<; cbi«u ->f tbuir IJnus i» v<.Ty Eb^rvtub^c. It U oinlv wbce 
M^di wonl« SI il(i;ibtCiu ure prviiiuiiiiotiJ ua ^ir tvlbblcai, tluc wr 
nrc rcmmiiod rf Urn niAtti>r iinnmitrc^rtAlJv. 

/JnvnAinr Vf J«/. — I «|ji>n4 tbtB nornniB at my dininibcnb 
tiut TbumM broak^tod with mc and HuukJiiiL ouuv aAor 

At tkoir piu:! Avo I Tone irith tlio Anajota to Mr. Hallet'^ 
and dined fh<n.\ U wa* n fltmity p^rty. and tlu> CTcnkm 

|i*dBod aiTTir c^uiJWtutdy, 1 Muii in ifixx] )>[4HIBv nml tbc n«t 

uf tbu i*Tty «^rvi!iAbi«. THa jnr vui ittonbved not flratireljr 
but cbemuUf. 

Itboabofiit Jiko moatoT tha jconor my\\k,%jt»r^ im- 




HymUd bokJlIt Mud pnmrity. Bwdo*, it » n jou in 
vU 1 Imv« been eo uioec!«fUl In mr prc-fcMina, tbht I l»vt 
ft|nflf«ci of ilfltieiicc if tlic mvi-'u couticuHi, whidi I iUt<» 
M trpret, iwhI ^.UmX ^Kh^i-h I im Hr Ww uixioni tluut I tvnd 
li bt. 1 do no4 ii->ir fa&r p^^vevty* 1 mxt iioi, ooc ctot wm^ 
AoBfiMi of ricbM, bul mv wmjAa iJo nvl^ pirHiap*, incrcuw in 
frtjcrllon Ut my tcjoait. My bii>tficr Thomu tnnlun it a r*- 
fMek fo txm thAt I do not indultf^ myvelf man^ Thi» I do 
VA \hepk % duty, <u)d Bfaftll prObidTy ccFt nuko & pruUccL 1 


|J1T.1J^r M.— '[At XorvicM Thttt moinung T vratfaft. 

J isrduicly nft«rbmifr3«t toa Jvw<laDtist4C-~-rifh6put 

bi BUunl U»t^ Ln tJio itlncv oT ono I svallcnFed yo«t«rd«f. 

El* Miimd mil it fiao tram '\Vai«rica^ and prombad mo it 

■ftiild oullMt tvchxi nrtifif iai. t«oclk. 
^Aivwfr^ ;7/A. — [A1 n«rr,> | cftl]«4 mriUi cuitor on Mrv* 

CUrkMoR, xo nki lojivn of frr, Th« tTtiirkucnji loiivn Biuy r*- 
ikr,ftnd m nhoul touttlc <4i n fttrtn (Playfi:iffd)ticAr Iptwich. 
?i<anod<«rrvo«of thn :imcpl mccmarDlban CtoriGBon tcihftTc 
^htl SoiTiilft* jm>nil1j rbiuivii cf hii jqdi^B, ^n loiijfuiy iu 
iK* PrrlftDiTtOQ at tbi> pilMir i^ipPHM. Thin otigfil 1o «icl[|i3o 
■ualW AEiitrty un hia MOaunt, if tba brm abouM nut MiOcc«d. 

Mnufryf^A — 1 ftttpndcri the C^inincm Plurui lli'u mum- 
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lut nvtit vWd coeno <>«it bi^t il did not. 1 ltc*ril. horrcTer, 
Baoripuumt wmiity oTUin i>ntdvuft|[v of tlio KiwIiaL W. folL 
of Lbo civil ttmn betm^cn (bo HoruM of TMrk and Lim* 
; wbicik tbc aubllotico a^d re£iKm«&tc of ihit lau' ««fv m 
floumbicir (xiTidh^* — or tbr itlvvr ii;;^. Uint ijf th& 
An aliEiviciUHT iHiquimtkin, tbc imtcIvu and (hkit of 
Ghtmloii, in iwrrr, oa tbu foumljitjan of Ar«bbt«bop \S hitjfift, 
brovsbt an action for rent i^fnhwt tbcir t««ant. Ho ploadod 

ta ItH, i» ^ m U 1. b tW iciHDA yku ! 

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Uw lu&d, on «ii1)i(inxral by Uie BitiUnUw /br rtKlcniurm Uo^Ux. 
Th«j rp[>]HKl ihni, rr. Uii-ir cvttT«j&ziiM;, in mrtiiiig out UiKir 
btio, thuv i^'"^ iiiiittixl llkt vonK " of tlui fouiiJAiJoii or Arck- 
bi^up Wliiti^'ift," »i>cl ttirrflALW Uhj.y cwttctukd tbt! dool a&a 
Vi;iirj. lULtl (k^l ilic> eh^IlI blill ivouiH^r Uiuir mil, &• 
Good ttfikM aii^i hcoirfty gtrpTnilod ov^r C«etin^i:xl Wnnc- 

Ff^rnArf IJtA. — [ vnUke^J to Novi&jpj>o, aai d i< 
Hn* BatImuM and Mih Kinclv Mm llunood «i'<i 

A'rkin viPtt* ihi^rA, Ah airul, ur aorv Tcnr (ufufiiriAhU. A^lnL 
Jtarti/LMJd ran ki^trp up a liwly ftri^uiwiiUtivo t;i>awriBt>on tui\ 
wdl a« nn^ ono I know; juid ot li«r adrmiucd offo («bv 
turoad of vswaty), «Zie Ih ccruiuily the bcM. ftijocsoji-n ibT 
tuttph PreBliyt^ruE nocniitjp iti the ftjoatnr- N, B. — Antbgajr 
^biiuioii rwincitod mo to ioquire orhcukcr the (bofqtbt Um^ 
di^ctriiic of I'&iycrwil ficvtoriitlna MrijitiirftL Sho f^id ab* 
tbijiiiflxt w« iniist Mng hi thu ibliTr^nUilkti of dio Sr7i]4iai«i. 
avvrr UbonU notioit of ili« bcfu^otsiM of the Doity to find lli« 
doctn&c Uiorc^ 

/WkriHiry /^. — Idiiwd villi tli« OiHi'^n.knd iii tlt« cra)- 
la^ wmii to Dnirr Lixii^ with Jnu* r^Jkor &ik) Uiu J^omU 1o' 
no " A N«w Wny to pay Old Dobu, " » Tcn- «|)tritod COmc^ 

of nrtioic LiMt«iL Hbt nwe ni Uia dimkriTyof thr <VnfiH m tSt^ 
mAtrilgo of hu 4aii(ttblttf u nroiij^ht up &> i vrc ^M, 

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vho ftljBo p]ik,V)i BfliTumbly t)>u ;ttjt nf a kmvUli coniiilftiiL te 
tnfimuly ooinjtiJ, mul tn oiiic cir two iiWbiica* bo pUml toa 
vicH, fur h* dinturbod tbo imjpr^ioo vKxJl Kiuiii niu to fkioD 
by the rqTjalJy stroug ^ITccrt of Lu own *ctiii^ OxWrry played 
Gnvi^y. iliL' biiii^^ry iiuigininUp, plc>fuiuitlT-. and HjuW w%* 
tlioiight to ^rfom WoUbom well i bai ho dUplcsiuv uo iii 
tiuHt tlmt hu vvc^ii to luvc DO kcepiiy. SomvltnicH be i^ 
miiiiis one ot Uuuiur, »cDictiinc?( Lvvts. m tluU Ai Uni ho 
[■ ireiihirr a chuiirti^r nor tiimiiFin Mim tilotrv o-u q|{T00abte 
ill pbiyriig ijidy Allwortb- 

}'<lrnitrf JStJt. — A ruiii>i.ifl ADf uiucnt on tbo Uv of Phno- 
gviuUirv. It wuH UHoi Ijy uit Fmiid T ;ujil in n ArH]h 

tnml ortiLv lu Ihe pftrabli> of thv Vr^.- . '■ i? fiLtlarr •art 

to lia djMatii6cd ^Mvr bud, "Soo. &1i iLi.t I Uito u Uitauv'* 
wbivb UA roouvnuti^u uf llw n^lit ia ibe finl-t>jnx 

Fthrmirjt iSlh, — \x. i'l^lil I ai'dI T(» Hu^*hV vltr-rv I met 
K«ui, — I tboiUd ms to t^ luuv not to bvar liiis: for b<f 


<;at-KKim£K 1115 OVX rttU-ISHClL 


Ksnvlj vpoh^ [ tfcnnld hiHIr tu¥# himwit \\im. H« hiu 
MTtnlAly ti ftn« «5c, tiTit hb 'Vntiim vm" ri-btnt. u If t^ Vuu] 
Hwivrv^jcio irroAt fn'^i^voi. When hn icniif*, hm look in raih«c 
OQD*tJvn«J thnci lutuTnL ll« is but a niinl) ninii, ajj^^ (Ivm 
tli0 )cvnUvi]ffa«4 of tin mnnnmt no ons vnuld niitlct|«lo the 
mtcr vbo C3tcd» m b-4nu of poMiioa. 

Jfitrtk lOlA. -^ {Uti Cin?iut at Uodlbni) I was it IrtUo «aui- 
dfllitod by the f>tatrria»u of th« cink of a jiPHccTiFjit't m- 
licitor. in « iiu« tn ifhirh ] ana tfnga^ed for the f rroaiviition, 
UmI Uicre vnA btilc cTjd«iie» t^uimt ocw of the ddrud^nEA, 
— fhnti in fftct, bo had not been very nctivc in tbe rii^, 
j;-' btjt Imi wn« « MFCVlio &]lov. Likd Uiay vUhnl tti pnAuih 
hf puttrng falm to th# ^xjmiM of • iohTm^ wlthovit v%y 

Aprii Mm — 1 njrJo Ui Lvndcui by the i^ Ouobridgc omcIi. 
fVtMn tim to foiir. 

S$ooa al\«T t AmTod 1 inct Mjm l^ntb by AOoHcct, &ii4 in 
oofiae<\itrnc€ look tPi with h<T nnd Cliwltft I foijnd C^endgc 
ilikI Mor^d Ht lli^ir htiuiw OJvrld^ bvl Ik^fh ill, but bi- vidm 
Umtu, m bcftirv, Iwiuoctoatt* tnd in hz* iMjuMity myfttiudly ^i^ 
qacQl, He ia cniUaronnf; tc> brit%' a tn^^ody on ihc tlARov hi 
vUicb be u tint likely, I fcan lo niciccd ; juid ho m prinlin^ 
two Tohisu* of 3lLir«llBti[cfi. including a rcpuVihcalion M hin 
pOt«UL But he i« fviaiijkjc vithoiit n pnhhuter' !lc rvadiCQ 
imw in«tjt|ihy«ical [m m rcw, wblL^b tfill \^ Uii^h4<) M by nin« 
nut of tiTii nrnd^n ; Wt I nm lohl h« bu wrilton popnlrirlv, oiid 
nhtttti bimvlf. M:ir>r'Ui fe^foohinfl: v««y mlo, ^ ntUioFimkftpny 
Una ill He Atu<i<]it CdPhd^'O vJIb hiA unoi«n)p1ciJ JMidaUy 
Biid kirwlnnM^ 

Afvti ^IrL — Aft*f dminff I Twdf» to nftttiT^tivld i.v Jhn dny- 
Ooacb- I TCOclwd iDy tinojo i^mhb'* by t^ii-tiiuL% and tuid ivn 
agVToabli cwoiDi; wllh bko 4iid Mn. CVaM^ I ttnn jilv'^ivfil tu 
TWvfvB womo irapvmkma vbkh T*An havi> n>tidon«rl iniat- 

Aptrit SBd. " Hiu Wft* RD indoloiii dA>'. ht^t f^r frxii ah uu- 
|ilBuant mirt- I wil wilh Mr, and M™. 47rahb n jf™*^ p*^ of 
lb* mc-niTtitr. and AflontArrla ^-AUod mih Mr. Crubli, ^k¥> w^lh 
on biWBtfbick* tbix^D^ tbc ■troH to Hi)] («rrcn Farm. On the 
ro*d ftcnily »nccdot«« mnd Wlli^ nannlivr)., mif^^tcd by the 
elf{#rtj in rifv, rmUrrvl th« wiJk n^frenblr lo iw Intb, Mr< 
Crdbb !• vnvvd at lui &{(« vbun it b » prima plcuaurc to r>tbto 
the bi*toty of bb «ttdy timu^ ; ^ikd I «in 4lirn,va ah int^rvtted 
lifiAfwr «Q Htudi 4)ociuk4iiu. I aun tu?vur tirvd by pcnutunl 

3H0 BKiaxi^jDtcEs or HEXKr ctAse bouksosc rcv«r. u. 

taU.' Tbv bslf-litcrarr cooTemliov at half UoAcid T^^^M^ 
tht^ o(iiminuuptiU.^r« of lolkioi and rvl ' tqa 

iaulenitilo ; toil llw t>u»cn4oriiii.T, .,ii« 

Odd tmiDtdiftt^ i^^rK^r.Al iiir^rcAt aIva^a ^b^i &iy Ayuk^iuy. ot 
ajriiipilli> U aupi-lt?^ liy Liu? uW'ri';iliotti ihvy snj^ftl. AiwJ 
in %\\vh r:'iiLvi<r>cifjoiiH ihore M mtn^ tntlk »u<l ^ ^nd 

varwty tlinn kji iha olLnn^ ui vbtcfa, fiut^bri; < r. . -■..>n9 
ciHjViTsLUtun*, th<^rt m » Eitiiturc of cilL«r Pkantnicat impu^ 
UiTV I'T iii»|)trf(H^r )4E<3f'^tK«j'CEUu. Afen mi wii"!] uxmiiouB talk 
Ut uoriTiiict) chaiMuK-««, not Im««iia« th«j kivo fMliiigii tli«j 
tauM j£ivo rent t«> 

M)d ivmI chvra th» bcginiiinK of tbo trial of Wibuii. Itrtui*. and 
Butcfai&Mo, loF Dcmoo&liiiff IjivjikU-v [n tbo #iuuiiiwU<Mi a/ 
Sr li WilMtt, prcvLoLU to ih<o tml lio ^fq o»» muscr «Uk|] 
cquilH uuytliii^ crer mitl by an acctiwH fcrvftti 40 etnxuiMsd 
Hi> viw ft4lcod. *■ Worv you nppliod ut, to mmU m cvoevilttig 
Uv^^ttot" ^M waft.''- "moAmdicdtoTMl" — ••!««§ 
bom tmd cdncuU*^ in ■ itjitot^ iu nkicli tJio locuj virtttet §n 
oati<i<for^ nR jml>]io vLrinoa. hiul I baftt bot ir«inod my mva- 
i>k7 ti>a lirciicJj </Eri«ii4htiipnii4 ooD&hBCtt." 

[ iltiwj ill tLu llalL KacIi intm of four «ia aUoHrvd «a ei- 

yratoom Clinrkjltu vf WjJw »ri(J |Ji« lVtuc« uf Si»1C--Lvbilfg, 

.Ifdf 4M, —I n»l« to Durj oti Llin uuuidc of t1i« ^ Dajr" 
coftch front tkx to itirHL , . . » lA«tVMn wm ttn^ ttro ■• v«n 
iJlOTncd bj tk« inteUieoikCO Uiftt n fir» b^ brutfu oni. I nw 
out, fctirJiijf il vu ftt 'me of tiur Mr. Bucks ; but U mm tU a 
gMnt diitjuie*. hltmj ytofiUt were oai ili» rmmI, rort« of HlkAin 
vcn lau^hti^jf, and acvmini^ly rajoyi^ Ihe flro. TtiM warn tb« 
Mb or viaUl nvc tbat bad iiktn pUce vifttwi ft woc-k (^ Ittv^ 
and ihoro nnild b« no douhc K van au a^l iif juhxl Tliaot 
Torr atajicUiif o^itrnjc*^ Iwsikn mnnt tine ttncv, nnd tho 

Wfta Uio caliAMtoe of llirmhiBCBUUihiiiea. Tbo liuum 

UAJ^bboHuNHl Imvfi Hirratidcw] theao iip. aiid oupMC^ \h^m 
brokoD aa iho bi^-rood. Bmdai, 1b« wanf ^ wtrrk \ij tht 
pooir, ftud Uic diraiaihl^od iirko of bbor. hut* r^uwd ft 
oiu fliitrit 10 t}io ciuiijiioo fcofilo. — vben rvMod, tb* 
lvni>dabU) of ftinoirtf . 

o It wuothtrwlM villi bit rifeiiil V f»n1«inrth — 

* I «ain4ff **• v^t niadi ipr «a M«M 
Ta vwn my flr*Md« vbCk payoatf illK* 




JVd^ ^Stiu^CtBtA 00 G<MiHiL H« vm Uuly with 
Woritm'rih, *wi, t*ftct ii^vvdiiw A o^t at hu Itoune, oKmi 
ro Haw lirTt him wiih fimhit^itt «tmn^ jHiUtiisI diffrreiicii , 
«a4 It V1UI Uu« n^rv, 1 bebcvo, vhidi Jtc^t Ui«m nloof tmm 
mch other, i hufv lR*niMl to bokrwitb tbo iatolcfviw of 

Eiiiupvutthhli A]I-«nbnwi]nKmilTtnT5df<«pnii«ni, I Ml I tat. til 
oLbvr CAttM" of aax)<1jr ucsd fcnr hcto mij^niilkntit. uil i WM 
oouUut U> fomt tlic attamJ tcnufetuiic* of the rQ^lAr p^ieni' 
rnvnu m shuJiti* pivnr. of ilii^ [ivo|jto in tliuao sutw («> cvt^ 
nustlon, imri of Konvm Citholifnra ti> u «tiipid anil H«ur^liig 

rWiic; mofnOT uid intdl^tuallT, v^icu tLv Prmcli h«rol«tkii, 
«ft(rr rmmiunK to ftflvwDcw tbo wjriH rnpiill; tR Ma pnjgron 
tomudii Durfpctuin. niddMily, bj tli« vof'>i] tikni it took, llir«r 
the«S« Imck ia fU cjpcf^tttiott*, olnoet in if4 awk*!. ul\ <a 
Urt, ftnra ftlnrrn nnd nmictv, *fTpn 7faIk»i rrfunn<rrH w*i* dad 
to eomrimcnriie thx *sujtc of Ubprtt', iiri pimhnw imtfoiul in- 
dcpctKlPOiec ncd |vjiti?al Kbcrty at tbc oipoiu« of ciriL Jibcvtir 
In Fraiiof^ It^ly. <ti\ 3liwt inbTiiivitT dkl 1 rvjoico al lUn 
ooijiitor-RftTftlHlinn. ) harf »Ij« rrjmciwl, irhnTi n boT, »L iha 
HcTOkiltnri, orui 1 dm nnhiuQcd <>r nutlhcr iwiUim^tnt. And I 
«laJl iiot f>c AdhftinMi, (bofi^h ths Iknirlioti ^rYrrriiui^inC »li"Ltkl 
bo aAvlVAiWnnTvhkrh Fmnut Miuiaijrw^vnlh undtt xhnAn/v*' 
t4T«<tf l/ttm XVHI ,0Ltid thouf^h tht ph»mEK>«of Idwrty ^T«n 
to tW Gcnntuia bj th<tr iirhT««<9|rQA sitoiild ail l< hr>ic«n, nad 
tlioii^ ItJilt luid ^pftin >hoiibJ irlu^Ho inii^ iitn lU^^wvit tomH^ 
of ISind MrtpDnrtition. Tt nyoitv in unvM/uir^ good tti p«c- 
mKloa U> UN. Tbo muiMdiato vlooo U witbia finr wopo ol 
>K7lk*t and otDdTFfttioti, But »as IJaU tUv ^Ad aiBt«-ni U rv- 
oomd, viith it thu i>b3 uatw nisd Dfrprel^^TL^innii r<viv« alto. 
Aftd 1 ftm 1007 tW UTQtiliwnrth cfumot ohMi^ «ilti th« 
linkM. He o<xf^t. I tbiak, now m txUcrrX onr i^oTemmnt to 
ormuxny, and to mprwtil tho daxigarii nf n ibo^t^itltw r^ 
in an that nj in pxtMtflnn* t«imtj-flv« Twin iMr». tif tho Iti- 
letct'tty of W^iTdsTOfth 1 hcivc ii<d 4ciult. ^^nd 0I hin jcctiivi» t 
tuve an uiibouiiiM adinirntipcin ; tmt 1 ifviaLit tho cliaention 
ftod «ifll^(ii of hii Intfst pdliiiral iFniiTTun 

Jvnf X^'-rA. — Fkxraiii itpoJco nbovit Wc«t f ndAted tti« ftu- 
oolote to hi* lifi* * of hi* fii«t c<«lti^ tbo Apollo, and oompatin^ 

• Tl* Mfo mtA studio «r B*fu"t"il^ Wi-.t, K-^, r™;iVrtt 0^ Hu R«vi| 
AeBdmi- of LaidCa. prkr Id Ut Arrlnl [n Rniilafil caiuriilfil fnni Maivfik 

riiiMii 'j rii in GfrJfiU^iiix Uodi^n, im, hiu \«<a «« )>bu 

it to ft Mobftwk warrior. Flftittuui Uuglwdi uwi vud it wis 
ibe chticiuno^OM ■Imcfltu j;rcaLft MTtf^' » fur thoUHi tWc 

tbat fto arrov'. jaC Uio tigitru o| tbc Uvbawlt tnii^ifl Imro l>Ma 
mltoftcllicr uiilijw (hxt vf the j^od- TtiH AKco<lt»tv Kljuwajt 
flKi« lie liiviil Wf^ rvLito tupc^ tbftn t^citlj jtH^s iwi, lu » 
(li»ix>iLfw dfbvrnxl u rnwfdciil at ibe Aou^iaQi;. Tlw v^ 
oc4(ktct <if Wcnt's &nii <tiuwt^g bofon bt lud BpeQ m p*Ctun 

MM thiitt bcr^rck ibo biUttiiuhJc ** Eoco llocno'' uf UhmIo ia 
ptflkolor dolifbtcd mc. ood aiio Murillo'i '^ M^rT^Uifv at 
Cuia." Aoajrot ji:iiii«l mo tlicrv. Alio I met FbLUnAn, and 
with luDi vdji Uji^ia ^htv, wboon I c^Mttcl y\i\u Sh«; wiu 
Mjong in hk ceft«rc of «llrgDr>', aod incKJciitailv iwiwilcd to 
m bulj vlii> rrpronclivd bini viUi bring uiiobli- u> rcUth k dfi^ 
uiii {Jixt because hi? VELiUfv'l p^>'. The ludjr and pw?. ii i^). 
peored, wvn Ldiir Boaiuuvxic u:d Wofdv^ortb. Ik^h >'buuiui 
ti>d !ibov de&mkd iIm n>iii:uiE In tin i*:tiini of Uio '* Elo^ 
Fimuly im iho SiaUp,"!!! vli*.<h tl^c light lm>M IVi>iu tlto 
CluU i aad KJuruta ^UpM44 m ita jwriihcouou tL« cxjin^tuiMi 
of ibo ScHpturm, (biL Chri«l nuito v n 1i^l> Jbs 

^nf .9^. — ] iliiH^ bt Ur. BottV I bad inundod to siMp 
thcM; bat oa Mr. itutt ipon cmIv in li^, I pR^rrCfJ a Ul^ 
wnlk bona, IVvui L&lf \m»X tvn to twd^c. Afid I fM%oj««l \\m 
wttllu tboiigh thn cT«Qir\i WHA bAi xtty flik*, [ nut n U^^ 
mflii, wlmn I ohattrd vvtlv and Aft Im> no* a tebnivr oif ttut tu«- 
at <lui^ but Bcemiikflilj of a qtuM miud, ] wan gUd lo luiwt 
with w&ir a ipodiniTniif tuoli fwUiiif, H« |«wijvd ^r Fnuuli 

M4d4wlHa4f«k04'tllfk A^%w>b4?tTi,r*bt^tohftl>r*ioH<F*«a« 
ritalB«»MrMlaEkjte4.aMiMraiJwnfln«kladHA tal>M.mvtarft 

AuiOta O* TM rnt. ^ lot 

INiItH«n 4ik4 ivM^ <bfl t^ l^w m«^ <J»<ttw*W. -i. (Wt*4 

T.Bivtac, A«Maid'-EMHvnA"Xo.&llMnMMa«|Hi<>Uf.VrHt,aU 
dUmA bH4«tttt>*4 1? tW |A»1 toBH^ b» lh« NuMwid Wl-rv, «v>mU Wn 
bMp Vn Mkiffil In nvtfiBanr m fi*n ■fc4l«ri rh* ^pntilMi -i^il «>inv, Un^ 
rni> *■ MvtUib If f^L-iK.-^ N& 1* (tf UiB OiMwufc itcu b«lH>M lo Mr- i]> 

ll bww It TociftifiiHi k'krii. VlliA tfea pfcfwry ifttv Mh^- ' "><nfr, 

X^kSLOaU* IWI Y«iviW,n«i1h* Croix CdBMUfOH >4ii 

Dald, WlOAclat napaetM^ lO 1h« TsA CC AbcMMn iM IV Lvl Ccipr r. 





Bitfiicit u lite people^* Mend and <Miiy fpod mtb in tbR kto^ 
liecb ; jBi hi! did out aws w tJiiuk fioggin^ eitUci aoilcra or 
Ml^tn > wrj Uiil ih^n^> K» hNil Inwri Kniittipg m buildit^ 
tit unr Tc-thiU KioUlft JVimi, Antl ia;i1 hcf would ruthcr be 
WkhI Uum LUipriaoiic-i tbrro ecveii >'i:anL He wni PCioeirlkftl 
oiMrnoiu QU Ihu bi^. Wr wd Ur^ «uu1i.l ncwr uii^, " Brit- 
vu M*«r iifMll U> MitvvHj" Eur ICntonK »r« ull idjir«L V«t lio 
liiM br «Ar, Imkauw tlicro w<juld be vrork fr>r tbc poor, Jf 

JtljfThi. — l dinnd viib Waiter, A vathli piirty. ]>r. 
^4>4d^n, SCdrliiiif. SyitxiUtiQ, Jec TJl4 dicmcr mw aaioll but 
*/ 1 i — litrlnfl, l>rrtJc, ri:([l n-ijisupn, ft-ivli aiif] 

fA*a iv \tt> " \*\^ln.' hct hu coDvonnLjvta in culv LQtcIli^at 
ttdooodoirc aiid j:TutJ('iiuiil^~ ; be ia iivitWr tu^li-^l. Ei'>r snr- 
«Kk; Bcr prtici«!l_j *#!(!*. Hr '^ thri^tVir^ r^itimily n^^t 

vatl tho Pitk« in India. Sti^rling is a BuiiatlJc inAii> thty 
M> all aDfciTonilili^ 1o the atlmil ritniriln'. nDil Uicir Itdl 
u^ lit lEiDntbi VM very conridcutty miiKiuinHd. 
My 6Ul — ! took tciv with Mm. JtaHjirild, uid played chcva 

*H hnr dn Utr- MU» H wn* Ihtrv, und Jolij:bt*\I ai ihu 

*ipM*Uoa of bcvn:3ir ■ wijig wnnprrttal hy h^r smu^ tlI Twvtitt 
ttwte. Wheoy koTcvcr, i ntiiiiLined tliii to Itvr hrvthitr, in 
• jfinW iwmiiT. Ii« ii;4do no aufl«t*T, nnd bccmrd jJniott cF- 
Utd. SooiMinwii 1 wgr^A want of H-imJ1itliij ifiiriy rinliim 
W J I ^NMOrprrrcfftWlijitCUityr^fftH'liiigrir^iiii^iighl 

tftci ' i< % f rfjoQOi^ nt my lamiUid ai'tLtlHlic chartxter, 

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*^ fwpKliibte. The i*Id<T ] ^r<.-v, xhv luoint I cim NktL«ft«d, 
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(■tern, I fttn pemMdod ihil Ihi-rv nn* »*n frw inmiiiiis *|ju 
vftrmlitllc pnin ardl kind* m I do ; uod if th** nbfiCTion of 
irn* Ic tha U^uiinif of tirtuc. bo tiic nlrwin;*: vf itiffcrijig a 
^ bcffiiining of «=kjoyioc])L I uiutl ojhIV'm, liuurvcr. tliftt 1 
sfcink Bij own nature «a ol^ct of f«liftlttttioH r*thflr ihnn ap 

J»/y IM.^Aa muflcuird m'jmm^. My print of Lccmudo 

it to yiJm Lunb u a pnntnt Sho v«« miich pUni^ wttli 
ud to ««« IaidK kad I k«t BDu«ti of the monun^ ia chat- 

3^ nCUIMSCESlceS of BHNST C«Ai» B0DIN5O3I. [Cii^. 11 

tb« iritii Mitfl Lazotu I dfEied at Iho OeJlifi^* An«r 
I veul to l^mb*? and Uwk tc» aith bink Whit« of ibi 

ma m gvtAt p>od'biuncr, iloTt^^tod lifcc a child «ir ' 

tvtti bat I aia ta ohnn^ xhv fnmio f^r him, as till ^< r 

rmnuti tar IiIatIl Rov f juu1> tyvifimit Ihiv NYiioHt iif tJi« obi 

&tH^r. liiUk. — 1 vftlkod to Bochi«<t "nd ^ ivonmp«Qi 
mc toOiimab'», on a|Kitb«(iir> «t Hich^iv, vrUh mIiobi 
rUg« U iMiv vtaying. And hn mmv lo hin^ fmfitrjylmgif^ 
h/ iUa ■(tttfiiAiiM trcn opRBiu Ae, fcr 1 n^vcr lav^n loo 
so ««!l We tulkvd T017 tQiittblT, but Im> «bii:<-tiily mxt 
hi>m«rrr>y rhnii int»1- He uk«d aic >j> ln»] ban Mcni- U>oki\. 
Jjc-, kU'! rolttU"! 4 hlit'-fy of tho gnwl injunfiub dotw btn ia 
th« roporto oinrulAtc^ Shbout bis loetn^ buolu. Ai»d c-jrUuily ~ 
OLi^t acil <o jtiin in Uic rr pro&cb^ for be i^vc me t<MUv Knjiri 

CootUe's ti-orft on tb» tbeoty of oo]«n, and Mid h<i Vlt? jomrs 
rc&r« liAok dUoov^riyl the budo tbMcy, and «Y>i^|ri 
haw r«f!iKe<t \r Xn ftmn. and publiidiefl H^ had \v\\ - 
diverted bis jiM^ntkiT) fr^ia vnoTi iA\idi«« t<» po«trj. On m 
m^nlioEiiug ttiftt 1 linxl hnrd ibal ou Eo^ia^ vroHc bad 

■wflrvd, vttb gneaf. ibtirw^. tlwt h« wjw t»ry fiy» id m 
eating hm tboti^iA cti tha tul^rct vh«rarer be a-^otk 
aiDuU4; lit'.'rfirv uooplc 

Jut^i t^'th. -^ tH*} dny wpw vhovHty. but iwt Tery unploomn 
] rvad and finifthvd G«cttw'« firat Xo. ^'Uobo-'KruHi;' ikc, 
Iprinfr an account of tbo vork« ^ art to be toct witli oq th 
Itbiuc- II ti fntid^i^Llly rviTuriati^ ns triturritg thr ^^ivat 
fHAtV ^nnmis and disiM'*rfflU<f wol f.TT the arta Ha aMnti 
lortymnoaflci^ially m viiat^-rvr am pitiinot<) tbe ml«11eotual 
pro*|ifTiij' of hL4 i<>ijauv aa in th« J^oecm nf hh trtm ^ 
toainaritiocM of a:"!- Hla aceoiiiil oT the eariv painling di 
ooTDr0d at Colcgno, nnd or 1h« diaeorcrtd deaign of lb 
Oatticbral, m very inWrt^uiz ioflcuL I abo r»d 
Rijinicnidcv Er^o^eu,^ *% kind urimuk. h ia an aHegDry, and 
nf roitrnr haa nn ;2T^t prwi#iiri<aw ; but tb«n an fine uOrd 
and did^cLic Ijhm kn vvn' bvaatdVd dicliiMi. 

Juif &WL — (Al Dnry.) Tbia day waa »i*nl la «nirt from 
ten to hair |«4t f^TP. lE waa orrnpied ir the trfxl ijf KnTnil 
>ota of rioten, tb* dribnoc of whom L«aeti lirmifbt mo 1 
b«ttcr pleach vith rayaclf than yw^irdy, and T moo^mM 





grftiofi <}6' MTDe individLuU 4'lu> would oiJicrvMD fcuTo baco 
mrktoiL In Hui trjJ cjr lif^cn Stokv notrtE, vhn >in>ko m 

cfitcL All n«T<c «<ti^K4-:*J 1>ijt t«'».\ ctpimBt whooi DO ovi'lcaeo 
«u bruUf-Ut. 1 iir^fl tLat tbc i-udcnu oif mere prtaeuco 
■pJBst foitr tAhvvJ Aii iii^. TfliiridfEil Lo (■.uii k't iLtim ; nml 1ib<l 
Mt tho jun' luMTiL vvn' )irj',|?Kl. rnd lli^ TirvmAn qujtv ittcomp^ 
tiSit Xherv Voiilii Iiuw 3H.inj Hii AoqrittlaL 
Oa iUe IriiO tif itw n^'tcrD ut (.^Iziri', I aubmiltfiJ to the con- 

Od lh« tnii or ft-x rvftUTB iii Him<l«ti, thrco wtrv Mnvi«tod, 
fa ihrj vt^rt i^ro^vl to Lavi* fj^bi^u uk m-tiro ehatv la dctAjvy^ 
tif ihtf llirmliiti^dLMlkirLt'- Aklei^un. whii o^ti<ItKlt«f alt thir 
prrOMciit'iuui, con^^ri'i^ Fo ac^iilt titn», And two [.<lh«r« wore ni^ 
fjtttttr^ bn.*a(A9u the c^o witao«e wlio awt^ro to more tbui 
ms9 fctntuoe vciffc coalnidicted l^j t^c witDCom I atllct]* 
ilocjgh tbe (tvitnutW^iTi vns not of the ino«t plenMiig 

W* ft4i^>*i*i^ ^ l*^f r*^'' ^^- ^"<^ ^'^^ '^f * oonnpiracr 
tsdk pi*tt*, fcn whiL'h I hnri in> ofiittt-m, and it »um f hr onlt tvm- 
tvUd loAttor ia vtiich J wi^a not employed, — a. vtfty gntzfyinif 
ad pomMng circuiufftjukcc. 

/v7jr 2J/4, ' — I wipi Ml nwirt friim Un j^'rVkfk T'* tlirr^ The 
R&tfJfidtfa noiats ihiitv iti iniiidwr, mtv ln*<!, AH w«r^ 
■svYicUid Mccj'i fiFiir, «f»oiii AW'.Tw-H ciir.v:-iLt(tl t-^ JlechiTjttC. 
*ihI ud« wW prrjiol diul Ijc miu Lsuni^-lliril to juiu th« iiutcra. 
)kf^i, a Aiu^p Iiij^ Apinfix} fJd u^tLii of n^^f n^vpnty. whi> 
ahnit v<rntiifvd m»ii>iik ih^^ nicb, defVintf them nithout rcofmn^ 
iLj iujjirv nud liy lii* C'lmjco e^miwK nrnvorwl rwpoct, de- 
pend uiiEb unch pArlifiiUriTi' to rxrry oufi of ihi? riotin, t)ift£ 
il *Bc in vntii lo mnkc any di>f«no4^ I taatlo Bomo ffontmal 
cbKrnOioni) in hchalf of the prwoiKTS* A^d tbe wccnii, 
lavli^ «tvkL>riJoeiI cnio Ui tHii vigirvn' iiujiriM^niuriit, nn^S utTici^ 
to cna j«ir iii>d sit monchu' Intpn^AOniEinnt. dianimd th? 
ttro«t«r iiiaal>«r on thi^ir findjn^r luvitnl^- for th«ir good K- 

Aa^uMiJitt. — (Rnl^jrri) An nfpvnflhln djty, Iwlr^ rvlE«vnd 
Aona tlio bunkcuuntn Mi7i«ty of tiic circmt. 1 troftklhalod 
vkth Mr^ (Jrccii, an<l aljocit ttii« SimT>cy abd Jamescn MfiMa- 
fvnisd Hic lo tbc nlifi^ of Cnrdingtoii. Kcrv iro looked ovttr 
UUMMtUi cbtti^h, TT^ vh\eh i< «i«Qt«rl n bnuiHhl nioniiiltnit 

Bacxoi m memory rf fho oWer Wtiitbr^aii. IVo r«DVil« 
iu ^to uid b«Ho Tvlief atb Bupportmi; a ^ji*>€ fis^^r^ 

336 RU1I\I^PJECEA OP HKXKY OlAftn mtt»l30M {Cmkr, 

Tb« chimb Ims ailux ntonoukoiita *4 W tJnUkml* « 

WAldqfiaTi:, nfiEimiubJt? ^ lutai^ Lvrn |.Untc^ ti; l 
bjiLtwi Jvtn llvwanl, Vkbo lived bijrc IwCC^ bu 
T6v«guo whitjli rciidcn-i bio life dm] bu iloulh t- < t"-*^*' 
DMtaan, HovWb puitciMf. n^-rd cijEUt/cix. 
grotto t«4t III thf tv'irvHrhii> tn whiL'^i it a»« «^ht.i. im-'poii 
thvr^ Thti g»nleii u <lit«ily irit«'««tiiu frctu t^o frc<4 
wbicti it mlrc*lu<c» of tUr wn- tfiLcftcot tann wlw 
en tli« 8|H>i, Awi in vtiJoh bhuijtil fit* iJxofh ^u tKa 
aificA-tit sad f^^HiruUt xnc&ion*), wiiu* r < 
Mni'O- Tiio viUu^ Li vvn parity, 
uiKriwl ill till thijiol^ uhJ tjien- u a s^ji^U [^ 
wv T "Jfthn HciuATtl, rliod iit Chtfin^n, iu V- 

July I^Jt^ — <lf4iridt») 1 rooo sL tax, mi! mjcTnl 

biil«. Plarfcnl Hall ttjmda in ft nJkj-. it cotuisu 
bolf (ir ftu utrrciii tall of woiMji-nilile ajitHiir*'. »!iirli 
origiaally ocmiuAicd of ft rt^^iliir ilm*^ii^vf 
Ool\im» bjkvipg (il|i>t] tli-5 fcurth s^v of *■>' - 
a mocitcil OiUi muijJ titc Wn^Lii^'. luifi ^ 
of W«ICT> vhich cuter* ^y » nevpr-fkiliDX, .Ji' <ljli ni»»i»lj *> 
tbo djtdi luy Iw tUvMl 4t ft&y ticnC' Tli^ iiuniM«a 
brick, fiixl the valln ftro very thick liul^yNi &cilii» 
ckiiiun-^ Hud [HKElc lut^ niuJijWB vitb ctvoe fhuuiMii 
tbJL'kni-iik vliov tb** rMn<i(?r Hpli'fi-lfir of flir r>4iii>ne^ 
Bnfftoj u tbc (^vDvr «jf tbc ivUtr, to vli>b l<lirnt?< f«nir 
huudjnl ncnM, mul vhidi Mr. CUrkfOii ivm >< 
Dike yaxn Imima Mr riuk-nTi, <m ti»t irr 
ikbgitit till] ^nk'D { »ti'l iJ^(.T ' ' 
Quiic fluviL. ar.<\ I «i>r]iC « I- 
her. ^V« hilLnl l» tlic iiQU~j<ij 

TftUtfy* TWiti'i tlw tiuMk. AisV, mild I 

(vcuA^ttt uf iln bit j«t;t<ii, iuuj ia li . . . , 

Afflk' — To UiW pUM Mr- Cbrluioii fviired ftft«T th* 
mrk — tlko itniy vork b» pcv>i.-tc<L, vuc tbo ftlolitim of 

■ Wf«iai In IML 




d u t&»it — «fts 00iclod ; wA tuttiapniit^ thni bUvory Itoolf 
ivqU ho tboti»bcd by uur ir>i'fmmrat w hii^ day. Tbe, Low' 
f>pr» vnikl timllv hnvr tnk«'ii |4t«>i UaiI if mil. litwn fi)rtii*L tii^ 
«fti«A Ui nccrvaplvib tii.» Itrnt Ri*p^ 
\\h.-- *fw K-.»«nt oiicTtt of the evil ia tdrcrtcd to^ u klro" 
r'tVjJj, III iiiile* L.I ii^vviH tliD tiivtil at ib« 
.^H i-j <»-.;- - iJw.«n forifotl'^i Umt if. oo iIip mvivil d 

«oamcno «ilW tiic ikwoo of 1 til 3, &ud tbo roviv^li^ Uioftpmt 
<rf niociiiali'm ht ilir KumfKun ponruni* the ulAi^truU h^ 
nlD Ivvtt ih^ pnrikK^ of K4m)p<^ it would luvn iDrnwifd ion- 
flcli All ATbtrUi^L. Xaff Zcubu>d, nod dmry- pan of ibo Now 
K<fU,woiiU h*v<^U<cntH^plcdb)'iUricAiifl,|NUcliiuod<ir«tolcfi 

49ym^ JfHit. ^ Xt Uir ^a« nr^'ht ! m«im^ tho Ddbvid 
tfvVt Ml llio am^t if ChMtcciy E^iutc, i>ik a tour, intcniM to 
cvmoe lk« bhia of Cotab^km) unl We9liuarcUxi(L 

S>il rfay f mot with lar frrnrlr^nirn, iTilb whrwe npprjmmni 
ib4 ciuuva«r 1 tciui aI oncn itnick 4ud fitoucd, nud with vbom 
J btttuoe kIkwmI imincduz*^ AOquaintod. Hie iiAmc of cow 
ii Ttirkmi*. il ynaw It^Uji (nfaoiit c^i-oty), ilr4 nf iL« otbAf 
Mr W»»ti«r, liU tur'^c^ al-vit *v*ntT-*'iaht- 

Sfptrmftcr JM. — SlnklLn^ iiOt> tio oli chyrob * mC MahcIim- 
ler. J beard a Mrsnirr aiWt fllildi t abvuld vlMHlittru Iatq 
amtAk^n ^^ir the tik«1ln^ of taralvi ilnfng Xf^ tht> hjiiM, a 
diatant 4mI«, t fauml lv« Tvura of vnu^n tliuiiiuij: iii fiLv>^ 4«eL 
witJi « bftbe in bcr ftnuo. Tltv lui&nitffr v<^L dovn tbo lia^i 
t^iikfing focb iutniit h« bu vtvtit- 1 mippuw* ihr< vfl!k!ij«m<.-y of 
UkV ifrlnuflkg — I trHvni tt>4 fart tbitt Ihu urnlur did loiiob — 
ovidntDed bjr k iliMitKt »<)UimJ fr.>ai mob. Worda woro 
.t4.<rY>J ^v ibu prifiti on Ul^cuurBr, l>ut utie prayer wnul 
.11, Tliln i ibiWbL 10 hf ■ rhriMt^r>iii<; hv whn|<iuF^ ; Mid 
tonjd not rvjinvt tJbo utovorvnl Ih^u^Ut tiiAt, Iwid^ in tJio 
neUvfKjlit of mu&n^iOtLa'T?!. t\\v niil nf bU-aiu ur luioliinvry 
vii^t bf enlltf L in. I «iu tokl xhux on Snmluy DVi-nln^ Uie 
MMmony U r«^ni««L r{OL*««ttlcy tt th« only upotof^ for *o 
nViT«r«<iftnpmnrntMiici*(-Eft nTli;ji->ijj*Tit4. llov tbouaMoeoof 
fE^Ckui ift lacnAooJ Ut Ihm f^^TtiL^itir^s uf ibu Katnt'lisliliwiil'! 
.S^rtsW W. — ^*t Pr*8li>i\^ My oomp«iilon» v*r« «liul 
bo IdoJi into the L^wtholii; fhHfJcl, «bwb tu siHkuioua itnd iic«t. 
Ur. Wsltrr purcfauod licr« ■ pntapUet* trbicb «flbrd*d mb 
nnx) diTiiiMniM^it. U It n itfirnUv« «xtnwiod fVnni f^lbnr'ft 


vol. L 



d ii|m~ 


bocii OHTi«l on bctKocn him uid llic Uerll, wbo, Ltither 
clMtUk «u tliu ^m uliu poiuu^d uijl to Uiin thv abaurdiiy 
cril of [irii'Ai^ roMtik or tmir9», tc Is ovonglj p tf wwJ ii|m~ 
ihc' puoutf niibJw thi&t ewM Lfithcr htfoMlf OMdMea th«4 
FiOhur of Liu wab tin* ikuUior of tbc RetbrnMtioo ; uiii 
Ijr 1^^ Ht'iry m ouiiii <iut for thv C«Uii)bc. 

S^f/ff^r J/A. ^> (AnblvaUo^) Tht« «<m cvi^ of th« 
ddi^Eki/ul ilax'H c^ mr jo4mi«j ; but it •• d44 our lo daw cri l 
tliv t-ml ill cat 1^11 viniojc P^rtl^ fn^'u ^^ aubrlj o^ luuwl «xcil- 
leni |i«rKius, amI pArtl^ fWim IvaurifkU nn»nmr. Ur. Wchcr 
ipttiwd to Mroug ftdMiro to >•• \\'i'niiv<>rtb. that 1 molv*d 
bi l^ko Uiui ttitli iBC t.<n a olL After bmJtSwt v» v«lkod (o 

ahuieiug pouUiD of tJ>o wtmii of bill trnidnivi^ a 
ctv i>f hne ob.T«ot«t of which th« hMt^ luid luirrov poA 
it&l ^VnUrr is lh« enuidoil. In lhi« vnUcy. Ui Ukc riidit* 
H npfifrloiiii lioiLMi, t^n sMt of xUn Fkimini^ uul nrar it, 
ftiMT ettitatjcqi, th« hfiiiM ^i >N r^rdivarth. Wo raot him i% ifao 
rcw) be^nr the huuw. Hit ftJutxtbWi mia tnovl uunlial. Mr 
Walters ijiaiirt ir9r« vu; mkxi m^tftkrwi) I9 Ui» o oqi KW iim 
of th« |K>«t In nch % spot. Ho it oDiv ft£Tit«4 to jvratraot hla 
BtAy Amotif; the JaJcbs. ftnd lo tfiODtl Iha <1aj &! Unaoere. 
Tarlcmiu «bs plMcnl f<i] a ]iuut', Hbndi bhh j^ «i!i! ciuuisuuni 
utd, Cboufth it «oiild ttat tmhoTW hiro« nw avav nifli 
tvice. From * KUlnck Wordsvorth pointoil out NDVvrftl 
b GnmwTO in uhjch hi- [uul livi^l* 

Dtirin^ thfl d^j 1 t>-ik vt oppcvtanUT f/ oJlio^ <m I1«Q>al 
oev, mr Tco^pic H^ noqnBUitwioft. At hfti bc«a irov; cni 
aa inniiil, aud hi* apiicajmaot fiffpiAc xM htaJlli, 

Our eraahig vnii ^■^t «t M'onlKVK^hX Mr. TLllbronh 

cmTfnatJ«in wm fectDom^ but hishlv iDtav«tiuc> Thv vvoiui 
via ivrr 6iii?, and *d fio- t))r flna tiiar ponSMTod all (&p 
tMa (is'l'>n» thuf miiifat 1w failed) of RvdaJ Uo'int. It Ik 
uluatrd u t3 ftffi^rxl frrtfia tho vmdoWR «f botik nttCOJC riMCDIi 
dimt Tier cf the rallej. with Iho kcad of Wlodonuenr at tl 
dxtn-cnity, awt from a tcnam lu the fpmff n a rirv nn lo fSv^ 
dil Wm*t, and tho vTPdnff of the wtoj in that 
ThoM Tiev» ai« of a tmj diSm^nt <haract«r, attd maj 
IpuiU jw mipfitfniitntiug mdi ociMr. 

1 aoQcftbtibrilrtMlrt 


WOKDSWOKtH. — fiOtlTHfir. 

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Tlie bjuar, Xco, in ctmraoftcnt uul Wifv enough fur n biiii)^ 
nuuk And it miH > sfviow gTnliAcacinn ta b^oM m^ K'^"* ^i^fl 
*» |:^ii| li nun 4ft WonliTortb m llie lw*utrt of hm fiimilj eji- 
joyitjfC UkuM MiLforta wfakh btt] Appanrikt to the oyo- lU has 
t*w MOB tod u <lfti^tt4T B<L-vt<iiig- Thi-'y ft|itrt?ar to lio jimin- 

of Uiv loan, h() Diav justJjr bo ocuakkreil u one df thd Tuoit 
«nviAUf of mukiixC Tho initutaot of lliv ijublrc towbrd* tiiiD, 
In re^aH Xo tlw uji(irt^iu1i>ia of hift uorki. hv U Mraiiililn ntl 
Uui Iw Ik A«^)^^lhat. thoii^h lli<* ar^iki Iwdy of rowlvrv^ tho 
^ralKt* <>f L4>nl (iyivii, tW inttlAiicc — <Bnaot Mid oiii^t not 
to tv htft JiilittJTi^pi Ivo, fttiU be n uut litbout bis fiuiH*. And 
bn bfta itut rtf#r1jili£in nf p<Mthiimoiu rcnoiru wbich boa 
cJj w t i t d inuiiy a \i*.*:t^ v^j* Iim IaiI l<«a k'^ntinuilc cbtinui to 
il« wad «bc«<r C3jii<fiLti<>(u huti- n^t htva dUufpoiutod. 

Mr. W»Jn?r Mtit^ MKiir Sr-iilrb hin t<» \U. Trlll»rTn»k\ flate, 
Wkrl wa flid eot Iravc hydki Moiml Uil UiiUv Mj cijtntutiiona 
dcckro it «iU Ik- t» tli«fa a ciM>[nonitik< ovonine 

Jtist SB «i; wixrv uociii; to Ixil Dr Quiutrj rulpd on mc- He 
WM in laocb bftira' «plrit4 thuii vlivn 1 u^ bim iii tbv Otifri:- 
in^ aad tfip r oMwd « «i«li t4» wrdk with mc oboat Ibo uoiglibor- 

&jifi^niAfr AcA. —I ntMraM to K^tiilal. ^■"'^7 ^ naroniiiu^ 
ilat« ar fn«wbk vbo were plcd^<t to <jimt nu opporfuiiity of 
htATOt; SuixhiT mMn I vent to tbt.- Ciubolic cbafid i and aa 
I aCMMi tip «hibi iJtbi^wen buwlia^, J fimitd my cuut tiiggifd 
«t tiolaaUy. Thin vu occaiiii>u«>l by u oc^niliiuutkui orKanmui 
Cftthfilic nitd tiAtLui Kdil, Tiic tug of re«ofniitii>Q atnvo trvtm 
Nn Italian boy, Jt Pin)ni<nii<?<' imJi^'c-fM^Ui^t. uliooiwi' hoA met 
with li«fcra «i] ih« rood. — a Kpifitcr{ UrL, urti^t nrfiwul « tditl- 
liVff T«irkiink oBGnrvd hini, nud mid ho bod taTrd enough b^ 
ilttintE unBRCa «&! odior ICnlbti articlcsL to buy hima^ kud Ui 
Safioy. 1 mnIffntiMKl him to my £ 80 ; but th&t ii probably rt 
ttaitalw. I1« hod* bovevor, baoti aovvrvJ jeom in l^Lnud- 

^^nn^T-M. — ' (Kcvvick.) Wo wore f^tJG«d lay irvci*- 
fnffui uiTitutioii In tjikc Icii vrilh ibir PoK Laiitvntc- I'hia 
won |fii«ii to onr «hol* p«iy, htwI our ditmer "na, in e(fiM4>- 
ipict>cc ihorton^d. 1 had a oradl n>om on a itvtHind ttoor, 
fr«n the «it>do«n of vbi<li I hod a fUmpsv otily <^ the tina 
nuKintBiii BnrtHiiy-. ^nd funld B!<e & ijeikIc boiue cmly iinzid jca> 
dana vttt of tba tovn. Thu nboiuitiun vu Skiddav, 'tFii* 
Ikmuc waa ^utbcj^B. 

Tba bnnsale u\ei m a Uf^ honar in a uunwryman's 


gl^iiiiili. It a^ny% n pAiwirnmii? nnr trt th« tnouoCAixM ; ami] 
n^SiTiiIhoy ir]wii4)« nn iitriubof hu tiiBrvithia datini, ihift )oi 
(Uid oitctiHVQ vLcv *iip|>!ii» tb« pliMV «f (nvcUitt^ bc^oikd 
own pivjniaHi 

W« vpcot ft l^lj^liljr ni^Tvei^ilv evening vtlh Souihu^. 
Xiuih, Mr- WchUU, Jnii., &iTcrrd UcUw, Mus« Bttfkrr, M«*J 
Suutbcy, Mr», Cotuhdpj. oiiil Mr& Lorrll, vtr? of tiiu [iMrtr, 
Thi^ iynir«T«RliuEi naft r4; vuimiB wtgoetA. Soviet's til 
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ho Mizd. vTth uTL'kT 5x-Fir[(r, tluC !«(■ wntctiniM rcgtiilod tlii 
«ith puu, thmkin^c '^'^nl mif-ht hvrontWr bfOotM of tlu)dit — 
pathetio Klliidiuu io iUe luen of Km aoii. 

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tliAC Tiv rvpraatrhvd KcT^liuuid vith a vtut ul gvii^r^itji h«1 
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lo oarry Into uHT^^^t thti ncv cm^itituliifi. 

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tlib ttPOiiUj atcBt Kl>°^m>- Ho coniidrni tin tforffimioiit' 
luriamly cniJiinjr!n*il h^ thi> i^rUii^f* of Cobbrt, nid MiU 
mon hy tho Simmi^fr. J^txthmaaa he doom« »or» vi okgi 
of torr«r than at ^o cniBanrtnaDacnt of itc F^ich It^ruli 
tlon, fhun tb« di^mliii-fi nmin^ wit i^ ih# dnnnriAl in«li«r«' 

in threo ^TOira f 

1 wMi min-^ vjuidaJir^ by hm opinion* triatt*mlii&{ Ui9 fffw* 
tlinji tv ^uiVAth«r rVirvrinc. H^ vtidd hkT^ tRMuq^itaUiNi tbm' 

pvnmhtfu-^it for iK ju-ditio'iM Ubri f ! ! 1 outfit t« wl<J« bownwV' 
llmt \ Bill r:ijriVNii^^ S'Jiitiiey in ui IijuicaI alanulst t «LkI im4 
ftk^iiirii nriy p>in1 vith him. 

He W (b« fmiuret uf « fonrif^u J«w, vilb *Urch Mid air«clal 
ninniT^ri Ho 18 a bo^ pnoC oMlAbgly fijnoal, aud. I 
ftlioiitd viippow. clfrv^. 
Ci>l«Tid^H daTijrhc«T lifta ■ Gioc cf crM virwtncH t 
Dcrffi^nl (tolEi-idj^ I am at Wordavonli'A Ilv ift a 
lcnr< wilh ft i^iAdTJLlirrofl 4>t|iniQkliii]. Of lllenitLiro not 
tru flnid, Licmtunr i« ni^v Suutlwy'a Inulf l Lo « a 

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^GTcr. null hiM ivorknlif}]) ix hu ilfulr. — nvtrry Iv^autiful oqo 

iMt4ftilj, titii -^^ ' fv uid thv dvli^'hlfiil L'liTirxiriB. u wfll 

■• bvi aim r' I ,^ tiim to iulvrTUf>1ir>i». Huttcnotfl 

{<irll<m »r it, 
^■f' ■ - i loll Torton ft find bjs tiiior witli f(«)iA^ 

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14V, ft) Uut I wwi propdrt4 frrr wlinl 1 iift^rmrda oTp<r>«iic«>d 
from Uixn-t 

StpimUr lOth. — AA^ I IiaiI rjik<<n n iroli^ iliiinor, Mr 
Warjf<vkmh cam* to tn*, ani ^Ktinvm r^iri-r ailiI four t« i«t 
oai lorCockcnnoiiU ; ho oo h^^ncUck, 1 <j(i FmU WcAtiu-icd 
in ft bWTj ebf*>**.*r, ol»idi thcifouiiLIy vctu<l ijic ^V\vi mJii 
ill lm( liulfl iiflt-rmiuicin fiiirii^tf n pTont p#rt rf 
and Uvin/crv tho line tom^ty tn tho iiaxnecbjiie 
-iimmJ of Kea^icX nwn ciitiri'ly lo«t- TTic riiid, l*.». 

■mkkvaiU. KuJ of Skidilan. fixjui uhiL'h v/v ntvuivd In rvc«lif 
•0 littU, tltot pTi-ii vtii'L tic W'lTV' n'.-'U'0»fl»TTt»niiMi lilt* rm»'Hi- 
teki ii>okf«l Etuir lo 111. !:3 ikc ^r^ai: uiil irilcivflliii^ ci>nvi*na- 
tiuii «( krpl uir, Mr. Wvrdb*ri^tli HHA tiLit ijuitv zittrnlirt (o 
thf nnd. rinO ifcr Inut ijtir any. A |ioy, t>'m<^*fT. who yrtiith^S 
tilt 1lirv«if*h iwiB<> UrriU;r <ltrty Inoof, jitit wn nii^hX- By tEiiit 
tiin« :t fvna Wr»i]ic tli.rk, luiiL it wnA IaU bcfoni wv mcltt^l tlie 

If thM «yi^ !lio ]J)L^. fjid if my tnciiviry von> ^ood, T 
oo«ki eurHrlj my jMiiniul by rot&J1iTi;t Wordftworth** ^iiviTsa- 
tJucL H« IB jui Fl<A;uviit r^jruiicr, uiid lio luDctxt iipuu biA otrn 
bit^ uul ltJ4 ovii vnrtfH, «er>' r«<>ltiigL' Mb'L ly^ry prif 'UTidhf : 
but 1 («n»o4 v«nlurv to ttftto inora Uiah ft fow tntotU^hU m 
vuJU, for I oan Ihnt mucfa of *rJitt L* awd ^nt* ftbcv« luy oom 

ll«,VUt*d, vltit T liiid trffim tAlE«fi for ]fmnt«(4, th^t nofli 
if hi* IvrioftI bftUAdH V'>r« &-tind^ on luomo iti^iflfnt ho liiid 


I* MfmiKf to H. C. B.~l TMJdAA b R«II» 

342 BeUlKLSCnycK& OiF HystUr C«AUt iCOtilNMUC Oi*r- 

fntno^cd or hctad oC. Ho raentioDCiJ llio url|^» of 

"^ 1jiii7 Gn/,** thnt lender and p«fbetlL< ittirmtti* r/ 
child a^viUriouftly lont on n oommon, ftiui ooenAtrocfJ ^r I 
deftUi of n oliild irho fdi mti^ tlio lock of ft rntwL HU: 
iTMi to cxliilii^ pocticoU)' entire fitlilwif. ftud be iT^LrracnU th* 
duld M DbwTvtiig ilii,^ iUjr-iiiu6i), ttliidi iw town ur vUUgi> gtH 
would <rta ftotz^*. 

The *'Li:i*uh U&thercr"t bo did bOtiuD; iiac«t ncitf Gr>«k 
(-toept tlmt be t'>^\t- tu biB pwliu diunictcr |X)ver» of 
nrbivd hiH origin al dirl nof |>iiF44t.u«^ 

The fiibto <jr *' Tbo 04k uid tKtr Brooan "" t protepded 
Ilia betioliliu^ t^ ujsv in juhI ekitli a HituAtDotiMbodcwrrilvi! ll: 
broom to bi in. PiTiiJifi^ 1ii»u'i'ii-r jill [kv^ Iuti* Imd fb 
worla tii)ffia4ti>rl in Ukt? iari[tru<r. ^I'lut I "i^h t could 
to elAto aA«r \^\kl^WoT1h ia hit) coacoptipb of the mmner 
wliicb Uit toKic fi*ct ib cutiYLi'ttfJ inUi ytxUj bjr tlic po 

He r^piva^vnod, htjv^ror, mneli nt* tiokiiow* to him th 
Ccrmui ptulf^eupbmn liuvi: dune, titat bj- ibc imngiiMtkiu 
mert fad 114 <iiliibl1t<d na cunceiliHt vilh Mint iaflniljr vitli 
■fcich Ihffw U bu poelrv. 

Il« vpoko of tui 1&J0 of t!ke d(^ c«]l«d ' ViM'tlrr f I! 
»n be purptwdy ixta^*^ ihv luumtivu ia |iriwiJ« ua pmihia, i 
□tilcT ttiikt oci (liBt'n^Jif mifchc hff tbroiTTi 4^0 iht* inifb of 1 
iuddcut* In the douripti^n iki tht^ b«(pttniiijr. ^vtS in %h 
iiionl al Ibc cnci, hr^ lina olutit tuJuIji^^ 11^ h prctic vein ; 
Xhnt jirirfri. f^it- tblnkH. bf him [JiiiilmHv Hiii'or^M hi. 

Ho (|t]tTte<I ff.ituu of tbi? bvlU'r pix^m, niwl <Ll«r> firom *'T 
KitUQ und the Ftltiog LcavM,"| Icnho* he LaJ c>oiiiv«i«J 
cveii tile killt-ii wHb tlie gnul> uwfiil, flAid fiiiHl<.x.v(Ls |io«tTa 
of BfttuiT. Kitt iieilhT nov. iKir ' ' rho Prolfari? 10 

WordsitcrUi*i» orw i^litiufi of lij?» | - I t*f4t) alilo 

tunnptebend bin JdcBAcuoccmm^ poi^ih; jjiii«i:i!mli<*ii. I li> 
not ha^Q ublvi in miw iil;^ iiihid In tht* mrbjt^ 1^ fiirlluY t 
thiH, that imrVLEinittiCiii i» the faf^iiItT tij- ^^)i>oh Ibf ix^ cot^ 
ooiTeH lUKi pnxJuica — lh«t is, iwin^^^iijilivHlinl fjimLs, in 
nrbiok nn? eiiil<^it<(] uiiivunal ulvas or abblnci ' 1^ 

oomprebtiiit, finri I rtnd ihninry^t hraiiitkfktl nnd ^r- _: "Ik1i» 
tkiODA of tbia fiwultj' in the vovb* of Wordtwortli hoMotf. 

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Vol It ^ »L 

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A PKOi-iirr wiTHorr Hwcot. 


TW ift6omp«n^fe twive luiok, "Sbo dvi-ell Maotig tbo qd* 
l^Mttk war*."' • fft^ioir* " Tha diflinMico lo nw V- »« finelv' 
tei^icL Ihi^y (itltibijt tlic poirciful effect of Uie lov tf a 
fioy ofaAMTO ofajoet upon ct>» teiid«rljr Mtwiliiyl lo tT- Tb* 
mwlioa li«two«ii Um) nppan^tit atrvnt^th «f tha pundoQ and 
it ittaignlftcdJioo of th« otnoci Ja (Wi|:htAJlir conoefcrod. Rod thiO 
t^tet ttAcirvell pdrlfmjvtL 

?ipff Act /^A I1u« «m« a dnv «f r»*t. hut of oi^imnfiit 

dttK thouicti the «iDiiM«iwot of Ibo iIajt viiA mtlia- »ooiiil tiun 
v^ng fK'ii ihc bnimni iirtuitun% 

I ^rraU t>me of mj jounuU in bfld. Af^ nij hrmltfMt f 
•eeAUpojbcd Ur WocTliiax«tb, Mr lEiitei>it. »rjl n Mr Simtli 
to look nt tfMta Held* Wlon^^ t-> tbc liit« Mr- VV^FiiiuHb.t 
ndvhif^h were Ui Vn? vtb) In^ ^imTLun ihbi ^t^nliu;. I triny tM-TU 
■wtioo ft Bini^Ar tnuMtnttrm or tlio nuhilm, ^ A pn^j^hvt la not 
^jlb^it boQnr vTfl iu his ovn oountrr-" Mr- HuUou. & r&ry 
[jiiUhMiwMlj mihI ftfiTitiia^ly iiilvlLi^^ui uuii, iMki.'^ iut*H *' [n it 
QW, — u I tuvo iMiutI n-pon«i:l, — thfir. Mr. Wfinlritnirrli over 

Stpirmhar iJtk, — TbiM naomiug I rom- aruiuua to fiuJ the 
tbtn^ of «-iniih<;r dC vhifih rottrrtbiv liiul aiTuMod lun nanm^ 
tbl« bopv^ For a time E ul-m 1Liit<*r>vl hj tlic Qvpttcutkm tkkt 
Mmncr wiKild comu M Inoti thuou'b o^ of veawt ; but the 
doad* nuTi iidJrcbKl, luid (Lit duv. ut my gnv^ TtK^'U UmugU 
tOU fMA tA die tool of my iqiirita or t«iu[nr, prurcd one of Ihtf 
vcfMt of mv jovm^T. 

I wTxite ill my jmirunl till I ■«« im5lcJ to nc ntmpntiir Wctfdi*' 
sr«th nml Mr. Huttou. Thuy vtvrv oti Imnwluuik. 1'h» Cirvt 
put of Qiur ronJ, in wkich vnh UJiy htid privtpjtoua roak i> li 
aoblo ohfMt. Ur lo the riij:ht oTtJic nioiititalDs id I^crton Valo, 
tibitfli tti? nkirUHl ut & diAlBiin?. Afl w advunivil the tratlurr 
grew «09w^ Wo piijtoil IjicnpUMigh Crou. uiiil trhuii ve (tuna 
noftT Uwr nlo of bnuonUkv imd u'orr «t the ttpot whoro tlie vato 
» apcciftU/ beautiful oihI iiitvrcHlj:iu. tlic miat vros h> Uilak 10 
to DtMfTirv «r(TV ridjoct. Nii(hin<;vk9 diiiitif^rii^hrdiji* VVi< 
gfijo^d Uio bnrlf|>i> At Hnnirnlalo. And Uiffn th« rotu I M ui u«i^ 
Cold FdL Culd And fell uertAiidv wrrv tbo di^r uiJ the bcvdc* 
tl nuticd TuilcDlJy. ki that it ytat niiL dillioiill,^ 1 ouiild ki*uj> 
vp mr ombrvilL Tbc lomt' r»rii4i Ix' irlid m luiy tinn-. TIm 
colj ol^oot I oonid djwurii wiw » ocrt of ni&kKl i^luu ou our 

* "tflVtfaUwudtidtinalBv*.-' Vul T ]>- 31^^ 
■iHNTt <f kM 3tt^1j'* Wcod* will Vciiwu^ 

344 ft£Misi5<c£xcBa or bexst cun Rouawxc touvL 

brm-hriiHTii. At vr ^eivmdrd tl;i' fMl Uiif VAtllltfir cImtmI up,l 
and I oouliL ^iwcrn an pxtccnvo lino of Ibo Iruh Soa> Ani m1 
v« lutpTMtf brd CWIdor Itridco irc beheld (he «-H>ilt of Pcnwxib^a ' 
in whidi Cftkkr Atfbi^ Anndi, togrtlier t>Ah na iikUiriKtli 
ftwiBpugn mxne of Dcnudda^bU Irrtrtie- ^ I oo^rhi not fn 
thoi it mta on thii voiy CV>ld Fdl that lir. WonUttonh'a tkihtt 
loM liii VAf, aDd apcnt a whole night Hi; «** in*l*nU^ Uknt 
i!L ami nutcr ni«e J4;ftin Aom tha kUftck* Ms difd in ■ fb«i 

Tbo (IravT walk hmd boen reliered bj InriK '«"■) mUirMlii 
OHivcnntKiQa, aoinietiiiicef on mikgeoU ixd;Mctal viUi thci biB- 
nrtM Briwin^ out of tlie lato Mr. Wordavofth'i will, uul vomi 
tiinw oil U0M17. 

W« hlxL IfW. A£ tlie CIOM of the Wftlk. A TTTT fiTC«t p1«Mimi| 

Wr< titnit-(l iHjt of <lie luaJ to luuk fet (iw niitii -if t^&Mvr Ahhojt 
ThMe mimi *r» of small oct^t, Irut thuy mre rtrj «l(^«nt in* 
dwd, Tho rouuiinft <;r tlif c^iilrp urtihoa oT tho Abbc^ itro' 
wry porfccL The fiiur fp^iid ELmhc^H. ovrr wtiicb was tlio hin- 
Uiorti nf The <^hiwi?-ti, nrf CTjtirv. Thi'n> arc abo aumo pilluv,, 
Uma of tlio north Midc riT tho imvu, aiul one or two low Nor< 
mm iloon, ol ^T«^ b«autr. We macvtcd our aoinca in ft^ 
boelc |pft in 11 nttmM aparlmrat. v4imv ara ytmmunA totna rt^ 
tnhini of flculptnre jiiid virw l(<inun inxrifitiAiai. 

At half ft nnlf di^tAixi^ in Ihr iim u ^AlUrr ltrlci|.-c, wlino' 
WD (Iiriivl iuh3 UiLiL l#n. Wcoitnuorfh wu faiEt^iH!. lUid lliitr** 
forv, aflfT lut hovir'a •thtt^ tto touk Vbo t^aarUrty Sirw**j nfxl 1 
took ti> iriy jountiil, ulikb 1 oaniplctcil 41 twclvr o'clock. 

I ur^ullrd li>»ntico thAi f itrnd >4-Jtcrdbj 8oulhrvV Mticb^ 
CD Ibo Vf<Vt m tha hu* i^tinrtrrty Jffrirtr, a tory Jrft^it^oW.tly 
ootUDirit^lflnil wall writlon &nido, ftUtundtOir m onc^Jlcnl uUaa, 
nufl pivTitm; llui, i^dgh ho vamy bavo chuigod hi« npinuTtA 
unnL<c<nim;f pjirminnTitJi and dmiaKneiHa, bo rvUiliia ali hk 
ori^nnl Ichv ctf* mankind, md the aaioa neol to prtOMt* 
tmrt iat4-t««ta of hiunimitv. 

S^^uther lifh. — I tL^vrn^iUM.) Wc loll oiar ytty cumfofi-, 
iihle Inn, ihiT Himw nt (tnldi-r Brul;^* after lin^fa«u T^w- 
ilnr Kppmrtfl to b« dccid^dlv bad, qck) I bcfpan to doapfeir cd' I 

no^ini: any line weather dnrins ^5 "tjty in the cotiptry. A»] 
eft tliL- villft^. [ diiiiblv rv^/TTTtiwi ^it}g fritu Ik ii|k4 wUdi 
1 r^nM fbn^ir^ initi Euid niiii dimvrti tu K: pi drflrx>ui rttrval, 
loora rMamUiUf; tlio lovi-ty BvoKided rvtiTvii^cnts 1 Wvv often 
swia bi Woho, Uuu uiytbjti^ I haru loei vitb uu Una imvenl 


Wl>BD5W0Klll AT A CL'MtEtl^KD AtCTlOfi;. H'io 


foiey. W« Ittd but mwu niku to wnlk. Wo v«r« do« 
xtf tlir Mm. Tttk iDountnina mi oar IcA hnnd W«, ho«>rK« 
ivtt lo «c« th<f ^TQitnlH c^ au A<timnO KntiruJgi-. lU Holm 
K«t; Kml^ lu^iiillnj- fh n riK^^tj^' M lli« auuMr of ibe lH>iiite, 
kouu* oi^l, htijl tinlv (.-lilt thi: ^-aivJiiiMr ptsmifliico tc m^ 

ittllM ti» IIk Taw^ 4v u«k«d The ^rmitTKis hre ptc«Mii|flx 
hA oqU Till) Irt — io<l*y At \cnni ii nifiJ Hver-nina 
rofa^f \ti 4 1-»1U;V vlij()i hns \^<n i^lAAttnl utJ each Hide. 
FTTn; th# bfi^tjtfl of thn groimfl» An'> vii-v-i auij' )v *eon on 

iid^duitcr«i>f frnptn, kvtc triidtiiti wiUi a bimdi of thf^n. 
Riling »i*cHiiliii'fi iLiil wr iiiiiM cTLH* lW ^iHuhry of the 

nt Mr Hifttoo ic AlLvivIatioc* ' 

l^cxr* mTAcIf bfivrru Tjtp hfAitki-M^f n hi^l irvl ri^ful 1hi> ^m^j-- 

ftuv, iho K^lhr Tn^huil t.ho Miu* floHrEmi' Thi- mu: but 1I19 

Tlitf plA<« ix'iMivtii of % wniXts\\itA 4irt<e% and it hM Bovooly 
t^NCiU tKiciM. 90 Uiat it W iivl n mv|^« ftllnitCiou <ir com- 
irt ill l«d vmlbvr. II11 a cK<!^r ilAy, I umlcrrhTaiHl, th^re iu» 
fap Tiovfl fb«i Uko a^jMynt bilk 

Tlicnuctkqi — of nr^inti pcccrt of Inod — d»d not hcjrfn lill w« 
hti] Ukrtj t«q. TIjU n tW ciia(<;ui iu t};U counlrt. Punch t« 
«ri)t aIhhiV; vhllr flu* VM^tJj^ La ^Eng on, lUif] it Ik nwinl &t 11 
Bun to |E<) fmiYi inp r«<iii lo Anothor, and r«|>orl the bifldti^ 
vbich U hwJu hj t)ic [<«.«UM) wluriv thv &udIo»crT ia not. Wltile 
] l»vi^ Irfit-ii writing tbK Hrt|s't\ ] fcjive continnallj tu^ml tbo 

fOtrp <^f TbLfl llttll. 

1 llAVC [Jli) iHAli flVKV llcittll RtAJT1\ but ibc lUUtfnflV tO Cfowdcd 

1^ lum 'pTQ}>ir, ta wIr.Mu *» iiiJ'^tHflii miiM !■.■ un i-itnowrdinniy 
and Traijirk(iU» nyi^rrfiLi^* In it fkln/ri' ui ju^rjudml nnd rtmoU 
M tJit^i KRil ^b«. f>otli!i'ff ooiiliiv;? Ui ^ui ni-j-vi*! to iha puncli- 

\.*^X, \ l)HtC Urn mi'lJBf ibc ArLicli: In t?ir t^aartrrlji RrttfH 

tai«v«tiQg, Itkn fbe tAttt^uryh roviMv of ihu iiuno tvc«k, — ■ 

346 ruiDiLscEKCf^ or m:N&tr cbabj^ KOBRCSOS. t<^*r. 

Iffocd opitccQc of the naiTKtivc. But thoiif<:h I nxn 
aitllicirri (K fVi^iT^i thi^ I*^hI1c of tho ftQctioii iii:4 tf \k data 
li\ it, ypt tto riTvHninUnii™ um not fitvi«i»>ili» (r> njy bcr^nglil 
■Ofb^d by mj lHi<ik. 

1 aJopt tik a daiilJo beaded Mur» vith WunUworlK. I 
nrl^ I(j IhiI i\iji! t>^ till W uudc u^i ttmr^ 

SffntmUr I5fk. — On Itnrdkiiol Wciplrtort)] ttiuj J 

he to rcttim to R>-dal, otA 1 to Krttrr^k. 

ifrffk* — Mftkitia KvHTrtok (b^ bovd-fiuiirtcn 1 rowlc 

sioiLft to Horrid n'ilalc% wlii(.^h Mirfiui^ lui^ vali< I K^rv ■ 
tbo North, TO Wurt^to, tv CntiEdnock \Vne«r, jiud Co But 
me7c I diifinK a port of tbo tuii« %hc woatUr wna UTOfi^Ufl. 
At i.lij; iHitt liib^ficd ]'1/vv. lIm loufUftilv iif t|i« tittlu inn. the 
cvBor tu Miin* of [tiittiTk'nicn>, i» • v^-ry *ii>:»>t iviifivui, — ' i* 
;^ntod in [ii>r9oii iirid tnntiD^rL Tbe SciiitlkOitf aiul Wo 
worttin nli mi- tliftl siju in fu" auperior to Ibg cofubmto^ Miwri^ 
^epteft^hrr S^ZJ^ — (KMuick.) Tlioiii^ti I tvh uuirilliiig to 
quit thm mof^nificuDt cwoir« ufiltmcOtjin, yH njr cnlciilfttkna 
Jflfti xii^Ht fvorinted tnc thut I -m^K to rrtuni- Hjdr rf tny 
ilmK\ KJiJ tvru Uiort. U Apeut, uiid jk^utJ^t luklf my oioorj. 
Ei'er^'thiiig 4XkitibiTii<i to mider thii tht* u4it ic« of my 

Hnvio^ lirvnlifaal«I, [ oinicii n book to f^ulbcy and 
WvcoTlht' ImliriL t|^* ittBiKl«I nc MmmpUijtUg m«^ ftC 
to tho boiuA wbvTv tbv Thirlniorv Ito»J, rMicd tbu vcitttra 
aidt of iV? Inkc. ti:irDi oC I enjoyed the vallL f to gt'un 
fhutk null (^inlUL Wv B[>ukR i^^ly on iiiltliiv. T hav 
lioulit of the perr«vt piiril v and inic^tntj- of bm miitd. 
tint bo 14 fell oUmiiAt, thaiii^h vhal ho frauv i« a rDumnlil« 
cause of ainmi. via- a ir/?vm jrrtWi^ uimulnU-d hy ike \Wtr^ 
Of nil ^nLLTtiitiiftt in a cirE]j»<it MaIo, iwtii< n no bonifl aa a 
cooHitft l*ttv<cii tliu fierce t^f ibv pxT, ty»Ealiatmtf topclhor uttli 
forccdtd^t ftiwl cti<hlwmiK'(i, aud tUat of tbc rica. ibc nualifn, 
tlio rv|)unitnritH uf ■ifaate^'cr Eiitdln:t'ul utovm tbi? ooq 
pnfi&nMH. The pcop^o, 8otiih«_v thinks have jiuA ad 
EUiJ ki)OwlMl^ onongli io pviwire thnt tbI(^]' ar^ not f^ 
Hoch a co&clrljon na tlif'y ui^fht to l>o in, «ttJ>oiJt ihr 
of illf«x^Ti'riTij^ the TVTU«ily mr tho diMiiM<, or i-mi it^ ot-M 
lu vtioh rk «tnti\ vrtb (he? lniHt oriM>u>b«ajit)Oh fomwd Ihiwi^ 
tlio ftjconOf ol benefit Mcicti^a, aa Ibv if^aUbi of tW Ludditca 

• Wnnvn In Wl, 
t^m. tvtidn couKJiJtdiu otbcr ei 

I think" 





c IM wiih Mr Will MfK Wtmliturorth, »oi !»ti«fc Htitdi- 
biMOtt, futd luJ Tow* Wiirv of vonvf^no-lioa m vAh«4t aod ck- 
li^htful am I ever cajoyod : but 11m dcUil ooj^t not to Iw 
intrulmvil inti} u n^unuWi* likr thLL 

WfunliironAi frcccmpiuii«d mt ud th« road, nod I paftod frota 
iluai ttndcr the tm^nmoua of tbankfuJiMW Gcr pmotul fttuti- 
ftioM, in adcCtion to tbe bigti rttrrrcocc I felt btloro for hU 
f<1iimLcttT. I fb(iii[l Du Qainotfj up, and cb^tUd vzUi hin t£Il 

Srpltmhfr S5th. - This inta a day of uccxixctnl cty<fyiiuiil 
I liiouged ov(T tuukii till pufil k'u» Hlrn Hr Qiiiiuvy cftinr 
dcrvn (0 (irtnkf^l. ft niw ni.4 ilJt yoatt t^i^Wf cev crtiuroMacod 
cur aaLIc, wJui^h liufi (<vri AinrhMl out li^ Wonliworth. Wo 
6f^t puMcd Giarauivnr CI*un.K aud tliL-ii. ^iti^ al<ki]^ |Im» (>|^ 
lanilir hide -.^^ i\v* UY*^. n^<Hu.-*l Nv a ri]i.'Udt.i;iij rviid itrto ihr 
^vnJtf of i;re<Lt Luii^lukv The c^uractcnttic ropotw of Otv*- 
tOte woH rdly «i)jujod bv iqt^. 
y$y return Tn'ta tin* Liikfn ooiipivTiirtideO % yiiil io mj 
fHend Oi>rg*i Sittrtfi.'ld,» iJion *>tfl&1 n^ Kradford Wi(h bin 
niiiilc< lui 4^icurHt«>u t-^ IIhIi^^^ v^il'iv 4110 ibi-n liviug Or. 
ijmiiL, ulio, liflci licuiy nn taict^mtd I'mE^LTun ptvbclwT, 
IxHuEn? EL phinicihUL All cnrly i1r.'iit>j dqiriinl Ihr viirld uf a 
v^n^ vtLlnjxblr iiwiabor cf mocioI^', LLnJ iiiv Cnvcd Mrv Wdliun 
raiiinaciu <:f a voosio, of whom fth? And bCT )itid*Qd bwl rvft- 
v3Lt Io bv I'ruiid. 

At LiwdK I took a hrd mX Mr Stuisfrld'cL San. I aIthtv 
fool Tuvftotf l<E>dflM] by boiu^ irilh tJjc Mtftutfcid thotilj. 
Thcrv u K>jnellii]]g kiiuhI tfmtifjiag tn tlju ai^hl uf douM^ttD 
linjipiriMH uilUihI uilh iii'jtaI vortL 

At Norwick vtwfv 1 jojiicd th« SeMloiu, 1 hOftH tbecltr 
^mcifibcr, Williutn Smrtfa, tuId(T4fl liia ccauititneDtt on & pctiCkci 
pirUriiupuiAJj rpfttfin, wliivh hi* prucnliMl 1« pivwtit- I 
k[f«t (>«.' (rM*t with whk-h li*i ffiii-o lb* ^H^'idt- 10 urtdorilkEvI 
UU\c )^>c<l <'oidr| bv oxi^'vtvd &iiUk tbcir dvUJ^ >ud yet 

Oetofm- i^th^ — TrKiay my Jt»inie> ondf^ — n joumer of 
grMt iilMMiirv ; C>r J liutl g^-1 )u*^TtL, 2<Xfd >pirtu, aD(I » wlD 
detomiuKd Io Iw pIcMMxl I }iii') a)^? tfic ailraDtji^c of t^Joj^' 
occnlmaUy the tvrv Iwet eu:ietj. Oltiei-rtiM luy tour 

M011 l}m wvfKt vhicb nn\ luan tvo^^Jloci'i, And p^ialUrly uuft- 
vuniUc 1<J Uic caj&ytxitni i>f picturaa^uc vcviMry. 

* 5h mv, p. ua 


Lmot ix> voBoswoniL 


TL C It TO WotmvottTH. 

3dT i)t±M Silt, — 1 fcor I tmut haw tppcarcd Tcrr iuifJ7vto- 

^ui to you, ftitd /ct 1 do rwt reproach mvacLf far mr aiLciicc wo 

Btucb fts t pcrttnfA o'l^Eht, for t am cciiuiijiu ho« aitxii v*>\i 

*nd vour &milj, utd irvcrylhimg ™iuicvti>(t with jom, Imvo 

^'^C'slt <jQ mv miod euito Uit ^ptomW, mul thnt I bavu Dot 

'^lU, Mi4 do not fcur to lc«c, the m-Hil LtcIv uid Kr^liiyiiv 

''■bcollontiiai a£ ytmt kuiiliii^« und aiti^utiuEn, ll ii ihcou 

>^loiitf tiut pmtml iiiv n^'tlin^ tlic iiHtfvtiiiri of lueh an un- 

t^^^fjiiiod* fummcr fur uy U'Ilt. l>id I inec m« * bright sun 

^-^ UiUttbcrUnd or H'tvtmotvLuui 1 I xcry lancTi di^ult it. 

At UmU bowcvnr, ibtf miu, iu if to ttliow^tuiv milL'h Jlf uuitlcl 

^O vitbfwit »UT *n:oBkf«uinu>ut mlmlcwr, uudu hi* ii|>pufkniac« 

■*» tHo mMldlc <f u Lirjtchintiirti fciisUi uttii I uctufiliy vnUbcd 

^^im^nl diiVK will) |<rfifct ixvilopimeuL UiuujrL I luui im ullier 

^^h^iKt to Htniw mt^. I ViU uip[v>rt'<<1 hy thai iiittnuil hilsj^ 

^^ vkicJi 1 Iw^^ morv tkiLu <ino« found t^u udLHjMJiltj caunu uf 

l^p^nom. Jkl MKJie [D"nio»tA, I uvu. I tli^ii^ht iJnL tiiom 

vnu Ml ituniltinir spirit m cAiu joyrxu viravritr am) fimhuemi 

^th wbicb aoioo flit bir>1ch« or wAtvr, witbonit eivtj II ittora, 

ir«rc «4/lcd bj the trccKs ftud aatdc alWc And invudy hj' woor- 

fbvl, AinaJl tunii. iui{) iTuwvt*, vfitli- iliiatLnt^' clcniila iiriittiTrDd 

tkBirftluidmii<»rt.Ttlig ^luUtit of hciifhiL Or VLUidl tins t(* nd- 

tDO&kb toad Domrort a humble ^ulloJk inan^ and Ahon^ ^lim hov 

hl^U tbc DKuiJVttC of iwLUiUira nui^' 1>« mined hy HiiiJidunc, mid 

h'vv |<)V thr nii:«tt glurwim fnuy Iv litpivjHpd ty ttw ahneUM 

of it, ortbo iQt4sri«nnonof A cnora vnpart 

Sorrmbpr 2d. — At Lc&oVIiii3k T caUiad nri tl^ I.nnilw. Bu¥> 
Mf w»fl titers, uid i«i^ iiliLVul £L rtitUi««r, umL Utorwunk Tn^ 
Mrd MtojKvd ia. VV« hod m Joti;* duit t'-^.^tkcr. 

WTo ufked of jiuHs. wil, Ar- LrtJiib hiw n^i rt-wiw-cl t\t any 
■II vbich turui un > wnnitA thr>n^ht. H« i^^u^tivirly du'UrtHl 
tk«t h« thrmght hit ^^ko Hl-out my " i^fvnt ftt>kt i»n**. loii&t im 
dffntoodi^ a hid c-n*-. On Uiv<'it*orbftiJrJ«bti Ajd ; "If yu« will 
\\\iA^jr Ktty uf my jokim^ qunh* thK vhii^h U rPiiJly n ^>iul oiie. 
IjriuiD «t>d hU wif* ond iuTv«nf cf Uitfir duhhvii wum with mc. 
Hiui>c rcficaicd lU« old Hivinjc ' Odo IW tuttki;* lu&iijr.' * Ayi 
Mr. Ifupin,' mi^ 1. |A4La:u/ b> Ihe ooinpHny. ' j^a hAki!< > flno 
fi-niili.' " NriiboT TaUorinl nor [ (wnlil «■> ihi* (*n?*>n(»nofl of 
1Li«. flowGTff, bo rcliktod a p4««o <rf wi4 by Colond)iC9 wbioK 

3AD niCMUG|»COCE# Of llDiSY CBABft B0U|y«O]l JChav.' 

woidJ held c^bocftDdAL LunUtiftd vnUooU><''Oli^dg* 
orw of Uioir '-Irl C^riiA'a Hi^pit^l in^Urv, ytha bad b«oa 

rVir^wn All injuring Cotoiidgn rnjilini thnr ho orriitJnljr liaH 
he boperl hlx i^ml wmc in li«ftvoi», <txwl X)tni uf^i^ci l>o wont 
ho «"» tximv l.'v a faf^at of ch^rtib*, «IT Cncr ftr^d wirv* • 
ttlthijtit ftJivtMnj,' li^ i^eiw his nhijifiin^ pn>p«miiic« E 

Wc lallcivl i:4' HkilittV ]ftl« IUi»ek<ufl Attack on Col 
wUlcJ> 1 j^nah ib^iu/)!! Ikir vuoujj^, bHvMD llw |«Tliot ; bat 

ttiw ^rruT^r ihrui tho aIhiv- *' Nc Amdr," nliV Ijun)^ " vil oi 
■bout Of imdaratuAd thn 'Ultjng up tbo do«|> mu*m of 
vftllon betvc«il »cr«iih« uwl cnrHlndK^' 1>ul the Mtif» 
HnKvomlly^ IVlL iSix'U lui urttrlt^ U lik'^ uUilb^f u iiuui, * Sin 
jTOii nrn tho gUMtMt nifui [ oror ftxv/ nn6 then f^ilUng fann 
the ncdie." 

Sa^dnif. :fM. — 1 bnAklhfltcid trith Bttil Uootoffu. 
riving hrfiire Itn mm riYAdr to rriaiir* ms, he ptU into my 
A «maa& by South, an Mxti on th« ImnRC at God, per^ct 
fore the Fall, — n iiKist floriiimt nod proronnd jjji|»1at of 
^torfes t4 iruui ^n hii ifltnliivd c<i|idhUi>Ei, viib nil hu fu^dt 
cdftTMod, n« ll F«TT, And ftw fWitn ih^ mlJnaiiim oT urtite. t 
tfi nUurd to ULppow (hui em the nctud oonditioii or AdMHi, f 
ItOtt cuuJd such a bchv; rrrf Bui •» a pUtloaopilcal juiil hI 
pictiir*' U. U nf *HjM>rliiMrfl tifia|1r>rti<R In Jmxdnir ^.f ltn> ii 
XtUt^i, { o'wur»*i| n wu'hTi'ttl frimdAnti- ttlwi^ii -Srtith Hud 
Kiuit, I iDiEffi 111^ will read uiurc iif thla tcrj j^rvai and lif 
rn^ hilh>-i^ri tinknown urrter 

[ ivi^ al M'intiv-tfit OdvhTlffF'n l>i>Aiitifii1 '* Ptn>, FamniiV 
and !^hhiitr1itor»' vrrrtt'*u in htn .fhpnhiiiioaJ d'hVB. n^ii nov 
pniit<ii. Vf Lifl aiiiKniHiiM-, by Hiiiil in t\xe ixmnmer. hha 
an artlfJa oo ft^niini"i>[daM fTiti(« hv Hniliit Kia dHltiHi 
of good ootD^ttfiy ML<<-.*lk>ntt — "11iow«bo litvon thair 
«vtat« fttid oilier )<i.iiile'e idotw." 

&f<fmhirr fft.^^ Thh viu i jdrantnUy thtiilgh bitr apMsl 
day I hn\*kfiute'l viO* VVaktr arvl T/irlcTiU, and then aiS 
compnicc^ ihi'Hi ti. the Porttiifnp^c Mitil»>tcrV <?h4fvl, vhord 
tha rcfltomin']] *^ thv ItnLi^aun S^iily tu the (lirotic uT ftYtt)* 
gal van cvUliiTLtnl h_v i jcrami |iiTr1^itnuitnt nt ncum. 1 1»d tliv 
adwitu§fi7 uf kucvinj; ihc vfjrUt^ Hud ihty 4JHriM«<l my dell 
•onar in properly fiNiliittf ihc ]ni|ii>n of the imUK, which I ^1E^ 
nl1bi;tcdly rs^oyi-tL J*UiiH wim IIjctp. a»d dm^larcd k ana 
McaTleint* "I mu likcthc iiuLvUpVL-r* siid Iw. " «nd raad 





toery out, 'AlmnM i!w»i jutntoirldit mc^'* I wu aijwif |*r- 
Uurtjr jiImliim! vdrh tho And* cf Uio opMd, — « trimphuit 
iAnriili, M tf lliD ULfvcf', fctfLVinif dccUfod fain (hxth, ««&l Aurby 
IJvicIdi;;. Tlic t:^ti)HitiOiii jlaJ tlic j^jtibcici: akoicmrnU la Im 

Cifyill w*4 rp|h:i;i mc Ibo :-ttt?r tUy that in a lerttrr wnttr^ 
'*y l*cTil IljTv>n le U'^iu- *^ Ettrick Shcfliiiri, in hi* rattlinj: 

^tty br wrtJlc : " Wnnhni'rtb, nupmiknJii ffrnrim ! U- tl 

rotil ' Tlicaie jwii'tB niD about ifcolr pondi ihoa^h tbej- au»' 
<kc>t fiflh. J feia lold tbcn itf iwt 4>im wIw mn onflle. !> d 

/*fT«aAfr^7. - ' 1 4jtin1 at itjL' Ci)ll]rrx\ nii<t nf^rrv-arHji vpni tn 

^^mrj Laii^ wiUi Nnjior. vli-> }uiJ ifrocured crdcr* aiid » U>x 

tkw I1& Wc Avr *' The Imrn Ch*ifl : n play of Male nxtrit, I 

Oiitik^ Tbe |ifydji:4jf»'i<iJ mtvtrat ii uH the wi>il nf tindvBK 

Coitufta luiH iHl<1pfl i>*lhiug iktl is <MMllMit io "CiJa(i Wll- 

lianu." Tlie audurplut it wry iiiBipii nii6 ii tuvnlk eonnoetcd 

with <b« mtito incidetit. Dul ibc rKtln^^ cf Kcan wa« \tvy fiat? 

iodt-etL Ht hu riioen h^-ileti in niy rrtoTa. llu mifHia^io4| 

■UkcloAiiru oJ Ihe ucrct lo W[lror<!, and hlH fliniprcwcd foclraijH 

4Tirii3^ the ciikiniQ^ii:<i c/WilrVrH Wfi'-flr tlie ijismpntrntc*. vett 

txioat rxo^llrnt , tbough it '.n In It (iliuxKil thtit. Iii(» fuCin^ nf 

mffi*ct«1 BtiuatiiMVE. *tvAt w ooturtniiMd pMaiciR taaAtr iba monk 

«f iisdiAcrmtro, i> an ttmy U/tk. If the |Hxe htm well ooocctvi?^ 

IIm »iliuili]jfi, the i:iuiicii:ib1itiu nf titr npcfUlor iiondperfullj 

h«J[4i thtff lUTtor. I MrtA at a dif^anop, ntid \rt iTignjnl the pfT- 

renattqii) fnt ati lioiir hjmI n hjilf tft liii>k<^] ill. nud, iiult^d. 
Ur. iTihmn mpt h« hu- txwti t«ry ilL Cok^rid^ hhM U'vn uIiTj^ 
to vxifi :% i^»t lien] uf Wch Mid vitli ifuoocai. Tbo itvond 
uid ihird Lu; SrtmKHui auiI hi* IWmn* «nd Mcmomi uf hin 
lifr, Jf*::, In ivs> votmno^T luv f^ apjmir. 'Hii*'.' Murtkinn Xmre 
K --\t^ Ur. Uiloun uj*. 

ulXnl fvnily Aiid veil, with tcv thrm bin ubluI 

drt-liiuml ti»ci. Hr ^ijUiiToit, nt cur n^^iiml, hin Ul'! of Gitn!}\ 
itTltTt'^ f^ iBflnt&rT witbc^Ht jiidptneirt» nnd of <?oi]nnj not filling 
tf. n chnri of tlw ntlnd whioli imx^fUiflticii huldi. nod 

■ . - l^^i Si'nE.iiN ln' lm» .-wluiif Til") V dcwnbed,* Wunl-- 

vcvth'i olMcun* iliifriTnmfldoti bciwcvri t'liiiry niid imjxgiaktkxi. 
in Hm hurt preface, t>» tjriMiily (EluMnitcd by vhnt Uokridge hu 
htn vrittc^ He nnd lu itome eitmctJi from his new i>v«dm. 

Ho mciuioiuN) fiiullu'A AtUicli n|on him vrth grauor iDOd- 

AVfji,"' it wikdihcdiV aAcrlbbc<mvcaiBtk>nwit1]r<Llcn4^, 
fhjit [ l:ijvikr uluigirUitr nith IIjuIeU, ill iy»idOiii)L-n«t ufju* «ii- 
do in the iMMtit^rJ nMiiifutfilT whttiju by lum, in vluott ti» 
ftbiMcil Wciriin-crlti for hia writiqiCB iu fvfor <4 Lbo Kinje. 

AA«r t liiti cal iU/litt. Mnrv UiOiL luid to uio: ** \0uar9 
rich in ^icDflj. Wo cunjjtJt iifTunl li> aul oft' oar fVirfMis K*- 
auuM thoj" Jir« not oU v^o vcailiJ* AmI J bitvo bvAnf Lkub 
■ftf : " [IaiIlII iloOfl bftd ae^iona witl^:-ut bvit^ n IiaaI man-" 

JfnTLt ^My Aim ilLirin^f tlic jriu luul rbtij (roca £321 1S«. 
to £3^5 ll»iw 

At the Spring ^\b19w« wc hnd ItaroQ Wood* ih jtKlf?c wbo vu 
rvUiiirkutJc for Iiii jji^iiiijar fivJuign. Hl* wu jirdiHyJ I v noiaa 
trfour Undicnii for Iviug lUw^ivi /i^/uff tbv Chti-ch littil King, 
la one ouni be c:ihibit«d i^ vurr atrvog noro/ IV<lin^', which 
perhaps l>oUii>cd hkn lo au ckcbl lie biul a very hi>ikgmbl« 

hiin ro fiuikc iim of a itronff ox|>0rliG[;t to dofoiii l«-a Actions 
A &nil !i iioiJ |C>i>i^ <>*it ii|K>rtm^ t^sf^l^K^r- Tho pLiinLifT hix»iif ht 
liVL> lutiinix (Uid lit tin: lur.jon it;j;iJiu(t f) nalli-it A Ut pn>ve the 
■jwrtiti^ by li, uirl mamt to fall B to pfoT« tho cruo n^tut 
A. Thin Vlu ii|>|ja]VDt md<cfl arnTcd. But th« llatno la- 
ietju'to^t vh^n tlic witncb o1rjc>:tf4 t9 Aik«»cr n ijiidioii that 
fflii/Ai til t<i>iivit:t hLiTwir. A nqtiifclilije «jiiQUg brtiFeiTti lh« 
oounvl, lh« UoTua wid to tha mtncw r ** t do ni>t oitk 3^11 
whether }x>u over neiii out ipcrtbe with the dirf^nduiV b*^ 
diUBt. if ] dddi y<)ii Huulii Vi-iT |*\»|ji.-rlj rvftue to mairnvx^ 
but f lulc you tliii : Ktcvpt tt « tinii? vhtii yod mi^t hflv» 
bcvii a|]tiKiuf; i^ith the doroiubnt, did you evor mc hun 


" C*Tljiinly H'rt, my loni" 

"Of tcurw yjii did aot." 

Then tlic Uor^Et iauxli^d hurtily. nod ooosuiCfd tb« pUiE.ti£ 
Ko uiuiiuti wu nrndr to itU tbi^ tiouMiit laMt^ 

II vu lit the AtmmtT Circuit tbnl Koinp ffind^Utftrtt ap- 
peu«n««. Uc hod been ok the pnK<«diiig ScMcccu. 1 h&ri a 

• VrihM iB mi. 

i T1» #te«Bkn- of f>#ofiniMr M. iftlA, <tiiUki» mm eanicmpluo— rr 
I WrflM te !«*. 




f4Awiifo la moolIccUiiff Lkut I nX imcv fbroHiw IbU h« vimiM 
'woomr A ilritiiij^iuAbftl man. In my l>inry I vnitA : " Otir lurv 
J<iiki«T, Mr. IC^iLI-. and* hi* ajjipfAnLiKV. Hit xoaniipVN uv 
fic&tMl ; Lb conuTnttoQ abv nt^'l KiuaUo. ilc U « T1T17 nc 
Df^|Er,-ift!'.' (.rnti|aifiii>3, bal I fuir u ilmm^mfua riva]." Awl mj 
'■r i>^ ir<tf vhi> iht' iTi^w mAn «««, I hmjI ^ *^ I viLI vt-n- 

C>tr I 'irt tliftC 3^ou wiit lira to w« tlittt youu^ tntui otrAiii 

^ higher nak tLu nay uQu yuu uTorBaw ujiub thf3fin*LuC* It 

J>i(lp>, biit L«41iiin vu Dflt-cr SulidU«^-(itru(<ruh uor, prob^ 
^Ijtj'i ia IU>Ilc y^t at th« md of bi« omvr. One diy. w^hcn 
^onie uoH n-iiiar!Lc^). *^ CLrUtkmity m |jrirL luid innxJ uf iki.- Lin 
^r tlt« hfKt," Kolfv ni-l to thf, "Wvntym et«r «cnptoycd to 
^»^w mh in^KXKtvui n^titt a auui for nut Lviu^ bia iw^^Jkit 

Rulfo K liy tiniiFr44l n-piiio, if nut the ter^ btvt, at Injt 
*Lno ofib* lH«tjiiti^« CJI3 tho Lti'»clL H«i Id cini»of tbe luw wicb 

Wbom ] hdCVD hc|M tip Ml lie'lLIAiAUUl.O-* 

iftv' - lli« yi^r; (choth^r Uiyonil thm titvv »r ntrt 1 

cn . 'tit 1 kn^Y llmt it iivrvr proiJuccKl ma 4 I'r^ And 

1 - ' T -tm trlixl il iLd uijt, Lio»pt tlmt my cot iiciikg 

«m|iUi|% 1 wniiUil both « ixjrtain kitid of toktiC 

UM A . r^^'iitdlion. i voii oi^c% itivtlai Ly the 

Sbriilfn lo UiiJt irith lti« Lurd Uayor uod ihc Jii^na. It ^mv 
ttiQ pntttici^ lo uk l>y tiirnn ti^o or Uircu i»i'ii, Im^Ui ai tlimci 
nnd fiw t/ckvlu 1 knov iio4 vbolhi^r thiH 11 riill douc.t 

III tbc aututOD or ih'ia mu tbf-J Mrl Tbotirall, for whom 1 
fblt * rrrr ttiiNxre itflivcct SIil- «iui hrr In^ntiuud'i gwnl aiij^l. 
B<l^ ii'u» ft>i>4 Itfr hwl li^rvintv <iu[riaiijii«fl n-jtli a Miu Boyi«, 
irho <iuue t'> hiiu aa % ^jiU lo IjO cpiiUifitd fcf tbo ituffc- >^Iif) 
bZlcd ill Unit BL-hctikf>. aud ullifaatcW iTComO Tbdnpll'A irifr* 
«rilb<i4it any ]m|>»tJil~rotr >iif hi<r HninuTlpr. Sbe u uilt living 
vitb l]«r ftun, &:id 1« a KoniAXi Caihdia 

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ttjtf ^ iviw trvAirJ fi jW' ' 1' L'tI Crwi«4nb,*i)i B|y>^tir-il n 

VM-CHtDMlW' SftiS "ff'- .'riT, fi4f **!t^f AS ffl*,nfM 1 itmad 

i4ifelA^ I i4i»d 1" : '".-.iki/tiii .-.kiL- 

nptfliwIlkiayWoiii I i-uAy '.'n-ri- 

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UHilto itM, titi «Uifil tMM tu likitl Mfjij« biTMi»ir uj" jpi tu^ iLriuiMU' Loril 
CHk«iV*clU uMinu** l^tty^ «siv«EM] rH^HL — H^ C\ IE , k^l. 

Urd lari l^fiy CnhntDrtii «>nl]tJi>«i^ tlii*if rrttnltlUp Uf II. C It ujilll hDi 

t titi. 

Diving UtiM j*^ m* AoqiiuiitA&<« wtUi HamoMl n^ntintiQiL, 
I now bcauQOftcqatiiitccliffilbbiHcciiisiD Uilkr, the cirrejmui,' 
oshI I £i:a^ tbc lint tinjc tiailcd blfl friwid rofl-xk. ucr* JUyU. 
Chi*^ Karon- HHmnnd veot to Fra&ro, bvviiig dMlij 
ot^vr hy Sor^^Aivt Koi^fa. vbo voiJd hav« ukon hin 

frrivai« MCiuutty to Vem:T»nu He anit^icpd 00 ^ rMSOft 
IV hh{)iJJ bu Tcfceil Ui live in ikm tltdly ivaccke of tufaMfvllr 
hj AUbiicnNitg hmoolf tbo hunihU ftvrrukt of ibow u>wudS| 
whom ho CoJt iw hnaaililf. 


F;?JV/!rr'^ffr5rJL — f hnd in-d>y th« {iImuiiv of li«ii^ 
nimindad of old tLnriea, aiid of haiiog old «mnr&wnUi 
broij^lit back to my watiA. I uv fof Ili« Grst time Mru 
Al»|i, >It& Jor3au'« iUii)^f«r, tint plHinii*! vuruftM. I eiiouU^ 
think, vbo ew twuitmI on tfce nugf. SK«, iMvfttbelovit ^V 
J]|;ltf«il mo by tbe* «woot U>u«e of bcr toxi>, vliich rrcijof atlj 
vUrtltd mv bv tbt-tr jrvntutblouue l«> bvr niHlivr's. Mnt Al»fi 
hiu iTie iunv, or nurly ihr uinp. Ii^^riy lan^i !ui \(ni. JimlMi, 
juul uiDiLu- frolicwoiiibf Btitujki. Ili* nkj vu n livtily Sj«iiHh 
dxapdy. }h*w I hIiouIJ Lm&tc nijuycti bcr t^liiv; 1/ I bad liwi 

FtfiTVittyM* — On wt^mn^ to my chanhvnt I vas nr- 
prted by finJitijf Uicro^ ]utna«n&olj Ammod n^d irLoaod, prinU 
of Dgmeiiiclurtr's " St Jobu Hut Evau^fcHirt,*' " luid uT Lhn 
« Mulnrmn ill 8. SlnA," by UnlW. Thr; biltLT «iijrr«viii^ d«- 
lE|Clit4d rno bmvind aipTSM*iatw Aa I ivmaaclflrcd Um m^D*t 
^iiiiliii; t\iK^ f\iKU I Iioil cicf icciu IwcItc yean 44^0^ «o I 

FArvaiy iSth, — ) aUM hCA en Adi^ra. Ho tn1bnn«d in> 
that ibo Jk:>9 «Bj:nifinfl« 1 l<iund ftt my i^bMiiborv on Sfttunlay 
luo A prvttcnt fh^jm Mr. Akicberl. Tlic Uadonoii difhivn % 

triii«jiiclifiDlh>pn^feiniiir1)kli<;>>'ViUri FrHfrtcli UoIIftmiA U> 

PrMr* y^rr'^ir^lis Is fU. l*«Unbnv- Tmn to M RfvlWit 
'^frjn Kir iDfftr tutu OrlM»4r«l)«7)M GMttonnvtfO. 




kcr.jr mud deligfat hejond vty vcak of art t «in fL«<^itiutit<d 
lUu I hope it will Im» my {vmpomon Ihrougli Uf^.* H~k»i 
cdoopuuon for % nam m pnoou ! 1 rctti lU ci^bt a tcry 
miiiim U«TMHU] buoL kbnil KftfAintl by one BmuD^t htit 
'hith will ti^vM-ih*tleRBiia>iMi ino bi ftf^utrin^ thv Iciitivlcd^ 
^UKiut lUpfaftfila wiirta In ^ni)ff«J wlili:h 1 u» ouioufi to 

Jfamb //a. — (On CtrcuJt nl A}-]i]«l}ur7.) Wo iltii«d with 
SbroD Gr«b%ii), And ih« iltnii^r vaji (jLoro J«gT«iMl>)c (kui My t 
^Tvr b*d mlh «m) jn^^ llio fUnm «-&» vcr.v wtiriruua *diJ 
«lwUy. lift wietuixl ti> w^oy tulkiuk: uIk>uL vkl UirM:« alitru lie 
^imirtpil tlwi tttmik ju tnnni^}- Jt wnii, hn mild, furry yn4.rH 
tlijt apiiific »»a* he km bllvudfid Uw C'irotut "Al that 
liiDo." ho lAid, '*U>care «vro tkn» old £cncOMi(st FoAtw, 
Wliit«b«r, ftixJ Snjor. The/ did bmiuom wr^ ill, »i] Unit 
T**T4f^ And I wtnn |!n| uilo biiuMn^ pJnuMt cm nnr ftni 
ttmtlitt^'^ WhiuUor, if) pArticikUr, ho apoke at t^t. ma^ irho 
kiiOM uirlhti:): tif luv, — mricty k>Ted hU joko. P<Mior did 
know lAT.biit nmiLi i^ii ^fiPitk. Ho spokr <if Iifbtnnr in trrmit 
«l gnat |)riu*o. Ho hj44 tL<< ino«t UimuoiuIiU u^iiMi of ftij^ 
mu) 1)0 ovOT know. Ho HAit ticor>dtii|c)j Laitihtivo and iftUiri- 
oa& H» retrti^ly wiaJjscd cT«ry Wivf in tlo lutuviu- Ho 
had paiwivd Ikv tuthit ihTViitfli Ufa. Ko Ulkud a gwtd denj 
ttbodt the Iam (ic^irw Hnrdiii^. Wt mJtd h« f^toc iDto lifo 
«tt>ler Aunpxcfl nu Uvuaihbii^ /u\d lie Jk^'W'jvmiI )0 ^r*Mt lule;ut» 
ihnt vitb ordinon' ct>ii*rrT.ifii) .tiirl irdriJttry Itn nkiglit hnvo »t' 
teiitcd tlio h^hut bor<>n of tho |jri)l«Mi-iri, H*t vm t£i eh>- 
t^Lntt spoAkct lUkd a fiiio adkolkr. b<Lt b ctiilcl ia Ictcd kDowlvdjcu. 
He wo^kd cnuti hliiuu*]f hi iiuihr a lurt H|jrvii.Tb, uihI hi* wouhl 
iiLOcocd, but in % it'ock'i time ita unnbJn lo itfAto •i«ii th« pin- 
ri|>tc« oQ «rhicli tha tOM bmicd- Hu m« oopbov to Jjord 
CAOkdcu, ibco Tirry pofmW, Hnd liu uuoU •ipeciM rrviytliiiiif 
frmi biK ncplkov. 111? h«d ihercforv gnat btulnDHi !i[. oiic^ ; 
bqt tbo UM clioiit< fttoii t«d him- '* Aud,'' Raid tho Uu^O, 
"wo ttiiMt dnhW n Tcil orcr hin lntl«T ycon.^ 

FHiifiit, t^f^.'^iAt Bi^dronL) Only i^m oiuu* wm inuiniMt- 
idg. Il «uJi « Qui M4R nctiofi by Urn Yrv^, rector oT Sutton, 
if^init Sir MonAif^uo Butffoviio, iJatt^ the vquiro ^ tbo ffiriib. 
lo rocoverXSOatDotttlirorfdrHciiitafiUc^vjjotgoifts tochiu'oh^ 
TSiB vmi ffMiivM on oriu uf tbe nocierit uiil ft>r^atiet% atittutOM, 

* TWkt cMnvhip bnne tn Mr, Efbtwm't »«]l> lill hit dMCti, isJ *vm 
Ml ■ tcnr^ 01 ft (Mend pw^^v [vi>^f»rh«i| m art, 
1 Oom CKtMIu Ihftait- ^ BcpbMT* " LfWa nod WLfttQ." Wt^U4^ 

MC in:ill!U1i<:iCN0RS ok HRKtr r-EABn noBlKSOK, (0■A|^ 

imrpf«nloJ III bH, but rtvxl«^rt1 innpprntiT* br \kn unpriTwd 
eptril or tbD a^ Jftm<>uiii ' <-.n»1hi^ini>i dm Mtfll- 

ciontl} nuuil«r of bisiaelf t-.< .. ;loct or i|'irit to bU0u«. 

In dliarHodmaaiici'iF^^ttUttFalflM And i^iiftctt, Uepravtd 
thp (MctMUjii'K (ii«j-%T.trihlii:K'4.' m rhT^Mi. Blctaet mute Hir 
Sir UontatfiM a f^<»l nn'l imjin >i. t'l^ttrkJly he 

bod n t?ooa ouo <^i the (iirt't, pli tn .. .t inicrv)ftiD|r<]acs- 

t?OII (W Ii» line tlisU-iicc uf (lir Till iMvkf va0 c\nd<<J. He pruvnl 
thflfc dtrririg nuri3^ r^f iha morittrt th»MV »M no wmir^ krt tlie 
chinvh, rl bctn^ «b«C tif^ nn'l (tut the tkAncW.t vnin ill 
(liLriru tl^« n«t or t^ CBI9 i eo tiMt «ci tfcv imriu bi; had « 

ltlctHf>t wlicthop the lurl wft» ntA nrpmlod Iw th« Tc4or«Uon 
Act* " Mjf diriiC," *aid th<^ ^:r,:vfiiiX. " nunU rarhfr t« cuq' 
virirnl Than t1ii>Q^)tl loW a T>£ouuiiT."t II »|;tp«> that, 
to mako ikiWTtrvTic?i> tloxtbly ■am, the iliiliop'a cbapljun ima tti 
«ourt« witli lli^ Tli^ih^ijifi written dc^vlomtion lb«t tho deftcnlftliti 
if bf hfid ofl'-f^rilofl. ^Tv^ K^'iiLoiW lo ihp citnnek. If tblft 
dMimilovi iiviiTi? pr»vmt#i}, xtifr reHict miH bdor^ jiK|^i»i>Qt, 
n*> jwljr"!*^!' c^rtlfl t* *Bi<*ivd op. A fow vfuum «^ Sir 
Ciiwant KvAiE Wtni: '><^ i-^ * a«iuiii«£on to rrpurt <■!! Ilm 
£>i'nu1 hiui* Til iiiHfUiR </ 7*h^it>n., 1 lEKFiiiiimi'il lbmckii»fobtm, 
ftTKi it » nolKol in titv r^piirt Pirhm Fn*o va«, nlt*r luiMb 
litigotuMu luid & ifT^C ('ipcwt* to tho BaL<>p uf I^^oJlhi. <1«- 
pHnnl of hia liviu:; t'jr u&mvndiCv. Ru ^uht QluainUrJ Um 
fiu*l tbht, nhiltf f»^1t"j<4 h%n^. jii^ThApK uxt nmoh p^scr rmr 
c\tniU4i Iboj luvO ciTtuinly tco tilU« over tb« bol4(?rv of 

JjiiW/M— {Al RiiTy.) A Mr- P ^.ft M^ib^N' ■ "— it-f, 

CAl]i>d Co t*>nwlt wW» ino C4» nco^int of u lUtvn- h 

tOOlE phtCC Vfbn? tirti^biii;; nt W«i1pit. After tiny '> ^!('ijn« 
milr^'t bail lH«rn iJWiiv^l, irti tditki>il im n-lf):W*tia iTJiCttfffX auil 

I qiHStlotied Ur, H t:fv>?9rniti|; tho Annbi^ftil iMtkqt nboirt 

Vnttt. I oould nM tii>t«cODinn>to>d Pimm]^UU«ii»'>ii tJiu 

dii<.-tniio ftf ^nirt- ■vjA«*/i- ttnd Or^rr r^nKf, X»*r did Mr. 

P rvliiKvi nut EVrm lh<* HjflVMiUin i*nl#irtmlnKl imi ihtf «ub- 

jfct. Th» \V™]o*ii Mrthodiau, il mbrm, nmliilAittfd lliMii 

nteafmrr </ Gnv^ i« ji^mjc: i'> nil tncik \ Int atucc oil uoudoixil 

I T^ T*Wniiivi A«i, I «i»km »d K^r^ CV>^ :cnn f^. 1ft ^an- 
llhiifd thr lUl |B-rra]rir4 fnr i)«i4AIiBilv>f> tt [MTfr,- - -\-^ LMft 

IiU,ikiir«»lOr Ih4 Mke «f t(HDA«j| aOBo rlt<4 4l W" ibii Aol 


«>irn!i:r — wat tri-TH. 


KTidt ttitmirtva vt iitm. 1 laqaind why tioL Mr. P- jid- 
■vr^nvl thrr mrc not rUtpn«eJ> On niT ftafaipg whit gnrr the 
'liMxBjtioa.' ho rvflicd: "GcHl'tt infli>CTieft'" - "Thai, iheUt'' 
MJH l,"iiiojrt be (jTftcc-' ^ ' C-irlAmlr." — **Ttii-n it «wma 
UihI giro a lanaun? of i^(v U* all mvn, [un! tu mjiiht Ati ftddl' 
tionid porikLi). uft^iout whioh ihi* f>mta-tvy inoMdirv U of no 
cuK ' ** Uo c<iTjld ni>l parTy tlii* hhv. Thta ccmmcin atcvcn 
U 4 fiubtvrAi;:!-. to t-icajrfT tL« ubiii<H;u ol^ntkrid to thp Calri^ 

April 1M<, — (Witlian).) I Hpcnl thv fTtmt-n with Mrs. 

w^TV »<>V to li«r. ]hM4irliirlt ufir i*iLji^r«*| i>t4>nHlii]glv, Wo liAd 
mtich iu Ulk iiUul U^tli**. Str Ihfin^iiiH l^vrfincr hoil ^-ivcu 
nrttt ildiiita lo Mr nin! Mre. P»ifti^«ni, bj iiif-nHirij; tlitm 
Ihftt the itWrtiifr^ cif 1bi« lirryw kiih ml 1i>rj;K,'tlL ^n»', nflH' it il^Hy 
of Rtt TBtni, tA the flihihitlon-* 

Aft4Tr ra/ rvlum t h»H ft cal! fnini R-^K^rt Siv^lJiwy* lb# IpiLune- 
«fi' f K'fcj^ ft f^i-mtTif il>4t ftiiii ft ihrvt ir*tli with bim, Hi> 

r fi-r" He uwJ^r^t'wJ ihirtr tit thou- 

hd rat vSot hr rarikp Fi^ tAwn Kn dM r)o( «pprar l/i ii*A nny 

-■faarno nr r«^T«1 «t tuvttig wrrtt^D ttnr px-co at «r> mrij Bit a^ 

twnlv. He vTot« 1h< dmmji in thrt^' rii<>ntin£s, n&AO ITI)4- 

V ti|vAi? nT hit hUkvt tt W. Smilb^f of vhirh I t,h<iii^|jt uml 

L« lliTurably. I ti\4 not lilnfr>p Sniifhry, Init. fj^mmnnrl^vt 

htm. for ustfrtin;; ihe ri;;ht ^t h\\ iuim, vho Jir« unn^' ftt lortv 

Ujoi; it lw<Mi*y i-'iim cf jiL'V. ti.' Ad on wiofi «ip*ri{>rjtj of 

»:», h," T iv1'1i*1, "'tSftT- y^n hckjl ni^ nppnuiH 

haT« f(ir_ :L-: ]K>blio«l Injih* yr^i l-ifid bv«rn «arK iM' 

*nrii, lind rai said : Mt ift tli< it^iJo who inmi 

rorin at (idY/ <w the p:[» wmmpttf ,' pniilrtw ikf ' tkM xht prt^- 

spoke of the prv«cnt limts ciiU'- L nn ^U ft tmrnd Iq Ue- 

t Ki: 

11 _.Fl. - . . 


?•• tht «a« i^i^llthrl bi r^h — 
Lonl CkfeB 1^ , iiiil ID ipv.t 1 1 

3o3 RKUUCKCCXCK OF OCVBV OEABft ROftlX&O]! |riiw >b 

ifta^ M^ — [ wnnt lnt« ibo Kif^> Banch. Th<en I bearJ 

ford hAJi Ixcn ojipufiiieil Si>]iu(ti»^c(ianU.* Ui^-inli btlur 
vnm a Prr!nti7~tmnfi fr^HV'T «( Kcf^u-r, Hj^ vwt hitnsrlf (Ut^dod 

4 worm Bunfctlitc! On tlic other h*ttdt I bcJicr^ he kMk loos 
alwlonvil Ulii GouroDiJolev Juid lijui U^vtt quiett^u |uliUi:al iuIh 
jtfoU, ir bp hfiA tuK c^fin^r-J tiLH upruujiiiu Uv U p«utiiUMtJ ly 
GibAw. Both aro tutiix« of fclx^Lcr. 

hiy only ociEiocru i» Uimi a nun lutherlo univcnuU^ bdoml 
■hrnilc! iliuH emiy m life Im \o ctuif^nr of imkbig liuiknj|it nt 
hi« coQiciirnccr wbtuh Lord Beu.Titi K«yA lu^ t««ii tbr fru of «:i 
mnnf uIjo fui<o «oc«i>u4 tbo oAico* ot' Attofney-Oc&crul lod 
Sot Lc itor Uirucrtil. 

Miff irrJ^.-- Amiilitfr ttnamnfortjihlc forFiHUiL tt via noi- 
dcrL:d iatcr««tuki; ty thv omutcnjiuint o^ \\«CK-it u>d Ume 
other mcu btcusb^ up to plo^d to a cbwsc of hi^ tmMMi for 
tiled}* FleliU Riou^t WutsLiU luui a kuu mixli Ramnhlhig 
SciSdnit Cople}'^ tn proAlo. Thw <Ahor tkr«« looi, Frr«to«i, 
Uoopcr, tuid ThUtlothvaiU;, faftd couBtciuaoctt of nc 
plAiDji. All ijf itiiTin, i>ii IvdiL^ amutrnud, spo^c Uku 
AnaiuiH ftinl viiL thu ^ir of public ofsiLom, — ft mrt of/n 
UU19 tono ftod juutincr t «iu auile miekucbalj' by Uic ju^i 
of 00 mooT pcraoint doomed |iK4»bLy to a viokal ikalii wiUiiii 
% hv vmLi* The> did noi itnguiro Odurw^l tn \m mmiptoil itnm 
in eonrt Watj*mi inquire wliotiivr Hxy might spc«k for UMfn< 
kUu if they had oouritcL Lord IQIcnboroii^h tkUTorod ; 
" Voit mm uot dcfirivcO of the iioirvr of oddnwoK Uwooiut i/jf 
having cuitTUM.-! nJ^k^ncd yuti," — ntbcr Kit UK^b^iiom ui»»«r, 
Un cmtoring tJiu oourt, the prvoncn, «Im h^id been aciAnUal 
toTvmm ti^lI^»hook bividd^ith cMhocWtUAnaJTcctuv^^'Mi- 
do; llibir hvxiU hcivg hulva- tJw tnr. ;uhI th^ wnmnd to dn it 
MN hj BlMltiL All but ?raitoii MacDod tUMOOMniod, 

Tbero 'iiiu il anatc coene alno uhibitcd- Oim Hoqv,] of 
FLcvL 6Uvct, VM bruught up at hii owu BUtfVoatiiia. IV 

• AftwvDd* UH GflltoJ, 4Di >l«iwr ^ftht 1Mb. 

f In )«U inMUtt|« MA hAM irt »(]« TMUi >a pMiiin ift* ?>.-»» Id tuteV 
oTtht AMJ«M«4fainl«<±cr(ivclvHiik Tl>ftntiiir"Tiniwa»UU« til* If* 
V4v0Oittf! airi-rTb«iiiui4|»fK«v«niaUb»lH pn««i Afbg ih> ■■ n al 
VKLtafLhaM Dic«Ii«rld, viuiwnalMUi*3f«FI*ld«rtM w* |*«i 
■iWimiliir iMpft w«re tinktb U40 il pfMWV «rrv^ lna«»vf«i«iifem, kHr- 
TM n «Hem>r »qHl«L Tt» tbi ■#«> 4<«fM by Ua militvy, tei vi 

l T>«b>4lcH[l«riwhoMflrW M-UnlE11«flt>arBMfewdbart4vi«l«i>bv*- 





ai9T«d to bo diNiutigvd ofi tbo ^rouDd of Ul-UwUaMBt on hii 
mr n0 L Odc irrDDiul cC bis iw>tiica wo^ tbU un Uio Qtitmnit- 
nwail 1l vim imJ Uc IiwI [m^^ ma impirlaaeo tu txul Term to 
nlwdL U« pQt in lui ailuJiiTii ihut hi* h^^ doutf no au«L tLio^ 
LunJ £llcDbtj«THifj;fa 01^ tlmi bin rvfuisU to plead vrm£ u «oiutn]»- 
tit*' (iUcnuod ^ tide Uo woa ngiua Mkcd «b«thcr he would 
plMid, juid tcfmanL He vua rpfo&ii'M. SbepLvnl Appo«rod 
M ib* ftnrt l*ai« M Atton>«v Ottoent on thm cccnoioiL 

J/<iy 2tf(A, - I dc^oUd tbc fvretjooa to the Nuli«& It beiiiff 
Umi bwt dijr (tf Trmi, I ftk 1*3 obli^'uUuu lo aU^fiii iii ixiurt* t 
v«Ql itttoUia BrfljUk MiiHTUtn, Ih* first thnv L Mtt thom 
iho Ellci» Uoiblat, Mr Nwob, vith h« cihArB«tenit>o fttmpli- 
ctt<r, <acUuiKd> " IvxriildiiBBOoai^mlo&cUunih ^iV Iudc«d« 
br>« Ipv uv Ifkem v^uj iit:>j:bt uol to fny »o, if lueii uught uii 
•odi «ubj«ct< t43 ftvoir thvir nuut of bn.*[>c^ I It rvqiunsa Mwice 
•nJ & ^b?t of •tt<ttLc4k tj tuMtiv th« limt imprvKiou prodrici^d 
bgr Uuvbotlcnd ood rauUUlixttofidilwiiiD wltK;UiiiQ(ilurttu9He 
MkbvBtod CnigviiMiCt veoiaJn- Of the vorkounihip I «ttti tinder^ 
ttik&d ooUki^. 'J'lw 0cibtBu«ot produoad hy tii« &tgbt of «u^ 
fioadttmotu diiooTcrm bv huirovcr. tcrr graAifyuig. 

ifoy ^!<^, — AHcT A^m^it it tli« Collicn' I v«lk«d Ut X«wing^ 
too, oaid took t<n vilb Mr^ tkrtiftnld. I kmtid thiil Pr. Ailoa 
twl tweo W7 Mirioiuily til. Mrs. BArbftuld \Kr*o\f r«[Aii\a ber 
JwAldk Ood nuCuliM».ftnd U ui minfntin^ irMADoi of n rtfh 
•poeLod md h^wy M ftgo- I pla^vd chew vith h^. ftnd tli«ti 
west to Btfcber tfltc< 

Tuftdmy, tTtk. — E »|>ciu the forenoon Rt home, nod 1 muJo 
ortvookiU. On Thf^wvU; for, thout;U I ^lUd nat«or- 
If ttHDijiTviluUto bim on a numiif^a to a s^l iwrctfly tv^at)' 
fT f^lj^l" ^ut/K yet [ th^^u^^t I int^cblt witlioiit ini- 

[ . i-t lui uTt erf iKiiirti^ij'* [ fLjiiitil hiiTi 'xcM. h» Mdn 

but ^it^MV. Slio lookod iDoro ntafivitii]^ m ah hiv&lid ; uvIrv 
kmt iBoaacn «-«re wtinng ibo |deot(>d nM better tlion when 1 
MiK larr m 11)«« Boyle, — ■ <aAdi(bit« for thi? iHt4i;jCk 

Jumr I'lUA. — Tbo bigfativi«oQ It^ilU uf WikriKin >ud otbeni, 
(t^ tho S|ft t^iclda tnuusnctionB, ht^^ia t<^'lny, 

liA. — Todoy C'aiUp, tho govcnajQctit inFormtr, mu ui- 
uainod KTVrD miid jl Wf buom bv nuriury. 

J^fA, — Tbia day [ itu «^in in oc-iirl Iroin potf H^ht till 

verca, cic«|j(iiix dm&crtLmc. Thts jirinoipal tutfmt to- 

ftTUAfl ftxim tbc i:nja»gwimigjitbn of Cattle iy Wctbvivll,* 

vrhleb it rvfttiHe^ that h^ hhA bwn guiJty of fitt«riiig 

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Uc h»d tccn oiDocrniwi in tvtung al liberty myac Frmch 
oorv, to «litch tiuaiDoB bo THui rcCiMiuiicncl4?il by & pcrwio 
ntiUd m TnthilJ FicI^U l^.ion, :miiJ vrh« iku mot hcttt 

a witnuii 1 nct^ir hc^M oC Ii apf^Mrtil, to<», from ka ovn 
■Uicmmt, thfit be ^na tiiv prhxiiMl >iA«t m this bunotH 
thmui^iuut, H« wu tbtr pluUrr aiiil coctrirer of auxti of tb» , 
ovtvt octii, uid th^ vlii.4(> «>nir|iirw7 vm Ml It a)i» appMovd 
that he was funiuhod with |>o<4«t'ZiioooT bj Ur- SuSm, the 
Ikxr Street oSw citrk : ftod Mr. 8tiiA)nl am Bare buD iBCVief ^ 
to wntt nwiiy hU wife, who uii^tit hnvfi bfyn n vlUirM lo can- 
(inn biit tvUimi'niv l1u-> Uxift dingnKolVtl fncii 1 kkVtf M 
flonbtk veigbed prrv^ttly vttli lb<? jiify# 

•/■UK /^f4, — ihis i.l«j. like tliF prpoiUr^. I puoMid bi 
<*iTirt. tVnm n btttp ftftj»r «lgbi lill m-ftr ni> ; r^rtd I ?i>«i1d grtj 
DO dincKT. EiH \N>liti'r«IL nitt B]H<4Lkinf fr>r th« tinHOner WfiUQB.i 
WethoreU'* spwcb vaa Tebrmc&t tnA irrcfftinr, mnA rery nm' 
oquiil. wEtlj oocuiMul bimCA r^ rivqiiifckn ibM prodnreil a 
grat elEect BiA Ifao TfoMuiiM wij t«ry Imm ; ho rftmbMj 
mdlT. nnd bm boMooM ««n1<fd dieovtvm iai4 propnclr. Ho 
lufit Tin liLi Ic^fiTL* bour* aiids lialf ; UiL cu^ alUntiDQ uovJd 
Dot ficdlow bim ihroii^hMil, knd tli« hitler halfhour I ma 
svwr, foron intcrcfftifie oagngcmont forrc<l mo to lniv« tJia 
court before aix oVlocL 

1 dinivl nt Mr. GtmbX Nvx 23 liiKofai'o [«i FieM^* CtA^ 
hdffeand UidwigTioct woroof tbvfwrty. )1 WMaoftilenioon 
and cvcmog ot vorr higb plomr^ Indotd. 

LuidwJg Tiifck bks la^ a fgypwmtiHg «ik-rioi-. He loa 
n «hFewl cJpvor &«^. btd I sbould mk^ Iiat^ iliuiight hnn 
on ablo nut cf tho VpViW Ui*ti a rcimoDUr j>oct lln ira* Hot 
tbc gmt««i talkci t-xbr ; icid«rd, Ibe fovnv of tb« odbtot^ 
liLtioii M i>tJi«rv U> i^ite blm lirf>rniAllo«, but vluii htt <lid 
my ^mit wiwlble aAd JTidJctova, CoUrk%« wm not iu hb 

• J«wibll«uy«;Hn.1h««nilrM««nM«v. lt*iB«i*a*lBtrniMftlMil<' 
Cblitidjf. hi imUb«aaituKnit*iJwilbSfr Akdcj Cbcvctu Lnfuctr, 
«l KL i>idnjH'« Hc*p»«»l, «mI vm frr taiaT^ fvam PioMmt m U«Uir«r ca 
A»*ir<«iv Bt me tti'Mi \r%i4vvi ttt Am. boat u aoMnci %'-;g uil Tu1 

t iBMnAcr AMli^ » >.»<■■ . >^t. I vflcc vllfcidr ftibtrta k. ^. ..,.,.< itLwr 

w flnfvtnfA liihWnvbM. J. H, Gmm 4«4 I tU. Monger IA^aWTL 
tf Hidltx, m iiunvl. - 0- Sv 


TRf-.lM^ tfLXAtS, 

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Hit Qcmuui WW not grod, ftud hia Kn^^^ "^^^ 
ant ftvit. }U fnj-rd be nhouM not bv undent 

IL ^..1 <Jii E«^luti (b-«mat»t«^ <«DUmponrioB of 

Sl]:iht--E< if'v* llu iitLi'if^riCiJh' gnm o|iuiUnw of i>ur utJar 

y«v /yJW ^ AfLir a ionw«^1% (l«lay, I «hft]l be «1j1e to 
WT l>iit Litlu of Ibnu lUys. llioiif^h (Ney vera In {Aft h&ghljr 
iDlcntfuV' T^<Uv I ■pent ttiiMt 4bUrelj- id ccnirt. ll v^a 
U*a »uwt icursititks ^j «f Wat^xi'i Uifll I bcvird C^plcjr'a 
and (Siirafd'a ipMcbcK^ CofJtry B\nko vilh ]fn«t vtfini-t, kit 
vtUb r«fT Uttl* ^loqiUMms Ue Mpoko 06r About two ami m 
half houn, and mi itcTQ witit unirvr*al approl^tiou. Ho 
oftid noUita^ lluU vu not to U» purpow* TIjvid wi^rc do idle 
or nrptftittout pftnu^F>i in hk epeMli. Hr dv^li tki'.kon the 
1k«, and that iTM i»t Ti>rr good; but tii« Hrmlriu* of the tfi- 
deofio of CMtle e^n«t Woldon waa f^Liito i^JMUrly- 

T1|A juutig 5ol[cttor><>i!i»fr&l folh^vti.^ liiiiL 4 if^niiMM vem 
divided ebout bioi. i b«liovo cuvv ut liu rvwiit Hppc^ittmi^ut 
oootrilmtod to the vafkro^blD judtrtucutd of voaxv tnau. He 
oertm&tj bvgAU too vvrtMidjr. uid diaHt itijiuliciDUiil) on on- 
tmportant potnt*. biit 1 tfaoi]^*hl brm very ftrrut« and iibl« in 
the Utter jnet of tud q>oocii. Vol bolh ^iflord and Copley 
tud lo« pIoi|iiicck» than WeUwrcH iu tho boitor port* of bia 


yuu i6U. — 1 ftUowoJ uvHCir tomif reiicr from th* irml 
thk tikJirTuiig^ I attcikdiMl. at Ihc nticticia mart, thu sali; of 
fiMxnhem Nu. fl Kluj^'b lk*t»f^ Wnlk, ihrnt fiiior. for h. lir*- ujid 
MMgnerwDt- TSi^ *oid Tor U3/^*i giiiiim. ktiiT it vror^Ul Trnvi? 
«a«t lB>v lo BulHATtate mj Life fbrlhaf cf Ihc- t>r?fi(^nt ^vitttii fu^ 
VK nuw thui £ lUl) mGTO » "c ^^ ^ rl^^Lunl liilr.lifij^. Ihixtj^li 
IIm* thunbnrm arc v> ^(w\, and intnp nr« «■> Iwlp ttiut I fdt 
(PMl r«lii(Tt&n«o It the i^ibilit^ 1o p^.trvhaaO' 

Whra 1 v«at d<nra t^ Watmiiuicr HaII, tLc jory wfre o»it 

^J MU wtW- ■V«ttkiTn in If* *■ Almialt^t** TT»«rtfT- ' HIl (OU.|:ri|rII>h 
TkMBvk Aitf* lAr rivi hr p«UUlwrl ihii iVlkmtar ■'«rk< = " ll1akf>pMr«'i 
VvKhule " (SduJiewuc't rt»fecM nwK I'M- 3*; euU««orSliAketpnn>.ln 
Uk*lN«NfWb*3^Ur'Mnnrra|hdL«w«h.lO'i fc latnl nllivl " IhfttUr- 
llW Ufa nf a f«IV la *bl^ Sh«k«e«rv bl(iTioliK«d 1 1 tnKUe M 

jjiatMyw*' iiian^ ia»*i v)«emi«i]>«iUiA.W, ScUc«tl,lhoboMa- 

nn* h 

ftlHkvnuv^ 1 m - »L 


ftofod ik^ it«ltWT«ti/iK on thotr venfiot, Tbc Mtood time 
luxiiEh Tito Xnvl^n. W« met imuij' pooplt^ tn St. Umrfin't 
Mtc Ihcir nilfiLfv l^j mo to iiLi^ir ill till n dronkvti tvl)/' 
■touT^ tnrt* * Knglnntl*!! i^pfT f^^vtr'** We so-m 
tAlnot) iho fiiot ihni uu m.^iulLal JnhI lakru pittcte. Tbnv «i 
«roinli In th» irln?rt, bal cjuJt* pMuiMbI«. At WNtaii 
HoII, 1 H&ir oM Ccmbi,\ Banios, Jrc. Ercrr OIm k 
appjvrutJT. E uiVrfii&ixld mrl tl» mob nnaid n baclcMoir-ooadk 
in vhkh Wftlwin vuft. t called on W&ller uiJ on ffillier* 
J |)jAycd DhoM lat«L 

^vn« iSelt^ — E wnl to tho KW« Bciich. 'Ric Uiree 
intlii:tj<<l null wtrt^ bn>a);tit »^ %ii^ iUM\t»tiitd, do t«riil«>M 
giTtn icni'i^ Hi<^in. E cnoao &«a^4vlr, utd Uwd wot M^ 
the Mi£t]« 'lotnplo Gardvo to wo tbo WatoHoo Brid^ |)ffwefr 
flioo.* Th« BklLi VAA iat«tc«iiiiic- Vut cro*^ wrre viAible 
on t1i0 briit^ hih! i^*<ir ir^ mi tfip 5itmvy Alinrv, t'*li^ w cip 
b<ri8t«d i>r«ir very |>i«r, Aiid gnb« <iiMluf||Kl oB lb<* ■ppmacli cf 
ih« toynl boT^ft. ^i<rftl of th<M btfK^ vitL a mitiilHrr 
Kmtf< fimiitn^ rir» [art of tho ^•tUtti'm^F, »tirl vrt j^itirn; It 
tcmttf were 'jn lli« 'n;Ame«. Th«fi« ronl bor^ %tn 
found It lh}CiLt«*ii boAt* «t irkkh vcrc fln^v tnct £i)ii9t& 
grtat perwM^^ prtauul, iIm IVIdc?. D«ke of VTeUin^oiiL iti 
ft*ccDd«l thf hriAgtf un cii# ftUTrer nfde, and crowed (>vfr ; 

this «0 could pot QOO' 

I trpont the crening in vritin^ a dnll rexiew of C< 
MOond Ia/ Sermm fur Uie Cnfimt Rfrvmi 


Juici, int. 
Mt ohw; RornvftiK,— 'I thnW iwrtr fbrpTP rou if yon 
not tn- io mako H:>ak*t »;nnu4p4tu0Dt to britag Mr. L< 'l^i.^ 
jouraelf up to Hibrh^to *«;r> won. Tbc £y, th« diuucr-l^ar, 
jou nuiv u|if»iiii1 j'LjriTwIf; but «tu<t T inoM vhL voald t 
eiCbvr lliHt hir, Tlock vonld c^jcno la tht? ftni itHgc, im 
«iUi';r to nulk «r t/i bo dHixin ia Mr titLn&b'a |Ei^ to 
^M'O. HuJ (le ili-'Iii^iotfA ^T\ivoeiuidHl]c>s(llt« ^uwt in Gog 
n gnuid mtltHtntl aImIp of ^rtanf tim^-lrpni, Prirym fitvi^rrt* fr4n^ 
poutioQ wciEk wlit^n «itb |iif> <<M &v|, a bo^lh^r r^io oTjrovi^ 
lo tliJ-^Ln ljnv;.i4 cIk tocficDcuptodJAiier, fJ«4-jibet«, andr?- 
Iiinj [kf tltiTii riorum hn rkimt) tn ibc Hflcnkwja fnur-o'cl^lL sli|p 
tbo <lfly RftfT. I ihoidd ba tnoit IiRfipf to uiflko tim i»d 


coLutukiE OX ^otniiev akd uoomL 


adnirmliU nui, Mr. Fnvw, ^squoinUvl, UiorrpimTiiUhArA hpm 
to jtoiJT ; and to conrviico Wr. TWk Uut bo » 'Ac nun 
>— mj 1U rtt vtiiJ^a TiuU: Al t1> ftiAiuaiun bu tiUliJijeii Jtnrl/ 
(ntci pniduciiT* pa«rr, — (iiiiiiiii^ rnu iutihI oolj Ui^T hiai thv 
SKOUi|<«»t>te ttmuktx-a nnMacd lo Scnjcliffj* " Cid * (wiiich, 
bj tli« b^i vcAtld j/tah^^ jfivT? Mr. Ticc^k tbo tuovl faTombl* 
faipr u wMjn Iff SqulIrvV own pjvEr) ; uui 1 vould HiutAt Ui« 
vcric off hy Mr* Frert"* •' AiuitciphiuiCTL* In f*^! cwkjuimm, 
loo, ** tocb Mjr Mr. Krvrv (the Eight Hoft. J. ir Frvrc)« a&d 
bi* broUkor OcMTgc <thc Uirjcr in IJriHinikk Sciuuv), LiTC, 
momc, juid liAr« tlnr Ivin^ iiL, than bi tiVau'itf. - . , . 

I h^ro rvdd t«t» ptgc« of *' I«]l» Hookb," or vbtt^vor it u 
oUlt^ Mcixifiil Heaved I 1 dare rc«d no moiv, tbjU 1 nkftj 
W able to AJMmtr :il i-uc^ to ttu\ ^luiufiijiLi, *' J hmo InLt Juat 
kiobvd «t th« viwfc-'~ O Koliinwn I if t cTOiitrL cir if [ ddJud, 
td ftsd ImI m Movn owl bin hI iIo, wtiut luirw couM 1 not 
■ukc ABiOBi^Bt tbcir crvnkcrr-WATc ! Whr, tbcrc vm not tbreo 
liauH t^igttUicr viUuut kjuu.- luliilivmtiun i>f ixituujuu Eiii^uib, 
Ukd tbtt «r«T-m7TirTirf' tilundvr of uung the puMadviT cutv, 
-'MaipKwM'f Wftn/' itv-, r<:v (be prcpcalbim '' ofr -- r bJtm- 
dftT of vbUb 1 Ia\i: fnu[¥l (ut liuoiuoDii anr}]or thjui Dt^tlcu^v 
doTMtlj TCTivs wriircD EVtf tXic 1nul«, Tb« rulf in, tlint Uio 
c«*a V u fUTATV perMMoJi either it miurka fe ponon, <]r & tiCT- 
■uotficatkiii. or ibo rel^que of amiui provdlHid pctagaii^catiVD, 
tt^ *' ^Vht) for tbcir l«II>- ■ take," hi *' l^dclim." Bui fbr A lo 
w#op tbc tcftn ii4 B pixtv mo Id uind of the vxquiKi1« ptttnuge 
Ib " lUhcIoi* ^ irhere IWitiiKruel Kircn the |je^ Uih cu[v uid 
1]«|{M him to go ili>wii iuto the uouTt-)«nl ami curw ukI *fr«ar 
1W btm ftbont bfltf An boor at ax 

Cod Uectt you 1 

Umriifb il»H4ATb 

Jaaf f?i^ — I aftt nt hotcc «11 the Ibrcooon, in tJiu cipectu 
tioB of n ckU frviD Tioctlt, Kg did not oame, » tbal bvtv^vu 
om iuh) toro 1 sttlbetl to DiiJvtoai- Th? dav wii« not «o oppiro^ 
tivdy bet na it vu j^cBterdoj. though iitill thv hettt vm tm^ 
Eit^uiutL After diuiicT I rend Lxd Byrm»a ""Mnnfrtd"" to 
MnL iiiic}^LT ntiii UiBi I^wi?L 1 lind iJu^ujiioJ mjivlf Juijjj^ 
tbe forecoom ht vntiug u cnti«ju<.» un tlicv pHinful no^ir, wln^h 
bcvcttbetcH hu pniBBgev of gre^i bcnntr. Tbc Wjm ^vuld 
hnTv bcvn f^rcKtlj dvl^bte«l vith H. T ilAr« sny. if I bod «ti' 
ooufKgud tbetr ndcni ration. 



1ioiveTcr> I havt nut rccoB^itd ciMT^fti Ui rei^JT^ l^ia imVu of 
nnv ilit4*n3ir^ I AnsHnpniiifi) Ijknlati; TLork nm} Mr. ■tTTai tQ 
ihi ilngo to KuhIihIi Tovn, vrhcuoc wo valkcd t^k HigflgHtu, 
vhcn> H« founiJ Ciil^ridj^o ^xpootiiv qi. Mr. C:lfiiAJa |oum4 
our ()Jir1>, min\ iht fr.4rviir)> nj till f»itr V4« Kjicnt very •grNftbl/ 
indood, Wi> chftltHl iuivDUann:«iiJr- Coleridge raad 
or hU ovn pocrnifl, and ho ftod Tiock pKilMOfJiaocL U 
talked most Hfok b o icood lmE«iKrp 4Qd U lUi anobtnii 
iTiRTi. I!n nunnnt but kmiw liln "wn w*irtli iu>d titdk-ow. b«l he 
hjui no aiixioty to nuke hiotielf And kkc ovn ViH-kv th^ tttbJnA 
of ooitTcnntJotk, lie in hr oo mcoiui n Kttloua KoiBMt <.'«ilKi- 
Uc. On tliv ccELtnuy. Ijv »t«> *' Vi'lih iatul?>nat pcmiM«f 
^tthnr ptftr, I take the op|w«tt« lidt^.** 1 t«frti[i*d to m 
iho incompatibilrty of ihc C^tfiolw rtfligioii v;tli auj gnmt 
jfroTomcnt. He mud il vju difficult to decidv vn qunt&ov 
naikiiuO nhnraettr. Wiihoat theCtlboIk n?!^'^*"' 'J"" I' 
in Catltolie mitqtHx would be come. He tlii^rigbl tb4< Hpai 
ifiidfl ««od Ihcir dc^iv<rftnt^e from the Frcrw*! to their relij^f 
At themuni? timirhc KLltnitci'd T.h?it Krtsl&adoiroi bU bar; 
na-jH ^nd «ierll^nL<o to ih^ Rvfintutton ; and the fnliitoiM* of 
Iho Catboh;! n'ltom on iiitob rW|ftiroH tho «4ist«ttM of 
bntinm. ThU U n tvry liiLniikM (■ulbi>liciinii. 

Hr m^jkr ^rith grein Icwr rtf < Wrhn, jr* t*niHrin«i ih* tmpi 
otu Prologitv to " Fwwt/' imd irithcji nn Ko^tUi inuiKlrttioi 
mijcht be nmdo from the r«tUor edjti-va writt^qi in 0->clhe* 
Taiith> Itif docq Tiot ii|>mk kmdiv of Tuo. Of the SHilec^l 
he did not ufmiieh, Hci dopt nM lik* flntmnn^ Lo^lMuu' 
fiold, bill ftppoani lo onterlALEi & hij-ti iTpinien ef tjini btilL f Br 
tlic bj, Hitci[L£ ncae Stun Itogvn uu Tiilma'A niglit at tlie Opttrm 
Hovin\ lunl ijunTlcininff FIftiraan, Eo^ra takJ thit C^aOTii 
Moinoj Hot Vi-rr Tilling to pnilR4 FUtmui, ming hb dt 
■PFurv " prolty invcntioiw." " IfiTeulivti," tflud FU^-vRk " i» 
dneljr what Outovn irnDli.") 

C(^lfTir((rw rektnrf iHAodotM rf hlffl»«ir Sn OonoMnj 
p1«btfui(ly iiidr<«d- 

Junf JCfk. — TliB *m uitotlivr iJle d*v. 1 odM tJtt 
«jiJchuit(.d nhbhlniHlukiiT bb^toin- in Fiii^^i^d, ftiid venr.lAlh* 
Vreftmmtt^r Ltbruy for tK>okH to a»4)se tirnt in tnTvllinit 
d»o oonrvrud rilh Bftn>n 6urv«de«r, a kivIIiU imn, vlic 
ftiuciouii to oUoiii iiifornutli<>r) ah^>iit our R(i>:1i«h ooiin« of Ji 
tl«H I dinwl la tho Hull, and »P-*r dinner TBlfourd rb 
vnih flic. I U*A K kwty eui> of teft nl Uic CoIlk»tt\ uul 4l 




nitw I vont Co the Op^rn HcfUM Cocwirl Rooni, uid bmrd 
TftJmft ttttd Udlk CMf^M rfcit*. 1 f[nid^ a gnmf* fix 
fnyKw«i1« tnit I do bot r«Kr*t hikTioj; An(>C'. 

ami OLit rd**' liilttgimlfl tn TititnA" JiiH fimt nfipcnntmp diikap' 
potaUd m«v Hous Tieila itmTvyDs t<x> notir ntfh ciLor, &n3, 
tliuLiL'li A rnnthr wl |£oo<i fftc<, Tickt a Tcrr Mtnkin^ t:>n«. EIi« 
1 -i^ but ijiti ircitiiJirlv FwmTL Uu citclli-m^ licjt In 

U- :-,.:— ,iia of munH Hiffunnu, He flllrJ niu uriUi hforoi", 
eartAiftlv, oit Pbikxitlc, l^ut it voa lutniflcil with dug^^^' ^^ 
Qv gniu U ttu III or tct:iliMkiite uilj|}cct fov die dnuua ; uid low 
ORfn h» «>ui miirely a iruui ^iiflrrii)^ fttan » Aim lc|{. Of hiii 
dffClAiaftUon I do m>C prv<iuno to judgiL The ohikmotcr of 
Orai«> aAjHa Hncr o|j;i':<rtui:iitjcn /£ dj«pkr* Th« uarcr he 
fr#lt vhru pnniird by tlic Furica va« j»Hcrfu!ly ct^nnniuu- 
»t«d, ftbd hu umdcnu'iH towuda pTlodoa on inning «uk tlao 
McquiAbo. Mdllc. Uco^f|^4 hud la^iru t^ dc^ Ita iih« g»vo mc 
Ikr Im» plcuAu^ Her Actios ' tboij^Kl r^^diuhUy bod. Id- 
ntBMd of DDiiyaig nNtunr in the exiiRMucm of |hmiuui, nunr'tiliTig 
Uf vbiefa thtt iiuM«r IWbng pndomiiiAMft ovor aU the orciont^ 
ibe DOsrc}j rnincvt the ircntlk If ilk the laicic line ihu nuidA 
crauUtf u>d /»iV <Hf ur, Jihc a|)CA l«ttr and jtty \ty uiiCniffti>uii 
{MiitomlKio ; Mbd in the viddcmiMP of tba ir^DSLtion foroc^ tvp 
pktMO from tbo*« vhi> 4fx Kind Vj iiiid«rsuad MODctblikfi, oo'l 
gnUtffuIly ftppl&ud ahal huB etinbltHl ihuin tii iiudvntUML 
II«T ActJngr ApjiMrtfl to iiiu nitvrly vrUiout ftioUn^ 3h« 
pIraAod nw bM in *■ Atholio," — the wcik wbcfo «bo rccoiuttn 
the droiii] uxl fini nppmrniiicc of JtoiL Her iin|jfTOMUan« 
■f^nM Kiimrv 6ir Lhvinu; hirr Livor in<rc. t thought, vioTcnt 
wilbottt htitt^ «riicen> ; und her perfonniuioe tif (h« ilot^p walk 
tag •»» lU " AtMd>fth " WM very pour, in the Krciicli j>Uy, 
HBcbotli kc«]tt ill oMiliiieurrui & suti uf Dlitiuuj, auti Ijuly 
)hl*rli«»ih U canc4«k|>lHinijf hlh itnihldr tui urll &« l^e f^rtner 
morden* «Ji^ hftd ouwbtttwl, l>y whjch thu fine murol taught 
b^ Sliitkeftp«*rT IS <|tijt4 lust- Cut tba Frviiob uAtbur ojuld 
ttot oTtK«-ivi», I Airv KIT, why* 4iir''m>rful imird^ of former 
dtti nhofiM »icitn ^ly riTmi>if4f ur »im<jty> 

I ebftUfd Willi tt.u<t^ lU' ^<H:t He r^ifrirxus me tbal Ma- 
daCBu d« Sl*cJ iK cuiv^jiUro! i;i i:\ml i]:irii:vr. 

,/iiAf JiSih — A' UK I riintvl «irh I'ollwi." A geiiioel dhi 
ii«r p«H5 Cokndffc and )lr. &nd Mn. John itay, ^€. Tliv 
ftftaraooQ went oAreicMdinidjr neU. Ait Anoodoto wa* told of 


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■rtin- whuM h* immtid«td Of Uo«bv Iw if«4* vAh k«»^h 
thOMnn Uun I «tpM«44, but vitb •■ snefa m Iw 
bftpfc Tlio vAUl of nliniDfi in QMUk» n » er^t 

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pUcDt I alvJl vnie nvd-n^ i.^t » &v ijonoottt inflidtqito may 
b* nMMitioiiML 

1 undflrtooli to ONort nj «iM«r, who bid b oaninuiion in 
E«Uicr Koidt Aiul coj nvpho«r viu th« fonrtli Uj till (be cat 
rU^ «bi<b ve luitnj at CrIm Mj^ broilMn cr>«wd (b« vwXa 
vtlh iiA W« UoDC at I>i>r0f on 111* I5t.h of Au^wt. Juad 
rawbod Pan* ua tbt Slntt — liti daj> cm the roiid. Lut ymur 
I left pAta (kA«v A <c«ufuHAl>]e LtrnkCiAti uid «lct^t ai Dov fr ; 
njF tfHreJMoy CMDpwi^n* bitwifviTr^ moohnl LaiuIiHi tbn uuw 
n^rh^ nOil v^miIiJ mlvo gfi>ni» tu * biil* if lu hftd not mnoxjNK^ 
cdl^ A>uud lu» Chi&ily iiL tiOmo* 

Al I'uU vcn* cIh^ii <litvlliL% mi^or Um Cftro «f Uw voi»- 
bcmto4 UftdiLJM Cftm^i, th« tiri> 11U« llntchisooii^ who nooom- 
pMaiod u* nipcaUictly m vur ni^Jil MXUOjtiL To tha ];v>iuifl«M 
lay noplw* vm th<^a l^troilied. Wc vvfu nt tbo lluul V«Jolit 
Rim llkf>ltf^llda^ fhmx tt|i«Aiw vi> jnuiihI d^ily to na? thr n«II< 
kiivva HijfJita of PiniL Uiir aiX|itJujitJUio«H vtro not aufiier- 
oua, Tb« IcvJicA knw Mjm BiiiiqcDr> with irlwm v<m Mlm 
CWke« uid worv >;IaiI t^i lx« min>iiiim.Hl r.i> fluli-n MiiHb WiJ- 
bunAf Hvr iLt>phi?w« wprv thcu bvpoDie voniM loan, - at 
IfMl cbtr Mot, Cv(|uarvl, D<.Hir tEic uWt^iioat uid pc'iiolAr 
invjbor ui^ a tlutiu^uBhed mcmW of tlie IIoum uf ]Li>jir»- 
•Mitaiiveic fl^ luiA m^iM^hi i^i ivUitJ hu post of prvnclidf 
«ttboOnit»crv- HiHthMlo^jr vttttUiaiiBufficuoiitJj prmi^ttiMod, 
tod ta<li<*tc*l v^iai liw boon aiiice omKc publii;. Ttcn «h> a 
BUiirent ilLMibiiiAtioQ to viiier on ninttcru of onitCroTotiiTi and 
Im kukd Eb«^ AiiihoTlcjr of bU u«'n church to jtiftify him. Hp iH' 
(bnucii iitfof tbft euiftHUiMla iintniHi i>v i)hc ofcli?AJ«JCitftJ ixtnLicil 
uf tbo tfotm tixi f^livdi>K tiiuivb lit iitnBTjL, njtii vidivwad To 
tb^ tlpr^v. u. ftlutniu fewi iTrecuhituf on tha Trinilj', Etfimiiy 

t' I Unt two dootnncA l-'n?nch lbc<i]i>k^iuin iiiaLc a 

Protoinr Prori*]! of Womar vm then m Vnri*, Ho intro^ 

aw to n ivmwk&ble miux. - CV'imt ^IbUmdrTf, about 

yo«n«Jft|{«> s rruni&u Hutt^cct u i^yi'w- hi bU hnbtU, 

■ WrdMi ill tMi. 

Ht4 J4lH WlUluia WFUd iVKTilirnfli* Uirminti Iiivi itllh tfii ftalkLl^AJ lUI* 

"Jutk^" *A Tnur U >irLrCf1iriiJ." -' VWrilAii«-'it> Pr^in.," mil - P^^tmt idk 

fvM*, Bbi WVi, bf Robtiptvn*^ 0<*ifln»| fn »4IQ4 Tinha Ln Tl« iVpiiylf , 

3C8 Be»CClSCElC€l» OF HRKRY CRADA tOBD<S6K. t<'>^'*- 

thouirh nutcly in flfoire &iid p^GtleoiiLaij' m ki> ur Ho ra 
rusiJiTi^ in a vf^ ilirly apanrncut ju Um tbiTiJ floor of the 
Mwl ifa SL-ilDtf itue Eichclieti. F|i> lunda ftftd Hmv «nv 
dcoR, but hiB dren, ootukMio^' uf a Irodgovn of HboC utin cf a 
dork color, wa* tciy <!irtj". He hdi) a gnv he^M. wtft bvikT 
hiiir, mild vyn, tuiidsJiDL* now. mj Itjn 1i ' ' 'ttl H^ 

OUDO to Krnncv %i Ili>> bou^i ntuni; of lU*: I , «iu< tu 

priaou dturin^ Hic Rfilii of Terror, and nnpvd^ Hmt bt 
tnigiit not be toikptl kIjuuI. he livfxl on almiMl ircvhinj:' Oq 
mj uuwcrin^ lii» Kn'riHi hi iUvmm, h** ry-iil»l vitli pW*- 
UT«T cmd t&tk«d wry Itt«Ij. Uia viTMJtjr irai wry Mg»«< 
Abl«, ftiid triUit>ut Tiity iitinrd^i-l'ion he bvtnt it otie? vp^n Um 
gnat HKiuJ -jiieftl ii.iR" <if the mi^n In my jcnirual I vr^W: " H* 
coTDCi iwnrET my i<loK of S^orelit* \hikti mj ukUt 1 Vt^ ««w, 
fTXL-opt thut f think SvctmUa woi.dd nut liftti> drMMd Kinnutf 
tithrm'iw Ihaji hie fi-lluw-cilifoDH djd." He spoke vf lira tritt 
irriruJ in Kmnoe- " I taert !<j •*v,"" lie mii'l, " I «wi • rrp^Ml- 
o&n. and th«ii (here wr» n'> r«piibUc«. Tli« KcTdittioin fttjoic, 
nnJ Uipn I nid: 'There mps irptiUic& vi4 i» repuhUcwiB.' * 
I miliMl him hon hf nuno to 1* arrvEUd, He «xi(l t *On th» 
dminitfifttioa c4 ft political &Datio» A Uwl h««H«(l WiH Ti'rr bo- 
ntrolcdt nmn^ lie pn>bib1.r rouoaied chuir 'Why ift tkii 
KtTMit^T ttnd rmlitpiniiin fu-n* t Wlint ha* h* dn-» f»r vtikli 
the AlliM voiild liufti; html Hci h th«rcf<:vti Afliu-jir^ou* cLaT' 
»<;i<^. If he itt^^uitlVn W miirhlt*^ !<* •ooircil ; If hv U ft TVpulv 
]ii'4ii aijd iimuceuU I^l^ *ill fw rrvULi.lltid to b fittL' wliii:b lh« 
TBihlitf inl4^«t Mifilrra/ ThM «tw thft lugfw of tiw fby. 
Whi^u I «na arhrtUid I h^l hi]t 3mi fhkrn^ It *«« doI smI^ 
to ntt^nipl jTPttiEt^ Oity eiipjil} In iiwana vf wntioj:, t»>j I 1ivr4 
nit Invitd And luilprl plKimc" FrnHip Inmifmt vhy ht^ dH nut 
return to tifmtAoy. Ho «Aid ; " I ihonM t« mtido t ri^ntn of 
inthxitm. I un a rvfOTmcr* hut an enntij to rTTuhit>ou«." Hd 
ii>iiUfdt^Hrf<ii«i| €*1iH-iin>ly. Vpt h" (|ihfijivnir*hr*l fAjrly enOMgili 
IipMrron pAtHuTiani ftjtd iibhi^nftlity. Hp (I#niDd thif froc^ tnit 
aJInvYd 1h« utl»^^ t^ tli? Kn^lt^i Hni>tf>CT«Fy^ wl>o wi>ia]it Af|] Um 

li^tcrtTm af th« people k) the crovi^ Wt noi tkv ct^vd to b 

Uiinnif niT ttny at PnhR 1 rmonvd tny %HfiiiuntAikco wttk 
UnSfzi^tni:,* (lo Iia4 l>o«ia ui^jiiatly apollcd frciiii t)io Lafp* 
Utivv Ikvlv. un ibu ifTcnind Uut lip Iwd rotod for Uia douA 
of I^iiu XVL In fktt,t^D voted hifmgvlhT, l]utTat4id aouMt 
tb* pnniatimviit of dwth in wiy oaao, «i>d that lio iditfud ba 






tbc liiBt iqjBnrJ umUt tbv dcb Uw. Kg nooder llui UiuAt 
XVIIL ordcml hia ouhg to ^ fltmck oat of the ti«l tut msim- 
b«n uf tho iMitituU. Mid tlikt bo •bouU bo orUienruwdiifiniend. 
Without bctu^ <iiM» uf Uh yiYaf tDcn of the UcroJution, b« vju 
umh^ tlie bM uf Uic pu|jubtr pirty. He whm ivftdnlj a 
hiouA mui, BA ftll tl)« Jftfiv^iiLKl* iFVre, — tiii* MoUkmIuCs of Uia 
Uoiholic CUvrcbt— ytih tbc iricnUbk loconviBtfJickt attoclMd 
la 4JI Krlio tij to rnxnuilu (Jtivalv ju-l^ijicQt vith dardimcit. 
Uv ftffiniMil, s« rnrlri^l toaii/ C^iWit^ iLn, Ihnl tJiD iu« of 
WtiuU vikUt vtM i3ot iudM|Mi^ublo to tt Mviug Ipaptbm. 

Oei< 0/ (ho taotl inlvro-triw Gu^iuoAtaiiiYfl of roT nut to 
Pvui ir&d tiittt I J(*I1 III *nL Hijudlieljy.* irliu 1h?uuiil< nni? of 

Sr xmou kttitii^Ui iVi^rklH. With b;u ftuJ tno otbvroolLciton, 
■itMi (q 64«&d of Muii{tiC<ncr) Aud Audrctt, I oibiIq kn cx- 
cnivci Lu EnjanuuiiviJIij. vbcitr ibjuaacnri 4lT<i. - — n vild fovrvt 
■mo preoJM)> •uituJ lu Uut Em)uip[iy but mwt •plnudul 


[bit. Kobibami tvtiin>^ fixnn Fnuscu on ihfl SOlli ol tieptMD- 

'; but kiMlixl BrijLditi'u, Aruiuivl, u/il Ihv lti)i- vf Wi^lit after 

rocura. &ud did uot Mtlli> i!<iitti in Lowlon till lbi< 4th t>f 

Xovm/^GtJi, — I *flnt to Ootlviii'ik Mr. SbtfUt-y •nfc thcrcw 
t iMd i»0VL>rB«MJ htm'<rV' Hit vmilb, unci 4 muTiiVilnnrv tu 
SoctLbcT, pojtxiiJiirly in hu voto«, rf^iniil a p)i«MTi^ imj^mMi^'Ti, 
nhicli »«* not alkVitLtrdevtnjjiti b> Iu4 oc>ii\uwktion, thuii^ 
11 b mhc4i>nkL kuJ ajiu(;Bii( aiul mluktiuiU He wma very 
hbuaive loirnnlii Scmtb^v, «hi>m h« apoko of om linvui^ «ioJcl 
hinatcLf 1« tbc Ci>urt. Aii4 thin lie oMii^tiMiod with th« tmuAl 
jmny aluw- llis j^muii mm! Lib tAurwlPBhip, hia earl/ M«l 
Mti'hUmocDt v^nJ»um-art>tht> pronf^nf jfrcttn^vtrntpiffiii. On 
«tTY topic but thvt of vJotcnt pArtv f.'oUnjj, Ib4 irmtdt of 
a^iiUivT are (HmJct do diilicultT m ^ufcncbn^ liim^ SlurUe/ 
■ndca of Wurvhiwuiih »e(Ji kn tiiUi^n^i**^, l^ui nitjj mi^i inaaiti^ 
Uoo of hU iiittiwvhtir, A«. 

A*«n-nAfT- ItA. — I dined wttli Mr. atii Mi^ FlHiinftij, nukkiuj^ 
a Iburih «ith Mibb Di^rniiitu, £ r-i^|ci>t.Hl tlw tJlcriltM^b. F)il)< 
tnan m a doJi^LrriJ euhq m lib* jinHiy unA *.\mf^u-\U' of hm 

t& tUaputAUcci. I M ii]U<L f(i«r t^ cftVif^mi hicit lluit I iiaic a 
dHficnhjr bi ti^iiic tiiiorni. J rwwl vjIncU fhaa C<ilcHdgc'a 


potOM, The ttratn to the Daohca» of l>^rMiahiiV, im pwtidi- 
K |ilcncd hittL Cl'trtAiuIr Cohridg« hu tbovn lluit be OJtiU 
h» oourtiwui and murtlj vHlioui Mcvilit^- 

HowtnAef im. Thd <leaUi of the fVi^cva ClittPLoit« h 
oicitod more g«Dcml oorrvir ttiAii 1 crcr vitatfaa^d rvidCMl br 
tbn ilnifli cif a my h1 iirrwudjctt. 

JVovmW J7lA. — I vttntMUfA tCMUy ft ccvmi which wnuld 
hwro Immu a fcfirooch to ThHecVi or tlw KntinTOr ctf IMwiBWj, 
— a waBcr i>f ImiOo ui ^^'T«tul£nM4Tr HnU* TUirtiton vmb 
brougbt up fbt Irid on tii ii{i|ifukl Aft^ ibr4|iiticiil for tiiimW.* 
>'« ooe NCibvd to IriKw Miy Jcnifet </ tha pnuQpr'a yiiilt ; b*jl 
lio conoprij . mtivvf w tltc uufitniMs <ff n prabiuiJ ml-propvriT 
lv«j0rf« mikiin^ u vniniml itmK F<ir Uivi miiH»» lit^ fiublio 
B«iwo vaM not <»ll>>iv1e<l (^' rv<ourv Iwn^ hnd loan rlitnloEit 
Hioco«d>i|r. ^*^ ooiirt tru crutrtUij to exciw. LoH 8UtM>- 
DOTOiicb Mkpd Ilufuicr wljcllwr hv hati nDjtlitnju; to move, luad 
hf* bftTn;^ n»itvr1 tlihl I'luimiiin ri)im]ii hn pfrmlUtfH to pln^d, 
h* watt briHi^bt Ui i.h^ Ivtr. Tt^c <WI&nltnn *w ixiitnl twtn^ 
Kwl to ]tkttu h? Mid ^ •* Hi>i Gtiiltr, A&d tiu* I am ready to 
dafeud wirli my body* And ai fJie same linM hd tlirav A 

)rj^ j^W« i:t fn»u"lli^t oik t'> tli« floor of th« Oourt. Ttwogb 
wo ilII rxpocrtvd thia iiloa. Vet wr all Mt luAoTlialMDCat -^ At 
Imat 1 liicl — at bvboluilig bcfc^n- o^ir cyn a vcfuv U7t4x} vludk 
nyi liuil rtwl of M Ot1« of fltt^ iliti^JTm'^rLl Liktiitltlkcift o( WMf 

haif-civiliEMl aiiOMton. So one ombd. Tliij jud|ec« looked 
HrtbAmuBod. Clarh^' vat llib bv^M a rcvr vo«k tpectftu He 
I W1U snrpnHrl, "at tliJ4 linif* <>r ■Uir.'* at Mii 'iT)r*)1pt4' ■ ptfuoead^ 
r ing ; aa if the ii|Tptfnl itt^lf v<-r« ik4 «« much m\ Ko poaatcd 
out tjio ixWKi <ir AHhrunt, |)m er^lknt, imd IbmDrhi the 
QiMrt avukl trfit auanl tialtiv Maeeii tarti of uich diMftfuiAJc 
IbKiale auviif^lu Rut holn^ asked irhotber be bad any au- 
thiorUv tit vjoti a poaiftu'ii, 1^ hod do better rcfJy tbaat that it 
wha ahorlict^'i txcauu ibv ikrH^iKlmit hod munlrml li^c iii»tcr. 
that Iw nhm^lJ llit^ii niuTiiur ihv bf^hv*. For whioh Uml 
K)l*fibon>u^ jiiiflly Mprovod hin. by ofaaerrmg that what tho 
law aanntioncd could Dot be nkurdcr. Time waa. howerer, 
^iiTu him to coutttflT'plMMl. wmI Hcnder jaiUriauitly mkl m a 
ftingftv htnt^nfy, that he bAA tnk«« en hAmaelf to adviae lb* 
wnffor of imX i li:, oil jiifvotuit ut the pf^udioce againai Tli'tfulvo. 
by vhWfa a ktr tfial «aa rvoAfted iin|n«niUi:. 

■ Ab tiiMtl rtf nr4*f ■*«» •vtalnal pnaacaUao u tb« vuh "f ilv ««ii 
W Lta l« iU f*-*Hk kilWl ■•■Itiv^f Mly tf tJty pvHvtlw hy tit* CW«ii- 
Mil »«|U nAa tl'i'4, V In thli cwh. liter an HqnmaL TW wii - >ppad" 
Utvwtwit bw In ikit ii4ffl*onra>«mtafWwr^fQmdli|pt 


N|t». BlAaAVU). 



tJu tTMmvv ID f«fjli»ttc«i, it brinx tbo »i^oat law lluit tt^vxi 
tftMC IcviTM no «lMilit, tlic v«^^r UMv )>c docliik'^l Mrac« « 

•^ajwt Kill! fcAmtry fhim «udi t^niuirmiiKiM, ih(t jiid^tnu^r. vrtkM 
rx a t |n * ft> d , ttful 4n Ac! «f I^JmnicDt piLs««l 1<^ AboJith both 
*fce flnyrT of ImUi^ *nd ttif^ Mf>pMl ; viikh matP of itiT 

^ pc«fiJo of ouo of Urfir tncflUH of pro«n-ti<cD u^mit n Ifftd 
VJOvtiiKDcftt ; ll>r the Kinfi auiiiot puM^a in uppciil of murder, 
^^od the Miiiintrj ijuv contrive the iiii^irfvr of a fricnii to 

'nvUl and'Cltittr ui?ued thnaUDrcrrloimtcdly.and much 
^^"MHnlice utd worllilraft tlnck-lcUcr and rrtnch l<irr virn: lav- 
^shni tor the bua (inip. Thin Tiwourw tti iin oJimlrT^ |im(T»d. 

.VWrM^fT /WA. ^— Thm Iwiiiy tbi' tiny of tbi? f^^ucnJ of ibe 
^MiHVHi ('hATli?tt«. \\\ tha nhop* vi^rc iJkii% lUirf the ^tiurrlioi 
«v«n^h«fv fUicd tfith &rvJitfin. 

iV»Prti»*^r £Jh/, ^^ I ffoJkcd to Ncm-jiiirtirm, which I rouhfd 

ia time lo (line with iint lUrbnuUL Mr- nn<l Mrv dijirlnt 

lAJJtin «i^rv th^n-. Ttte rJlprnooD pitficH otf wilhc^iTt lUir dul- 

^irdminnMa. Wt hiiid mnttcr f4>r mmixrufion in Mi» 

ptr«. — A lul^ocl on Bbkh I uUk tni* aawrr, iti (hn wt^r 

haXtie. nnd in fhif rnTiurin'i dnalh. 

y«pmVr iWKA- — Tlij* aan to djo ftn juiiioob dnj, ] hod 

irtd fW*m NavI^-t tt hHtf to fipoak m mitiiBtion of mmi^' 

', fto- mm Williiuin^ at Vorttt^a. who luiH niM iit h« Khttp 

rf the f^ivit Viin^Wp*. oiii* of \hf Lctanv, in which the 

C«it«tr«, Kini*q. Lrrtln. nnd f ommoiiB. mrc nddnsMcd with 

tottm vjHTit &n'1 p^inl oil thr ftarTrritij-n of Iho unlion, nod the 

ot|i«r ^f (In* <^nH*J i>f Sf. ArfwiTmNinv in whJrh tlic* ljr>Td rhun* 

', Lonl f^llfifMch- *ud l*"rd Sr^lni'i'fth tirr. »*ith vul^ur 

, «ildr««Md te 0\'\ lUiffs, iJrrO'LV-FWti TrirHi^rltf. and 

the Ihicti<T, and lli^trplt* MiuitferinltJjumL'ti;rK|]fikmurtLnd«r 

tk0 w«|l'1in'»in fi'mi .* vf>rdK 

Tltes* imrodkoi k«d b«on Imx^ nvtrio^At^ hv the Inti* Attor 
l«7-0«iMEnki, *E>J bt had Wen rvpnikrhed frv hiv nvulitcv&ot' bj 
bolb MiuiiilfihAjittii ftnd (ip|HinticiTiiHt«L Al Imiglh fTOW<oii' 

« (Vf(T*« In 1M1. 

nTi HtmSI^CFJStXS or HXXEV CBJhOa lOfilffMM, (Omk 

tioiu men bt^>uiu mkI Uie wilgece «u lalkcii of m T 
Huofl viJ (^urlilp liEul boitb bent prntMiiicd. utd by th^ir oi 
raget>u« cMidiwt hwl rouwd « kltx^ HaiM cj uHLtr&o.' 
oQuiut tiiem. L'uLhppiijr lIm poor lN>rbtA printer ithA ih 

b«oa mode u> ihe A(t-rii>>i\'4;tn«nJ. vbci did not oockIiktI tb 
CS0O vitb ahv ftitpsrvnt bic(«niM& In hu cpoiiag <pMcb 
Uw LilAuy, bv witb cuDa>d«caUa Mla^ tboocli in « 
|>1nj:e wny, euln^twl tho Lluii«; tfric h(« r.i a eeruJ 

viU *^^ tbftt h« bftil <Lc*Jvt)3<d ftll tbc oopU« im t>jM, fl 
luul bt^nl k4 i\i*a ]inMflVuti'>ii. 

copiod to AadroH tbe court thoii I wa» ; but ttmt E tJioii|cbi it 
Ufipcttful, evat ttota fJi* AUfiniej^'^leii^niJ 4 ovii stv^fe. ifani 
tbdm v<Txi Qo czrcuinctAuon of i^^j»v«tx>it nniKiff nut pf Uu 
EOAnucr in which ihc miuo wn« «oQiiaiu<ii. I Oten J»cK wad 

dcfondarLtt who, iboit^h tbf> Icasi ipiihy, tu ibd flnr bh>u^t 
ii|» for pimJHhnicLt, riud df pr«cfttod lb« mditdioa of aji 
plarj [MiDwbtnvnC on kiiiL TLIj wu tlic U^t |iut of 
■pftaab. I ibm r«|i«iLUHJ ujO viiroc^rd tbo otdijiJiry topks c£ 

Tbo Altom^-OcDcnl then brobftlit fin Uio Crtoil iufcnBA 
Lon. [Liid VIA nilbor luorc bitter iLjib ftt find* «nd bu «m* fol 
Lovixl bjr T*>ppiiii;. 

1 reptiod. antl •poke sot m> v^U u ftt int^ taal «iu» lod bj 
«Q JDtefmptiiw frooi Bft>1o>p U^ obwrvc <>& tbtf AiUtokaBtj 
Cnvd, ihit mmiy Mivini tn thft iliK<triiii> vbu dbl luii ii|r- 
Ittxjvo of tbc «<3iLiiiicut4rT, At loMt niT reaiiAo cu Ibo L'ruuJ 
"Ktiv AViction<](! bj tbc ju4giaeot, %hMi fcoteoccd tJ^e doCcDJ' 
mil, Tur tbe LiULuy» Ur viidit iuciuiIm' icuprbouuvftt in Wluobw' 
lor J&iL adJ n fiiie of J£ 100, nod for tbo Cnod to four owiatW 

1 atAfeil in ojxiri lUe nvi *tf Uio ^hmuxm, juid At }i«if pM 
Gcitir fbWd ivJib UiLtii«y. No i>n« (mil IrodlVvj -^jfktw, Uiii 
plM^Ur, Vf^M tJivro< Ho it aii i»f«ii-htf*rUd, fnuik tflknr in bii 
mftiii)cr> iukI I fv\t kiiHllv t^ittamH biiu on nuutftuil of tbcwiUna 
|inJAr wbicb li« )£H^T Ut m^ frn'iLd Miu^uii^ uid of Utv vulbii- 
ttMBi vith vhieU ho s]hiki> of littlcnl. 

IkfmtfT^. - Uflokottd caUmI nitd cbtttvd on kv vitJt i 
I wftlVcd boracviifa hiicu lie lent me tb« Udt i^jraMiW. In 




Uiv 001 ia itAlscT^ " Mr. It^binirQ vu mid)' to nifr«« irltb liia 
fjnUifi tji thf fVjtli**.! ^11''"'- "^ ■ Mill (VTtKtnl^' thU t\ Ihr jttrt 

---- . to Uu* <vhH, iW (Jk liU'l w not ch*r|fw3 with t«t[)£ 
■funit tb" tlui-lnii^M nf rlirUlr-LJiilr, t Ii:hI tlip i^>ppurliui- 

iif f>r ttHi*^ tntKh to iJk# jKVpoiinf whMi BAvl^y c)t«Arvt>d 
tin thff'kM vnt mMuwUat nith tbc ikictiinDii of Chiu- 

fhivmlL^ ^fJL — I brHikfiiMzH tftrlr, viil Mnon jifVcr rlnA 
nM Io Dr. Wnr^vvvth''. fti L«mbetb. I crciiMod foriha 
fritUiir M'*UtI->"> Bri<ijc<"- '^^° vif?w of J^om^rsot Hoiuo ii 
^vyiti* EqiI'^Ih ai'^I tf"- }viilK° It^trlt in lii^hly bcaaiiful i but 
Ik4w vM H> tufl th*l I *?ftn]r!ttpi> ndfliCT-orthi^othcr lindniMi, 
tad of aritntv 4<*rc''lj iwiy ohjcclj^ 

1 (btinti Mr, euhI MrK. WonJHMorth imd Ihc D^tor at bnwk' 
bfi. ml I Kpruf a n^upltr of brtiir* wiih tln^fTi n^ry ngrrtMj. 
^^ UlkM ftb-'dt jxMrtry. Wrrrdinnortfi hru l>mHght MSS. vttth 
^ idI in indinod t<3 print one or two povmv. on it ii ttio 
Tbtioq t0 pailili^li MiiJtlT voluEiieii nov^ }[r mnmui thru t<i ftd^l 
^boptoik* " Thjuikiifcivtn^ihlo/iriv, uidfinn Ktbird vi^tunu^, 

. JttefmhfT ^*K — I difiril svi:,b tbc C^illicm. ftnd in the cvcti- 

'^f ffimdlohy raitlfif on m<f, mni wn vrue togrlhi^r ro l^civent 

^^vIm. \ fcrftT« cot hWQ >a ir>?L| pla(U«d for a Inji^ tiiTWb In 

*<(«T Uftiuiimnit" tbcrv wcfo four tnlcrfittjni; p^i>nn««oc«. 

ra, Bnliiuu^ Hinging, tlio lUfjotl {lirli^'iniM F (>vi»r lirhnl. 

^bi)«llh I Cnur fail coioe in not >i> mtAk* a« tt wm ; hut in Ibb 

(««ai ] vim partieukrij ^^lixhtM, ui ho m»ij in a atvU of q&- 

^bjdled BtiAfilicit.Y. Scofod, littonV DoRJirtiv Snuipwjri, %\\ nb- 

<>tJvt^y pnrfixt rxhiliilinTi. Hi* 1f>rmr wh*>n ai^pititrtJ Jit M^if 

wmlim wftt the moBl imnnmg uid oc4T«clly nntiircJ raffro' 

•PoUiioD 1 over wiiDeunL Emcry^i rcprt^cniAtLui^ of l>UJ<iio 

DiuuoDt wlto iDiiil rio'lliml ; uikI, ihcin^ :iiit a^iiq) tn iha 

Ulkcr attnt^tkms of llir jnnep, Un^ Etcorton pirc ^iivt efl'ifct tii 

Mejc UcfritkM^ ftiit tho pi^oc iindf ii vi>rlh noibitt^. 

i)fittm^ l8tK — I *L>iTitt ihv ifTintcr \Ati i/ Ihc- monttRgat 
tbo Kixii^'ii Bmfh Hjitii».^ (rTnlilbkll. Ihioc'i Arti triu) Imtlc 
to^j. Jt v%* ft>r publiibii^ a p«nxly on tlie t'hurch 
tiva, AttAcki&ji: Ibo fiyronuBvat- Abbritt * ut fi^r LoM 
kHUutfli. IIc4it* rloEundcd bincwlf by u vrty luu^^* &ud 
rambZiiiK ■{■Ha^ of nmnr hcirux in ^liiirli he uXtert^4 n thou 

• Altmv^Li>nJr«iiltfN|««.LcihlCli>trJiMi««*rkUi|fi Utnub. 

:474 XEIII»ISCE:f€t» or UCMAY Caua IIuBINM>X. {CmJ^r. 

PomplHi^ir 6(Tucied lun p^tfimw. Aht«iu auji hv t)0 tm 
i&flUli for bim, «iiil lit viUTi HMAiiijiu^l tA c-htfA his 
KproMlit* a^iAtt Lonl KUonltorwii^ for hm JcUinic hka ctt 
won in t^e Kill's JViicli^ wli«ti b« «m U^* ill (o «uim] witli- 
oal OT^^tl jidA. H<w hIal^ invwifbid ft^B« tWa mtMo of 
^k<&lI jt^rio*. aod r«iUcd ow & vbd« Md of ftbiMM Wbv« b*j 
began ^» ddcneoi vbic^ oouibtvd an aliowuia how miM^j tml- 
Inr pftmlies hid Wn vr^tUni In bH ict*. Hp <)uuU<1 
UftjiiJi t'«itti4'r, from a D«ui of CtmUrtunv d^<I > prcfuMOv of 
iiTit«r«, ftod^TUt and ii»Joni, dv«;lJLitj[ ptncipaUy on Jlr. Rovra* 
an<) Mr. Ciuliiji:i^-* 

Haeio had not fciinwliH||j<i moii|[h to (pre hn ai^^Qimtiu a 
toclin^oiLl bhapcv It tu oihorvtM n rttrv good afgunani- Ho 
xtiijj^t haic itrueil, in a way that no jud^ oou]d ohfcid u\ 
nnc cftmi^ tikiini'l In.* crmW villicnil Act of PaHiiuni^uu awl 
Uiat h» ctipht not to be dbargni br ih« proxm: Att/wruif. 
<^ct}cral vilh a er-iiac, is dto&i; vhat no other AltoirtKT Gcawtal 
had ei>iiu(lorod t<i !« a cnn>c Ix^aA cf oil iroitid > jitrir cciQ- 
viat Ami of fi crtm^, vbo «:«« a knovn advorauycf thit tfovira- 
iMDt, wbwi Qthara» of ui oppoaiia politkal c^ait^iw, kad iwt 
bom prowctHf^. Tlica Um pcont b>o 4kl aid«f4 urir* Mttoc^j' 
aifl ^tv«rfiil]v iiiKrtijeli, 

I lefl hiiu ftpoLtiQ^ to f(o to diniMT at C^jlier^j* Tbo thai 
vaa noi oir«T till late m Uk crrmnfL vlien lie waa aoiitiiUad. 

I aftffit tba amiing at Dntry buii?. avd a«T Kcan «i Luke 
ia *' Itubca,'* t It vaa an aiicQinklite M^wioautfv. Hu Mrvila 
air aji th« c^prtmcd dcpeodaAt wa> nmcat a tarkatora But 
tba tmorify of Lia acting wbeo bo appomd «» tbo upvlan trrmni 
or Iht! farniJj of hji farotbfr wai rtry Aue mdf«iL Thougb b« 
)oi>kt4 ill in haaJtJi, aad had a roi^- bad roxx thnMi)-bout» at*!! 
Ilia porfonBaiKc w«a a bigh tr^at. I «oukl vni nt oat a wnr 
iktuo calli^l '^ Tlw Mau in llie Moun.* aial ouun hvtaa la a nta 
l«i in clkmUtorik 

• lkat*~a 4>rik«i^4 «4* ^ti rW |tfHnlr# <if pwn^dnr rvl|0nt wwkv«r«n 
fta^ of ibe ir^tr 7Wi4|^rei anlUiABtfdl iif Ovnnu Pfv**- hi^bHo alnf«a 

Rmtv. itl • ^> '>«>n>itaMlb«lvlUt«pfl^af lb* 

B«a ■ ' " p»i|*c*i*«/ -h# nta bAivU. 

Mfi*E H»vliif lAnvii iHn 4f*« 

ud iAm U«a> bU tCM WjA«lwiii>tf*(>^ Jlu^ tecUtvlinat b^iHhl «■: to W 
tvfffdfd b «n fiH^IOK «ii4 lint w lau pvft III, iv-J ihl* 4klll^b* Bit «d f> 


WnSK-^ gK.CIMtU AKD 1»1BD rUtAlA 


^tcfwtUr J9dt* ^ I wml o«&ta to tLo Kiu^i Bonck nuild- 
Ul. l^vil Elbntcvoiigh mL lixLnr. 1 vm curioiu to hm bow 
bo wAiiJd ■ttpi;»«J ■bflTQ AbfaML b*d fftilod, uul vhf^Uiar h« 
eooU KMQ A Toniict i-ik Dofio'* •ecood IrUl (Uicr a fonntr a«- 
quiii^L Uo«« uja iTvidcndj Icn niMMr of tuimiJf bvroiv 
Ellanhcmugh ihua UyfoFfi Ahbmc, aad pwrhnpt vmiH Uan 
tnmk iit i£t coddliec, but £ar Un aid ha rvfoiviod IVooa Ui« 
fofwor Acqiu't'^ 11^ puraQcd cinctl y tho aunw cctiiw ■• 
bcAir*^ This ciiitriift iw fur piiiiliMluriu^ a pumi^j on liw 
Liijui_\, ftikd tl w obofKod boUi u ua ftBl^r«)<jfkiiu uid a 
poiJtml liliol; but liic Atti>nioj''Uou«nhl d\d ma )irc« Uio 
politioftl oouiit. AEW A cou^ilo of LtJiir^i' fluiirisljing ou iitdIi^ 
vMffit iMfttter. flnnBrvcnristhbiprraiulorold niLnxlm Oathin 
Lonl £lkfiboroui;b ttud ho«1)ai]ld nc4Mifl«<- tho ^ltid^ thoniD 
eindenc^ Thid wna wd la nuth n v^ftj liint it b£ ^rM Appauvij 
bo vouki udC Huflci tbrm to )ht rvftil. Hnvfirnr, Hiku; nuiI, if 
ho rouJd DOl pr«««l in hu own way he would sit d»wii, And 
Lord limefitKCiii^ miffht mxjcI laiia to jirit^^u- tli: thou wcot 

wm More. t^cTcml liniE* he tiu htoiifjcd bv Uic (.liicf Jut- 
iHrt iwcr tu ftny fnirpnttii Htkno i<«tiai]^ to thi> olfi'naiva 
topics and did ml quit ^t till ho hod oflootcd hin p;rpo»c, uul 
the jndctt^ bnficc] nnd vom oil, yidfk4 to Xhtt pn«ouor : — 

Vut>' « iD«}arkt owl lnwWM unl ^i\)aV 

I OUM A^iiy tv dinner juid rclurand to tbo ilikll to tcttf thd 
[pmidHtlnn i^ <>»« nioA. ^hcplurd whh fi'ibli? in hw rvyiy. But 
Lovd £ll«nbon>H^t vu olofjueiiL Id « gnTo imd Hclotun otyJv 
bfaSOSAlni; n jiidciT be tlocUn^d hin jiid;,-mciit that thu parody 
wax ft f«nil^ii« faWl. Tkic juTT rctiivd, and wtv anuj bo loug 
IkAl I Inft tlk# «Aiirt, hut I MilJiufAt«d Uio mvili. 

Pf^tnfFn- J^tA. — n«Tiii£ bTMkfftOtfd mtIj. t v«nt o^lu to 
tbo ociun ttt OuUdhdL Tlio govcrumcnt ti&ci wiUi iouou- 
««hvUo fr^ltyr pondoud in >inii^in^' lltiT>i? Ui a Uiird lriu.1 
WW II tM^4i<J ftr^uiUnl: niiA ihaU <">■ ffT *" oir^m^e of t^r 
IcM GMtmitiblc* tl<v iinUiAhiijj: a parody op tii' Atliotuuiii^ 
Cvwd» wliifli dm rjHirt jmiiiklji-d WillJainii fijf l>y A four 
EAonibt' im^itaj'imt>nC while the prtrmly ou Uia IJUny, of 
«hlt;b H<>nc wiw jxnti^nLiy oAjulllcd. wna pnniNll<"l h\ toght 
BioqUih' iiiijjdi'MiJikru: lUtd a finv of X V)*K 'Hii' ot-iir<f<|iit±QLS3 
to be foe*%Kin. He- «-u *^n ULTjiiiTM]. uft^-T Eihivin^ 
bi« lK-|r|n(«i tA iruolmoe. Ho i«|jt^>Loli4^l Umi Fl- 
lor bis ycfltcrdar'a cbiiix*. and aHHnL«4 uJnioflt 
meoaciag tuocw He waa, w btffijiv, very diifmAivCi and 

H76 HElllHlSCtHCRS or MF.KAY CftJlBB ftOBQISOK. (O^a^ 

th» KNMer pnrt of hi« MToft hooni' ifMMcb «OWSl«d Of 
hT«kv4at iD*tl«r- Ho did itct UjJ to Mttdc tbc bftr, 
cUiinir ibrrif wm ojI a in&u wbo djutd Ui oootrwlkt 
RU«b^>ar\Kigb, lor tmi vf )u«inif Ihv mlt of th# ooutt, — n 
indL-^^nt, boov^ciM a movt true, OMOtMni. 1 OKMirti>i ho 
fLU Toui ol tne, f^pT my utioeeb i» bcrhAlf of Uilluuu, b 
nmpefl Hf« ilrvw a piihd.Jc pirtitrvr of hia jvivertj, awj 
fphiabd tbo fjpood'irill fjr tho jtirv br Bbuwiiig buw miwlk \m 
jURndr mifTcTvcL Ho dfobu-nl tbut, il coarioW, kJtf lil^ w<mU 
Ijd lout, iLlul lit, tbc Eoiu^ limp \kr namusd to flak ttiiy Car^r. 
H» WM rer^v iU vlivti ttio InftI lH>^n, but be would nnt havii 
it put oFT, ta> 

IU*lbrQ he got iiUiC> bi« defbDoe 1 loft ibt court, ubd called on 
Mr& .^li'jv^r. 1 dlntid mulI Cook l«i irillt l\w C<MiiJt% and 
AAimranlt vt^iit to Aiii}'(.^t- I iovatd hin libnnll/ dbpond oa 
tUa mLbjtvt of tho Intu triala. Ttiov^ bo ocqwAwd tb* 
pamdiMt puliUoU librilft, t»: Ui(^ivt>t ttK Minblrr Jutlf tiiim 
Ell fr^r th<*rr oftuiib^ |»vtftnf* of puBiidiBi^ Irmli^iaa ud |iii^ 
faiiitr, «f>oijit vhioh tboy did Dut cftro M aU. 

T<i rucur to tbr sai^nlar ioe«k« of tbia Gporaiuj:. wilbout % 
ptmllf*! ill till' biHtiiry uf ibu oountn, I c^anuot but Ihtnlc Um 
riirl^LTV fpuni^l Qvor tllO ^tvrcniiiifKit uid Lord EUqnbOTO i^ gh A 
Hulfiva uf aiuiD. tli<>iii£ti al tbv Moio tkaus A nmttor d" trhimpfa. 
ti<jni EIlL-uburuiJi^'h in jiiMlv puaihbvd fbr bb iiibnauiiiitT i» 
K^irifr oil (L l'-iTtr\i-r ivr^fLNioii, h»d Ibte lllit«mto nua iuuavv^vd 
nil 4>ur ti^^no«> U>nl lvllitu^jri>tif^ nsigtied OTtr KubmiaMVO 
ttiitiji^iitB Lihi- 4 iL'^fHtt. Nijv he ftfrbk vid uwti tbo Uit uia)r 
l<<uni. tliJii (hi^ Tiiult U In tb«Qi, tiiid uiA i% ikeir ttur^ if x}i*y 
U9 inuWrliiiic^' I»H E^lmbonsDoJi ha« ■Mlaiii#d tbc m- 
verost •houk lie «t«r endured, and i itttltjr ibooU mot vomder 
if ii iLottoDod bt4 Ufct 

H.C. IL«i T.a. 

DvimUr, l«1T. 
1 un quite luUieiiivd of mywtf. Af\er ilw notice «o altcci- 
tn«1jr M&t by mr lutor About (b« turtt^B, I oi^hl not to hiAi^ 
fbvgottw ta wntc \<«t4jr^y ; but tbv inlinaitiw c/ gld «xv 

« llr. K<4n*'uitii7^d«'<'1>fr«ibBf bf ntnr fMi nb^ l«J»Uf b*«r 1^1^ 

1 ■— ' "'-1 f^ — , — ■ '-^ * 1 -r1 Vhiit Vrrrir m ii n— iV 

MIH rmf. -A" ta tUi r^Tr^-i -if i 






V* yaw^ a y fvil tiprm mc. nad kum of icenwfy in ihe obJeT.* 

^caam: 1 do oot «Mh mv witcr to trouble tunslftCMBKirTOV, 

"^1 M BtioD tut tliu ^aci, I v-.Ll thiiAk bur t« aeod m «Mttl lo 

''m* LbRwn a»J to Clnrkr UhiIj. But ihe butr, jo<i nrt tn 

7^*^ryt,\ it nnvvrvil lo h»|^'in>fi(, tr^il 1 viW tluiiik t<»ii to Jet hu 

^^^kcy \v dirtiitcti tiiiiiiitvK' u> Mr- Lnuili, bt Mr, Ovou'v* 3ioc 

"^'^ uiil ^1 IJrail HuswU SUurt. Dfury Li£it, 

^'on hnw. wf oouiw. b*ti: ^i^ntJj tiit^rtvtLfl hj iNi* inle xin- 

^^^rKllul«4 tnidiL E ftlt4*iirJu«d 4i-«rv (Uv. llkoii^}i nol duniig 

^^^^ wIk»IiO d&jVk *nd liBMnod yiiih vory nutrd cin<jtwiia- .... 

Jjtinl Hlkqiljoniim*b n. dW nIT, oxw of Ibe ^rvutiut uifiD of 

^^«r agp. Ao4 fh^ngli lilfl ii»|Atl'>fii-0 Iiia«m1 vtc^ tii ft judge, 

^^^ powcrfil aamltliofl fldda Ui our ecoao of tito di^^nit^ of wiLEuIi 
^kAan fai capiiU& AoJ EhM. Ik aian nf mi Imxiio naiurv idiould 

**» ^lll^;. AlCd ihc AUftfTiCT CwiOrtJ Uw, — JlBiild, gvn^ 

*%! hvuonibk' ii«luru. Dul he iuifri.' Itldc iu coujpttT' 

uiA4>«i A tth ihf» f^ipf, And ho cnralnrmt himn^'lf wixh (fTMt pro- 
f>ricty. Hooe aud. v«7 tiaf)|>ilr : " il »^ h |AtT Mr, Alt«nMj 
^w-vfl i»i tDAlniL'Ud to j^JTC up ll>ia Uiinl ijrDMoulit-riL I run 
tttirv Ue vutttd Hatl* doiM it vjth ff:rytit pleuMiirf. Huid Uia 
MfQUitrrpivti htm tt hint, — m, aam litiil,^lum Bure bo 

/JrtniAiT ^/jf. — 1 ^rpnkf>^«vl vUh Fd. T JtrJidjiK amd mrit 

Burrvll nn^ Bnirhl (^*^ at Ihv linr) ihent. Wa tnlkod, of 

eounCt ftlxAit ibo Ut« tritlji, fti>d Itiirrrll yt-am vsrm, oven to 

WiETt oA Ivariiitf uiir PijiniM mj fiWxiir* «t tiip nrfLitlt, Ho 

w*ot VA Hir &■ tri drcltnr I vnji n taiw^Jvffvoni* chnnuTlfT ; but 

Lhu woB Bud vith v>iiiQch hcmcit fodisi|& Uk^C it (iiiJ not niftJco 

Bit in tbi; tnut ut^ry. find 1 auccovM in borijiiriiiif hiui to 

iiKv1rTRti*Ki u buc l\f fft^n, ah SiAithfj diu-t. thr dnji^r 

hrittnc fr^^fA the popular f««Iina njfiiiuAt the |*av<TTiiuoDt ; sJod 

bo <o4i«idcn< ihif i&di«pcfftioii of tW l-oaidon jurio* to oonvict 

hj cntm uf IlIwI m n j]fnT4l oviL Rrifht, wlio unmo oA'fr tUi.! 

hrat of tbo l^iittlo w m-rr. took tho liberal ifdc, imd Kd. 

iJltlisUle im-^iucd lo lliim?ll Tbo hvamiy nt UtUisiMa 

cWmberBit And bit cnpt*] LtrAir, ri^^ilOrl hit rnrv. 

fiffamher STtA^ — I cii|](^! oh l^mb. nni\ mm Woniinriirth 
«nU JiLm ; J af^^rv^udji rvtum«0 to busba Dinod ot Monk' 

• In !«*, Mr. ftibftimii na|a un ihEt? -IThirtilld tuwiuiUy ulil Kftoftmy^ 

^la iEi:mNU<:»-xr;iU4 mt hkxkv cbabh rouxson. [Cnjir->c 

hoou'iL* llic i«ny wmfi muJl — Mr. and 3in. WotilnnirUi 
nod MJ« HittchiHin, f!olarnil|ra aitd hk •oci [fimlcy, and Mr, 
TiJlbrooJ;, Aftctf dinnor ChaHti I^mb joiaod Uv pkHy, 

I wki kIjmI to htftT ^'oWidtfo tftkn Uio rijc^t sklc en Hoimt'* 
tfiuL Hu iTlfx)tie[)ilA I'lptiinUvl on ttic tiuatsit^r «! wiTkiii 
Hour, Id onUr to tmr^ £ii|^kh kw, ttnd hu derided tbe U|pi^ 
dcfiiutioii or « libel, — vh»eT«9 tmdt to produce ocrtnift «Mk- 
Mif woctefc «itliuiat at^ ic^nrd U> ibe iMtcbtiuo uf Urn puV 

AmOttff thio light ooav«nntion at 'htmcr. Tillbi>wk. rclfttcd 
tiMt Sotttliev had r<«cnrd a lett«i frodi. a pencv icvjiAcotitig 
Lua to mike an ju^roHtic on t[i(< unrne of b jovn^f ludt ia Ga^ 
aox. Tb» vnliT wat payiu^ bin ftJdrfww Id tbai young Iftdji 
bnt had a nvnl who bent bun lu wrtting tctoou Saalthwj 
did out seiad tbc rvrBci^ aud diatHbuird the maavf in bujitag 
blinketfl fcv Mtiw prior Rfinim uf Knwtck. 

iAN«ii»Avr.AAA.— 1 dtitxl with tbo CoUm«V. Mid ■pent the 
etcniog at Lamb's^ I found n larso partj coJt«cl«d round die 
tw |>(>Ha. Inzt Cul«ridfe hud tlie laiKT niunbrr. TUerr vo, 
hovrtn^er, >;artiuly u^ coctTomtion boyotKl a wbiapor. Col»- 
ridfc VM (lulo«»plunm in bia raoabUiiK "<^T ^ UookboiMah 
«bc» &«tCBcd altmtivaLTi — toUanninif, «boKintftuccamil«d, 
oa if b« thuttifbl CoUndifo had fso riflbt to iMtaphyviciM on 
cbctniMry wttliout any kcovlcdico e4 ihc aubiM, to &rar1«i 
Buruoy. vha iraa aBgcr Co iiifrr|>OM.\ — aiMl AWngcr, vho naa 
uORlMit to bo a hnunnt ; whiln UVmlav^iitb ««a Tor a gmu 
T«Tt 0f tbo linw eiiKo^vd eH^AHU vith TnUounL 1 oould 
oatcb acatvcly wiytbkig d tbo ^uiTtnation. 1 chatted with 
tha Lufiimi Hi« Lamb hrtd fr;iQn throvte^ Um lhii|fiip of n 
diOMr-parij ^^i^ry v«U. and rhorla* vna in p:ood apirila. 

Jt^fwAfT 3ia!. — Thu ia*t drvj' of tbc y«*j wii ou* of tbo 
dKrbwt daya [ rvoicnaber in au^ ftai* A Uiki fqc aoio onr 
London b«tir««in «<%bt und n^«. aftd T tm ni n ad aD tbvilajr. 
Lat<* At ni^t it cknrcd up. 

The liiciuuvorniT Ikc&fruni £3Ai( I0» li>X415 5i. (d b 
too paltT^ ti> in* wiirih twticv, Yirt my jnuftial abcnva thai 1 
bad net rvlMiyl to tliat Attnntton vbkb tha G«nnnfM oall 
6iufl«ba, — ntitAjj Mtatry, — vbioh ia cotopaLiblo wkb ihijc- 

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ffrtH-" — iMf+nff thTK ytmr, inj iDiJOfktJ ^Kh VrMtt not 
tj cncreutDtf, ho fculhorized mr t& in- 

<»n li»'rrO temtt. .SfiTith«yil*Hiiiwl iliem^r, vlihoirt liiqulrlng 
wtiAt tb« onsvlaoiOQt might b# ; sud r«t th« T^hvm* vu tlHtt 
ftu|i|>citiii^ the |vind|JiH irhJch SoutJiuj bi juttdf advooMtO^t 

SouTfm TO U. a U. 

Viiwh n, TSIT. 

Mv cvixit Sf n. — Yoiir U^iUtr may be ttXiinrv.rst\ viU^cmt do- 
llbvnuuon. Xo voiolttinMit, howovcr grc&t, vould jaduoi.' loe ti> 
9»T0 Q^ * eouQtrj \iio uid thooo pumuiU id titcTAturo to vhkh. 
lltM UiMMn of luj uuuty yvjum Uavo t*tfm tlJrccUii. ludcdl, I 
vb'juld cvMU^nr thm portion f\f my rimi? which itt giv^u tip ta 
t«8l|Mrcu7 politic* K^frVLjuaJ^ miMp^nt* if iho tut^rmU at «tiiko 
v«rc )«M impoHaat. Wtt ti« ld dftiigrr nf no iiuiirrrctiua of 
the* V«bKn« : it m th« futll of j^woimflut iliai hicIi a uurUs 
Aotild «iut io tb« (BkfBt of <ivUii«i1 io^<ii-ty ; bat till iho 
breod cftfi be onaadod tt mii^ be Durli&l, and ihni too wttli « 

1 ntiAll be ui town (Luring tfao bM VMk ia April, on my vft/ 
lo S«riu»rbnrl m^ the Kbuw- Ycu wtqiik <»iLr coanuy hf 
Mkiajf il4 fioucrij duunctcr from a, tcvuai vhicb wm oqimit/ 
nn^eoiBl oror Uw uhoki L-onUunut. 

Bc4ivTc iiii^> my d<ar tiff 

Youn TOTj truly, 

Itaninr Soittiist. 


JAJfUART&A* — I iHii«d At the C^iUiW. uii at tBvea 

wry ii^r<««4blr m looknw otor butvk^on thirty and forty c«ir 
C U gr a "^J^. ^ni^^T MCTn Bul^oct^. 1 tiriil thr ADp0tlt« fcT 

ih-'- tij wlifti tt IM«on. f uiQujM nit^ny c^ 

tb*-' iK Oio pvvspwc of BMlog ft fihat of Omdo'c 

3S.> E)aiUISCG!OCE£ OP HEXHV CftAltD tOBlXSOOS. t^^i^r. tl 

^ Hoon "* 0T«r m^ tJuvtacjrpvMo. ^Voltott w ft kuui of ImIbi 
Junuar^ I'Jtk. —1 Euul m ii tuiuim <if Vvlture'i MibcuEU* 

pi;rf>rui*ii';4 ; ^t it iJikwh Luv a vo^ of iuk^j .uii» 

aril) r*iv!linnv limj U- ttrLxlaN> OJl(v«i«ii. If ■■ -H- 

in«tn for Iheir diiwie<tnn of SfankMrac«r9. Al>! 
tAbcn iw iiEif»Lr UUrti^n vttli Mir idol- Bo bu tr 
cr all llic 'iUA->Mt\f^inc*«t aoocinli&^ to tW 1**4 vf Uw I'RmcJb 
dmiTio, Ajt «ri<T1 m lh« nftlioswl pMciiUariOML To « FmiferiinAiu 
*' llaTiilot " muvt Nppoar ahaisnl uid ridieulcni* to nn ««trauHta 
And tliH by fair uMoiii^ tlic I'Voicktiiatt not pcrodtit^ }^m 
tittidi llie AiMiirdjtj', ^n fbct, lie* in biii ovn uirfw viava wl 

JoM^ary /f^. "(At Cwnbnd^,) After nitm Hr (IbMi 
Rfioompunod toe U> lUndali^a, ttboro 1 Marcd till Udf pa«t 
■loren. Wn detntnl nn tlw prtnapkn of lh« AvvtidP^ I 
coctCT)d«d titnt thQ Dettj vntwt bo tboujiht Ut Cuke pdauom m 
the im;>rorcmicut of ciTilJeii.ion, in which u to bu ttiduded 
Uio fD« arid; Wt I va^ t*<r '.tnvu In i)>^ tnt^abuul " tlv 
Iftat of Iho llu^i, tlio Ititt of llro «T««, tt»i1 (iM.pndu of lifo," 
vbii:h arc saiti iic< to pvcMwi fron tbo rather, l^i^ I fbv, 
ertry titmuijug ur brif^l :;£n)a<|itioai of the Saprmo Boiog 
■od of Iho >i'it«n of iht uniTcnofr m(iy be not by ^ unct I ^ 

Jam)tarst i^iK \ wont to tho Snrrry iDnlitutloii, wh«ffO 1 
buutt Ibixlitt Ittjlarp on Sl^L«|fP4ri: jind Mi]t<;ti. Ho d^ 
li^t^f iiMr mftrh by thtr tiilrnr lie flinpItTod : hiii lui bittai^ 
n«n of tpint brake o^t in & pftua|*o iii whicb bo roprooobod 
aodeni i>j«td for tbeir mnltj and ixicApBcity of «d«iirittc fti»d 
kiviui; ■iiythiii^ Imt thciziwlrin. \\v niui Ap(ilni»licil Ki Uiia 
(nn of hit leciuj^ but I k»o« not vrhfther be vao goiwrUIy 

FmiiJ kcuoo f csUed at CoUi^rV iukU Ukin; Mnu CoUIcr 
wiiJi iMi, I ttMit til a ItTC^iiiv by ( Wileiiil^ in FlHir^li*-tiH ToarU 
Plecit SmeLt I «w ff^4tl^(<d nuotpoctviily bj fiadiag a br^ 

* Tk« «tJl-kiiovncicnrIucTri RHptiitl HKflmto vfaklii Hwn il 

" f I luiA ! «C«^" W»* fni rt^ r * rtf ?lw Sun, 

AM^m^ln't ji«Ll, I . 'Liii," 

1 TiJ tvn«bui>«r (lit< C4untt '' ' s lrtlum,U^mit 

kngfh In Voi. ireTtJcHiHiiljti't -i-vtur-- trprr -.f T.t~^|<<tfw jini frtwl)nMai>^ 
tiM." T^ Bdljjfcli BIO Tflr^ uwitp iB lrt ftrfrt, — iM g MP. Uiowmw, wrt 
tabl tti4 KwiJ t}ii*atf«i& 



A ^TIHBS" l>IKN£ai — RiaCKTS I'AltC 


h ifcjwujLiKmi' nUli<Jr llifln ^r«M. Coforidg* tnatorl of Um 
ttimW (uttlr^ Aui '^ Ur>«uUl nvrLs ; bni tiO Imd Jittl« nui- 
iMlN]n,>nilijie»Mdtiiijlv hnd rolci rniuli^niKl ItUvoirv ■carctf'ljr 

Uttv CO CvtTui, — ^hd UATU'> Hu^it^L iioil«lii olIM hloi) on 

>«Vahr, mud cnm nrijrinal, m Uut I n>lLfi44VJ thf» xliitrt tiirr [ 
■V*!. A mTbpQcd S^siifiiirLAn, ■ — . — >. «»i& tticav aIiw, kv 
•■■■Uliir, brtt a IiArdiiaftcltd mui- A «mi of a pcrfctfttcr, 
*^ — \7y itiutur, (riiux'iinud b^ Mr- PUo^" tiillMd tpij *ii»Q 

tai. All thm JEinilanji, uul Bfiofh And R il«ti«ti*r«, I 

*v thn>iri3 Uujh %t>xrjf tm vefin in my f«oliEi|CK Iht party 
*v^ have nuitoj nic rcrv v^l] itliout Uint tiiiic. ivk] I tinv^ 
Vpvwn nllflgvtWrcnii oT ujsir frT It, I uropfod nn tjiviu- 

Mruary JOtA, — ] dtiic^ ^rilb WiJiot. A buaH &»0 Trry 

pBdSd ioh* -*Vcitm." ft groftt partlain fif tfad Wdlwltfyii; 

jBiMm VIM hf^IurJn^ ii> b4 vtwj \T\tn%Vf tnf^^ vhi>n 1 viu oblijfrd 

ft^rwirjr I6iL — At tun, 1 tnik « rirU wilh Prraton jn kw 
flU, iJDt<t tlio Kfi^vcit'i Pai4, whk-h I hnd novitr uwn hnfdViL 
^leu tii« tne« w juroim Uiia will bo rc^Uv an oniftmciit t? 
tiiu CKpJtjJ i (icul txit ft aww uruAiDniH, but n hvftlibftil ofl^u- 
di^. Tbi> HigbicBt^ Awl HnTiif*sf'>ftd Itfl! ix n bonuCirnl oljort, 
ttil vriUau ttM Piirk, tlic finrl^cial «aE4r, tbo circulnr Ull or 
coppuMs ttM hhibrn, tUu fw jv^Ucri^d Yiikft. ^(l, ftrc objrctJi 
oT twite, I millj' iliruV lliii viv-lr.«iirv, witli the oca aUrclf 
Ifwlngff u> tt frooi Cnrltob Hckjwm* will giro a MTt uf ^virjr to 
Uie l(^pcttt'« |E9v^n)mcIl^ ahivb will be more f«lt by raootd 
poaUnCy th«> itn rktuHvBorTrftfi&l^ou^tujd AViitcrW glgnoua 

^ Hi. Pilot vft* ■ InTbr ilQuHntCnHa,— picTtflil Tr»Tintii*l«T Rh<Jif«l. 
<r Mum iBCWrttT HH tlnuJHk. «Jid * frictkd mnl pf^is* uT Jwvuir B<i>- 


992 SEMUU^tlKCKS OV HORV CRABft BoatX<UJ3E. Likii:p,1L| 

Fihnmf$ J?tk — [ ilfljfid k£ boiBff n gnat put of tha farV'j 
ikiooa. Wirimuum^ the Kant Jiuivr, adlH uci ine. Hmdb 
Mtod fvnsdjrt^nukiuu: kaI for ihn oritioJ pfailoAopli^, 
! no lon^T iUitnj Lis |uv« ^ tbasl ptidusujiliv, ta » cooui 
uniutuiff phi-iwrnervtii . He* mirnhipn hi« ittol witli |jcinr «ftMft- 
tton, wiitiovt ueritiolftg his cloniMtio duttML Ho attMidft tai 
kw golilnmitli'fl oliop ah ixU u to Ibv wotLm f4 Kftut, Ami b 
cimfal rtnJ hinri wtumUiT tit htn chihino, Ctiot^fa h» 
the onto^un on UtvnL 

I took CM tht lioEoe, ukJ, HiLonottd nlttue, 1 ncvowpuM 
ti) HntiU^ ]«ctiirv. Ue n^Kiikv tji itko «ntr<n in the mKn of' 
Quecp Annr', kuiI vt^ ^Ptti>r, b^i;gfatly. utd ftill ftf [i^il f t^ an^i 
pcriK^ml lUluakiiia. lu troitlin;^ of Prior, ho ^uoUkI hi* 
BoriiUjr T«TMa a^lftit Bbuluu(>r« to « coneraK>it)*><a of 
He draw ui ingrnibitn tnit iiot v«r7 i»C«lHK^hl* pwJUl ta'ti 
8«ift, Rabelais, iiiid Volt&lr*. nnd avvo •oJonrnod ili* 
inhdol 80 iiiclL!<TBOl and rrahlfiM i« ih« hua ! 

Ftfrrmrsf dl?AA< ^ I iliiK-tl a1 (\4W« utd wat lo 
Hito- tt «ru A^nM<rt that I fNhonld Inviia Mm, P m iwi:o to 
VtUi me to Ihe Uvtorc, nni 1 olw took Uint MuT Uid 
KutC We fuuEi'l (Iwleouin^itioiu Tiillpr ttuii; J fiiid evvr 
>t^ and wn* ^-<rn*rl tn take bndc aKmi«\ Utt II vim a (iliaittn 
10 Ura. I'ftUiznoa to int b«litiid Sir J«ae* MA«^iiUO«h» Ift 
vu wdh Scrttniit Bonoqwt nod Aonie tnhionwblfl bdj* Tlie 
jarl^ iruns howr^c. In » tca'rJ<RiJ (iiwmL iui il naemMl. Uifoiigli- 
oiil tite l«Tttit«. Ind^d. OJvHdire vma not in i^qo of km _ 
liappiott QiuodH toiiii^bt. His vubjoot WA« OcrYnotfl^ buc h«H 
WAS (uore tJjiui xuiullj |JTc«^, ftiul bis tonv paiiibarU- ilr«s1-' 
■n^ H-f dif^iVtolcMM ru th« naMirw of bnnriity wirrv ouniid 
too fkr, »H ht« reittiirk«o& tbo book but o4d,uvl by turn ofUci 

AftrvATf 5M. — Heuil u Ici-litnT lir FlunwD M tbo 
Aoailltfa^. H« wui 1^ ^itjte 4'^It. aTnl did not I'^Uivr It 
»o ra^dch auifiiATkin «nd cllvct 110 1 hftT« knovo biai o« 
ovukN^TU tkrow uito hift I'?ctun4* 

^ipArwir^y tifk — I rli»fH(l vmI |/v>k 1ml at CollVv-y ui^ 
hnard jiart of a loctiiro hj H»liit aH tb» Stimiy Inautvi^oikj 
He WM »o ooTit<viDp4tio«a Iowh^ W«iTlfir<aih| inpnMig 
hjfl letter iHx'ut Ounis, that I lij«t my letapfr. Ha taapvi 
10 Wordj(wonh tli« dantra nf r0|fpc«mting bnmelf m ft «oj 

Gttmiijr to aiMQtnimjiy mt to CoUhdgt'a lauiira^ I1 vui 




DiMiftand ULtt<^— OM of bU vaty bolt H« djg w td k«i 

Cbfl |diA««Mi lo oritMoach I n4unwJ lo UunwyV «iid 

ntlUo i/ !h>- UociM of C'^uiQauU »b>MlC £f««S«(«, — h vi^v 
«DM- :4| 0£id vpry prvttiknx m tu Uo future un< 

ICOmtbi-. ^^^-iifi iii*ri|.lJuo. 

Meifk tOa,^ I bad jiii cn>wn hrivTi) ait Th^tferd- Ch» vm 
AMltftc^ ta CD«T tboux^i 11 w^ nn unvijZcDCQv oiio li> hold- It 
V» OB b«Uf if Jola4H«t. wIl«: Cfisl ^M thtj liiuiiJur uf Ut. 
liikar, of WbIIh, htMttd ibr vboJ«<»f thnday. 1 rfo^irnl, a^^ 
vtv) b«ili:(r<f, a Lhict from Uekkcr, lb« clthplnni c«> t)i» Nor- 
vvtb JuU wyiiifl: thiit mnmt contlvcicn (l^ (luniBrt priAci- 

«fdd«a«L Tliii fvidriuw n^a\st h'un vju rnfi »]jr cireonuitan- 
tB^ ftikd L« had toLi lo cuilu^UejI u t4^c, vUklmj; wlt4r9 bft b«4 
bMk, ttiBl Ell Alt/ believed hia iiukixzciiL lU, Dc^^r.bfLd vil- 
■fl«Ml nir " niinutRbk nnd «iiu^;»M rlcfirTiiwoT Uoiwit, fnr 
Ifal naujpditr of hm uii>, " (Hicb vcro Lin vwiU^, uid bad noottir 

modcd OlO fQ« lL« |LlV*CUl CakMV 

^/-n'/ f8U.— lAiC I^uat'V) Thi^rv v>»a Uu^o iw^^^- — 
th* gTMUr n&n or tliow vho tm lustuill^r thflrv, but a14'> Loigh 
Uuniood luevifo, IId bw im(in>«trd in uiutliuu«ft and h«0&- 
ftibew unae 1 mi* liiia lui> ■uiucr jtun aigLy. Thttn w«a 4 
gtatt ftbout him mhioh euiTTC^^ lit^lv iipint*. if iiot peHeol 
banhb* ond I ccsvuxl bid vivuiiv, Hu ituil»tud HAxlitt i»p«' 
uUj ; WunU«urib net bo veil TaJfUirJ wu Uicm Ho 
iIqm ttot ftppreditt* W'jinliwonti'ft fmt^ linni oh ^^^onbrK* 
Hmit cbd aoc «ympArlL:t« vjiL lAlfuurd. but opposed hkn 
pU^dmUy. Whd tW 1 liked him for. 

AprU tSd^ — I b»d« uul0 fmm HunJlebj. jjn}{Hnijij£ lo ^ 
with ni« to hiMT UMh«««'s ImiUtioHH. nf vx^^A. Hl^ oame C^ 
«e ■coavilkigl>, %ai I <oc om p*ni<d luin »^to tbo pit d^ lh» 

Tbp tfaturUtMumit Urinulvd iif a Dumitue (for tbegmtt- 
*r pun) of a jOTinwy in % mul vuAch. which ^-kvo occak^h 
t« eotiics, ImiUktiouB, te Tbo mo«t p1c:LM.nt rrpvt«ciitotlon 
■aa of a t^rvitchniau. Hut (jruki-ii EufilLtJi was vert liAppy. 
And AUtli^^w hiid Rftiight 'ho !iikhid as t^FI u t^ worr^ of 
Moiuiovr Hifl Liiuli.lkin of Kreiio^ trME'>d^Mi* "^aa *ln tocj 

A dl^^rmgon ac Uwjm viu fUt. I did not f?!*] tbo ridkou}^ 
Add I eoold boi rtooffDiu «ithor jud|ro or htrrwur^ 


2ft4 RiJfixi!icT:>orf:R o^ rniKitY ctkaad tortneraL [CAAr^ti. 

Math#iri w not mthc^i hnascir m fcui rep><— titnUoa of ft 
French vaic^, itt'.fnfl.ns liiJitiivmltd maMipr In t^ ; ftirJ li(»c<t:^ 
ft^ciTiLiJ fHEDCA ELt iLAAriT^ lutd oji tlio mTual4r ifvtk Ikllll liQfW; 
vc-ra ploiKuK Hf trMlc ft chiki, I di ddU, out eif ft liox, attd 

Tbe best dritsAlu cxhihQticai ima n nftmftn'' mh aii oU 
SfUltiiwonuu. Ht pril an n hoorl BmI tijiptT, mtwrd hlft 
■ftuGtli into H voiBAnlr hIidm, ftf)d, na if bnr niofjcic. hcckino aa- 
othcr crefttftw. It woa really » treoii. He oMtrlu^lcil [ry r«dt^ 
iiif^ |nri of Houitt'ri Htvu:b lo the plnjtfa. km Kt-mhliv, K^ai% 
Cftoki?, Young, UftriiHt^r, l^ftircQt1» Rftd HuDdm, Willi jlprat 

.4pr^ S^Jb. — 1 ttTttt to WcstmiintCT Hall fth iwul, but 
hvl fk v^ mmisal pl imu n?. I hnri r;r>r of ihfr very bt^ 
foretaie «p««rti<« cwr Julhvrw! brSirSamwl RomiH/ H* 
hftil to Oppoftei iwrtuinlv. vm' mftdcrtw spcechen frctti CifPwfl 
bud Pii^-y^'tl, ouf! n l»cUtr wju ftom Horn*. It nnx in Bn|ipart 
*f hfi ft[^p>h nHnFi hj Mm M, A. Tijior, IhM tb« ComitMt rf 
Aiitr^ni i!L<»iU'l bbatoin from inflii«p«xnff htr dftn^tcr, Lnfi^ 
Pmicci Vjuio TcinpaiU in fiiior of Lord Slvwart, who hn^ ajv 
plitfd for D. refrrtnt^ to thft Uutf^ t» fir tho marrift^ bmiIo- 
Dxcta, wbieh npp]ie«tion RrnulW rrtkcod^ ll>t ipetf^h vftft 
c1of|ocnt withniit THicm-tiio? or sccmtnf pftuinc, and of IJlju- 
M«n miliilAty. Hn bftil to arlilnss the nhfuwrjlrr ngninftt lh« 
Kmmc'i frio»d. ilio Ai^^i^UMModor at Wnnx and L«^ CftolJo- 
mfh^ brothrrH adH ho continriH to ^iRST«t« Kitb n« liltU 
<r0^O« *« ]xifiiibli\ wtutt- Tvr could verr» Jo* piirjiOBiv «■ to tip* 
torttmo, as^f>. mrmU. i^e. of hi* LontthipL Hf rrfc^t^ wHh 
mtich bum^ artd ittrrnm) the prMip«tAtioci with vhich tk* 
marmcTT nua iirvctl, njW o fc« nWkft' hcqiuintftiicct tvo or 
tliTM^ lAtATTlmr^ anri n Amn^nt oblalatij al ibi^ 6nil auficito- 

April 50rA, — f cntlt^ on lAmb and aocoBiFanM htm to 
Mr. Mo[ik»iuiin\ S(,A:ii>f^ ^n^l Kail. HnvikTii oim) AUitoiv* 
painltn^ w^^rr th«r*, and t«V) ntbrr |*i*t]£lcinMl whv«e namiA I 

* lr*-UkclQii All«Ui<i. litlftckMiH H Ml hkl>ri(Bl paiiilcr 9f ■ t«7 h|j^ 

tlhtr iHm "Vm I litT* trfr k» 

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«t i;a«^iit)i» l'r«i. i|^ Eovxil n Anvttcap l^A- 

iTTa. tb K^Kfiil TIT«L»» njitjrtA Its* 

Al fcrTOfcbr' 'Tn kniwn tn lli# i*Mrtnft 

rm-*." tfp fl--r« fwinn] 4Md|M Mtad- 

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ri ^tfiCHiWiy* All- 

' JW^BK Willi*. i» IM* 

"■] III )Bir, kii<i ^I'lttitAtlift&uo*' 
AbA#«bM Di. CftMWi^ It* dM 

4iJ OH voQMC. Tb* oonvcTMiii'^Ti »■*» rtr/ lively ftn4 i^r**- 
Ulfr Allalvn k4i n mJil riiA! i-«>o«i*iid«i wntlkioih 

iil 1.1 * '^ KiiD. — uiH &t jli I II , bvt Ilk* coo^T^nati'in 

r*-iJ »i|po» about HAy4j>u, indi&uin^ jmiiirful c<3t> 
ipftcD tbv cvooMiuU^il or iJtl^u ai>d leoitiiM. which ho 

^ tu [UCRNA. lib can tvr»»Lt toil 14 ocrUinly intonMiiiv^ 

ilQiA|u>«M ktttiwir in A jc^ikiTt^DAnly wamilib man. Imioh, 
wdLwX bJkii^ SDttch, Ulkod Itw bonL 1 oiyoj^d Iho tntat- 

Unf J/A. — At sb T dmotl wiT-h MrmiiuVil-t,* oral mat % 
*i«gtd*.r pkriy. Th« |irt]iok}uJ ffu««^t ka« Uta oiiv« Eiiiii>m« Mr- 
jot ^awU, Wiviaitt li« *^> «tict) ocauuvd bj the hpcokor, <^ 

|AUiifuJ. «lj.rtri| \if «u<l wJd ha rmd not fwr thiht t h« lud 

thfS Mj^uf OQ* vklijbjts nufaer tbv miuuiu of a uulharj 
mnrticr Hod ^uit'^ixiin t4 thi^ old AchooJ ibui oJ ii *UkicMtxmxu 
Ike polidod ajd%tfnv7 of Borkv^ B(K good iirotdiuff ii n-rj 
n bixn* 


C^UftUH)! td H. C R. 
IfllUr froiu S. T. C : But oo^ it u from (}»« p<^or Jiltla childrm 

be *?l*p»*^l -TTM tf Ihi I -■'in» r/ ihc' Urt^'TijliiiTi- liftoff 

■AiBsl l^aiit '- iriikr ■ LiUonHa^lte nnt 

«*«s«l mUliiol : ii^< 4iri- Wttli tfila Eiid c(k*r 

fkcBchci b* I**-*.!-! .-. p^.^MiP , . .. - v.. I 

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fiUiilH fcfc— — nf 'lir 'vnwu* ii-<i < 

iin. br*4(H4>l m ilio v'jtjiijf artiiCp |^-<il '.'f -? 'i ' Km' Lit, [n 

kt* iJft* of Tbrcm-t f:rflpT>-lT !Vol,T &. «DJ, j : .;iMiiii '\i Jlii- 

1i|p«Ln ik* lW t--l II '- k '>]f^uirt niric fMk^ ". I 'ii-ntil'r' 111 
¥.\. «r^l4rv i-hf ^oTt, fMa i'ni|«»f .rf tfiH^I 

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In th? mitiutai or (rrideiifre b«forv t^ Select CV«iiiiLittoo «f 
Houm of Ciiminoiu <^n thv MUH^irTHill'liYn fait thi» Tfitlivi Ft 
tOM^ ID 1K}16, l^e<)UMtkiii t* Y**l to Mr. Atti#y C<>»|vr, vhci 
Ttptiov^ *^ I betieiro il\tn in *uok m Iwvr/* N<it» «nn ym li«Jp 
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other iriMuice* ill which th^ f,*^iiln|«rp faM^[T<v<lr,orlTT4i&^ 
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on vmntiil tknii^hlJ) I rfiotiM hnvn nn ritijorlinci tft n ipn^ vodi 
m <Jod't OMUM^ though it H}i<>itl<1 hav« fJippml fWfn ib^ Uwir* 
moutii* In nbortp my dear air. ih« ixiLy otjSYctioii hMy ta pro 
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Podl* Iwl, which hu joBt i^Avtcd til* Ho«>o of C«nimo<iiv *iU 
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RnaluR!'') pltbrian mrl, Ixfn^ L — . tJw (lvi|{«nAm pnvnH«it 
of l«9iKlAtii<« ]iii«rfo<rv«to« vich frtc Ubor« of foitm imUpng 
that this hill 7ill pT^rvidc tlio inrt pn^vdi^ot. Thotijch HcATen 
knows tlint t nin hctjoimIj hiiTtiujr iKysoif by iWixituij; my daya 
dalty itx thin rny brai h.irvcvt-tMc M h Iftftan-tnotifpTFi luiil tl 
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yet intcvntcd 1 orl. <j^od Mr. ClarkjiMi oonU Muody I* 
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hftd retumtid nn oxcik to ihp rvrjucM macb Cor my humble' 
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morv than ti(vi;ty fv 1\ C-«. if then cxijrta any bv lu potnC ii 
thai piiliy httlfl mnituAl yclupt tha Statnli^ r*r Groat Bnlaiii 
1 aoDd herewith tnc of ih^ cirvnljm that I fanvo writt««iui tbt 
nuMt to the point in rc4|<-:t of what f i>:>v oglidt from yotu' 
BaKigocJ (if }i^u have time to wntr at all. ami hm augbi tl 
am be of wrricie) nt iti JinKi lo mc, cart of ^Ifathftniel 
£iq^ Spring Uut^ CcHTotf-Houao* t afi«4 wii Mid, that in tl 

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Etoiirm mil, fAtfhrt^ i>« rtmin id Mw B bttirtai kr aUliliaa «b4 1 


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ipoly (ia irludi T«u bav* no putncraU^) of jrour Mvcroh 
with TOtpcodbl vmUwiUt mff«i;t^iuU« TnatAf 


Jfitj/ r^A, — ] knitted at tbe Suitdj InHtitiitJciii iilt it bu 
tint^ io gu M Coiupt (Svdeo Thr*irc, wh<T** T w*Tit br ii|i. 
fh>!titin«(at veah nomu Slansfdd W« hciurd "'Hio ^^iavOr'' 
■oui WW " T^ &OCT<owa of Wcrthcr," -* TU Slnve ' U a aecLti- 
Tart>lwl Mttrtad ilnnu, tflhidi cxbitdU Miu^roAdv ta (rrral lul- 

who «x<ra«« «T<ffj »Tt of Tirtuc rmd vlf-drnLAL «itb no 
rmwiJ l9 prapndyt but cvnudrmMr nUt^o rtt!fcL Mine 
fiutpbrfufn tyi^^Ai; iH mt uniilci? an Aft-ii^no u hc^r fair cocri- 
ftkaioo. «S9ic II vijry nrmt in thi* chaiikctcr, itmhcun'v vciloc 
Vft« htinkt, aud ]iv liardly i:ol aa mncli airjilaiiAv at Hioclalr. 

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ouhJovi arc ikcciitJ)' funii^. 

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Acd a lijvr pirliirMt, vht<k nt Um ood of a wt^ck I rocoll«H 

rilh pknourr, A «|>lRj<h<l ]Aiirieai|w by Turner, *Tho l)ort 

ukrt iV«t>*' biu 11 r^fmiwi i>f v^ittiTinu umutiuil in waUt 

aod |itThA|ii> ri( t ifLiilf* triui ca nature . b^it ibJH pictiiro 

tighia toe, o^tvvi'MnltAidin^, On ittv i^<>utnuy, Tumcr'a 

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with ikt Colllom aiiii took U-a irith the rimunoiA Mr. 
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Ulan min«, nod tmly mmwhIood the miv?, UK>(i>ch part of tho 
Miac aerka, Fnucr «ayt tho ooUcctioti oinoLmt* to 130. 

w«lk<^ to N'^Twnvl. TUpi M^flthor ha fit Ibr walking lU prwu 
tlo^ Ui<l ih« Ijc<4e 1 1otl^^ wttK vorr intf-ffi«unff. Kroa bilf 
|qi«t «ix lo aiAo on 1h(T Rtvl. It WftH iioir ten t<f[>r>> HftiiMbd 
came ()^'wii> 1 dA not iLiifTcr hiui Ui (c o«Ikr1. ] fixtpd liiiti id 

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whom lie tiwchoa ils kttom. And n nauiuc, ilut fetdn outof biij 
ti&nilR. 1 wmi Ili« An»t fnmd vhn mikd o» h^tu thiTti. Hi 
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n^p^ l^t*^ atti-^utioa, but vith co pnrpotfcv 1 f(«r, Iitjmtfy 
i;)LTi\-diili]o. YvC lit' mn h« sut^Tv tii> ennui 

iTTy Sttt. - — I VT^tJi in opifiii^n in (hv fortfBooiL em vhidi 
vnohc with Mvtnintr- I vnlkcd tbtin to f^Tlaptoo. nftdiqg 
ByroTk. biji ^iLdiiL^ tlif* Kci^ilA from hocne* I w«it to MnL EUr- 
bnnldV wilh ubwiii 1 [bno-J- ScmW p™pte wrre iben^ and 
viMin^ Mr- Rofli^oo calEct]^ Mw ttartMuld «p&tk>i riii1<<ni|vtu> 
tincly of lj«fd lijron-i luyw pc«tn,* fia htm^ vitbo^tt pooti^, 
htid in birirJhTc vOTuHcAtion- U mAjr bo xk 

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nM tbffin la i\iTviiI (inrdon. vtlwro vn «vru vcrr tnuchi 
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tiab«i?ibcy, of Tnny nre fftvcn vtib crtquUrto hnvivrmnd tmUi,' 
And [ wiM chamKii by thts b^iitv cif Mm BrnDtoi^ llinii£li 

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OMi,— (A botb iwrliimlitn wmiuoj^ a jtwi pvrcatitWM of 
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Hut iht MTCim itn; HI ncniT thiit, bi ipltn of mrkdpmiA 9£^^ t\ 
wiw |[ntillc?i) ikrotigtitmt 

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Vfin niucb k^ntilici] UTi^ bill tbo jiiiMiri^rt r^ ^itr SwoiiiJ Rijntil-j 
\^± iriamfliimt cImHuh fbr WmunRMUir, and dm contMBj 
into which Hnnt *Mnui to bavo tUkn^ orim vitli Ibe meb 
C<n]rta. Hla EiVnrEictT ^nn lbi7 |ii>l)t thn follj of bin coTjivH[«e 
In Jfditfng w«.h KiiMifliH, — nrvl nr«o ihi* innvuoA of ibu Irw 
who haro npUt tbair fof« fir CurtinrTch! and Hunl, will, I ox-] 
pMl, m ciMicairFfnco nttb the (ic«idc4 liootibty of tbo Court,' 
oad lh& «MittlH>[i|XMlliaa oftba Wbiip. fti CujiUiui UaiwcU m| 

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n^ftfai hlg1»ir on tAe poQ ibna Capc&in Mu«r«]L I eOMadar Um 
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thing iT thu ckvtnn M 1 i.iii'fit UfiMoii. t vhk Uo Uu-, IiOw- 
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Irota t b^ crowd Uian ftjiniMELjr with ur^Wi^uUmt uf thdf ftvl- 

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UmutlL Th« iuo4) cvjld u^t c|uit« tvlk»ti -Sir SiiniueJ Aomillj 
Imkp plai^l lit die htMii v( tLt^ ^U, tliuu^h, ikirn liiTv I>9iiig 
«loruJ. lli«5 could ixX o>xnpEiJn. AU th»> liunU-tiiut^ then- 
fii*« Mc«d*d lo iIm iriuiApii ur' to-(Uy, tSo(j||Eli, jl few doffi-blmt 
ribbana vvre &iuif^c>d aiUi tlir lit:lit l>luv taJ LulT uT tlio 
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k«pt tip n fVjrTevporulcfite, ttiuuyfc n^ n cl«o cue. with 
%mv vf my friond*, oeaI t)}oU|-b L hod ocaacd to dctoto oaTuU 
t4; Genoon litcnuitc* I fi^ll a dLiiirc to i^iicw my (jvnoiii oc- 
inaiimnOR J wUhcd nlu to Iri-.i^nmit brilfr Bniuiunirii with 
Khino Mvikprv* and witli portion* of tho Notlicrlafid* 3^at 
tkniyrn. I thtkil uoi dtr«ll OD place*, but oonfiD« XiiJ read' 

Al Fnmkfon I m raj old fHoodJi, at touri ihota cf ihom 
^rtio vcrc tioC from hctnc- 1 fcund thnt my Jcim rclfov ala 
'^tUl, Vttdcn^jL ScblooKT, liftd livtu fri^Etjlcuird Into l^jiuniLiHiu 
'lij il haOtb lunj knr ipinfL Th^'^r U-d. Hni to the iaxr 'tf 
Wl, Attd then to f bo lU-muLb Chutvb ju nn luylufiu Hi* broth 
tr wa» ootTtortcd At Heme* aind then mikdc « ['roMUlc of hint. 
;!nHiy ■cfit ttit)i;glil u«. lijo, Ijj' WrniiTr, Frt'Jcrii:k Srhl<»yd. ' 
[And the nwuutio aebwd of patl* luid artwtt. Of t^uc-thi:. i 
lomer aaid ^ " H'bbt n Utipcol old %izo his m I lie it \vti 
^wlutx, lie opptwc* liKnMcIf to the ivlijfiiom d^arU tkut prwutttt ' 
UMmif the ymis^ ; tJii<rv^We j(»tko U iivt fltoi^^ htm- Hilt b« ' 

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fCM«dUBM|f,^nflrtiillfhiPlt#3rcllMiiittfnKlian<w.*^H. U. £ 
t WiUtax U IIU. 

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fttoo, *' He U CT|j|x«od to Ibf 4cDx<nl}C i«fiil«?j ^^e.^ 

Oil jVitirtiet '23d I jmrlal from NajiW) oijil ' , ' '<! 

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van not oxjivcUvl^ (iTti vi« *ai>n rvm^i'tuil, Mui mt»l wllk m 
ccp4iiin whicli Ju«titU4 tlio loaij£ lUhl Uti^^iiu^ Jo<in)#v, 11; 
old fVicj^d wi» Uju MJmo m «TVcr. — » iJlllo fooblvr^ vf cMttw 
hirt in rhAfarTrr nrrl hahfUi thr fonrt? AAW^tovtlA, (r^ntvow.' 
bigh'imi>d^*d, mumAl4>i old tnna L kiu-* ytttn n^. With tJii 
nunc c|in(Jc urnaitility tft cvcrytJiwi: p>oil and tinuliful, tin 
fimnu cuiuKul imtHbilftv wtlfamil antftir, hiid llir HiiiriT rtiu;jL:K.j 
piiifcitiimlo tf'tJP, Hfcich niiilfl not fiirt Ti^finii>r]V jv>ni^«l tho lin^\ 
dcrmcsr or Iiul dujr»«rtion. llrv Vint Kiii'K'l t r^tiirHJ thu »jn< 
tiiMpitaUc «ikI friend ty jctmi;, — ^?tlli^utivi.r Ij< bn liiubwufi 
^enl*. nud mcM. azitiniiE rn m«k# top nmiftn^blp- Th#r» mm 
Q Qpw Tn*mbcr c^ ihn Iltinily, — a Ui^-, lloniftid, -<— a «*««t 
child, dcli«Al<'1y frxtij^l, %-Ihi di^I puiiij;. Tlit* Ant kiKxIioci' 
fttv grvotiikfiv i*nt< Hi-un^-l>' (itv-t, nud we u<re lu (be T«fy 
ef tvcjflcdng hr-v I ct^nld he hn^L^hi to t^ i3iarif»» Ibe Ui 

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JAVpd tt weivi(^ hiiN, und t witq £l»d too Thirt#pn yun b^I 
h* «iui a t<oy, [lovr ho bad }>i'<^in» a kiw Touit^ man, tril 
£erc« Oil n|T[rcanuicc u ft taiifonK, whiitkon^ ukd laivl 
£|ti^ : Itiit, in tjiitr of tlie««, » ^uull» croftUmb uid ftiU 

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nocMiM. Wbd<* nt Kni^txrlX thu I'mwn Princn c4 Wda 
CAlLod <>& birLi, nvtct wdh (xnrtivMH t^ vtiCr «o Uwt it wm tttoiua' 
bmt un DiL< t>7 tali <qi biiti lUid iko«F>l ui iuvitJitioil tQ tllM 
nl Ctrurt, wMdi ] db) iwiiw, i>ii tbi^ ftnpi ixauRoii. 1 
(-l^niwd by ib« ^hhAilvrliL^ii, Vkmuk KoitiiaM^ who inuodi 
fi>c t4> lhi] CIrfcnd I>iicbcHH. KiiixinIu] vu ah ok^cun «»<ulier-j 
poet. nutlv-T' t*r «i*u>i uomodlo* fnMii Tr^viioc^ AClcd in 
itfki^r tliR Komnii fhidilnm. rrln<w PiuiV ths nvmirl ■on fiT 
Khi^vf Bav^mo, ww kUu> iv TMrtcr. Tberv ici|fbt havv btcu 
tbirty M iMct ittdudiu^ Goctboa con. Un our rvtknt to tbo 
4niwUv'iooia, ] «v introduced to tU* (?rovii rtiocmi Asd 

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4mLud I took puiu t^ Iw TindL<ntoorl Irif hi-r in (nTniuin&d 
E^^iik J nmboiii^J the ruuitmnliei of iLr Kutdifeli Juwvr 
w»lo««rdii bcr brolbn, ihe luu^jctior AJcKftudtr, tuul ct' 
litHBd 4 fcdT letd itjuU ihrii^ idHntlLl lictoT bvT fhub tt vuii Id 
ft|lroil Sbr mill xha EiofMvcir w&< pcrfoHljr mtitiied, nnrj 

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^««it Sbc milod uttl niit "Vau tfdr^ vk/" (Th>t w^M U 

I mil coU«t not of Iho virttltf b]^ the Gmnd Djoliow. and 

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^^ if Jmio, of which 1 vild Ed^LiikI whs ««(I mrid-iiit^l {not 

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ftHM 1ft f^v T U B ittaWp %**/** ,^nnri«»* r^fntix^ t^«i- av-t ^nuv^ *Dtiv 
T*i i>f ewuM tu ruvor avnr tMtcartipmtmi villi inaiiir r ar nntnt 

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Pijui acnke perfmnnJ, and on ray Mtiiis *^ ^o," idie MJii «lioj 
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(Suudaj). 1 hfSN-rditigl V WL-tsi- The Huauui bngVA^e 1 
xtry soAi and like lulkn. Bui I «r^m i^tiihir of nn An 
in not ateying Job;, irlkidi tlic rrincvH nuiiccd nc» day 
dJoDCT. >'^' Bkid abo liud orrWrixl Boine mttuc to bu jil&rcd ual 
puneac for tac. She leciiK^l UD mtoUiKcat w<lluu^ ii>d«ibd,j 
Haul hrr children have bccii. nlic wwi frammA/ nith kDowlodfc. 

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A mnoimJ tutjo rb Sijiiday, uuj vu mlrodixnl to thv Urwl« 
Ditkc. He Talk«i frcwiy and bluntly- tic eiprcmd hia tfia- 
ii.pprc>bfttuui of tiic Kji^liUi oTJFtcjii *if junvprodoiiuv. which' 
idJovod Ikvym to InrH for tnoAthi kt m liiike^ " liV< do liot 
ptTinTt thiU." J otid, *^ ^Vhcti the doctor i« ^beu-ul, tbc p«tkiit 
reiMVcnw" A bod joke n^ better tkui ixini«dfct>OP ; bcaidcat. 
bit vw rijithL 

Tho iQtinMUj m which th« Urofid Diik« bad lixfd all bifl' 
Life wiiJi C^icthc, aitd tlia ertvt ;>ocl's t««tiiDCinj ti^ Lia obane-j 
tfr, — BOt itrrlrimrv milii^v, — uibiV mrr tlmt \i^ rniMt tini*' 
Leon An uxtTMird luiii^ ulul Oi> llie vbotc, tbu Tiait t^ Wt-i 
nar did not ndd to toy iirvpowMwna iu Ttn Aivcn-t Tbv ab-l 
mie«r ttt (rivtiha waa a VUa nncblik^ cMibl uipfilj'. 

I vent tA ibo thjHittVh — no loiiii4r what H wits «»dvr tho 
najiaffoonoiil i^if trortlic and Stiiallcr. Jnizrtmnnm, thtu tlio 
fkroriu of tliv <<miMl ni<kr> auh ^tl thm ilttiu lamomr (kt ; hn-, 
Tat* biKl InffL all [irHnaiit^i, oiid va« it<«tltule cf vtLrtvuioc. 
Sbc pcrfi^mi'Tdt iffUb^iit rffKt, tlia part of Sapu^Oi in Urill- 
imrvt\ dim^ii>«ib1« lnw\-<]j< 1/ Umt iiai»& V1adnnu4vnD' 
Bcfk liliyAl IM* liJivt^ iu>1 iho »c«no In which tlio liwafM 
bcr Jutican UatOi and f^unvd tJiO Love of PhAi>&. wii« U>« nolj- 
ofkc tbatalfWtod mt, I «at jiart <if the i^vcuii:^ latth M«m-j 

vff hit *— m iif— #1* M<*«in, b» n^iffH r*J» Ir puiliHtf . nwU «'#at ^ 

'^ Wbea 4a tntty ^tiA Hvur*4 Ibv imb1>«1 iai|tp«al*iie« of V*lnur. «n4 
<IkI«t<i1 ii. i-Tf^t-Av M U ■ pitrt vf 1^ RhtnUh I, ii^i, wu Mvofelit ikwn 

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foAni I -.ihA(i.l*>>tjrtiL «EKiB««ttHRybaa7,<0lH4 



I mi tt> Tirfiiilli, tbft fonijcr tvclcncc of the bowa^^ 
Dirt^' ^r^-^f'n, slicrd .Siiuhl * h<t« hi* cAt«HiitimRm. ^Dtl 
M* 'tern 1 cAllrd oa wa* Jtcrr wa KmnigiJcil. thr 

a w i i n ru^t I > ijiciil 1i u«bfti»d vf mr old ttCi|iuuat«Dcv^ MndNtmr 

Wli'kVkhUtj, Uio m<«l dflliKhtfiU ftpot m lh« arvkborlioccl 

i^JfOi. This lion been IiJuubt for i l.OOQ hv Uie Orand 

i^iiaM. Horcli^Miv?! nrr ihm-, afid I was iritrMui^ to 

*• PrueSBtQi^ — raoro cbtldrcn y<rt ; biil it w |[>iqin4ii^ bow 

*Bon tiMf liiTC AoquiiMl a aciuc of their d^i^iijv TlicR' cUI- 

dr«B afr mvT-rnunsiod ; Ibev leutn nil ih« u^li^ni'rfl nnd li^n- 

CUft|*«t kiid ftra ra daDfivr uT JoaJttfi nil EicrHona] clinnf ter fttid 

^<>'Wer «if tjbwvht in the profuMon of kovxiltduo ihity poe- 

^<*4m. TUis Ift fKnr the IkibiuiE amnitjf iJie prirjon <^ Iter' 

J m (McAlMaha vmIow. Tho dd Udy Kiuw me m & ido> 
'^v^iii, Aiid utflUntl) 1«ituEJ ji'Kiov. — aud alio )iu(j|hacO I imv 

^*>»ii# to j»y a riril to K '■ t l*rt«irr.f™>m. 

^^ lU b«t few dft;** M JciM Afrfv «ff«>t aJdiwC 0JOM with 
^^%)iwcL lid IvM me uT IVinkihi'a dtAlh, wLivh wni^ W taid, 
^"^i^tAJ, ^Viebnd airvur TcKT hiHdi4-MT])iiii<Morgixtd-liiiiDur; 
^*^, Uit « Frv houtm tiv^ix^ JiU (I*hth> ItiifLfig nutieled oil uMiog 
^ s ^ftfictor'a |4m(Ti]jt»xi, " 1 m-ic," wh\ }n', ^it ts muob thr 
lib mr lift uid llw iluctur** lAtiUi (JiiTjr An bul!i ul 
iriad/' Hv «sw ill Ifiit A ne#k, Rod died of itn iikllj^niA' 

&ly tut lUy Bt Ji-nft via npait mA witlio^t jilcanira. It wu 

»»tf fif QiiimtnTVfrt*^ ram : I wM mil. th»'iyfi.frv. (&ke n walk 

lib Knn, M I hod ittt4*ndal, ■" I rvirvuimd (ho wHcJe d«y 

"^Sithrn dourx, dkhtlin^ willi mv friend Kiid<l W\- looked 

■^iT«r boakM^d |»»p*f«. KiipW i»i]ji;lit fut M8S. ^jf (iw i.-mit 

^wvtJk CrtKllK. Wichnd, and H^rdor lor ftiv. mieI UlkMl tnmh 

%dioi]t bm ufltly liff. luft opinii-ti*, *i'. A» An^fffhfH (for m- 

%DRnlwmfu> bpgnvi' it>»» fitq^wiUi Rnjibjud '« htod on tt^invVQ 

^im *»}■ tb^ ]>iiulMa« AnDvlU wid ftmr portniitw irt porv^Uln 

mnd iron of li/r (t-i^t LixaE U-miAn poHi. In rrtant. I ^v» 

%iin Wiirtktfortli's ponuiw wbxJi liftd oeuiiivtcd » mtjdi uf our 


■ |*KA««arHnm imm'' t^ tiki* rtuLfliilimom ilip fx^cuHttnicnl mtkivsk, 
L » Ml IhM ptttoim fci ifirVsAluTc mil U»# i*>-f«l «t> - II. C. R. 
« n« t^mmar ««ib vtaa ]L 41 S> had ■ mbvndtniifitfitfift — f4* unfc 


3M iiKMi!<r<JO'K«CK» nv tIKxiEV rxxl^n icmiixm>x liiBif. 

On tbe OUi of Sep««nh«T. I left isy fH«U'l Kii'-t>^ with 
it>«, l^r I onuM »ot «xp«cc t^ m<« hiin rriuei* tii>4 1 )o>v«d li 
ftboTo enty HvrmAn. KIm nwnorr i« ii(*r to mo. I «» 
t4a«0, nut i» liixb ffJtrit^ to WrnnMr, wIhw 1 «1t>ptt and* 
tlwi IOih vr. o<il iit K ili]j/<*fw fJiiVftnlt Fn&kfVirt. I *pcM 
Ultli* titiM wUli Kih^I.^jIh juiib ftl Krfiirtli, vlir^v ha i* Ha 
I liftdjo apijaJ lhiv<^ itijf^jU 9(1 llhr rwtdt rvjir:hiii|C 
ftt 4 &. lu ou tlio 13Uk A Qww ■ariwviP jnjn>«j I «s 

i uptttt my tjmo nc FntakfM olrMst mtiivly vidi mj 
«f tliv Aldtiicrt conivwutqi, and the iWnUQa &«ailj ntd 

^•rrHtW J^KA. — Wbctt I mot CbmiiiUi BrcacjuiD ha 
bftmnod me by kiwifiv mc, with all oumanl tnnHt* of . 
nhlp' Aftor Imthv ^i^ ct'-iamr^ Jbf iomc ^sth bi [Sulini&bi, 
dftMilbi^ in phikiviphf nsd nutlufiuitia, and njcriiti^ mcdi* 
cIdo iiekI Inv, bo it now nbomt to boeMHO ft pncvt. la a 1t« 
voHr, he fi6H tlint ho h\'\ Iwcn. bj Ood^i prvTidmct^ Ivou^bi 
tfi nfie ttmi rk>Jiflinn aiano isui |^» rvniifHrl lu inftii* ** 1 VM,* 
Mid hQ, "tini led U' ihm liT a««in>:vbtt fmh «ui do m 
BMkin^ lom xovd- I «iv) lod to luKfW my <>wa vonli 
Kacur« oiifinal ia me sonit^whMt of hvr rrJaUau b> G\id, I m 
voEidprtVt! |ihiTiiom#eiL — minKlAn ' " — ^ Do voi] mvui,* mM 
I, "aocb miniclot no ibe SL^nptum iipc«)i of I — " Vt** nkl 
L<*> "^r Ihr miiir itnd^ I Imd not i1m> UMmooo to mitk biJu 
nf vhiir kind lli4>T wrr, hnt nuvw-Tj- tn\d, I hid oftcvi vkhMl 
in my youth to «ix^ fL mtmcla, m ordor to Mt 4a cb(L to all 
ftirthn' dwibt nftd «p(vtLlftt>on. Droot««>o t&oD taflucd 
odJy. TJiiit hi» in a d^i'iviT. iir pJ*yi»ij.' =1 inrt 1 Ain fjir 
vuvjiectin^. Hioi ho hru & vtodc hiiea-t «-iili gt^aI po^cn of 
intttttoctr I h«T(? loiw knovn. But I v^.k% i^l pnjArvd foTBocli 
$1 ohAO^ In tt^Irty h<s i\ bvv rivr> itniirvn^ ; }iu ia uom qoivt* 
and mthnru^lLriurjii V> |il><<uin thiLn lo nhfaft ; hut lij« wild lt>l* 
ion fikcr. 4iEh fJ! tu ruruAlnn fcrooty, rcmuM. 

Acffi.* — The HivntuM cirdo wa« otianilod by the iiTtiOiiiC 
nt Sftviicny and hiit wife. Ho w«a alnwly* ffrntt >iiebH thiuuilt 
not iLmTHi ni thomnk hPAAvrvardnatuunod. Jt w jirvoiu-k^ 
kble cuvaimitAoocv thni vbcn 1 bT^-T- r- T . ^ i K to 
him in UcHlo. —he bvina: n^w An r- ^Llru 

bvrJi ou hill htt^nry pniwuitc, and v^-iu-i iiwin i^thmu lifr, 
whkli m Kti bU wpocint pn»vin««, — both ha A&d I luid 1br< 
fottiaa our few inicrviov* iu liiia yisur (Idl'^^ *^ ivuj thou^r 



SHLLnta — BI-4T or wielako. 


ikt 9t Wl opi awn c<u:h utfci't miKC I lelt (J«niuuij ui tbcf 

Mv cn>n« lf<l n>t^ to lWt^i-l{ad«n' It is nxni^ fcr mo t9 

drLi^d, uii kftd Ivr uijk' tft«iA( tluriv^; ibe «aik " 8(Mns> out 
W itc Wori** r,f Spiriii," bv Hpniy .Stilling (or Jimffk The 

«M It tModciil uji tiie usuuijiti^ti tfijit rrtry vim «ud gboat 
<on k Co W Uikrii %s Mukntit.hU inw. Hp hu Boac^v ^ 
Artffi ia Kd^juiiI ii» c4«i>«h«r«. Having Iim«i rvproMhod 
** « ^oAlkt W iic«im m1] tinWivTm to ciMMukr hi« uJos ds 

ikrrrvAtknM, — ISetv* bik« li-iiii; ii«rT»lirf« uf wslvium ^wuril 

<b ^nv*^i iiti ^roht r-r-nilhriK f^f^-* 'if' ^i ^_Yi>-«itnMM and Aiuli- 

' ' UiOA UtUf i»«4i lEiUrwimK^LOmintcrhEiii.* f^thi* 

^ liiui fruiii ficnocutkoi hWi 4 Hiuiciil ni ^inv^nix^. 

j^^^t U«0kiiit« M tut lirfil o^ hint, i'un'ilw m^mrCeil tlie Hntt 

^^inM iiT bu Aii1"l)*w*pt^^^ l"^' auikio^- out ^11 thtt inah. 

^^^mail Iff tbr**if wIhi Biiifljt fiid Uic »atwi>)iR'nl v^jItuuvk in- 

*"*:J»r»Llc. Stj|llTi)t tt*a l*it^ jik™ <^/ 'tMfrr' <i Jiiii({, 

1 BftMit ftij, Oajr» aL l'nni% nh^rc w^rr JJisa NiWh* Al- All- 

^^lewB* *<. Tli« ouljr ul^vct of (pnul iiiim^t wwi Hadenwu- 

^^tfUe ManL '- .StK' a IIkW reivmbtni Ujh Mi<]Joii f wkni vJio 

T?iglinr DiT l«d^3'." I diLL n*^ fortvtv tlwLt 1 v&s writia^ of 
^1 natm dutlitaft. 

yaivȣrr ^^. ^ Tlu Uoll cftUod, His visit fi^ve mf paiu* 

of |ia]tticiui, *A(T a:k many v<af«' |jAUi«. An c4d 

aT poTsrtv vil W kin |Mrlion. 

/*f<icai6tr >1J. — I Iduicht al Dviv C<ruH, $L Msrtiu*s Iaim*. 

H DDsrUa bu<£ of Widlaoil hy Scludm, flnr ton ifiimoivK. FUlX' 

i«rofin«i| mo r/ tti!4 )>iJ4t I xinif tk/i^i, lla atva it la sn 

rOent jitaii, wbicli bo ^-f\M \\»yt liou^t hiiLi*?{C hsil he 

4 room in fUH k hu V am ilrllt*huvt vith n\v pnn'hHB^i 

b ■ TMV Mroo^ Uhact«Mtf and in ft *t>U uf gi«>t winplioity* 

hi^ rt onxii>1 with ft niji^ '»*iit.'h i* •■^wW diHiii^u»h«<d 

Uiu diuU \ry lv*ti tsHts i-n>wiiu: llw \\iml ; (fm Inir ciirts 

tirinv \hi' c«p, and dir );i*Jir| «1'>o|a a ^«irv Itltlc. with 


tba iiffbt nth^r dov-iiirordL fht fonh9*>d Ui'l tetapin art 
etqnuiiteCv wt^j;:h% And the drapcty ts plfMo^y fokwd. It 
is Linwruugbl ni iht niilfti, iu each nf trhlcb U a oiiuuv upmo^ 
HftTtng tkiB ttio ohgctf ooiwUiitlj U-(brv tn» vlU genmi« 4 
loTft ibr seulptarei* 
Ihcrmhrr ^A. — I dined vitb John Collier. uii1 in tlic ev«o- 

illjf; &l\cr Ukici^ tm vilh .\iviB IahiIs komiD|iBainl \atr to 
Covcnt 4Jflirden. Wc uv "Thv biv«ilH,"uid K4rT«i» Ibr Uit 
fint timOi UiQ hiM tbratricAt tjro Uiat boe wpc«itd- Uift ^ 
AKtbonx ALcKiltJUf uipvw) W mc dtfLi(;ktfii. il« i» a }ou^ 
pun, I Am tjiJiL ^frC Ji* wi« 10 cUkiiUm by pUut^ vrinkkM^ 
Aod A fact tMi iiptn «iad« ap i>v iwt, that I cankl hMiUr 
vreibt tbtT roporL Tli« oonttoqurucc of & nucnifftotiLrrd covn- 
tfluniic^ atiil cxiitiliiuii^ luinaiunti nltiiiiiUn ih. thil lhi> hcut 
ha* li li*ri) Aiid tnlWittio mnMitt*T. l^tou~« A*^rv>, ItH^tt^Ter, 

uifb&bloi flttd DOQO (Le wiw for Mtag vna Uitic^iiM amJ 

Jfm.^—^ Mj jouTiuJ TtOQliotin Fftmo unkaadtuLTAblocofQie 
(wtor, 0ftWtB*Dlj-ftve<irl»^«ity mi jtfiw old. Ttin iilubI bofc 
mlttitke- He Is nuk wiim ikut« atdI a|>ftvvTtEJy h tvr> nld uao. 

iMvnVr ifiVA. — I diiti^ «ilb Strj^m hloKt^tt. No 0B« 
Httli km lut Me&h t^ixikvVli AuJ A iKfilttw of iW S«rf:c«ni'<, ft 
Mr timc^ n iLfivluujt, vtio iv&da OiTuau, «ui| hfipnr* Ui Im 
ail uiUltif^^nt. AeiisibTi^ iriAn, hnviTi^ n crktrkvit/ f^r ti«viiftll 
pbilcwjphy u ntill as l^prrtihti jXH^rr. 1 rv«d « uumlMr of 
tbin^ bj Ooctbc ai*3 othiT^ t<.i ttb< St^ryi^kaii al*ti bii» lUrvadf 
mftde grail ji'lviUK^n iu tbc Ihii^'iihi^hv i^nd lui nli«U tb*» bcal 
pootrr. Urottf ba« bom>v«'l lu>uk< vif n*. 

JlTm.}- TbiB T<fir I bvL^ono a ''hartiiLtar ut ftvc yCan* 
HiatiJijij.'," nn vi\)tvt»ivii Uiut kiJt» Iwoiac nlnxut ndx^uJtiui* 
ti^itu^ the i^iiiitiri'^uiiitii riHjMlr^Li for nianr crfflpcA lij v^t* ot 
ffrriiauHyni, wbilu il if^ uo& n-iiittt tt<iit mnay sucb barrwi<!T« juv 
ill (|«ifiIilW fvr uur (itlki!, I «a« iiv ciccptioOHCcnainlT,atAuj 
tiiJiit I'f iijy litf. limij); imiiT u bumfii buyrr or B akilfid ndti> 
t^ti>, an^t yul m thth nay t&flh xfa^ I aitdjiml aoipr rv^ltaUaii j 
Olid of <biH yr^r 1 luhiv »oi»o auoctlolM to rebiM of mriclf aiul 
EjUun^ lujI' jjutiilvrv«tui^ Uf tboao «ku> Bkaj care for ise or fur 

TbcTC vu but ft& iufijiiuficaat iDcnaatt of Im, frocn £ 419 

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t yfrbtm bt 1«L t VniUa ii Mil. 





li \W 1« £ idtl diuuv thi« 5«itr j but Uim littlo pnwtieo 
Wfit u* ittto uuiui0c43oa vit^ mpcrior xn«B, uv4 into wapir 

T.f nnfjtniv. 1 liad jui »naft] in thvCouoci) Cbhnb«r« from 

lU«rttl^. I biivL- for^i»lTfb (^ (Wcln. and I rvfcr to the oao 

ncnK t40M9o it iitiiini .^ir Sntnanrii ptvrfiML He rvaJ ftrmr 

^ nruiiUd RUi^iivnti in tbc ina«t iioimpruuvu miLnii^, thit 

'UAlw CicUa Adding ik^^^rcHT mi ol«crntlk>it nf hLd Oiwn. 1 

'Ul««Bi) ftt aiMAit lMi)^t, iHtc L^'cijjfrnhcudin^ ihf tuMme tAWt*a 

i*X Bij- taottUot ImJ^, «nii l(u.Ddn-br,* ciy clioul, miH «i»1i)f^<*il 

■i^ajureuanrrni. J pleodod before }*;> W. Gm&t,S^ WiUtiun 

^^<VMtt Ac^ llbft, ■AvnrardA Chonovtlor of Inlnuil. &ml L:<vHl 

'*'m*IVthAmpowlk>TiU. Th*«j Sir SnmniO RathiII; r^iilitd ia 

* ^KMt iiMteriy Qaana*^- J novur htunlft moT« liiiuinuiw kftd 

^^^'^w^ ftr£Um««kt< lln vent i^rcr O^o grotmd I bul trod, but 

J. Knnvklj- kni^v Bij own nn^iinimiii. aa inipruiml were ilxy. 

^ '^ ' ritood Uurt it VM ^r >kmuori pm^tici;, wht-ti hu boiJ tho 

(o 0{«Vt ilia fAH* in tltLi^ wnr. niifl imt i^vcii to rcvut the 

Mf Wor* h9 vent to oourt, kfinwio^ thut Tiiii Jnnior &EirI «l- 

would icIto Ltm tuao enough to become mnoer of tha 

mtul mtIUv kU juvnincstt. 

tm* moro «r»lie thAJi Any I fri'cr iuftd«i ojthor Iwlom or 

; And oitoUiAli^I my o^iAfu<>ur an iv ap«nk«r ; kickflj k re- 

in>([ no luw. 1 iljiiti^'liiofit ftftcrvurd^ 4i[H»itififitcftion,«kiul 

giw iin Bo^HJiit nr ihjf cMft hftTD <it w\ll 1)^ clw oa^f ono 

ibosQ lUuiiniiiKncii*), pirtlr hocikiiflo il will mv^lv^ ei^fOD 

Ui>(M of ipo«ak|ii-ci itiufijilj. h wft* u (kfeucv id « i^ni 

•m aetktn tar pfnk]liiu fnr nMiry to Uip nninimr of i!^.it4CiLt 

^My ftttorrwy v<lr a «lrui^;«r. Ho tiA^t oHJtrvd tii* bntif tn 

^<iJ«fi»ctoci> vho cicdliicil it tV«m • ounwicumMw of itmbdity to 

viycAkt «iiil roco«iiiJBiH]«l lae. Tbu iikmrifTv ukitn^tt bibl rt- 

^wtrtod oij cli«ikt lo Uod bltn money, vhich, it in vtnrnl ^Ny 

"tat iUDic^o witaott, IkO consMiiirf^l to do oa ibitt |iAyWBt oT £ ^('. 

A luurtiMfD 4ijKf BiH) |iLit ^i) ; juliI oii eJim thocfiM rxM. The 

* llwi4M4ir VIA t «>1J^EUf. tikr ntainwt iif %nL*rnrr^ vKn illU llvm. ITf^ nuir- 
fl*4^^U^C*r if Cm;|«, A «aititr> iriuii t!c lu* brvEi Jebl thitV VTnrii, 

ILC R,. liKM. 
I A 4^ ^**' *'^*IT i' w *eli(*ii 1irviLt[ht liv flti Inf-mwr foi- iiRAHirt uf 
M * JtfV^iM >■ fin tD ;bB InftiicHr kr 


dvtuxoM wiu 1 iiin[>lc one It oMtld Ytv onU ia *boiriQc f] 
ttw mtijnu coulil niit ■■Jrlj' Iw fiilwd ttix ; uiil lh^» I did in 
ttny thjic prudurM ippUiiw fhwi the iiisdiMKr, » Anmpl^ 
firo4n thojiid^> Mvd n vcnbc4 im my fvvnr Nor, vlut 1 Id 
bftok ui^ija with pUaAuro in. tLht ] |pun*d tJu« tordjcft. i 
fftiHr And hy aci miiiiiUiUnii^ui* I nUi put doTH tticmi d 
•ktiont paitkUL of my ipeoeh, <rf' wbioh I faar* a dutinct roooU 

J btRan : " GnnLlcinon, I bnvo often tboflybt ibil juHm. 
cnnh^t^ntioiiK men. t^nuoxu lo do jimtioe, mact be dtstroavd 
pcrc^vTrnj; that tbcy are tuikd upon U> decide a com m n 
iskiiofect cvidnfci.\ irher«^ 6tMo IJkt a«tan><if the coh^ tli«j<i 
naly jpicu wh»l. the triiUi tii«y Ihp, luwiiigaiilyciiifaidB- T1 
lA 0*10 <ir thow CMot. There mu Iw m^ doabt thM my 
lent iL Hum of ni'^ncv to thjxt duul huom Attonkey, irhm T 
liAVf M^m iu tluit l>fji . uid tivkt uum hui tUouglit pmiirr 
toll jon ihut, m order to ohtaio tltiit ludo, ^ «r&< forood 
ffivo £ 20, Now, tbin wa« n tnaksmdloo botirocm these pcnoi 
«ud I c«anot jKivjkiljl/ contradict Llin. Tor^vcrc I to reftd yi 
mv hrW, nr tcli \ou vhut niy rlimt fayif of trmne ^i^ajiag 
tau, I nhouM t<c rvpric-i^ by bb Lordahifi, ukJ uwiu* iho n 
cdle cf uy komod Irii^uds amund uk ; Iimiuim!, vhaC Ui« poi 
m th* tniiup itnyB i< nnt tviden™.* HiU i> » hardKhi|\ linit 
it tlic kv : imd ) Tciar to it no», not loMEMun) the Inv^ ^ii 
wpJd bo E»dccoTOiu, liut tt> dniv roiir Altontioci lo Ihii tni] 
tmfrartHnt coiiHeqiie^rf, ihAT. Hinm vnii AT* Mmpvlbvl tA be 
Um wittiau. oqo furry lUaikr. — «nd w iic4 At libvrly 
hdor the ^ther party, id « trvnw^lioci hcCii««ii Ihcm oitd iw 
other. yoQ liAro tho thily iiD[KJ«rd on fan cloM-ly to oiaint 
vbftt t^t TicnoM hoA Kud, mnd oak yourvetvM thu ^ne*tk 
vhcthoT lueh a inattincnt ui bo ha* thou^bt |pVQpcr to nol 
knowiitx iLaI ho ni«y iiv«fLr lUiidy vilh B^ty (lor he am oev 
In? ™:»ir»dirmJ)- nuttf Im omdilni la ymi- 

" U«&t)cmoiL At tho dATOA timr ehAt I Aco not in a oondiii 
todony mhak thAt nuii La* uiid, I ndd, vUh tbr iikiAt niti 
conddeifecc, thAt it t* b]i|AioHible fjr you, iriiEiiE nn^lpr tin 
rule* Hhicb Hood iwiw loid oonwiervc lOiko dtMAto, to 
otbOT tiinn by yiiiLr vi^rdlcC dcd«rv iJiAt jvin cno&ot, in U 
cavejatiAlly cruniuAJ ouo, cockvi<Jt the Oel^iHAiit <m ibo ( 
DurnjlwrATvil tfwtitniiny of Ihat ihifflp irittmiL" 

1 ttion puiiii-jdLj itotcd thAt, th'Hj^ in Sum Aa AeUoa, ft] 
VAA in •ub«tAae« a oruaioAl ««a*. And lo be incA by tliA ru 


TflK COtTTtfSKtXOR'ft hkU. 


«brwd i& a o^tniakl court ; an^ Oial, unlfip tbo,v liml b Mr 

Mo 10 ft jail or m wvrkhooM for lh« rc«t of bin dftpi in onlcr 
btariih Ur. Motu (liia CDwuinQ inlWiiKr, if bo h«d Itickjlv & 
^ «n>r) ftuil rhiT Tnsuiify. And 1 fJnlp^l m^vU to $hnw 
tMia thaouD v«rc cooibiiinl alJ iniMgitiftb1oTmMnftftrfb»- 
■rui. » ju to rtifedcr it inandlr iMpoMdUe, ulintoftr tb^ bet 
uifU be, io i^Te h TvrdJGt for the ^ni iatn \iU\iutift. 

1iii« nuxMBlTflly uitmtiutcrl on the iptf^'nd topkavhtch 

lit «vc kuppliv-d. — Dti th« favces thoC ttx? innjfk i*iCi}CM vm 

^pluntlfl'*iovti ftitcmcr, — «ji tiumiiJicjtlcd liAnkntpC vbo 

■** vtibiii ihn rtJm uf llir Kitik'* B«ich Pnnnti ; thftt ho 

^^Ott Ji*Tti tJutt mcffiLiiii,' frDdi iH^itdod in tho cuvtod^ of n 

^Mff'* oAocET, UiiKiffh. i«bcn ukcd nhcnc be came 5nm, ho 

*' int nud IhiCB h^iuc. luTing bcfhrv «(iid be niu jut nltomoj 

** LpoL Apd t hjHl bud a imp for him, nnd Icfi him to lajr 

y^ ?]pr«ted od p^rt cf Uic pcuhlty. Thu J rtri^rcvaitod to bo 

''^vToiUe; And I uryrd nith tan^citnrH tiic dnxiffer to bo- 

?■*!? rf mvh m pxai BTre nf tii<naaity to \k brtirjai bntujac 

j^^mnd t9 iako on mth Tor vhiob b« could not bo rail«4i to 

T^ennit brr^ Anil 1 tklitTtlrd v> irccnt c«h*c* la vbicb clhcr 

tha kaovn Cfuvn of perjnn^ Tor hlood■m□lu^T. At I bUTO 

i|}r uid, I tnt down with applaiixf* which W4* rcn««&d 

ru ibv tmlkt f(>r ibc dcfrikiuit wta [irnniiiUErtol Thf^ iiion 

hnri 1*0 ^ipiAfd ^rn ntn winethiiig In <fo nftfrvKnli im bin 

ftroovtat ; aod, lucvo tbtui once, ottoraeyi, no* dicntB, in 

^«iajj:ing a>« n bt^J* itlludf-J tLi tiun ct^K. But ihc povrtr cif 

^nakia^ MiKh a tfHrrh 4b«H nut n^iiirc i\u: uHenin Diwt vwcu- 

^lal t« ib« bttiriii^, — Drmff of ittivb did I, in iuirt^ ficMMK. 

la tlivr (fiHiii; Tpran nf thin yev. (liifDuf.* itjc Kit^a CVnm 

«I^i ckfk, ImM^t lar a tnu. for which 1 finacntcd hiai vitb 

a ^litMMu 'Tkh «iU(oin U nov <ibvikcc. miij tht^rvf^iri^ 1 njrtituiri 

IL It vaA ftirmrrtv tbo vti^Ufftto of the bftr tbut ll"Q<^ liut 

SnvaantaaiMlKini/iiCoiinMJTOiiMaifTTAbiu- in Wntmnutcr 

Krill, Till vtfiir Kirt/* Somite] j>n.<sL-nIi-H| bliii nilh uiio, Ivm- 
v%>-r Iftiy^' llw jUH^T f th»t i*. •tHff-g'JWiiodj boiriiitur'ir biumrsH 
mackt bft, lu> viu icimcd to aurr hii pitpcr« m bin hiuiit It 
^u <tai^erwd tlui Iw who <jirncd a bng wob ti riding mm. 

At tb« lb)lo«tii^ liurj AMnvi I w iMjuvi-rnnl in a ckm oo 
«tb«rviiO wortli cioiicinK tbao a« it gav« tvouJco) lo good u- 
fcTcd joktac. t dcfcttdcd Uidle^i tho talbn-cbtuidlor, in an 

400 K)iiK»cEXC&t or iiesnv ouki covuisox. {CMAtk 

wiioci ao^ttkfc him for « aamEMe in htilMing a dbUDOi 
S^ll Lmm^ The ch:«f wiiniM* for pliuntilf v«k 
(fntbcT of tbu ureMQt Bia1ji>p of LcTit(i(>n ).* Hf^ b««l 
h^ wan * frbctorniAJiutr, and Ine plRintHT and cln&atbuxr 
f«D4«nt'a corniMd hod nil bMo kis puptU. Wlwe I 
«roafr«Gftaiinc liiib, CL J, j>iifLM IciimU over, liUd m Mi Audil 
wlibpor loiidi " NipVh Mr. lUrbaLKjQ. ju» nmjr Iniv ygur 

tmd tajttii, And J u^^t a verdict in & VOT7 douMul 
•irtittc tliAl. tf ft ttUJianoft it must bo n ipcnffft] cvul 
■u^ijcrE <jf sn ladic?unF>iU Aftiirwud% on ma ii 
ctHtUndCKl llmt tlin ivm«dT ww bv autiunt if it udM 
ftncj>, and iji tlii« I filled. 

Itcfbcv lliPCMBiunur jImkum E dined wiili C, J. QJibn. 
of th« circuit wnro «ilb tnn. Sotno ports of biB amxt 
1 Uionffbt tforth puttinjr down, Uk^ikIi not TCfv ^fronbk 
the tiiuc, M it «iui mojtUpihth- dida^ic, ft^d roj lik« 
tnlorviUi ha piifitc, Br upokn with gnmt lammtaiiai 
tho "T«rm Rcfiorts." f «htdt bo eaatidorcd a* n^noim- 
profraaion in Iti? puhliaition of ha«ty docnionii, «j>oaj 
ftl Nnt PriiiH, n»d tti^vl tktv iiwoMfin if mhijb^ 
on pniuriplo. On i»r fwu na fc ing ntt nm froat ftnM 
hy men «ho woro oQiiaondj d«lvc9(cit« hm voa iwJk»&iio 
to nak for u bcLAuo<T. I uAUDod Grtkiae, }\t mm nut 
to liAVif AEi iipitominity of mnrfwring hU ofiimior <tf 
vliicb oi>Ldd not t4> liitcb. H» rtnivteed nn tbnluiM'« 
bll in kgftJ feputAiioQ, " Hod he beoti wdt-afnxiEKlod, ho 
not liftre Ulciu" 

This amu Hav. rtn my upnakinfic of lb* uknU rf-.inind 
fta^poninifKiidrcplir-. bo ukid thM Uio l^ordCbnottlkr fEldt 
reprocLcM Sir Jnmra Muufleld hilh ibr pnMi;«r I Latr outii 
in ^ir 8unii(-l Humilly* of liMWlng Mb trjrnnient iVir tb? rei 
vliWh «^ ««priWd ta kxnuMu. Gthl« ^ifttd H«ll, tho CI 
nrr ^vKlLttxtL'r ^ a mrw wht> vw ftJvar* in tlie lisefai * 
4lw«TH ^Yt tbv inul julJiiWion- «n«v«T to ft ijinrslion In fi 
fewnt vonh." 

Ill the viuUir of tbi« jcnr I boftni flr<m flutner Mcno ml 
Blioil &cto nbont fced> vrhkh wiiliiii mbvitt dirfoa ur t«cli 
yran liad men inicrh Jititive vhat twi fivii^iprlr kno«it> Knyi 
ibo ftoUcilor, told l^umu; uuco (kfti bo had U»t (Uy 

t Oiv •( d* t«r>WK •trip- 1^ ivr^vTEtfl U» ruartk 


A joftr, or JEitinx-a^ 


^^r ftatmi^ Tlime vrrt od tho lUllir CTt^rtanrn kiuJ iiuLimaoo 
r rura HiVha <tid not think ttnl Mmkitie tra nuidft mere tlkui 
i<4>, nnd Miitipiy t<4if<n9od tbot ho coly oikco made 
^.'■<4*;m, Hf' iituprTcl that the great foniiiiM inftd« in 
i< 'ijl ti<ili?« W Uwtcn nuvt 1uLr« Evttii indirrcrtlf :k4 tbe 
"■-U.ttttb o^ l|Tc*l IDVO' OttiPTViiKi 1li«v w«TO tuinoci>^jBl«Kto. 
J CMMt bRv jmIiI t^uU hJl tliii IB titd« wiupurcti ititb tbd 
tttft<vu(HU 0uua cf oiv i>Id fclIoir-circuiUvfp Clkduh» Autt&Ot 
*^^ i« nid to \wtvv taada 4ii,iX>0 guipMU b)' pk«dtaig belbrn 

Tbi* ^cftr ther« vere gretit obiuatrai in tlie Uv ooorta. Of 

^^^kAi th«7 cntM liT titlM fvrj tbxbnnu to. ^ r^ J. Abbott 

^^M ^ /dw. Tkr « It of tbu tiiu hnH a pciii|.'«Dl ; lb« bat, ft 

^*^^t»rT>.Ml nxikiiltireiit. It mm ^ijt^fi**!, tttUl J^^kyM, that. 

^^ tiij^baii itDubl o^niv in J-v j'rtKTtj^vjj», 'J'hf* ww Urtt •o 

^^ I oaiMt no4 fvfffM thai, on Aldoliart^ death, biJi booki wn 

*X4 thfi ItMkivllpr'h priciT, [ Uid oiit £ -Ift i« jmruluwinif Pi- 
^^Riwu'<-pnAl> ftiiil other trotflu of att, uiil IumI nuuiy c^allB 
^'iMflii HMD nf taBt« lo too tlwm. 

- TIm PoIliDrv vitit nlKfin 1 ivwd to dhi^ kfl London ^ia 

^^nmr. Tlirir |iU^r vu to itbiiin nirni nifipli^d bj John PaytM 

^^ull^cr.r vho look « honw m bouvorw f^iroet II wo* uot 

^^bfti fiJiurtccti ihftt bo would brcoiEko a tfrcAt ^bk«Hp«rJrui 

«T^ljr> though lie had Rftready he^w, tu ho a wHlor- 

* £lr1b*rv llW^t wih^thf Km of l)r. Vflo^hui «f L«JeiiUrjljcit4hin|nl 

I i, T' 0>1I>H VH4V " IDrhnj <tf Ciutiftli Dwntfiv VotOj to Ui» Tinitf ot 
kBkvvpvn." Itn : " K««i Fiirt4x*|Bi9En; rTta Uf« of SliikEt*|j<iiap«,'' IPSA: 

■lUwv uaJ V7 iiikwpMO u Lb* t'ooiUAElgft of bit UrMu*;' 1*<* 1 «id 


402 KEHUIISGDrCGft OF H13EBT CSABS MflUlftOai (Qur. & 


T-4;rrj^r'4fA-— (Al Bun-,) 1 «^lE«d ou-)j up ton ai>d' 
J k4l with Mr. Cluveoa hm MS, ncoc>TiQtof bii intcrricv with 
ihn EuiiPenir «f Bittbi, al AU'iii"Clia|»Ue, uii tht- unT^Rct el| 

fnm ftitan t^teDU. Th« Emp«ror tulkod of 1h« iJaiU[«n «Dd 
Bitd«Boeactin.of tbodocietva^ust Wikf.4ir«Lkti be 4wcniit*] 
atmI binuir a nkMtitwr, naJ of iIr- vlAT^^tradOn mm cine mq 
liftT* ^^[pctsd ft nligfous cl«rg[rinu would Iuito dooe^ Mr.^ 
CbriEttsci Is Ik tinotvc boHtrvcr in tbc Enpcror^ SBoertej. 

Thouas B. to liUUXKtS R. 

.... Th^ Biuk ftojtf vtTk? ft( aogr bomp lavt Vrirtiv, wlvri 
»# vetv «iit«Ttain4!id, luid mwl Uo^ihr tet«rcM«il. by Mr.Clu^' 
lOB^ Mxcu&t of biB i[it?rvi«w iritk tb^ Emperor of ltu*auft> at 
AU-ladmpeUe- His rax'pticin In' tbc* lucvl pvtreHU ]iAUm< 
tMtii ill OiomL-ri'J wfis <*iTT<'ni*:K' fer^ririiA Th^ Kmperor took 
him meet oonliallT \vy botli hiK litmlH, irvw * cttntr fcr biiA vod 
Knaiher fur liiiawlf; vIil-u iJier «al <ki«ii, in Mr. OWka>a*ft, 
lii/tgQ%*p, ** kiMW to kitn^ dikI Jiiiv to fbrf^" Ttii? [rincip*T 
•ul^^ct ar ihoir <icat«nMl«ciii viUk of <otirai^ lb« abtililivn of] 
lh« ajftr^-trw!*. in »liUh ih< Emptror t«k4« wi Mtraordinarj 
iuU-nfBt. HtLtt HxiuB I/j hv tnu&l tHtueaUv niukiua lo uk Iui 
povetful inctfrc'tft to inJiicv the otW povonol E«n>pcio eoo- , 
4]tu ill ihiH mcriDi^rv. .... 

Hv Emprror. nt Uib tui^ing. |irvfcttac<l llkevitn tU« 

liBcIfto AmrtinMltK, »Ui\ t\H')iv kilh ^tisI fimti^ cif ffri* '>iH] 
cinofrtr, mhiiittth^ lh«t it vwi ulto^tlicr ■' 
fmirit of i'}iH^luii^, kiid uij tlut W dour''; 

tlTeh>^rv< (iM|ifiH' rri^|iK>iii iy>ngT«nm«t L^tirt ^HjnK«tt, «itb< 
o«l bu^n'tc rvcotitiMJ t'> Ibc too common ubitroljcai of Ili« 
S«i>rd. Voil khbir. jXrliApe, tbkt, fur tho puipgov cf Flftdiiiil 
iiHC tJwi WHTlfk« upcritt rfrv/ .Vivi/faVi liKt« bm fomknl boil 
la thttoouAirT nttd in Amoncft. (Wa bATv^KiiftU ocio m tbii 



Ma) Tlie EiQp«rc>r Mnir«d Mr. Cl&rkt'^D UmI Im highly np- 
piWid of tfccm. wd viebrd lo be coosiikrwl m Woajrin^f ti> 

WTrfft o^j cj n li-rt^r. wnltun in Kngliiih hy thn Kmpprnr 
*itbhjd<»vii h&nii, and mcklTMBcdto Ur. Miirwlor, Ui« l^LurnniaJk 
^tinLwdtxi Pcuoi? SotiMVt in whicb he rrpcatn tlMHUnCMD' 
<fi«Mtji in &TW <T fix* jinnrt|ili*n of the nf«c(*lj. It in At My 
'All! ntTMUn fkcnc>ni«r,P<iii ti^ Cud nn »dvoL:At» "f nucii prtnri- 
P^^ m Mtpb u juTSHL 'I'hfrc uru tho«<T wh<> <lmbt IkUi RlllM^- 

^^k« ^vnTj Its Itaiier^v^n siirh An infllvMnn), hi>ir«Trnr MOtl* 
•p«t u Ur, CLirkwii. or Mr, MatvlAii, n stock-brokpf in LoD' 

JvMwrry l^k. — T tfifiiC lliv (by pirtly in rorull^i^ «uii« v>ry 
^e^ed poltlic*! vritUi^ I7 Bv^Adin (^^oiuuiit^ — Oia Aru rmt 
^^r hiB tint T^luOMi Hid pnncLplM Appcor oxoflUat, and tMn 

^|wwr «h8 ditfiiit'i |V>tm ih^ #iiiviiTivf} jtlMM* nu* mncli. Hit 

^onoitlen U>« «M*m<T« tA itt^ in<>nnrch'i cffioe to bo in th* mi- 

^CfiBl«mlitii; errrrtliiiig ni;il d^iiig Dolhing. Ilv co4iUt>lft tbo 

^UgUffltfffv Itv oitiiTikkn^ nnfl clMmivtiin^ tli«4r UMmbllM ; uid 

^ vT^n «r«uln aOii nun JiilnUv iIm» miniitcn. Beinf^ thu« «ofv 

■ntnl 6>»ii tb« fimQtiTD body. — thii nmy W iittdcked, uiii 

rr^ii dpa^niycil <as io cututauUy duuc In EugUod), wUbotiii^ny 

dMrim^nt \'* tlit kuu^ 

f'tf^,* - Hvl Li>'ii« Pllilippe fijK thift, ho mif^t haTO n- 
lod bin throne, but he »c«idd be au aakicnt* wbidi dud Dot 
''Kilt Ow Fn>iivh f«iifiltf t 

Jamwt^y Itltdt. — W« mv ■* Bnitua.* TKi> pUy bu h^ 

It : biU U w>*im iiU?rl,i nit^iuut bttfriay taertt ttiotigli llw 

' I '. Idiift in tb« lint net viin lacm ikl>tc tliivn 

pli'iiaijiK , kJkh bft ■aenjtntfd lb« livro. he tftrntti^i nud nni^Uodi 
til ^'i\ii hiriiariTnft mr K» twwt vai\ A»itn>t^ with ^thivi. It Mu 
iiot idJ tK« doA« of tbf P^«of^ wlwm ho bnd ti> piiat wnE«'n<j(f ou 
KiB ()vii aon. tliat he rMlIf fouiiiJ Ikts wihT 1'^ edt b«orC tbn>ujj;b 
Toy kiaaguuttxiiL HiA i-ipmniou of fdjling^ vma <Wvp tuid lru«. 
RD(I Uie wmfli(*t cf ftTT-^^Uivt Aiid [irinriplA <wdl »niMl oat. An 

• WrllHii h( lOL 

t iLlStA Sm tttf nai^n <)f ihn us ' T«Jfablo iftionn*-*, ttfit U Thii 

vnk An kervfiftt viir- ic^**^ uj^ tt^^ 4«irvr liU p»w«F- April K. [«& 


404 fteMEnSceM:C£ or Bt^\ CluaU SOilXSOfiL [Or 

mudi in oao plav. Tbo act b^' Kbkifa llmtce ovcrtiUM 
TWc|uuiJi KiiH HOC IhiLl of a num vtuj tuit a Ami cAjnbli* (^ 

/V6r^Mar# iAi, — S^yW took lea wfitli tav i «<iii KWQ 
ChnHiv iktid Mui; Luixit OiUiH (o IvA la ni^ prit^lA Aji 
looking tliou OT»c tiffani*^! in* [ili*Mt;ri\ I.-fcrr')' l**cijr>*ai 
Mid fc«lijjj; ; bin (iriiioitub^ luyi n ' r^ 

jo/iBmL fnnu work* ff art ia hu'^ . . v- 

founl tMtut* nhAn v« vi>r>A tlm» itij^h^l. \'-- .--\ 

M»d ftiU-rwi^rcit joinutl tut ut a, rubtiur, vbicK ' iL . 

IM& TnlfiMrd vU)iiJ uU u«ttr oiie, lajkin^ on pcnoikal 

ffirnory JSlJh — 1 Jouiigwl foT liJtlf An hour ^l<«<i 

IfUal^. Tbo YiUgikr iibu«v uf tbo c&iidiilalca fnjtu llio 
tmbblo rvw IwWrt U nut i*nd*rrd P&dnnttilo lijt «ilh«r i 
Kool l«&i|iiT, or ihi^ i>vliM <J tiMr« b«ii^ Ktijr mtc^nty i 
BottQfl). I jtiM «Aw HoblujuHN Hin [imvuei (till not ] 
me : but Sir Iti<'l1n^j PhJli^ wlioin I met tlieq^, ItfUfl 
im IHu faitn^ nhidl) I di^ uul itiuk to bv Ih^- fiurt. Uoq 
«oald aoftrooly icr, but bit oamUcoMicti U bvU«r« Onttoc 
viw om tho hiihliji^K bm be txojld tioi obuun a bcnriiiQ 
Um Doob ; Aftd tbu Tuct w the muwi <uiuoktoty port i 

7«4ruox^A9eL — AlU-rdli]iii|ratC«illu![^«I Kfot to G« 
with vIhii» T druik t<ML Curmn vbj( llicrr. lU^ 1 hwl i 
MgTMDblo chaJL wifb hiin ; li« in oxno !<> prinl kj* btboiri 
wHttcB bj hicbielf , and lio prn|cct« wa c^hioa of hu «|>oi 
Rif nUtcd All nifivttng nnfoiatt of Gnuian in tba Hou 
GomnKiiu. )fo mu tjxakin^ m o itrU thst biMtmjod t^ 
ditto of tbo fihcoJiioik of it o»cG jcnat cuftii ; he wi* nn 
ftod fcclil<\ uvJ Ijdiigf UKiiled bjr oH^fbutg, lio Blo|i|iod, pi 
■nd fl^Ml ill ui iihcnsl Toiocr '* I bttUovo thajr ftro ri^bc. 
uul iRt do^u, 

April J<^. - - Qjr Cooob to ]|>«vich ; then on foot iu the 
t« rU^furd ffiiur inilcB)* Mtl Cbfiioi wu ib bi^h 1 
.»]id a|>trila: Turn and Mr CiaAvoo On wlL I nut 
■DDM TMit'^^tt iticrt, vbo rvudunsl Uio vkit poculuvlv i 
fthio- Mr, MtTt, Aiii] MiM iiisb&uic, froaa Gbugov. Iti 
Writer to llw Sr^tii.*--^* k ^n'tbrr Ui Ilii^ UU Jaskv Grfthan 

■ Tin Hv-fi^l* ritriw Utah. 40 #r till 4rv. l.crj Uilboon 

MoUixcf Vriiim,iMo«n«rwvd*tMjiaiBPrB< Mmubr. 


m BLltSE. 



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i\ a watt tiit«r««tiQ^ ivu\ hAvixkg a Iido bADclwni& ton 

fiigvv, neonbim^ HordbvurtJi in Jm gnit «id E«Bcnl mr* 

not In hift Inilixref. arut Win^ a finil>nil« IaUkt. m ftr 

u -iMc uid blfluli aivr^ f<<«liB|^ ckn rvinl^r coqiT«r«itTOii dO' 

Li^uL We tAik^, dijni^ i\u* fL'vr iLivh vf lay BlAjt aLmtt 

^TB trftii not nflowod li> .Si'-oichnion ; tbut ii. ii lub&tjo 

biof^ BI0OC5 ni ibv ft<nd4 u\»tA Xm Imiik^fht to Ei^i^laQii to 

^■e a MmiMBiuD iaitwd lurrv tftbuu^-li he U oltnwlv Touucl a 

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^(Mihirr w^ tniM uu) Att<. and I hut na eirniii. 1 tmveTled 

** itfc. tbo Itpv- Mr ^odlny, vrlb wh^rim 1 cfaiiULHl occMioa&Uy, 

■»»4 I rp*d Ihroe btt^k^'of lh< **Odjmoy." and i»«i^erd ot 

***irkiVii KjkR«beB. 11ari[i?*n qtu-irel «iih Foi <Io<n not do 

^^**^iwi^ 14 Biirkr- I fear b« «m gbul of m opporlnnTly to 

««k vi(h bin eld friend ; ytA hv appcart to have K-ea pro- 

«*ked. Ill lU« frt«nh **li[mo <if Bnrxe'a >^p«cbfe. thcire in 

Dfl uMiidvfftil dil^f■rvll1^p 1ietvr«n Ike rr^purfu cf the newi^ 

«i>d Uio j>ab]kvt«on4 of Iturko Limiu'lf. 

Ii» own IMU4 nf bifl iqvc<b on the t-'niian'mtt /Vftfion 

? full oi prnfiindltT «iuf siwlom ; hia aitw-'k uii i1i<t JA^A/jr 

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ath Lu ]fiu'Cin^ ■tiiit lulwkcxHb ut i& iJicury 1 " 8trftiiu?e 

it Im •bould havo m»ditn{oiua «* (ficat olJoquy li?c«u§e thiu 

fVBiArfc liM iwil beoii eofopptliottded f 

Xttf tW. — I iltucil with WflltiT. TrfcMT, ftiid BifTifli. FnKr 

tttvkfvi rm a Trlmmki^ *rti*lr in rwiuniny'n Tiiria ubuuf, 

^*Ti,'ihc Krn»iKi pal Kill. And Biui»« nitackod in« nlrnit 

Tu^r Ifcll": IhiI Iht* i* a rt-jmi T nmrt yield to. VVor4»- 

irih hiM wc !itn*y'lf ^«u:k leij v«ani bv Oie prihlrnition of 

'Lnvtirft- I ftod *]« T<jc] i>ibK> Urnmriitl 1/i the Cori^'tS. 

nn nnudiift vMnrao; biU ) *>XfuI(i t«lber rrnd thuM liav» 

^^>TiU«n Et |t t« noflly anrpriaiog tliM « ffeniiopoftn ((br u 



H<wro !• in «iatioa ftii4 oonM«tk>iv^ abcnUcl *o d««oeii4 ts 
rxhiblt thu I'riiKc Hn*mt ond the Kinpcnir of Hanift ni m 
biUJU^-iUiitcti, mtjtrr 1|m luuwa of )^xp^l9 uiil LOQ^ Svuit^ 

no hniitg «uit IftD^a^ doe« ooc >n«H mo> evsn In Uoon'j 

Mtir jKfiL — 1 epc&t m-vcrrol It'-nn at hoow. tuoki&n; 
rvfMrU^ A-.\, nnd tlirii wikllueiJ U) (!itt|iltiii. I Ind ft ^ti» «kll 
horn* over BeehiittI Uwmi^ PavIo^ Botifi^'b F:«liH » 
boj% wbM *iui rnr ^vMiptaiic oovnpftittott, p:«iU«il iitit tg mo tbi 
Mtc of Bielinp BuiiuvrS \Mtm.\ wlicn tku Unhuti •«! «i>d ami 
i>i« PrtfntU tdtnit : nich in iho wviirM^ uf iradkiioriiil 
H« fanJier eliovod mo facno vfictn tii trbich tb« gro'iud in lov 
berv th» peer bitnit cr^uoi woro tiunod. it kv^j^ ; u><I' 
(koo^b die icfuuiiil hnH Wu Ollwl tip hiutdnidfi of timB, it 
fthr«r« linlu En n^(a. ** I do nciL mppoM it t* tnio," inld ib« 
b»y, '* tiitt I w/ta iifrwd oii<« to v^k on tho npuC. n&d ad «r« 
tke littlf W« uvw-" Tli« fcvltiir tbftt Sfitun; a > ii>|)«lhi>f« 
wttli iDAn in h-nrror nf grmt mmr^ nnd IwAn triitLBiniijr to 
the ooniRuiU'^n of E|i^m, u a T«ry 0«<ia«(^ «up«f«ftjt*oo, 
pcfbap* \hv m^l uuiviml. 

Jhm .j£A. — My »iai«r c(nisiiit«<d Ank^ 0»|«r> She 
d^lif^ted to find h)m fv ^m iiiikknd or luvrah. U« tr««ti 
lier «ith |j«iit ^(tfitleoouv «rd rcry kindiy wmvcpd ber els va< 
KB IJOMulife Ui convGt L«r iiritNbilJty, — ciot oC tvnipiir, Uil 

^•uif /QEA. — Clvflaen* BrtDUiM ii tnnitd mcfJc J 
JuM i4i^ — (^OdUDic hotna* I feucvd BmupdiI ia (ovn. 
vt^ii vcilh bini lo lh<i Riliiliitiun^ 1 ttay«d i ooiiplti of 
but bftfi ao gront plc^icn" th^re. Snml>< « jvcfoint qqi 
pTnfp fl roc Tiinier bo* fevvr »tlnKiion« cbftb lus u^ 
uvo, ruid CftUcoii'* * hoitvnl^Lm ' is Knodier tkmu bj* iim4 
ba; be m ftiminfc jit- » nnb«r <njit of (xdor. hut U l<>«t I^Moirrnl 
&« ho dcvntoa txioi tho dnhtmU rt&j* of i^}^ Uouh'^i' 
** Unmlaik Moor* did nc4 iotorea bm^ tboi«|pb vW | ufetvl 
hti-aid NQGc of the orlinl i!o«e. I mb told bv ««« bd«4jl 
grootfn to Umu, tb« brcwor, wbo, iWcoottn^ hioi iq Uw 
BQBkinff pottt^itn of bin bone*, woubl no4 keep bim m a 
biiL ifot bini crapJojniMit m a hofio-|«iut«r. lU: wm bifun ftl 
riibv- «t .Anlry'iL it in Mid Hr wttt Into tbn Acvlamj 
bMRi to dr&w with tbo bojib FluDQan myw hn koov nothji 
of tho mccLuuiiflni *A bift vt, — ho oould uot 6mw al aU, — b«1 
bj dint c^iE^tiiuSk v;th(4it iui&lractioa (otcopt, mi he wj% wb^t 
b* I«ftFVi«d from Ik ■hUbng book be boo((bt ic tbo SCruid). Ii«: 


oOLUKSs iiiu:acu or ruiviLEOi:; 


txrM paint rctr fiikclj'. He ift olre^j, n^-s FUxouui, a ffrat 
|i*!iiiH " . l*Ujr l»«ocio vcrr nmiiitjl bdcciL Ifew 

aIvi I >^of n^f, anit ^ iilnwl^ an AwKJrtie. He 

mt a tiDo c«riufo«ici«ci. HLtt a[<pv4raut:c <i"c* nut b«»M«k Lie 
uri^ut "I EuXiutlucnl biui to Lvid Gitj," aM rliauiJui. 
'* tavi &A (lioy 4*.ocd ulkiiig tit^^h^^r, I eonld not distwra saiy 
diflvrcnov bcl*-:*?! iJiu |K'cr luA lit* j^irjtor' 

haii fpJl inta A f"ii »i^lj|t< ei^{>i lir r-jHir'tri] fTjnl Mr H(iui4i 
bad *ai<l 111 tJio Hlxw </f <'«kiimif^n» lltAt Ciinum^ tia4 ruwii 
ftbori} tlhj aulTcnJi;.'? vt 0lhrr» bj* lAik^hjii^ at tht;ni. BoH * 
btiii^ Li^L ui^lit AUQii-iit^unl licfi^lv tijt Huuk', JoTiti C^iUirr 
^T^ bnuKU t« tt« aiith'T. niid v.ui in coiu^tjupiw i»nntnJ(l4>d 
to ILo cu»to<Jy yf ih*' S£^'OJl[^^o^-AlTH^ Mr. \\'j'i]n ni&v<d 
tU«( Lo abcndrl li- c<^nlliilU^l <*> NcktKaU, liklt thw HB« vith^ 
drnwii iQ fii&*win*>ni'o nf fVillii^r'n ni:iulj» ami Imcrtmii^ winrhirL 
1 vsM etvttdii^lf iiliini^ij lnU Ihi* niitlii Iniri C<:4JiPr with 
v." ' . ■ 1 I, In ij)r anfi^rnrliijii, 1 fn»io4 tW (TolliiJr Wl HMWd 

^ WulttT'ii-ihirii'Ti: fttr. Ii> lii»!i^*i»IIi?LUHily Iwljiuinr, he 

T^L^^^l tL^ i^htinKior c€ ti>i.- ivp>rt«rij. und lie i:^Ti)pJ('tdy n-Jj^vvd 
WftJtrr frotn the tj^puxaiion oT tarii^ nlicrc*:! the irticlc, ] 
M OD CollifT in t^ Hrii^;>c of r4jiuLnoiin rr]H>rj ; ha «iui iil 
food iparita. .Mnw CoJlior una thvtv« oncl MWur *iutaB too, 
«iUi i!an>c& 1 chatted with Waiter at«ul tbo propriety of 
petitioning He vieitcd Collicx tij lie in cHstcdj till ihc end cf 

.||i< icnicffi, bu-. ] ':liir>'rHl iaoniitiori.zititl cifl-ftwlffl iht* ^teXitiMt, 
whnh ntm uliona^clv nida^4c*l Ahor n hrvty dinner in Knll, 
I tvi doTtt to Uic lloiidc. Itamea procurcil pc a plocr, nnd I 
«tjii»d m thr gat]i:rv till i]ldU Ulr. T\ivTv vim nn op^jfoiitiou 
tc Ur, W. Sm^tli'» motjon for Cnllivr'ii dlBfLut^. He wai ro- 

, brtaui£ukd by li»p S(*«ik<T ia atroot; unmcmiinjf wordik W. 

Ifinutb toi^ivcJ tot tbc txl] to rrticvc thf^ rnituiim* ui^titnt ttw 

^AUmag^ Act.i TLe t{>^«li hwi iL< jniTit of miain^ a ibi*Iitig 
frvtcvhjo to th« ftpejkkar. aniE it vrns tit/t bo lurcULpVJo h* to ex- 
cito o^jmajtion. Lvrd Cuflcrui^h did net jirvtcitd to under 
KlMu6 iL,iuid Mj. WiII)v/foi\-u hjajWc yiiuiJr'Jly wid*-jib Tivi^ruf 
Ui< prLJ«^-f«id oivfji.ire. Tbc rMl of tlu> H^nkinij tfaife «^»]&g ira« 

• Tin vfAKfhtrafUrf TT^u 
ttuvTltM of Di«««aiiBn ni ibcicovn pUMacf vgnliTp. FU« UJiy'f CgniUlU- 



Ijrni IvTinr plrum DVldc*k> I thoacuni? hnnM^and rmrS ii1illj» 
uV H<«iior 111 l>c<l' 

Jvnr iKM. — 1 oalltrJ Ulccm Mr*. John Ollkr. S1i« blWou 

r'oTli*:^ Hi? ^\\v him ifc hflTik-tiJ^T^ Tor X^l>, wivipg ho di 
rtft-um ihti VLtrpliLt uJl^-r (xi^'ii)^ Uio foes, had bcpod thftt it 
be Kuic c<iiti[K.'tusiIi4Jti fjr ehf uLconTfaiciKc be had ftu£crcii bj 
hh tiajiTiHiituicqit. Niiw, llm fi^tJt JLinutuiti^I to not nxire Uiui 

Jmiy Ctfi~— \ dinoil ifilh (/ollior, uid bwl a i^nsne of cbMi 
fvr (ui buur. 1 (huj l(A.ikfd uvrr )ap»n, <tc- in (^jamlx-n; 
nud botvFu^n iu>v^n And rigl^t u^'iri 1o OoHvfn't h^ inviiatiiA 
Chftrloi Aud 3lAry Lftinb were lbim\ *Uo Mr, Ebo4h, — ik »i^' 
^uLu* o h ftr n < ;U r, iu>r, unlikv Cumi; in prntou ; & clr-vir itiBc« 
MiyM G<bdwUi, and in bin MlK-ri'ir vtry b1ii> ilfef <Emb Sirwi 
port if lt^^ tnsr, wntmy. I biut t^i^ral nbbfn of i»hi*l 
Uhjuica LAiiibV ic^od hiimrir <iud pt4;vfulnMA ir«kd« (ho owtucig 
ftg£^x■Ahl^ wbicb uoiild odirmiM bivi; btn-u nuwlv uuLvinlbfi- 
vAAi- hy itts f«aliifu] kiiiI'^ct vklNf> in Mr% 4>odain, find «u^ 
p«ctod la Codwm, 1 citfno honso bta 

yH/y7tA.— -I dm^i b; icvrUtK^ vilL Mr- BeSbuiL T 
Sfnnbfrld brid vt'ijIU'ii lo me b^ Mr, Kmrici {« nrpfinr tf Mr. 
B«l«hfiin),* r^^UMttDg mo \t> gtfo Mr. Kerniok ^t«T« oT uitto- 
diutioia to OcnouEj. Kcar^k l<fl mo iho \t\\VT with aji inviU- 
tjmi fmm B^ttJiam^ I bitd aii niinvablo iibit : & aicall |Ar1^, 
^Mr.and Mis* B^lsbMO, Spimvll, Sphf, Martine*!!, JftfrJrftOpt 
D Mr IUid«ati<l Mr- Ki>unvk- Wv kfl^^ up n ft>ttvoniatir«i wUh 
wry liUte diapiitacjou. BolsbAiu (mid I joined bam) d«fead^ 
Chiiir)] RvUlJiHlirieirK v^itcb htf tbriiijcht beilor Ihmi kHvhig- 
nll|:ti<>Q to mnko il» v'iif nb^nf 1 Il« K^ld, I tbmh mjr I'hurcrb 
oii^ltt If. l>c ^lAbbfthoil ; hilt Ail f*mi ctfinnt bo, t v«fttd rAllitr 
tfw Aui^litjai Cbiiri'h «br^uld It iiiHLniiunrd> willi aII it« vrT\*ra 
mid mp^ntliimiA^ ib^n tWr tbfl iinlpamrd nboiild Jif^ W^- at 
Ur;^ ciwb mai) «]>rQfiiJin^ ahirood he* own foliim and abtLirtJi- 
tira.{ Kmiiok op|taiod him, cuid hnd on foino p<rinui the bMt] 
uf the ojijiiaicul. Jurdi[i«, and indeed all thr I'i^riT, upw 

Hr. f,..-..^x-. *.-u*. muH^, ■! !iit ivvnd wife, th» litbirof Ur StUiaiD. 

Mr. i^ 

t«i4lli{ Apimr -MP x M' ..- I 



AKCcixni: or oDUNwrrv. 


Mr- IMMhua nnd in j««H We t*Uwdcd WDUi mupMt- 

'J»tf AVA. — 3lr K«iuick liro&k^nbed with mo. I vu mucb 

Willi lino i bo tiM k>«fTU. ftorl indeed »tiU 1%, iulcr U tho 

iMrbqilo New Collrifc, Vo'Il. u»d e& aoinif fur ft trip U> Qtr- 

lev ifn|iri>» in nhilolcfpc^ uudici, Hn i* r Btuicb Un^ 

Titb m dni ot MflJt but n nuld in bui uunaoiv. • t«- 

ditpuufll, bai oiwri«oiu,-*ft T«fj promiu&jG youuf 

JvJxfW- — (Ac Burr) 1 fc^ on nffiwibk whlk with llrm. 
imtwor Um vkiru ot H&nivi«k ilofttb, mtttcn ciido«dr#, 
^iui loaoo by tJio Wcvl CbUo Su-rel. Mr«, KoDt wm gtud- 
<^ brtMii^t to rtcolkct Witt Ikmilinr to hur in ahiHhood, 
^Ki J toM rocaJI low. How UtUb il^ 1 rectill«aC cf ^ 
f^t Lie I uiil Um> idc« oAcn rocuTv to aw llint it seem* 6jA- 

j^titt vtrikiofi ihovfht that pcauMy the puiiksKiutfcrt of b 
^CmoliTv iwy ooooist b brinjcing haek Om ouDedoutafva of 

JmU^ltL — Mnt K«nt hmlMt un m thiOMtiMai^ I Lhoro- 

"^r^i tioDc'*^ it T^^i tA diiic villi Uuj nui((iilrfttoi ; Kud 1 jun 

^*^d [ did to, ■» I liad A fdoNVPtf diij. Wc diwuucd ijio 

^A4MMv hav Tiir A ^kftrrtMiirr niiiy Uvfbllj try lo prrsunde tJiv 

^^■nJl to ft docukm vhuh hr hj«mlf koDV> to b« vrong. I 

^^^MMTpTvd Co OAUiblifth ihu diicinctigvi, thnt An ftdv^wU ma^ 

■ojihiiU^, i|kiii|^ be iLLAjf Dut muuuite ft case or ft 

Juty J^SjA. -< 1 bnnkJutdd vitb BmiI Uoiitftfftt> ftJ>d Imd on 

r^ pJcftftftUt Hifti nilb hiin, lie relAtnd tluU Dr. Scuti lu- 

kini tbftt he «iutnd iin OUvit lir^tiliimjth, vilh AnnihRT 

^^otknuui, to rnnlU « pcopovftl, ob tbo put of Lord Noftb, 

:%ut Uoldsa^th tktotM vmt« cq bettftir of tho MinMCjy. Tb«y 

him in obuniWrv in ibr Ti:iQ|jJfL Hu hjm niTrrrcd ftriy 

lOMtAon be iiu;{l>t diPMrv Uo iiiid he eo\i]d ojim fh^m 

-bo MokM-lUnt na Aiiit'h ft* bii fkCMMitiea rcr^uirod, md lio 

Id nitherbtfc vrith'yjt tfcujif tibli^cil to any c^na Scc4t toU 

KtiJ«y an ft frr«»f ^ Prt^bhiD^lb'iL tgncnnnriT cjf ibc mirldi 

Jitffit^ 7 Ik- — Hu» ftft* i; TKominfl of diMppotntDscnt. 1 

I tAcfal elnmcitf- iJ»r r 

pntlJitif am Thq Mnn. 
IMJF In vLv« Mr. KMrn^^i 

TUft. 1 




410 U:»UC76CC3eCeft or EEXKT OtASft EDOBQCSOM. [Our. 

bad batcadod to ^fo my hctk m Memdtnfi ntac LftToaluvtt 
en far bLtll-tmkiij^ biic B>jrT cut Uu? iii«tt«r Abort \vj 
Xl^U CfidiiL-h bull tift^tin^ in a. lAwfa] ipdrt, la lUi mH 
priTAio fiTof<Jrty, U o«uld iiu4 bo toLmi^ ui lli« uwrkM 
of A Iowa o^cr wlikJi iIktv U a ri^C of hat* I vndau 
tatontpud ttint, if tba bull builJiit' liud 1iibi«!>I fWim ti 
ntifrBCLoruJ, ihnt ftcl miHt moilirv- tlir right of **». I «ut 
ed ili&t A vmlwi of U«i)ty ih^xild he mtfWvJH <id ma 
mattt (twt DQ fine should \k tirou^fat vp livr Jadfiaentt 
tlic fiot ftlioiild be rDiit-u«d nrtt frlli Nui'VruTivr 

Jt^^Htft lOtA. Un (be cT^uin^ of my vnv&l *£ Xiir«ridi 
WMd rwn ftlarraed at ths ijunctitr of bunmoa thrro. ]tt 
oiwdn]. in liu.% ftrl1F1^tu^' I r\«r hatl tit-iurd, i hoA di 
Uitfu uuMif »«Tc<Tit>--;n brieftt, of v)itr4i rii'rtA« w«trr In Aiiun.* 
Tb« prodiKiei M¥ccit_> -fi^v ^tirmu^ u>clQJittic tt'imidn^ rtdn- 
WT« of the l«« of Ml art?itnt«i:>ii- Tkis raiMu mr fTi-v od tlv 
dmiil lof^ kawiry%i nifi f*irtrf-/amr gtilnefta. & •unrt ^KiihMlbtf 
bv txunly-Diiko painou tho Titmfmt I erer bcforo rooHr^d Of 
t&ow <BU«ca t fJjiJI tncntiun Uiree ur feur ail>^rvBrJA. L W 
oDt* ooiuukiitifin lirw rvi'iiiii^ ar HtTuvunl Blmvrtrat Kud t VM 
an^^of^d t^o rott of 1h« tnuo litl Into rvftdtng liriffk 

JIv^hW ^J>r^, RrmA — Tliin i3ay cotm&cuMd amlufthleBfv 
qnwnUinr^i^ with Mr fVnwikn, <iT «lio<n I think vty lii^lf, 
uninnn^lhe moilt r«ennri.ii1>)i> Cortnnbt I h»vA bvv« ImAtto. 
1 h«d p»i*iw! Ik kltor fri>m P<vi| (^f Alt<»ti», m^twliiftiiic t'* tto 
ft Uitt RvHihtiHl. who ntshecl int«Ul>lldi Ufxlf m Bi 
«■ A t«nohi<r f't iiniHic, Slic> v«« on « vtnil «t. (L4 Ti 
I folW un li<T, tkitH wat9 invilcH t<' 'lin»* witli tl*<'n* ^mn 
•in>) rav noqiuLiDliiiicr rtp^rKxl iijI*; hitimwr^ IWtjivk'* w*4 a 

l(rt« And HI IlkAil K'l^nc^ b« Iik^I !V rrtJinnf^wtDr^, I>t vturh he 
Ifvcd, ll« kad IfTfVt miTMr^il *' the ronduHcr <if «» jnjf(if^i»o« 
<iffic«fti H^kinlrurv. Aiir) vt*'\v tM HMt»r»te *iv<iTk tm lU^lnw 
^ kr»iniitxT (11 <;i>nnhii, vlnfb l» rri^mtiny U ih^^ omii au- 
tborily on (Ivi Riihjcct Thin ii^dii^Ml liim. «ftfr aiit nor)aftin1- 
AIICC. to writer A sniitll Tolikm^ nt iKf^ biv of riuwrur* ta 
KiijflUk. vh>h I «iw ihnm^ ihr pmvL ThM-t- vsunfanhitB- 
It iii>ihmfr Ia o»rr«ct in ih^ Uiifrimf;«>- Th* book ^id nol wi)^ 
but Lctfd TnHodcn i^iokc ir«U cf it ^ it ^^rrk of pnaetpJo, 
4ad ^k«vod it tv lie dcdlcAtcd to L ira. But thiCM vcir merely 
vnkn AtHl punutui nf lucnKily. Ho v«« a pbtJiMapbrn And 
«f tho Bioit religiMit «kanctar x he |iTnfwwd ortli^od^-, bnt 

* Ufli b. nor erln>W qum. f Whnn Ek 1»1, 

1B| nt£OUKlU:AL 0r£CUUT!OX, 411 

k mU ttot Imi^c bMD toknttod by our hig^ mvi-drj tathth 
dai, fk hjui • ■dmue of bin VKtt, oC vliiub Uie Ibundftim 
>^^tbc bi-U^r ta tho pn>-t*xiifteikci; of Mt>ry himnm Iwirtg- 
Hii ffiKiiJftUpii w. tiibt cvcvj cue hiul lakcu port in the 
Krmt nhMao in » tfcvntn it«tc. &tid tb«t *rc vrcrc all ultj- 
teiLBrlj Co tn fi^triml to Hie iVitiiJc fkriir. Tlik dwtliOB of 
tuij r«iiorBtio]i WKi thv r«4Nffiiu|c uiicL» of hu mwd. Ho 
fvoCEMrd bo bctiiTve in tbf djriuitr vf CLtrul. ojid vhco I put 
^h« quMtkA to hiMK ha ftAuL Uittt he vcdudorcd tii«t doutriira 
AH the vKMri eufniM imli of f«>liglutt ; thai Gml nlon* willi> 
oiat Lhntt would bv nciliin^ to uf ; ChriBt jii tbc coputa by 
VicKB of vbocn nan k bn»vlil to Uud. UtbrrwiHc, Uic idcti 
«f IW wtjiilil Iv whftf till' Kpiainiknv dfrvu it. -- ■ irn-nt kUb 
ladtiiBpty DotkMi, I bslift* JVnMiuj wu finl Itui tu Uiiiik 
Vdl «f uo by kt&hiifc Cku oW*^r.^. «'}int 1 uid vithoiit any 
Ullo^l of hiA opmioua, tlmt &» immutt^ity ^ jyirU fiutt mu^ 
fond a Ukm IMBkorlalitr A ^rf^ itur* ; aikd' tiMvt I ooidJ not 
vpocive of Uw craatwii lb tiuio of lui tnapoHdMblo laimoiiiU 

Sfiitmhrr tSik^ -^ 1 ivdu to Ijcmikm. niiring the n^h I 
mut Blriktuffty romindod of tho grv*t itnprvreEiitiLt ^r iho 
country wiUiiii thirty or forty ycuvM> Ad oJd man. ui the bojf, 
pnhkUd otit to me n ipol tiiar a L«id^ uej thi? ruui irbcTD 
ahotvt forty yran »f^ the >l«f,*^- «>iu t^rmuL wft mvl mimivq 
pooflo dntiMK^ ; «ikd b» *mir«l nw that, wheci he iru u boy, 
Ui0 lAftd lj»y<ind lUiuwkiw ttmi literally )iMt] Tith ipbbcU. oii 
wfatdi v«ro. In tnmK the aiFOBNu^s of mnlt^^kfUam fahu.-kciitii^^ in 
Uiv iNMi. I ff-vnd l^caid-cm nil full uf [H>«plu, ooll«cCod t4j ro- 
ceirr Hunt * in lrititDfJi« nud vovmpfuiy jum V> the i>oini 
iumI Anohor to n dinniEir — n mtn? ralitJc. nrrUdiily. but il v il 
ffTVAt ft»d nlumiiiK wU that tbr- nthhU- vIkhiM te tho IcMltni 
'M MsythnV' 1 )<f^<u- that n-ht^, hi iUv uiflbiLig, Hunt «ttin(^, 
th4» enwdN nen: iuanworu. Aif I d«^ Hcro vriircd ovtv bin with 
" /jVw/ or D*aU " inwvibpd 

A«yiifu&ir ^^« -^ 1 i«IW oil Tklfcurd for ft ahooTt Uio^ I 
dilHsd vitii CtJliL-r Uid tJicii tkJL-iE.cucd to KlamimiV I hud iL 
»i«y fdcuftni. rhnl witli Iut»i uiid Wiiw Dtiiioiai-t Ho nUltJ 
«n ititfTflBliA^r uiajjiktlA «r t'linovji i{» bnd hrealcfHiiUtl witii 
Conors At, [ bcliovo, 3lr. Hoptf'o, and then ciiuninMl with him 
tb* lujirhbm uid aiibqiioL Among Ihoui wjia a btButifiil bust 


412 ii«>ci7<tM:«jice» of hcxbt cnAin bouqckix loat^tt 

of AcUmtnu* PiuA. Fkunmn pobtcd it oat to Cttmb * 
feliub CftDofK. «itboitt aaBwcriiif; btm. niiilt«ntl U fai&ftK 
witb f^lnLuioiM of itDpntiettr*^ *' t tAhl him »i^. — I if^ 
•o, but tio vouU iwv«r tukv oounivL'' rkM«r 
«oTcnvl tinm io 4 Jit of Abneno^i At Imjftli h*Uaamm i«fH 
him on tfiL* dKiutdfV aiid aud r " Wtium <Lid jmi IeU »■" ^)f 
«oori*, tho <?otii<«n«Uoni vw ki lul^a,ii. Utotivkig tio ^tjI^^ 
FUim^a proBani tbo qoo«tiob. " Wir, biioiiap4rt0,~ mti ^ 
'* 1 obiKmil iv hita n^MM^lMy, lb»l Uiv buou of AaMU* 
Pf uA w*re to t>e vett ftvTjvli*!* : tliny vqn U> be 0nai to 
«v«TY part of ItAly in mtki ftbinkcbnu, li» hftd oMdf iMait^ 
boloTfil. B«tbn#ualdtakoivi>«dncit,^^^'*Atid4U70acqiB 
him tn tiik« Hitj 1 " mtxl V\%ttntxi. Cvnavit ooulil iMt nt W 
ho Ak\, Iwl «1«l4d tbftl th» cniirtifn* nf Eitan»p«rv- wtiv^kfl 
utoabfaod lit the firood'Wia tic took* 

Nam.* — FlaiiJiaA id«»y> vpoLv of C^norm m a waocf fW^ 
menl qmlLiW "f whii'h [ hnliwii h» tboutffat ntof* ^t^ 
tiuQ of luk ci;ftra<tcr aji on Artuc. 

Ih^divr f^ — Cokcid D*Arcy iffAS At 3i«w)iUricr'* t^«fiif 
In^, — a vpTf <«fn»Hbl« atai, mha hu boon aunv j9m% h 
Porum, K>? ftp^itHxl t'^ m* l^ nMnnloit of the i^pi^u nflf 
t«n nujutic-o^i m th« B4^>tr am! OriefttJ writiTtic** '■■ ^*'^^ 
er«r^ muj huM tkrw flral* ; m kn^ odq^ vUh wImoIi bv i^M 
hta rop AW igw I'l tn Inferior; & anall osw> arot to % «ap*!lr& 
•ad A m»iiit<> »iHil. for ah oquad. Eriiy loftn bu Jibooi I* 
AU Inidiiut'jili prcjMratiiMii uiil, JtiiloAd ^ «ic'i<irx<: i^ otaAl* 
M4iiU fto imiimMoii u^ liM «aaI, ba k jir - mrmi^ 

ootttftft iVfici hiio, (jJocwl D'Arv^ AfKoLt l-*'^-^, .^.^aUj. V 
MlJIi it is 4L tinnple aimI cai.v lATifruAtfe, a* «pr4im, hot tit vt** 
t«Q LuHEui^r* ^ blcrnkd with Uic Antb, uid is iobLa u jmpi* 
Asd difhcMlt. 

(Mi>kr Ji^nfiL - I took An AAriy UiiUCtft, Abd a iittft ttm 
also wAi w tke KiiV Dtock, OiiadbUl. TJicni «w • 
erovd nJnwIy Anwcnhtivl to hear tli* imJ of CArliin iW 
ph4tar, whidi htA nitrnceAil t»f cofiantty aIml I'bv 
UoD viw for f^puWuhhiic PaiWa "Ait* of K^wm^* 
Atlorwrv-iJiiHr^ ojvtMil iln k^^mi ui An oniitiAt^ v«i. 
pitbo* tiid not Aoom xn Aim tmn han, aii4 hiA timiMA 
»*itb«r ilrikUuf turonic^^ (Wlilr ai a pAJo^luod, 
AAb, Dot ttiJjko ScheUioa:, b«t hovinv no intoUoeiUAl 
bhiKH ; thongli ha haii ikuwD uiaitjvbitii; pu«r«n uf nii«r, 
# Aculc/ of Anduii^ btisuft tlua b tkr man «roi>d«fftil 

• Wrinntamt. 





•Bt«U«, Hp dotM nut appifftr jti Any rcepKC & nmn of mlwl 

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Aierr riiftprKHLmJ dc^Miofi. Hitfctiixf ^iViimtiLt wutd^riircdfrofa 

Ujv Ittc Trinji^ lktl«* nLicli. haiiI Lc, dultmruua any vuv (u it^ 

<«^ ihe TntiiCy ; uikI Eh<>r^ \v'iv^ rm xrAMiU luw <u <Ii«rUrft 

■V'^Mt Biaj Bat b0 uiUokiKl. Ktytfciuju: naa>' H<> iktt&ck<4 tho 

[;A^kmey-<ri:t)cnl t as ui L'^L^riiitArioa, am vraa butU twrt iluJ 

lint ill the iiiatlHT. Uicju^b Tii)t m ch« swxiDer. Kr Uieii 

■1 about roMbag Um *' A^ iit Kmtian " tbcxu^* and tkordi>r* 

£>(tt;iWr J^A. — 1 loimKeil P^ hulf na hour luto Ouil^httll 

fuand CurlLle on hU f^i^; ho kjtd Ivvm itptxikiujf wlthouL In- 

iptnn frcdo Imir ixut moo, nnd 1 liou\l hiiu nt hjil^ pMt 

L, v{th ao ApuftTVOt diminntioii <if A^rc^- ; tui lie uicrvly read 

^^ OBI pnfwr. aivi wW W Mid twouicd vorj litUt> tti tlicj |^ijrjHiM<. 

^^^^4« ttlMaptvd a panlUI twtvvsn hii om* And Lutlwr'H, nnd 

triv rf hi to prcibdi DriMn, I toe Bo rcuoii vhy h* 

hdL i.'u c<l ri>r « L^iiUi lu tljc »jjih di^Io. 

K4n- ^.('A. — t voulfl hiivn ira1k«Hl whh H to hoar 

pvj-t of Corliiv'* triul, biU it vraa juMt orer, Tho luMi 

hoiii ejiflAkiiix fiir iior ihrev -Lt^b. uud iKLawi]! be n|aui)< 

DihDjr jMvpltt I liKV« uo 4i(>ijt>[t liH u iinAitof great UuecL 

[« woo, buwAi^vr, wHvictvl, lo my ^r«at Mtiftfactjca. 

0«tf^76cr giik. — (At Bury.) I ttttni Mr. Fwivr prawk ui 

Lbi fonmooa to ihmit twenty pcn«m)i. Htn uur w-ii«atiua« 

^iiunco our Ujonfftiu ' Tb« meeting houu icnk log my vyc, 

«ud tK« Toioc ofuy old preceptor jFtrilcTDjc my ciir> I itm miido 

•crtiKjfw ond HliAcut m^liioclioly. 

Xn9^nttrr JOiA. ^T wviitoorly 10 $0T]^«ft&1 Froro't chftmbsra, 
1 ICio^a Beech WnU, ond Hjn'ral Tuf- a fourtt^en ycorW Ivmo 
of Uitcu ftiJiu n«it ttii'laiJiunitf> nl >wvuutv'llvu i^niuviu [ii'r lii>- 
niini, Th**** rliAn!fcl*^ri nrmaiM of ni'ip T/»lfrahily »l?,ft1 n'lom ; a 
MO0l>d, wkidt L'y I'ulkjt^jj ^own a nArtrtion iiiny tw mnd« utto A 
vwj coRidbrtoblo room > ao>1 a ihtrd hninll rui:4^ vbidi tnoy ha 
mM by A citfvfi ; thritr rin-[iLjLi)t'H. lUlv/i^mi tJio twn loi^fpTr 
rooma lo a lUbAll rxim, Iatvb oiioiigh to rtlooc a tiod in, s^ud 
090vot)i«iit for iIlvI [ti£q>JHh< -. iLcm U ofn^ a dArk ploj^j* in 
vhkJi o U>T tiEU Ihtii jOriu'd fur TrrvvV cl'.'i'k uiid bin vifo, l^ic- 
cldoii oTHt <»r ivk liirk aj> i^ivx. Thr chnmlirrH, Aithi:rtit bHni; 
acoUaut. nro yot sci>od ttir lk«ir prioo, ond 1 aid plcoMd lit tho 

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■ IV-*xii wluo Impusan the lirtftiiir or rh» KnU- Trim:/ 

414 ftKiii^»ci:K<:rA or itEvsr chahii r;oittv?iO!k (^mv z 

Idea of mxT^Tuig tbctn^ Tbej nn quite IJ^I. m4 lu4 imb 
t ^nt«n. anil tbe iitslmittc? is h«»rlMnfiK. nmjwnd atlh Hf 

witb FlflKuiAa ittf-^ftr. Hv aukkxs .. .m^t BqaUt] 

n>ip«ctah|0 tt( Ui^ Min« tfm«L A chlMhh« Wtli U (Ml 
In Ik lOMi of di«liri»:ui«hi>(!l ^ittiiai. Hi vf^okc or hh* (■ 
Aiui wiUiuut <i^orftaL^>ii l>v su(] ho had Lj (jixi'a 

nw), thaki no cuu ulu t«l voriwi for hiiit had Uvn tn wl 

Jfr«-* — l\'trH PiMnuui died, hi« rC^trto ««rp wi**nW»l» 
vorth undirr X4,000 ; nod T liavi* l^rai in llu' " 
bin coraparaiivo poro^lr lU n dlp^^nnr in itx 

£ IfW^DOrt, Such U the diflrrr-tit r . 
CAl<<nt - 

Dr^^/nl"^ ftA, — The billa nor pawatiif tlim^Trh P'J^b 
viH tic T frnr, luul tnoQimiRitA ttt tl»- ^ 

gicnkt^i lli« Alonit JLiialv t>.i Ur r«Arc«l from Uio '^ 
adTviiory* Hiid in »« d^joff ninaifJj n n-AWiia'ji . , I'd 

mod^*r«t4>'l ftpim^hfrnninft TKrrp apf » frw irrt1tV*it« 

«ba vDtjM not Bcniide to iflvn fbf- 4^ • \^--.i-^ .^— ; 

llb#rtii-« vi the p««>pU. Bil* T»i>ithrr thn rourt^ r€ kir 
Mopfe <who pfl jurriD-rti o^e^tiir in "^ ■ ' ^ - — rtiw 
Uu) «nLiM auirtl in a }>n>jri.i ilv^tn. rio< 

U»tf Mmi*trrfJii'm*i»liW('1nTP niako ■ Tif»» t;i iii-*-hi[4. 41' 

f ■- V..,..-* vir>^ tiiiT ^•^4V r'ftHUmalil Mrtilalol •vfritnt* <# fU A^B 


E,;;: . ... -WJ 

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■0nc^ P'i*r| flirn III' k«-VTi| ri>r|Hfoittf ri tn ■ n-AjrTil jii>xjtf«| tJ lift 1* 

MtSS *ilM'lli:!&!i<— LlSlQe(.->FAHSB>, 


iJm pPfrcdloft, kHiDginf^lj-- I cdkd on WUtn* &IW bo ick a( 
Uk* fook AiubM). llo iufonnod nw *ft what 1 tiovcr know 
WCfp, ibat the 7t'Ai« ma« jinMicuiitod <mcc ^ a libd of toy 
^r-xa^ \ Iwt Ihc [inib^raiii^n wilh ilrup(jnL Hedid not kttana 
^>%« «( ihff circvmManiw Qt tho vieilc, tbmkiug, pivbAbty, Ui« 
'tkvjlifnicc ivould pftin inc. 1 *i.' m t knnw irhctbcr 1 aaa Ut 

^%^ bba) w«A iw otvKrvmuan on,. or tho ntkirULUfDi^tM o( a 

i^Aom^ VjViA. — 1 dittdl Al Collia'a, and thm went to 
■^^vmt 4ianlp(^). 1 hail mUjtr tnt/TK pli?iHiir« iIiaii iuii&I. Hk« 
"^ C<3«>ody uf Errvrv "^ ii btittr lo avcf tbim rv«ti : l:>««iO«i^ « 
^^itnthcT of (toed ncniifsi by Mim Ktcphciu ■ »Hd otbcm aiv hr 
^wnducmi' Tim tuo Droniioa, iihti-m aud Kutvn, tbuugb uoi 
flBfkfindjr ftlikvfnordul Uiuy itHn* tu be m^ fur iiuUbtfr would 
^doipt tbo t>tbor^> pM«luntiw), affi>n1vd>juiucinunt,<ui4 tbo 
U. bftfTiD^ the icnp^Hiibalitf . ^utm off pJuMoatlj cciougk 
fine HDcoery ul iziUoditOAt tbini^b uut kT clkJLnii--Lrr uihI 
HMw Ho mxeto w in Cpbusnn, oiul ret odc gl' the fikiot- 
DDCB u tho rioxuk of Vcii;<c, Ac 

I^trtmhtt 2Stk^ - - (JirijilniiiM Aay 1 cpcnit Uiiii fcffliTal not 
U) faartiiup b«l xvTf agfvcnbly. Toir, like u child, I troa dolf^^Ud 
bi ooQtomplttUo^ my anv toy, l w the vbolo forcntnin oo- 
<nyK«L nftcr wiilinc idoio of tho pjVL:^^^!^ Mcrifi^. in collect* 
■9 boc4>^ ^^ m my oil, and in ftmuigjii^t tUrrin in my nov, 
obftmbirfA Tb« putting in orcluria [« ddj^hlM oooupniioi^ 
And i* «£ kttjit an&kj^'ouk i^ a virtue. Virtue i» tit* Joro of 
BunJ kjcik-r i Ji^tfl buric, and ulenijUncH, nud imrinhod on: all 
OMUiMted WLtL (bv iiLtiiiriiPiioi] svc have in wwing ncd j>Littit3£ 
thiotfA wlioru (bey ou^t to bo. 

■sd iB bat |WcfiirUin> va fulnlilUiit* <if ihn tUfinXj^ pnrl<1lt <pt bwrnhlji 
(IvWlJlvd Aoia ■tOfiillj'^ ai^lfr fp«(^fo if t^-n^ ^yx^l in|*fi*«*jriiT«C Tli« 
fttf m nialitl f^AAe* flw jt(*>Titui1 ri:,i if intitillni;- l^tii nti iTirtaliit)f 

Utr«4ud j.Jiki.Jiii.i ^pf Ow kiaij.''* |-'i ., . ' fRimHtl lui J t^^uUiuliMi 

«f ikfl ii*i ' ' ^1-1 an unlit ml III b**i-it4i>]^' . «ml «irr»rri)imir/ pnwnr^ 

hac^Mu »-l^..r--, ., ,,i^ji_ U Buy |bmnn thorjld hn km^'l nr iiijii'«1 in th* 

»e^I^ fitk ■/«■>,« «-JEhflii£>. banrin->.^cfb«cn«i^i*Dti]UiU«msiru u 

■mio l« llciBivd. HiiiL oi^ri Hv iM^AtKiiL. ^y aAi^h, [ht LriiiLiTi(<ff pvncvit 
n IV »4 4f Hm- irH pmhnbLExxi^ mil bv i hiai^, iii< mif^l^mtB* in fb* 

Ovti'T-AiiMii iVkiAvv, Vuj. It iiV' ivit, ue. 


416 suitMSOCKis or ncXRv ckakh koviksok. ich^t. s* 

/hMO^r fWA. — f md OW tnU or Sir 'HkMDM UOM. It 

fs qtiiUf avtomhlo; that thft ttiiJoiMafkdiiiie m»i1 tbe Mrunvce 
of men could bo 09 debMod ft* tbej ftfipMr to b*ic tw«n in tlw 
ff^ at Htmry WU. 1 f^nnln viwEhir the k^sUulon of 
aiqroth«r cmiotrr hui lUi iiifltAEi» of ua fnovnutj »i> ^tah Mid 
AWnrd M Chnt o^ r<i)dcinng it ft o«pJUJ crfTeix^ lo rvAm aa' 
»v«riDKB c)u(vii^iiD ; ynforfJim cd^iKO Uio Lord OuinoellcT 
woA ]>ut la d<-iithr — ft ma-n of moomifit^* Inle^tj, ft 
tiuwtyr. Y«4 Iv* wft« hDMctf ft ftfftoeuior, huring «upcidaMi4- 
td the intliclioQ iiT tortijxc- 

I nm nK Inqith wiT.llod m my rvv rhuntvr^ nnd thrn^ vn^ 
book« ftrv uot v«t pill m md^v, i bnTo r ocmUiirtiibl* Itro, ftud a 
br more [^loftjinur hccqc from mv viudov ui4 within toy ruODt 
tliiLiL T Itnii in iiijr fiinifiTi afttrtuiniU. 

/JrtvmArr ^SfA- — Tho ntiiisu-tion f fmr* lit ohanfiinj^ m 
rMbdonc!^ ia ftc«oanf«tiiG<i b>' tbtr ftfiri»aii rvttoction Uut I cftn- 
Bot rautiiuiliK oipi3«t H> tniicli cj^jt^iynioiu, ftud •i»cb iiiiirnor- 
nijitvvl RAMI, M [ ^oT^ in Tiiiiuii Ouirt T>nHn9 mj iil> 
joftfi^ iMidoiuo Itnv I hftW not <ni«<* 1t«<ii kupt ftir%k« at 
vigltl by fuuc of iiuc4 or tiody, dot bare 1 ever ut diivti to ■ 
Euoaj wHiiout ui n|ijM<fitr. \W inrmiii^ t% onm mnoh larger 
Cliao it VM vliun t «i3lirrt'l 11io«« efaaiDbon, and mr health i> 
appanutly lu firrii 1 have IcmA no otic aourcc of OUcjIt. T 
bkvtf iijttiJtf a^'i-ibiijua to my nlvck uf ii|7viaii)|« bumpfUiJcMn^ IT 
Dot fV-L*»Tt[lM- I hnve riw^d \t% xft^vriAMtij, (w baTing nto- 
OMd«ij to a Mrtftjii «i(i>iil in :uv pmfMuixi, thort^ pprfitt|« 
IMt •» CroaUv aa auoio of tny fr^«t)d» cipf<tcd. Uiit Uxti 1 
kftve fmnii Ait ynkn olfl^> ami Imman Irfir la »> iJiort tbaa 
Ibla la ft largo ^'fiktv. TIua ralloetiob, I mj, ti a ttfriout oiu^ 
Imt it lUw not oaddoa &«. 

^m.* — Let UL« luM m«nly Uiia, — tJinC I WHerp I owiU 
hftve wTftt«>n the uuue In t ^^O.f Wo ibft)] t^. If I gc «> kr 
ia Uioao KMuniaoenofft, Tlita yoar I look Au joonwj. 

• Wrin#fi 111 iw_ 

r TlHani7nritftarl|.at.-tndmMiftfr*ialb*W. 


strox HAJiOMn 





AyrA^y /«t — No N«w Vmr CvfT OMQ^d Vf Kif> *ilh U 

flTBnt so tr^flniJ *■ thnt vhicYt oiViirr« thC« nwrrting. Nor 

indeed lut mv joi^nuJ cmtiunod ntiy ineidont to mvbuibholr. 

I bad ■^ftrcrlj bc^a mr livokfut, vrhta tvo in«», pUin m 

diUB but rapeetatitv i:t «fijA%ninnt\ culled on mc, Aiid ana of 

them tm\iU In n vcrj ■□Iffmi-i ton^, '' Pmv, «r, drt v^ia know a 

Mr Qlon lluoood 1 " — " Vca \oty w *lV' - - Ww bo a jat 

tkular fricQJ or 701m f* Mt adhtct wm^ ''lie hMdcalrovod 

BtwL.' — 1 harp brT«l«ilbro omiltod to wnU of Hamood, 
pcMttpooittf till tfai-4 avfal dtjuircrpbc nil J hnvc to uij of him. 
lie v>K \*>m m 1 T84, t^kl ^i> t]w Mi-*l of twi> >Lin» (<f a ti^ii- 
dmiior vholitvdin ihrcily, H*hnd ftlsoiirtcnL Dit fbiLrr di«d 
tn l^i^T, UATicifr biEa ftcl« ri*Gutor; and l>omjr the etdott« - - At 
Itset cf Uic BoCkt. — «ii>) b mOifi of inipokjuj- kud iiktinitiAtinf 
wiM*r»*Tit, hi* Wftn lookfij up 1*1 hv bin flimilv. I UimnHi niv 
qrMJnttd «'ith htm thrcusch the AikinA.— 1 ^ftuiiot mv firo- 
CM? irin, hut sotm «ftrr my rrtitm tntm Ucnnajty. Hit 
fliUf nifiuv Ihvt] Biurij^ vMtTK villi Mn. BarWuIil. ^^'he[l I 
iftt vteitffd blm ho Hnod in MDEc Sriv-Dt, vhrrr hti fiifh^ hud 
MztM on the bnnLftcvt. Hckdg time nflcnrcxrli llnmor^d told 
■»« thnC ia <>Tfl*r to ip( jld tmmplc to the vcrld </ how » buii^ 
til** Hhofilit tw iT^irtrd cm, miri llitit hr mJi^hl tmt Iw inirr- 
lvr«d vith m hii pUna, ho luirHvi tff th* <?lcrk« nml tvtry 
MTi^ut tn th^ cfelitM]»htnciif. inrludin^ the porter, and 1 rath- 
er llfhik Uio 4VM>k. Tlii^nr k^>u]d Ik hiil <in« rcdiilt. The biini- 
pem >oo» hnd la br ifiTrii tip Mil pcrff'L-t micimtr no <Mie 
ddt^Ccd. IrdfK"!. hifi ph\n*cttr maj be rvpirrfwl aa aJiiic«t 
IWn}tl««t, «ith lh« ruvjrttuo uf tb^ie cximvagnticcH nliii^b mny 
TWiC unrviinafihlilv U* nrl ilnwH frj the ■Mount of iiiBinrly^. 
L mnin ba vu «ttflicd that lie ru riL.4jt« h« bud aucb ba <rvvi- 
■ wMnuitc vciMc cf hi« owi> jud^nncnv, ihnt h« expected evtry 
I one fo •ubmit to hia dexbioi]; nact irhcn this did not Uk« 

• WriritDUiim. 



plftoa, bo WM epl (o ooOttlJer cbc tU*ob«ditfno« vt dvniiMl. On 
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M»cfilaion in dir-vQ in a Iciur, in vhich, jyecmmcndin^ hit 

•^^a |iifrr4 I*- Soulh^v'ii crtrHul pcrtuul* viih « view to [>ii1iK 

f^tiic. br jmth , ** Ymi n;l] tu^ is tbciD the wi'ilinhT* i^f tk nuiii 

»*■*>' iw in f*rt duelling IjuI m^o niw iwnt hiHvniin^ Il:e 
*ri**ttiim thbt ever Eiroct' Thii »ivi the mnd tho^ifhl tLnt 
w^iUftcJ Iktik. An<T be Idl MiJk Sttvcl, he look a JiouM U 
*^aa9fiMfait, whi>m hln mu^Tir hI^-st livi^ whb him, 

Al IJn> tflne of mj ftn* ncquAmtimoe, tr jawing intintcy 

iU lUnkond, KrHl^ridk Polfo?k. now the Lord Cbicf Jkratt, 

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vid hr Inved Pollook ili« DiitrA ai \w nv? in rc]:iiii^ii<rn. He 

ry.-r in lui jourottl : " Ho* my hoirt bnmcd whon I rend *j^ 

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Jn !.<I,S I tnixcd him •« Niirwoul, wlitrr I ftflind him kjdjj- 

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^teliom hf> w«* Toed of l^lkin^ ii>. From ii ■niHpiolj'jik llmt ImuJ 

~Vbroe<J itb-V va uijr euitHJ, 1 gi^i^ Iila* nr^tico that if he d^ 

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^indvrtftltit^ tu u!t u b^* immtfN.v 1 think it pr(>>inhlv that 

thk cttiitcd him ti) liTc J[>Q(irr than he vnM olhorviic bnvti 

done. It tiUo oocAJU<>itcd hm nf^pllLLttit in to Southcy to t4kkc 

dtftTf^r of liiA f«t|irT«. Om iif SoutWy'i ! to hiin unM 

prvilorl ta the i^.wtM hie:', unf^iitimfttdy, I ciuiu<>t hud tlio 

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ooTfry, nhiob voM put nc ciirl to plij-«i^aJ axid (noml evil in 

tfc« vorkL 

In jwtici^ tj^ luft ni'^ninTy, ni^l that no »hj who nvda Uili 
tt*T iivtAapprc^Dfld hln thftnetirr, 1 oij^hl not to omit flildipg, 
tkfcl h>a arerwraiiair Acmo of h» own {fonm ikod not tho offset 
vhlch iniiftil liJiiv ^ti rwrivtoE nu hi,-^ dviin^uui li»tljc v^^rU 
It lujc^t. Ho Htf hnhiftiAUy hijmhlr nnd iJiy, townnU mfnnun 
«fl>wd«U5. Hv ifiuitTvlM onc« irtth n friond (PdIock)| tor iu>t 


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betn^ vilhng U* Joua bin ia cvr3riaK 4 boftTy boft 

ftauuity to W. Tujkr/ wtmliewvirvdnrvdincin^u 
tn> bew madQ bnoirti i» tlw [jfo c<f Tnvlor. Ro£»Rnioc 
ftLiVAd,^ Wq niAJ« (ji. A>54) to his refiiMl </ a private 
t&rjftbip Vj u coliniiutl cliii-f jiLNliiX', <ju Uio vruuiiU v( the 
WgstXioh UiTolved tci i»\\ ft he nt^d vnio r &* eT<>rv tUy, «&b 
icKtMAg biiiisdr Iho hucnibl« VCTXftnl of people be dkl ryot scrra« 
aad tOBiuiia bIkiio Iio f«]t no baoilitjr. Viinuua diigib]n k0v 
vfn iiishJc Io kioi, but rq«ct«<t fi^ir mwioi wbich tiituXv it t 
probshio iliAt bo eoitld W brought tc ooiwMt u> noUttr^ Tb* 

i'iL'ti writucj bf" blip fiH bb fAibcvN tocDbvloiMw Hu u4ij?vt«i Xv 
ibi> dai« }J4— > hncwiiT', unlri« tl gi«ft a^dfiil, ^ tJ^* CStmi^n- 
fr«t no ODD «oiild know in kbich or* bin fiilbor haip>i bv^'if, Ui 
KTMHCfft abtiinliticf, hovcvcr, fjA<j tiftcti A bms uT tt\jlli« *Licb 
II RiiH lint difQruli (a diHj?i7i. I omduil^i, for llit> priHinii, aifik 
> utitimont ibut Ictvoa an unpniHKm of kiodnvik miu|^ltf4 vMb 

EJtT ; " Hnd 1 IV9 tboTjiAod a tcu", J vouJd jpi* od« hiJf 
[t^m And fiijvcra,'* 
On iho 4lb fi* Jntiimn tb^ fi^rdnrr'R in^ufst vu fc«U ; Pol- 
lock mtid J nttond<id, W« did ii<:<, hov^rcr^ oH^ ouraclr«« m 
wiUiOHC*. n<J^ WiJ4: **> rauly » othrr» i^trt u> tkcUrc uurccci- 
Tlclinn that K\U\n Humane! wju inmiic To ibow vbn fitnA, 
tbL« kit nlvttjfi ft difliciilt cjiiutian, Abd tbat bcicntw tb« qnMtigo 
ofsknc or aiVktir. irnun nlvkAVibcroandcnd witSkAipcculrcfer- 
enco to the relhtbii ill wlbicb th« cbknurtATr, ha vgD as the tot, 
1ft vl«(ved. 

Thciici^bboniT^iyniicOTQly doclivodtboirbcliafin UtkviKmd!^ 
inHuiiiv, ATtd z^lntca Aii<»>loti« uf aljAiLrdilioi tbu «uuU ool 
havp a*t>»h^ « 1th wiAn mt^. VCf did not fpor ihj> rf*iiill» uid 
w<HTe RtirpritAd vtien th^r c<jrx^cT <n»na to vts And vsid: ''Tbtf 
Jar>' >Ajr ibcv bnve nu (kn^l't iliii poor ^(CDtltnuci wa« maux. 
biK <b«/ bare bcftTil ihrn^ vv* n lvti«r Addmsed 10 lh«ui,uiil 


'be voAiiit. Idi K^l hr IdUiM on it« |Jn«, 

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' ramtrntt Ih «liUli JM im— ■ » < hia 

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tali Elic rp>t pif ilii- jiii> I 
• ■VTik 1 Wl ptf-f*«iil. HI" 
i«iitn" ^ |JnnKii>.T> rt*** 

■ (>r Kww.!^ V-i4f"litmott t/ W^JJLfeA TtvUt of KH«I<ii.** Vol. tL 
t» 1)3 * 




ibt anat OQ kMinif U.^ Oatfcu J viDt uilo thdroottk.ftrkdt^ 

Sri' tba4 L h4d rwnorrf Uie IfMcr. in onkr tluU thcj 
nut an ju Tlut ni finl aevtued to otttnd ihttn^ tu* I 
vud thnt L bftd don* fhj« wlthottt bitfaig reul th« 
It lud hMa tMltd &nrl tfiven tA nUntioos, who n^iJd 
k dpsUroT it nkllt^r th&n iiLi>iir it li> b« mmlc ihjIiLg. I 
i'^^^ <kwvTii of tli^fjwl ihut A«i«t'*riif Mr- lltmond li-uiilled 
:i.iui<la0aboo«d lh«t hUnitttniU' mnui(«8t«<t Attatf 
-. >wjii-.^ bovtilitTlowardaftoin^Df lut ivt&tmuit. 1 rtmiodod 
thtmti xhemMsdiiy Uiul mty Irttn- vf lL« kiiKl. IT it^il In 
piUu^TDuIil ho won ia ihv i^utti^ ; atiA I put it irtthpni, lun 
•Mmi ^ii«atloci, vhnt llwir TV4'libff4 «n>ii|i1 ti« it ui & fan dflv« 
UkC;^ Iwitfd nf uivtbor net of aiucii»- The v«rda were «c«j^jr 
•tic cf my nirmth li^rurv tlj«re him > 017 fhxD i>«\«-T»1 of llm 
Jittt. " Wi^ 4» «at wuh to «t« iu" And iiltiiiMt4lf th^ v^nlict 
^r ^oHOiiv «na nwoHttL Tkc oorouor *iippcin«d mo in nj' re- 

l^ieti ilirM**!! II out <}r Kiunoivl'a Tiiue tn Im lAk^n. It wm 

*<^^« «r tlui hvMt^aoatmii f>o« 1 fvM- uv m n out Afterword* 

J^^ tn ipvea to mc, ftttd I yDtr it to EUaioiid'n viA^r, HjutmI. 

L *'fc» MLA» inan fflrn tuok thi> Enok, ad IuIijlii, GrmTvUl, lookn 

of ft tiviik;; tfrictid, wbo oooipluinod of it ba nniMti«GictorT' 

J^ *ij^ it) truth, tiot prrpoaDHuiuf*. Tfao IIaIiui pettiahJj Mid. 

~V««ihD4ild in ikttdl — jou idiimld bu dvudr* 

SOL-THET ?<» H. C R 

Ut kuk Sfv, — 1 iJiaJI not cAJiily pict rorir IrtKr cut of my 
[bt. Sonr* ycArt it^ I dmnt i^jiIl K fl, nt Omirh'ii, AUn 
foetW wmrtplif hii qnici molauchoh- and moHiiAtivo mau- 
tcr. loc twa b^cucE vhkh bo ad4rcft*o j to mo rciipoatinff hii 
t|iCEr« Tcre r^y ul^lj writlcu. and <<ii;itui1 (l niv ft stnjHjj iator- 
Of roiiru> I hid it\t KHHplPlnm who iJip wrifpr i^inhl hrt ; 
tt iT 1 luuJ «iidrttvorcd to Atm-m him (which prrjbniJy would 
^tuvc IwtQ doitc Kbd I btcri in lovn), ftr«>ch in the pcni^ii nhoai 
1 iliuald fa&re tboutj[ht muKt likidy tu h^vo heljwd oic in th? in- 

Tm aebool wHtch jon tmjJoAtf in on tinhnirpT one- I rcrnoni- 
\tr Roeiiif ■ pfftHilmd mxii it Tai^tiouth twivftiid-t^f^niy ycnn 
«gt>, who wFupod to vmny with him u u^ntngion of tnc\t opluumH 
vtwiw^r hit v*4it. Porhftp« Tc>a nuy h&vo known him. The 
norbifte naalt«f sna <»citiiiaally ol^^jei^ tut tf him* ftnfl «hcro 
It jmmwf oir 1» Ulim ttu)'. vr cui tv ri|ikidei1 ia jjoriuUfLCii cuid 
Breaka of rn1«1l«ct. m« br Wtltuim Tflvlor^ the dMTructivc Hfuct 

41:e ki-iiimm:i:kci> ur iii;5«r cmaiu^ ituhi^mul |uv 

vith strong fMU«g; ofkd n httr««p«ftiT« intnacti** <»b4 ik 
Aqiu Tolluia U iwt mora Hwlly. 

Jt«ifMvtiii|r 1 ' — E an «tfi}j suv, al proMUU 1^ 

dA iMXh^nu; «ii ^(1 ran ba bij nriom HlikCr lo Ui«l 

jtfct^ 1 fthAll iltfiini llMcn l4> ho ikpoulMi aI icty ml 

Mhd tn rwilBiito «hom two mootfaii, vnn Un dft}« 
Ui! il 19 ttfiUr llint Ihey ahonld b« in U)r)d<di» «ktfc 
couaull «Llh jr^Jii- V<t4 Bill «uv Ik lit* krtivr In iiv t^ 
will Xtkfi wflh ma tn 1bvn> vhtil hit nktkn vorn^ I 
wKJi thofte wiftliM, ritb hiR hnixT, utd mih Uw rMtlii^i 

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pcriittpH 6Dd im itklcrue ia nuViitit li lurMal«i]»DiiCr#i 
which vo« o^dfotn. wlxii 4uiti^ At Ubvrtv, mm ji>u wntf 
diM uftjvi to oiJditnivcTt U^cia in llw vaicr |n|f«^ I 
IflU fnant for tay iNdiirT* kihI if t>y tlic mIb of it jvt 
dm* Mtothor, oiid call tamt ft Sbi^t kind vo«r «va Hj, 

{<fii lira vvkoKiu. A truf ligjit i>«Jl llul I rv^Kinv — *< 
tghl nil tluit I vUh." 

nu oniET ujHxi Ifi-r brink <ir tli^inrn^e. If < 

iTuf* *il>th Vt^i hnvt tnin«a-ilwl wwv wt 

Lut, it nould i!Ji<iv- tk^t pa]r Ust i^llc-r kvl mnda 

nian iijKiii him. fir I luil aoibuh] liim »]f n^j Imlvf id 

imd mtod iipoifi »t ftft UB« |iro«f nf a OutQiv ift4t0. 

tiut tbtr aL^htr«t iodicOption or iDttfltlv in hib lami 

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■houUI tit'vpr biiv4> wiMpUTlMl tliat mj ver^' ai:fbren| « 

w«« caii«vid«<t Uod Mp Ti« [ fmiJ rrrAturm thit w^ot^ 

A> toy aefand tetter ««s oot udiiocd U- him, I Uad va 
lluL it nvH mirirnl wUh ilispiluMMtfv. &i>i) )ii-rhrhf« 
tciupt. It hitbrr *jtir|irt4M tn»>, ilii<n*r(V< ' . - 1< 

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auitim; jruu. 

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Tolnc, vii] 1)0 v'Mii^-|v rrMuuwt llirui to iex!.* In Ma^ 

«»«d tK«t ihej^ roQUtD ii>>lhnL|> w^tich c«ii beaotit the «orld' 

Utt jiTc Dot T^uAyc fiiitiii.T 'U wurka of Alt or AA dijico/cnc« 

Yirjil f 7W'i MPf ni>*ruly tiiHiiifAiUtMiiiii uf nu imliiijhiol 

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'Act? i4a kii ottr*ctiti: ]£rac>e tm Lih iiLjIt. But it num! lui 

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"9^t lormcd a bijfh ^-ijvni^n of bttn : he w«^ bo»CTcrt no* 

^^wt Xhtitt UiQUsk llAKotid could write a btfurjLiilil KuUmv. 

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'^^cumd'H kitew Attd pa|WTv I nic^u to Aoritt to Ihew BwiiV' 

^1* ^pCT* wrw Ifi Ih^ budi «^ lh« cuKulcn cuulkl oT — (A)» ''Lift. 

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on niti*«(« (/ )Hf«ojH] tiiJMfl, nW^-l6ll|. A* Xr-'ltoliii»iftt dU 

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fWl> - - - - - ' iu'>ltraEilti *vr a LmiriiL^ uf Luf ijvriLl] ttfuui fuur ytun 


btpa » rtiivitf of my v»ir. 

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pHM to b* j^wt Hit* t «H tmtin f9tn <J4 

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Ikmrtdl I mbrKfl nn vUi all ny borl. 

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liUii^i|f feitdcni'ied; ciiT hv 'irijf LanT(tDE«iTfp*rhaM**iTlk priTlanfa, Bit^I vliAd 

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^■n ntUl In vlul I tiki^i^niv S«<lf-miir*|i4r ii ■k^inrmliftt-m 111 fonii«- 'If 

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from iJk ni7Pn;;«|:i-nir(T|r,lii<1 t Tnis^l'nt 1»a| brt iHr M rffvr fmn linL Tail 

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Ml, ^va 04 vr*?ri2 a|(««rTiff, If « i)aviiifrifc«n«r%lrt ii^^in, toil ilf 
tn Hi* m*ia iinif, 1t»k uliiTdt II. Oyl h\$m jvu ifl! 


TTJP^fff^^J^r ^h.^S\rn. Flnxnun rtlM. A nmra «f 
t"^ gTt«t vkcril, anil *u nTq«nLt>lc Lmv U> her litubuid 
Hv, ft gcmuA of thg 5nt rank., ia a vcn' child Ln tbc ccMXETBi 
of lif^, Skfi «^atf ft uo^id^ of Hlrccig tennf. ftnd ft wnoiiin of 
bcudafS tocK ^ tlw tfcry wif* Cm- ftn utiftL Without h«, h* 
would Rol hftvc boon uliLp to miuiii^ bii hcoftcliold nAm 
cftHj tn lifts iVoir, hift ftiatcr ftml the jouBcnt nter of kit 
vir« vill iln thi* fnr li:m, 

/"fAriitiry i.wA. — Wont to Dniry Lanfl fur Um &rvt tiiM 
cbift ftCftftocL [ VM liettor ftl«%aed iImmi uaiul noo)^ Bnt- 
hutt b ipvvlna: oM, ho lia» K«t none of bb ftndmbxi ii* 
Uigt«voTthrMnMg»iAc*ntsnQg<Lii ''Tb«SSag«or 
But h* ftlwod my ftdm^mlion wtth « nv« ftOtm^ or 
raiec«i vbo vdU hecomc, I hftT« ao doubt, « irmi ^yui iu< *i?l 
tkft piUic^ft, Uftduut VflArift, fiU IH ^ bhth tzi^Uk, 




od ktf 4rtieQt4tioo u not dwt of ft bnigtMr ; but li«r looks. 
vtLhr,MDd jcT«<>caktMcia tm ao rtfry Fratck thftt 1 ftlmotf 
lki«^t mjvlf ill BCODo FHrUkn UmUt. Bbo bu gmU fed- 
i^twl fttfin'^ >□ hf-r dctinij, ud I am Mid li ft Oftpitjil «ii3^. 
I l»w IhAi vho delighted mo. 

Utrrk 4/A.— ToQik tcft ftt FluEDAa'BL J hod qot itfcn bim 
coi^lit IdM. Tltrro vna «ii miijuml Uiult-ni«>M m bin mHn- 
«ir H« uttuUd on mftkiiig om ft |>r«Mni or wtctiilJ book^ 
DttU'ft Pc<iU«iiU«i J^tftkna find |n Unnk in thi> Uinol bolh 
alUlftPLVid BmwDiu'a Duk^x^es^hB if he ilivu^i liemii^lit 
WRHM«til^ tek«ti ftwaj, *nf1 aUNM mo t<i Iijl*i> W)inMr«no- 
ndcTliltn. 'Vhe vl«it, <-tk lh» frtii>le, vrwt ft fi^iiifuriJiMu uii«- 
1 iko »t ftO kuur ttiUi MlM VM<dilJ« "tbo rrlfttixl an iatcrr^ 
«(>imHo4«» of Mft<lHm« ito Sui01. A c<m[iirv tpt). xht <thU|r|i. 
Uf tf t ttogjman, hftd ao«fd«n(AllT n^H mth nn Ci^irliah 
VUrfi&Mi of " Dtlpliino' und ''Ccnaiiis" »hicb #0 fcworfid- 
l^lAMed her m hrr Mcl-Jib^l IxTv lu qifitv tn turn Jivr biatLii, 
Aaibnring l)i*t MhiHit^ d* Sr«*l nan in I*<tf>rlri»i, nh* wmt# 
tohr, offorinir to bfconi« livr ftlt«iida&t or ftnuLODOiMie- 31ft- 
^BM 6t titeiel^ BBcnHArr. itt n fomo) n^vwr, dccliiiMl iha 
inpBif But lier ndir.irvr «na sn intent on hi-i]i|: Iti lK'rw>r- 
Ha a iMit« aar, thAt tlM ciunft ftp to Lontfon. and tfiured ft 
ft*"V**J'b fricod, who took bcr to th«|7tntiioT«JbKftnd, 

aiug in Frvotli. ^ve n hjiit "f ^Ue }-oiaj^ ^\iYa uiiad. 
DM df Stvl. with ^^nc pnoii]|iTrtndi* ftTid kindiif*u, nr{' 
TiuiUu«d tb« onJy mnisdv tlmt «» Likfly l^) \<e «ff«<di)ftl. 
Ti«(iri rJiruvt tkrc* tii-TMlfat k« rv<t,>.tid viLni«ell,v Uj^gvd 
^U mriTfHl bj Iwr llu* Uftron«n rrvy kindljr* but ilfid- 
i^oA^t nKkonstratd with her on th« bUjr of h«r <l*<in. ** You 
•*? Ibick," Jic Bni'i *' il it an cuvinbli loi t> tra^fl ovtr fill- 
ip Md mw «U tkil bi moftt bniitiful &ik1 <AJa((ui;(ttaJ]«>d ift 
w *nlil ; t*tt ibc joT« or bomc nre non nnlid ; domji-jirlo 
^tAvdj more pprnAiiftit happiDttti tluui ftny thai Tikino «n 
P*^ Tnu !«vc 4 biiliiTT, — J bftro nooCL Y«m b^vc ft )i<Afiit^ 
*" I *u li!Tt to tTBvrl t>Mnn» [ VTM drh^^ti ^in iiiiDc. Bo 
**l«irt Willi *wir lc»l ; d" vixi knew mine, yc^i would not do- 
V'le.'' WilL piich iidnx>tiTlii>jia afic djsmiRHr^i tbo pcciltcuo-. 
^ dre «iw ciKsplctc Tbtf y^nni^' wi>man n-Ciiruixl ti> Scr 
^ft»r. bocQEnfr mow tlfudfly mdTi*iri<vi9; und wUhftiit P»nr 
*P">kiAif oT bfT ft^TMlAtro wHIi MMbuono do ^tnH, ailonUy 
P^Cod by It Sbtt it pow livitig ft life of jfT«At rc«pn:1Ab>li1y, 
■^ kcr (Hands eoQikkf t^M h«r cure w» wroiigfat t? Ihft 
<>df faiad bf whkh H owM hrL<ro hM& •Htetod, 

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43(1 nuiiNucEsicKs or uowt csad« 

aM«t cnun«nt judffcfl of the W pviMTiUiott wiui Mr JwU 
BuUijr- llo iDd Doroo UnliAai vera cf Umt m3i« aundiiv 
CollOfio. <<fiUi«m ttiid to-di^, that tbui^U Bullvr wu « gpr*nt 
Invy^, he vraa i^^tmit oo cTvrv nulgeM but Uw. He luiC 
mlJy bdicic4 in tk« Qb»alc(c tJwor^ thiu «ui unli ia tlio oco 
of tbr utiivcnc, 

jIjp^V 7tfA. — Arrived M Uuvy Mm fern. Mjr IvoUwr & 
M«Ur wcrv ^inff t^ lto«kr lUi vtroiiooinkl iMti^rc- E BUy 
ilotto Olid nm\ a clu{jtvr in UihlMjo on tlw t»rij liiiCarj of t 
GomuuM. H&viu^ |iTOviouiily ri*«d Ui^ ftM Lvn Jurt 
tkdikgel, 1 luud Iko |4M«aro of cvnijnr»(>ii, 4ud J fouiitl 
m Oiblxjc th&t 1 huil tltouglit urifitad in ScUcf^r)- 
riovit dilTer stiightly ; f>>r thr nnvtl f«ut ui iWln^Mr ch 
nr«n hv Sohl^l ^J Ih^ (Jcrmaai, Vuf ci>CTMCn«tt of fthkf 
End doubtaL It tfixiUH lUsunl to noctiix jcn^ offiMiUi bJ t 
eaUHUWhalb km? or Dniitfu by n fcoplu odscrvira bo Low 
«4ViLittit>cnL But probkbl^ ha h jukiIAmI tn tlu o|ii&loo 
lb« Uotbs w«9 to ito giiMt dogTM tbe bnn^n of bar 
U« oeioiden thoiu tl>« grMt ai?««tt« in tlM rvoonttoa o^ 

Jttrii 9(S^ — An Inviution from A^^tr* i*> join him in 
of tJio orclivatm pnvnto toiua &l Dniry Looe. Th^to 
UDTuU.y til tLe aitLiitiun. Tho cnae ud cuoi&ri of brag 
fA «tAitd, A^tv ^ l^^t l^iv nther (h« t€6vi of tiidi«p««<D§ 
maid to tbtti dote Att«atiott to tlio wilucnuuoft vhicb is 
strj to full eiuormtm* Kmt dciigbtol toe nmdi in 
UuM^ Uie ifrhW nro nuC vtivftMl with biD). HU 
lion cifbn}>wit0«tf» vat Mdmit^bb. In tlw Ikmouji iio 
iKon* hu |iiv^«c«d lUftotd^lun^ clitct by hb t*ftaarr of^Lrl 
uul tbi? mirxls wilrh tfiu i-Gurt of a nna nrurlv rxbn'mtrv) 
bmLhl<«K nit^i'>t »f^U'v; liit ■j,i|jiblt« tlikit Jbr :. int^ 

«onl*> '^ Hi>v H}mr]h«r-tliAji«Mrp ctil'n trcth . d>c 

Ufa VxbibitAiri of iiut/lneivi irui ^a hc Kenn'* 

fkbim IohI ill UiiHdiumcttr.nud i- nt virtUBL 

doM aot D«d ngor or gnK» >« l,Mr, but pMUc-ir, — imd Hi 

b an iutcrcMiin: Ojrddfjt, tJjuiivb n sjuUcvta odtrcB^ And Baa 
ia A nviHCtnbln VA)j^. \ nlon-i ramtiocvl of lh« P*>V ^ *** 
**'Ilio Kii^ ^xA -ho 5lilkT (of UfcM5«kl).^ Biii I liMwd 
Muw4y Miy p*i-i, Tec iJio b«ft]th of tb« Sifi^ t«i(]|; dnmk. 
J«llo« cticd out (Vocn tbe tltdlibc |pUI«rjr, "Tbfl <)u«en! 
Hi« dttiBioa w ouight tip, and doc & vnrd vma bmvd idl 


woKUftvonnt. — ?oiitJi^iT i-\iijfiincx 


«wd^ T%9 cnm for tbt h^niih «f th* Qumh wot* uU«r*d 

■llfc, b«4 H AjlUkbl' toon* f4 din Aitr* wiuh AiidJbln. 

Jn* "£4^ *- ±1 niiw E ttitnt t^ Lamb'a, «Fhvn [ Toijnd ^Ir finid 

^Tk Wor*l«irortk Lkti^bvoA ma f;;ood hi^mor H« rtod ootoa 

T' 1 . j: cofiifR*iiHjL#t vblch Wnrd^worlli cni'JijJIy prbisrtL 

\*\.ri»writih nwrncd lo rajoy |.inib'« society, Xni tniwli wii« 

A«>d iJxxtl hijt own iw t»Iiiia4 of pocnM Ho htmiclf ip(»l» 

<*f *■ The Bfownicii C'^'ll " • jui hi> favoritr. h «f j*rjr* \X\tX h* 

Itad hnftrd a/r rvdiEH living ixni the? uO^uJ wbni liirro liiirvM-'lf, 

<Ltxl«lWvajOHorhi«bratggci:4>M>c4irkiiew vhTlbcr.uid tJiftt 

l^kii io tbc fofi an vhich fhc poem \% r.-rmili-'d 

/■r^f i/fA- — DrunkfiuiTii viib MonklKnUflc- Mr, uiid Mr^ 

A^Ltfdx^t^nh thi'm. \iv bui mulvi^l in (n«k« Hrtntf a>uivi«idna 

^4put:Jii: tftrt« in 'Pvlrt UdJ," S*Trt*i oflcMiVe jahukoi vill 

%>c »fnick. oiit, Aiitfh u» " tfi it a |ui.ny in i* fjarlor," iIeg,^ wbicJj I 

XxnfJorvd bim lu unut brfiirv tbv Ifook Hi^t iqi|xmnNl A)m thn 

^^T«r<cKrw 4*iprvHiouK» '' But I wiJl ban^ y<*ur honra," k^^ I 

VwTor bofwv >M bim 00 ready to yidd to ih^ ci|H[it<>n i~if otbrr*. 

Ve hnlmprai-od notnlilllft by iliii in my luinib Wr liilk^Ll rjf 

liAydoTV IVordtvortU v«nu !■> tiftir^ a W^ atun nit«wl lo d^- 

^16 iloydon to cixitan'ju in hta proToMton- Uo nuiito X 2,000 

for bta l^Tt^t idcUinw Tb^ ^vin rruJuci! uf ibn tiibibilion !■ 

y«it# JM. — Went Ui th« HntiHh t^Allvry, (pb«ti> a coILertion 
of Eau.>lielj |Kjrtnul« waa Mbibilvd.! V«rr iuttfmtui^, both on 

• VI nr -^ li r,i;!.r- ttw. 

rr™i prrnBTn-if ■■r>iritt'*KriTrv tnm JpnJiiI»fn"«t 

.ir^-lwfn!, *' A ftni^Jr.f lbvnl"i dl-.. " N^ifMi'* Txfa^ 

of BfKrf." Hfl " V'ftJsir^'t Miivr." Tim ^'iliiMEyti p- miErmtiL fiptn llU 
KpYmal'Y \ f wIlcI, f j„^ X1J^■ ft^ hiri tt«^ f^^ir^i til -hJltJntri tt the 

.i''E> 111 t-ulldub* i:*M InruiTi U^ki'Jlf -i; 1^1^0(1 htiuIpJ 
.<-iJ^rp'-nly or //'*>*'-. Viil. J, ,sia7. 

'^ ffip n^l vl lr> kiiTil. «&• (>|i0r4<it In 

..'.'.r^ CfhH ^Irtl, h .^mTiri— fl IBS 

■ !■. ■ -^ '1 ■ 1 


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M Ill'Pt 

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iih'iTh^ (]c|irLn- 
- - v«« ftf 

- ^ ■ ' ■■ .'i^vrvrlAnt 



voHu of ftrt axiA aa mcflQoiiafa of cmioait pora^ifl. Ont^nlj' 
wuih % gvlLrv U calcubu?d lo nior n iioukv r':ir liicbTaphr,' 
tbcnigh iDODw of the portrniu nikpr t4*ivT V> jin>li)n> hltioniaJ 
Hwptkiiim than tf> NTilinn th« tmmwoDS vhidi t«vo htcn 
hiut^^d iloiTti to i3«. I WB« rcAUy oiaptcAaed to vcd Oi« 
fftho hiltd Jt^fftvtn |iiit iti ft i^arliTil miiiI awn-t conniri 
tiut mi^it lirtiti o->urvrndiiev|,'Fiuw<fimofii^dcli^btikl 
t4ir liUEi bonvvcr, v&a Ui« ui'Mt ol!«nuva TH>Iati*jn of prob- 

Jwv i^ta. ^ Mtt^r uk^9 t^ fl£ ban« T c^M «t Moak* 
hoiu«'H. ftnl vjwtit All ftj^TMqiblfi cvuntn^^. Wcrrdnronh mm 
><:rv ^iHuuut. iTifl^nl ]w ia uai^>nnl_r «o t>ov. And fLrrv ia 
ubMlLtt«lv riii pr<<U'ii<r« f'T n)int viui mhrnrt an riagi^mtcd, 
dtiLrgt Af^iirii htm, tliac W oould tAlk onl)' 'rf* bit oirD pcxiTV, 

QMTd to bu u^ llu- n^rka iif utLjtcrT> «tcb (.'onlinuiHJT^rim 
rivihl*, au<4 b more ^pcti 10 ArgvaieiirR Ln fKvor of rJinnm in 
kh Ctrtk tioeiitt Ljin^li *m in •Ac<4ltttt vp^U. I'aHburd 
coino )u aUy and wo AtnTcd tiJI pMX (wHtcl Lnmh wb> tt 
I>^ raUiur riwrmmo, tSoii^ it iinxltict*! ooihing but hurtia^l 
otu cxprouioiu of his dc«ire to go oq libc CoiitiD«cU 1 thotUd] 
dc%ht to ooeomiuiir him- 

Jtmf 2^ — Ti.wk MiM. lVc^nis«oit*i to Wx Uritifib (S^nrrr.] 
A ttcinid <x^f4.'mp1iLti'Mi cr ih^K bntorit portrutB orrtuinl j tdda 
to Ihcif effect. To Hay there vm bh incii{<tit whi«h avmrv^t 
ICnititi«d tnc^ Tbc Duke of Wvllai^on wkb tllen^ iJiil 1 mit, 
him trxikmg nr chf* portrnic of iJi^ \h\\iv of M&rEbunniirh- A 
ladj vM by hm kjilc. Sbc poi&tml to tho pavtttrv, mid bo 
unljcdi Whctbc^ tbc cofuplimmt vnn to bi^ penon ot to fitj 
ictliUr)' glory I tminfit fill Tbou^ Uurik^mugh hu Iha 
TcptriiLtiuii of hirrn^f bccu u dirtipguii^wd in the UinniCFG] mJ 
id the fiflM of bflttlc. tlic j>ortnut U uoitbor boimtiftil nor iQ< 
tcrv?ttiiiic. TUc Duki7 <tf WdluiKttio'a Eaoc in uot flciilitf pi 
tubtlp. but i1 is iiL£trtiiitH that iv. vtrinU mill Arm, f likxl 
ui dubjibiUc^ bi'Ktr thrtvi at huivLot %X tbu chajitfl of ha^ 
in tbu l(u< bt. H(«ior^ 

An^ ^rft. — \V<-iU to IjiiuKil found Ibp Wonbwurthi 
and bavfn»f vAlk«d vltb Uiem 10 Wvtdwimtflr Brxlge, rHi 

vnUh** tti il]4 rifOfrvj^** no frwr than f ,Mfl pMTvna, t^ CRHWp part 
ihi:« Hiniiilit wfTT of ihr lifjfliPil AutTi*Ji>kllT, «>h1 Ihi ntiCpicv 

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Mr, Wonltttmrih p<jiblifiji«d 00 htf F«4iim & amkU v^tliii 
entitled " Mpttjoiittla of a Tixir 00 thtf Cooliueal.'* oot lif 
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